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They will build it...

If you ask it, GPP will answer. Here's some answers and thoughts on your latest questions and posts.

Fiustad_4A chain link fence has been installed around FIU Stadium signaling that demolition of the old stadium and construction of the new stadium will begin soon. The old stadium is expected to come down within the next few weeks and on May 25, FIU will stick a shovel in the ground and hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium. Odebrecht has installed their offices inside the FIU fieldhouse and should begin work later this month. As for the track, no it will not be part of the new stadium. In fact, the plan is for the stands to be just 5-10 yards from the field to provide a distinct home field advantage...unlike the acres of land between the stands and the sidelines at Dolphin Stadium. The track is supposed to go around the soccer field.

Coff_2 As for the FIU baseball team, well, they stuck a few more nails in their coffin this weekend by not showing up against Middle Tennessee. Covering the first two games of that series this weekend, made me think of how the 2006 FIU football team mailed it in after the Rocky 7 auditions at the OB. In defense of the football team (which was their strength last year) they were missing 18 players (11 starters). FIU baseball is just missing.

An astute reader reminded GPP that FIU has 3 national championships and not 2 like was previously stated in the last blog. Along with 2 soccer titles, former Golden Panthers track standout Sheri-Ann Brooks won an NCAA title in the 200m in 2005.

As for your other questions in the last blog, GPP is working on them. Now on to the PANTHER PAWSE

First like we always do, let's take care of our FIU posters. Alt 7787, right now, GPP does not need an apprentice for the blog, but thanks for your interest.

GPantera, nice post comparing FIU to um. You must be related to FIUFanatic. FIUMOM, Happy Mother's Day.

You know what? I think we have a celebrity secretly posting on the GPP. Did you guys read one of 24/7's latest posts. According to himself, the guy is a legend on the backyard basketball court an astounding record of 176-36 against the neighborhood kids. He's also a checkers champion against elementary kids, a tetherball hall of famer and an outstanding little league coach. Now this got me thinking, hasn't Will Ferrell made a few sports-related movies of late?

Ricky-Bobby: NASCAR champ (well, they wave a "checkered" flag when you win a race, hence the checkers champion reference). Outstanding little league coach?? Hmm, anybody see "Kicking and Screaming" (Will was a soccer coach in that one). In "Old School", Will was just an all-around athlete at the end of the movie.....like 24/7. The similarities are eerie.

Rickbob_2 Kicks Hoopswil



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Thanks for the update about the stadium. Though we are already fortunate to have a stadium on campus (which not every school can say, right 24/7), I must admit that the GP faithful are very excited about the construction of the new and improved Cage. At least we have our own home and don't have to borrow someone else's, MIA/NY Josh?

Thanks for acknowledging today. Your thoughts are appreciated.

111 days left until Paternoville!!!!

Can't wait for that ground breaking ceremony. Thanks for the info Pete.

Thanks for the quick and painless rejection Pete. Well im glad that construction will starting soon because my concern has been the delay. The construction company will have about 15-16 months to complete this stadium, so I feel comfortable that it will be completed.

The track is supposed to go around the soccer field.

Fabulous, we'll screw the soccer team, since you know the crowd isn't at all important in THAT sport! Well done FIU.

And since no one has answered this WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR FIU?

Also, can someone please tell the Gators fans that although, they did well the previous year..their still 3 national championships behind the U, and they've as much chance of repeating as I do of becoming J. Montana in the next three months.

Thanks for your updates and blogs, Pete. Pretty exciting times (I hope) are coming FIU's ways....Very funny blog...I can see Will Ferrell...lol....hehehhe

How about any other renderings on the stadium Pete, have you personally seen any other ones than just this plain generic rendering? I have no idea why they would not release all their renderings to drum up some excitement and season ticket sales. Just plain dumb.

good blog pete. new construction goes fairly fast so i have no doubt it will be done on time. i agree w/ canevict that FIU should posibly show more rendering's but maybe the other ones dont have the same impression as the first one.

I just hope it has a nice concourse area and stadium facade. The current rendering leads to believe the stadium will be much the same except for chair back seats and connecting the bleachers all around. I'm tempted to buy club seats but not without a bunch more renderings showing me what it's going to look like. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that way.

we have 4 nationals titles. 2 in Men's Soccer, 1 in Track and Field and 1 in Cheerleading 1998 Grand national Champions that means they beat everyone in every divison.

