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A Whole New Ballgame

We were going to play Name that Tune -- FIU style tonight, but the inevitable went down late Saturday night as baseball coach Danny Price was let go after FIU was knocked out from participating in the Sun Belt tournament.

Sources have told me Price was asked to resign and/or retire and accepted neither, so therefore he was dismissed.

Yes, Price built the FIU baseball program and had some success -- the high point the Super Regional vs. USC. The man won more than 1,000 games, but the fact is change was desperately needed in the FIU baseball program. FIU could not even make its own conference tournament. C'mon, that should be a given every year.

With all the local high school baseball talent in our backyard and just south of us in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America, there is NO reason why FIU should not be in the Top 25 every year in college baseball. NO reason. Heck, FIU should NOT only be in the Top 25, but every season the Golden Panthers should be knocking on front door of this place...Cws_3......

So who should the next FIU baseball coach be? For one thing, the new coach has to do a better job of recruiting. Too many of South Florida's top high school players have been escaping north to schools that have no business taking these players.

PubAnother thing, the new coach has to be a salesman as well. I think there have been more people in line at the Publix deli on a Sunday morning than there were at FIU baseball games the past few years.

The new baseball coach also has to bring in a "PITCHING" coach. The past couple of years there's been a rotation of pitching coach duties between DP's assistants. Someone please call Mark Calvi in South Carolina.

Like I said in the "Beauty of Baseball" blog in April, Pete Garcia get some door reinforcements, because here comes every available college coach and even some high school coaches about to bust your door down for the FIU baseball coaching job.

Before we get to the Panther Pawse, I''ve been getting a lot of e-mail lately concerning the numerous coaching changes at FIU. Well, folks, here's how GPP sees it: Before PG took over as AD, the FIU athletic program was going nowhere fast. Mediocrity ruled. The jobs were not getting done as you can see by FIU teams' won-lost records. For those of you who have e-mailed me complaining of the swift changes, well, I'll quote Donald Trump: "Hey, it's not personal, it's just business"......Here's a picture of Ivanka Trump since she's easier on the eyes than her father. Ivanka

As for FIU sports business, it's been bad for a while. Here's to T.D.A.O.S.


My apologies to Baltimore Panther: Thanks to BP, the GPP is currently read in 6 states: Maryland (Home of El Monstruo), Florida, Georgia, Colorado, New York and Tennessee. And read over a spot of tea in jolly Old England by Quijote.

FIUobserver: An MC interview sounds like a great suggestion for summer reading. GPP will get to it.

Yippee, I will be at the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday morning. Should be a pretty historic moment when they break ground on T.D.A.O.S. and the stadium, too.


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