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Panther Pawse No. 16

Well, since the GPP keeps growing in numbers and comments, we've decided to make the PantherGppaw Pawse a separate post that will precede a new blog every time. This will be our 16th edition and counting...

Tira Think of it as dessert before the main course.

For those of you who have not been with us since our humble beginning back in March, PANTHER PAWSE is the segment where we take a pawse from blogging to answer your questions and comment on your suggestions.

Before we get to all of you, stay tuned for the next GPP blog: updating FIU players in the NFL. Now on to your questions and concerns.

FIUmom: I'm sure the FIU football team is having a healthy meal consisting of the five food groups tonight, but I did not get any invite so I won't be dropping by.

sunblazer69: From what I've heard, neither Jim Morris nor Kevin Cooney (both huge DP fans, because they beat him like a rented mule) have offered the former FIU baseball coach a job. Now, there's a shocker.

FIUandMe: The GPP heard from sources that matter, that um does not want to play FIU in football anymore. FIU does want to play um on an annual basis.

CJ: The GPP has thought of the new recruits interviews and we'll get to them as soon as we can. When you get to the City of Lights say hello to Paris for me while you're over there. That's hot.

fiurulez: I didn't know 24-7 was still in kindergarten.Hilton_2Parhil_2 

gablespanther and A Realisst: Very interesting comparisons of Coker and Morris. Looking at their tenures, it looks like both coaches won with Butch Davis and Turtle Thomas's players. Ya, think old Jim is wishing FIU did not change baseball coaches? Bet the mortgage on that one.

As far as your concerns Crazy Cane: the GPP has always answered 24-7's questions (check out previous Panther Pawse's). Here are three more answers:

1) TT will attract top prep players to play baseball at FIU, because first there's a ton of talent down here that um and other schools cannot take them all. Plus, unlike when he was at um, TT does not have to worry if he runs out of scholarships, because FIU is around $3,000 to attend as opposed to um's $30,000 to go there.

2) The FIU/NFL update follows this post. And there's both good and bad FIU news on there, so you can't say the GPP only writes on a rose-tinted keyboard.

3) Coaching does matter at every level. If MC and his staff were in place last year, FIU wins the Sun Belt and plays in a bowl game. The FIU defense's effort was wasted last season by inept preparation (read: coaching) on offense. If TT was in charge of FIU baseball since the Super Regional loss to USC, the Golden Panthers probably would have already played in at least 1 College World Series. And if you want a local example, the other day I filled in for another softball team (the Isotopes) in the league I play in on Sunday mornings. The Isotopes starting pitcher was running out of gas in the final inning while they were ahead 7-6, so I told the captain of that team to bring in their regular pitcher, a lefty. With runners on first and second with no outs, the lefty struck out the first batter and then got the next batter to hit into a double play. Isotopes held on and won 7-6. That was a coaching move that helped win that game.

Let's go talk FIU in the NFL...


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