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J.D.'s FIU Pitch

Until the new FIU baseball coach is named, the GPP will try and round up as many of the candidates so that they may give their thoughts on the "Charmed" job they are pursuing. The first of our series of interviews is with um pitching coach J.D. Arteaga. Jd_2

Before we get to JD, here's an update from sources and the FIU witches -- of course -- about the FIU coaching search as of Tuesday night. Former FIU pitching coach and current South Carolina pitching coach Mark Calvi interviewed today. That makes 4 interviews for the job: JD, Gino DiMare and Le Moyne College coach Steve Owens (interviewed Monday). Arizona State assistant coach Turtle Thomas is expected to interview for the job on Wednesday. Word is a coach could be named as early as Thursday or 10 days from now. Lazer Collazo did not interview and no word yet on Rod Delmonico interviewing.

Anyways, onto why do you want to be the man who leads FIU to Omaha....

JD, a former um lefty who holds the program's record for wins, pitched in the organizations of the New York Mets, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers. JD interviewed last week at FIU. The photo up above is JD pitching for the Caguas Criollos of the Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League.

GPP: What interested you about FIU?

JD: It's an exciting time right now at FIU. You've seen what's going on with Mario and football. I grew up around the campus and it's changed a lot. Any desire for the job got greater after seeing the facilities. FIU is such an attractive job for baseball. All the talent is in this area. It's not going to be easy to get them all, but you have to go and get the local talent to play here.

GPP: You guys beat FIU twice this year. What did you think of the FIU baseball team this year?

JD: They didn't have as good a year as they could have had. There's definitely some talent there. From the outside looking in, it looked like there was a lot of pressure there.

GPP: What can you do to make FIU better?

JD: My thing is you have to get the community involved. The community has to know your name, your face and so do the local high school coaches. Of course, you have to get the local players. There is so much talent in this area. I look at Louisville, who beat us this year and is going to the College World Series, they had 7 guys from Miami. That cannot happen. You have to give those players a reason to stay and play baseball here. I look at FIU like a Cal-State Fullerton. (GPP looked up CSF: 15 CWS appearances, that's pretty good) You have to stay local. There's plenty of talent in Miami, just like Los Angeles, to support 2 good baseball programs.

GPP: What are your strengths and do you feel you're ready to become a head coach?

JD: I can relate to people well. Whether it is out in the community or with players. As with any sport, there's a lot of psychology involved. You have to find out what drives some players. Some players like to be pushed, some like to be pulled. Am I ready to be a head coach? Absolutely. I've been an assistant for 5 years now and I have plenty of baseball experience. It's all I have ever done and known.

GPP: We've seen that FIU has had trouble developing pitchers since former pitching coach Mark Calvi left. Should you get the job, what is your plan for the pitching staff?

JD: You have to have a pitching coach, no doubt. I may handle some of those duties, but I will more than likely bring in a pitching coach. Everyone knows how important pitching is in baseball.

GPP: What should be the expectations of FIU baseball when a new head coach is named?

JD: It's definitely a job where you can build a quality program that wins consistently. This program right now is a "diamond in the rough". There is no doubt that FIU should be playing at the highest level of college baseball, going to Omaha. It's a strong desire everyone has. If it wasn't, then why is everyone applying for this job?

Thanks JD, for your time and thoughts and the GPP wishes you good luck in landing the job.

Charm_2 The FIU witches will review JD's answers about the "Charmed" job and see what they make of it in their coaching brew. And you guys thought, we'd get through a blog without a picture of the girls. Lucky you.

One thing the witches and myself have discussed that I'm sure some ignorant people may bring up: What if PG hires another um guy?

Well folks, let's bury this non-sense. You get the best coaches to win, regardless of where they previously coached. If FIU has a staff of all former um coaches and they win a football bowl game, lead the hoops squad to the Big Dance or reach Omaha to play for a national title, then no one will ever say another um-peep again. Forget, where these coaches are from and focus on the here and now -- FIU.


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Great post once again!!!! This is a great idea to interview the candidates.

Funny how some sites have glitches for colors and things. Mine doesn't allow Garnet and Gold.

Pete, I totally agree with you about the UCG ties to coaches and the AD. That's non sense! You go with the strongest suitor. I like the fact that JD realizes there's LOTS of talent to be scouted here in our neck of the woods. There's no excuse local players should go elsewhere.

