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Let's Play Two; Let's Say Too or 2

Banks It was an Ernie Banks type of day for FIU baseball on Friday. First, 2 Golden Panthers get drafted and will play in the pros, then a future Golden Panther?? says he too wants to get drafted, but not in the pros -- rather by FIU. And another future Golden Panther?? was expected to prowl onto University Park on Friday.

Left fielder James McOwen was picked in the MLB Draft by the Seattle Mariners in the 6th round and catcher Luis Bautista was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 32nd round -- not too shabby for FIU baseball after the dismal season that is mercifully over. Mcow_3 Mariners

McOwen says he will sign with the M's and Bautista, a senior, obviously will be a Cub. Congrats to both. McOwen had one of the better offensive seasons in FIU's 35-year history.

"This makes me feel real good,'' said McOwen. "I know it doesn't fix how bad our season ended, but it definitely is something I'm proud of.''

Bautista provided one of the season's most majestic hits when he clobbered that 2-run shot at um in the 10th inning. I heard the ball finally landed at Coral Gables city hall the other day.

As for the FIU baseball coaching update, Rod Delmonico was on the "Descarga Deportiva" sports talk show on Friday evening with Jerry del Castillo (who corrected me in that the "d" in del is lower case). By the way, JdC translated the English interview with RD to Spanish for his listeners. I will translate JdC's name to English....Jerry of the Castle.

Anyways, RD is "very interested" in the FIU job -- now there's a shocker, isn't everybody interested? RD said the FIU job is "a job where you can build a program. A program that can get to Omaha and win a national championship. This is an area rich with talent where you can go to your mailbox and a find a player."

RD went on to add that "the first thing is to keep the talent at home" -- RD must be reading the GPP's previous blogs. Maybe the FIU witches and myself should apply for the baseball job, after all.

Which reminds me, since the coaching search will only get more in-depth with every available coach in America applying, let's take a moment to introduce our newest FIU witch, Kaley, who was summoned by the 3 original FIU witches to help solve this FIU coaching spell. Everyone say hello to Kaley...Kaley_5

Back to RD, he finished by telling JdC that FIU "is a job that's a sleeping giant." Now, I know this guy is reading the GPP.

RD was not the only big name talking FIU on Friday. South Florida pitching coach Lazer Collazo was expected to be on FIU grounds on Friday and it was probably not for the vacant FIU softball job.

So that makes JD, DiMare, RD and Lazer. Turtle Thomas (ASU), Mike Taylor (Rice) and Mark Calvi (South Carolina) are still involved in super regionals so they can't speak FIU language until their teams are eliminated. That's just a starters list, who knows who else may come a knocking on PG's door. Maybe Morris Buttermaker wants the job. Except, that the Bad News Bears days at FIU are over, son!

Matth_2  PANTHER PAWSE Gppaw

FI-UM Fan: The 790 radio interview is available on "The Inconvenient Truth" blog. Just click on the link.

HiHardHeat: You make a very valid point with your "Development" post. FIU has had baseball talent before. Just look at how this year's team hit, but the development from the coaching staff was never there. Exhibit A was the pitching this season. You can't totally blame the arms, because there hasn't been a pitching coach at FIU since Mark Calvi left.

scUMsanitizer: The GPP admires and respects your passion for FIU, but the liberal claw has to keep it clean.

RedArmy: Thanks for reading the GPP in Vermont. By my count we've reached double digits (10) in states readership. Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Colorado, California, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Tennessee and now the Maple Syrup capital - Vermont. Pancak

24/7: Coaches are not overrated. We need to look no further than FIU vs. um this year 2 times (there's that 2 theme again) where FIU's former coach blew both games. "He's bigger than me and he wanted the ball." -- famous last words.

Heck, my slo-pitch softball coach can win 2 or 3 games a season on his managerial decisions alone.


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As my name states it, this is my first post, but as they say, "long time reader". The reason to my entry is to answer the fellow that calls himself TheU24/7.

As a professor at FIU I was appalled at your racist comments on the previous blog. Stick to your belief, but don't take shots at people that have nothing to do with sports. You were totally out of line when you wrote and I quote "take it east of the FIU campus where people have jobs that dont involve picking fruit or planting trees and where people eat food that does not have either beens or rice in it and have someone translate it". Young man those are strong words.

I read these post because they are entertaining and competitive. Your comments were racist.

Please keep posting but make sure you do it without hurting other people.

