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At-bat Panther Pawse; On-deck J.D.


Gppaw Tea Let's all take a deep breath, drink some decaf hot herbal tea, sing Kumbaya and get back to talking FIU athletics (thanks, YouGotGold for directing traffic).

While some want to discuss who has the better school cafeteria, FIU or um. The GPP wants to answer your questions and concerns before we get to an interview the GPP conducted with future?? FIU baseball coach J.D. Arteaga.

The FIUfanatic: Rod Delmonico has yet to interview for the FIU job. As of this post, Arteaga, Gino DiMare, Le Moyne's Steve Owens, Mark Calvi and Lazer Collazo have either already been interviewed or been talking with FIU about the baseball job. Turtle Thomas and Mike Taylor are currently headed to the College World Series with Arizona State and Rice, respectively, and won't be available until their teams are eliminated.

FIUmom: No word yet on softball coach. Baseball is a more important job to fill, in my opinion. Softball will likely be filled after baseball.

SouthFiFan: Manny Mantrana has done a heck of a job at St. Thomas University and he's better than DP, but I have not heard MM's name in the FIU coaching soup.

paradox: You are correct FIU has some pitching talent and did a good job with the um bats at the beginning and middle of their 2 games this season. The reason I keep referring to the 2 losses is because they are the most blatant examples of how incompetent the former FIU coaching staff was. Could you believe that the former head coach did not know the pitch counts of his pitchers in most of the games I covered. Of course, not having a pitching coach on staff since Calvi left didn't help.

FIU rulez: I'm going to have one of the witches give FIU a call on my behalf. I think I will apply to coach FIU baseball. Heck, some of the things these potential FIU coaches are saying about building the FIU baseball program have been said on this blog the last 2 months.

Yandro: Welcome to the Prowl !!

gpantera: As usual you give us an intelligent post -- Yes, post often and early here. Which reminds me, everyone raise your right hand now and put it over your left shoulder and pat yourself 2 or 3 times and accept this MARIO on the GPP's behalf. While I have yet to receive the Herald blog rankings for May, I did get the number of views and we have nearly tripled the popularity of the GPP. During the first 40 days the GPP was on-line at the Herald we got 9,882 hits. For the month of May, the GPP had 26,761 hits. Here's another MARIO to you all !! MariobroThe GPP and FIU, a couple of "sleeping giants".

NY Josh: Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you have become an Antwan "El Monstruo" Barnes fan. And glad to hear EM is tearing it up in Baltimore. I spoke with EM recently and other FIU NFLers. We'll have a blog updating their mini-camps soon.

Now onto J.D....


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PP, You have to agree that RD is better for the FIU job than JD. Any clue if RD is scheduled to interview anytime soon. He is going around town campaigning mighty hard for the job.


Pete, thanks for the warm welcome!

Going back to the last blog about the draft and the managerial candidates, basically all the responses were about the managerial candidates (and of course the usual posts by the CGU klan). No one mentioned anything about James McOwen or Luis Bastista being drafted.

I personally have seen both of them play. I was not surprised to see James go pretty high in the 6th round. That's the highest pick since Josh Banks was taken in the second round back in the '03 draft. McOwen knows how to hit. The last FIU player to hit over .400 in a season was Brad Eldred, and he's playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Luis Batista can flat out smoke that ball. I really thought he would go higher than 32nd round! How ridiculous is that? Any thoughts on the draft?

Thank you for maintaining us informed as to the developments in the baseball program. While I don't believe in censorship, there are things, like yelling fire in a crowded theater, the cross the lines of civility. Thank you for refocusing the blog.

Back to the issue at hand.

I wish that they would go ahead and hire the coach so we can start promoting the NEW FIU. enough foreplay.
I too saw McOwen hit. WOW. With the throw-back uniforms he kind of reminds one of Robert Redford in the natural. I also saw Luis Bautista play. I saw flashes of brilliance. Phenomenal power. It boggles the mind how Luis can get drafted in the 32nd round and Nick Navarro from Flanagan gets drafted much higher. It does not make sense to me. From a strictly baseball perspective, I would invest more in a veteran with experience than a younger more unstable player. Luis has a lot of tools, that you can't teach, height 6'5" a cannon for an arm and as previously stated phenomenal power. Unfortunately I think he was the victim of the team he played for.

There was mention in a previous blog regarding the failure of the former staff to look at the catcher from Killian. With the departure of Jose Feliciano (Sanchez), Ronnie Milsap (DP) but I guess there would have to be two Ronnies in one body, and Tatoo (Casas) maybe the local talent will find it's way to FIU. The new coaches have their work cut out for them getting the locals to stay home since many have already made commitments elsewhere. The current team has some very talented hitters, (second in the Sen Belt in average) and some uncoached talent at pitcher (last in the conference in ERA)
JD made an excellent point in his interview, the underclassmen that pitched against UCG did a great job in the middle innings. Even though he wouldn't say it, when you don't have a plan of attack you pitch defensively. The previous pitching coach had no clue or plan of attack. During the course of three games last season I counted 18 first ball fast balls in a row. Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan they do not have.
2008 has a lot of promise. I am eager to feel the enthusiasm that the football is experiencing.

I agree that the two most commonly referred to games were blatant examples of mismanagement of the pitching staff. Even worse were the last two games at FIU. Pete is right - how can an experienced coach not know the pitch count for his freshman starter? And maybe worse - why would anyone in their right baseball mind try to get 5 2/3 innings out of a closer that had only gone 4 innings before? Especially when the catcher is telling him that his pitcher is done?

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