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Turtle talks FIU

Omha_2 For the last five seasons, FIU baseball could not get gas in its tank, much less find any kind of road to get to Omaha. 

Last Thursday, The Road to Omaha was discovered for the Golden Panthers as they filled up their tank and got a driver, Turtle Thomas, to show them the way to the College World Series. Having been in the CWS 14 times, TT knows the way. In fact, he's there now with the Arizona State Sun Devils who won Saturday and play tonight against defending champion Oregon State.

Before TT hopped on a plane to Omaha, he went recruiting for FIU at the Perfect Game National Showcase in Cincinnati last Friday. The PGNS is the first chance coaches get to see the top high school juniors in the nation. Depending what happens tonight with ASU, TT said he will also fly to North Carolina this week for the Tournament of Stars, which is another h.s. juniors showcase. TT described it as the USA junior national trials. Is there any wonder why TT had 19-straight Top 10 recruiting classes, that included players like Chipper Jones and Alex Rodriguez? Arod Chip

Here's what TT had to say to the GPP about his new job before he was introduced as the FIU baseball coach last Thursday...

Turtle GPP: What interested you about the FIU job?

TT: The Miami area for recruiting is probably the best area that plays high school baseball of anywhere in the country. I'd say that and Southern California. We feel like we can get the majority of our players from the South Florida area. I have always thought and many coaches around the country have always thought that FIU is a sleeping giant that has been asleep for a little while. Hopefully we're ready to wake it up and get things going.

GPP: What do you think of the Sun Belt Conference?

TT: First of all the Sun Belt is a good baseball conference. Three teams made this year's tournament and you compare it to the Pac 10, which had four teams and the SEC had five. That's not far behind. There are two big schools down here. Miami is going to get its share of players. FIU is going to get its share of players. We're going to be one of those people that is not afraid to go after any of the big boys.

GPP: Attendance has dwindled at FIU baseball games the last 5 years. How do you get people in the seats?

TT: Skip Bertman had the blueprint 23 years ago. They had about 350 fans a game at LSU. Skip and his staff went to every Lions club, Rotary club, Kiwanis club, every service club around and they took season ticket brochures, camp brochures and at the end of their speeches they would make a pitch for LSU athletics and we're going to do the same thing. We're going to sell season tickets right on the spot. We're going to do every thing we can to get the message out and get people excited, to keep people excited about FIU baseball. Winning is certainly big. There's nothing you can do to substitute for winning. That's the number one thing that draws people to your games. We fully expect to do that.

GPP: What kind of situation are you inheriting at FIU?

TT: What we want to do is make steady improvement. This is not a fix-it immediately type of thing. It's not going to be an overnight success. We have to move up the ladder. Get a little better in the Sun Belt, get better nationally so that we can get to where we want to go.

GPP: How do you sell FIU baseball to a high school player that has been turned off by the previous FIU baseball coaching staff?

TT: This is going to be a situation where you are going to help us build this program. You are going to be one of those foundation type of guys. You're going to help us get to where we want to go. Our coaching staff I guarantee you is going to be a good one. I'm going to still handle the hitting and catching. We're going to have a very good coaching staff that is going to help develop them as players to make them a better college player and eventually a higher draft pick. We're going to try and develop their skills as much as we possibly can.

GPP: Were you offered other head coaching positions along the way in your 30 years in college baseball? If so, any reason why you didn't take them?

TT: Yes. One was Evansville (Ind.). I had it, but honestly I didn't really want to go north and the financial whatever was not the greatest in the world. I would have had to take a big cut in pay. Some people can do that, some people can't. Most assistants don't have a large amount of extra money laying around. I just didn't think that mainly because it was in cold weather and it was not a great conference and things like that.

GPP: So I guess for a college coach, coaching baseball in a warm weather city is a big deal? Mia_2

TT: No question. Just like in recruiting, obviously, you've got some selling points here. The best weather in the country. The Miami/Fort Lauderdale area there's so many things to do and see. You got the four major sports franchises down here. Championship level play. There are many attractive things to attract a recruit to this area or keep one at home. Here, if we can keep the homegrown talent around then that increases attendance for one Alba thing, because you got families and relatives and girlfriends that come to the game as well. We would like to keep the best players at home and attract them to our school.


