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The Next Big Hire

As far as the new era of T.D.A.O.S. at FIU goes, Mario Cristobal has been the most significant hire. Because even the casual sports fan knows football is the sport that drives ($$$$) an athletic department. If FIU is going to take the next step as an athletic program it will be because of football.

But there's a tremendously important hire coming to FIU in the next few weeks: a baseball coach.

Silo_2 And to help me divine who could possibly be the next FIU baseball coach I have enlisted the help of three "Charmed" witches to see if we could figure this out. Charm_2 Holly is on the left, Alyssa is in the middle and Rose is on the right. Ladies, are you ready with your magic spells? I'm already mesmerized.

Before we get to some possible candidates, the GPP would like to wish former coach Danny Price the best. Coach Price has always been a class act on and off the field. The man never turned down an interview, even when times were not good he still answered all the questions with class and dignity.

Now who's going to make the lineup card for the Golden Panthers next season and beyond? Yes, Alyssa we'd love for you to do it, but FIU wants to keep the attention on the diamond.

Plate_3 I'm sure the baseball resumes are coming in to FIU by the truckloads as we speak. Holly already sees 4 mail trucks in her witch's brew delivering resumes.

Ok, girls let's focus. We must first look towards um.

Pitching coach J.D. Arteaga's name has been swirling and with good reason. The man is a smart baseball guy and has good ties with local high school baseball coaches. Don't discount his ties with FIU grad/ BoSox 3B Mike Lowell and Yanks 3B A-Rod either for possible financial support for FIU baseball. The girls have told me you can hear J.D. on Thursday at 6 p.m. on 1550 AM where "Descarga Deportiva" will interview him and knowing that show they will most likely be talking about the FIU job. Oh, they'll talk about you girls too, so let's not complain and get back to figuring out who the FIU coach will be.

Here's an interesting option that came to mind even though I can't concentrate right now. Turtle Thomas. He is currently the first-year hitting coach and recruiting coordinator for No. 6 Arizona State, who just won the PAC-10 title. Previously, he did the same for LSU and was also at um earlier in his career. Thomas had 18 straight recruiting classes ranked among Collegiate Baseball's Top 10 at both um and LSU. He is the only recruiting coordinator in the nation who has signed the number one rated class four times. Isn't Mario's strength -- recruiting, hmmmm??

Lazer Collazo is an option. Yes, he does have a history, as has been well-documented from posters in the previous blog. But the man can recruit. Lazer is the pitching coach at USF now.

There are also 3 intriguing local high school options: Pace's Tom Duffin, who has made the Spartans program into a powerhouse and had 2 No. 1 draft picks last year. Flanagan High's Ray Evans also has turned his high school program into a perennial winner -- 2 of the last 3 6A state titles are his. Rich Hofman, who has won 5 state titles in both Dade and Broward counties is also out there. He's currently coaching at Piper High.

One thing is for sure with these candidates: they must bring the 3 things we had in the previous blog: Better recruiting, salesmanship of the program and a pitching coach.

The girls are still stirring their brew and have yet to decide. I'm in no hurry to ask them to leave.

Golden Panthers fans: Who do you want as the next FIU baseball coach?


Ok, thanks to NY Panther's relocation to the O.C. and FIUJERZ joining the GPP, we now have reached 7 states in readership: Florida, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Tennessee, California and New Jersey.

Iz: FIU has had 4 players in the major leagues by my count: Lowell, Brad Eldred, pitcher Evan Thomas (Angels & Phillies) and pitcher Steve Kent (Devil Rays). Thomas and Kent are not currently on MLB rosters.

DannyPriceFieldNOW: I have not heard anything on the stadium or the field being named after Price. It would be a nice touch, though.

fiurulez: Like others have posted, FIU first needs to concern itself with dominating the Sun Belt and then think bigger. Eventually, a natural fit would be the Big East, b/c my understanding is the BE is still ticked off that um left them for the ACC and the BE would like nothing more than to get another team from the Miami area.

FIU2: I think the literature you were referring to was Dylan Thomas's poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" and Thomas wrote "gently into that good night" not "quietly" into that good night. I'm a college grad, but the only reason I know that is because Rodney Dangerfield had to recite the poem in the movie "Back to School". No respect, I tell 'ya. Rod_2

Hey, let's break some ground on the football stadium will ya. Anybody got a shovel? Will let you know who stuck the shovel in the ground and if Jimmy Hoffa is buried under there.


