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FIU's Wide World of Sports

I know football is king around these parts and your posts -- whether they've come from the homestanding FIU fans, the visiting umers or even the national champ Crocs fans that found this blog -- are extremely passionate about football.

Spring_4  But before this blog turns into one of those trashy daytime talk shows, let's all take a deep breath and side track to other FIU sports for a second.

The FIU baseball team has 6 HUGE Sun Belt games remaining as they sit in 7th place at 11-12 in the conference. Only the top 8 teams get into the Sun Belt tournament. FAU is 8th at 12-15 as of today. With the three bottom teams in the Sun Belt -- South Alabama, Arkansas State and UALR -- each with at least 14 losses, it would take a monumental collapse by the Golden Panthers to miss their own conference tournament. But getting out of the Sun Belt and earning their first postseason bid since 2002 is another story.

The FIU tennis team heads to Gainesville this weekend for their NCAA Regional match against South Florida. Also in that regional is UF and Jacksonville. Here's hoping the tennis team has a better fate against USF than the football team did last year. Memo to Coach Bernstein: break out the shotgun if the girls are struggling to score points. Sorry, had to get in a football reference, after all the sport is king around here.

And finally, before we get back to football, soccer coach Karl Kremser retired earlier this week after 27 years at FIU. Kremser's teams brought FIU its only 2 national championships so far. FIU was the Division II national champion in soccer twice in the early 1980's.

Back to the gridiron, let's add tight end Sam Smith to the FIUers in the NFL. Sam was invited to the Bears rookie camp last weekend, but no word yet on how he did. Ssmith Bears

And Nick Turnbull asked for and was granted his release from the Bears and appears to be headed back to the Falcons.

Now on to your posts....

Panther Pawse

Not a fan of bringing politics into the blog -- this isn't CNN or FOX News. Who cares which school has the better Prez? FIU or um. Neither MM or DS play on the field. All I can say about the Prezs is this: Remember the aftermath of Rocky 7 last year in the OB. FIU took a swift and hard stance when it came to suspensions and such. As for um, well, when ESPN interviewed me at halftime of the FAU/ULL game they televised the Thursday night following the brawl, I brought up Donna Shalalalalala's reaction her school's punishments: to paraphrase, DS said she did not want to review the video, because she didn't want to be influenced to make tough decisions. She continued by saying at um, "we don't throw people under the bus". Now, there's a leader of a university to be proud of. hahaha-shalalala.

Enough with the poli-sci. Hey, let's welcome the Crocs to the blog. Yes, UF is all powerful and mighty during these times and congrats. Keep posting, just don't get CLAWED out.

Summer is almost upon us and the college season is winding down, so drop GPP a line as to what blogs you guys would like to see in the next 2 months before we start the MC era.


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YES, I am writing the first comment on the new blog....hopefully there will be 80+ comments like on the last one.

I think it is good to change gears once in awhile though I am sure we will drift back to football.

Pete, do you really put it past the baseball team to, as you phrased it, experience a "monumental collapse"? I think they have had those numerous times throughout the season. If only they had 24/7, or me, or you to pitch to hold a late inning lead.

Too bad they can't just throw the games and get a better draft pick.

I don't know, if I was an FIU fan, I might just want the season to end and begin a new era ala MC.

Tennis - skipping it

Back to football - good luck to Nick heading back to the Falcons, I hope he makes a HUGE impact on the team next year.

I am hoping that Nick winds up back here in Atlanta with my beloved Falcons. It would be great to be able to watch him in person (yeah, I know he was here for a while last year, but I was still in the Florida panhandle at the time). But no matter where he ends up I wish him well. He left before my son arrived at FIU, but Nick's parents made it a point to speak to my son at the preseason scrimmage last year, and they remain great supporters of the program.

Kudos to Sam. I am sure he will be able to show Lovie Smith who is the better TE!

