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The New Cage breaks ground

So I'm having lunch Friday at the Davie Ale House with some colleagues -- some of who are also Herald bloggers -- and they're bringing up funny material that could end up on a blog.

Inadvertently, one of these Herald bloggers, who is also a die hard um fan starts venting about how bad the um stadium situation is. Keep playing in historic, but outdated OB or move to Dolphin Stadium. Then he finally comes to the conclusion, that um may have to end up playing at the new FIU Stadium.

Well, the first step was taken for this scenario Friday morning when they stuck many shovels in the dirt and ground was broken at FIU Stadium. Gbreak_3

Hoffa No, Jimmy Hoffa's body was not found, but construction of the new state-of-the-art Cage is underway with the dismantling of bleachers early this week. Mark your calendars, the Cage's gates open next September against South Florida. 

There will be plenty of bells and whistles on the new FIU football palace. Here's the link to my story on it in Saturday's paper to explain all the details.


As for new drawings of the Cage, they should have some on the FIU sports site soon. I saw a new drawing on Friday morning and folks, the new Cage is going to look sharp. The drawing I saw was looking at the facade of the stadium from the outside and it looks like an attractive place that can easily draw concerts, soccer games and other events to bring in revenue.

Switching to FIU baseball for a second and I know we'll be talking a lot about it in the coming days. I heard the interview with um pitching coach J.D. Arteaga on "Descarga Deportiva" sports talk show on Thursday night. Asked point blank about the FIU job, J.D. said he "would be very interested" in the coaching position.

From all the e-mails sent my way and reading your posts, J.D. seems to be the leading candidate, but then again none of us is PG and he's the one who gets to make the hire. We're going to have to consult the newly-adopted FIU witches again on the next blog regarding the FIU head coaching job.


YouGotGold: I refer to the FIU baseball coaching job as the Next Big Hire, because after football, baseball is the top sport in Miami. Like I've said a zillion times, there is no reason WHATSOEVER, for FIU baseball NOT to be ranked in the Top 25 every year and challenge for Omaha. There is WAY TOO much talent in our area for this not to happen. If we were referring to the badminton coaching job, we could call it the Replacement.

GPantera, thanks for your support and if you have to go to another blog for FIU's sake, then the GPP board of trustees is ok with that.

FIUNation (Minnesota) and FIU-M FAN (Colorado) gives us 9 states of readership. BigPapi has joined the GPP, while he's not DHing for the Red Sox. Nice to hear from the Dominican Republic. So as of this blog, we got 9 states and one country on board.

FIU-M FAN, sorry the GPP witches do not travel, but you'll be happy to know they have become FIU fans since joining GPP.


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