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I don't have an immediate conviction regarding the next FIU baseball coach

Seperately, I have taken notice that your boy Greg Cote has discoverd that FIU/UM is a hot topic and created his own blog addressing the issue. Is he trying to steal your audience?
Although I had to post a few comments in his blog today to defend FIU, i'm a Pete Pelegrin supporter.

Sorry for going off-topic.


Yeah..Still too early for me to have a favorite...all seem plausible, though.

gpantera, your comments about Cote's blog...funny...and I agree...I believe this is the first time in years Cote has had something mildly positive to say about FIU....and it is because of Pete Garcia first...and then went on for the FIU-UM thing....copycat...PP you da man.

Pete - where are those stadium pics man? What time is the groundbreaking and is it open to the public?

The Next Big Hire????

Come ooonnn...what happened to "The Replacement"??? it was such a better title...
High school baseball coaches to take over a head coaching job? sure it would be tremendous for recruiting but wouldnt it take a while for them to make the adjustment?
and uhhh...fiurulez...dude, did you not have yr cocoa puffs that morning? chill brah, it's a BLOG...meaning free topics, open to the public as long as it's related to FIU
---Booted, fired, nicely asked to leave...w/e, they r not here anymore cuz they didnt get the job done when they were supposed to

My pick is UCG pitching coach J.D. Arteaga

Although I quoted you, it was not to call you out. Sorry that you took it the wrong way.

Awsome. Artega is a miami man that has played his whole life baseball. He would be an asset in recruting, coaching, connections. He has my vote. when do we see a decision being made?

i couldnt be able to comment on baseball... ive dislike the sport for a while. as for moving to the bigger confrence i have to say that we must dominate the SB before moving up. would be nice to be part of the Big East again... you can have the Battles for S. FLA Recruits. ever since UM left its been open season for the BE teams to start recruiting down here.

You have 8 states Pete, Im in Colorado.

When your done with the witches send Alyssa over my way please!

I heard an interesting rumor that Tennessee Head Coach Rod Delmonico will be interested in the job. He has been w/ UT forever and has gone to the big show a couple of years. The word is that he has had this job on his wish list for a few years now. He recruits the best players from South Florida year after year. Something Price could not do...go figure. He has a home down here and wants to make So Fla is home. The only problem is the pay. Big time coaches in D-1 make high six figures and the very best make 7 figures. FIU is not at that level yet. Dimonico is a coach who is making the big bucks.

One thing is certain. Pete Garcia will have many to choose from. I know The FIU job is considered a good one around the country. They will have a boat load of applicants.

Also Pete I live and work in the land of 10,000 lakes Minnesota.

I agree with the previous person remarks concerning J.D. Arteaga. He's the best candidate for the position.

If I remember right, I heard that it would be Lazer Collazo.

Great blog Pete, I would like to propose a question to the FIU community? If you hate the U so much, and you feel like the U represents everythng that is bad with college athletics, and you want to be perceived around the counrty as the school in Miami that does things "the right way" then why are you attempting to hire all University of Miami personnel to help build your program. You have already hired PG and MC, now, as pointed out in Pete's blog, more than half of the candidates for the vacant baseball job have ties to UM. What's next, are you going to hire Constantine Popa to coach the basketball team (Please disregard the spelling of Mr. Popa's name) Maybe you can hire Randall "The Thrill" Hill to be your track coach. I dont know if Randall Hill ran track at UM, but that dude could run and jump, so maybe he could coach T&F. Maybe he could pull double duty and coach the WR's too, that is if FIUMom doesn't already have the job. All I am saying is that I would appreciate it if the posters on this blog would cease to bash the U when it has become so obvious that they are the model of what you wish to become. So, in that respect, I applaud FIU for realizng greatness and aspiring to become great by copying the formula and hiring those that helped make the U the greatest college athletic program in the history of college athletics.

scUM is the model of what we want to become? Negative. Where all the scUM is coming to play is due to PG. Madique hired 1 scUM person and now this person is bringing in what he knows and those he knows who have ties in the local community for recruiting. I'm sure the FIU community would love to one day see the championships scUM has won, yet I would be extremely dissapointed if we did so in the manner scUM has done and with the reputation scUM currently enjoys throughout the country. You really see how much people despise scUM when you step foot outside the state, hell even outside Dade county. They have made the entire city of Miami look bad.

