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FIU, no mas? FIU, no mas?

Heard about the mumblings of the annual baseball series between FIU and um possibly being cancelled beginning next season and the first thought that came to mind was old "Hands of Stone" boxer Roberto Duran. Duran_3That's him getting pummeled on the right by Sugar Ray Leonard.

As he's infamously known for, Duran uttered the phrase "no mas, no mas" during his 1980 bout with Sugar Ray Leonard. For those in need of translation "no mas" means no more.

So is um baseball becoming "Feet of Ice" with the new FIU hiring of Turtle Thomas? The GPP checked it out.

Reached by phone, um AD Paul Dee said the 2008 um baseball schedule has not been made and that any scheduling um coach Jim Morris does has to be run by the AD. Have not heard back from Morris. Currently, TT is out of Florida evaluating talent for FIU and has not returned phone calls.

Milk_2In 1999, Morris let TT go, because of what um told the Miami Herald were "philosophical differences". Word was philosophical meaning recruiting. Whether there is still curdled milk between TT and Morris is only something those 2 know. Or could it be that playing FIU now is no longer 2 easy wins and Morris will actually have to coach now. No mas of...."He's bigger than me and he wanted the ball" decisions.

Sure would stink for um's recruiting if they began losing to FIU on an annual basis. Thoughts of "Please, don't fire DP" probably ran through Morris's mind when he ran into PG this past season.

um already said they will not continue the football series with FIU. C'mon, it was an 0-12 team in 2006...oops, forgot there was a coaching change at FIU. Now, could um cancel baseball, too? If so, maybe the feeling of T.D.A.O.S. has reached the Coral Gables school.

On to other FIU baseball matters. The pitching coach has not been hired as of this post and fiurulez: I am not the pitching coach.

Hey, good story by Marcus Nelson of the Palm Beach Post on PG and his turning around the culture of FIU sports. The quote by DP in the story summed up the attitude of FIU athletics before PG took over. "It was a case of someone who came in from the outside and had no feel for FIU" - DP. This guy is turning into the anti-wise Yogi Berra with his quotes this year.

Going to have to go a little John McEnroe here.....You cannot be serious, DP! Jmac_3

Translation: Someone who came in from the outside and had no feel for the mediocrity and losing and decided to do something about it.

Msha_2.....Let's finish this post on a brighter note!.... Spasiba, Maria!... (Russian translation: Thank you, Maria!)


CJ: Recruiting already for FIU baseball....Priceless and let's intend that pun, b/c it's never been done for.

FIUDad: Like your enthusiasm on the blog. Let's first give the TDAOS t-shirts a shot and see how that goes. Once the winning begins, I'm sure all kinds of t-shirts will come out of the woodwork.

ConcernedFan: The FIU baseball games on the radio, much like the team itself has been inconsistent for awhile now. I imagine eventually, they'll get some real announcers and more games on the radio. Although, they are not pros, the student radio sure didn't help matters this year by hardly broadcasting any games.

Enrique: There's not too much anger on this blog. Just lots of passion.

24/7: Sounds like you want to become a Miami Herald sports editor. I know you got green and orange in your veins, but "you still don't get it, Scott!"Evil You keep mangling the definition of TDAOS. Please refer to CJ's post on the "J.D.'s FIU Pitch" blog. CJ gives the clear definition of TDAOS there. And for the record, the GPP has never divulged which coach first uttered the phrase, "Those days are over, son!" in spring practice. So you can't say it was MC.


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