FIUmom, I couldn;t agree with you more. I hope Sam goes up there and kicks Greg Olsen's butt. That guy was so overrated. he couldn't catcha cold. He'll be the next in line of overrated TE's to come out of UCG (Winslow, Schockey, Franks) I don't know why NFL teams like these guys - because there fast - who cares. I'd rather have a guy who could block a little. Also, I would just loike to take a moment to stand up for FIUmom (no we are not related) but the abuse she has taken over the past few weeks from 24/7 is rediculous. Pick on someone your own size (no disrespect to you FIUmom - you obviously know your stuff) but 24/7 has been way out of line. He thinks the U is the only show in town - wee here comes FIU and no-1's throw away game. You HAVE to respect FIU. 24/7 you said you played football and baseball up north, probably one of those little state schools that plays other little state schools - is that even NCAA? I don't think so - I think it is like NCAA jr. Oh and MIA/NY - I know you think you are smarted than everyone else (I went to Columbia)big freakin deal - it's no Harvard. I heard everyone who goes to Columbia only dreams about being at Harvard. So I am sorry about your broken dream. Go Panthers. FIUdad...Out.

New blog suggestion: stadium, stadium, stadium.

Yep. Congrats to the tennis team. Ronnie has them going good!! Now, Pete other suggestions for topics. As the previous one noted, our new Cage is very important among us. Other important aspect is men's basketball and its recruiting...Is Colmenares signed and coming to FIU?

How is season ticket going for football, basketball, etc.?

I agree about the stadium. That would be a good topic for discussion, and one that UCG fans would have no knowledge of. I have been told that they were supposed to begin tearing down the current stadium "any day now."

Another good topic would be how our NFL guys are doing in their respective mini-camps.

Hey, since Paul Dee just announced his resignation after the end of the 2008 academic year, some UCG'ers on both of their boards (you see, more than once every 6 months...) are already calling for or against Pete Garcia coming back.....or staying at FIU (in a bit more disparaging words, actually).

What about Pete Garcia and his "availability", or put this rumors to end real quick? That would be a nice addition to let us, and ucg fans, know where he stands....

Leaving FIU will be the biggest mistake PG could ever make. scUM is a program on the decline, they are actually downgrading their stadium by moving to a better stadium, ironically. FIU is a program on the rise and PG knows it. In the next 5 years, FIU will be a nationally respected team and scUM will still be living in the past.

Hey Pete, great blogs. It's unfortunate that UM fans have found this blog and turned the comment section into crap. I still read your blogs, but I have better things to do then read the crap that spew out of Canes fans with nothing better to do than spend hours arguing with FIU fans. If we aren't at their level, as they say, they sure as hell don't act like it. If FIU wasn't on your level you shouldn't be spending so much damn time here.

I don't visit the UM blog, but I highly doubt FIU fans spend as much time there as the UM fans spend here, why such interest? Get over Pete calling you UCG and go back to your blog.

Feel free to come back in September before our game, but after that I would not mind ever hearing from any of you again.

Hey.... I like Jeremy Shockey. He's my favorite NY Giant. Our stadium... hmmm, thats a nice topic. Does anyone think that phase one wont be completed in time for next season(2008)? For some reason i get the feeling that it wont be completed in time for USF, which we will beat.

i think the stadium will be done by 08 season, new construction once permits get passed goes up quickly. as long as money dont stop flowing. the stadium and pg's denial would be great blogs... although as we saw w/ the phins denial's dont mean anything

the college sports season is dying down so its probably going to be hard to find anything significant to talk about. i remember during the summer last season the Miami Herald would have a section in the sports page that highlighted each school's football news. Hey Pete you wouldnt happen to need any apprentices at the Herald, would you?

so fiumom had to go get fiudad to fight her battles for her and make personal attacks...i guess she decided to watch dr phil as well today and didnt have the time to write a second post

