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The Inconvenient Truth

Let's stick a fork in this steak, which is actually turning into baloney now.   Balon_2 Steak_2

Nearly 2 weeks ago, the Danny Price baseball era at FIU was cooked. And within the last 12 days, some of the "concerned" local media have come out and said things like "it was an asinine move" to let DP go and "what a disgrace FIU has become by firing DP".

Add to it the so-called "police" escort off-campus that DP said he got and you got yourself Fantasy Island -- local media style.

Island Let's set the record straight here, because apparently the "concerned" local media -- who by the way never showed up for one FIU baseball game or practice this year -- is delusional with this firing.

No. 1: DP was NEVER escorted off campus after he was fired. DP left his pick-up truck with the lights on and the front door open parked in front of the gate of the baseball stadium at 11:30 p.m. that Saturday night. FIU police, doing their regular rounds, saw this truck and went into the stadium to make sure no one was breaking and entering. The link to my story on this is below. In the story, FIU chief of police Bill King said about the bogus police escort:

''No sir, that was not case,'' said FIU Chief of Police Bill King, when asked if police had been called to escort Price. "That might have been Coach Price's perception. . . . Officers didn't even know he was terminated. I don't think we would ever have to escort a person like Danny. I think it was just a matter of different perspectives.''


So let's end the melodrama on the escort at FIU. The only escort at FIU that night might have been a Ford Escort parked in the parking garage.

No. 2: Some of the "concerned" local media had DP on the radio last Saturday morning where the host said it was an "asinine move" by FIU to let DP go. C'mon man, how many more years of mediocrity and letting South Florida's top high school players bolt for colleges like Manhattan, Samford, Marshall and then watch those players come back with those teams and beat FIU like Manhattan swept FIU this year.

FAU coach Kevin Cooney was also on that radio show and he too was not happy about DP being fired. Of course, Cooney's not happy, because he's owned FIU in the last 12 meetings between the Golden Panthers and the Owls. FAU is 10-2 against FIU in the last 12 games. That reminded me of how much Bill Belichick used to praise Dave Wannstedt when Wanny coached the Dolphins. Of course, Belichick said Wanny was a great coach, because the Pats owned the Fins during that time and as long as Wanny was there the dominance would continue. Belic

Both Cooney and Jim Morris probably choked on their oatmeal when they read the headline in Sunday morning's May 20th edition of the Miami Herald: FIU fires longtime baseball coach Price.

Now both coaches will have to actually coach against FIU.

"Asinine" would have been NOT to make a move with the baseball program. Like I've said a zillion times, there is NO reason whatsoever why FIU cannot be a Top 25 team when it comes to baseball. There is WAY TOO MUCH talent down here for that not to happen. This baseball program has been going down the toilet the last 5 years. Now, T.D.A.O.S.

So for the "concerned" local media, when you start actually covering FIU then you would actually be able to form a somewhat realistic opinion when moves are made to the university's sports programs.


Great movie comments by you guys. sunblazer69: Interesting comparisons of FIU coaches to movie characters. I could see MC in Gladiator.

ScUMsanitizer: Your movie posts were hilarious, but No. 7 got the claw, because we got to show moms respect. When referring to um, The Saint and Catwoman references were right on the money.

Yours truly had a guest appearance on the "Dos Amigos" radio show 2 days ago on Wednesday. The Dos Amigos: Larry Milian and Alan Strauss (10 p.m.-12 midnight weeknights on 790 AM) talked about creating a weekly FIU segment on their show as we get closer to football season. Will let you know when the segment begins. Here's the link to Wednesday's interview.


Chrm_2  The FIU witches have informed me that the search for the new FIU baseball coach involves coaches whose teams are still playing in the NCAA regionals this weekend so it'll probably be another week or so before the girls can start seeing the top candidates emerge in their witches brew. We'll help the girls out on the next blog.


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