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What is it about everytime GPP puts a picture of a lovely lady in a blog that fireworks erupt.

When Catherine Zeta-Jones made a cameo here, you guys set a record back then for posts. Now in the latest entry, Jessica Biel makes an appearance and we've got a brand new record of 65 comments.

Ok, so maybe we won't attribute the extra attention in the GPP to the lovely ladies, but it doesn't hurt.

Yes, I know we have umers now who have become fans of the GPP and like it was so famously said once on Seinfeld..."Not that there's anything wrong with that". Js_2

Now let's get to the real meat and potatoes of this blog. Been busy the last few days trying to understand all the legal jargon in this NCAA Academic Progress Report, which I had to write a couple of stories for this week. Here's the link to the one concerning what FIU is doing about its low APR. http://www.miamiherald.com/601/story/92201.html

If you want to grab a legal dictionary to understand this, go right ahead. But here is GPP's take on this:

First of all, kudos to Pete Garcia and the new athletic adminstration for rolling up their sleeves and taking charge of cleaning up the mess left by the previous athletic adminstration. This is another example of the new unofficial motto for FIU sports, uttered by a new FIU coach and proposed by GPP: "Those days are over,son !" T.D.A.O.S.

Broom In the past, FIU athletics probably would have waited until the last minute to take care of this. As you can see, not PG and co.

So FIU loses 12 scholarships, but 9 have already been taken care of. Yes, the 9 in football hurt, but better now in the transition year b-tn coaches than a few years down the road when MC has the FIU football program on the rise.

The two in basketball, well we'll see how much of an impact that has. Sergio does have the two 7-footers this year and point guard Kenneth White among others coming in. And we all saw how much a lack of height on last year's squad hurt FIU. As for the one scholarship in baseball, that's pretty much insignificant. FIU is more than just one player away from getting the baseball program back on track.

Panther Pawse No. 2

First of all, let's take care of our own.....the FIU bloggers. CJ and FIUmom, GPP appreciates your enthusiasm as to who was the first blogger on GPP. FIUmom earns the distinction with a 12:52 pm post on March 21 (GPP's debut). But CJ you get honorable mention--Not that there's anything wrong with that. Fiupaw

As for 24/7's comment about PG fixing the problem and raising academic standards, meaning getting better in classroom and not on the field: Well, I don't think the minimum GPA to play football will go up from 2.0. From GPP's understanding the problem with the low APR was that the resources and the right people to help the athletes were not in place. Hence, there have been some folks fired and others reassigned. With the new plan and resources PG and co. have in place, the APR should no longer be a problem at FIU. The problem before was the previous FIU athletic administration did not have the right leaders or personnel to make sure athletes passed classes and graduated. But now..................................T.D.A.O.S.


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Pretty informative stuff. Thanks Pete. I guess the best thing we get out of this is the proactive mentality PG seems to work with, and hopefully, will continue to instill into FIU Athletics Culture....


OK - so it looks like Pete and the GPP has given into its FIU bloggers and launched an attack on TheU24-7 and MIA/NY Josh. I never thought I would see the day that Pete and the GPP would intentionally try and start trouble with the U fans, I thought that was FIU Fanatic, scUMsanitizer and FIUmom's job. But, since the GPP has decided to cast the first stone against TheU24/7 and MIA/NY Josh, let the games begin. Let me be the first to defend my U brothers, since it appears they have not read Pete's latest blog yet, and say the PP and the GPP, you are in trouble now. You claim that the GPP was started so FIU fans can comment on FIU athletics, but with that format the GPP was boring and a lot less traveled. Just check out the increase in posts since the U fans joined. So, like FIU football needs the U, the GPP needs the U bloggers. Next, changing the names of the U bloggers, while almost funny, was unnecessary. Pete, leave the trash talk to the bloggers, you just report the news. Third, TheU24/7, I liked your insight into the daily life of FIUmom, very insightful, I only wish FIUmom would find it as entertaining as I do. She needs to remember no matter what is said, it is all said in jest and nothing is personal, so relax. Look, I chose my blogger name to appease Pete and the GPP, but in all honesty, I think it sucks. The University of Miami has been around long enough and it should have to deal with "haters" like the GPP and the FIU community who call it the UCG. Talk about childish and stupid. The GPP is truly, as I think one of the U bloggers previously stated, a big "hugfest" for the FIU community. Pete, I still think you are the man, but asking those guys to change their names was a little rediculous, you are better then that.

Why does FIU news interest fans from other schools so much. I've never been, will never be, don't care to see the UM blog. I'm not interested in it even if I am bored.

Pete, do you know if Nestor Colmenares signed with the basketball team, there is a question as to whether there are enough scholies left on the team because of the penalties. Thanks.

Thanks for the update on the penalties Pete. While we are on the subject, would you happen to know if Antwan and Chandler graduated/earned their degrees? I remember reading an interview by Chandler in which he said that if everything worked out in the draft that he would not be able to complete his criminal justice degree. Im just curious if you can answer my question. Thanks Pete!

Thanks for the shout out, Pete. I glady share my high paw with CJ.

I am very happy that we, meaning FIU, have a place like this to come to. Thanks for getting this rolling, Pete. It certainly is a-informative, especially for us out-of-towners and b-entertaining, allowing us to pass the time while we wait for Sept. 1. Keep up the good work!!