GoldenFIU, Delmonico is an urban legend. He does recruit great players in the area, (Heck he took AJ Suarez from FIU when AJ was a freshman and Tony Casas said FIU didn't need him, the kid had a graet career at UT), however neither is he interested in the job nor has a house in the area. He owns a condo by the beach in Lauderdale, but you know how many coaches have condos by the beach ?. He travels in private planes owned by boosters so scratch off that name. Also you pointed out the salary he will command. UCG24/7 you bring a great point about UM bashers and the fact FIU keeps hiring people from UM even though there's nothing wrong with it. I'm a Trailblazer (That's before the Golden Panther was around), but a great admirer of UM. I love the rivalry as long as it stays healthy (No cursing, no insults).

PP this blogger comes to you from La Romana en La Republica Dominicana.


I am pretty sure his name was AM Suarez and yes he had a great career at UT after being run out of FIU...that guy was FIU baseball through and through, his dad even ran/owned the batting cages right next to the school at tamiami park and DP & crew ran AM out...Delmonico also came down and stole Javi Herrera (Gulliver Prep) from S. FLA schools and he started as a freshman catcher and led UT to the CWS and was an extremely high draft pick...not to mention Sean Watson (Westminister/Gulliver/FC) who just left UT early last year (or the year before) for the draft. He was a dominating closer at UT but why would DP go after him, FIU had plenty of pitching?????

If they get Delmonico, congratz, would be a great hire...but I dont see it happening based solely on the monetary demands I am sure he has.

Lastly, to all you FIU bloggers, you dont have to applaud us directly after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Keep up the good work.

Sunblazers we were.....


I think big papi got caught up in all the NBA hypes w/ the blazers and oden hence the trailblazer mix up. ScUMsanitizer where do you think the U's swagger comes from. Remember this is the world of college football. We aint in it to win the Miss America contest and become ms. congeniality or anything (pardon spelling if any) people fear the rough and tuff. It’s called intimidation... and if the rest of the world don’t like it I think that’s good.

I don’t mind people not liking Miami cause truth is they still going to come here to vacation and them still going to respect the talent we got here in the big MIA whether it is FIU or UM

CJ - should we really sacrifice the reputation of our entire university to gain "swagger." What the hell is swagger anyway? I would assume your swagger comes from winning, does Notre Dame have this swagger, how about Michigan? Not in the same context as how it describes scUM. scUM swagger is based on a thug life attitude that is intended to intimidate, yet what this swagger ultimately does is negatively impact the public image of the entire university, and unfortunately in the case of scUM, the entire community.

We should not want this swagger, we should strive to win without the need to be thugs and strike fear in our opponents because of our criminal prowess. This is COLLEGE football afterall.

Can anybody really argue. Be UCG haters all you want but what did they do. Yesterday they lost to Clemson on a 9th inning squeeze and tonight they are taking it to FSU..........HELLO FSU..........They find a way to win, Where as DP would find a way to lose and then blame it on his players. Cry for DP all you want...cry me a river baby....Change is a comminin.

Yep, Miami took it to FSU tonight...dont worry, maybe FIU will take it to St. Mary's School for Women in the Sun Belt tournament this weekend...oh wait...they didnt make the tournament.

And Hertz would also be a fantastic choice. Whoever put that up is absolutely right, I got to know him playing for him one summer and he defintly has forgotten more than most coaches know...And he is a class act no less.

Meanwhile....Isn't it great to know that our ON CAMPUS state-of-the-art Stadium is being finally constructed? Great job FIU!! Pete, any more details of our new CAGE?

Go FIU!!!

What about former pitching coach Mark Calvi??
the program has gone downhill since he left. maybe someone needs to find him in the SEC and get him back. Didn't the pitchershave the lowest ERA in the coutry when he was at FIU??


Hows this, bring in The Turtle as the head coach and give duffin or other outstanding high school coach or coaches the assistant jobs. One thing that no ones mentioned as an atractive aspect of FIU is that being a public school your scolly money can be stretched out further (ie lower tuition cost, no housing necessary for local talent, florida has the bright futures program also). A 25% scholly at FIU means the parents come up with about $6000 @ the U... well what's 25% of what is it now 35-45 thousand?

Has anyone been paying attention to whats been going on at Miami Dade baseball. They've had numerous guys sign pro contracts and gone on to play at d1 schools.(not many at FIU?) I think Steve Hertz is a great choice and he needs to take along with him his recruiting coordinator Frank Damas. The program has gotten night and day better since his arrival.He is all over Dade county and has great reports with numerous people in the business.

This is Evan Thomas. I want to be the pitching coach. At FIU would be great, but any college would be fantastic.

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