I will entertain your little comment, Josh. As FIUdad already pointed out, we have no relation to each other. I don't need anyone to fight my battles for me, though as you can see I do have a lot of supporters here who would take you UCG people on in a heartbeat. And if you must know why I didn't have time to write a second post yesterday.....I am a hospice nurse, and one of my favorite patients was actively dying yesterday. So instead of spending time toying with you and your fellow UCGers I was with him. Some people do have lives outside of this blog, and I would think that with the news out of UCG yesterday you people would have plenty to talk about in your own arenas. Oh, and just so that you will know......PG is one of us now. Remember all the bitching and bellyaching you guys went through when he bailed on you and all the nasty things that were said about him. And though it would be very true to character for UCGers to now sing his praises and want him back, he is a Golden Panther for now and forever.

When I first heard about Paul Dee's future, I immediately thought about Pete Garcia. I expect him to jump ship pretty quickly. He's a cane and canes always go back home. To think otherwise is a mistake.
I think the baseball team will end up in the tournament. If they get hot now, maybe they'll win it. However, it is in our best interest if they don't, we need a new coach.
I agree with my fellow posters, we're thirsty for stadium info.

No, mom...according to him and other canes fans, there was no dismay among them when both PG and MC decided to leave UCG behind...Now, the question is if PG would go back to UM is offered....I wish not, but it would be hard to turn it donw...however, will the University of Coral Gables go to FIU to pick their AD? Stay tuned....Pete P...please fill us in with what you know in this situation, and what your hunch is...Thanks

Congrats to Sam Smith for his bid and Nick signing back with the falcons. Summer blog suggestions: Stadium! and Recruiting in aspects of coaches and athletes.

o ya thats another thing to look foward to ... which of the new frosh come in over the summer to do summer workouts... that could be something interesting to keep the fire going. good idea FIU Star. i dont know if PG will jump ship back to the U... it would kinda remind me of Pirates of the Carribean... pirate swings over to one boat only to miss the landing and swing back lol ... theres alil imagery for ya lol
i sure hope he doesnt.. hes been doing wonders for FIU since he got here

o and FIUmom.. im sorry to hear about your patient. the subject hits alil close to home so my condolences to you and your patients family

FIU Dad - Have you lost your freakin mind? Why would you getinvolved in a situation in which you are not prepared for, but then again, I guess you are just trying to be like you your fighting Panthers. Yeah, they stepped up to play with the big boys last year, and we all saw how that worked out for them. Those TE you mentioned have more talent in their little finger then the guy from FIU has in his entire body. That is why ZNFL temas drafted those guys in the first round and your boy Sam, didn't get drafted at all. Wake up to reality people! As of right now, there is not one player onm the FIU roster that could hold a UM roster jockstrap. FIU dad, yes, I said it weas a small school that I played ball at, even I laughed at the NCAAjr. comment, but don't for a second think that the various NCAA levels beneath 1A are any less competitive. And as for your comments towards MIA/NY - you proably couldn't even begin to understand how smart that kid probably is - you do realize Columbia is a ivy league school in NY and MIA/NY was not refferring to the Country, right? Ask your kids if they know about Columbia University, then ask them if they have dreams to go there or anyother Ivy league school. If they say yes, sit them down, and tell them the story of FIU football and how they too had dreams of grander and how, like your kids dreams, they ain't never gonna come true. The U is the only show in town, they are the main attraction - FIU is a side show, believe it.

Stadium, Stadium, Stadium. I really haven't received any up-to-date news with reference to the progress of the stadium. Even the rendering on FIUsports.com is not to clear. By the way, where is the track gong to be located too?

You want news on your stadium? Here you go - you could play in the freaking Colleseum in Greece and it wouldn't matter; You could play in a $100 billion dollar state of the art stadium, it wouldn't matter. You could play at the JCC, it wouldn't matter. A stadium does not make Nat'l Champions so who cares where they play, when the stadium will be done or anything else about the Stadium. Worry about winning a game, worry about recruiting, worry about your delusional fan base, worry about FIUdad getting his butt kicked, worry about PG going back to UM, worry about the U on September 15, but wasting your time worrying about the new stadium because it doesn't matter if you can't win a game how nice the stadium is or when it will be done.