Sanitization will be enforced until all UCG pieces of you-know-what refuse to acknowledge this blob. Tired of you d-bags ("doggy-bags" of course) coming on here and talking smack like we give 3 rats arses about whatever you have to say about that program of yours that's headed towards the core of the earth. Your whole school is about the size of our freshman class, so deal with the local competition, TDAOS. Now go back to that lame blog of yours and coordinate your bail money fundraising.


Sorry to use your blog to post an unrelated item, but at least the following post, which I copied and pasted from another FIU blog, is related to the GP Nation. I think you and your readers may find this interesting:


You are entitled to visit this board and post your opinions, regardless of how divisive, insulting and unwelcome they may be. As a former member of the United States Air Force, I served this county so that snotty would-be lawyers like you can sound off at will without concern of repercussion. God bless America.

In one of your posts, you stated, “If UM represented such a bad name they wouldn’t have so many players drafted.” Come on guy, it’s the USA and if you can catch a football, throw a strike or shoot a jumper, character matters not. No to me hagas el loco.

In some other polarizing rant, you claimed UM is the university for Miami. Let’s put the U badge down and get real. UM is a small, private rich kid school that has a legacy of winning football by any means (or recruits) necessary. I don’t mean to diminish your alma mater (you did go there, correct?), but the school just happens to reside on the affluent side of the tracks in lavish Coral Gables. That’s cool. It is what it is, the school for the rich.

But FIU is a state school located in the most populated and diverse area in this region. The humble call of FIU is to educate the residents of this area. Our mission is to serve and provide access. And we’ve been doing a fine job, just ask the strong mayor of Miami-Dade county who is a Golden Panther. Or ask the countless accountants, nurses, engineers, government officials and business people in South Florida who have FIU to thank for access to higher education. FIU is about opportunity. UM is about exclusivity.

In yet another chest-beating, “we are the mighty canes” banter, you went on to write about the mutual respect between FSU and UM. I take that comment with great skepticism because you’re a UM fan attending FSU. My guess is that I can wrestle up a few Noles fans who despise UM.

Listen itsthatguy, UM has a multi-decade head start on FIU, so you’re right, you have longevity, tradition, blah, blah, blah. FIU is young, bright and carving out its own place on the landscape. So go pick on someone your own size. Instead of feeling big by belittling FIU, go to the Gator board and tell them about UM’s big bad athletic program. Or go visit USC’s board and tell them how “UM is the best.” They at least have been around much longer and have more ammo for defense against your mean rambling. As for us, let us continue to serve this city of Miami and don’t mind us as we continue to build something very special at FIU.

Those in favor of having itsthatguy visit the Gators board instead of FIU’s, say aye.


As always, the U fans are crying. Can't you guys just stop crying.

You FIU fans are freakin unbelievable. You claim to want to be respected by the UCG, your crosstown "rivals" then you cry when the UCG's show you some respect and engage in college football banter. You claim you want the UCGers to go away and to stop insulting your school, but your entire board belittles the U, "UCG, scUMsantizer, etc, etc, etc." Then, in this most recent rant, another delusional FIU fan talks about the UCG'ers leaving this site to go blog and talk crap on the UF site and the USC site. Any "big time" college football fan knows we already do that, We already go there and discuss the same stats, traditions, and victories, and yes, nonsense, we have been doing on this site for the past week. Thats what makes it college football. You see, you want to be "big time" but you don't know how to be. Your program or your fans. That is why your program, who I think is doing a great job in trying to establish itself, has gone out and got PG and MC, two people from the U who know what and how to be "Big Time. FIUers, take their lead. Stop crying abut the U fans on youor little blog and appreciate the attention being shown to you and your program.

This last blog, going on and on about the U being exclusive and for the rich, give me a break. You make it sound like all the students at FIU go there because they want to. Now I am sure there are 3 or 4 people who go to FIU that wanted to go there, but the majority of the students at FIU went there for 1 of the following reasons:
1 - They couldn't get into UF or FSU
2 - Not only could they not afford the U - they couldn't get in either
3 - They couldn't leave home and go to far away from their moms and their homemade black beans and rice
4 - They thought going to FIU was some sort of "Fashion Institute"
5 - FIU offered them a scholarship when no one else would
6 - Going to FIU they thought, hey, I'll be in Miami, close to the beaches and the action, then when they got there, they realized that the U was in a much better location and that the coolest thing close by was Micassoukee Casino, have fun at BINGO NIGHT Panthers, I think there are busses that leave from campus.

FIU bloggers, I beg you, for your own sake, stand up, be recognized, be proud, defend your school and it's program, but stop trying to belittle the U, and bannish the U from your little blog because, just as you want the U to help make your school big time, you want the U bloggers to make the GPP big time.

UM in CG,

I have no problem with a little college football banter. As a matter of fact, I welcome it and can stand toe-to-toe with anyone doing it. However, what has taken place here and on our message board goes beyond college football banter. Persons have made personal attacks and comments that could be considered defamation of character. If you want college football banter, bring it on. If you want something else, move it on down the line.

