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Panther Pawse

Yeah, I know I spelled paws wrong. I never won a spelling bee in school, but I did have perfect attendance one year.....Anyhow, GPP would like to introduce a new segment to this blog: Panther Pawse. Gppaw

The Panther Pawse segment is designed to pawse from blogging and answer your questions and posts in previous blog entries.

So let's get to work.

Great, passionate exchanges in Sunday's "Welcome to the NFL" blog. First of all, let's welcome our newest readers of GPP and diehard um fans: MIA/NY Josh and TheU24/7. Guys, GPP appreciates your enthusiasm and welcomes all posts from all readers (of course, FIU fans as well) as long as they are kept clean -- this is a family blog --Rated E.

Any entries not suitable for printing will be CLAWED out by the Panther's Pawse. Gppaw_4

With that being said, we'll get to the posts in a second, but first to answer Iz's post about doing a future blog on former FIU athletes in the pros.....consider it done when we have down time after FIU baseball season, which with the crazy Sun Belt Conference who knows when that will be. FIU was left for dead in 10th place 2 weeks ago and is now in 7th. The first 8 SBC teams qualify for the SBC tourney.

Alt7787 suggests to get national commentators to refer to Antwan Barnes as "El Monstruo". I think in time when AB makes his mark in the NFL, they may start referring to him that way. GPP asked Antwan what he thought about the nickname the other day and El Monstruo said: "I don't speak Spanish, but that nickname sounds good to me. I like it." He said this after GPP explained what EM translates to in English: The Monster, because AB has terrorized QBs for the past 4 years.

I agree with part of TheU24/7's post that to have a rivalry you need to have 2 sides. Just ask the Red Sox/Yankees, Rebels/Evil Empire and Scooby-Doo/Ghosts. Doo_2 Darthvader

So TheU24/7 post as much as you'd like, just don't get CLAWED out. And that goes for everyone, post as much as you'd like just keep it clean or risk being CLAWED out. As far as FIU being behind top high school programs, c'mon not even you believe that  -- unless a softball konked you on the side of the head -- but the comment added a little fuel to your post. By the way, is TheU24/7 is that like a convenience store in Coral Gables? GPP hears the people at 7-11 are a little upset, you're stepping in their territory.

MIA/NY Josh had a good point about how having a friendly, crosstown rivalry is healthy. After all the common ground for both umers and FIUers is that they both love college football. Only 137 days until the rematch at the OB.

FIU Fanatic again displayed why he won the first MARIO awarded to a reader of the GPP in the 1st annual MARIOS that took place April 21st. Fanatic writes in part of his post: The point is, for the historical position we are in, it is not bad at all to have 2 players drafted. . .I agree, we should not have any problem with UCG fans coming here and post, particularly if coming here with a decent level of common sense and camaraderie.

By the way, Fanatic, GPP found your posting of the 1930 um football sked very amusing. Bowdon St. ...did Bobby go there before replacing the "o" in his last name with an "e"?

As far as the exchange between our FIU posters and the new um posters...on who started the dancing at the OB last year, well folks, does anyone know what came first: the chicken or the egg? Unless, you had 75 camera angles filming at the OB on Oct. 14 last year.....no one will ever know. Let's just say there was plenty of barley, yeast and hops-filled beverages involved in the crowd and that sure didn't help. And let's not ask Lamar Thomas, because that clown is auditioning for the role of a boxing promoter in Rocky 8.

Chick  EggThe point of starting the GPP is to provide a forum for FIU fans to discuss FIU athletics.

You posters behave and GPP may invite you to the next MARIOS awards show and get a chance to meet our next guest presenter....rumored to be Jessica Biel. Biel_3


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HAHA first again. Another quality blog, thanks Pete. My only qualm: too much attention to our UCG brethren. As my older sister would say when we were younger : "Ignore it and it will go away." Any details on our stadium? Go Panthers!