Side note: I have a coworker whose son is the starting catcher for Killian. He's put up some nice numbers but no one from FIU came to see him. Instead he's signed on to play for Manhattan college. He's got a clear track for the starting job up there since the incumbent was drafted in this year's draft.

Back to my point...I like the fact that JD realizes that the FIU job is indeed a "Charmed job" and sees the potential for their growth. BUT...........

I don't think he should be the manager. I think that should go to Rod Delmonico, the ex manager of UT. His track record speaks volumes. As I posted in a previous blog, he's led UT to several division championships as well as to the CWS. While I find JD to be valuable, I believe he is more suited to the role of pitching coach. Would he accept the position as FIU's pitching coach? I would say no. One can only dream....

Thank you for maintaining us informed as to the developments in the baseball program. While I don't believe in censorship, there are things, like yelling fire in a crowded theater, the cross the lines of civility. Thank you for refocusing the blog.

Back to the issue at hand.

I wish that they would go ahead and hire the coach so we can start promoting the NEW FIU. enough foreplay.
I too saw McOwen hit. WOW. With the throw-back uniforms he kind of reminds one of Robert Redford in the natural. I also saw Luis Bautista play. I saw flashes of brilliance. Phenomenal power. It boggles the mind how Luis can get drafted in the 32nd round and Nick Navarro from Flanagan gets drafted much higher. It does not make sense to me. From a strictly baseball perspective, I would invest more in a veteran with experience than a younger more unstable player. Luis has a lot of tools, that you can't teach, height 6'5" a cannon for an arm and as previously stated phenomenal power. Unfortunately I think he was the victim of the team he played for.

There was mention in a previous blog regarding the failure of the former staff to look at the catcher from Killian. With the departure of Jose Feliciano (Sanchez), Ronnie Milsap (DP) but I guess there would have to be two Ronnies in one body, and Tatoo (Casas) maybe the local talent will find it's way to FIU. The new coaches have their work cut out for them getting the locals to stay home since many have already made commitments elsewhere. The current team has some very talented hitters, (second in the Sen Belt in average) and some uncoached talent at pitcher (last in the conference in ERA)
JD made an excellent point in his interview, the underclassmen that pitched against UCG did a great job in the middle innings. Even though he wouldn't say it, when you don't have a plan of attack you pitch defensively. The previous pitching coach had no clue or plan of attack. During the course of three games last season I counted 18 first ball fast balls in a row. Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan they do not have.
2008 has a lot of promise. I am eager to feel the enthusiasm that the football is experiencing.

I kinda messed up. I was reading the previous post and posted on the wrong one. I hope i didn't violate any blog etiquette.

How ever PG hires, the first job is awakening the community to get involved in FIU baseball. It was mentioned somewhere that the baseball games averaged 300 in attendance. Certainly after DP had the football player escorted off the field for being TOO rowdy. I was there. They we hilarious. I guess DP could handle kids having fun. Bring back the FUN.

Great idea of interviewing the candidates here, Pete. JD came about very nicely to me in your interview...I like the part he said that:

"There is no doubt that FIU should be playing at the highest level of college baseball, going to Omaha. It's a strong desire everyone has. If it wasn't, then why is everyone applying for this job?"

I love it....Well, it seems Delmonico is not being interviewed so far...maybe at all? I really like him...at least on the surface...maybe PG would keep his strategy to younger type, assistants from top programs.....

PP, great interview. I like JD already, he's talking community involvement and local recruiting. Those two thoughts were foreign to DP and his gang. By the way Pete, why do they keep mentioning 300 as the number of fans at the baseball games ?. The yearly pattern was the following. The first 10 games you had about 150 because the freshman parents attended the games. After that excluding the UCG game (which by the way this year was not sold out) the attendance was close to 50 and every last home series was empty. A new coach cannot come any sooner.

pantera, I do agree that the attendance was awful, but not as bad as you said. I looked up the attendance figures for the entire year. Aside from the home game against UCG, our highest attendance was 414 on Opening Day. We were drawing in the high 200s/low 300s up until the series vs Manhattan. Then fell to the high 100s/low 200s, and then the last series vs MT we barely drew over 100.