With all due respect, how can one make a "personal attack" if one does not persoanlly know you? That is what I am talking about, you need to stop being so sensitive. I went back and read the blog entries from before, and most were amusing to me, I did not see any defamation. These are insults directed at a screename - not you. If your screename, or blogname, or whatever, was FIUfatty, there would be weight jokes, if it were FIUblonde, there would be blonde jokes - it is just the nature of the beast. The banter on this site is no different from that on other college football blogs, as much as you would like to believe it is unique here, it isn't, as much as you would like to think that FIU is being picked on because they are small, or new, they aren't. FIU is just getting involved in college football, and, so are its fans. This is big time college football, this is part of it, FIU has said repeatedly its goal was to be with the big boys, well, you are here, no act like you belong and stop whinning about the UCG bloggers and embrace them, talk some smack, make it personal, who cares, they don't know you persoanally, you dont know them personally, just keep it clean, and dont get "clawed" out, or whatever the GPP says.

When a person makes a statement that "all FIU football players wanted to go to Miami but weren't good enough," and you are the parent of one of those players (especially one who knows differently), then it becomes personal. When someone posts that I should go knit or watch Oprah because I am a female, it becomes personal. Now, if you want to talk X's and O's and do the "my team is better than your team" talk, that's all good. But don't come here or anywhere else and belittle my son or me. That makes it personal.

UM in CG,

You're talking (or writing as it were) out of both sides of your mouth. You write, "don't bash UM, embrace the U, then and only then will you be big time FIU." At the same time, you write a menu of disparaging remarks about FIU and all of us who chose to attend Miami's state university. I'm starting to expect the contradictions from UCG posters. I particularly enjoy your "Stop crying abut the U fans on your little blog..." comment only to be followed by your belly-aching about FIU being mean to UM by calling UM the UCG. Listen brother, we don't need to be schooled on what it takes to be "big-time" from a school that barely got past Nevada and Duke last year. I'd prefer to listen to PG and MC who get paid to teach us the way. As for UM fans, they've shown nothing but disrepect so don't expect any embracing of the U when you guys do nothing be diss FIU. With all the cross-polination between the two schools you'd think we could do a better job supporting each other's programs, especially since we don't currently compete at the same level. The onus is on UM to show big brother type love but you don't. You choose bully tactics. Seems to me that you're insecure about the space FIU is carving out in the South Florida landscape.

By the way, FIUMom is our FIU Blog Queen. Pick on me, fine. As for FIUMom, leave her alone.

Oh man. gpantera...that was an excellent blog. I won't go on attacking UM bloggers in this post (as they seem to enjoy doing). Everyone has a space. We are at different stages. We are a young, growing program, whereas UCG is a mature, successful one. Regardless, like it or not (and I'm sure there are more than some that don't), FIU is not going to remain a sleepy little giant, if PG and MC have their way....TDAOS

scUM in CG - FIU doesn't need scUM's help for anything. We've played bigger programs than yours the last 2 years, our school is bigger and better in almost every area, there is nothing that program of yours can help us with except show us how not to behave and how not to turn a whole nation against us. scUM has left this city with a black eye that seemingly refreshes every year. The time is coming...go play in Joe Robbie, will be building our on-campus stadium and program one brick at a time, don't need any scUMheads for that.

Our coach on Channel 7...let's go out and shock the world boys!


The University of Coral Gables.Let me start by saying this.All of there fans are pop warner coaches who blame everything on Kyle Wright and really have no clue, like the rest of S.Fla sports fans.They do not know much about football and the main reason they go to the games is the atmosphere. Most of there fans can not even tell you what an Offensive Guard is or how to spell Miami in ENGLISH.They are the dumbest fans in sports as well since most if not all are rooting for a team that they did not even graduate from. LOL. Look around the country you do not see people that graduated from Georgia Tech rooting for Georgia.They all call your local radio shows and sound like fools because they really do not know how to play football.Ask them were they were at in 96 when the "u whos" were playing rutgers in the OB? or how about that 5-6 season? What about when they would play temple? No one showed up because they are not football fans.

Mario Or Randy -- Mario
Sergio Or Frank -- NEITHER
Jim Or Danny -- Jim without a doubt.

Game Tied.


Mitch or Donna ?

Getting there FIU, but Donna takes it.

Final tally UM 2-1-1

Mitch vs Donna and Donna takes it? LOL. scUM has zero establishment control. Even aside from that, has Donna built/created under her tenure an architecture, law and medical school? No. You know who was the last university president to do so, Thomas Jefferson, University of Virginia. Look it up. Game, Mitch. Game, FIU.

DS goes out and fundraises Billions, MM opens his mouth and loses 20M. Don't be blind NotThatNeutral. I gave you credit on your football coach, but the rest you know is true. By the way I'm not a UM fan but credit where credit is due.

NeutralFan has a point. I believe Donna wins when compared to Mitch a few examples is the $1 billion-plus campaign to make its medical school one of the top research institutions in the country, having big names speak on campus like Bill Clinton and having a Presidential Debate on campus

Not apples and apples, though. Remember where FIU was in 1987(then a 15 year old university) and where it is now. UM was farther ahead and in another spere....What Mitch has accomplished (minus the $20m) to make FIU what it is now, is just monumental. In my book, Mitch over Donna...but hey, I don't claim to be neutral....just my thoughts

I was wondering where FIU will recruit from? Obviously it has to be local, but with most the local talent going to one of the big three in florida, upper echelon players won't want to come here. So should we look at the Tampa area which has plenty of potential,and look to out of state, or should we stay local get those 2nd tier players and get a base of players from there?