Pete thanks for making us UM fans feel welcome here. As for your comments though, I must revisit a previous post of mine. MIA/NY stated that FIU might be facing some sanctions and possibly losing up to 9 football scholarships. If that is the case, which at this time is unconfirmed, then you are right when you say, "As far as FIU being behind top high school programs, c'mon not even you believe that," I dont believe that. If FIU losses 9 scholarship football players, FIU, in addition to being ranked behind ALL local high school football teams, they will also rank behind the Suniland Sundevils and the Coral Reef Rams.

Coral Park Rams and the Coral Reef Barracudas. There are no Coral Reef Rams. If you are going to insult, do it right.

For your information - the Suniland Sundevils and Coral Reef Rams (now known as the Palmetto Bay Broncos) are Pop Warner teams. Therefore, my post was accurate. That is why I said, "FIU, in addition to being ranked behind ALL local high school football teams, will also rank behind the Suniland Sundevils and the Coral Reef Rams." Therefore, the only inaccuracy in my post is that the Coral Reef Rams are now known as the Palmetto Bay Broncos. Please respond to my posts responsibly from now on. Thank you.

lol THE U 24/7 i gotta give ya credit for sticking to your guns i like the lil trash talking thats goin on here i think for the fiu UM game i say all us bloggers meet up for a friendly veiwing of the next FIU UM game lol o and Pete.. im alil hurt that i havent been mention in any blog's ... if you go back to the very first blog i think i was the first to comment... or second... is there no love for the oldest GPP blogger?

Hey, Pete, great blog as usual. If UCG24/7 has his way, he may want to take your job here...So watch out!! lol Remember, as a dedicated UCG fan, he knows what you should write, and what not to...it is part of their entitlements...even if they know they are wrong...

BTW...I'm not giving away my Mario!!!

im goin to give you competition for the next mario.... so watch out!!!! me and FIU Mom

You know...I'd give one to El Monstruo...he deserves it...and Chandler too!

I think all scUMheads should be banned from speaking on all FIU football matters until they can prove they can score more then 10 points against a full FIU squad. 5 time national champs eh, oh how the mighty have fallen.

I will graciously apologize for not following pee wee football. Being that I don't have children, knowing about it sounds perverted. Then again, you were wrong too, nice that you admit it. One day you'll admit that you were wrong about all the crap you are spewing here. That day will be soon.

As far as 24/7 is concerned, again I say that if we ignore him he will go away. The more we respond to his childish comparisons the more he loves it. Deaf ears hear no sound.

And, everyone be warned....I am gunning for a MARIO!!

im just waiting for my mario, for longest poster/ blogger of the gpp... been here since day one.


For the record, I looked back in the archives, and I was the very first one to post after Pete's first GPP. Sorry, but I still love ya!

Well, mom...after further review, while you were the first one to post under Pete's original blog, you posted around 3 hours later than CJ did in GPP's second blog. So, technically, both are right...however CJ was the first poster, albeit not under the very first blog..

But, for the record...a good number of us did post the very same day under either blog...March 21, so we have all been here since day 1.....lol..

That is the most important thing. And we all need to stay here!

that deserve's a southern baptist church AMEN! o btw fiu mom... i never said that i was the first i said i was the first or at least the second lol

i posted first. haha.

Theu24/7 hahaha. Hey got to give it to him, hes all about the u from morning to night all year long all the meanwhile posting in FIU blogs.

Well Baltimore always have the Miami area flavor, Ray Lewis is still the king of Baltimore withe the Coral Gables flavor, But thank God in the near future we will have a REAL Miami flavor with El Monstruo in town. I know soon we will have former FIU players in every team and we will play in the BCS Bowl. and for the insults from the ucg fans, I would like to know what is the graduation percentage in comparison between FIU and ucg.

If we just require a college degree to post on here we'd get rid of all these UCG fans postings.

Historic weekend for FIU football.

Also great signings recently by the b-ball team. Things are looking up!