Whoever takes the job absolutely has to do a better job of promoting FIU Baseball, and it starts with the STUDENTS. For goodness sake, you go FOR FREE!!!! Then we need to extend out to our GPC.

FIU Fanatic - good posts, actually, all of the most recent posts have been very good, and I too think that JD would make a great head coach at FIU, plenty of community ties, baseball knowledge, etc. etc. but, FIU Fanatic you posted, "...maybe PG would keep his strategy to younger type, assistants from top programs.....," true, but actually, PG's strategy, so far, has been to hire assistants from ONE top program, not programs. Do you think it is merely a coincidence that he keeps looking at UM guys? No, it is just because they are better then everyone else. Changing subjects for a moment, why have we not heard updates on all the "impact" FIU NFLers? Is it because they were not offered contracts, is it b/c they were cut before they even put their pads on? Without any updates from the GPP I can only assume that PP and the GPP has decided to spare all of the FIU posters any embarrasment after last month when they were ranting and raving about their draft picks on Day 2 and the mini-camp invitees making "impacts" and showing Ray Lewis how to play, etc etc etc. Oh how I love the delusions of the GPC.

What does UCG stand for? I've noticed that is your way to refer to UM, but I'm not a regular on your blog.

With all due respect to Luis Bautista - and congrats to him on being invited to be a part of the Cubs organization - freshman Kevin Mirabal is a better defensive catcher and had a higher batting average for the better part of the season. If you can get the pitchers to be honest about it, they will tell you they preferred throwing to Mirabal. He's a smart, talented kid that will make a god leader on the field next season, if the new coach recognizes that.
As to first pitch fast balls - well, yeah - Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens might not be in the gold and blue, but if you consider that the man calling the pitches did not really know much about pitching, that makes sense. Most of the FIU pitchers have not had any coaching since high school, and one - Evan Ellison - is a converted outfielder that is largely self-taught and self-trained. UCG had trouble with him. So did FAU and New Orleans. Imagine what he could do with a little coaching? Freshman lefty Corey Polizzano did pretty well most of the season also, considering he is young and essentially on his own. Some top level coaching and in the next two years he could become someone the opponents will not look forward to facing as well.
Whoever takes the head job, I hope he recognizes the raw talent in the crop of sophomores he will inherit and gets them the coaching assistance they need to be able to bring out their talents and abilities. I understand a new man will want to build his own team, but he isn't exactly being left with the bottom of the barrel and the kids who are loyal and stay here to play deserve the best.

Rick - UCG stands for the University of Coral Gables. To represent Miami, an institution needs to do more than just claim a name.

Funny enough i gave a speach to about 60 Cal-State Fullerton administrators a few weeks ago and I opened by saying how much I felt at home there becasue I was an FIU alumni and both schools are large, diverse, urban state universities.

In fact they have alot fewer dorms/ campus life than FIU and still keep stellar talent home and just beat UCLA in the post season about a week ago. (and USC is down the road)

Enough excuses, It is being done other places.

NY Panther (Now OC Panther)

yeah - and how good is Cal State Fullerton's football team? So go ahead, be the Cal State Fullerton of S. Fl. baseball and then you can have the same type of football achievments.

24/7 your football comparison is not even valid, we are comparing apples to apples, a baseball coach is comparing his vision of th ebaseball team to the other baseball team, Football has nothing to do w/ it. i know you are eager for football but come on even i dont try to mess w/ the baseball talk w/ football.make accurate comparisons if we are talking baseball talk baseball.

No - what i am talking about is athletic programs as a whole. The previous poster compared FIU (as a whole)to Cal-State as whole, and I was doing the same with the athletic programs. All I was trying to say was that the posters on this site think that it is so easy to be dominant in 2 of the three major sports. It isn't. There are only a handful of schools that have excelled year in and year out in two of the three major sports. Cal-State, is NOT one of them. So what i was trying to say in response to the previous poster was that if you want to compare FIU to Cal-State that's fine, but look at the Cal State football program, is that where you want to be? Cal-State football program might be where they are b/c of the baseball program. That was all I was trying to say. Oh and by the way, one of those schools I was referring to earleir that has sustained dominance in two sports for a period of time - is The U and defy anyone to argue that FACT.