Newbie - If thats the first time you think people have made personal attacks / been racist etc, you obviously have not been a long time reader so moving on...

I have said before on here, I think RD would be a great choice and you have to look no further than this years draft when he placed another player he stole from south florida into the first round of the MLB draft.

Welcome, New.

I think Mike Taylor from Rice would be a great choice.

Any word on who will be the new softball coach? What about replacing Lon Record?

PG hire Mcik Smith and his 13 years of basketball experience is training football. assistants with no football experience are helping. great move PG!

MIA/NY Josh...Are you 7-11's personal attorney? Common...he has said that repeatedly and used Spanish as a means of insulting...What is wrong is wrong...don't you agree? Weak argument...That would open the door for anybody here to start denigrating blacks, Jewish people from UM, etc. It's a bit extreme fun...

As for the blog...pretty interesting

It seems every time 7-11 posts, that Josh guy posts right after defending him. Maybe they live together and are tightly connected, via a network I mean.

I don't know who that new witch is but she can mix me a potion any day.

Give me a break - if your offended, then you do not really read this blog, and you certainly did not read the post for which I was responding to. My comments were not racist, sir, you know nothing about me. You have no idea of my background, my ethnicity, my religion. Hell, I might be a farmer living in Cuba for all you know, so do me a favor, if you have something to say about FIU sports, do so, if you have something to say about the current FIU changes, do it, if you want to talk about UM and how they are a bunch of "rich white kids" which is a comment posted on this blog multiple times, then go ahead, but don't lecture me. I am not your student, i am not your son, if you want to lecture someone, stick to the people in your class. I mean this site is for entertainment, we even have a censor, "The Claw," so much like the TV, and Radio people say, if you don't like it, don't read it, if you think it is wrong or improper, change the channel. Sir, if you were offended, I am sorry. I am sorry that you can not understand that on this site many of the comments are made in jest and yes, some do get personal, but as I have stated many a times, noone here should take anything personal because nobody knows anyone on here personally and I am sorry that you are so thin skinned that some general "put downs" and social and geogrphical observations hurt you so much. If this is the type of personality thyat is representative of the FIU fanbase, then you and FIU are not ready for big time football, Stop the building of the stadium b/c it is not necessary. Right or wrong, you are going to hear much much worse in the stands then that of what was stated in my post. I can't wait until the first time UM plays FIU in "The Cage" and this professor feels the need to go down on the field at half time to tell everyone in the stands to stop talking to one another with disrespect and to just hug. Give me a break, go back to making lesson plans.

I am hoping that Calvi gets a good look. He seems to have a good resume and his time at FIU is a plus.

NewToTheGPPBlog: In PP I trust. If he did not feel the need to claw the comment, it is all good.

PP: You continue to be the man! Go ahead and apply. We will start a letter writing campaign to PG. Just give the order!

How about sticking to the topic on the blog and cutting out the personal attacks? No need for stuff like that.

The Delmonico interview opened up some eyes, or ears, at least. Has he interviewed with PG already?

Pete has to hire former University of Tennessee coach Rod Delmonico.

1. Money does not seem to be an issue since PG arrived and got MAdique to loosen the purse strings.

2. Another U of CG hire and things are really going to start smelling fishy

Just to go off topic for a second, I just got back from Baltimore...visiting Camden Yards for the first time..(hence my 2 day hiatus) and much to my surprise, there were El Monstruo posters everywhere welcoming him to Baltimore. He is going to make a huge impact..maybe they will give him keys to the city too.

Hey Pete:

How come the only games to which you ever refer are the ones played on April 4 and April 11? And since you like to mention those, I realize management of the pitching was the problem, but there was some pretty good stuff being thrown in the middle innings of both games. Or did nobody else but me see every big hitter from UM stike out at least once against the FIU freshman reliever?

Good point paradox...he was/is very good. As you said, it was "pitching management".
A side note: Nick Cadena was moved to Bakersfield Blaze, his first 3 games he's 7-11 with 8 RBI's. On 6-5-07, he was 3-3 with 6 rbi's. He hit a 7th inn. grand slam and a towering shot to centerfield.
...The alumni games are gonna get better and better as some of these players develop under knowledgeable coaches.