No wonder UCG was crying so hard when they lost Pete Garcia

Ok, well I had time to sleep on a lot of the comments made to me yesterday and during last night, and I have uncovered the problem I think that is facing the FIU fans. It is not that you are bad people, uneducated fans, or anything like that. The problem is with your mentality and overall prospective on your school and your team. You all love to spout off about the U's sense of entitlement, and their "swagger" but you know what, all that stuff helped to propel the U to 5 Nat'l Championships and countless NFL studs. FIU, while young and inexperienced, NOT your fault bye the way, the fact that you all feel the need to throw a parade because two of your players got drafted on the second day and one got invited to an NFL mini-camp in rediculous. Do you think that if UM had no-1 drafted in the first round this year the first thing we'd be cheering is the fact 1 or 2 guys got drafted in the second round? No, we would be pissed about the fact that the talent level has dropped off so much that we had no FIRST rounders. While these FIU stories are great accomplishments, and I am taking nothing away from them, and I congratulate them, I CONGRATULATE THEM AND WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK, the fans reaction, at least on this blog, is sad. You all are acting like the ugly girl who is just happy to be invited to the Prom. This is not an insult, all I am saying is, instead of throwing a parade for a couple of second day picks and a mini camp invite, get a little cocky, a little brash and maybe someday sooner rather then "never," you may be able to gain some enough respect in order to be on the same field with the U's practice squad.

first let me say goodmorning 24/7, see you had me beliveving that you turned a new leaf... your comment was almost half decent... but then you threw it away w/ that last sentence... we are young and a young team has the right to get excited about 2rd drafts... the U doesnt... but then agian the U has been around since like what the 1930's but by saying if we "work real hard" you can play against our practice squad? thats low man a "man" of your stature... commenting on a blog like such .. should have the maturity to not say such rediculous things... pete garcia and mario christobal are going to work wonders down here so i wouldnt be suprised if we are real competative on a consistant basis real soon... ( i mean we did almost beat maryland... and played Alabama... and even THE U strong (although after the brawl we couldnt match up w/ the thugs on the field, us hispanic boys... that fight i would say was pretty even)lol

I like you CJ - I appreciate our respectful blogging, but I wouldn't be "TheU24/7" without that last sentence. A zebra can't change his stripes, ya know what I'm saying. That being the case, I can't wait until Pete's next post so we can discuss further the U's dominance over all, the U's history as compared to FIU's present, the U's dominance over all other state schools in football and baseball, FIU's chances of breaking into the top 10 rankings of local high schools and pop warner leagues and the U's geographical positioning and mailing code. In closing, let me just say, no matter what happens between now and September 15, 2007 - TheU24/7 is going nowhere. You can ignore me, try and discredit me, even beg Pete to ban me, but the TheU24/7 never closes, oh and Pete, if you're not careful, I will call on a third UM fan to get involved, he is taller than me and much better looking, but if you think I am a Cane fan, this kid is over the top Orange and Green. You know who I am talking about.

Again, if we ignore him he will go away.

Were none of you FIU fans UCG fans before we got a football team?

I love FIU, im an alumni, and Im proud as hell of the fact we finally have our own team, even though it started after I graduated.

But the fact is I grew up wathcing the U, had season tickets to the U and will never stop cheering for the U. That name, that symbol represent excellence. The only day I would ever cheer against them is on game day vs FIU.

It seems like all these posts and smack talk is like a little brother trying to upstage the big brother. The day will come, and the rivalry is for fun, but for now kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy the rise of FIU along with the continued dominance of the U!

I was a scUMhead until FIU got a football team. FIU is my school, I was following scUM simply because there was no FIU team. scUM is not my school, no connection with them other than them being on tv. Since then I have seen what true scUM is, I have seen what scUMmy fans they have and what scUMmy players they recruit. The whole program is tainted but one is blinded by loyalty when on the inside. Now I see why the whole country hates that program. F-I-U baby!

hey im still a die hard of the U and thats y i think me and 24/7 have such a good relationship

24/7..the taller better looking cane fan has been posting since the beginning (meaning the beginning of this current UM/FIU banter, don't want to go down the road of who was first again).

And to react to scumsanitizer as to why the whole country really hates THE U, maybe because we go against what the college football establishment has deemed acceptable. We dont have 100 yr old alumni's donating millions and walking around in plaid plants and sweater vests at the football games. We have a bunch of die-hards, grown men with their shirts off sporting jerseys from the Decade of Dominance catching some sun while enjoying one of the greatest teams football has to offer, all placed in the middle of little havana. I wouldnt want it any other way.

