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All-Star Tuesday

You folks have certainly plenty of interesting and insightful questions for the Golden Panthers new football coach.

Cheesecake Reading the number of these detailed questions made me think back of when I had to take the food and bar test before I started bartending at Cheesecake Factory during my college days. At least you guys didn't ask MC or myself to name all the ingredients in a Luau Salad.

We expect to have your questions answered some time later this week.

As for tonight, catch former Golden Panther and current Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell play in his fourth All-Star Game for the American League against the National League in San Francisco on FOX.

Mike right now is the lone FIUer in the big leagues and is having a terrific year for the BoSox Lowell_3 hitting .300 with 14 HR and 63 RBI.

Mike is also the lone Golden Panther on the Miami Herald's current Top 4 South Florida Sports Figures Poll. You can vote for Mike at http://survey.herald.com/sports_poll/standard/

That Herald poll got me thinking, we should have here on the GPP: the Top 4 Sports Figures in FIU History. Send in your thoughts on who should be nominated and we'll compile a final list and vote on these sports people after we get through the Q & A with MC.

As for other things making my brain cells work. . .Maybe it's just me or maybe it's just better marketing, but lately I've been seeing a lot more FIU gear at places I've been.

Fiutee Just last week at a restaurant in Weston, I saw a kid walk in with an FIU shirt. Over at a Pembroke Pines coffee shop there was a guy with an FIU cap. Visiting my folks down in Kendall last Saturday and at Sports Grill there was a guy wearing a gold FIU polo. Maybe its T.D.A.O.S. with FIU marketing as well. If it's like this now, could you imagine what it will be like when FIU starts winning on an annual basis.

Don't worry the FIU witches and I haven't forgotten about the T.D.A.O.S t-shirts. The girls just can't seem to agree on a design. As you can see by this photo all 4 have their own styles. Chm_3

Gppaw_2  PANTHER PAWSE No. 19

FIU Fan: You are correct as far as FIU not having a coach moving up in the coaching ranks -- it has not happened yet. Mark Calvi would be the closest, but he was not a head coach and did not get promoted to a head coaching position. FIU has to start a winning tradition for that to happen and who knows maybe when it does happen with whatever FIU coach it may be, that coach will have it so good down here that he won't want to leave.

fiugrad78: No apologies necessary for getting off topic in the last blog. When the time comes the situation at 1st base between John Petika and Jorge Castillo will sort itself out. It's always a good problem to have too much talent than not enough. I'll be doing a story on Turtle soon and I'll get to your questions then. By the way, though not official, sources have confirmed that Castillo is very likely to be in an FIU uniform next season.

FIUBlue82: TT is down to two guys for the pitching coach job, but would not disclose those names to me. He's currently moving all his stuff from Arizona to Miami and expects to be in town later this week. I imagine something will get done by the end of the month.

A Realisst: We will try to get all questions answered. I'll post the question asked before MC's answer when I write that blog.

FIU: Paw or claw? Don't know exactly what you mean by that question?

Quijote: What part of the world are you at? Is it new to the GPP that we can include it in our readership count of states and other countries? Thanks for keeping tabs on the GPP from afar. The miracle of the world wide web.


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FIU's Fantastic Four is easy:

Mike Lowell
Raja Bell
Carlos Arroyo
Antwan Barnes

These four will go down as the pioneers of introducing FIU athletics into the American consciousness.

The best is yet to come.

As always, go G-Panthers!

I agree with G. Those four would be at the top. I would, however, expect that we may need to expand that in the near future. I am anticipating big things from our other guys in the NFL.

I too have seen FIU gear in alot more places. They even have the FIU caps at Lids in Pembroke Mall. When you go to a mall out of town and see the FIU cap then you know we've hit the big time. I am looking forward to that day.

A couple of responses to some posts on the last blog that I just now had a chance to get to....

John Paul's stats from his senior year are listed in his bio on FIU's page. He was 9-for-9 on field goals and 38-for-39 on extra points. I am sorry, but I don't know distances on his field goals. When I get the rest I will let you know.

