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On the road with the GPP

Beach_2 This (picture, left) in Sarasota can wait a few hours as the GPP posts and comments pile up. So let's take care of them.

Here's some new football stadium info. The old stadium's dismantling will begin within the next few days and the word I'm hearing is the process to get the stadium going is moving a lot faster than expected.

Like so many of you have written in concerned about, there will be new pictures of the stadium and its club seats appearing soon on FIU's official website: FIUsports.com. I have been told to look for the new art some time next week before the groundbreaking ceremony which is next Friday, May 25 at 9:30 a.m. on-campus.

On another note, let's welcome our latest out-of-town reader: TN Panther from Chattanooga, Miss_usa_2 Tennessee. That's the home state of Miss America (Rachel Smith, right). By my count, the GPP is now read in 5 states including Florida: Colorado, New York, Georgia and Tennessee. Let's see if we can get all 50 states eventually on the blog.

As far as the rankings, you guys asked about. The GPP was No. 4 among the Herald's sports blogs last month and No. 6 overall. From the report I got, here were the rankings: 1. Dave Barry; 2. Some political blog; 3. Miami Dolphins; 4. Cote; 5. um; 6. GPP.....thanks again.

Who's up in Sarasota representing our area? In 6A, Palmetto and Pembroke Pines Flanagan are there...they would only play each other in Saturday's final. And Belen is the only team from Miami in 4A.

GPP wants to wish former FIU softball coach Kim Gwydir all the best in her future endeavors. I used to catch the softball team's batting practice in center field to get me ready for my Sunday softball league. Now, guess I'll just stick to pitching.

Hey, Red Army, no one is invisible in this blog. Your posts are always welcomed and we'll do the best we can to answer them. As for Steven Jair Cabas, I guess we'll know more when the new soccer coach is in place.

Many of you have written in about the baseball team and believe me the next post will be dedicated to the latest and the future of the team. But let's get some things cleared up here...

Folks, I've noticed the tone of some posts have taken on (as FIU-M Fan so accurately stated) the theme of last year's Rocky 7 at the OB. Please, let's stop the name calling. Let's drop the "morons, idiots and disgustings". If we need to, we'll settle this out on the kickball field during recess.

Here's something for everyone to brush up on: the next blog will feature a different version of the old game show: Name that Tune....live from Sarasota !!


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Again wonderful blog Pete hope you are having a great time in Sarasota. I am excited about all the changes that are happening in Golden Panther Country. Is it football season yet?!

there is a major name calling war goin on... and the kick ball remark... i think they should play a game of red rover . taht would bring the 2nd 3rd grade attitude full circle

Add Maryland to your out of state readership list, Pete. Thanks for doing what FIU Athletics has consistently failed to do: get the word out. And for the record, although I'm now a Terp (by virtue of grad school), I (unlike disloyal FIU fans who sport UCG paraphernalia) will always support FIU--nomatter who the opponnent.

I agree with stopping the name calling. Rivalry is a good thing, but we shouldnt become obsessed with it either. What we should be doing is getting the word out about FIU and raising awareness of its teams. And Pete I also have to comend you on doing a great job of that with this blog, and your articles. I actually attended both schools FIU and UM. FIU for undergrad and UM for Grad school. And am a fan of both, I have season tickets for both teams. But come Sept. 15th I'll be wearing blue and gold!

Pete, I too want to commend you on your name calling ban. I think there is no place for name calling on this FIU blog. It is childish and immature. i want to apologize to scUM (whose name should be altered due to the fact that it uses a derogatory name itself) and all the others whom I have rudely blogged, especially you FIUMom. I think it is great what you guys are doing here, getting the name out about your athletic program, it is just fantastic. Two thumbs up all the way. Keep up the good work. Pete, in your next blog, can you also summarize the story of goldie locks and the three bears? Come on people, grow up!!! You need PP to fight your battles for you? Asking us to stop with the name calling, stop bombarding "your site" with UM talk and to allow the FIU fans to blog on FIU issues. Well you know what, if we (the U fans on this blog did that) you would be right back at the bottom of the blog ratings, right next to where your football team is. This blog should know better then to bite the hand that feeds it.

GPC (Golden Panther Community), I take responsibility for engaging our detractors in child-like banter. Please forgive me.

I will resist the temptation to react to their barbs, and yes, they will continue to rain in on our blog, even if unprovoked...just wait.

I will turn the other cheek and extend the olive branch...but if they go after FIUMom again, the gloves are coming off!


Gpantera, are you kidding me? The gloves are comming off? What is that supposed to mean? And what do you mean, go after FIUMom? I think the worst thing that was ever said to her was that she watches Oprah or Dr. Phil. Give me a break. What are you gonna do if someone on this blog, hypothetically, tells FIUMom that she should tell her son to transfer to a school that may win a game so he knows what winning feels like; or if someone tells FIUMom that she would be a better coach then MC because she knows what "Cover 2" means. Are the gloves off yet? No, okay, lets try some more. What if someone told FIUDad, again hypothetically, that the next time he walks on the UM campus to put flyers on all the BMW's and Mercedes, he should take a bath first? Or, what if the next time he goes to the FIU campus to put the flyers on the tricked out Kia's and El Camino's he should bring his passport? Again, these are just hypothetical posts to see if your gloves would come off if these posts were actually posted in the future. Put your gloves back on big boy, you don't want none of this.


