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The New Cage breaks ground

So I'm having lunch Friday at the Davie Ale House with some colleagues -- some of who are also Herald bloggers -- and they're bringing up funny material that could end up on a blog.

Inadvertently, one of these Herald bloggers, who is also a die hard um fan starts venting about how bad the um stadium situation is. Keep playing in historic, but outdated OB or move to Dolphin Stadium. Then he finally comes to the conclusion, that um may have to end up playing at the new FIU Stadium.

Well, the first step was taken for this scenario Friday morning when they stuck many shovels in the dirt and ground was broken at FIU Stadium. Gbreak_3

Hoffa No, Jimmy Hoffa's body was not found, but construction of the new state-of-the-art Cage is underway with the dismantling of bleachers early this week. Mark your calendars, the Cage's gates open next September against South Florida. 

There will be plenty of bells and whistles on the new FIU football palace. Here's the link to my story on it in Saturday's paper to explain all the details.


As for new drawings of the Cage, they should have some on the FIU sports site soon. I saw a new drawing on Friday morning and folks, the new Cage is going to look sharp. The drawing I saw was looking at the facade of the stadium from the outside and it looks like an attractive place that can easily draw concerts, soccer games and other events to bring in revenue.

Switching to FIU baseball for a second and I know we'll be talking a lot about it in the coming days. I heard the interview with um pitching coach J.D. Arteaga on "Descarga Deportiva" sports talk show on Thursday night. Asked point blank about the FIU job, J.D. said he "would be very interested" in the coaching position.

From all the e-mails sent my way and reading your posts, J.D. seems to be the leading candidate, but then again none of us is PG and he's the one who gets to make the hire. We're going to have to consult the newly-adopted FIU witches again on the next blog regarding the FIU head coaching job.


YouGotGold: I refer to the FIU baseball coaching job as the Next Big Hire, because after football, baseball is the top sport in Miami. Like I've said a zillion times, there is no reason WHATSOEVER, for FIU baseball NOT to be ranked in the Top 25 every year and challenge for Omaha. There is WAY TOO much talent in our area for this not to happen. If we were referring to the badminton coaching job, we could call it the Replacement.

GPantera, thanks for your support and if you have to go to another blog for FIU's sake, then the GPP board of trustees is ok with that.

FIUNation (Minnesota) and FIU-M FAN (Colorado) gives us 9 states of readership. BigPapi has joined the GPP, while he's not DHing for the Red Sox. Nice to hear from the Dominican Republic. So as of this blog, we got 9 states and one country on board.

FIU-M FAN, sorry the GPP witches do not travel, but you'll be happy to know they have become FIU fans since joining GPP.


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I guess i'll have to check out the witches next time im in town.

It'll be exciting to see the new stadium go up.

Pete on the UCG site there is a story about Shannon at the Jamboree, it mentioned FIU coaches were there too. Any idea who they might be checking out? I think it'll be fun to see if FIU can start competing with UCG for recruits.

Good blog Pete...I can't wait myself to see some more of the new renderings of our new state-of-the-art ON CAMPUS stadium....The New Cage.....had to put that.....

It seems our baseball hire could get real interesting with many applicants and people interested...

Also, Pete...add Puerto Rico to your readership states and countries...I'm in La Isla del Encanto....(Island of Enchantment)

Pete - are there going to be any uniqure touches to the stadium that you are aware of? Maybe something like "This is Golden Panther Country" or "Welcome to The Cage." Anything to keep the stadium for being generic.

I think it would be a great thing for UCG to have to play in our Cage. Why? Because I know they don't want to. I know that would be worse than pulling teeth without anesthesia for them. However, I really don't want them there. I think it should be one of those things that we have and they wish they did....an on campus stadium.

Anyway, I hope that Pete Garcia finds the best coach for the baseball job at FIU and not just the best UCG coach for our job. If this man is the best fit for FIU then I am all for it. However, I did watch the UCG/Wake game last night. And I must say that I was not impressed with the pitching at all. Now, I know people can have a bad day sometimes, but all of them were bad last night. I was impressed, however with Weeks and Tekotte. They both played well. But, unfortunately for UCG, not well enough to win.

off topic again, sorry.

of the 30 or so topics on Cote's cluttered blog, the FIU catching UM blog generated 114 comments, behind only Cote's Ted Ginn Jr. blog and the Heat being swept by Chicaco story. It appears the FIU/UM subject matter has hit a nerve in this town and folks on both sides of the argument enjoy defending their positions with passion. Cote/Pelegrin, you may want to alert your superiors at the Herald and your other media partners (NBC6 & 790 AM?) that people are interested in the FIU/UM debate and it should recieve more consistent coverage.