GPP: Why do you think you have had 19-straight Top 10 recruiting classes?

TT: One thing, you're at a good school and that attracts players right away. Number two you have to have a great work ethic to be a good recruiter. You can't let an hour go by without making a recruiting call. Calling a coach, a player, whatever it might be. It's perseverance more than anything else. You sit down every night and you make at least 3 to 4 hours of phone calls every night. You keep information coming to them through e-mails and texts and mail outs. You try to keep that stuff going to them as much as you can. It's much hard work, perseverance, be willing to sit at 4 or 5 games a day from 8 in the morning to 11 at night, which you do so often during the summer. I think you have to have a pretty good idea for talent too and not everybody is able to do that.

GPP: Have you thought about your assistants? A lot fans have been clamoring for a "real" pitching coach since Mark Calvi left. Will you have a "real" pitching coach?

TT: I have contacted some people and we've discussed some terms and job descriptions. I will hire a pitching coach. Mark was a good one. The guy I have in mind I am interviewing him when we're done with the press conference. He's been in professional ball and he's in college now. He's supposed to be absolutely tremendous. He's a Hispanic kid and he's not too terribly far away from here. It's not anybody from Miami.

Tortuga GPP: Where did your nickname "Turtle" come from?

TT: It came from a friend in the 9th grade back in North Carolina. Back in those days I was as tall as I am now, about 6-2, but I was 155 pounds. I had a long, skinny neck and the school I caught for had green catching gear. The chest protector looked like a turtle shell. It wasn't that I was that slow, because I was a relatively fast runner.

GPP: What do you think of the FIU baseball facilities?

TT: There's a good base there. I think it has to be spruced up some. Pete [Garcia] has some plans to do some luxury boxes and things like that. Maybe move the coaches offices to another part of the stadium. Just some different ideas to do some things, which I thought were all very good ideas.

TT added he wants to coach another 20 years, so that he totals 50 years of coaching in college baseball. TT signed a four-year contract with FIU for $320,000. He added that in addition to recruiting at the tournaments in Cincy and N.C., he has compiled a list of 75 "scavengers" -- players that are still available to sign with FIU. These are junior colleges players or overlooked high schoolers.

PG announced after the TT press conference that FIU will host USC (Southern Cal) for a 3-game series next season. FIU is also working on playing FSU next season, likely in Tallahassee. No more of those road trips where the FIU bus bypasses FSU and parks in Florida A&M. To be the best, you have to play the best.


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Absolutely great information PP! I love the fact we are already scheduling USC..... to a home series no less!

I'm also glad it is clear the list of 75 "scavengers" is from UNSIGNED juco and/or high school players. I'm sure some ill-intentioned people will still have trouble comprehending this, but, your interview made it clear then....

Do you know....or better yet..do you have any idea who this pitching coach candidate might be?

He is already recruiting for FIU...That is just awesome!!!

Sounds great. I am ready to buy season tickets! PP are you the pitching coach he's talking about?

Great news all around Pete! Yea, it would be nice to know if TT has already hired the pitching coach. I'm thrilled USC will be coming to FIU.

Hopefully the series with FSU is worked out and that also gives us another worthy opponent. I'd rather play FSU than, say, Harvard.

Also, any legs to the rumor floating around that ucg's head coach, Jim Morris has cancelled the baseball series between ucg and FIU? PP, can you shed some light on this?

Things are certainly sounding like they are taking off in the right direction. I am excited about everything I am hearing. I do, however, wonder about one thing that maybe you can clear up for me, Pete. In your article you said that Turtle would be going to these showcases "depending on how ASU does" in the CWS. I understand that he needs to get things rolling for us, and I commend him on jumping on things right away. But isn't it only fair that he focus his attention on the team he is still with until they are finished? Call me crazy, but I think being in a position to win the college world series is a pretty big deal that requires a load of concentration.

last i checked on the game ASU was getting hammered, but i dont know about the final score, i love what im hearing, the recruiting already is priceless(no pun intended) and scheduling USC at home is awesome, i am def. goin to some of the games this year and i hate baseball lol.