Also as mentioned in the last blog I love the U, but Shalala of "the worst thing about working as HHS was the 40 millions uninsured i couldn't help" and then firing people who were trying to unionize for working wages and health care on her campus is baloney.

Sorry for introducing politics to this site, but that was utter,utter crap.

FIU's prez on the other hand did that voluntarily.

Anyone arguing FIU is in the same planet as UM is mentally incapacitated. UM ahs a tradition, and a base of alumni that's amazing. FIU will need atleast 15 years to arrive at the start of that process.

President George Bush I also came to speak to FIU while BEING President...The Dalai Lama has been twice to FIU, other Presidents from Latin America, and many others renowned world figures have come to FIU as well during Mitch's presidency. A wash..actually, based on quantity (and quality)..advantage Mitch.

President George Bush I also came to speak to FIU while BEING President

Kinda like Miami Dade?

Yep. Exactly.


Thanks for this blog it's about time. Kudos to PG, MP and the rest of the new generation of leaders at FIU for coming forward and putting a stop to the "hooliganism" that was going on before. However somebody should notify the Sunbelt Conference that FIU is being penalized for what their "Assistant to the Commissioner" allowed during his reign at FIU. Rick "New Contract Extension To All The Coaches" Mello and his band of cronies along with their leader Paul Gallagher ran the athletic program to the ground. Isn't it phony that the only true successful teams at FIU do graduate their athletes?. Ronni is probably one of the best tennis coaches in the nation. Cindy keeps having winning seasons year after year and Karl just keeps on winning despite having his program suspended-and-then-reinstated by Rick "Let's have lunch with Danny Price" and Paul "One more beer with Don Strock" Gallagher.

Couldn't be truer TDAOS

UM has tradition, a tradition of being the dirtiest and thugiest programs in the country. Academics wise, they are overrated and overpriced compared to the quality of education received (my son attended for 1 year before transferring because of this). As far as Shala being a fundraiser, it's a little easier when you have an established med school and wealthy thug football alumni, Mitch FOUNDED a med and law school, his fundraising record will be judged on a go-forward basis, minus the lost 20m which surely will double before the school graduates it's 1st doctor. UM will be no competition in the next several years, every dog has its day, and that dog is headed for the pound.

Are there any job openings in the athletic department now that people's heads have rolled?

Fresh from a 2nd final four trip where we picked up our 2nd national championship banner, sorry UMers and FIUers you just don't know what the big dance means. It's hilarious to see how FIUers criticize UM and they are right to do so b/c is true, however I have two questions.
1. Where did MC graduated, coached football, recruited players and came from?.
2. Where did PG graduated, recruited players and came from?.

Gatorchomp - It was only a matter of time before some UF fan stuck his nose in South Florida business, but since you did, here we go. Yes UF has won 2 NCAA basketball champoinships in row - that makes 4 Natl championship trophies in the big 3 - right? Miami has quite a few more. 5 in Football, where it really matters and 4 in baseball. UF has no idea what it feels like to walk out of Omaha w/ a Nat'l Championship. I will spare FIU in this convo. and give them a pass in football b/c they are newbies and a pass in baseball b/c they have had DP there so long, I can't help but feel sorry for them. But if FIU hires Lazar Collazo to be the new coach, then your entire "cleaning up the athletic dept. and getting character guys" is a whole lotta you know what (I don't want to be clawed out again)UF Fan - you guys are just as delusional as the FIU fans. You think just because you have 750,000 students and a lot of state funding, you are great. In actuality, you all are in Gainesville. We (UM and FIU) are in Miami - enough said. Gator fan - when you all come down from that Nat'l Championship cloud you're on (and deserve to be on) just remember who has won the last 4 meetings between UM and UF in football. Enough said!

Gatorchomp - It was only a matter of time before some UF fan stuck his nose in South Florida business, but since you did, here we go. Yes UF has won 2 NCAA basketball champoinships in row - that makes 4 Natl championship trophies in the big 3 - right? Miami has quite a few more. 5 in Football, where it really matters and 4 in baseball. UF has no idea what it feels like to walk out of Omaha w/ a Nat'l Championship. I will spare FIU in this convo. and give them a pass in football b/c they are newbies and a pass in baseball b/c they have had DP there so long, I can't help but feel sorry for them. But if FIU hires Lazar Collazo to be the new coach, then your entire "cleaning up the athletic dept. and getting character guys" is a whole lotta you know what (I don't want to be clawed out again)UF Fan - you guys are just as delusional as the FIU fans. You think just because you have 750,000 students and a lot of state funding, you are great. In actuality, you all are in Gainesville. We (UM and FIU) are in Miami - enough said. Gator fan - when you all come down from that Nat'l Championship cloud you're on (and deserve to be on) just remember who has won the last 4 meetings between UM and UF in football. Enough said!

