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Stirring the "Charmed Job" Brew

Charmedd_3 After taking the weekend off to design the T.D.A.O.S. t-shirts that YouGotGold suggested, the FIU witches are back with some revelations in their brew about the FIU baseball head coach job or as it's also known -- the "Charmed Job".

The FIU baseball position is the "Charmed Job" because who would NOT want to coach a Division I college baseball program in Miami with the wealth of high school talent in South Florida at an up and coming university and play in a stadium with plenty of potential to establish a winning tradition. It's almost like asking a potato farmer if he wants to develop his crop in Idaho.Potat

Through their magical powers, the girls have seen in their brew the two um guys (J.D and Gino) interview at FIU in these last two days. But unlike some folks -- like the "concerned" media -- might think, there are more candidates than the um guys. In fact, one interesting name became available on Monday.

Former Tennessee coach Rod Delmonico was fired from UT on Monday. Yes, Delmonico has had some off years, but he did take the Vols to the College World Series as recently as 2005 and has been to the CWS in 2001 and 1995. UT still owes him a ton of money, so the greenbacks should not be an issue and RD has always recruited well down here and owns a home here as well.

Rose, Alyssa and Holly also saw visions of Turtle Thomas, Mike Taylor, Steve Owens and Mark Calvi appear in their pot as they stirred.

Thomas, an Arizona State assistant, has been a master recruiter at um, LSU and ASU, but has never been a head coach in his more than 20 years in college baseball.

Taylor, a Rice University assistant and recruiting coordinator, has also emerged in the girls' brew. Taylor has been with the Owls 15 years and helped put 2-ger the 2003 national championship team.

Rice Here's Rice celebrating the 2003 national championship....how about FIU?

Owens, the head coach at Le Moyne College, is the 9th winningest active coach in NCAA Division I. He has coached for 15 years and is a consistent recruiter in South Florida.

Calvi, the former FIU pitching coach and current South Carolina pitching coach, was sorely missed when he left FIU. You folks have seen the decline in FIU pitching since Calvi's departure. In his 11 years at FIU, the Golden Panthers ranked five times in the top 10 nationally in ERA. Since then the only ERA worth mentioning at FIU is the Equal Rights Amendment in a history class.

Along with Delmonico: Thomas, Taylor, Owens and Calvi seem like solid candidates. Wouldn't anybody really be a step up, anyway?

But seriously, these 5 guys seem to have the qualities to take FIU baseball to the next level and not let the talent down here bolt for It's Cold Up North University. As for the um guys, I'm not so sure they're ready to become head coaches. The resumes of the 5 other guys seem to dwarf the um guys. 

That's just the conclusions the girls and I came to. What do you guys think of these 7 candidates? Is there someone we may have missed?


FIU Fanatic: The way it seems to go with the local media is that until FIU wins on a regular basis, these guys and gals will only show up when there is a hiring or a firing. Until then they will blindly comment on FIU when it's convenient.

gpantera: Good to hear they are T.D.A.O.S-ing at the Prez's on-campus house.

FIU GoldenPanther: Heard there may be some work done to the Pharmed Arena in the future. Yes, the arena does need a nip and tuck.

fiurulez and FI-UM Fan: The witches and I couldn't coach FIU baseball. No one would pay attention to the game with the girls coaching, including me. So that kind of makes it like the last 5 years.

24/7: I think you will be one of the first people to buy tickets to USF at FIU on Sept. 2008.

A Realisst: Why do I not doubt you played for FIU? Because everything, you posted sounds so true. Thanks for your input.

Shannon: We could take that long walk on the beach when you dump your boyfriend.

Folks, you can catch a Spanish FIU segment with yours truly on "Descarga Deportiva" (1550 AM 6-7 p.m. weeknights with Jerry Del Castillo and Pepe Campos) starting soon a weekly basis. Radio seems to want to get on the Golden Panthers train. Although I've got to say "Descarga" has always been on there. Don't worry will translate for the non-Spanish speakers.

FIU and Me: Here's your early X-Mas gift from the GPP........Chrm_2


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