And I agree with 24/7 (obviously) about the attitude. The U continually produces NFL 1st rounders (a record 13 yrs in a row) in part because of the The U "attitude" that attracts 1st round talent to Coral Gables.

So with that (I also congratulate FIU draftees as I have previously done), take on an attitude, act like you've been there before, act as if every player coming out of your school is going to be a first round pick (Heck, I still want to know why the Browns wasted a pick on Brady Quinn when they have Ken Dorsey ready to go) and sooner or later, that attitude will attract the players that will make it possible.

Look scUMsanitizer, I tried to be nice, I tried to keep it light and friendly, please see my blogs with CJ, but you have made remarks that are hurtful and so onesided it isn't even funny. You stated that, "I have seen what scUMmy fans they have and what scUMmy players they recruit." Then you go on to refer to our loyalty blindness. Let me remind you of three formner Golden Panther players: Randy Arnold; Diamos Demerritt; Everett Baker. All three were arrested and charged with bank robbery and Mr. Baker, yes, he was charged with attempted Murder, but we have all the scum recruits. Now I know you are going to come back at me with all of the U's arrests, off the field issues concerning guns, drugs and violence, but let me save you some time and concede, right here in front of everyone, that yes, the U has had players with character issues - no big shock to anyone blogging here. But, let me also remind you, 5 Nat'l Championships, 25 first round picks soince 2000, 13 years in a row with a first round selection, 2 Heisman's, oh and a little 58 Home Game Winning Streak. Please do us all a favor, don't respond with FIU's impressive #'s: 2 second day draft picks, 1 invite to mini-camp; and an 1 NFL player who may have gotten Devin Hester a cup of Gatorade after he scored in the Super Bowl.

YEAH, go 24/7, now this is getting fun!

I guess we shouldn't let the "sanitizer" in on a little secret, OUR FIU HEAD COACH IS A scUM alumni isn't he? didn't he also coach there for several years? Isn't our AD formerly of the scUM also?

I think he might flip out if he finds all this out.

Dont forget Iz and 24/7, not only was their coach and AD part of the U, but most of their players probably wanted to be part of the U. (And yes, to get it out of the way, maybe there were some kids who had their hearts set on FIU, maybe)

Yep..but they are the smart ones...they see the future and jump ship to FIU!!!...to the dismay of the majority of um fans..

While there may have been a few players that would have looked good subbing in the game wearing orange and green, I don't remember ever thinking to myself? Man, I feel dismayed that Player X chose FIU over Miami...

I just think it's funny this guy is calling our own coach and AD scums!

Pete Garcia and Mario Cristobal. Not players...Plenty of dismay at UCG's boards then...and still talk about that...

What're your expectations for FIU next year guys?

Just ignore these people. Apparently there is nothing better to do at UCG than to try to bash a brand new program. So, if we just ignore them they will get bored and go away.

lol actually FIUMOM i dont mind havint thise "heated" conversations w/ U24/7 and the other U Fans... it gives me something do to between the Phins Practices and the begining of the FIU and The U football seasons start. lol o ya btw sorry for the late entry i had to take the italian owner to the warehouse to inspect .... it sucked... he didnt speak english... i speak spanish but not like spaniard style lol

We'll forgive PG and MC for their scUMMy ways. You can spew all your scUMmy accolades all you want, you guys are used to it, defend that program against the whole country...I know, I used to have to do the same. No more though, the culture and attitude of scUM is what has earned them the reputation they have, as well as its respective fans...have you looked at the stands during a hurricane game, ever wonder how many of those fans are violating parole by being there? scUM is scUM, period. Now you can take that back to the hole you crawled out of and we can continue this on 9/15 in the parking lots.

scumsanitizer calm down your goin to ware yourself out before the season.. save some of that energy for penn state !!! lol let them talk sticks and stones... or as u24/7 said... helmets and crutches

man no1 is on early... this is saddening... i might acctually have to work

I'm here, but I didn't want to beat a dead horse.