Well I'm surprised there is even electricity in Gainesville to power a computer let alone someone who knows how to type. You play neither football nor basketball so go tip a cow or something and let us city folk be.

How pathetic that a UF fan has nothing better to do than to come to a blog for FIU to thump his chest in front of FIU and UCG fans. Is there nothing better to do in Gainesville than this? Wait a minute....I have been to Gainesville several times, and there is nothing better for them to do. Go polish your trophies, Gatorchamp, because you will not have any new ones for a very long time. Congrats on what the Gators have accomplished, but your ride has ended.

P.S. UCG fans, please take note. This is the correct way to have decent college football banter. No personal pot shots. Get it?!

Oh please FIUmom, stop crying about "personal pot shots" and get over yourself. Nobody here cares about you "persoanlly." Nobody was making personal comments about your son, again, I do not know him, so how could I be making personal comments against him. Seriously, you wouldn;t know decent college football banter if it showed up on Oprah's favorite things episode. Seriously lady, I'm sure your son really wanted to go to FIU over UM (yeah right, and I just a pig fly by window at work) I'm sure he wanted to have his name mentioned with thye like of the former great FIU running back like ????????, instead of Anderson, Portis, James, Magahee, Gore, Jackson, etc. etc. etc. I have said it before and I will say it again, FIU fans are delusional and apparently, FIUMom is their delusional leader, like the Queen of England, only without the crown. Look, your team, your athletic dept., your entire school wants to be like UM, your entire program wants to be like UM, and yes your players (even your son, maybe you don't know him as well as you think) want to be UM players. So stop crying about personal attacks, stop acting like we care enough about you perso0anlly to attack you and your son, and please for the benefit of us all, smile a little chill-ax.

We want to be like UM says TheDbag24/7, this guy is more rabid crazy than a fat kid in a candy store. Don't be confused 7-11, just because we hired a couple scUM guys in our athletic department doesn't mean we want to also be a scUMmy program. We're trying to build a winning program with an ethical foundation that all our fans and alumni can be proud of, this is what we expect PG and MC to do, to do so they will have to leave behind their scUMmy ways. The last thing I would ever want to see is my alma mater become anything like that little crappy private university.

Typical UM fan this U24/7. First living in the past and no accepting the fact that RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK UF is better than UM. 1st university ever to have won back-to-back-to-back championships. The only thing that could come out of this guy's little brain is past history. However his worst offense is taking on FIUmom, a decent lady, but then again typical UMer, that's all he can do. This individual has never participated in any sport activity b/c he's clumsy and most likely has never attended UM as a student. Vete y buscate una novia y quitate las frustaciones.

Does anyone else find it a little hypocritical that the FIU fans got so irrate over my "personal" attacks on FIUMom, but have no problem making personal atttacks towrads me? So here is a perfect opportnity to teach FIUMom and other FIU bloggers a lesson. Read closely FIUMom, this how you respond to what you like to call "personal" attacks.
Manguera, first of all, I have no problem with your statement - you are actually partially correct. I did not ever attend the University of Miami, just grew up in Miami and loved the program since I was a mini-cane. However, I chose not to go to UM because I could not play ball there, insterad I went to a small school up north and played NCAA football and baseball. Does your resume have that on it - I doubt it. Furthermore, in case you haven't noticed, we are in America - as such, your foreign language is not recognized, so either translate so us English speaking folk can respond; or if you choose to speak in Spanish, go find "El Herald" or some "Telemundo" blog to post on. Manguera, I have no doubt that you are a sports fan, an FIU athletic supporter, but if your comments are an indication of the education one receives at FIU, then FIU has more problems then their winless football team. See FIUMom, you don't have to take persoanl attacks "personal" Manguera does not know me persoanlly, I do not hang out at La Carretta, so how would he know me?

damn you go away a weekend and you miss everything lol first off thanks pete for the high paw. all this talk talk i honestly didnt bother reading all the chatter, it would have made my head spin lol. how did all this UF chatter get on this site... forget UF they have had a good year.. they wont have a year like that ever again. how bout our 2 great programs unite in hating the Gators. o on PG and the A. Admin. great Job on pre-emptive strike against the scholarships. o and no disrespect on my friend 24/7... but come on ... ucg24/7-11 is funny man i had to laugh at that

24/7 although for most people it is an important thing for immigrants to learn the language of a country it is also equally important that the "english speaking folk" learn more than one language, english... although used widly by many other countries is important it is also important to learn spanish and possibly one more language, thats y european's are ahead of us in some things. their KIDS know more languages than most adults in the us

Oh so typical scUM fan, didn't even attend the school. How do people cheer for a school they have no degree from, hell even 1 semester under their belt. I bet this d-bag doesn't even root for the "small school up north" that he attended because he's emabarrased of it given he didn't even name the school. This guy is the perfect example why scUM games are the worst attended games by a "big time" program in the NCAA - they have no real fans, the majority of which being non-alums and non-students that attend games because they were winning and it was something to do, then when they lose there goes the desire to attend games. Exactly why I hope my alma-mater never becomes like scUM, you can keep your national championships, not worth the eternal damnation and stigma.

hey chill scUMsanitizer, i may be an FIU FAN/Supporter but i am still a fan of the U and i go to FIU but i still got love for the U and if i could afford goin to the games i would.