i dont think anywhere in OC panthers post did he refer to the program as a whole, he compared the Urban state schools w/ the diversety and seemingly only compared baseball. he compared our school enviroment as a commuter school thats very diverse that supports teams, thats what he was comparing it to... if i understood correctly

Kevin Mirabal has a ton of POTENTIAL, but he needs to be developed. His bat is solid, but his footwork and hands need to be developed. His throwout ratio was not too great, his pop-times are not fast enough to throw out 2b steals in D1. Luis had the bat and the arm, but not the "heart" of a great catcher. It remains to be seen if he'll develop at the next level, his work ethic is questionable.
The next coach has some solid talent to develop...needs pitching though. Most of the guys interviewed could take this program to the next level.

I followed FIU baseball this season and I agree that pitching is needed, but I have not heard anyone say that they lost their 1-2-3-4 hitters this year, what is left for a new coach?

yeah guys Im just saying that Cal_State has been able to build a consistent Top 10 baseball program inspite of 2 of the perceived barriers FIU has and they actually have worse:

1. nontraditional campus with even less dorms and campus life thatn FIU

2. and not just in the shadow of one great progam (aka us and U of CG) but UCLA and USC.

We can do it to and has nothign to do with football.

Again...I like to go with facts, not just perceptions...Here is what U24/7-11 posted:

"true, but actually, PG's strategy, so far, has been to hire assistants from ONE top program, not programs. Do you think it is merely a coincidence that he keeps looking at UM guys?"

So far, FIU has had 5 head coaches openings since PG took over: Football, Men's Soccer, Women's soccer, Baseball, and Softball.

Football: Of course, Mario Cristobal from UM

Men's Soccer: Promoted long time assistant and former FIU All American player, Munga Eketebi. FIU all the way..

Women's Soccer: Thomas Chestnutt. He comes from Fresno State where he was an assistant coach. He served a stint at Florida as well as assistants.

Baseball: TBA

Softball: TBA

So U24/7, as you can see the FACTS are that so far 3 head coaches have been hired...All of them come from assistant coaches from top Universities, and only 1 comes from UM. Since UCG doesn't have a softball program, the most PG could hire so far from UCG would be 2 out of 5 coaches...if not 1 out of 5...hardly all from UCG as you erroneously perceive.

Turtle Thomas is our new head coach. I'm looking forward to a new chapter for FIU baseball and FIU.

I stand by my statement - I do not consider FIU or Fresno State top programs. Sorry.

Thanks for the info, FIUBlue 82. He is a solid hire with recruiting being his specialty....See the connection? Ever since President Maidique spoke of PG...the word recruiting has been the most used word in the Athletic Department....Congrats to our new coach... Turtle Thomas.....

So that makes 4 assistant coaches with lots of recruiting responsibilities and success at it...It is obvious what is PG's main emphasis....BTW, we only "raided" one assistant coach from current UM teams....out of 5 hirings...

Another truth-twisting comment...wrong again...Arizona State is not a top program in baseball either, I guess....Fresno State is not a solid women's soccer program, I guess (did not take ucg's coaches)...and FIU's runs to the national championships in men's soccer doesn't make it a solid program...wow...talk about delusional...

Again, only one (1) coach from UCG....Get it?

FIUBlue82, where did you hear the news? Not that I don't believe you, but I have not heard anything anywhere. Do you have inside info?

Great news about the new coach. Surprised they could make this announcement while he is still involved at the College World Series, though. Still, good news.

Conerned Fan: Despite losing the top three hitters based on final batting averages, there are still good hitters for Thomas to develop. Petika, Townsend, and Mirabal all ended the season over .325 and were higher for the better part of it. And in case the GCP has any interest, Junior Arrojo is averaging over .400 up in the Virginia Valley League, leading the Covington Lumberjacks at the plate, last I saw, hitting lead-off and performing well in the field, too. That can only be good news for next season. There is good young talent that Thomas can work with left over, at all positions. But we could use another lefty or two.

Yandro - no comment.

FIUBlue, that's cool. No problem. I see Pete posted the announcement in today's Herald. I must admit I was kinda shaky regarding his selection, but after reading more about him, it seems like he's the recruiting EXPERT! Good luck to Turtle and FIU!!!