Florida International University athletic director Pete Garcia, a UM graduate who was hired in October after serving as UM's senior associate athletic director for external operations, had been speculated by the media as Dee's possible replacement had he stayed. Others believe Garcia would not have left had he thought he was going to follow Dee.

''I have a job at FIU,'' Garcia said. "My total focus and concentration is on the job at hand''

that was posted today in the article of Paul Dee's steping down

24/7 is just mad that he's goin to have to drive to dolphin stadium in '08 while we are just goin to be on school ground lol its ok 24/7 you can come sit w/ my crew during what i hope would be a UM vs. FIU would be in '08. dont forget the OB is some of the reason the U recruits go.. to play in such a historic field... and with the college season winding down there's nothing better to do than to hear about our new stadium. the games will come 24/7 dont worry.

Delusional, stadium-less 7-11.....The country's name is Colombia...not Columbia..lol...FIU's new state of the art Stadium!!! It seems it hurts them ucg'ers...

I'd be careful about the butt kicking comments. Persons could consider that a threat, which we all know is not a good thing to do.
I don't think anyone on FIU's roster would want to hold anyone's jock strap. But I do know the names of a few guys who would love to.

On my son's recruiting visit we were told that the track would be put around the soccer field.

All of the freshmen will participate in the summer workouts. They will be on campus for summer B.
Also, I am a hospice nurse. All of my patients pass away. That's the nature of the business. Thanks for the thoughts.

MIA/NY Josh:
Though attending an Ivy league school is very commendable academically, it carries little to no weight when it comes to athletics. If you want to discuss the course cirriculum for the business department, I am sure you would have valuable input. However, when it comes to athletics....well, we all know that the Ivy leaguers are out of their league in college football.

These pos UCG'ers need a serious butt kicking, I really hope I run into the likes of 7-11 (aka NCAAjr) in the OB parking lot in September. Face it UCG scUMheads - this city is no longer a 1 trick pony, and in UCG's case, a 1 trick donkey. FIU is building an on-campus stadium, improving our recruiting classes every year, we've improved our coaching staff and administration, and has more potential funds and a larger alumni base to draw from than scUM.

Enjoy the spotlight scUMhead, enjoy your Joe Robbie seats where not even your logo will be displayed, enjoy your thug football program that no longer intimidates ANYONE, enjoy all of it, for the good-ole-days are behind your scUMmy program.

How can I be out of my league? I know what a first down is, and a touchdown, and a Cover-2 defense. Plus, I run a tremendous option offense in flag football not to mention my fun'n'gun Madden style.

Come on CJ - your better then that, posting comments from a news article, especially one that states that PG said I have a job... Can you say Nick Saban. Din't he too swera up and down that he was NOT going to be the Alabama coach. Last I heard, he lied. These guys always do what is best for them. PG knows what's best for him. I do not know if it is UM or FIU, but rest assured, he is going to do what is best for him, I don't care what he is saying right now. Oh and FIUmom,your warning is taken, but I am not scared of FIUdad. Anyone who ends a blog comment with "FIUDad.. Out" is not the type of person I am shaking in my Nike's over. Oh and MIA/NY, are you gonna take that IVY league smack talk. Doesn't Columbia have a gradtuate STARTING in the NFL - not just ones getting invited to mini camps?

Flag football and Madden? Are you serious? WOW! I'm sorry, Josh. I didn't realize that your credentials were so powerful. Please accept my humble apology. I stand corrected. With knowledge like that under your belt, you must surely know your stuff.

