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Welcome to the NFL

Ab_2 Rav_2 Cw_2 Vike Congratulations, to the first-ever two NFL Draft picks from FIU: Antwan Barnes and Chandler Williams.

Antwan joins one of the best NFL defenses with the Baltimore Ravens. Could you imagine being an NFL quarterback and having to stare down El Monstruo, along with Terrell Suggs, Trevor Pryce and Ray Lewis on Sunday afternoons?

GPP spoke with AB on Sunday afternoon. He was having a big problem in Aventura Mall. AB couldn't seem to find a store that sold a Ravens cap. GPP suggested Lids at Dolphin Mall.

AB did say former FIU and current Ravens running backs coach Tony Nathan encouraged him to stay positive him earlier Sunday morning, even though he had yet to be drafted.

"Being the first FIU player drafted feels real good," Barnes said. "This will give FIU players something to look up to. Something to dream about."

AB said he leaves Thursday for Baltimore to take a physical and starts Ravens rookie camp on Friday. When AB got drafted he was hanging out with Alex Bostic and he got phone calls from Keyonvis Bouie, a text from Nick Turnbull and a call from former coach Don Strock.

Mark your calendars: The Ravens play here against the Dolphins on Dec. 16.

As for Chandler. His family was having a draft party, but by the seventh round the family stopped watching the draft, but CW still kept his eye on it. The Denver Broncos called to offer CW a free agent contract at the beginning of the 7th round, but CW told them to wait and see if he got drafted.

The Vikings picked CW, but he didn't tell anyone at his party. He tried to play a practical joke on his family.

CW was going to tell his family that he had to settle for a free agent contract, but he didn't count on the NFL Network.  As he was going to play the joke on his family, the NFL Network showed CW's picture on the screen with a Vikings logo and CW's secret was ruined.

Like AB, CW leaves on Thursday, but for Minneapolis for a physical.

"FIU is on the map," said Williams, about him and AB getting drafted. "They got to put FIU on Madden's video game now."

CW also got a call from former FIU teammates and Strock as well. CW said Chris Smith signed a free agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles after the draft. Making it now 4 FIU players in the NFL, counting Nick with the Bears....Not too shabby for a 5-year-old program.

Cs Eag Now to get to some of the comments on the previous blog: "2007 FIU NFL Draft Prospects and kibbles-n-bits"...First of all, GPP welcomes former FIU offensive lineman Ronny Silva to the blog. Ronny, nice post on your former teammates. The Golden Panthers O-line missed you last year. Hope the leg is better.

As for MIA/NY Josh's comment about Antwan training at um....Josh, I know you're a diehard um fan and you help us out in the cleanup spot in Sunday morning softball, so it pains me to suggest this to you....What if for some wacky reason you saw um players coming over to FIU to workout once the new football stadium and football complex is done. FIU is playing its home games in the Orange Bowl this season, but wouldn't it be AlaAlanis_2nis Morissette "Ironic" if um had to come play their home games at the new FIU Stadium when the OB is eventually demolished?

Still want you batting fourth Josh, we lost 11-6 today.               



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I really like the comment from CW about AE Sports placing FIU in the game. and hopefully with the new offense and new coach the victories will be in real life too. Congrats to the guys, AB has set the measuring stick, going in the 4th round, I hope soon we will see an FIU player in the first round. Go Panthers

It baffles me how we can have a team go 0-12 and have 2 guys drafted and another sign with a team as a free agent. What a shame.

Regardless, FIU has accomplished a great deal on this day. I'm not too certain on how other recent upstarts have done at similar stages in their developments. However, FIU's should be impressive.

Thanks for your hard work, Pete.

Best of luck to ALL our departing players, but especially to draftees Antwan Barnes, Chandler Williams and free agent signee Chris Smith.


This is great news about Chris (another roommate of my son, along with Chandler). I am so proud of all of our guys. We had our issues last season, but having 3 of our own make it to the next level makes all the pain from an 0-12 season go away. Now, my only dilemma is how to be a Baltimore, Minnesota, and Philadelphia supporter when I am a die hard Atlanta fan!!

Good stuff. Good luck to these guys.

First and foremost, congrats to Mr. Barnes and Mr. Williams! Although I never had the chance to meet them personally, just seeing them on the field, and knowing they are fellow Golden Panthers, really makes me excited and very very happy for them! I hope they both take this incredible opportunity and make the best of it, I know they will!!! Also congrats to Chris Smith, although he will have his work cut out for him, I'm sure that if he stays focused and puts forth maximum effort, he will be rewarded.

This is also huge for the FIU football program. To have the ability to say we have four previous graduates actively involved with the NFL on a professional level is very exciting.