FIU in the 80's:
Thank you so very much for recognizing my knowledge of the game. No, I never have nor will I ever offer my opinion to any coach of any team that my son plays for. Those guys get paid for that, not me. And, much to your disappointment I am sure, I would not save any school any money if I were on the payroll. I don't come cheap.....but I might be willing to negotiate a payment plan with you if you would like to benefit from my intelligence. Let me know and I will see if my schedule is free.

gpantera's fantastic four is right on the money with what I think.....Good call...

I bought an FIU cap at a Lidz store in the Orlando Airport last year.

GP's top four of Lowell, Bell, Arroyo, and Barnes gets my vote too!

Bought my first FIU cap this spring while on vacation in miami and am damn proud to finally wear one.

I am curious as to whether Castillo is coming or not, I ave heard he has not been given his release. If he comes it will help replace some of the lost offense from last year. We still need pitching and at last glance the kid from Tampa that was drafted in the second round has not signed. It was also mentioned about Petika & Castillo at first, what about Townsend that was only able to DH last year due to his arm problem that has been fixed and Mollica is a very good hitter as well. I look forward to your interview with Turtle to get some of theses questions answered.

Those four listed are obviously multi-millionaires (or soon to be) and great choices but what about Ralston, Nagy and Bradley (also a multi-millionaire).

I think the four that appear to be the consensus are that because they are so fresh in our memory. There are others, like Dwight Stewart (late 80's ealry 90's) and Brad Eldred who have FIU records which still stand today.





Brad Eldred actually started a few games last year for the Pirates, if I'm not mistaken. I think of those starts came against the Marlins.

Regarding G-Panther gear, i'm excited everytime I see an FIU license plate, t-shirt or cap show up anywhere. Not so long ago, outward expressions of FIU pride was virtually non-existent. Today, that has changed, despite not fielding a winning program in the big three sports, men's hardball, b-ball and football YET. One could only imagine what it's going to be like around here when the winning comes around. If PG has anything to do with it, winning is not that far away...can't wait!


My picks are
Mike Lowell (Baseball)
Raja Bell (Basketball)
Andrea Nagy (Basketball)
Tyrone Marshall (Soccer)

With all due respect Tyler Towhsend is a very poor first baseman. Good hitter, lousy fielder. Ryan Mollica is another good hitter who is really a second baseman but was placed at first. There were several players which signed letters of commitment which should be interesting; the outfielder from Gulf Coast Community & the pitcher from Flanagan are two I can recall.

Hey Pete,

Yes I love seeing more FIU gear around. Have you guys noticed that there are a great deal of FIU License plates around as well. GO FIU!!

Just a bit off topic here and ill give my pics which are probably standard, what does anyone think of the whole NW'ern issue thats splattered in the news, to much to little just right? def. too late.figured that might be interesting to hear the opinions considering we could be getting recruits from NW'ern , as for my pics
Mike Lowell
Raja Bell
Carlos Arroyo
and Antwan Barnes

o and pete am wondering your take on the NW'ern issue as well

"...what does anyone think of the whole NW'ern issue thats splattered in the news, to much to little just right?"
-I try not to [think] about it.

Mike Lowell
Antwan Barnes
Bobby Boswell
Didn't we have an Olympic medalist in track or something? If we did, then she would be my fourth.

o just checked the FIU website, they put up some new renderings of different options of the seating colors etc. http://www.fiusports.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?PAGE_ID=&ZID=600454 check it out

I think the MNW situation is a travesty, and the persons in charge sent a message out to everyone that winning football games was the most important thing in life. I am glad that jobs have been lost, and I hope more criminal charges are filed. As far as the kid that did it.....I think it is horrible that he was 18 and the girl was 14 and he got off with a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, Genarlow Wilson still sits in jail and faces sex offender status for being a 17 year old with a 15 year old. Where is the justice???


Here are John Paul Fraites' kicking stats I promised you.

Senior year: FG - 9-9; XP - 38-39
Junior year: FG - 7-8; XP - 21-22
Soph. year: FG- 10-15; XP - 25-25
Fresh year: FG - 5-5; XP - 15-15

Totals FG - 31-37; XP - 99-101

o just an update which i just heard on NFL network A. Barnes was signed a 3 yr deal w/ balt.!! congrats to Barnes. and FIU mom thanxs for your opinion

You're welcome. But in 4 years J.P. missed two extra points. How many were missed by FIU in 12 games last year?