I see no problem with people cheering for two schools so long as when they both play you're cheering for the school from which your degree is from. What I don't understand are people that graduated from other places that cheer for a school that have no affiliation with. I can see this happening in the NFL or any pro league, but college sports, inherently, is emotional. It is emotional because there is a personal attachment to the program and school since you are from there. If you do not have that attachment then the relationship is nothing more than an NFL-type relationship, where the fan enjoys the product on the field and the memories of attending games and good times, but there is no sense of being apart of that team and program. If that makes any sense. This is what plagues scUM and what, hopefully, will drive FIU support.

Like CJ, I also took a short hiatus this weekend and came back to find a ton more comments to read. (And no, I will not be changing my name).

What I have learned after reading all the new comments, is it is once again time to defend and agree with 24/7.

First off 24/7, congratz on playing 2 sports at a NCAA level, you must be like a mid-major Deion Sanders. Very impressive.

As for the sanitizer, millions of people are fans of places they didnt attend. I didn't go to Miami either yet I grew up in the Orange Bowl and the Hurricanes have always been a part of my life...when I was born, legend has it that my older brother was allowed in the delivery room with fire extinguishers so that when I was pulled out, I could enter through the smoke.

I also did not attend the U yet I go to nearly every home game..yes I fly to them, even a few road games a year. I went to a small northern school as well and since you get upset when people don't leave their school name, Columbia University, yes, the ivy one. Do I support them? Did I go to their games? No, because I was always flying to Cane games, thats bleeding orange and green, even during the Frank Costa, Ryan Clement, Scott Covington days.

I find it interesting that you mention you must attend atleast one semester to be a fan of a school...are you leading us to believe that you only lasted one semester...yes, now it is all beginning to make sense.

And for the record, of course we will keep our titles, if you knew what it felt like to have your team win 1 (or 5), you'd keep them to and as for eternal damnation..I'd rather laugh (at you) with the sinners..

Hey MIA/NY Josh since you grew up in the OB, do you know that the most memorable event there is called "THE GATOR FLOP" it has been 26 years since UM was humiliated there and the nation still talks about it. Azucar !!!

I was a fan of UCG in football until FIU got theirs...With time, I feel less and less a cane fan since I do feel the emotional attachment to the school I went to and graduated from (as scumsanitizer so well puts it). Funny how 7-11 keeps telling people what to post here. Wrong sense of entitlement...again...

It is a great time to be an FIU fan...I've been through the rough times and just waiting for some good times to come. That makes it much more worthwhile than someone becoming a fan because it already has a winning tradition, I believe.

Why does this idiot continue to insist that I watch Oprah? I have already invited him to test my football knowledge, but apparently he does not have enough himself with which to accept the invitation. As far as playing NCAA sports, congratulations to you for that. Not everyone is able to have their education paid for because of their athletic abilities. Oh.....but I was. :-)
When you are ready to step to the plate and play a game with an adult, I am more than willing to throw the pitch. Until such time, please do remember that Oprah is not my cup of tea. I much prefer SportsCenter (which is on my television as I type).

So ironic that the blogger mad about personal attacks and name calling is calling someone an idiot..real classy

i dont necessarily see it fit that if both my teams play i should cheer one or the other, like i have posted before ill be wearing my finiest, BLUE, GOLD, ORANGE, AND GREEN to the games. when my kids are born i will raise them the same. you all need to remember although we all love the golden panthers they are a young program, it takes time to build fan support. you need to start young. thats y when i went to the blue and gold game i was happy to see little kids running around cheering. thats how you start by bringing in the young ones. i feel that my generation FIU attendies, will not become DIEHARDS becuase they were raise to bleed orange and green as mia/ny josh put it (aka ucg/ny josh lol still love pete's joke). we will begin to see FIU for the up-and coming program that it is but there will be a fan divided base.. i believee that a real diehard fan base that will bring the rivalry to the likeness of USC and UCLA or UNC vs. DUke etc. wont start till a young fan base is grown.. (this is not saying that FIU doesnt have its diehards yet but im just saying the next generation will see a rivalry grander that what it is starting as

"i feel that my generation FIU attendies, will not become DIEHARDS becuase they were raise to bleed orange and green"

Speak for yourself. I used to follow scUM until I was old enough to be disgusted by their scUMmy ways. I'll root for any other state school but not scUM.

I agree with CJ that there are many feeling that way. Time will take care of it, for the most part. However, like scumsanitizer, I too, used to be a pretty big UCG football fan...that is, until FIU brought up football.

There are also many of us (and I know many) that feel exactly like I do. So, with time...and yes, success, you will see a generation of FIU grads (not all) becoming more FIU fans, and less UM fans. However, I agree, that time is not here yet...

Actually, I think most memorable event at the OB, at least nationally, would be Flutie's Hail Mary. If you go outside gainesville or miami and reference the gator flop, people may guess it was UF's failure to hold a lead as Brock Berlin brought the canes back to win a few years ago - but if you ask most football fans, they all know and remember Flutie's Hailmary. See, a true Hurricane fan and football fan in general can recall great events even if his team was adversley effected - retarded gator fans only recall incidents in which the Gators were the "winners." I agree with one of the previous bloggers, I would much rather unite to hate the Gators then continue to squabble at eachother.