FIU Fanatic i agree that the main word when choosing these coaches is recruiting which really makes me glad to hear it. but Thomas does have a UM tie being that he was a UM assistant for 12 years, i dont see nothing wrong w/ goin after UM Coaches if they are the best for the job but right now thomas was a Sundevil and to PG was the best for the Job, maybe i might catch a baseball game or 2 this year

Turtle Thomas is an awesome pick...he will DEVELOP players. Everyone knows So. Fl has the talent already here, with a reputation like his, players will come to FIU in droves.

CJ, I agree with you in all aspects. He is a great choice. Believe me, I know that as well (that he WAS an assistant there until like 7-8 years ago) ...but not now, as implied by the poster. As I said, PG is getting assistants from top colleges in their respective sports. PG did not "raid" UCG for Turtle Thomas's services...he "raided" ASU this time. Hope that clears the mis-understanding.

Just came from the press conference. Current players in attendance seemed pleased with Coach Thomas after having met with him, but I think they were a little surprised at the workout schedule he outlined. If it makes them better, they'll deal with it. They do anything for someone they respect. I spoke with him, too and he really seems excited about the opportunity to build something great and wants to get the entire GPC interested. Only thing I worry about is the "list of 75 players" he is planning on contacting to get here for next year. Hope that does not mean he won't develop the talent that is already in place. Meeting him, I suspect not but one never knows.

It's a great day for FIU. Congrats to our new head coach, Turtle Thomas, his student-athletes, Pete Garcia and all of Athletics.

Great day indeed...After reading the press release, it is impressive the number of respected college baseball people that have so many good things to say about Turtle. He has a very, very impressive resume, particularly with recruiting and hitting instruction...Hopefully, he hits the ground running, and FIU baseball will surpass any achievement done before...As PG said...The road to Omaha starts today...

I commend FIU on the right hire. Though Delmonico would also have been a good hire, Turtle should have been a head coach in D1 baseball along time ago. He should have been handed the reigns to LSU baseball when Skip Bertman retired.

Now that I have given my compliments, dont think for one second that PG hired him for what he did at Arizona St. That hire was all about what he accomplished at Miami and his success rate in recruiting at Miami in the SFLA area. So at the end of the day, it is a UM (connection) hire, and a great one no less.



Now if only JD would accept a position as the pitching coach.... :)

T.D.A.O.S. LOL.....

The press conference is available on FIU's baseball website. Any FIU fan should LISTEN and be extremely happy and optimistic!!!!

Yes Every FIU fan should listen to this over 20 minute clip of the press conference.



The Road to Omaha Starts Today


The Road to Omaha Starts Today


The Road to Omaha Starts Today

For all of you that didn't attend today's press conference you miss the witches. They were there and they looked amazing. Now to the press conference. Turtle Thomas becomes the best hire in PG's short reign (no offense to MC). Starting today Dade and Broward counties become "fair game" in the recruiting war and there is not a better player than the Turtle. Sorry Gino your job just became a nightmare your daddy's home. Paradox no disrespect, but players are in for a rude awakening. He mentioned 75, he'll get 100 and remember FIU had good talent, unfortunately Turtle only knows GREAT players. This is not a knock on the current players who I wish them well, but the man is used to greatness. Alex Rodriguez, Alex Fernandez, Pat Burrell, Jason Michaels, Bobby Hill, Danny Graves, Alex Cora are names that come to mind and there are over 60 yes 60 big leaguers who were recruited by this guy. This year he signed Danny Rams who I consider the best player in the county,(even though some will argue the best player was Yasmany Grandal). FIUers get ready because the FUN HAS JUST BEGUN.

pantera, I too share in your excitement. I am so pumped up for FIU baseball once again! Turtle, thank you for waking up this "sleeping giant". GPC: You guys are now responsible for showing up and supporting your GOLDEN PANTHERS at the stadium.

damn man i aint even a baseball fan and im alil excited to go watch a game or 2.. (class schedule allowing that is lol)

