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FIU Summer Camping in the NFL

66 days away from the season opener against Penn State in Happy Valley, already booked my plane, car and hotel in PA. So it's never too early to talk a little football. The GPP recently caught up with 3 of the 4 former Golden Panthers in the NFL and here is what's going on with each of them.

Frank Looks like Antwan "El Monstruo" Barnes has made a huge impact already with the Baltimore Ravens. Abarnes_2

Speaking with a Baltimore reporter who covers the team, AB was the talk of the Ravens mini-camps for his outstanding speed and knack for finding the ball....Now where have we seen that before? Depending on training camp in late July, it looks like AB could be starting on special teams and could see action on defense in his first year.

"Everything went pretty good," said AB, of the mini-camps. "Everything is fast-paced. [Ravens linebackers] Gary Stills and Mark Scott have been giving me a lot of insight on the defense and what to expect my rookie season. They've told me you can't do everything in your first year. I'm going to play special teams. I got to get into the playbook more. This Ravens defense is wow, something I have never seen before."

Csmith Another former Golden Panther making a good first impression is Philadelphia Eagles rookie safety Chris "The Bull" Smith. Like AB, Smith played defense and special teams during the Eagles mini-camps. Bull_2

Chris had a few interceptions and pass breakups. He says he didn't pick off Donovan McNabb, but liked that he got a lot of reps during the four camps.

Chris's position coach is John Harbaugh, who coincidentally was a candidate at one time for the FIU head coaching position before MC was hired.

"Coach Harbaugh told me that I could play in this league," Smith said. "I just have to learn to be in the right spots all the time. There is no room for error in the NFL. I didn't take a knee all through any of the camps. Practice speed here is like college game speed. I was surprised as a free agent that I got as many reps as I did in the camps. Nick Turnbull has been talking to me a lot about what to expect my rookie season. He's been a big help."

Chris asked how the 2007 FIU football team will be and I told them they'll be better on offense and hopefully just as good as last year's defense. He expects to be at the Penn State opener with teammate Tony Hunt, who is a PSU grad.

Chandler Williams is vying for a job as the Minnesota Vikings return specialist along with being one of their top 4 receivers. The Vikings list of receivers is not too impressive so CW may get a shot there. Cw2

"I've played all four receiver spots during the camps," CW said. "I've been doing good on 1-on-1's, but the plays are a lot harder to learn than college. But once I get them down, I feel good about my chances."

CW signed a four-year contract last month and is ready for training camp.

Nick With Turnbull, a safety on the Atlanta Falcons, that makes 4 FIUers in the NFL. Not too shabby for a five-year old program.

Here's when these players meet each other during the upcoming NFL season: In preseason play on August 13 - Eagles vs. Ravens; Aug. 31- Ravens vs. Falcons.

In the regular season: the Falcons open at the Vikings on Sept. 9; the Eagles play at the Vikings on Oct. 28 and El Monstruo's Miami NFL debut is December 16 when the Ravens visit the Dolphins.

As for the other FIUers, 2-time Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year, Keyonvis Bouie has not heard back from the New Orleans Saints after what he thought was a good showing.

"The camp wasn't more than what I expected," Bouie said. "The speed of practice was a lot faster. I thought I did really well. I had no problems with my knee. It's 100 percent healthy. Right now, I'm just working out here in Pahokee."

Tight end Sam Smith joined Bouie in the Saints camp after he was not signed out of the Chicago Bears camp. Smith also has not heard back from the Saints. QB Josh Padrick was with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he did not receive an offer after the Jags rookie camp.


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As usual, thanks for the info, Pete....Great for our kids, hoping El Monstruo, Chris, and CW make it....

Anyone who wants plans to come to ATL to check out our guys let me know. We can hook up for a glorified burger and a F.O. at the Varsity and then head to the Dome to check out our guys.

Great stuff, thanks PP. I am really pulling for our guys, even if it means bad times for the Dolphins now and beyond. FIU over everything else.

Nice to hear our guys are doing well. i didnt know our guys met up that many times this season. imagine nick covering chandler or chris covering chandler. wouldnt that be weird? Who knows.... I hope Bouie gets a chance in time, hes gotta lotta talent.

Thanks for the updates Pete. I'm so pumped up hearing about these players.

As for Bouie, he can contribute to NO defense. Hopefullly they realize that and give him a chance.


