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At-bat: Panther Pawse; On-deck: A Talk with Turtle

Who would have thought to speed up the development of FIU baseball, Pete Garcia needed to hire a "Turtle"?

We can now officially say T.D.A.O.S. to what was the stale, old baseball program at FIU the last 28 years. Well, we'll skip the 2001 season which reached a super regional.

Although it would be a stretch to say FIU is Omaha-bound next season, let's welcome Henry "Turtle" Thomas to the FIU baseball diamond where the Golden Panthers took the first step to the College World Series on Thursday morning.

Before yesterday's press conference, the GPP sat down with Turtle and conducted an hour-long interview. We'll post the interview as soon as we transcribe the recording and get through this Panther Pawse.

By the way, did you know the name of the kid (Elliott) in E.T. is Henry Thomas. Well, now he's an adult. Ets_2


Yandro: Now that there's better coaching in place on the FIU baseball diamond, you'll see more Golden Panthers get drafted in the MLB draft. Chris Dunn would have been drafted, but he chose to sign a free agent deal with the Marlins. Also, Walker Whitley probably would have been drafted, if he wasn't yo-yoed between the bullpen and starting rotation all season. Thanks for the anecdote on the Killian catcher, who was not recruited by FIU. Of course, you all know what happened with the catcher. The kid signs with Manhattan and what does Manhattan do to FIU this season, the Jaspers swept 2 games here in March.

pantera: I believe the 300 attendance in baseball must have been tickets sold, because you are right if you went by the head count at games this season: there were probably more people in line at the Publix deli on a Sunday morning.

fiugrad78: The only blog etiquette on the GPP is keep it clean or risk being clawed out. By posting on another entry on the GPP you did not violate any blog etiquette. Post as much as you'd like. Tell your friends about us and your family, too. As of last month, the GPP was 26,761 strong! Tripling the number of readers in our inaugural month of April.

Concerned Fan: Turtle has some work to do, because of the shape the program was left in. Yes, FIU will miss its top 4 hitters, but the cupboard is not bare. John Petika, Tyler Townsend, Raimy Fuentes and Kevin Mirabal all can swing the bats. Turtle has to get into the local high schools where FIU's presence has been non-existent. That's what high school coaches in our area have told me.

FIU Fanatic: Don't worry if this blog senses a shift toward UF-um debates, the big 'ol Golden claw will come out and make a belt out of the Gator and dry out the "Tropical Depression".

CJ: I see you have mastered the definition of T.D.A.O.S. by explaining it to 24/7-11. We may need to hire you as a graphic consultant for our T.D.A.O.S. t-shirts. I'll speak with the FIU witches about it.

24-7/11: You may have been asleep (no pun intended) when we defined the term "sleeping giant" earlier on the GPP. The term does not mean FIU is playing in Arizona for the national title this season or going to the Final Four or even going to Omaha in 2008. What SG means is that all the potential in the world is available for FIU: fertile recruiting grounds, a public state university -- meaning more walk-on athletes that can be diamonds in the rough, more than 100,000 alumni and now FIU has an athletic administration that has a clue. Before FIU athletics was like a ship drifting asea with no captain, steering wheel or compass. Now they got capt. PG, steering wheel MC and a TT compass. We know one day you'll be wearing a T.D.A.O.S. t-shirt, let us know your size? Ship_2


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