"TT: No question. Just like in recruiting, obviously, you've got some selling points here. The best weather in the country." just thought this was funny w/ the string of horrible weather we've been having lately

With all the talk we have had on this blog of Miami guys comming to FIU and how the new FIU coaches are going to recruit "against" Miami - why didn't PP address this issue a little more in depth? For instance, a good question would have been TT, with your cross town rival and former employer right down the street - what are you going to tell kids, who want to stay in SoFla, as to why they should choose FIU over Miami? Why didn't PP ask TT, Is the reason that you haven't taken a head coaching job until now is because you were waiting for the UM job to open up and since that doesn't seem like it is going to happen anytime soon you took the FIU job so that you could recruit SoFla and when Morris decides to step down you could be a natural fit? These are all good issues that would have sent this blog over the top. The reason I think PP did not ask these types of questions is because he was scared to hear the answers, or, but then again, TT probably would have done the politically correct thing and not been honest. What can you expect from a guy that is the middle of a Nat'l Championship run and decides to abandon his current team while in Omaha, set up recruiting trips while in Omaha, ignore his current responsibilities (at some level) while in Omaha, and loses focus with his current team while in Omaha. If TT can take FIU to Omaha one day, I hope the UM job doesn't open up that same week or we could see history repeat itself - its working out for ASU so far right?

I think it was a good idea for PP not to ask those questions of TT, why give UCG a chance to prepare for the responses he would have given.

And btw, nobodies sitting around waiting for UCG jobs to open up. Take a look around, everybodies caught up with you.

TheU24/7- are you serious? Why in the world would PP ask those types of rediculous questions. TT doesn't care about UM anymore. He is a Golden Panther now buddy, you are just goping to have to deal with it. The way I see it, TT used UM to get where he really wanted to be - the Head Coach at FIU. I don't think he is (or was) waitng for Morris to leave, I think he was waiting for Danny Price to go. How about them apples? You think everything revolves around THE U, news flash my friend, it doesn't. Not everyone wants to be associated with The U, not everyone bleeds Green and Orange. I understand you are a die hard and you are a proud fan of The U, but on this blog, it is all abou the Golden Panthers. TT is one of us now and will be for a long time to come. He is going to take us to the promise land. They are our Moses and Omaha is our Holy Land. MC is going to do the same in football. Hey, PP, there is your new shirt idea, you could have TT standing on a river bed with his arms raised holding a staff and show the waters parting with Rosenblatt stadium on the other side in the distance. There is a shirt I would buy. Or maybe make posters with that idea for football and baseball, if you want, I will design it and send it to you so you could show PG. What do you think? I really think I could be on to something here. Maybe you could refernce it in your next blog so I can know whether or not to create it. You're the best PP, The U24/7, you're the worst.


Are you Dave Chappelle ? Simply Hilarious....

fiu dad those are some great ideas, but you know 24/7 is goin to scream athiest and then we will have to hire an atheist coach for his t-shirt

I don't know about hiring an atheist coach, but if FIU did find it necessary, I am sure that they would hire one from The U. All kidding aside, FIUDad, you are njot an intelligent man. You really think that TT was waiting for the FIU job to open up? Dos any-1 else here really believe that? If you do, then I have a bridge to sell you. And to say that TT doesn't care about UM - where are you getting that crap from? The man was there for over a decade - he won a Nat'l Championship there and he never sold his house in SoFL, why, so he could come back to Miami and coach FIU? Yeah right, and pigs freakin fly. Sir, I am sure you are a nice old man, but your comments on this blog are nothing short of rediculous. They have no humor, no meaningful content, no relevant insight, and they offer no enjoyment to the reader. Please stop posting. Let your son/daughter post. May be they will say something worth responding to.