The answer to that question Mom is TOO MANY
Let's just hope he's still got it after a couple yrs

They just named a new softball head coach...and NO, she's not associated with UM, even though I don't see a problem if she did, but some people do apparently...
I don't follow softball but just by reading the article and seeing their past record, I could tell it was time for a change

Top 4 sports figures: even though MC has not coached a single down yet, you gotta put the guy up there just for the change in the atmosphere and presence he has caused...it just feels nice to be a part of this whole thing...if it was a TOP 5, he'd be my fifth for sure

I agree with the combo of Lowell, bell, aroyo and barnes. although lowell plays for the red sox........ Anywhoo i have seen lots of FIU gear lately as well. In south miami, pinecrest and Miami beach i have spotted hats, polos and shirts. what im really happy about is the surge in FIU license plates. i love our gold golden panther plates, much better than the plain and nasty sebastian UCG plates.

The new softball coach is a great hired, I am sure she will turn the softball program around, I know most people don't follow that sport, but in Miami Dade county there is a lot of talent and it is sad that they also go away to Arizona, California, and other places with more established programs. It is also about time for PG to hire somebody with ties to UF, she will bring the swagger and tradition over to FIU.

Another question to MC (hope it's not too late):

There are rumors that state that recruit Bryan Mann did not qualify, therefore he won't be at FIU, at least this year. Can you mention if this is true, and confirm whether Jermaine Malcolm and Shaquan Hicks will play for FIU as well?

It is sad that you want to add MC to your list of the greatest athletic figures in FIU history....he is a coach that has accomplished ZERO and has won ZERO games.

Not to mention how every blogger wants to have AB in the top 4...how many NFL games does he have under his belt?

MIA/NY josh,

Keep hating...Wow you are just an angry person. It's been awhile huh ?? Sorry that your source of pleasure is our blog. But if it upsets you so much that we have fun and mature discourse here, go the UCG blog and bash us there.

scUM will be favored by at least 30 pts when we play you. We are supposed to lose right ? What if scUM loses ? What's gonna be your excuse then ? You guys will be 0 -2 and expecting to pound and embarrass us. Nothing will be more embarrassing than a repeat of last year or loss by the "Mighty U" CANES are in for a BIG Surprise.

josh, i agree that adding MC to the list is a bit to quick. but i dont believe that you can quesion having AB on the top 4 considering he is FIU's record leading tackler and our first draft pick. the top 4 is to symbolize the most influensial and barnes, although hasnt done alot in the nfl still did alot here at fiu

One athlete missing from those great ones is JENNIFER RODRIGUEZ a Palmetto Grad and FIU student. She needs about a semester to graduate however being THE ONLY athlete in the history of the WINTER OLYMPIC Games born and raised in Miami qualifies her. Not to mention the 4 Medals she won and all the world records she had.

Great add to FIU's All Stars, sunblazer69. I did not know Jennifer was an FIU student. That is great info....thanks

Heck, if MC is being added to the most influential in FIU sports list, I say you add Pete Pelegrin..he went to the school and he has coached the team to the same number of victories and national title. Long live Pete.

I agree, PP should be on the list. His writing about FIU has done more for that program then any of your topr 5 combined. PP is the reason anyone in Miami knows anything about your athletic program, unless you go to school there, but then you don't really know much of anything, so it is a wash. As for a previous post whioch discussed UM being 0-2 comming in to the FIU v. Miami game - I think it is so funny how the FIUers here have no problem predicting UM losses but hate it when other people predict FIU (please see previous posts where "experts" state it will be another winless season for the GPers) and all the hell you all raised. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, no? And yes, I thgink a repeat of last years Miami - FIU game would be an embarrassment... to FIU. I mean not only would you get blown out, again, your program would have solved absolutely nothing by getting a new head coach, putting in new systems, getting rid of the "bad apples" and most importantly, your beloved catch phrase, TDAOS, will seem so stupid because those days would be the same as the others.