I've been so focused on the blog, I forgot Pete writes great articles outside the blog...today's just happened to be about how Miami didnt lose any scholorships with the release of the Academic Progress Reports. Everyone should read it. Thanks for the positive press Pete.

man today is a lazy day... 1 dont want to work and i have nothing to really add to the blogs... the heat our outta the playoffs... the phins never have any news and the only think thats interesting w/ FIU AND U are the sanctions on fiu and even then FIU has already been taking pre'emptive messures by dropping scholarships before the sanction hit... now all they have to do is lose 3 more... at least for football... god summer tim is boring... and i hate baseball!!!!!!!

FIU has taken more steps than just the loss of scholarships. This has been in the works for a few months already. Persons have been reprimanded and/or lost their job in relation to the academic problems. I applaud PG for being so proactive with a situation that he inherited rather than created.

agree'd w/ FIU mom gotta give big ups to PG

So, FIUmom, you are admitting that there is a problem with the student athletes who are currently, and have been previously participating in the athletic program at FIU? And if that's the case, and you believe that PG is fixing the problem, how do you think that FIU is going to get better on the field? Didn't we all pretty much agree that the UM talent dropped off as academic standards were raised? Therefore, one can only assume if, PG is "fixing" the academic problem in your student athletic dept., then your talent level will drop off too. I don't think you can have it both ways. But hey, some people would rather have a high team GPA rather than a high winning percentage, but come to think of it, your team GPA last year could not possibly have been lower then your winning percentage. So, instead of appreciating PG's efforts in the classroom, maybe he should spend more time worrying about the playing field.


Pete, great article today. I am sorry it took me until this late in the day to read it, but I have been super busy at work. Yes, in addition to me new job as the resident U blogger on this site, I have a real job. It is no surprise to me that FIU ranked where they did academically. (i will choose not to elaborate on this topic, but come on, was anyone really surprised about FIU ranking last in this too?) I would like to comment on FIUmom's compelling blog which reads, "ignoring." Again, not surprised about FIU academic ranking. FIUmom, though I like your maternal advice, your program and it's community need this rivalry. It needs this attention. It WANTS this type of attention. Are you so blind, or unaware, of this need for FIU football? You seem to be the only one fighting for this, ignore it and it will go a way tactic. You don't want a rivalry with UM, or its fans, you want a big hugfest. Well FIUmom, let me tell you, "it ain't gonna never happen." So my advice to you is, either blog with some conviction here or go water a house plant, knit a sweater, eat bon bons and watch Oprah, but please stop asking the knowledgable FIU and UM bloggers to ignore the rivalry.

OK, because you have tried to insult me personally, I must now speak.

First of all, I have no problem with FIU having a rivalry with UCG. What I do have a problem with is persons like yourself who claim to know so much about FIU coming to our place and making the type of comments you do. There is a difference between rivalry banter and downright nastiness. Should I be surprised that a representative of UCG chooses the second?

And, please do not begin to question my knowledge of the game. I am not your average female. I know the game inside and out. I know the difference between running a wheel route vs. shooting the A gap vs. a cover 2 defense. Care to test me? Please do not ever again make the mistake of thinking that just because I am female that all I do is knit, raise house plants, and watch Oprah. I have no idea how to knit. No need. If I want a sweater I go buy one. Raise house plants? I have a hard time keeping my silk plants looking good. Watch Oprah? I'd much rather watch ESPN. However, I assure you that I could take you down and lock you up in a half Nelson while cooking Thanksgiving dinner and at the same time doing a tune up on my car. But when it comes down to knowledge about the gridiron, there is no other female and few males who have the knowledge I do. I welcome any challenge you care to bring.

Hey guys, I love the U, grew up cheering them on, but I've no problem looking foward to see how FIU will develope as a program. today was a big loss for it. I still was wondering what you lot think FIU's goal should be for this season.

SunBelt champions and to beat UCG.