24/7 i think FIU dad has got alot of instightfulness too him and maybe you should read it again, he was just mimicking you in the FIU tone of voice. the point was he wasnt waiting for any imparticular team rather one that is in fertile recruiting grounds. hence not jumping to that other school. but he's here now at FIU and despite your enthusiastic belief in your Hypothosis, thats all it is, you have no proof. so... nice try on the Hypothosis though.

Recruting 101.

Jim Morris got Ryan Braun - Very Good

JD Arteaga - Yonder Alonso (Only reason he went to UM was JD's friendship with his dad)- Very Good

Gino - NONE of his recruits have made it to the Big Leagues - Not Very Good

Turtle Thomas - Chipper Jones, Alex Rodriguez, Pat Burrell, Alex Fernandez, Alex Cora, Bobby Hill, Jason Michaels, Aubrey Huff. Any question?.

Does anybody doubt TT will outrecruit the 3 Stooges at UCG ?.

In baseball as in football T.D.A.O.S






Hey, leave 7-11 alone. As a ucg fan, he is automatically a better writer than any pro writer, thus the entitlement of telling PP what to write, what to ask, and as always a person that can see the future and the reasons behind TT making the choice of becoming FIU coach...


Nice piece, Pete.

Just one thing I wanna mention to everyone... the USC home series was scheduled by Price, not Turtle. That's been in the works ever since the GP's went to USC for a series a couple of years back.

hey we get it you liked danny price. if he did thats still great b/c the point is that we will be playing USC at home and thats a hell of a recruiting tool to hang your hat on. so if the statement is true kudos to Danny Price, now we brought in our closer to start sealing the wins

UCG24/7, you sir are the non-intelligent man here. You ever think that TT kept his home in S.FL because thats where his roots are and/or he may want to keep it for retirement?

Sure, he would like to have the UCG head coaching job if it came open, heck, he almost accpeted the job at Evansville. Point is, he wanted to be a head coach. And given the quality of resumes received by PG, this position is one that is coveted. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Next stop Omaha baby!

We seem to have some seriously deluded people here. First off there's UCG 24/7 who's either ona windup or some great mushhrooms. Why the heck would a reporter start asking questions that are obviously speculative, and trying to create controversy when he has to deal with this individual for the next ?????? years. Then there's the one who said Turtle was using UM to get the FIU job. That's as delusionary a statement as I've ever heard. The UM job is better than the FIU one, obviously, but someone's got to build up the FIU one, and if the talent pool is available (and it is) why not give it a go? So stop the one sided crap from both sides.

True that TT didn't schedule the USC series and he will be the first one to admit it. 6 years ago when FIU and USC met in a super regional, (The beggining of the end for DP b/c instead of cashing in on that opportunity he did the exactly opposite), USC asked FIU to go play at California which FIU did about 2 or 3 years ago. At that time USC "offered" to come play FIU here, but DP didn't schedule them again, why ?. Just like DP or his assistants never getting involved in Tamiami Park, or letting great local players get away, the answer is NOBODY KNOWS.

To your point DPfieldnow, TT had nothing to do with the USC games to come, but neither DP who had the opportunity and he didn't reap it. The games were scheduled by PG and his staff, which shows he means business.

By the way bloggers, FIU has a new baseball operations coordinator. That's a first for this program. Next year when you go to a game, things will be extremely different, from the baseball played to fans in the stands. This program has taken off like something you never seen before.

Ok, I figured it out....U 24/7 is George Bush in disguise. Leave him alone, he still does not recognize that there is civil war in Iraq....Skip Bertman left the "U" for LSU and never looked back. But I guess he never really accomplished much staying at LSU, since (UCG) is the barometer for success. UCG by default will probably remain relevant for years to come. Are they the "Crown Jewel" of the NCAA ?? NO, they never were and never will be. 86 days left for our rematch at the OB.

With a new coordinator in place, does this mean that all the games will be on the radio (with a real announcer) and web cast like the rest of the top programs in the country.

dont know but as long as its not the same guy announcing that does the football spring game. i know some might like him but i found him annoying

The webcasts are through CSTV. For some reason, I never found any FIU broadcasts through there. What's the deal?


There is more than one university in the city of Miami. UM is not the only game in town. Those days are over, son!

