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Panther Pawse

Yeah, I know I spelled paws wrong. I never won a spelling bee in school, but I did have perfect attendance one year.....Anyhow, GPP would like to introduce a new segment to this blog: Panther Pawse. Gppaw

The Panther Pawse segment is designed to pawse from blogging and answer your questions and posts in previous blog entries.

So let's get to work.

Great, passionate exchanges in Sunday's "Welcome to the NFL" blog. First of all, let's welcome our newest readers of GPP and diehard um fans: MIA/NY Josh and TheU24/7. Guys, GPP appreciates your enthusiasm and welcomes all posts from all readers (of course, FIU fans as well) as long as they are kept clean -- this is a family blog --Rated E.

Any entries not suitable for printing will be CLAWED out by the Panther's Pawse. Gppaw_4

With that being said, we'll get to the posts in a second, but first to answer Iz's post about doing a future blog on former FIU athletes in the pros.....consider it done when we have down time after FIU baseball season, which with the crazy Sun Belt Conference who knows when that will be. FIU was left for dead in 10th place 2 weeks ago and is now in 7th. The first 8 SBC teams qualify for the SBC tourney.

Alt7787 suggests to get national commentators to refer to Antwan Barnes as "El Monstruo". I think in time when AB makes his mark in the NFL, they may start referring to him that way. GPP asked Antwan what he thought about the nickname the other day and El Monstruo said: "I don't speak Spanish, but that nickname sounds good to me. I like it." He said this after GPP explained what EM translates to in English: The Monster, because AB has terrorized QBs for the past 4 years.

I agree with part of TheU24/7's post that to have a rivalry you need to have 2 sides. Just ask the Red Sox/Yankees, Rebels/Evil Empire and Scooby-Doo/Ghosts. Doo_2 Darthvader

So TheU24/7 post as much as you'd like, just don't get CLAWED out. And that goes for everyone, post as much as you'd like just keep it clean or risk being CLAWED out. As far as FIU being behind top high school programs, c'mon not even you believe that  -- unless a softball konked you on the side of the head -- but the comment added a little fuel to your post. By the way, is TheU24/7 is that like a convenience store in Coral Gables? GPP hears the people at 7-11 are a little upset, you're stepping in their territory.

MIA/NY Josh had a good point about how having a friendly, crosstown rivalry is healthy. After all the common ground for both umers and FIUers is that they both love college football. Only 137 days until the rematch at the OB.

FIU Fanatic again displayed why he won the first MARIO awarded to a reader of the GPP in the 1st annual MARIOS that took place April 21st. Fanatic writes in part of his post: The point is, for the historical position we are in, it is not bad at all to have 2 players drafted. . .I agree, we should not have any problem with UCG fans coming here and post, particularly if coming here with a decent level of common sense and camaraderie.

By the way, Fanatic, GPP found your posting of the 1930 um football sked very amusing. Bowdon St. ...did Bobby go there before replacing the "o" in his last name with an "e"?

As far as the exchange between our FIU posters and the new um posters...on who started the dancing at the OB last year, well folks, does anyone know what came first: the chicken or the egg? Unless, you had 75 camera angles filming at the OB on Oct. 14 last year.....no one will ever know. Let's just say there was plenty of barley, yeast and hops-filled beverages involved in the crowd and that sure didn't help. And let's not ask Lamar Thomas, because that clown is auditioning for the role of a boxing promoter in Rocky 8.

Chick  EggThe point of starting the GPP is to provide a forum for FIU fans to discuss FIU athletics.

You posters behave and GPP may invite you to the next MARIOS awards show and get a chance to meet our next guest presenter....rumored to be Jessica Biel. Biel_3


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