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What is it about everytime GPP puts a picture of a lovely lady in a blog that fireworks erupt.

When Catherine Zeta-Jones made a cameo here, you guys set a record back then for posts. Now in the latest entry, Jessica Biel makes an appearance and we've got a brand new record of 65 comments.

Ok, so maybe we won't attribute the extra attention in the GPP to the lovely ladies, but it doesn't hurt.

Yes, I know we have umers now who have become fans of the GPP and like it was so famously said once on Seinfeld..."Not that there's anything wrong with that". Js_2

Now let's get to the real meat and potatoes of this blog. Been busy the last few days trying to understand all the legal jargon in this NCAA Academic Progress Report, which I had to write a couple of stories for this week. Here's the link to the one concerning what FIU is doing about its low APR. http://www.miamiherald.com/601/story/92201.html

If you want to grab a legal dictionary to understand this, go right ahead. But here is GPP's take on this:

First of all, kudos to Pete Garcia and the new athletic adminstration for rolling up their sleeves and taking charge of cleaning up the mess left by the previous athletic adminstration. This is another example of the new unofficial motto for FIU sports, uttered by a new FIU coach and proposed by GPP: "Those days are over,son !" T.D.A.O.S.

Broom In the past, FIU athletics probably would have waited until the last minute to take care of this. As you can see, not PG and co.

So FIU loses 12 scholarships, but 9 have already been taken care of. Yes, the 9 in football hurt, but better now in the transition year b-tn coaches than a few years down the road when MC has the FIU football program on the rise.

The two in basketball, well we'll see how much of an impact that has. Sergio does have the two 7-footers this year and point guard Kenneth White among others coming in. And we all saw how much a lack of height on last year's squad hurt FIU. As for the one scholarship in baseball, that's pretty much insignificant. FIU is more than just one player away from getting the baseball program back on track.

Panther Pawse No. 2

First of all, let's take care of our own.....the FIU bloggers. CJ and FIUmom, GPP appreciates your enthusiasm as to who was the first blogger on GPP. FIUmom earns the distinction with a 12:52 pm post on March 21 (GPP's debut). But CJ you get honorable mention--Not that there's anything wrong with that. Fiupaw

As for 24/7's comment about PG fixing the problem and raising academic standards, meaning getting better in classroom and not on the field: Well, I don't think the minimum GPA to play football will go up from 2.0. From GPP's understanding the problem with the low APR was that the resources and the right people to help the athletes were not in place. Hence, there have been some folks fired and others reassigned. With the new plan and resources PG and co. have in place, the APR should no longer be a problem at FIU. The problem before was the previous FIU athletic administration did not have the right leaders or personnel to make sure athletes passed classes and graduated. But now..................................T.D.A.O.S.


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