Oh SouthPaw - why do people like you need to do these little drive bye posts? Are you scared to try and make any real comments for fear that you might get embarrassed? Or, are you just another current FIU student who likes to post here and the extent of your vocabulary is, "those days are over son?" I must give you credit though, unlike your FIU buddies, you can actually spell it out - the rest of them just write TDAOS - so stupid. I thinki MC should have been fired on the spot for saying such a rediculouos comment. Now, Mr. SouthPaw, to address your post, until FIU football wins some games and until FIU baseball can improve significantly, UM is the ONLY game in town, at least at the college level. There are a lot of great high school athletic programs locally that FIU can contend with, maybe. Now, A Realisst, yes, I do know everything. Thank you for acknowledging that fact. However, as to whom TT is going to hire as his staff, does it really matter? I have said numerous times on this blog, coaching is overrated. If you don't have the players, you're not going to win. Yes, FIU went out there and got a masterful recruiter, the right hire for the job all the way. But, in the past, he has had SOMETHING to sell to potential recruits. At Miami, LSU, and ASU - he had a winning tradition to sell, he had programs with a winning histories, he had the promise of Nat'l Exposure - at least come post-season time year in and year out. At FIU, he has known of that. So, as I previously stated, and I wish PP would have asked him, TT, what are you going to tell potential local recruits who are actively being pursued by UM as to why they should chose FIU instead? A Realisst, maybe you can answer that question for me. Pretend that you are TT and you are going into Player X's house and hanging on the wall is multiple UM Nat'l Championship posters, and a panoramic framed picture of the Orange Bowl. Now, what are you going to say to Player X to get him to come play for you at FIU instead of playing for Coach Morris at UM where winning and the post season are an EVERY year occurrance?

24/7 besides the illiteration in your rant which we wont cover, several things to point out. " the rest of them just write TDAOS - so stupid" this statement coming from a guy that roots for a team that calls themselves the U.i mean talk about time consuming it is to say UM. at least our saying is 5 letters. i mean even if you say the U its still 4 letters 1 less than T.D.A.O.S. but ill spell it out, Those days are over,Son.

The U24/7, I'm a proud FIU alum, and unfortunately for you and those like you, there are alot of us out here, and not just in Miami. It's obvious from reading all of your previous posts that you're scared. And you SHOULD BE scared. I'm actually impressed that you're feeling that so soon--most of your brethren are too ignorant and complacent to realize what's coming. FIU is a large train that's just started to gain momentum, and it's too late to turn back.

next comment " have said numerous times on this blog, coaching is overrated. If you don't have the players, you're not going to win" That is the biggest load of crap thats ever been spew'd on this blog. you of all people should know that just cause you dont got the Guy all the "big boys" want doesnt mean you cant beat the big boys w/ that same guy. didnt the U just finish recruiting a bunch of 2 3 stars? so your second point is ruled out.

"Pretend that you are TT and you are going into Player X's house and hanging on the wall is multiple UM Nat'l Championship posters, and a panoramic framed picture of the Orange Bowl. " i know i aint the realist but i will take a stab at it. it will go "son you have an option, you could go to a school where youll be 2 or 3rd in the rotation which isnt a bad place to be. or you can come play for me, you'll get a chance to contribute right away. and i tell you this like i told arod the best player will play and you can help me build this program

finally, your words, "Now, what are you going to say to Player X to get him to come play for you at FIU instead of playing for Coach Morris at UM where winning and the post season are an EVERY year occurrance?"
im sorry where was UM at the College world series? what happened to every year occurance?

My fellow BlueNGold siblings....Tickets for the scUM game on 9/15/07 go on sale July 13th. You can purchase them on-line. FIU will not be distributing tickets to students or alumni like last year....Make sure you get the word out. Do not wait for the last minute to act on this...THIS IS A HOME GAME FOR MIAMI, and they want to maximize their $$.....We can get 30,000 out there for this game. UCG's season ticket holders have decreased over the years and this gives us a shot at a 50/50 split in support at the Orange Bowl. WHAT A STATEMENT TO THE scUM fans, players, coaches and MEDIA WHEN THEY LOOK AROUND AND SEE 35,000 FANS IN BLUE and GOLD CHEERING FOR FIU.