OK - I have sat back silent long enough, this U24/7 has to be put in his place. Though I agree with the professor, some times it is better to fight fire with fire. You say that FIU is nothing but a bunch of Spanish people and a substandard academic school in the middle of nowhere. Look sir, I live down the street from the beautiful and ever expanding FIU campus, so in essence, you are syaing that I live in the middle of nowhere and that the only job I have (or by implication am qualified for) is to plant trees or pick fruit. Mr. U24/7, I am a professional business man with multiple companies. I got my degree from FIU and I would not trade it for the world. UM is an overrated private school for people with money. By the way, I am sure there are a lot of Spanish people at FIU too. You my friend have no idea what it means to be hispanic. You are probably some young white boy at Um who thinks that you can throw around names like Sean Taylor, Jonathan Vilma, Ray Lewis, Dan Morgan and Buck Ortega like they were your friends simply b/c they went to the U. Buddy, they do not know who you are. They do not care about you. They could buy and sell you butt. You need to wake up to reality. You live in So. Fla. now. You don't live in middle America or wherever you came from to attend the U. The culture down here is different. I hope that you don't take your views outside of your dorm room because if you do, I fear for your safety. You really want to walk down the street (even in CG) and tell the Spanish people to go west of the turnpike and find a strawberry to pick - I don't think so. 24/7, you need to think before you post. You need to read what you write. You and your self appointed attorney NY/MIA need to respect the FIU community, the So. Fla community. Unless you were born and raised here - you just don't understand. I am soory professor, but FIU wouldn;t know hard work if it hit him in the head. he is probably some little white kid who drives around in his Mercedes his dad bought him, listening to rap songs real loud with the windows down so people think he is cool. 24/7 - you're not, you're fake, live with that. FIUdad out.

Are you serious FIUdad? Have you completely gone off the reservation? Did the Sopranos ending last night screw you up that much that you felt the need to come onto the blog and post that load of garbage? I think everyone who read your post in now dumber because of you. However, it is typical from the FIU fanbase, so I do not know why I am so surprised. Sir, I don't care if you are freakin Donald Trump, FIU is still inferior to Miami in academics, athletics, location, student body, tradition, hell, I bet even the food tatse better at The U. I do not care how tired you are of me, I do not care if you agree with our new professor, you both can go play Cubilete together, and bad mouth the U, I don't care. What I do care about is, and I want everyone who reads these post, that eventhough FIUdad has said something "personal" about me, " he is probably some little white kid who drives around in his Mercedes his dad bought him, listening to rap songs real loud with the windows down so people think he is cool," it doesn't bother me. I don't care. Truth of the matter is, I do drive around in a car my father bought for me, listening to "This is Why I'm Hot," and yes, I do think it make s me cool - but it is not a Mercedes, it is a Cadillac XLR. So what, do I have to apologize for that? Sorry it isn;t an El Camino, or a Honda Civic, with rims, tints and stereo system that probably cost more than the car itself. Do me a favor, go back to sitting in silence. Enjoy the posts. Continue to read the blog, bot stop posting comments directed towars me, you sound foolish.

Wow, U24/7. You are surely the worlds expert on all propaganda and biased opinions about Suntan U (as those of us from the Midwest refer to it).
By what basis do you say the academics at the private school across town is superior to the state school? The private school has only ONE nationally recognized program - RSMAS - and you note that the words "at the University of Miami" are often either not included at all or written in tiny font in the corner. The academics and qualifications of the faculty at FIU are quite high. You might want to check on where the FIU faculty have come from. They did not just get those doctorates from some mail order institution.

lol 24/7 i think FIUdad got under your skin alil bit. but it must be nice having the Old man buying you nice car and stuff...

"FIU is still inferior to Miami in academics, athletics, location, student body, tradition, hell, I bet even the food tatse better at The U" um if i recall correctly i think we at FIU trump you in student body... and location as well... you might be in coral gables but access isnt to appealing. the rest we are quickly catching up .

Good post FIUdad.

Hi everyone. I'm also a first time poster. I must admit I've only been reading GPP for about a month and I believe you guys are giving great inside info as far as the coaching situation for the FIU baseball team.
I'm an FIU alumni, both undergrad and graduate, and I've followed the baseball team since 1998. I would say I've gone to at least 15-20 games a season. I was there when they began the season 20-0 in 1999 and also in 2001 when they won their regional and went on to the super regionals, only to lose to Mark Prior and USC. I have always thought that Danny Price was a great coach. After hearing the news of his firing I was upset. But I see some flaws that a few other posters have pointed out in DP, such as the local scouting factor. I believe we needed a change. We needed someone to show FIU fans what it's like to be a contender in the Sunbelt conference. I don't believe we would have seen it in Mr. Price.
I am very excited in the fact that Delmonico is "very interested" in the open managerial position. His track record is definately something to consider. He's one win away from 700 career wins. He's led his UT team to the top of their division four times and also has taken them three times to the CWS. I would definately say he's very qualified to manage the Golden Panthers. I've read that the reason they fired him in UT is basically the same reason we fired Danny Price, inconsistency. I truly feel that if Delmonico were hired, he would turn this program around. As far as pay goes, he's not overly concerned because he's getting a nice severance form UT. They still owe him over $400k (payable in 12 months). Also, it would be AWESOME if he would bring his son to play down here as well. He's currently a sophomore, but has earned many honors, among them: Freshman All-America honors, SEC All Freshman team, named 2007 SEC All Tournament All Star team.