For Pete's sake, (no pun intended Pelegrin) you people really need to get lives. This blog site is not meant to be a chat room for all you disgruntled, frustrated, and otherwise boring human beings to rip on each other. Who cares if Florida won this year, who cares if Miami won in the past? Those people who choose to only live in the past have no futures. This most recent blog was TDAOS as it relates to APR. Let's try and remain focused (even though these posts are fun to read). You guys (and gals) are really funny. In a good way.

Pete's blog is life. Oh and I agree w/ 24/7 - UF sucks. I also agree with MIA/NY, anybody that played college football and baseball (assuming he really did play NCAA football and baseball) is a stud, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson like. As for rooting for a team that you didn't attend school at - I think it is no big deal. I didn't go to college at all, does that mean I cant cheer for anyone? I love the U b/c I grew up loving the U. I've missed like 8 home games in the past 20 years - I am not enugh of a fan? Look, you FIU bloggers that are current or former FIU students who root for yor school great, but do not come on this blog and tell others why they can or can't cheer for the U.

Fans in South Florida are very fair weather. The only thing needed to gain a great deal of fan support is a winning record. If FIU brings a great team on the field that wins big games you will see how many new fans come out.

Instead of making personal attacks and telling us that we are stupid, why dont we talk football? I dont care if you played NCAA sports up north, i dont think anyone does. I dont think anyone cares how racist you are telling people not to post a sentence in another language. Lets talk stats, players and schedules. You'se UM fans have nothing better to do than hate and try to belittle us. By the way FIU could have won last years game had the brawl not occurred.

I think FIU football is going in the right direction but following the past, we got a good AD and a coach, they are bringing part of the history and tradition of UCG, However we wont be great until we hire Steve Spurrier, Urban Mayer or Danny Wurffel as coaches and get some of the UF greatness in our program. we know UCG is a has been and UF is what is happening now, maybe by the time we bring some Gator live into FIU then UCF will be the hot team or USF, but sure hope never fau or fsu. I know how does it feel to be student when your football team wins the national championship and I hope FIU students can experience that. I also know when the team you follow is not doing well and how it hurts to see your team live loosing by one or two points with an alomst hail mary in the last second. But I am looking forward to see FIU at Penn State in September and again in Miami sometime in the fall (unfortunately at the OB). And most of you guys are right, it will take a lot of winning for FIU to get fans, South Florida fans are only good with the Dolphins and they suck with everything else. I know I am generalizing and that you guys are diehard fans, the truth is that most people in Miami are not.

you are 100% right Mr. BaltimorePanther. Miamians are bandwagon jumpers. After the Heat won the finals last year everyone loved them. i would see these old white people with miami heat championship shirts. Of course now they could care less. Same thing with UM. Attendance for home games never went over 55,000 and i think that was against FIU. Against Boston College when UM was 5-6 the stadium was empty. completely. Everyone was jumping on the UF bandwagon. The dolphins suck, but for some reason they are the only team with die hard fans. I come from NY where we love our teams. It doesnt matter if they win or lose, we love them. When i came down here it was unfortunate to see Marlins games empty until they made it to the World Series. I was further dissapointed when the following season the stadium was still empty.....

alright theres one thing i cant stand.. and thats gator love. to bring in spurrier is to bring in something from teh past and not the present so your argument is an oximoron. i agree miami fans want things in the hear and now and if it aint here and it aint now then there might not be so much interest but we still have die-hards everywhere... unfortunatly some of them cant afford season tickets... im not goin to sit here and tell you i go to all the games b/c thats a flat out lie but if i get the opportunity then ill be there in a heart beat. im sure im not the only one.

alt7787 - do you really believe that FIU was going to beat UM last year? A year in which FIU did not win a single game? See it is those types of comments that makes FIU fans look bad. Dude, you got blown out by Fl. Atlantic, remember? Look, I acknowledge that FIU you is a new program. I also acknowledge that FIU has the resources and the drive to one day be an elite program, especially if they can start pulling from the elite South Florida talent pool. Right now, the elite South Florida talent is going to one of the big 3. I admit that FIU is going in the right direction, hiring PG and MC. But Alt7787, when you loose to Louisina Monroe 35-0; Arkansas State 31-6; Louisnaina Lafayette, 17-7; and as stated above, Fl Atl. 31-0 - don't make rediculous comments like we would have beaten Miami had the brawl not occurred.

Too bad Karl is leaving. He will be hard to replace.

The more we learn the history of UM and the way they have done everything in their powers to stop us (fought against our existence, fought against our Law School, fought against our Medical School, and on and on and on...) the more you learn to despise them. There should be no mixed loyalties, especially from FIU students and alumni.

i agree w/ fiurulez... karl will be missed

FIU fan... where were you born?

I really don't know if (UM/UCG whatever you want to call it) fought FIU on those issues so I'll take your word on it. However, wouldn't you? You can't really blame them. It just makes good business sense. If you're the only one in town with the product, you're going to be set. You don't need a B.A. in business from FIU to figure that one out (or UM/UCG.) As for sports, let them enjoy their success because in the future we will enjoy ours. As for supporting both schools, it is difficult and I myself couldn't do it, but it is possible. My beef is with FIU students/alumni/faculty and staff putting down FIU in favor of UM/UCG. As for the posters, I really had no problem with anyone until I was called "delusional" for wishing someone good luck.

