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They will build it...

If you ask it, GPP will answer. Here's some answers and thoughts on your latest questions and posts.

Fiustad_4A chain link fence has been installed around FIU Stadium signaling that demolition of the old stadium and construction of the new stadium will begin soon. The old stadium is expected to come down within the next few weeks and on May 25, FIU will stick a shovel in the ground and hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium. Odebrecht has installed their offices inside the FIU fieldhouse and should begin work later this month. As for the track, no it will not be part of the new stadium. In fact, the plan is for the stands to be just 5-10 yards from the field to provide a distinct home field advantage...unlike the acres of land between the stands and the sidelines at Dolphin Stadium. The track is supposed to go around the soccer field.

Coff_2 As for the FIU baseball team, well, they stuck a few more nails in their coffin this weekend by not showing up against Middle Tennessee. Covering the first two games of that series this weekend, made me think of how the 2006 FIU football team mailed it in after the Rocky 7 auditions at the OB. In defense of the football team (which was their strength last year) they were missing 18 players (11 starters). FIU baseball is just missing.

An astute reader reminded GPP that FIU has 3 national championships and not 2 like was previously stated in the last blog. Along with 2 soccer titles, former Golden Panthers track standout Sheri-Ann Brooks won an NCAA title in the 200m in 2005.

As for your other questions in the last blog, GPP is working on them. Now on to the PANTHER PAWSE

First like we always do, let's take care of our FIU posters. Alt 7787, right now, GPP does not need an apprentice for the blog, but thanks for your interest.

GPantera, nice post comparing FIU to um. You must be related to FIUFanatic. FIUMOM, Happy Mother's Day.

You know what? I think we have a celebrity secretly posting on the GPP. Did you guys read one of 24/7's latest posts. According to himself, the guy is a legend on the backyard basketball court an astounding record of 176-36 against the neighborhood kids. He's also a checkers champion against elementary kids, a tetherball hall of famer and an outstanding little league coach. Now this got me thinking, hasn't Will Ferrell made a few sports-related movies of late?

Ricky-Bobby: NASCAR champ (well, they wave a "checkered" flag when you win a race, hence the checkers champion reference). Outstanding little league coach?? Hmm, anybody see "Kicking and Screaming" (Will was a soccer coach in that one). In "Old School", Will was just an all-around athlete at the end of the movie.....like 24/7. The similarities are eerie.

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