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Keke to Big Easy

Keke No_2 Before we get to the emotional housekeeping posts of the previous blog "Welcome to the NFL", GPP would like to congratulate linebacker Keyonvis Bouie for being invited to the New Orleans Saints mini-camp on May 12.

GPP spoke with Keke after he graduated from FIU on Monday with a degree in Business Administration/Management. Keke said he was happy to get a chance to prove himself at the next level. The Saints drafted only one linebacker, Marvin Mitchell from Tennessee in the 7th round. New Orleans has a talented linebacking corps, but a couple of linebackers are in their 30's.

Best of luck to the 2-time Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year, who arrived at FIU as a fullback, but evolved into one of the best defenders in the program's five-year history. 


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I am really happy for him. I hope he makes an impact on that team!
Thanks for the info!

Look, it is not my intent to be rude, mean, or any other adjective you wish to use, but lets be serious - FIUrulez is delusional. "Make an impact on that team!" How about, lets hope he makes the team. I wish "Keke" the best of luck. I can't say I know who he is, or that I have ever seen him play, although I am sure I have at some point, but if he got invited to an NFL team mini-camp, I congratulate him and wish him the best of luck. But again, FIU fans, be realistic and post intelligently, please.

the U 24/7... we are being realistic you dont become a Confrences Defensive PotY. Award winner...2 years running... thats tallent so theres not "being Realistic" he can make an impact... i think its you that needs to start posting intelligent comments

Being the Defensive Player of the Year in the Sun Belt Conference 2 years in a row is equivalent to being the top cookie selling girl scout in Miami/Coral Gables two years in a row. No disrespect to Kiki, but CJ, if Kiki was so good, and was going to make such an "impact," how was he not drafted among the other 30+ linebackers drafted this year? I will say it again. I mean no disrespect to Kiki and I wish him the best of luck at Saints camp, but CJ is just as delusional as FIUrulz.

You see CJ? He doesn't even know him, but he is quick to make judgments...Incredible...he even tells other bloggers what they should write!!...because he is from.....all-knowing UCG! lol...talking about lack of intelligence, and class....

My money says that if you asked Keke his goal after not being drafted, he would probably say "MAKE an NFL roster...." - you have to make the roster before you can make an impact.

So with that said, congratulations on the mini-camp invite, an accomplishment in itself.

Hey Pete - just read that FIU is losing 12 scholarships (football(9), basketball (2) and baseball (1)) when the NCAA Academic Progress Reports come out tomorrow. Have you heard anything? Looking forward to what you have to say...

Nick Turnbull was signed as a free agent (not drafted) and played in the Super Bowl. You don't know any of our players or the abilities, so when speaking of the topic, you would be considered ignorant. Yatil Green was drafted in the first round by the Dolphins and played how many regular season games? Relax a little. At least research some of these players before you post on this blog and make yourself look like the tools that you are.

24/7 needs to get his head out of his backside. He wants to make jokes about Keke's POTY accomplishments.....I'd be willing to bet you he would change his mind with a quickness if Keke was coming to make a tackle on him. With that being said, if we all just ignore him he will go away. Ignorance loves company.

FIUrulez really? Nick Turnbull "played?" Devin Hester PLAYED, Reggie Wayne PLAYED. Nick Turnbull played as much as you and I did.

ok 24/7... the U had players in the game... we all know and give credit to the U for producing more nfl ready players then almost every University in the States. And i agree w/ you about the fact that he's gotta make the team before he can make an impact. but dont take away from keke... i dont care what conference your in to win the DPOTY Award 2 years running... thats saying something. you need to learn to give actual credit where its due. give props. to barnes and CW for becoming the first players from FIU to ever be drafted. give credit to Turnbull and Smith for getting UFA Contracts w/ the Bears and Eagles, Respectively, Give Cred to Keke for being the Sun Belt DPOTY 2 years running and goin to Mini Camp w/ the Saints, Give props. to PETE for getting the GPP goin and getting us all excited about FIU Athletics, and give Props. to all of us FIU GPP blogger's for helping start a Tradtition at FIU. o and just so you know it is an NCAA Fact that the FIU Program in its first 5 years in Existance has accomplished more than any other team in the nation

To the scUM follower posting about a player he neither knows of nor follows, Keke did record only 8 solo tackles and a sack against UCG, but then again doing that against UCG these days is the equivalent of doing this against your aforementioned girl scouts. And against Alabama, 20 tackles. Sorry chief but good players no longer solely reside in Coral Gables.

Yep. It's hard for some to understand...T.D.A.O.S

I just find it funny how some U fans say they don't care about FIU, yet they keep on talking about us or picking on us.

Back on topic, I wish Keke the very best!

Picking on us? scUMheads have learned their lesson after the literal beating they got last October, and we didn't even have to swing helmets. So long as they walk with their heads low in the toilet bowl parking lots come September everything will be cool.

forget about the UM people. please. please leave already because we dont need youse commenting on here. im so glad that bouie got invited to saints mini camp. He is great. The reason he wasnt drafted was because he is undersized and his MCL injuries. That is a turnoff for teams, but he is being given a chance because he has talent. He had a lot of tackles and a beautiful sack against UM last season. He can play. Congratulations KeKe!

Alt7787 - people should be able to post whatever and wherever they want. Like I posted in another blog, the smack talk is a major part of college football, FIU is new to this but you're going to have to get use to it or you'll go crazy.





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