Congrats to all of the FIU players still in the hunt for NFL job. PP, I think you are jumping the gun a little when you are already calling them NFLers. They first have to make the team in the Fall, but regardless, what they are doing is great for FIU. As for KeKe - lets just say, I told you so and leave it at that. No need to rehash all of the comments from a month ago when you all were stating that he was going to make a huge "impact" in NO. PP, I also have to take issue with your previous Panther Pawse blog. Did you really state that with MC last year that FIU would have won the Sun Belt? Pete, I think that the heat from playing in two softball games on Sunday has gotten to you. That is not very responsible reporting PP. You keep that up, we might have to put you in the same category as LeBatard who writes things just to get a reaction, you are better then that. Also, I would just like to say, there was nothing racist in the comment about having a lot of cousins, I have over 20 and I wasn't hurt by the comment. So please, if anyone on here is going to start calling other people racists, lets look up the word and make sure what is being said rises to that level. Stop being so sensitive FIUers. I was reading the other day an article which was talking about allof the UM verbal commitments for next years recruiting class and things look very good. PP, maybe you could tell us who FIU has verbal committmnents from for next year's recruiting class. I am sure we would all love to hear what the fruits of MC's labor. Then again, if there has been no A list recruits who have given verbal committments to FIU - I hope you will report as such. Thanks.

I guess things are a bit slow on the UCG board, huh UCG24/7.

Thanks for stopping by though.

Great post once again Pete, thanks for the updates. It's gonna be cool to start hearing our school's name mentioned on Sundays in NFL broadcasts as these guys make plays!


Your response is exactly what I expected. I know it isn't enough for you, that I have former business colleagues in the league (Eagles) and I used to work for Steve Biscotti owner of the Ravens a number of years ago. You had to insult me and question my integrity.... But now, when Pete fundamentally corroborates what I wrote a few days ago about Barnes, Smith and Williams; YOU still NEED to find a way to diminish anything FIU. Telling Pete that his style is bordering on sensationalism to illict a response ?? Look man, Pete probably knows the team, coaches and new administration better than I do. But I know a few these guys too !! The team dogged it last year, because the coaches let them. That won't happen this season. Whether a school has fielded a team 5 yrs or 50 yrs, you don't lose that many close games because you lack talent. COACHING and ATTITUDE killed FIU in 2006.

This staff will not allow us to lose those conference games like we did last year. I was at several of them, and that team laid down like a prize fighter who had ZERO confidence. Strock was not a motivator and he had talented kids, but was unable to REACH and CONNECT with them. MC and company will not have that problem. The harder they work, the luckier this team will get.

**BTW, the La Carretta, 20 cousins and bussing tables comment was TOTALLY uncalled for. But, he or she has that RIGHT ? Not very classy but tells you enough.

Maverick, before you start accusing people of being unclassy, and making uncalled for statements, check your facts. CrazyCane wrote the cousinn,La Cerrtta stuff, not me. That being said, why is it when things don't go right - it is the coaches fault. Shouldn't players take some of the responsibility? Do I think that The U's troubles last year were all Coker's fault - No. Lance Leggett can't catch a cold - yerah, that's Coker's fault, and Kyle couldn;t stay on his feet and let go of the ball and the O-line couldn't block the the grass under their fingers, yeah that's all coaching and attitutude. Not. In your post you stated that "COACHING and ATTITUDE killed FIU in 2006." So is it your position that the lack of talent had NOTHING to do with going winless? Please? Since PP has verified yopur previous comments I am going to assume you have some intelligence (unlike some of the other FIU posters on this site) and some football sense (again, unlike some of the FIU posters on this site) so I am going to ask YOU - if the talent was there, how come they couldn't win even ONE game. If you want to say coaching is everything, fine, I disagree, but that's my opinion, but are you really going to state that players mean nothing. I think that is what you are saying when a team losses EVERY game and you blame coaching for ALL of it. In essence, you are saying that the players do and mean nothing in determining wins and losses. Why don't you go ask your former business colleagues in the league (Eagles) and Steve Biscotti, owner of the Ravens, for their take on your players don't matter rationale and report back to all of us.


I did not blame you for the racist comment. Sorry if it came off that way. We all know who wrote that.

Please repeat your last..."go and ask...take on players ?? Thanks.

