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Big Easy Bits

Bourb NEW ORLEANS -- Le bon matin de mardi mes FIU amis.

Combining some of the French I learned back in high school with what I've picked up here in New Orleans, my Frenchspeak above translates to: Good Tuesday morning my FIU friends.

It's about 2 in the morning here, 3 a.m. back home in Miami. Just got back from Bourbon Street and must say outside of the smell, it was an interesting night in the French Quarter.

But that's not the purpose here. Wanted to share some news, notes and funny anecdote relating to the Golden Panthers that I came across today in N'Awlins.

First, got that call back from Turtle and he informs me all the new FIU baseball coaches have been hired and there should be some announcement within the next week or two. TT would not comment on specific names I brought up, but from what I'm hearing former Broward Community College pitching coach Felipe Suarez is the new FIU pitching coach and an assistant coach from the University of Houston will take the other FIU assistant coaching position that deals with the fielders.

Also asked TT about the FIU/um series and the prospects of playing beyond the 2 games scheduled for 2008. TT says Jim Morris has not called him to discuss playing after next season. I asked TT if he would like to continue playing um two times every season like FIU has done in the past. TT's response: "Heck, I'd like to play them 4 times a year if we can."

Caught up with Lionell Singleton for some Po' Boy subs at Serio's for lunch today for the story running in Lionell_2 this morning's Miami Herald.

By the way, before we get to LS, this place Serio's is the type of restaurant/sports hangout that needs to open across the street from FIU in that shopping center on SW 107 Ave. and 16 St. Especially, with the new FIU Stadium ready to open next year. My brother wants to get in the restaurant business, might need to make a suggestion. Anyways, Serio's has just about every Division I college football team helmet hanging inside the place and a boatload of LSU memorabilia. Absent was the FIU helmet, but I suggested to FIU media relations guy Evan Koch to donate the FIU helmet he brought along. Heard someone inside Serio's say the um helmet hanging there was taken when the Tigers brawled with the canes at the 2005 Peach Bowl. Thought it was funny.

Back to LS, you can read the nuts and bolts of the story at Miami Herald.com. But here's one question I didn't get in the story.

Me: Did you hear the phrase "Those days are over, son!" a few times during spring practices?

LS: Yeah, I remember the coaches would say it. I think it's a reminder for us that whatever happened last year is over. The days of lollygagging or walking back to the huddle are no more. There's no more time to be lazy. It's time to step up now.

Tiger Meanwhile, MC left at 5:15 Monday morning to visit LSU's workout in Baton Rouge. Speaking with MC later in the day, he said his coaches have made a habit this summer of visiting top programs such as Florida, Florida State and Rutgers.

"We're always looking for a competitive edge," MC said. "Whether it be with our strength and conditioning program, our offensive scheme or whatever. Going to LSU today, they have a knack for developing  great football players and that's what we pride ourselves on doing at FIU."

MC also said FIU hired Roderick Moore as the head strength and conditioning coach for football. Moore joins the Golden Panthers after previously being at the University of Tennessee.

As for the funny anecdote, well, that came to me after meeting with FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger in the afternoon. Our conversation eventually turned to the FIU/FAU game and the Don Shula Trophy, which HS refers to as the "Dunce Trophy" because the 4 times FAU has won the game and trophy, the Owls place the trophy against the wall with the FIU side facing the wall -- like a dunce in school.

That's not the funny part, but it was somewhat humorous. Here's what had me laughing....The Shula Trophy has two wooden sides with each team's helmet on one side. On each side after the game, a gold "little" plaque goes on the winner's side of the trophy with the final score and game MVP.

The one time FIU beat FAU in the teams 5 meetings, 52-6 in 2005. Someone from FIU went out and had a "large" gold plaque made with the score in big numbers and had it placed on the FIU side. HS was cracking up as he told me the story.

Part 4 of the MC Q & A will go up once I settle back down in Miami.