Ditto for the comments on congratulating all our seniors, and these 3 (El Monstruo, CW, and Chris Smith) in particular. As FIUBlue82 stated, it is kind of crazy, and ironic we have these kids drafted and signed into the NFL with the kind of year we had on the field.

However, it gives us, Golden Panther fans, an incredible sense of pride to know these FIU'ers are setting the standard for the future of FIU Football. To them, my appreciation and sincere congratulations on their achievements. The fact they still seem to "talk up" FIU is very, very encouraging as we still try to develop a loyal following.

Again, Pete, thanks for your blog. And to our three newest NFL members....Go get 'em, and make us even prouder....

Go FIU!!

agree'd congrats to barnes, williams and smith on entering the NFL. these are some nice baby steps to bring the program into a good light. you think any more FIU players get signed via free angency now? maybe 2 more ... its really great to see the fan base

Hey Pete, how about a little write up on former FIU athletes now pro in all the sports, that would be an interesting read to kill the dead time between now and football season. I still love seeing Raja Bell and Carlos Arroyo in the NBA knowing that I got to see them play at the FIU "old dorms" late nights. It's great to see some in the NFL now too.

Doesn't anyone find it a little insulting that this blog keeps referring to the University of Miami as the UCG? If it wasn't for UM,all south floridians would have to be Gator or Seminole fans, now that would truly suck. Some might even argue that if it wasn't for UM, FIU wouldn't even have a football team. Where else would UM's throw aways attend? FAU, that's where. I just wish this blog would show a little bit more respect to the U, after all only the U has had more players picked in the NFL draft's first round then any other college football program in the country since 2000. Please show some respect and stop calling the University of Miami UCG or, we may need to start calling FIU something else.

Your snide comments are not welcome here. Please take them to the UCG blogs and boards where they belong. We give respect as it is due, but give us ours. We do not live nor die by you and your school. We are very proud of who and what we are and what direction we are going. And we are VERY proud of our guys making strides to help our football program grow and develop.

The U24/7... i am a die-hard UM fan like you are.. but i dont think its so disrispectful as it is humorous.. i think that what Pete is doing is great. and ive been born and raised a cane but even that.. i dont find it so insulting.. besides what can you call fiu... the baby U? lol the U's lil brother? relax because all pete is doing is having alil fun and trying to fuel a cross-town rivalry to grow.i dont see nothing wrong w/ that

Nothing wrong with that. I don't go to all UCG boards whining every time they write negative stuff about FIU. I used to be a die hard UM fan as well..but not anymore. I think it's all in fun, besides. These Um fans with a sense of entitlement should think before posting a bit.

It's not insulting here. Maybe in a UCG blog...Oh oh Pete....you are in trouble now.

FIU will be the dominant program in Miami in 10-15 years. This is brave to say, but i believe its possible. We obviously have the talent if our guys got drafted with an 0-12 record. Dont try to take away attention from our outstanding and great players. Antwan and Chandler are going to be big in the NFL. They are going to have to work hard, but they want it. they want to prove to everyone that said they couldnt. Im sure we will see EM taking down John Beck when he comes to town. We should all start a movement to get the media to call him "EL MONSTROU"!!!!! imagine hearing on espn "EL MONSTROU had two sacks today against the Bears". sounds good.

You are right, in 10-15 years FIU maybe the dominant program in Miami (but like this blog likes to say, UM isn't in Miami, it is in Coral Gables) so right now, in Miami, FIU ranks behind Killian, Southridge, and other top high schools. However, assuming for the moment that FIU does become a "dominant program" in 10-15 years, FIU may have to raise their entrance requirements, like the University of Miami did, to ensure that all of their players can read and write on at least a third grade level, then what? Pete, I love the blog and I appreciate the forum you provide the UM and FIU fans to help create the rivalry, but your FIU bloggers have to understand that in order to have a rivalry, you need two sides, so telling me to take my comments to the UM blogs defeats the purpose. Have a great day.

As both a big University of Miami fan and a fan of Pete's blog (even before I became a partial topic in the latest one), I would like to support TheU24/7. A friendly crosstown rivalry will always be a healthy thing and if Pete's blog/comments are solely one-sided, where's the fun in that. Everyone on this blog (including TheU24/7) has something in common, we all love college football and ultimately, we have 4.5 months till the showdown at the OB so until then, might as well continue with the jibber jabber. Plus, I rather talk to the people here than the obnoxious ones at the other state schools.

Congratz to the FIU players but we must be realistic, 2 second day selections are a far cry from 3 first rounders (bringing the total to 25 since '00) so you might want to push the timetable back from 10-15 years to between "no chance" and "I dont think so" (that is if you're conceding the U is in Miami).