Or win a single game???? whichever comes first...for someone who knows so much about football...it would probably be smarter to go for the first down instead of the hail mary in the middle of the first quarter

Line on Miami Northwestern vs FIU

MNW -7.5

Why don't you CANEvict scUMholes go bail out a linebacker or something instead of wasting your time on this blog. Shouldn't you be helping your team practice so you can beat FAMU or Temple.

You can't spell scum without UM.

MIA/NY josh you know damn right that im miami we want it all right now.. when the U set its goals... do you think they set a win quota... no they set out and said ... its confrence champs or bust. now why is it that when FIU fans try to breed that mentality ... that was brought over by christobal... a product of the U /columubs (had to throw in my alamater). you guys knock us down. if we were to settle for a "win" as you so put it we would be no better than programs such as FA&MU. and then there would be no cross town rivalry. and FIU SUCKS... tell me y you think they suck... or is your reason just because they are small and cant win the NC next year? are you the fair weather fan most miamians. are?

this is getting childish and borring! You SUCK ! NO You Suck! yeah well you suck more. oh yeah well you suck infinity!!

crawl before you walk...walk before you run..win games before you win conference titles...win those and then win national titles...And Miami's win-it-all attitude comes from knowing how it feels and proven 6 times (including the win over Ohio St) that you can reach the peak of the college football mountain.

And for the record, I dont remember saying FIU sucks...I think they are an emerging program with promise who has hired the right people to run it, and the right people just happen to be ex-canes.

lol MIA/NY Josh, there was a guy under you that commented that his name was FIUsucks... wasnt saying you ever said that

MIA/NY I agree with you 100%

that attitude is what is special about the U, it's why I love them so much and it's where I hope FIU will get to. Thats why I loved the hirring of MC.

It just seems this debate has turned more into name calling than the fun smack talk it was two days ago.

o and to U24/7... i agree w/ you that FIU WANTS this rivalry we know what it takes to make a big time program and one of those is a big time rival. Miami provides, but to say that FIU NEEDS this rivalry is a bit much, we got great schedulers, getting alabama, Maryland, the hated gators in i think 08, even bowlen green gives us some good competition, we got great guys over here working their buts off. plus i dont think FIU mom doesnt want the rivalry, quite the opposite, i think she really wants it...

Hey all, since it is taking our fearless leader Pete sometime to write a new blog, I feel it necessary to respond to FIUMom's previous comment directed towrds me. First, I did not mean to imply that you are some sort of house wife that simply watches Oprah, I am sure youe watch Dr. Phil as well. As for your football knowledge, maybe you should apply to be a coach at FIU, couldn't hurt right? You obviously have a pretty strong grasp on football plays and its terminology, but before you start roaming the sidelines at the OB next year (where FIU is playing their home games, I think) You should go back and play a little more "MADDEN '98" and include the "Waggle Play" in your expanding playbook. FIUMom, don't bother responding right away, it is almost 2 o'clock and I know the laundry has to get done, the plants need to get watered, and Oprah is starting soon, oh and you have to go play some "MADDEN" so you can continue to impress us with your football knowledge. Have a good one FIU(soccer)Mom

Waggle, thats one of my high school teams best plays. Always good for a TD!

The term "TD" which Iz has referenced in his previous blog is shorthand for "Touchdown" in case you didn't know FIUMom. Here is another fun fact for you to add to your ever expanding football knowledge. A touchdown is worth 6 points and is followed by an extra point conversion or, in some circumstances, a two point conversion. Do you know what those are? I hope you are having a great day living in your dream world in which FIU is the winning the Sunbelt and beating the U. Pete, lets get a new blog up so we can find some new stuff to discuss.

24/7 your truely one of a kind lol i personally like the TE wheel route on college football 2005... that, TE streak, and HB blast lol

CJ, how bout you try and remove your lips from scUMmy places, damn already.

Uropen24/7 - seems you got day-time television pretty on lock, puting that scUMmy degree to work I see? I'm sure FIU mom appreciates the scoring lesson, I wonder how I can learn to score with scUM mom, can you tell her to log on please?

You can't spell scum without UM.

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