Did FIUBlueandGold seriously say the Canes are going to lose to Marshall? I have to agree with some posters, if Mario is on the list, might as well add people from their fraternities considering it's too soon to tell. Antwan should do well in Baltimore, but again, it is too soon to tell since 0 games have been played, but by the end of his career he might be on there. And for Pete's information, I am not a UM supporter, on the contrary, I was just turned onto this blog and just laugh away at some of these expectations of expecting to run before you can walk.

barnes is on there for what he did in FIU. not for what he has done in the NFL being that he hasnt played a down but that doesnt change the fact that he did great things while in school

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah,?????

You scUM lovers take yourselves too seriously. According to you, FIU has zero chance of anything, has never accomplished anything and is not relevant in anything RIGHT !! Except, you can't help that you are entertained by coming here to read our ridiculous comments !!!

What I find RIDICULOUS, is that for a program with 5 NATIONAL TITLES in less than 20 years, in a city of several million, scUM does not have a loyal enough fan base to sell out all home games or to have raised enough cash to BUY the OB or a site somewhere in town to build their own stadium. You'll just have to go play on that baseball field at Dolphins stadium for the next few years.

So ignore us then ?? This is our BLOG, I don't write on your BLOG because I have no interest in reading (all due respect) Mr. Navarro's work about the scUM U.

You can't ignore us, you fear us and fear the consequences of another show in town. You might have the edge today, but not for long.

FIUBlueandGold - you are not so bright.

Either are you, cuz if you were so bright, you wouldn't waste your time on this BLOG.

So beat it, you are not welcome here.

Actually I think we are welcome here...atleast by PP and the few bright FIU bloggers (CJ to name one)....after all, we do keep this blog in the top 5 of sports blogs.

(and blue and gold, the word is "n"either)


I am very proud to see that your eye is on the "prowl" for Grammatical errors, thanks.

Pete, I met Mario at a private reception a few weeks ago. If I share what he revealed to me, I am sure that the UCGers will reject anything I contribute here.

Can you please ask Coach Cristobal, of all the games scheduled this season ? Which game does he want to prevail in the most and why ?

There are far fewer bright ucg'er bloggers...

Let me guess blueand gold - he said he wanted to beat UM the most. Shocker. Of ourse he would. A. it would provide legitmacy to his crappy team; B. he could beat the team that laughed in his face when he expressed interest in being a head coach there; C. he could then use that win to help in recruiting (any good coach would) D. he could run around in a TDAOS t-shirt for the rest of the year; E. he could be to a city counsel position in west miami and then all of the FIUers could elect him President of the World; F. he could start to compare himself to Urban Meyer, or better yet, Vince Lombardi; G. he could put up a sign in his office (maybe even a plaque) about the win H. he could have PP write an artice that would be on the front page of El Nueve I. Wake up BlueandGold this dream is over = yes, I'm sure MC wants to beat UM, but if he told you that he really thought that they were going to beat UM, then I think your program is being run by an alcoholic who must have been drunk when he told that to you.


Your disrespectful diarrhaea of the mouth comments about FIU are getting old. You sound like all the same RUDE scUM heads that sit in the West End zone. ***NEWS FLASH, many of those WEST END ZONE CRAZIES live in West Miami and are the only idiots to be loyal to that program in Coral Gables.

Go and play with the toys daddy bought you. You are definitely not welcome here.

What if MC goes and says something like: "The game I'm looking forward to the most is the 1st game again Penn State b/c i want to win my 1st game as a Golden Panther HC and i wanna take 1 game at a time"
There goes Apu's speech about MC dreaming of beating UM since the day the schedule came out
Also 7-11, you missed out on a few alphabet letters...dont worry I'll put them up for you cuz afterall, every FIU fan on this blog already knows what you are going to write even before you do...
J: MC and FIU will realize that they are not ready to step up to the big boys table yet
K: MC will realize that FIU IS NOT a sleeping giant. As a matter of fact, UCG is the only sleeping giant in South Fla. We just had our off-year and that only happens once every century
L: MC will realize thet he'll never be able to compete with the big 4 in recruiting
M: MC will realize that it doesnt matter if you have a new fancy stadium if nobody goes to the games
N: bla-blah-bla...5 national championships

No need to thank me

It is not a rumor. Bryan Mann did not qualify and is not on campus.

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