YouGotGold: Maybe I didn't make myself clear to 24/7. Yes, coaching does make a difference, when a coach does have to actually coach. On a team that is not as talented as a team that is loaded with talent, that's where a coach makes a difference. If a coach inherits a team that is an all-star team then his job is not to screw it up. Let's turn to baseball here....Ever since the Atlanta Braves (my favorite baseball team) had to follow a strict budget when Ted Turner sold the team to whatever corporation, Braves manager Bobby Cox Cox has had to really manage his tail off just for the Braves to stay near the top. With a payroll no longer in the $100 million range, Atlanta cannot go out and get whatever star free agent to add like the Yankees. So Cox through his managerial skills has probably helped ATL win about 10 games a season since the late 1990's budget cuts. Whereas, Joe Torre over in New York has about a $200 million payroll and basically any player the Yanks want, they get. So Torre has never really had to manage that team, because its been a team of all-stars for a long time now. Some will say Torre has had to manage lately, because the Yanks stink this season. Yes, he has had to manage, but the Yanks are bad this season, b/c age is catching up with that team. Hopefully, this clears it up a little.

FI-UM Fan: I'm planning on breakfast this morning at Cafe du Monde and definitely trying the beignets. The place is right by the riverwalk and the Hard Rock on Decatur Street. That was one of the first places, the Scarlett-look-a-like bartender told me to go have breakfast during my "first rodeo" here.



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"Cafe du Monde" I've been there. Good stuff. Tip your waiter well, my uncle learned how mean New Orleans can be when you stiff it. Glad to hear that Turtle has taken care of his coaching positions. I am also happy to hear that the football coaches are visiting other programs. I do not know if this is common practice in the NCAA but hopefully it helps MC and his staff.

o espn just did a "nice" peice that mentioned FIU w/ a pic of the brawl. calling us the 117 "best team in the nation only ahead buffalo and temple. i cant wait till we turn heads and make them eat crow

Enjoy breakfast at the Cafe. Nawlins is one of the best cities to visit.

furulez- it is common practice for college and high school coaches to visit camps and watch how others work. Despite all the competition durring the season, it's incredible to see how open and welcoming most staffs are when it comes to teaching their systems to other coaches. it's a copy cat league and the best compliment as a coach is to be asked to teach your system to other coaches.

I hope all of FIUers now see that without the contributions of the UM fans on this blog, the posting is nonexistent. So, in order to make this blog relevant, much like FIU tries to use UM to make themselves relevant, see last years brawl) I will post something that I had been trying to avoid for sometime now. I have read that FIU posters say things like "FIU is a sleeping giant" "FIU is the place to be" "FIU is going to impact UM's recruiting" "UM is scared of FIU" "UM, in five to ten years, is going to be where FIU is now" OK, well lately there has been alot written about UM's new attitude under RS and all of the top flight recruits who have orally committed to UM, due in large part to RS. However, I do not see any FIUers retracting there nonsensical bantering which was referenced above. Why is that? UM is now doing things that maybe should have been done under Coker - but weren't. Let me ask you this PP and GPC, where are all of these great SoFl recruits that MC was supposed to bring in? Why is the Miami Herald and PP not writing stories about this recruit and that recruit comming to FIU? I will tell you why, b/c all of you simple minded FIUers love the fluff about your program that PP puts on this blog and that the other FIUers that post here contribute. That is all it is, fluff. Nothing posted in support of FIU is NOW, it is all I like this move, and I think he Will be great, and FIU will do this and will do that. My question, what is FIU doing NOW. Answer, nothing significant. Deal with it GPC, though your school maybe expanding exponentially, see the law school, soon to be med school, expanding dorms, etc etc etc, but your athletic program is a poor man UF. You want to be the big boys, but your not. You want to compete with relevant schools, but you can't. You are not alone, other state schools have had similar dreams of grander and have been around A LOT longer then 5 years, and they are still not relevant. I am sorry to burst your bubble GPC, you are going to be likie North Carolina, at best, without the basketball powerhouse, or like a Boston University who has discontinued their footbal;l program. I am sorry GPC, but the truth hurts and it is time you face reality.


Thanks for this update. I'm glad MC took the time to visit an established program like an LSU. Do you know if he will be visiting any other schools? Maybe in-state?

I keep hearing that Bryant is a defensive standout in practice. I expected that when we signed him because he was coming from Lakeland High. Who else besides Bryant and Singleton have shined in practice?

I know the defense will be the strength of an otherwise inexperienced and weak team, but is there anything on offense to look forward to?

What's this about Don Strock co-hosting a radio show? I worry for that station's ratings.

By the way, while you're on Bourbon Street, find a place that sells hurricane drinks. They're powerful, but definitely worth the 10-15 bucks.