PP - "Looks like Antwan "El Monstruo" Barnes has made a huge impact already with the Baltimore Ravens" How is that possible when the season is months away. When someone makes an "impact" it is usually on wins and losses and the overall improvment of the team. I think it is premature to say that Barnes has made a huge impact already. I commend him for getting himself noticed and invited to training camp,but your statement is a little premature.

What do you mean invited ? He was drafted and picked before the Heisman winner !!!!

Hey, shameful racist loco cane...when are you going to apologize for your racist comments tying to demean a race associated with millions of South Florida residents and readers of this very newspaper?

Now, the personal pseudo attorney 7-11, who has a personal attorney wants to justify your words....Apologize and learn.

As always, thanks for the updates Pete.

Great job by our kids. Regardless of their status, it's awesome to read that we have a couple of guys either signed with teams or working out for them.

I was reading the "FIU, no mas??" page and a UCG fan started talking about FIU incidents with campus police and all...
Well, isnt the internet great???
Please FIU fans, take 2 min to visit this link...I'm sure you'll get a laugh from it...I did


Alright FIU Fanatic, I was trying to avoid this situation, but you just couldn't let it go. So fine. I am sorry. I am sorry that you are so sensitive. I am sorry that you feel as though you are so important and all knowing that you can speak on behalf of millions of Floridians and you know they were offended. I am sorry your team sucks in football and baseball. I am sorry that you can't move on like everyone else and continue to post about the current post by PP instead of going back to comments made two blogs ago. I am sorry that you are so simple minded as to take ANYTHING said on this blog personnaly. I am sorry that you lack any self confidence (maybe you should play for FIU Football) I am sorry that you have no sense of humor (I guess I wouldn't either if I had to root for FIU athletics) I am sorry that your mom didn't hold you enough as a child so that you could not take comments, not made directly towards you ort anyone in particular personal. I am sorry that you don't understand the term rascism and what it means. I am sorry that you do not know me and yet you think you can call ME names. I am sorry that now I am going to have to ask you over and over again to apologize for calling me a racist. I am sorry that we don't live in a world covered in chocolate and flowers. I am sorry that The U is the best athletic program in the counrty and you can't understand that. Finally, I am sorry that I offended you, and I am sorry to any-1 else that was offended, but GET OVER IT.

I'm sorry abortions aren't mandatory in certain situations. "The U is the best athletic program in the counrty", talk about friggin delusions CandyCane!!!

I just want to thank "YouGotGold" for reminding me of why I love The U so g-d damn much. You know, everyone on here keeps saying stop living in the past. Everytime I talk about winning 5 Nat'l titles, the people on this site say, that's the past, these are not those Canes. Then, someone like YouGotGold posts something which is negative about the past and then suddenly it is okay to post about UM's past. See Fiu fans, you are just like us, and that's okay. You say how come PP or an FIU post something positive about FIU, I immedialtely have to post something negative, well just ask "YouGotGold" he seems to understand the concept. Please do not take this post the wrong way FIUers, I am not condeming "YouGotGold" for his comment or posting the link - in fact I wish more of you FIUers would be as creative instead of whinning all the freakin time. "YouGotGold" welcome to the big boys table, please continue to post here,your comments are always welcome.

scUM, you truly are a MORON. I saw all that, and all you can come up with in response is, "I'm sorry abortions aren't mandatory in certain situations. "The U is the best athletic program in the counrty", talk about friggin delusions CandyCane!!!" That is so weak my friend I can't even begin to validate it with a response.

CandyCane - if you think anyone on this blog is going to take your sarcastic, narssasistic apology seriously, you are beyond moronic. YOU ARE A WALKING, TYPING JOKE. I will not engage in a dialogue with dim-witted scUM fan looking to shine on a gd FIU blog. This is what you will read from me Candy.