Let me predicate this post by saying, I am not attempting to belittle cheerleading in any way shape or form. I think those women and men who are cheerleaders are exceptional athletes and their skill level in what they do far exceeds that of most athletes. I mean, I bet those men could htrow around a football, even if it is just recreationally, or shoot baskets,again, even if it is just recreationally, but there is no way that most of those football players or basketball players could do the flips, tumbling, etc etc etc that the cheerleaders do. So for that, I commend them. But I am not sure if FIU cheerleading is an NCAA sport. I lloked on the FIU website, and cheerleading is not listed under Mens or Womens sports. is it maybe a club team that competes Nationally? Now, on to my post which is why I am TheU24/7. Everytime I talk about Miami's Nat'l Championships (in sports that matter) I get bombarded with stop living in the past - the future is now and Miami sucks. Then I read posts about Nat'l Championships, won by Cheerleaders who may or may not be NCAA sanctioned, back in 1998, and I am living in past. So, I decided to do a little research, the results of which will be posted at a lter date and time. However, expect the list of Nat'l Championships to exceed that of FIU's list so graciously posted by Mr. FIU. Then again, there is no need to perform all this research just to prove that Miami has won more Nat'l titles as an athletic program. Even if we count the cheerleading title won in 1998 (making 4 Nat'l titles in all of FIU history) The U has won 5 in Football alone. So I guess there is no need to do any research just yet, maybe when FIU wins its 5th Nat'l Championship in Ping Pong, or tetherball, I will make the effort. Until then, good luck Golden Panther Ping Pongers, make FIUMom proud.

If they had a National Championship for Keg stands I woulda won that!! 24/7 can we count that as a fifth title for FIU? I mean I woulda shared it with the whole school!!

Acceptance Speach:

I like to tank all da teaachers who lead me to drink.

Tanks to all the ... burp... beer manufacturors of the world... burp..

Thhhhanks to.. too... ohhh forget it.

Mr. FIU,

I love your passion but you can't go thumping your chest about cheerleading. By doing so, you leave the GPC (Golden Panther Community) completely vulnerable to easy attacks by the likes of UCG24/7-11. I refuse to give UCG24/7-11 any props, you we were left wide open for his digs on that one.

In the GPC, we protect our own in an inclusive and supportive manner. Again, your heart is in the right place but no more cheerleader national championship reference, with all due respect to those fine ladies who rep the GPC.


lol the cheerleaders now are interesting but i dont think they can win any more championships lol think the new stadium will be a legit stadium and not just metal bleachers.... but i agree dont buy club seats w/o more renderings... or else it could just be a seperated section of bleacher seats

I hear the club seats are going to be near and with access to the new Stadium Club Lounge Area, which will be the nicest part of the Stadium, at this phase.....other than that...I agree that I would like to see more renderings..the concourse, restrooms, club seats, luxury suites, and the Stadium Club....

Pete, can you please report as to what type of concessions are going to be at the new facility. For example, is there going to be all beef hot dogs, and if so, are they going to be kosher? And how much are they going to cost? Also, please find out if there is going to Pepsi products or Coke products. I would also like to know if the bathrooms are going to have urinals, or all toilets. Come on people, does it really matter what the stadium is like if your team does not win a game?


If UCG was building a new stadium on campus, you wouldn't be curious about every last detail?

As for your shot at our horrific win total, or lack thereof, it's an easy cheap shot. I wouldn't dare expect more out of you.

Let me guess, when we win our first game next year, you'll adjust your hate to something like, "you've only won one game." Then will come the second victory, you'll adjust, then the third victory, and so on. The point: Your hate will never end so the GPC's best bet is to ignore your hate or simply laugh at the smallness of your arguments. I mean UF just won the national championship and you still find a way to back into some ill-conceived argument that the gator stink and UM rules.

GPC, listen up. UCG24/7-11's hate is baseless and ill-intentioned. He/she will not allow common sense slow down any of his rants. He will not go away so if you respond, expect silly responses. IMHO, i think he's a closet G-Panther fan frustrated by his insecurity.

As always, go G-Panthers!

Here's a list of items I would love reported on pertaining to the scUMmy Orange Bowl:
1. Are those urinals actually leaking that much or are there midgets inside there whizzing back at me?
2. Are those the lights falling down on me or is this Death coming for me as it did for scUM lore.
3. How can I purchase a suite - sorry no suites - only the suite smell of scUM.
4. If I buy 4 season tickets versus 8 do I still get guaranteed no-block parking in front of Pepe Garcia's house?


I realize that you'll do something on FIU as a season preview, but a Where does FIU stand now? Piece would be mighty nice.

Also, I've heard rumours that the professional soccer team Miami FC is moving into the soccer stadium and will rent it for their games. Is there any truth to this?

Classic canevict....7-11 is running out of stock...lol

midget's whizzin back at you??? very very funny, I think i'll have that image evertime I use a urinal thanks!!

The Orange Bowl is a kick butt stadium, parking in peoples lawns is part of the fun! Is parking at FIU much better, I know it's on the Fair Grounds. Hows the tailgate action?

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