U 24/7,

What is it that you want ??? RECOGNITION ?? I think most FIUers, especially those that are no longer students (myself included) are looking forward to watching this university continue to grow academically and become more competitive in athletics. I don't see anybody from the GPC making an "outlandish" predictions or going to your BLOG and criticizing Randy Shannon. You come here with nothing but RHETORIC. You want to get us fired up and do this back n forth thing. It's old already !!!

Pete: I have noticed that some previous chronic posters (FIU GPC) have gone silent to some extent...Could that have anything to do with the scUM bags that write on this BLOG. Look, I don't advocate censorship of any form. The last thing I want to do is go to Mr. Navarro's blog and criticize his work or the people he writes about. But I cannot stand to see some spoiled BRAT (him/her) challenge your writings or our GPC community. I did notice that some of my remarks to Josh and Mr. U24/7 were filtered, not sure why ?? I used to look forward to reading this, because it was fun to hear about news and progress. Just like on a RADIO show covering sports...You can hit the DUMP button with these UCGers, because all of us could do without them. Let's keep this BLOG positive and FUN.

Hey Josh, U, and the rest of you CANES fans. This is not a FORUM for you to come over here and BASH all that is FIU. Yeah, we already know all the things MIAMI has accomplished....SO WHAT !!! ENJOY your descent into mediocrity, as we'll rejoice in our ascent from the basement of the NCAA to a competitive program.

N’Awlins, N’Awlins, good day N’Awlins !!!
Pete, glad you’re doing well in the Big Easy.

While MC and coaching staff visit LSU and other schools in the area, they should research the states displaced high school football stars. There may still be some that have lost hope or are having trouble finding a college due to the hurricane Katrina mess.

It’s good news that TT has completing his staff. We can now say that the New FIU Baseball Era has begun.

Speaking of the football helmets, FIUs’ has served us well. But I say, it’s time to make improvements (on uniform also) that go along with our new outlook, image and (new) stadium.

• The helmet NEW LOOK could get Gold and White (3 to 5 ea.) strips down the middle or one thin-pyramid shape CLAW in front and back. The FIU front sign above the eyes need the letters to be filled in a solid color to stand out more. Check out the previous newspaper article photos and you’ll see our helmets be either camel-flashed with some dark background or just seen as a dark spot over the players head. This occurs mostly when the side FIU emblems are partially blocked by the photo angles.

• The uniforms could get side leg strips with bigger FIU letters on the hips and Golden Panthers sign on the chest.

A good example of a team with a NEW LOOK (Blue & Gold colors) is the West Virginia program. I’m sure this will at minimum help recruiting, marketing, product sales revenues, fan /team spirit, etc..

There are other up-and-coming programs that are doing the same!!!

off topic queston. anybody know if there is any video of our recruits coming in i know UM has them and most recruits normally make a video to send colleges... just curious if any of our boys did. see alil something for the year to come

Boo(freakin)hoo "blueandgold." Stop whinning about how the fans from The U come on the FIU site and say mean things - what are, 11 years old. Would ytou like it better if the UM fans who post here write about how nicve it s to see another school in SoFl start to become relevant and how great it is to see FIU expanding. And contribute to your delusions of conference championships, future NFL stars, prevailing recruiting battles, etc etc etc. Hold your breathe blueand gold - I dont see it happening. Nor do I forsee PP editing and or banishing The U fans from posting here. So again, stop whinning and deal with it.

Blue and Gold...why would PP banish us in his right mind. When 24/7, Crazy and myself go on hiatus, the activity on this blog decreases exponentially. PP wants to keep his rank as one of the top visited blogs and without us, dont think that will happen.

Face it, you want us on this blog, you need us on this blog

And you so elegantly point out that you are on the rise from the basement to a competitive program...you got one thing right, youre in the basement.

And I find it quite funny that a whole day went by without any posts until 24/7 enlightened everyone

All of you must be the same person. There can't be 3 scUM losers who just relish this blog that much ?? Can there ? We just don't give a damn about you scUM and you can't take it... Boooo friggin who ?? F - I - U.

See you at the OB, pansies....