Great post Pete - I knew that our boys would make impacts at the next level. I love to hear good things about our boys, it is too bad about KeKe though, I really thought that he would be a diamond in the rough at N.O. Any chance he'll catch on somewhere else? I mean he was the 2 time DPY. Now, on to some housekeeping, which in my opinion is way overdue. 24/7, I will get to you later, CrazyCane, you are in my crosshairs right now, so listen up. Why is it that you think you can come onto the FIU site and start spouting of nonsensical garbage. Your ideas, comments, and rediculous arguments are wasting everyone's time. Please stop posting here, or gather some knowledge before returning to this blog. Hell, your comments as of late make 24/7 look like a a god damn scholar. Now 24/7, what is with all this big boys table, little boys table. It is stupid. Why do you think that The U is so great, have you ever established that, has anyone ever asked YOU why you love them so much. I bet if you ask any FIU fan on this site why the love FIU, they can tell you in a second, why any-1 would love The U is beyond me. besides it being chalked full of a bunch rich kids running around movie stars with their parents money, it cost and arm and a leg to attend there, the academics are nothing great and the overall preception of the school around the country is that it is Sun Tan U. I think that when you grow up a little and you see what is important in this world, you will realize that your love for UM was misplaced and in fact, you just loved the idea of being a part of an athletic program that WAS special. 24/7, they are NOT special anymore, they are ordinary. Why don;t you become a fan of a school that does things the right way, learns from its mistakes and doesn't repeat them over and over again, and will be the premier college athletic program in So.Fl., maybe as early as next year. FIUDad out.

"will be the premier college athletic program in So.Fl., maybe as early as next year," Yeah, and I am the delusional one. FIUDad,I am in your "crosshairs" who says that? Anyway, did you not see my apology - move on, get over it. I have to admit that I am newer to this blog and have not read any of your previous posts, but if they are anything like your last one, well, sir, with all due respect, I think that you should step away from the computer and go back to working with a typewriter and a rotary phone. Sir, I understand if you want to be "old school" but to be "old school" means more than just being old. FIUDad, you talk about me wasting time and being nonsensical, did you re-read your post. It is the biggest bunch of BS written so far today. Come up with some new material. Maybe you could tell us WHY you thought that KeKe was going to make such an "impact." I also have to take issue with your comment directed towrds me concerning the gathering of knowledge. Look, you are the old man. Not me. You are the one trying to "fit in" with the younger generation, not me. While I am up at midnight watching sports center, you have been in bed asleep since 7:30, Which makes sense since you ate dinner at 4:00. How was that senior citizens special over at IHOP? Sir, if you are going to respond to this, do it with some conviction, do it with some "marbles" don't be like scUM and post a weak reply. I think you are probably smarter than him.

I'm glad loco cane recognizes...in his long, dumb, and nonsensical diatribe one thing....Yes...you are sorry. Now, go on with your life and try to find out some meanings in life besides making a fool out of yourself....wow!

Yes...you are sorry. Thank you.

CandyCane - posting on FIUDad's "marbles" and my "it" doesn't build much of a defense for you Candy. Butch up, this is a sports blog.

Team FIU,

I just e-mailed some UM buddies and a friend who teaches at UM. They never went on our blog. But they just read the stuff and cracked up at the UCGers passion against FIUers.

I'm hoping they start to post, but one said to me "too late for an abortion on that guy," but Dr. Jack K did get released from prison.?"

PP my hat's off to you. Whatever you write about, Canes fans are inmediately hooked either agreeing or not. One thing for sure, you're better than the canes' writer because nobody from FIU posts it there. Keep it up Pete. Eres el mejor.

My God APU, you truly are a dumb little fella
Before writing loads and loads of BS, try to understand why I wrote the damn thing...Here, try to follow a few steps
1: Go to the FIU, no mas? FIU, no mas? page
2: Scroll all the way down
3: Read the post by FIU Fan
I guess you got lost in between 2 and 3 so here you go buddy:
"And by the way, if you want to start bringing up our minor incidents regarding FIU, I can bring up a laundry list of Major UCG's incidents; but it might take a whiule to read through."

Here comes the conclusion Apu, are you ready?...HE WANTED THE LIST, I PROVIDED THE LIST...not my fault you took it the wrong way, maybe you should read things more carefully before trying to bring FIU down all the time...We are just like you? Sorry, but if you clicked on the link you would see that our criminal record just doesnt match yrs...Sorry we cant join the gang

You are the one who loves the cheesy lines like "You should not bite the hand that feeds you"...Well, when the UCG guys talk about FIU incidents...Look Who's Talking!

The next time someone from FIU screams racism, they should take a look at a certain FIU bloggers name...