May the Lord be with you.

Since you bring up our obviously horrible '06 football record, please remind us UM's record last year? Surely you were in national championship contention, correct? At the very least, you were in good standing in the ACC. How many ACC championships has UM secured again in any significan sport? Surely you didn't struggle against the lowly Duke blue devil football team, the other winless team, right? And lastly, when you faced off against our struggling '06 football team that went 0-12, what was the score at the time of the brawl? How many TD's ahead?

Please refrain from name-calling in your response. Just give us the actual facts...looking fwd to your response. Thanks and have a great day!


Ah, the wonderful power of blogging. You can sit behind a screen a mouth off like a tough guy.

Let me guess, you are 5 ft. 6" and weigh a buck 15 wet with a brick tied to your foot.

Ok, before I go off the deep end, let me find my spiritual center, channel the positivity of Pelegrin's words-of-wisdom and stop the confrontational tone now.

Ms. UM, you are entitled to your opinion. Peace be with you.


He's obviously not 5 ft 6", he played in the NCAAjr. remember...I believe they have a minimum 5 ft 7" height requirement. But, thankfully for him, there is no minimum cup sizes.

I think this is getting a little out of hand.

Can you all just stop fighting about UM and FIU? As a current student at FIU and a sports fan, yes I go to games, I can tell you that I really don't care about UM, what they do or what they have done in the past. We all know that they have won 5 NC's and that they have history and traditions that have carried them through the years but who needs to repeat that over and over?

I believe that no one truly knows how FIU is going to succeed or fail next fall. The UM fans on here can tell us that we won’t win a game next season, that we suck, we have no tradition and we have no fans and the FIU fan’s can stick up for our team, friends and family. But does all of this fighting really matter?

We all just have to wait and see what happens when our scrimmages start, how well our new recruits perform, how well our players improve, and then we all actually have something to talk about..

Thanks for the shoutout Pete. Keep up the good work on the blog.

As far as all this fighting is concerned, it just seems so childish to come in here and start talking smack about how many championships your school has and then we stoop down to their childish level and retaliate. As proud, and more intelligent, Golden Panthers, lets ignore them and keep writing about OUR school. Don't fall into their simpletonian trap.

Peace from TN.

Cheers, I tend to agree, rivalry is good but an fIU sports blog dedicated to bashing the other school or vice versa is sad.

Let's talk about sports folks!

Hey Pete I've been posting for a while from Baltimore Maryland new home of el monstruo.

Awesome post, yippee. I totally agree. This fighting has gotten way out of hand. I'm tired of it.

Pete, your blogs are amazing. Thank you for the updates on the stadium. I can't wait for them to start building our new Cage. Go FIU!

Hey Pete...
how come FIU has more women sports than men sports?
What's the probability they'll add more men sports during the next few years? Men's Tennis...didn't they have one? Men's Volleyball??? Lacrosse?
I know that you build college athletics around football and basketball, because it gets the word out and it helps the recruiting for the other sports...but any chance at all they'll add more?

Kudos again, Pete. I will do my part and ignore the UCG aliens here (and I use aliens in the context of not a native to our land---not the E.T. kind).

I am anxious for the season to get under way. I have made all of my plans for games to attend this season, and I will be in Miami for the UCG game (my son's birthday is 2 days before the game). I will see you ALL then.

Yippee, I agree with you, we should wait til next fall to discuss anything, So on that note, lets all take Yippee's lead and stop visiting the site, stop talking to eachother about football, stop fueling a potential rivalry, stop the fighting and everything that makes me, and I bet most of you, visit this blog. So, I guees, this will be the last post from the U24/7, scUM, Gpantera, I will see you in the fall.

See Yippee, there is no fun in that. You want to talk x's and O's, ok, Yippee, tell me all about your starting QB next year, and your stellar wide receiver core. please inform me of all the recruits that are starting in the fall and who MC is targeting for the next class. If you can't then add something else, but your plea to "stop the fighting" is pointless.

lol you all wont like to admit it but 24/7 is right ... when it comes to yippeee's comment. we shouldnt stop talking to e/o, we should continue and talk about new recruits. i believe the reason the U bloggers are here is because they WANT this rivalry. so dont put restrictions on anyone so long as they make intelligent comments. note that trashtalking should be allowed and incouraged but it must be intelligent

Im looking forward to those stadium picks!!!

Thanks for the update Pete and enjoy Sarasota!

if not for ucg-fiu banter, what would pete use from these blogs to talk about? seems all everyone else does is kiss pete's ace and thank him. if you don't like the banter then say something substantial.

