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All-Star Tuesday

You folks have certainly plenty of interesting and insightful questions for the Golden Panthers new football coach.

Cheesecake Reading the number of these detailed questions made me think back of when I had to take the food and bar test before I started bartending at Cheesecake Factory during my college days. At least you guys didn't ask MC or myself to name all the ingredients in a Luau Salad.

We expect to have your questions answered some time later this week.

As for tonight, catch former Golden Panther and current Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell play in his fourth All-Star Game for the American League against the National League in San Francisco on FOX.

Mike right now is the lone FIUer in the big leagues and is having a terrific year for the BoSox Lowell_3 hitting .300 with 14 HR and 63 RBI.

Mike is also the lone Golden Panther on the Miami Herald's current Top 4 South Florida Sports Figures Poll. You can vote for Mike at http://survey.herald.com/sports_poll/standard/

That Herald poll got me thinking, we should have here on the GPP: the Top 4 Sports Figures in FIU History. Send in your thoughts on who should be nominated and we'll compile a final list and vote on these sports people after we get through the Q & A with MC.

As for other things making my brain cells work. . .Maybe it's just me or maybe it's just better marketing, but lately I've been seeing a lot more FIU gear at places I've been.

Fiutee Just last week at a restaurant in Weston, I saw a kid walk in with an FIU shirt. Over at a Pembroke Pines coffee shop there was a guy with an FIU cap. Visiting my folks down in Kendall last Saturday and at Sports Grill there was a guy wearing a gold FIU polo. Maybe its T.D.A.O.S. with FIU marketing as well. If it's like this now, could you imagine what it will be like when FIU starts winning on an annual basis.

Don't worry the FIU witches and I haven't forgotten about the T.D.A.O.S t-shirts. The girls just can't seem to agree on a design. As you can see by this photo all 4 have their own styles. Chm_3

Gppaw_2  PANTHER PAWSE No. 19

FIU Fan: You are correct as far as FIU not having a coach moving up in the coaching ranks -- it has not happened yet. Mark Calvi would be the closest, but he was not a head coach and did not get promoted to a head coaching position. FIU has to start a winning tradition for that to happen and who knows maybe when it does happen with whatever FIU coach it may be, that coach will have it so good down here that he won't want to leave.

fiugrad78: No apologies necessary for getting off topic in the last blog. When the time comes the situation at 1st base between John Petika and Jorge Castillo will sort itself out. It's always a good problem to have too much talent than not enough. I'll be doing a story on Turtle soon and I'll get to your questions then. By the way, though not official, sources have confirmed that Castillo is very likely to be in an FIU uniform next season.

FIUBlue82: TT is down to two guys for the pitching coach job, but would not disclose those names to me. He's currently moving all his stuff from Arizona to Miami and expects to be in town later this week. I imagine something will get done by the end of the month.

A Realisst: We will try to get all questions answered. I'll post the question asked before MC's answer when I write that blog.

FIU: Paw or claw? Don't know exactly what you mean by that question?

Quijote: What part of the world are you at? Is it new to the GPP that we can include it in our readership count of states and other countries? Thanks for keeping tabs on the GPP from afar. The miracle of the world wide web.


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