The lawyer always tries to justify the criminal.

fiu's record holder for punt and kick return yardage/td's still doing his thing in the cfl. he's a starting cornerback for the winnipeg blue bombers. he's the 1st player in fiu history to play in a regular season professional football game.

keep it up Greg Moss

Upon further meditation on CrazyCane's racist comments, it is obvious such has struck a nerve with many FIU'ers, and Miamians in general, that read this blog. For those of you dismissing such comments (which have been fairly common on this blog, mainly by other UCG'ers), let's frame Crazy's comment in a different light - what if Crazy went to FAMU's blog and posted a similar comment there with a similar dehumanizing and generalizing African-American stereotype on their blog, would it be more or less tolerated? Would you current dismissers dismiss the comment so readily? Is it more accepted because Crazy is referring to Hispanics which are the majority in this city instead of African-Americans? Racism is racism, perspective is not dismissive.

Crazy cheerfully evidences a deep, resentful, underlying tone of racism that is not just rampant on this blog, other non-sports blogs, the city of Miami, but the whole country, that is habitually downplayed and written-off as coming from the vocal minority. We as FIU'ers experience this brand of racism more often then we care to admit or even identify. Do not lay down to this brand of dismissive racism FIU'ers, people like CrazyCane and others are the type of scUM that smile and shake your hand upon meeting and proceed to scoff and jeer upon parting.

The internet does not equal anonymity. The internet does not equal anonymity UCG'ers.

Posted by: ELHURRICOON | June 27, 2007 at 05:32 PM

talk about racism

Thank you for pointing that FIU posters name out MIA/NY. It is funny how the FIUers are so oblivious. Here you have "FIUerAgainstRacism" ripping CrazyCane for a comment which was borderline, that's to say there are a lot of non-hispanics who have a lot of cousins and are bus boys, yet the Mr. "FIUerAgainstRacism" says nothing about the user name "ELHURRICOON" which is blatently racist. Look, if Mr. "FIUerAgainstRacism" is going to stand on his soapbox, the least he can do is reprimand all of the "racist" comments and usernames used at this blog. The fact that he is singling out a UM poster just shows the level of hypocracy in his speech. Here's a tip "FIUerAgainstRacism" the next time you want to scold someone, your comments will carry more weight and have more of an impact if practice what you preach. In my opinion, your failure to speak out against the user name "ELHURRICOON" is a ringing endorsement by you. You talk about the people at FAMU, lets see how much they enjoy seeing your FIUer's user name "ELHURRICOON." "FIUerAgainstRacism" get a life dude. Stop taking things so personal, as I have said many times on this blog, anybody who takes anything personal here is too simple minded to understand and grasp the concept that no-1 knows you personnally, therefore it would be personal for them to make a personal attack on you, so chill out.

Crazycane, you're right, suffice it to say YOU ARE SORRY !

Once and for all.

rac·ism –noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

This is the definition of racism FIU fans. First of all, none of you know my race and in turn, I know none of your races; therefore, you have no idea if my comments indicate that I believe that MY race is better than YOUR race or ANY race. Second, my comments do not bread hatred or intolerance. I have never said on this blog I hate anyone - other then ingnorant FIU fans, but I do not think hating ignorant FIU fans makes me a racist. Also, intolerance - please, I am encouraging people to respond and not take things personally, so to say I am "intolerant" is a joke. Finally, as 24/7 has stated, and I concur, this is a blog. I know none of you personnaly. So, the fact that you are taking comments so personal, sounds like a personal problem with your own self confidence. Go get a hug from FIUMom and lets move on. This racist crap is old and, as evidenced above, the accusations are improper. The only truly racist thing I have seen on this blog is the user name "ELHURRICOON" which is an FIUer and impagine, I dont see any of the FIUers calling for his head. Shocking.

noun (plural ster·e·o·types)
oversimplified conception: an oversimplified standardized image of a person or group.
EXAMPLE: Hispanics have 20 cousins and all work at La Carreta.

rac·ist [ ráyssist ]
Based on racism: based on prejudices and stereotypes related to race.

Pretty black and white, no pun intended.

Congrats and good luck to our Golden Panthers in the NFL! This will definetly help us against head to head recruiting battles with other sun belt teams like FAU with no former player in the NFL.

Canevict - your argument in fatally flawed. A. I would have noway of knowing the poster I was referring to was Hispanic. B. I do not believe that I ever said anything like 'HISPANICS...'C. I never said all Hispanics work at La Carretta, just the person I was directing my post too. Therefore, it is not as cut and dry as you make it seem due to the fact that my post was directed at an individual, who I know nothing personal about - therefore, my comments counld not have been a "oversimplified conception: an oversimplified standardized image of a person or group" Again, I do not know the persona or what group they are from so how can I oversimplify them?

