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On the road with the GPP

Beach_2 This (picture, left) in Sarasota can wait a few hours as the GPP posts and comments pile up. So let's take care of them.

Here's some new football stadium info. The old stadium's dismantling will begin within the next few days and the word I'm hearing is the process to get the stadium going is moving a lot faster than expected.

Like so many of you have written in concerned about, there will be new pictures of the stadium and its club seats appearing soon on FIU's official website: FIUsports.com. I have been told to look for the new art some time next week before the groundbreaking ceremony which is next Friday, May 25 at 9:30 a.m. on-campus.

On another note, let's welcome our latest out-of-town reader: TN Panther from Chattanooga, Miss_usa_2 Tennessee. That's the home state of Miss America (Rachel Smith, right). By my count, the GPP is now read in 5 states including Florida: Colorado, New York, Georgia and Tennessee. Let's see if we can get all 50 states eventually on the blog.

As far as the rankings, you guys asked about. The GPP was No. 4 among the Herald's sports blogs last month and No. 6 overall. From the report I got, here were the rankings: 1. Dave Barry; 2. Some political blog; 3. Miami Dolphins; 4. Cote; 5. um; 6. GPP.....thanks again.

Who's up in Sarasota representing our area? In 6A, Palmetto and Pembroke Pines Flanagan are there...they would only play each other in Saturday's final. And Belen is the only team from Miami in 4A.

GPP wants to wish former FIU softball coach Kim Gwydir all the best in her future endeavors. I used to catch the softball team's batting practice in center field to get me ready for my Sunday softball league. Now, guess I'll just stick to pitching.

Hey, Red Army, no one is invisible in this blog. Your posts are always welcomed and we'll do the best we can to answer them. As for Steven Jair Cabas, I guess we'll know more when the new soccer coach is in place.

Many of you have written in about the baseball team and believe me the next post will be dedicated to the latest and the future of the team. But let's get some things cleared up here...

Folks, I've noticed the tone of some posts have taken on (as FIU-M Fan so accurately stated) the theme of last year's Rocky 7 at the OB. Please, let's stop the name calling. Let's drop the "morons, idiots and disgustings". If we need to, we'll settle this out on the kickball field during recess.

Here's something for everyone to brush up on: the next blog will feature a different version of the old game show: Name that Tune....live from Sarasota !!


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