Lets not hate on the Gators, they are and will be what UCG was in the late 80's early 90's, and Spurrier, to my disappointment, is turning south carolina around, he suck in the NFL but he knows the college game and he is a great recruiter. In the other for us FIU die hard fans, we need to attend games and bring people with us, that is the only way FIU will have enough money to build a great team. Miami and South Florida is full a great athletes and with the right program and facilities we can compete with the other schools in the country that are heavily recruiting in the area. I know we go and play in Maryland and Penn State, but when they come down to play us, they are doing that to recruit in our back yard.

I hope Pete gets a South American coach, with all the soccer talent from SA and the Caribbean its a shame that FIU doesn't have a soccer dynasty, but has a good share of alumni playing in the MLS. I also hope we get a better baseball coach in the near future.

Pete, I am going crazy checking this site for a new blog there is so much new stories that I want to hear your view on.

FIU dominated UM during the first half of the game. The fumble by javarris james should have been a touchdown and FIU would have struck first. Unfortunately our kicker sucked so we didnt go for the FG and our O-Line sucked even more so our QB was pressured too much. However FIU played hard, especially our defense, until the whole brawl thingy. After the brawl everything fell apart for FIU and came together for UM. Had the brawl not happened the final score would have been very close, not 35-0. we didnt win any games and a lotta things factored into that, but we played hard in every single one and there were at least 4 games in which we should have won. i still remember seeing the ticker on ESPN that said FIU-3 ALA-0 at the half.

Everytime Miami touched the ball last season, it should have been a touchdown but unfortunately our O-line had a tough time blocking and our QB had a tough time completing big passes...but they played hard every game and had it not been for those 2 things, we would have won every game and been national champs. But we didnt win every game and alot of things factored into that. I still remember Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN picking Miami to run the table and win it all.

Also, do not forget that if FIU had all the UM players, they would have won that game in the Orange Bowl last year, but a lot of things happened and all of those players that REALLY wanted to go to FIU ended up at the University of Miami, and that was why Miami was able to beat FIU. But if it wasn't for those players going to UM instead of FIU, FIU you would have won that game. And the FIU fans on this site wonder why I call them delusional.

i was at the game.. and although i dont think FIU was dominating in the first half.. the game was closer than what the score indicated... then the brawl and then the blow out.. mia/ny josh i remember herbstriet sayin the cane would run the table too.. boy that was dissappointing that they didnt and baltimorepanther.. i have to hate on them gators... im a cane and a panther... and have no love for them gators like i have no love for them Noles. besides gator fans are the most annoying out there

I second that CJ

talking about delusional, entitled mind.

I like the gators and noles over scUM anyday. CANEvicts.

scUMsanitizer didnt you say you use to go for the canes? if so then no matter how much you "hate" the canes now you would never be able to go for the 'noles or Gators... its not in your blood or nature. and being thta you go for FIU now you shouldnt go for any of those other schools b/c in the end they are the ones stealing recruits from you

Canevicts huh? good one.. As I recently read in another article a couple months ago...

You might not want to believe this -- but over the past decade, Miami has had fewer player arrests or NCAA-related incidents than almost any other major program in the country. Miami has not had 20-plus incidents involving shoplifting, assault, gun charges and failed drug tests over the past two years, as Tennessee has. Miami has not had to dismiss a star player for earning money through a phony job, as Oklahoma has. Miami has not had a star linebacker accused of sexual assault on the eve of its bowl game as Florida State did. And Miami's most recent Academic Progress Rate (956) placed it in the top 20 to 30 percent of all Division I football programs.

All those good things about ucg are part thank to Larry and PG, now that they are gone who knows what will happen, Shannon seems to be a good guy, but I got the feeling that the he was not the number 1 choice there. I am sure PG and MC will make sure FIU gets those stats, as well as on field stats that UM has had in the past couple of years.

Those thug days of UCG are part of the appeal. I grew up in the days of Irvin and Sapp, Ray Lewis. I grew up with the 2-live crew! It's part of the power of the U. To take a people who might end up locked up, get em to settle down for 4 yrs and play together for a common goal. To be from now where, from the ghetto and be able to beat the entire nation! 5 times, that aint as easy to do. I don't know where the sanitizer grew up. But I think if you grow up in Miami, anywhere from Kendall to the gables to hialear, you got a little thug in you! Its an attitude that is as much us as it is our city! Think of 2-live, think of Scarface, the riots in the 80's, think of the U, hell even the Heat were a physical, punishing team. We are a tough city. Miami isn't a smiley rosy city where everyone walks around and says high to each other. The fight between the two teams was no surprise. Playing highschool football in south florida there were at least 2 brawls a season. Go play a pick up bball game at any court and see how "nice" you are treated, try calling a touch foul. Football is a physical, mean sport, and it takes physical, mean poeple who can snap between the whisltes and try to kill the other team. That's the UCG has been missing these last couple of seasons, that's what FIU is trying to get. The "swagger" the attitude of football.

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