Keep up the great work Pete and now that I think about it, FIU baseball could probably use my bat...and your arm (there must be an open spot or two in the rotation and/or bullpen)

It was only a matter of time before the trash drifted over to this side. By the way, neither school is in Miami proper. However, FIU is the better representation of Miami in terms of demographics.

A little bit of perspective. FIU, in our 5th year of existence got 2 players drafted by the NFL. Regardless of round or any technicality any UCG fan might want to bring in to try and diminish this accomplishment, I question whether UCG had that type of players in only their 5th year of existence. I don't know if there was a draft back then, that is why I don't bring necessarily whether they had any player drafted. The point is, for the historical position we are in, it is not bad at all to have 2 players drafted.

I don't, and I agree, we should not have any problem with UCG fans coming here and post, particularly if coming here with a decent level of common sense and camaraderie. However, when someone comes here and comes in with an attitude in their first post, it shows their color. Again, over at UCG's boards they scream and yell they don't care about FIU....Hmmmm..Then, what is this guy coming here and making ridiculous negative comments towards FIU?? What do you expect? For FIU fans to stay quiet?

In some wise words.....Those Days are Over, Son...Get used to it.

A bit more historical perspective. Some research on UM's 1930 team (their 5th year of existence, where FIU is now), according to a Penn State poster on a message board:

They went 3-4-1 with this great schedule:

Florida Southern (won 13-4) no longer plays football
Bowdon St. (GA) (won 7-0) no longer exists as a College
Temple (lost 0-34) It's Temple
Samford (lost 0-24) (Div 1AA now)
Louisiana-Lafayette (won 6-0)
Rollins??? (Tied 0-0) Div II school doesnt have football
Stetson (lost 0-19) Doesn't play football
Western Kentucky (lost 0-19) (Divs Iaa now, transitioning to IA)

Just as a little history lesson, UM's first football team, in 1926, went undefeated. Furthermore, I believe the first stone was cast when this blog started referring to the University of Miami as UCG. However, apparently my comments have touched a nerve with Pete's overly sensitive FIU blog community. As such, I apologize. I will give your little football team some credit: congrats on the two players drafted on the second day; Congrats on a winless season in which FIU played hard most of the time; Congrats on hiring a head football coach who's first love is the "UCG." Pete, I can't wait until your next post, maybe by then your FIU bloggers will understand that when you refer to someones "color" as FIU so tastefully did - he should remember how his FIU fanbase acted at their first big time event in the OB last year - I think the FIU fans should be the last group of individuals who should be commenting on anyone elses common sense and camaraderie.

???? Yeah right.....these UCG fans coming in as saints...Be real man!! Get over it. Ridiculous and pompous attitude..overly sensitive (talking about it)..and wrong, too.

UCG is great, their team is the best, their fame is because the world, and its leaders have an agenda against them, their players are saints,...and their fans are polite, are the smartest, don't drink, and don't say stupid things at the OB...or blogs.... Happy?

Again, whether it bothers you or not, the fact is FIU had two players drafted. For you to try to come here and diminish this fact is rather pointless....Remember we are on our 5th year of existence as a program.

you both are getting to worked up about this... the U 24/7... your comments saying that FIU should be thankful to the U was just wrong fiu should be thankful to anyone.. the FIU Fanatic if the U 24/7 wants to talk let him. its only words... sticks and stones boys

Hey, I've never told him not to "talk"...others did that. Just got, as you well said, worked up in answering him.


CJ - don;t you mean crutches and cheap shots on place kickers and their holders?

theu24/7 i know you arent talking about the brawl at the OB... cause if memory serves me correctly wasnt it the U players that were using helmets and stomping on down players, wasnt it the U player bowing to the FIU fans, and about the guy w/ the crutches... what the hell are the U players doing attacking a guy w/ crutches ill bet that if no1 came after him crutches would not have been an issue... only helmets compliments of the U

Actually, scUM should be thankful of FIU, if when we were founded we had not yielded in becoming a 4-year university and instead started off as a 2-year college, scUM would have gone bankrupt and there would be about 120 plush homes right now where that scUMmy campus sits...which I actually would have preferred as a Gables resident. So be forever thankful scUMs for not for us you would not have had the opportunity to bring joyous thugs into our living rooms every Saturday.

I wish that we could go back to the days where we would comment on pete's great blogs. i wish we could read FIU fans posting positive comments on our spring game or great players. Now we have jealous and bitter UCG people posting nasty things....

Alt7787 - do you want a tissue, you seem quite shaken up. Don't take the jabbing so personal, this is college football. Geez.

nah fool, i just find it really irratating that some people decided to come on here and start trouble. You talking smack is a part of everything sports, but jeez enough is enough. thier arguments make no sense. they are just here because they are scared and jealous of FIU.

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