Anyone of you who do not think that this is another UM hire is just in denial - that's fine - I think there are programs and support groups for that. Also, what is this "sleeping giant" crap you all keep referring to. I read it when MC was hired and now with TT - give me a break. 1) when did FIU become an ahtletic program "giant" and 2) why were yall "sleeping" If my football team just had a winless season and my baseball team just stunk up the field for another year, the last thing I would be doing is "sleeping" I'd be wide-a-wake. To awake a "sleeping giant" there must be a "giant" involved in the equation. As far as FIU as athletics goes (especially in football) FIU is a dwarf. Now, FIU may be the dwarf known as "Sleepy" but that wouldn;t entitle you to use the phrase "sleeping giant" but at least it would make a little more sense, but not much. And enough with the TDAOS. You think FIU will be in Pasadena and Omaha next year playing for a Nat'l Championships in football and baseball. But until that happens those days are still here and they are far, far , far from over.

24/7 now you know i have a lvl of respect for anyone that is a U supporter so i will show you that lvl of respect right now and not completely chew you out. the term sleeping giant refers to the recruiting grounds that Both FIU and UM make their living on, UM before shannon got her had forgotten about it. FIU was never able to tap it, but that does not mean that we didnt have the capability to

2nd point, the term TDAOS, refer to the change in attitude in the FIU athletic program, and if you can not see that then i believe it is you that is delusional, and need to join those support group. i agree that there are several UM ties to the highering of Turtle but dont think it was just because the Name UM was on his resume was the reason we got him, we got him for Recruiting, which ties back to "sleeping Giant"

finally, i do not think that FIU community thinks that just cause the changes are happening that means 1 way ticket to Pasadena and Omaha next year, but we as FIU community believe that the road to those things are starting now, and it will not take the length in time that you are believing it will. those day in the past are over and those Glory days are comming sooner than you WANT to believe

24/7 dont worry, not totally angry with you, your commical spin of sleeping giant to Sleepy the Dwarf was quite commical so i award you 1 point out of 5

Congratulations FIU on the hire of Turtle Thomas. I wished Jeremy Foley would have hired him for Gator Land.Hey UCG fan that goes by the name 24/7 as long as the "tropical Depression" is winning, I'm a UF grad, but my son goes to FIU. Yes I was at the OB when the most famous play in that place occurred. It happened like this, the gators were spanking UM and just to have some fun we decided to drop on the field and let the scared Ibises score while the 20,000 fans (19,000 were gator fans like me) laughed at Charlie Tate and the Chocolate Factory. FIUers this fan is typical of a UCGer. No wonder nodoby likes them. They think the world is against them, they are troubled children. By the way did you all know that since they joined a real conference thay haven't being able to win a regular season championship WOW what an achievement. Louisville the place known for horse racing beat UM in football, basketball and baseball. UCG24/7 get another hubby because being a UM fan is beoming extremely hard. By the way, if you think RS is the answer, you're in for hard times. The GATORNATION won't let it happened. Just to give you an example our yearly fund raising event in your backyard (Merrick Park) had to be transferred to the Doral Country Club because it couldn't hold the amount of people that attended it. Guess who replaced us, you got it, UM. It never fails you guys are always 2nd to the real U, UF. NCAA football CHAMPS and BACK-To-BACK basketball (Sorry you don't know what a NCAA Final looks like) CHAMPS. From this gator, see you later.

.... GatorChamp, how does UF plan to keep the U out of National prominance? You guys are to scared to play the U, lets see you had us on the ropes one year and the U stormed back to kick your butt that was the most recent one am i right, how about the one before that , o thats right the U beat you guys, how about you play BOTH teams in the Big three (soon to be 4) before you start talking about trash.

CJ, are you a UM fan disguised as a FIU follower?. That's troubling. You're sounding like a UCGer always living in the past. If that is what you want I'll give you some history lessons. UF has an edge on victories against Miami in ALL MAJOR SPORTS.
Did you know that Miami was furious when the Orange Bowl Committee forced Miami last year to play UF in basketball ?. This year we took the baseball series against UM. I don't know if you are aware, but PG who happens to be the best thing that has happened to FIU as far as athletics is concerned, is already working to bring UF baseball, football and basketball to FIU ?. Did you know that the great Leonard Hamilton put a stop to the FIU-UM basketball series when coach Wetlich beat him. Do you know UM is about to cancel the rivalry because they say their "schedule" is so hard and they can't afford to lose to a local team. The FIU brass is trying to convince UM otherwise.