Thank you for pointing out a previous Columbia STAR who made an impact in the NFL. Marcellus Wiley was the 22nd pick in the 2nd round in 1997 by the Bills. He was an all-pro in 2001. He played both tailback and defensive end at Columbia. He was all-IVY league as well...you might say that is as cool as being sunbelt defensive player of the year...but oh wait, Marcellus was also FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICAN.

Maybe someone from FIU brought him water too when he came off the field fresh from making an impact, you never know.

And as for my skills, I thought for the purpose of this blog, if you knew what a cover-2 defense was, you were qualified, isnt that why you're allowed to post?

point taken 24/7. i know i normally dont post things from today's article... just was reasure is all.. the fact is the guy IS goin to do what is good for him not anyone else. and i know theres the Satan law around here that denial doesnt mean squat .. but for now i would like to hold PG in a higher regard than nick Satan

just to jump into knowing coverage.. i always felt that if you cant cover man you shouldnt be a starter.. that way if you get beat its not the "system" it was you that got beat

Since everyone seems to be sleeping since yesterday, I will contribute a little today. First of all TGIF - I hope everyone has something good planned this weekend. Who is FIU baseball playing? Is everyone over at FIU just waiting for the season to end so DP can finally be let go and/or retire. Who do you think will replace him? Collazo? Thomas? Maybe another UM person like Arteaga? (why not football is doing it with MC) Are there even any candidates known yet Pete? I would like to be considered for the head baseball coaching job at FIU. I am a former player, with NCAA experiance, I played locally in Miami in H.S., so I know some of the coaches and the schools history. I am young, energetic, and eager to put FIU basbeall on top. Pete, if you have an in - drop my name. (See, I can be just as delusional as the rest of you FIU bloggers)But, in all seriousness, I think I could handle that job - then, and only then, would I cheer for all Panther sports.

Oh and FIUmom, I am definetly qualified to be the coach. I know what a strike is; I know what a ball is. I know where the strike zone is located and, believe it or not, I know all of the positions on the field. You may have to explain the infield fly rule to me... just kidding, I know that one too.

The new FIU baseball coach should probably speak Spanish...sorry 24/7

They speak Spanish at FIU? Well that's rediculous. I could learn to speak that Spanish talk i think. I could buy a tape or something. Besides, i would only recruit English speakers, there, problem solved, no need to learn the Espanol.

Maybe you could recruit all the players that dream of playing at the U and fell short....all the bloggers should be behind that idea since thats whats going to turn around the football team

FoxSports just recently posted a SWEET football preview for the 07 golden panthers
Check it out


Maybe I can take a job as a scUMmy professor, I know how to hand out free grades and look they other way. And I meet the minimum high school graduation requirement. Off to apply.

The season will be a success if ... FIU wins four games. This classified as "SWEET" in Golden Panther country. See, you Panther fans are starting to sound an aweful lot like Gator fans who think it is SWEET to have a first round draft aelection, who think it is SWEET to win conference titles, who think it is SWEET to wave your arms around like a gator chomp to the theme music from JAWS, a shark movie. I know UF won a Nat'l Championship last year, and yes those are SWEET, and that makes 2 for UF. Miami has 5. Fsu, I think, has 2. My point is, in the end, the only thing that is "SWEET" is nat'l Championships. Everything else, is just fun for the fans. Erick, you think winning 4 games, maybe, is a SWEET outlook, here's on you think will be super sweet, that story failed to refernce the lost scholarships as an effect on the season. Whoohoo! With that taken into effect - maybe 1 win? Still "SWEET?"

Yeah, and i already do know Spanish; Yo quiero taco bell, La Bamba, no, vive la Cuba, futbol, La Carretta, quesadillas. Do I need to know anything else?

Dont forget Pollo Tropical, pastelitos, un cafesito por favor, damelo, yo quiero bud light, peina te la, que bola nicola, cojelo con takiteasy, etc...

24/7 if you need a translator hire me onto your staff, im bilingual and have coached high school baseball and football. Im also Cuban B!!! Baseball is in the blood!