Welcome, Yandro.

I gotta admit that it is annoying when these UCG guys brag about their top-of-the-world football team, intramural cricket squad and award-winning sbarro's pizza...
But let's get something clear here:
Since when does the car you drive indicate the $$$ you got in yr bank account?
It's MIAMI people, everybody wants to drive a nice car, even if you got bills up yr pooper...
Rich white kids...they are everywhere, UCG, FIU, Miami-Dade, not going to school at all...I go to FIU and I know there are people with money there (driving a nice car or not)...sometimes it comes down to grades or how much money the parents wanna spend in college or other things...i dunno
Could we get back to FIU ATHLETICS please?!

Everytime a new pro-FIU poster comes onto this board, it is evidence that the GPC (Golden Panther Community) a.k.a. "the sleeping giant" is awakening from its slumber. This is very exciting.

The GPC has been quickly going about its business of making postive impacts in our communities, maximizing our FIU educations and climbing up rankings in all areas.

The time has now come to stop being soo quiet. We must be loud and proud members of the GPC. As an alum, I encourage you posting early and often on this board. Not only does it strengthen our network, it drowns out the noise created by U24/7.

As for baseball, let's get a winner in here, give the GPC a winner to root for and get this GPC bandwagon rolling!

As always, go G-Panthers!!


The U 24/7,

I just noticed something, you are more interested in our BLOG than your SCum blog. This is really interesting. I read the scUM blog and I don't see any comments from you. What not enough attention from us ? MIAMI is an after-thought because of poor management.

Explain why you feel compelled to appear on this blog and insult people. Go to section T home side of the OB, row 26. I have scUM tix thru work and FIU tix on my own. I would love to entertain your insults in front of dozens of scUM fans. By the way last year at the game, I sat there and took my medicine from U fans, but no one disrespected me to my face !! We can all have fun and cheer our teams. I'll be there all season watching UCG lose to Marshall, A&M and FIU....Come and say hello, or you can hide like a delusional coward behind this BLOG.

FIUBlueandGold - I love how you think you know everything. How you go trolling through other blogs to see if I am posting there too. Glad to see you are putting your time and efforts into something constructive. But not to burst your bubble, did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe, I do post on the other sites under a different name. Just something to consider before you go ranting and raving any additional nonsense. As for your offer to come sit w/ you, please, I have sat in the same seat for the past 18 years, you think just because you throw some strong words on this blog I am going to leave my seat to entertain you. Especially after you make some outlandish statement like losing to Marshal, A7M and FIU. Give me a break. I have no use for you brother - you are a nobody to me. Furthermore, do you realize when you accuse someone of being a tough guy over a blog, or on the post, you in essence, are doing the same thing and I could reverse the argument and use it against you. But I won't because I am above that kind of garbage - I leave those types of posts to you and the rest of the FIU gangsters who post here. As for sports - which apparently some of the FIU posters here have decided not to talk about - Pete can we get an update on ALL of the FIU football players who were drafted or got mini camp try-outs. I would like to know if those players are making the "impact" as was predicted by the posters here.


So U need aliases to hide behind....Why not be consistent so we can read your thought provoking comments on the U blog ? By the way, I did not know that gangsters held high level management positions at Fortune co.'s here in South Florida ??? Son, I see hot shots come in and out of my company every year looking to make a name for themselves. Some from MIAMI and some from FIU. Bottom line, soft skills cannot be taught. Those who are most successful "get it" and I am quite certain most universities don't teach that. Parents and guardians do that. You sound like an absolute brat, bitter about something related to FIU. Why, what, when ?? Because we dream of success ? C'mon kid, get over it and stop with the insults and personal attacks. Write something intelligent about MIAMI or FIU and earn a little respect here.

Great post FIUBlueandGold....

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