Please cj stick to one team.

dude dont tell me to stick to one team, i was born and raised a cane but i go to FIU (sounds like a similar Situation w/ your son at fiu and you a gator) i am 100% a fan of both, its retarded ignorant attacks that frustrate me, but dont worry i forgive you, you havent been here long enough to know that i do support fiu. o btw (in all honest question) who is part of UF's out of confrence schedule? besides FIU and FSU?

Welcome here UF fan. Let's engage in any FIU discussion, even if it includes other schools...UCG, UF, FSU, etc...but please CJ, stop this thread from becoming a Florida-UCG debate, before it does.

i only attacked when i was provoked, i got no beef w/ no1 everyone knows it

Point well taken FIU Fanatic. Actually I think this blog should be about FIU and FIU only. I'm a Gator, but I'm proud of FIU because of my son and the way things have been developing in Westchester. I only post when UCGers or as I call them fair weather, (no pun intended because as I said before the hurricane is now "a tropical depression"), fans try to put down a program that's doing things right. They hate the fact that FIU is moving in the right direction. That's all.

and with that note i actually agree w/ the Gator, i do think it is ignorant of UM fans to not at least recognize that the FIU program are on the Rise.

o just to get back on FIU , you all saw that the FIU/ Maryland game are goin to be on ESPN full circle! every ESPN network covering a FIU game!thats exciting

not that we should even acknowledge th new UF blogger but just to note their out of conference schedule to support CJ...Florida has tough games against Western Kentucky, Troy, Florida Atlantic and Florida State. I heard they tried to schedule St. Mary's school for girls but they didnt want to increase the out-of-conference strength of schedule.

And yeah, out of conference, Miami is playing @Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Marshall, FIU.

FIU plays Miami, Alabama, Arizona St, Penn St, Maryland, Arkansas..

Looks like florida plays the WEAKEST out of conference schedule of the three schools in question...

it does look like FIU is playing the hardest of the 3 out of confrences schedule, imagine the U, FSU, or UF playing that out of conference schedule w/ their confrence schedule lol that would be very interesting

Oh how scUM and scUMmer (UCG24/7 and MIA/NY) fret the thought of having local competition. These inept followers aren't as dim-witted as we know they are, they realize what is happening and deep down it worries them, but they'll never admit it. They'll just try and chip away at our Panther Pride, but you can't chip steel baby.

just a correction mia/ny josh, we dont play Arizona state, its arkansas state bt we do play Kansas o and the UFv. FIU is 08 so my previous statement wasnt 100%

Every FIU blogger usually has something good to say once in a while and provides some insight...FIUMom, FIUDad, CJ, FIU Blue etc...

But Scum, I feel like the whole blogging community gets dumber every time they are exposed to your writings. One of these days, we expect you to make a coherent point...Did you pass freshman english?

And no..."you can't chip steel baby" is not a coherent point...its perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever heard, no wonder you probably get D's in everything.

I think I am starting to understand FIU's point of you in this most recent posting exchange. Here it goes. UM is great, the have numerous Natl Championships in Football and Baseball and are one of the gold standard in college athletics and UF is a proven program with an abundance of recent success and years of interconference dominantion, and there are some FIU people that love both programs, but FIU is just a little school who is doing the best they can to be relevant and instead of the UM and UF people trying to knock them down for all their efforts, I guess what the FIU blog community is saying to UM and UF, we should disrespect them for wanting to be like The U and UF, but that we should respect them for their efforts and b/c they too are a Florida school. How about that analysis.

sorry 24/7 not that good. 1 FIU Aint a small school we dwarf the U in sheer size, so invalid statement one. your continued reference to what FIU is doing as an "Attempt" is not valid because, it aint an attempt, its a realization FIU IS developing right under UM's nose.

It would be nice to go two seconds without talking about UM on this blog. It has gotten to the point where it is mind numbing. Both are very different and FIU to this point has done very little on the field to warrant some of the things said on this blog. One day South Florida is going to sink beneath the Atlantic and both Universities will be lost. What will we all have to say then?

gosh fiurulez way to kill the buzz man lol we need something to talk about till football season

scUM and scUMmer. This my sole purpose under this name NY Slosh - to sanitize you.

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