TGIF!!!!! Good to see this blog getting back to a positive trash talk.

You got it Iz, if I am the new baseball coach at FIU - you are on my staff. You can coach Primero baso. As for my pitching coach, I think FIUmom said she used to be a pitcher or something and the fact that her son is a RB for the football team makes her qualified for everything apparently, so, FIUmom, you're hired too. The only thing Iz, I didn't understand half of what you said, probably more then half, so scUM, you're uneducated and probably speak spanish, could you do something constructive for a change and translate the Spanish posted on this blog. Maybe you could get Pete to hire you to be his blog translator or something. I think you probably only need a HS education for that.

Dear Quick-E-Mart...
You might wanna pay more attention when you read other people's comments cuz you've got it all wrong
I only thought it was sweet for a big sports website like FoxSports to write something about a team that did not win a single game last season...since most college football articles are about players choking girls at the Rat(a name that makes as much sense as the gators having the JAWS theme song), it was just nice to see FIU's name out there...it was sweet to see a FIU's depth chart for the first time, EVER!
It just shows that other people believe that this program is heading on the right direction, not just the fiu fans

Also, who gives a damn about these predictions that these analysts gave us? they always get it wrong anyways (Mel Kiper the "genius")...did you forget that highly touted ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit predicted UCG to win the nat'l championship last yr? well...not so much huh?

Dude, stop living in the past with yr 5 championships...sure UCG will be a football powerhouse for as long as I live(that's the only thing u guys r good at anyways right? that's where all the money goes to), but we all know u guys won't win another championship after what happened against the buckeyes
I don't think the scholarships will hurt us that much to be honest, but at least with this guy MC we take out the trash when we see it, something the old organization didn't take care of...similar to what u guys did last yr after the PPV brawl happened
By the way, that "Whohoo" was very queer...

Football is the only thing we are good at? Umm, can someone say 4 baseball National Titles and the longest postseason streak in college baseball history. Yes, the mighty hurricanes baseball team has 34 straight postseason appearences as well as 22 appearences at the CWS in Omaha (appeared in 10 of the last 13).

So yeah, we are pretty good at that game too. Don't worry, we will send over our leftovers to your new coach so he has a chance to win.

Hey Erick thanks for that link. It's good to see FIU getting some nat'l press.
Dont forget UM also has a dominant baseball team, a rising Basketball team, and some very good women athletics.

24/7 thanks for making me part of the team, primero baso is my favorite position so I can do some good there.
Recruit spanish speakers only. That way when we play teams full of Greengos we call plays in strictly spanish with out having to do the ear tugging.
Im curious how will you handle playing vs the U. Hope you dont plan on throwing the games so that the U can win.
Well people it's beer:30 in colorado, PEACE!!!!

Here’s what I know…and you need to know:

You suck until you don’t
You’re a loser until you’re not

This may seem obvious, but for my fellow GPC (Golden Panther Community) members, I must remind you that UM owes us nothing, feels threatened for the first time by an inter-city rival and has nothing but self-serving motivation to see FIU fail. So to be called names by them is to be expected. Simply stated, the only way to stop being losers is winning. Until then, we’ll defend ourselves to the best of our ability but remember the only thing that can make CGU Nation choke is FIU winning. Let’s not get distracted by the FIU bashing by cane fans, after all, there arrogance and unsportsmaship is at the core of their identity. This fact is well chronicled nationally and to many Thug U fans, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I did some research and found it curios that UM only beat their chest about Cane football post-1982 and pre-2002. It made me wonder how long UM has actually been at this football thing. The answer: since 1927. So where’s all the chest thumping about the missing cane years, 1927 – 1981?

It’s tucked away in that quiet corner at CGU, a place no one likes to talk about because it takes the luster off of “Da U.” You see, those years are mired in mediocrity…some good years but mostly bad ones.