I like your idea for a new uniform look, can you draw it and send it to PP so he can post it here in the future, I think the SD Chargers look doesn't go with FIU. and since our program is moving from boring and predictable to exiting and successful, our team needs an improved look as well.

i would love to see the school logo on the helmet instead of FIU. never thought the name of the shchool should be on the helmet, if you have to do something a cool looking letter logo like BYU. maybe instead of replacing the entire Uni (which arent that bad) we just add an alt. w/ our trid color. gold Uni's w/ blue trim. alil flashy but hey whats wrong w/ alil pa'zaz.

PP, another great piece. Just letting you know you've reached the small towns of Pennsylvania with some very interested readers and possible future students.

As for the canes fans, yes without you guys I might feel something missing in this blog, but do not go on criticizing the up and running athletic program. Most UM fans never went to the 'U' as it is anyways, and the majority of the time they play the 'what if' game referring to Coker's final year with the tropical depressions. So, I hope to see you all this upcoming season at the football/baseball games and cant wait to see your faces with an upset in one of the two.


On my last post I meant to use the word “completed his staff. ” not “completing”.

To follow traditions, I suggest we start addressing our team leaders with Coach in front of their names, for example:
• CMC = Coach Mario Cristobal or CC = Coach Cristobal,
• CTT = Coach “Turtle” Thomas or CT = Coach Thomas etc..
What do you think?

These are the GPP “GO-PAWZz Post Tag Awards”

Today’s “IGNORE -POST- TAG” goes to: TheU24/7, CrazyCane, MIA/NY josh,
Today’s “GOOD -POST- TAG” goes to: Baltimorepanther, FIUgrad, CJ , FIUrulez, FI-UM Fan,
FIUBlueandGold, FIUBlue82,
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Good points, I’m in full agreement.
I like the way you put it, “our program is moving from boring and predictable to exciting and successful”.

By curiosity I’ve worked on the football helmet sketches previously. You are right, the uniform does need to be addressed on paper too.
If PP and fellow “GO-PAWZz” (GP’s) desires it, the students/ groups/ players etc. could get a campaign/ competition started to “Up Date the football helmets & uniforms”.
Now that you got me going, note the same is true for all the other team sports with orderly limitations due to costs and not to lose focus.

As the new stadium progress photos show and previously mentioned, the playing surface
(AstroPlay) shall be preserved with the perimeter trimmed as needed.

• Idea: For the playing field to be “exciting and successful” as the new surrounding venue will be, we should consider at least double-ling the size of the FIU sign at the 50 yard line. The existing center FIU sign has never stood out like the end zones (GP) which are great.
I believe the 50 yard line sign is the focal point of a stadium and should have a larger signature impact design (that says to all, HERE WE ARE).


I'm in complete agreement about the helmet. We are the Golden Panthers, our helmet should be GOLD! As far as what to put on the helmet, I say anything but that ugly, generic, non-creative, FIU. I understand why the administration wanted the FIU on the helmet, to build brand awareness, but it is so very lame. I would love to see the panther head alone on the helmet with the current FIU on the back of the helmet, it would serve its purpose on the back of the helmet just the same.

While we're on the topic of building tradition and aesthetics, how about some suggestions for our new stadium? Anyone has any great, unique ideas or touches to add to our on-campus stadium? Here are a few of mine:

1. A sweet bronze golden panther statue right in front of our stadium entrance...maybe in front of the student center attached to the stadium once it's built.
2. Our panther head logo colored into the seats visible when the stadium is empty - great for tv the day of or night before a big game.
3. A live panther (caged or uncaged on a leash) roaming the sidelines during a game - possibly running onto the field when the team enters the stadium.
4. Naming a group of sections in the stadium a panther-type name and creating a sign explictly stating the name - for example, the student section will be the "Panther's Den."
5. A dual faced jumbotron (screen facing the stadium and the parking lot) that would play highlights, other games, the FIU game while in progress, etc., for tailgaters to see while tailgating or fans if the game sells out - this along would boost tailgating exponentially.

FIU domination. i like some of the idea's... my favorite would have to be the color arangment of the seats while empty to create the face of the panther, center feild could have the logo shaped like a nose and the eyes could be on one side line maybe the sunbelt logo.... thats getting creative. i like the golden panther idea outside the stadium. but the jumbo tron wouldnt help the tailgaters as it would not help sales of tickets... i mean whos goin to pay to go in if they can watch the game from outside

CJ - maybe they don't show the actual game, just prior game/season highlights and other NCAA games during tailgating time then it goes black during the game - that would be a unique experience that I'm sure would draw more tailgaters and even ticket sales.