"It's all about this U." Now that is ridiculous, remember Winslow comparing himself to a soldier ?? LOL !!!


CJ - are you serious when you say that UM was not in the college baseball post season this year because they were not in the College World Series? If you are serious, maybe you should stop posting for awhile as punishment for that comment.

First off, The baseball post season includes regionals and super-regionals which Miami has been in every year forever...forever = longest streak in NCAA history (35 yrs). Not to mention appearing in 13 of the last 19 CWS.

Secondly, yes, please. Make a statement to all of us. Bring 30k people to the Orange Bowl. I love watching people leave with their heads down after losing so the more the merrier....not to mention you'll be increasing UM revenue.

Thirdly, CJ, I agree with you. TT will do a great job recruiting and he will get some recruits that may have otherwise gone to Miami. But, I am fine with him raiding our roster for guys who dont get to travel anyway and the bullpen catcher. The top superstars rather go to Miami and prove they can beat out an an incumbent for playing time than go to FIU and play...because at the end of the day, if you do break that starting lineup, it means a whole heck of alot more. While the FIU perception may change years and years down the road, its just not the case right now. I'm sorry.

And as far as TDAOS...just prey you dont have another pitiful season because you'll have to come up with a new slogan...I'll suggest...TDAROSNWASTT..."Those days are really over son, no we are serious this time"...I know, 12 letters, might be difficult to remember.

TDAROSNWASTT - that should make for a cool t-shirt and/or bumper sticker. PP, you should get right on that.


Yes we all know that UCG needs the $$. Win or lose on 9/15....We all know the future is over here pal. Keep living in the past.

Does the name Mike Lowell ring a bell?...and speaking of bell...Raja Bell?.

The arrogance and false feeling of entitlement and grandeur make these ucg fans post irrational comments. Does it mean something? Some of them are saying really stupid things over in their boards..LOL

Please, understand them. They are hurt, and the best way for them to cope seems to be to come here and spew dumb comments.

Again..like it or not...in FIU's boards it is....TDAOS....LOL


When recruiting, you sell one of two things:

Come be part of something special or
Come CREATE something special

All great programs started somewhere. It takes visionaries to sell the "help us create something special" way of thinking. It is on the backs of those original visionaries that today's established programs sit on and enjoy the fruits of that humbling labor. Many UM fans are not humble and beat their chest in an attitude of entitlement. It is that very lack of humility that makes UM's football program so disliked nationally.

So to answer your question, "what is FIU selling?" it is selling the rare opportunity to CREATE something special at FIU. Schnelly had to do it at UM, Bowden at FSU and Paterno at PSU. Those men had vision and so does MC and PG.

As for you, you're an uninformed, front-running, band-wagon jumper with no vision. When FIU's full sports potential is realized, no other program stands more to loose than UM, so I understand your fear-driven motivation to belittle FIU at every turn. Luckily for us, the visionaries leading the FIU charge see beyond your petty insults and only use your antics to further drive FIU's conviction to be the best.

It's a shame that you represent UM on this blog because i'd like to think their must be some part of UM's fanbase that is pleasant, repsectful, enjoys healthy debate but stays away from the ultra-devisive antics. Until those UM fans show up on this board, we'll just presume they are all like you.