So here’s FIU, with just over 5 years under its belt. Ever wonder how FIU compares to UM’s 5th season? For UM, the year was 1931. The coach was Tom McCann. UM’s record: 4 wins, 8 losses. Here’s how the rest of the McCann era played out:

Year Coach Record Bowl
1932 Tom McCann 4-3-1 Palm Festival (W) Manhattan, 7-0
1933 Tom McCann 5-1-2 Palm Festival (L) Duquesne, 33-7
1934 Tom McCann 5-3-1 Orange (L) Bucknell, 26-0

As you can see, UM fans are selective as to how far back they want to go into history when defending their beloved U. When compared to similar points in the timeline of our respective football programs, the bar set by Tom McCann should be attainable by Mario Cristobal. And for all the current UM ACC flash, there was a time when UM’s showcase games came against the non-descript likes of Manhattan, Duquense and Bucknell.

The moral of the story: Everyone sucks until they don’t…and that law even applied to UM then and still does today. Let’s keep focused GPC. UM’s history shows us that even teams that loose 26-0 in a home bowl game (see UM vs. Bucknell in the OB) can recover to become eventual powerhouses.


you won 0 games last year....0
so you're pretty much just blowing smoke and fyi, we were still chest thumping through 2003, 2004 and 2005...until the peach bowl loss at the end of the 2005 season, we were still in the BCS top 10 all three of those years...and for us true cane fans, the chest thumping will never stop

Nope, I never said I was a pitcher. I was a shortstop who could also play the bases. Though I have played pitcher during my time on the diamond. My son plays RB. I am glad you are paying attention. However, his football playing has nothing to do with my knowledge of the game. That started when I was born. If you must know, I come from a long family history of football officials, many of who have made it to the division-I college level. I used to read the rule books for fun as a kid. I went to all the games and had sideline access, which put me right under the coaches. As a 7 or 8 year old, that was pretty awesome. As time went on I became more involved in the game and at one point was a recruiting analyst for one of the major companies. So, yeah, I guess I know that end as well. Oh, and just so you will know.....I am also undefeated as a basketball coach. I have coached for many years in the AAU circuit on boys 18-under teams. I have NEVER lost a game as a coach. I also was an assistant coach on a team that was a part of USATF and AAU, and I took several kids to the Junior Olympics who won medals (my own son included). So I guess I can handle coaching track also. But don't come at me to help you with your golf team. I admit that I am ingnorant in that arena. Send over your contract and I will have my agent and attorney read through it to see if it is worthy of my signature. But I must warn you...I am not cheap.

How quickly we forget. It was not that long ago that I reminded this blog that in 1927 - the University of Miami Football team went UNDEFEATED. Figures you would forget to include that in your post. Be a man - admit your team sucks. It's also funny how you claim that the chest thumping stopped in 2002, yet here we are thumping in '07. You think you know the U fans, you don't, You think the U is going to go away b/c FIU has "arrived", it won't. If anything, FIU may have awoken a sleeping giant that fell asleep after the Fiesta Bowl in 2002. You thought Miami had trouble recruiting before with Coker, well, now you have Randy Shannon knocking on the same doors as Mario Who? His credentials are what? Exactly. After reading FIUMom's credentials, I think FIU hired the wrong person for the job, after all, she has NEVER lost a game. Lets see if MC can say that after the first game he coaches. FIUMOm, I am impressed, but here is my extensive resume. In addition to PLAYING NCAA football and baseball, I coached an 8 and under coaches pitch team to the finals two years in a row; I beat both my brothers in Checkers for 3 straight years (they were 5 and 2 years of age respectively); I am 176-36 on my basketball Court in the backyard against a number of opponants; I have read Bo Knows Bo, and Cane Mutiny, so I consider myself an expert in both Professional Football, baseball and college football; I am currently an avid teatherballer, and I feel that teatherball is the truest of all sports, it is mano y mano, with nothing but a ball, a string and a pole, you never know what could happen out there on the teatherball battle field. You did say one thing that was accurate, the U owes you nothing, I've decided to give you and FIU no respect until you do win atleast 4 games in a season, at least 2 years in a row. With that, I say good night to all, especially you FIUMom, you're the best.