Shall we remind ourselves of who exactly is scUM? Let's spell it out for CandyCane, NY Slosh and 7-11:

Senseless fools living in the past.
Cowards fighting with helmets.
Understood nationally to be thugs.
Miami they claim yet Miami they shame.

My response to TheU24/7 about RECOGNITION or lack there of by FIU. A quick reminder, law school, football (now Div IA) and medical school in less than five years. I know UM NEVER accomplished this academic feat, however UM has NEVER been known as a serious academic school. During the 80's in which GREAT football glory was brought to the UM campus at the expense of a non-deserved reputation of NO academics and NO control of athletes (i.e. "CONVICTS vs CATHOLICS"), UM stills suffers that mediocre stigma of low academics. UM is NOT known to be in any high academics private school list because of this long standing reputation low academics requirements. UM never has had an overall good academics reputatio. Before football UM was "SUN TAN U!" So yes FIU is young and VERY aggressive Institution of Higher Learning with very much more to come. FIU only lacks time & tradition. This only comes with time.

Dr FIU - nice post. Factrually inaccurate - but still, nice contribution. You stated that UM never accomplished the academic feat of getting a law school, med school and d-1 program in five years - but let me remind you - FIU have been around ALOT longer then five years and with state funding (something UM does not have the luxury of) the fact that it took so long for FIU to get these programs up and running is embarrassing. Secondly, please remind me again which school is currently on probation for poor academic performance - oh that's right, it is the golden panthers, not the mighty Hurricanes. So I guess your argument there is fatally flawed. Also, you refer to UM as Suntan U and yes, it was known as that - and ???, I fail to see the problem. Lets see, where would a kid growing up in Pennsylvania (or another cold demographical state) want to go to school, Suntan U, or another cold place. Hmmm, good question, lets ask Jim Kelly abd Bernie Kosar. Dr, FIU, you sound like an FIU poster, you probably even went there, your post gives you away, unintelligable and delusional. Finally, you raise "Convicts v Catholics" Lets analyze this. Did the media create this, probably. And as we all know, the media does everything on the up and up. Yeah right. The "C v C" was a marketing tool used by the media to get people amped up about the rivaly between Miami and Notre Dame (shockingly a catholic school) You see FIU, when AND IF you ever become big time, I am sure that you find a rival and when a big series of games come about, the media will create something to make sure people stay interested. So when FIU plays USF in 20 years , in a Big East showdown, who knows, it may be billed as "Meat and Potatos vs. Arroz con Pollo"

7-11, I prefer "Burger vs Frita" in the "Florida North/South Bowl" to be played in the swamps near Lake Okeechobee. My bad I was thinking of last year FIU with the previous regime. I know FAU wont be our great rival in the future, but just like big rivalries our date with FAU at a neutral site and all reminds me of UF vs Georgia. However the real hated rivalry is UF vs FSU, so maybe if things change in the future we can still play the game with FAU at Huzinga stadium to keep on trying to get the dolphin fans to jump on FIU and FAU band wagon, by the way 7-11 are you a dolfan?? and have our hated rivalry with the candy canes changing venues every year, maybe that will even help UCG to get their own stadium too.

The University of Miami has their own stadium, it is called the Orange Bowl. No, it is not on campus, but that does not make it any less theirs. Yes, I am a dolphin fan - why?

24/7 i agree w/ you on some posts. first FIU has been around longer than 5 years and what i think Dr. fiu was trying to state that in the last 5 years FIU has been more agressive in almost every aspect. academic probation. agreed. FIU not UM. a problem of the last regime that will be corrected. any school in miami or California Coast line will be suntan U so no problems there. CvC def. marketing/ media tool. dont agree w/ you on the All FIU bloggers Delusional and unintellegent.(i take personal offense to it) finally, the OB tech. belongs to the City but in the hearts of UM fans it will always be able the U.

I'm really not sure what is going on right now with this blog. It seems like the FIU fans here have given up. I hope your athletic teams do not roll mover and die as easily as the fan base. As I see it, this is one of many major differenced between UM fans and fiu fans. Our season is twelve months - yours, is when something exciting happens. Like the hiring of a new coach. Memo to PP, every offseason make sure you fire and hire a new coach so their is interest in your program. C'mon people - where ya at?