A good topic for ya pete would be an interview with MC. Particularly, addressing how he feels he will be able to handle the pressures of gameday head coaching considering he was never even a defensive or offensive coordinator? I would have loved to see this guy come on board as a coordinator first and gain some experience under a tried head coach, maybe he's a diamond in the rough or maybe just a cz.

Great info Pete!! (Sorry to those negative people that don't like to compliment Pete...) I'm so much looking forward to seeing the details of OUR NEW ON CAMPUS stadium. Thanks for the information...

Pete, will you be at the ground breaking for the new stadium?

I agree, lets get some info on the new coach. Lets here how he plans to compete in the recruiting process with Miami, Florida and FSU. Everyone is so syked up about MC being the coach, but why? What are his credentials? As any FIU fan really asked themselves why MC is going to be GREAT as this blog and its posters have been chatting about. I am not saying that MC is going to be bad Head Coach - but like the previous blogger said, where is his experience where are his credentials? If he walks into a LB's living room and says, I know you have been visited by UM, UF and FSU - what is he going to say to get them to come to FIU? Pete, I think that this is going to be a great blog and get a lot of good posts. Sorry about Belen - I guess you'll be able to make your weekend activities after all.

I don't think Cristobal
has his sights on the same caliber players that the big three do right now. Getting the second tier players is where his focus should be, you'll always get a couple first tier players that trickle down in this area, and it's near impossible for FIU to compete for the rest of the top tier. It's that second group that can get you to respectability and then you can attract some of the bigger names out there.

pete, looking forward to the stadium info...im hoping they´ll be some real work on site once i get back. less than four months to go, i´m very excited. i know our panthers will have a much better season this year.

cheers from london, represting FIU wearing the blue and gold baby all over oxford and notting hill.

roar baby.

Mario is already better because he has brought discipline and intensity to the team.

I remember watching several Strock-coached game with relatives and being embaressed by the cheap shots our FIU team was taking on the other teams and this was the year before the brawl.

Also, the death of their former teammate in that motorcycle accident was likely to have hurt some of the teammates last year.

Again Red Army, we had a horrible coach before, usually coaches and players used the death of a former or current team mate as an extra motivator, they tend to dedicate the season or the rest of games to the memory of the fallen camarade.I honestly think that any coach is an improvement over Sucks. We know raw athletic talent is important because not even Urban can teach size and speed, but a good coach can adjust the talent at hand with a great system and win championships. In the past FIU opponents didn't have to waste time watching film, just have to watch the first game of the season to learn the boring and predictable "offense" the DC did a great job at adjusting to the opponents, and keep the opposing ofenses on their toes, but our defense got tired playing 59 minutes a game. I think the new coaching staff needs to focus on developing a winning system and then the talents will come, after all talent attracts talent.

Blatimore Panther - I am an FIU fan, and as such, please do not talk anymore about football. You can post about, baseball, basketbal, cheerleading, but please, your comments on football sound stupid they are making all of us GP football fans look stupid. "Talent attracts talent." ?????? NO, winning attracts talent. Tradition attracts talent. When FIU gets that, we'll be right there with Miami, UF and FSU. Also, you state that opponants didnt have to watch film - do you know anything about football? Of course they did, don't be rediculous. Finally, I do not think our previous coach "sucked." Though towrads the end he could have done a better job - but he brought us football, he helped get us to D-1. Don't bad mouth him now. When he first came we all loved him, now we say Coack Suck. That's not right. We should be better fans that that. Thats how our crosstown rivals did it with Coker- you really want to be like them in that respect? We are better than that, we are FIU.

Everyone has their own opinions, and all are valid. Strock brought the program up and nurtured it..Unfortunately, his record wasn't good on the field, or in the team discipline aspect.....those are facts...the thing is how to say it without being unfair....How?

"Everyone has their own opinions, and all are valid." I knew that you were delusional Fanatic, but hypocritical too. Evertime a UM fan has an opinion, you are one of the first to criticize it, call it rediculous, bad mouth it, etc, etc, etc. Now you say the aforementioned to FIUDad. I used to respect you a little Fanatic, but now I see you are just like scUM.

"Everyone has their own opinions, and all are valid." I knew that you were delusional Fanatic, but hypocritical too. Evertime a UM fan has an opinion, you are one of the first to criticize it, call it rediculous, bad mouth it, etc, etc, etc. Now you say the aforementioned to FIUDad. I used to respect you a little Fanatic, but now I see you are just like scUM.

7-11, Fanatic isn't just like me, he does not breath the hate for scUM and scUMmy fans as I do. Just wanted to clarify.

Hey 7-11 Hapoo, all you need to know about Cristobal and why he will succeed can be seen right here...


7-11 talking about respect? He doesn't know who he is talking about....delusional dreams of grandeur....Respect...dude you are living in another world...give up whatever makes you act so erratically in these boards, and then we can be on the same level of respect.....

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