I agree, I think it would be horrible for FIU to have The U playing in there stadium. Because, then they would be the second best team playing on their home field again. If memory serves me correctly, I think there are some top rated H.S. teams, like Killian, that called FIU's old home field "home," thus making FIU the second best team to call it that. Next year, with FIU playing there home games at the OB, the will be the second best team calling that stadium "home" and if, for some ungodly reason, The U is forced to play it's "home" games at FIU's "The Cage," FIU would continue to be the second best team in a stadium they call "home."
As for FIUMom, saying "I really don't want them there," than you truly are .... FIU would love to have The U play at their stadium. Not only would you have the best football team in the country playing at your facility, you would have a number of additional events to help finance the situation. You have alot more vending, parking, campus attraction, National exposure, the fact that you would actually write on this blog, "I really don't want them there," shows your lack of knowledge pertaining to this subject matter and on behalf of all the intelligent posters on this blog I ask that you keep your moronic posts and ideologies to yourself. We will let you know when we are discussing girls softball, Madden '07 or Oprah. As for the competition for recruits, please. Any player that wants to go to FIU over UM, you can have them. In fact please, take them. I doubt Randy Shannon wants a player who has collegiate goals of LOSING, alot. I think he is probably trying to recruit winners. MC, a word of advice, do not read this blog, for your sake, I hope that the fans on this site do not represent the majority of the FIU fan base. If they do brother, you, and your program are in serious trouble. MC, go, recruit the second tier players, establish yourself with a couple of W's and then , after you have dominated the SB conference for a couple of years, move your program to the BE where you have Nat'l Exposure and the dream of BCS to sell to your recruits - because all you have now is a winnless record, a stadium in pre-construction, a fanbase who is delusional, a crosstown rival that kicks your butt literrally and figuratively in every aspect of college athletics and ZERO tradition. So yeah, any player thats wants the aforementioned FIU life, you can have them.



I think the world of Steve Hertz but does a 60 something year old really want to start over with a bad team????

Heck, Jack McKeon for manager...
Don Zimmer anybody?
maybe Joe Torre will take the job when he gets fired (See, I can be delusional just like all of you)

And in response to FIU mom, the game last night meant NOTHING...fsu already blew Miami's chance to play in the ACC title game by losing to Clemson. Did you watch the night before when Erikson stifled one of the best offenses in the country against FSU?? exactly...well be happy to know that our pitching that didnt impress you will be making more starts in the NCAA regionals.

But welcome back FIUmom, I guess our plan of ignoring you and hoping you'd just leave didnt work.


We would have the best team in the country playing in our stadium if UCG played there? Um, excuse me but, if my memory serves me correctly right now Florida is the best team in the country (since they are the reigning national champions). And before them it was UCG? Not. What about before them? Not. And so forth and so on. So, when you make a statement as bold as being the best in the country, you should be able to back it up.....and right now UCG can't do that. Heck, you weren't even the best in your conference last year.

What can be backed up though is FIU was the WORST team in the country (or atleast one of the worst 2 teams in the country)...remember...0 WINS

That was not what 24/7 inferred. He said that if UCG played in The Cage then the best team in the country would be playing there. I was simply reminding him that UCG is not currently the best team in the country.

And, by the way.....I never left. I was simply watching you and the other UCGers who have nothing better in life to do but come to our blog and thump your chests. Mark my words....you will NEVER get rid of me.

Any news on the MLS and FIU getting together? We'll have this new shinny stadium, and only 5-6 home games there a year. And MLS should expand to S.Fla!

Hay (DC)


24/7-11 and MIA/NY are bad. They only mean harm and seek out this FIU board to spew venom. Nothing good can come from engaging them. Take your own advice and ignore them please. You'll sleep better at night knowing the only ones that get off on this viscous cycle of negativity are them. They'll argue that we need to grow up and take their punishment if we ever expect to be "big time." As for as I’m concerned, their negativity only makes them "big time looser." Let them be and keep it positive.


Did any of those UCG'ers write here? Did not notice....

Great to see the construction of our state-of-the-art ON CAMPUS stadium. The New Cage will be great to our football program...

Congrats to all of FIU for pulling this out!!

Hay I don't have any problems with the MLS moving to Miami, but I have a problem with them playing at the new stadium. Remember this field will be used from August to December at least 4 times a week b/c the area high schools will play there. FIU is building a state of the art facility and you don't want to risk having to constantly fix the field. I'm an engineer and the cost to keep up all the structures in good condition will be far too costly. In the 70's they builted all these multisports facilities and they realized it was a mistake. Now they are going back to single use.

Very good point, sunblazer. You also have to remember that the football team also practices on the field. So that adds to the number of times a week it is used.

When is MLS season? If it is in the Spring/Summer semester there is not that much use then...just a thought...If in the fall, then there is more conflicts..

I never heard of the MLS trying to get a team here in S. Fla. I know that we have Miami FC but that's like D-II and they play at Tropical Park...it would make no sense for them to play at the New Cage cuz people barely go anyways
H.S. teams usually play at the Cage for homecoming and rivalry games...so I don't think it's THAT MANY
And I don't think that the Cage will ever beat the AmericanAirlinesArena as the #1 concert venue in Miami
I'm sure our football staff have thought of ways of keeping the stadium from being OVER-USED...

scUM will never play at FIU. Neither scUM nor FIU administration would allow it. Madique has privately commented on this. scUM can take their thug parade up the county to Joe Robbie and play 25k strong staring at 50k empty seats. They are no longer welcomed in the City of Miami. Get used to it.

I like Sebastian

wow thats intersting... great on the ground breaking cant wait for the new stadium :-D

I didn't even know ibis.

So now whoever was impersonating 24/7 is trying to impersonate me...real cute..if you want to fight back, atleast do it behind your own name and not mine....did FIU find out what regional they will be playing at?

we are making reservations for a year or 2 down. its the layaway order

No, but I hear some UM fans are going to dog fights with former players's dogs...

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