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FIU's Wide World of Sports

I know football is king around these parts and your posts -- whether they've come from the homestanding FIU fans, the visiting umers or even the national champ Crocs fans that found this blog -- are extremely passionate about football.

Spring_4  But before this blog turns into one of those trashy daytime talk shows, let's all take a deep breath and side track to other FIU sports for a second.

The FIU baseball team has 6 HUGE Sun Belt games remaining as they sit in 7th place at 11-12 in the conference. Only the top 8 teams get into the Sun Belt tournament. FAU is 8th at 12-15 as of today. With the three bottom teams in the Sun Belt -- South Alabama, Arkansas State and UALR -- each with at least 14 losses, it would take a monumental collapse by the Golden Panthers to miss their own conference tournament. But getting out of the Sun Belt and earning their first postseason bid since 2002 is another story.

The FIU tennis team heads to Gainesville this weekend for their NCAA Regional match against South Florida. Also in that regional is UF and Jacksonville. Here's hoping the tennis team has a better fate against USF than the football team did last year. Memo to Coach Bernstein: break out the shotgun if the girls are struggling to score points. Sorry, had to get in a football reference, after all the sport is king around here.

And finally, before we get back to football, soccer coach Karl Kremser retired earlier this week after 27 years at FIU. Kremser's teams brought FIU its only 2 national championships so far. FIU was the Division II national champion in soccer twice in the early 1980's.

Back to the gridiron, let's add tight end Sam Smith to the FIUers in the NFL. Sam was invited to the Bears rookie camp last weekend, but no word yet on how he did. Ssmith Bears

And Nick Turnbull asked for and was granted his release from the Bears and appears to be headed back to the Falcons.

Now on to your posts....

Panther Pawse

Not a fan of bringing politics into the blog -- this isn't CNN or FOX News. Who cares which school has the better Prez? FIU or um. Neither MM or DS play on the field. All I can say about the Prezs is this: Remember the aftermath of Rocky 7 last year in the OB. FIU took a swift and hard stance when it came to suspensions and such. As for um, well, when ESPN interviewed me at halftime of the FAU/ULL game they televised the Thursday night following the brawl, I brought up Donna Shalalalalala's reaction her school's punishments: to paraphrase, DS said she did not want to review the video, because she didn't want to be influenced to make tough decisions. She continued by saying at um, "we don't throw people under the bus". Now, there's a leader of a university to be proud of. hahaha-shalalala.

Enough with the poli-sci. Hey, let's welcome the Crocs to the blog. Yes, UF is all powerful and mighty during these times and congrats. Keep posting, just don't get CLAWED out.

Summer is almost upon us and the college season is winding down, so drop GPP a line as to what blogs you guys would like to see in the next 2 months before we start the MC era.


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