I did not acknowledge that powerful UM 1927 undefeated team because i was comparing our respective programs 5th year, not 1st. Does that make sense to you U24/7 or are all these numbers confusing you?

As for the sleeping giant, we both know that is FIU. UM is the small school with the big rep and bigger mouths. You're doing your best to cut us off early because you realize that when the Golden Panthers wake up, you won't be able to stop it. I can smell your insecurity from here.

It is cane fans like you that make that majority of college football fans who hate on the canes to rejoice when you got smoked by LSU in the fiesta bowl a few years ago and barely got by Duke and Nevada last year. Seeing gloating thugs gasp for air, on its knees with an LSU foot on its throat made many happy and it is because of fans like you. Are you a Jet fan as well because the similarities are uncanny.

U24/7, we don't want your respect and care even less about your opinion. If we are not worthy of your so-called respect, then bounce of this blog and invest your time on more "worthy" programs. You will not be missed.

Finally, back off of FIUMom. Have decency and respect for your female elders. It's mother's day weekend for goodness sake.

Pete, this guy only shows FIU hate on FIU's board. Can't we have him/her blocked from posting?

Thanks gpantera....but I would like to think that I am not that much of an elder. And, yeah, it is Mother's Day weekend, but should I expect any sort of respect from a UCGer?

Teatherball? What's that? For someone who claims to be such an expert at something one would think that a correct spelling of the game would be in order. Alas, I guess not in the land of the orange and green.

Oh, and did I mention that I, too, played NCAA sports on a scholarship?

These scUMheads are just upset that there are people in Miami who are not Noles or Gators that hate their program. I'm sure they can't stand it.

Sorry FIUMom. We've met and I know you're a young woman. However, relative to the immature UCG24/7, you are clearly his elder.

What do you say we turn our attention away from the Cane Haters and focus on our true passion, Golden Panther Sports?!

Thanks for trying to soften my advanced age, gpantera.

ucg always like to create these rivalries with other schools, they are lucky that we are actually trying to create a rivalry with them. I know ucgers keep talking trash and hating on the Gators and noles, but in T-hazy and Gville they never talk about ucg, they hate eachother and that is their rivalry and maybe Georgia and Clemson, and if you look at their schedule they always play ucg at the beginning of the season just with the other "practice" games before they play the real rivals and the harder schedule.

Another board suggestion. Status on having MLS soccer being played at our new stadium.

Hey U24/7,

You mentioned that Randy Shannon will be knocking the same doors as Mario however you fail to mention that is all about recruiting. Granted FIU will be at a disadvantage, but I have a question for you ?. Can you tell me the name of five first rounders that were recruited by Randy Shannon ?. I'll give you 5 recruited and signed by Mario. Bryant McKinnie, Sean Taylor, Antrell Rolle, Andre Johnson and Jeremy Schokey. I'll tell you more, Antonio Bryant didn't sign with UM 'cause Randy didn't think he could play at the next level and guess what, he's in the NFL. Antwan Barnes who went to the same high school as Shannon was never contacted by Randy, and according to Norland's coach he was told he couldn't play at the next level however El Monstruo (The Monster) was drafted by the Ravens and next year will be lining up next to another UM great Ray Lewis.

All I'm saying is don't think for a moment that because Randy goes to a recruit's home he'll be able to snatch him. Besides having to worry about the UMers that will ask for his head if he doesn't go to a BCS Series bowl, he has to contend with the likes of Urban, Bobby, Mark Richt (who in the past 3 years has taken 3 players UM had in the bag) Greg Schiano and now the biggest recruiter of all time is coming back to South Florida, Butch "I hate Paul Dee" Davis. Words of caution, Randy don't underestimate Mario.

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