ll you FIUers keep telling the UM fans here to stop l;iving in the past, the future is FIU - then you have someone like FIU Fanatic name drop Mike Lowell and Raja Bell. And convienently, he forgets to mention the Bell went to Boston University before going to FIU. Furthermore, I believe he was "forced" to transfer out of BU. Anyway, what was the point in dropping those names? Do you really want to get into dropping names from the past and comparing the schools (UM and FIU) that way? No, I didn't think so. As for you gpantera - huh? You think a 17 year old kid wants to hear come CREATE something special - so in 4 years, when he is leaving, assuming he can stay in school and eligible that long, the program he went there to CREATE something special with may be on the cusp of being special. No, I don't think so. I think 17 year old studs - assuming FIU wants the best of the best - want to know how much they are going to be on Nat'l Television NOW, If hey are going to win NOW - not if the program is going to win 5-6 yrs from now when they are gone. And are you really comparing MC to Bowden and JoePa - seriously? MC can't change those guys diapers. I know you are excited about MC - but to even mention MC in the same breathe - you should be embarrassed by that statement. Finally, I think you are misinformed as to my intentions on this blog. My rationale for posting here is not out of fear, or envy, or anything like that - it is simply to remind all of you FIU fans who think that b/c you have raided the UM athletic dept in an attempt to jump start your program that FIU is still at the bottom - bottom of the food chain, in all sports. Yes Duke lost every game in football too - but are you going to put your basketball team up against theirs, I dont think so. And your baseball team, play some real compitition and lets see how you do - hell, you haven't been doing that good in the Sun Belt, so all this Omaha talk is rediculous. All I want to do is take the blinders off the stereotypical FIU fan so he knows his place and we don't have another repeat of last years brawl at the OB. So in the words of another great Um alumni, FIU and FIU fans, "Know your role and shut your mouth."

No he didnt just pull out The Rock on you..oh yes he did

Is it me, or 7-11 must be a bit out of his mind....he has trobule understanding and reading comprehension....I was just answering josh about the statement that no FIU player could play at ucg in baseball and not travel away...It is simply another ridiculous statement....that is settled with two players that would have easily be leaders in each sport at the ucg.

The 7-11 further explains his reason to share his knowledge and domain of the future and everything (as an ucg fan can well do), is just because he is mad at what PG is doing with his institution....LOL

TDAOS...Deal with it....

It is not even hard to picture how many GREAT players will come to FIU, now. First, many good northern players want to come here for the weather, next, now there is a very good recruiter/coach in place, and third...as everyone even remotely involved with baseball knows...the scouts are already here...last but very important, they can afford to come here, tuition is do-able for a great many more players (than UM). TT will have to turn droves of great players away. EVERYONE and I mean everyone knows UM offers very little scholly$. Middle income kids have to figure out jobs, extra income and killing their parents' bank account. It is a no-brainer. FIU is now the perfect situation for multitudes of great players. I suppose UM still has the "aura" of prestige, but if Mama has to decide whether to take out a loan for UM or cruise at FIU, she's gonna steer baby boy towards the best value...and it is a win-win for everyone. It will not even take 1 year for great recruiting/coaching to turn this program around. You can bet UM Baseball is going to suffer withdrawals...in fact I bet they are already going into the "DT"s (dreading Turtle)

On that last note, what kind of record will the baseball team have next year with the talent they have coming back?

as to my earlier post of how UM didnt make the College world series i apologize that i did not acknowledge the regional but in all honesty reguardless if you made it or not there has been a lack of showing at UM and that was my point.


The comparison to JoePa and Bowden was in reference to their beginnings, not thier current legacy. I trust you're smart enough to figure that out but in classic U24/7 style, you take the discussion out of context in order to fulfill your confrontational, FIU belittling objective. I'm certain that when Bowden and JoePa started thier decorated careers, idiots just like you sat back and proclaimed, "who the heck is this Paterno kid? What has Bowden ever accomplished?" Because both had vision and they stuck to their vision despite the naysayers. In time, they became succussfull and the rest is history.

U24/7, you're right, the world is full of folks like you who only think of the brand names already established. it will take vision and leadership to join a program that is asking they take a stake in creating success. As for your "win now" arguement - if that takes one season or twenty to win big games is up to the recruits and their coaching leaders. again, all great programs started somewhere. besides, it's not like UM can guarantee winning now. last I checked, you haven't won anything now.

A. UM is progressively getting worse and closer to where FIU is at, at this point and time

B. I cant believe Jim Morris is cancelling the series....Maybe he's still mad from his wife running away with a richer man, sorry pinky(aka 3)

One more.....

C. Pete Garcia has his chit together and is really getting that FIU program going. From what ive heard, he's got some really good plans for the University and has been bringing in some really good guys. 1time for Pete.....

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