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The Next Big Hire

As far as the new era of T.D.A.O.S. at FIU goes, Mario Cristobal has been the most significant hire. Because even the casual sports fan knows football is the sport that drives ($$$$) an athletic department. If FIU is going to take the next step as an athletic program it will be because of football.

But there's a tremendously important hire coming to FIU in the next few weeks: a baseball coach.

Silo_2 And to help me divine who could possibly be the next FIU baseball coach I have enlisted the help of three "Charmed" witches to see if we could figure this out. Charm_2 Holly is on the left, Alyssa is in the middle and Rose is on the right. Ladies, are you ready with your magic spells? I'm already mesmerized.

Before we get to some possible candidates, the GPP would like to wish former coach Danny Price the best. Coach Price has always been a class act on and off the field. The man never turned down an interview, even when times were not good he still answered all the questions with class and dignity.

Now who's going to make the lineup card for the Golden Panthers next season and beyond? Yes, Alyssa we'd love for you to do it, but FIU wants to keep the attention on the diamond.

Plate_3 I'm sure the baseball resumes are coming in to FIU by the truckloads as we speak. Holly already sees 4 mail trucks in her witch's brew delivering resumes.

Ok, girls let's focus. We must first look towards um.

Pitching coach J.D. Arteaga's name has been swirling and with good reason. The man is a smart baseball guy and has good ties with local high school baseball coaches. Don't discount his ties with FIU grad/ BoSox 3B Mike Lowell and Yanks 3B A-Rod either for possible financial support for FIU baseball. The girls have told me you can hear J.D. on Thursday at 6 p.m. on 1550 AM where "Descarga Deportiva" will interview him and knowing that show they will most likely be talking about the FIU job. Oh, they'll talk about you girls too, so let's not complain and get back to figuring out who the FIU coach will be.

Here's an interesting option that came to mind even though I can't concentrate right now. Turtle Thomas. He is currently the first-year hitting coach and recruiting coordinator for No. 6 Arizona State, who just won the PAC-10 title. Previously, he did the same for LSU and was also at um earlier in his career. Thomas had 18 straight recruiting classes ranked among Collegiate Baseball's Top 10 at both um and LSU. He is the only recruiting coordinator in the nation who has signed the number one rated class four times. Isn't Mario's strength -- recruiting, hmmmm??

Lazer Collazo is an option. Yes, he does have a history, as has been well-documented from posters in the previous blog. But the man can recruit. Lazer is the pitching coach at USF now.

There are also 3 intriguing local high school options: Pace's Tom Duffin, who has made the Spartans program into a powerhouse and had 2 No. 1 draft picks last year. Flanagan High's Ray Evans also has turned his high school program into a perennial winner -- 2 of the last 3 6A state titles are his. Rich Hofman, who has won 5 state titles in both Dade and Broward counties is also out there. He's currently coaching at Piper High.

One thing is for sure with these candidates: they must bring the 3 things we had in the previous blog: Better recruiting, salesmanship of the program and a pitching coach.

The girls are still stirring their brew and have yet to decide. I'm in no hurry to ask them to leave.

Golden Panthers fans: Who do you want as the next FIU baseball coach?


Ok, thanks to NY Panther's relocation to the O.C. and FIUJERZ joining the GPP, we now have reached 7 states in readership: Florida, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Tennessee, California and New Jersey.

Iz: FIU has had 4 players in the major leagues by my count: Lowell, Brad Eldred, pitcher Evan Thomas (Angels & Phillies) and pitcher Steve Kent (Devil Rays). Thomas and Kent are not currently on MLB rosters.

DannyPriceFieldNOW: I have not heard anything on the stadium or the field being named after Price. It would be a nice touch, though.

fiurulez: Like others have posted, FIU first needs to concern itself with dominating the Sun Belt and then think bigger. Eventually, a natural fit would be the Big East, b/c my understanding is the BE is still ticked off that um left them for the ACC and the BE would like nothing more than to get another team from the Miami area.

FIU2: I think the literature you were referring to was Dylan Thomas's poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" and Thomas wrote "gently into that good night" not "quietly" into that good night. I'm a college grad, but the only reason I know that is because Rodney Dangerfield had to recite the poem in the movie "Back to School". No respect, I tell 'ya. Rod_2

Hey, let's break some ground on the football stadium will ya. Anybody got a shovel? Will let you know who stuck the shovel in the ground and if Jimmy Hoffa is buried under there.


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