Not so fast FIUGolden. FAMU may not have a player in the NFL right now - but they do have Former University of Miami and Denver Broncos defensive tackle Rubin Carter as their head coach.

Carter,appeared in two Super Bowls with the Broncos' famed "Orange Crush" defense.

A homegrown Floridian who has come through the high school ranks, playing his college ball at Miami, an All-American, and in the NFL for more than a decade. Furthermore, he has been a coach (and coordinator at levels) for more then 16 years.

FIU has MC. I have said all along MC was a great hire for FIU, but don't over look the importance of Coach Carter at FAMU as far as compition in the SUn Belt goes.

You can call an orange and apple all you want, we all know what you were referring to. Does FIU have a large population of Koreans, Australians, Canadians? No. Do any of these groups have a stereotype of having 20 cousins? No. Are any of them associated to La Carreta? Nope. To defend yourself is reasonable, to argue you weren't referring to hispanics is pure BS and completely abolishes your defense.

CANEvict - GET OVER IT. Were you really that insulted? How come you aren;t saying anythin to the guy who posts as "ELHURRICOON" The rest of trying to get back to sports. So if you took offesne to watever CrazyCane said, fine, he apologized, kind of. But you dragginfg this out is getting rediculous. If you want to attach someone on the basis of rascism, go after "ELHURRICOON" with that, their is no grey area.

I'll be back on here tommorrow with a new blog. In the meantime, let's get back to talking FIU sports. From now on the Golden Panther Prowl CLAW will come out for any comment that has a hint of any racial or vulgar overtones. ELHURRI---- screen name has been altered to ELHURRICANE and similar alterations will be made in the future. This is sports, folks, keep it fun. You want to bash UCG go ahead, but keep it clean. UCGers want to post their "valued" opinion on FIU sports, go ahead -- just keep it clean. Thanks.

Thank you PP for reprimanding the FIUers who do not understand that this is a sports blog, not a soapbox for them to make speeches on the freedom of speech and its limitations and a forum for them to create usernames which promote hate. On behalf of the UMers who post here, Thank you PP, you are a true Cane supporter.


For your info FAMU is not in the Sunbelt Conference. They are not even Division I.

Thank you PP for ensuring racial scUM remarks do not go unchecked. There is no place for that here.

You are absolutely correct. I was talking about FAMU and I did not realize that the poster I was responding to was writing about FAU. I am man enough to admit when I am wrong about something. Sorry for the confusion. But it does raise an ineresting point. FAMU hired a coach wityh a lot more credentials then MC. FAMU has to deal with FSU much like FIU has to deal with UM in recruiting wars. HOw has FAMU's recruiting improved? Has it? HMMMM, very interesting comparisons there.

Coach Carter may of been a great football player. But what does that mean regarding recruiting and actual coaching. MC has been proven to be a great recruiter. We just have to see if he is as great as HC.

"MC has been proven to be a great recruiter." I am not saying he isn't, and I am not saying that he hasn't in the past, but could let us know your evidence of this statement. I am sure we would all like to know how MC has proven to be a great recruiter.

U 24/7,

ESPN the magazine has an article about the re-building project and stadium. Under Mario and Pete's direction they note players such as Ricky Booker and Marquis Rolle as key recruits with offers from SEC schools and Rolle had an offer from UCG.

These guys were never on the radar with team Strock. If you have an ESPN insider account you can read it on-line or call one of your reliable sources....Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot....You don't have any !!

U 24/7,

ESPN the magazine has an article about the re-building project and stadium. Under Mario and Pete's direction they note players such as Ricky Booker and Marquis Rolle as key recruits with offers from SEC schools and Rolle had an offer from UCG.

These guys were never on the radar with team Strock. If you have an ESPN insider account you can read it on-line or call one of your reliable sources....Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot....You don't have any !!

Hey Pete...
I don't know much about the offseason in college football so let me ask you something...
Are the players practicing now? or is it just "study the playbook and work out on yr own" type of thing?
When are the freshman players supposed to get here?
Where are they gonna practice and stuff?

The entire team is on campus now. They all take classes in summer B session. They continue to go through their off season conditioning, and on their own they do 7-on-7 and work on position-type drills. They still practice on the field. They just can't have any football contact with the coaching staff. They can only deal with the strength and conditioning staff.

Was there a racoon posting here at one point???

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