Furthermore, yes I understand CJ that technically the OB belongs to the city of MIAMI - then according to you and the rest of the retards that post here - UM shouldn't get to play there b/c they are UCG, and instead FIU should play there. However, is FIU really in Miami, or in unincorporated dade county - hmmmm, very interesting. Also, does the new fiu stadium being built belong to FIU - or the state, since FIU is a state funding school. I am going to go with it belongs to the state and thus, so does the FIU campus. Which means FIU, and UF use the same money and are in essence partners. You see FIU, THE U is superior to you in so many ways, but maybe above all, b/c we dont have to rely on the success of UF, FSU, UCF, USF, FAU, etc etc, to achieve our goals. FIU, you will alsys be the little brother of those other state scholls, while The University of Miami will always be y'alls daddy.

Crazy cane now everyone knows im tolarant of everyone but seriously some of the stuff you are spewing out is rediculous.state money is split evenly amongst state school's evenly so your statment of us being lil brothers is an invalid argument. furthermore i mearly stated a fact and continued to say to who matters thats the U's house. and as far as the U always being our daddy... well thats just annoying trash talk that one day or another will be shoved right back in your face.

Friends or Foes from the University of Miami (you decide if you’re a friend or foe),

Class is in session, so listen up:

U24/7 wrote:

“FIU have been around ALOT longer then five years and with state funding (something UM does not have the luxury of) the fact that it took so long for FIU to get these programs up and running is embarrassing.”


FIU is a state school. How fast or slow a need for a med school, law school or D1 football program is decided by the State of Florida, not solely FIU.

The fact that the state has been slow to address these needs is a reflection of two things:

1 – The slow, bureaucratic nature of our state to respond to any of our public needs in Miami-Dade County

2 – The strong lobbying force of the University of Miami to resist the growth of FIU in any way. That’s right; EVERY thing FIU has secured has been done so in the face of strong opposition brought forth by the UCG.

The moral of the story:

FIU is a model of persistency, staying the course and achievement.

Do you know why more Florida Valedictorians chose FIU more than any other school in the country? Because of the opportunity to secure a quality education, likely on scholarship, and realize their dreams of graduating from med school. That is evidence that the need for FIU to grow is real and addresses the genuine needs of the state of Florida, particularly South Florida.

UM serves its purpose as well, but to call the accomplishment of FIU an “embarrassment” reflects poorly on you U/24-7 and reveals a lack of entitlement attitude that you posses - that attitude is the actual embarrassment.

Class is over. Please proceed with your regularly scheduled exchange of empty insults.


Pete P,

Please don't forget to ask Coach MC about welcoming back players from FIU's past. In my opinion, they should be encouraged to participate in the future of FIU football, especially those who are currently in the NFL - to serve as models of inspiration.


back to whats important everyone... the new design for new ( alt.) uni's for our boys in gold and blue

How great would it be if MC just flat out surprised everyone and came out of the locker room at Penn State with new uniforms? Although it would be really hard to keep it away from the media...I think...
The uniform talk is great and all but if it doesnt happen this yr (not enough time), I think it would be a MUST for next season
Home Opener, New Stadium, New Uniforms

I dont even know why I'm responding to CrazyCane because afterall the guy has like 3 personalities (whoever said that...pretty funny) but what is all this talk about FIU fans giving up? and you say we are delusional? come on now...just because we are not responding to your comments as often doesnt mean we've given up...it just means what I've stated before...it's just getting old(big boys table, not a sleeping giant, etc.) It's fun and all but come up with some new stuff guys...

Also, 7-11, if you have so many doubts concerning MC's recruiting, why didnt you ask him that question because afterall, we are having an OPEN Q&A forum if you havent noticed...I'm not running away from the question(b/c it is a good one), I'm just saying you had the perfect opportunity to get your answer. I'm sure you guys are drooling over that Northwestern WR (in my opinion, he's the reason why you started that recruiting comment), but even your HC said that he doesnt care until it's official, until the parents "shut it down"...so chill out b/c at this time of the year there's a lot of ORAL commitments out there...and I think we agree that high school players like to talk a lot...


What does Valedictorians have to do with anything? They come from public schools, that's like saying I picked the hottest ugly chick at the party. She's still ugly. That aside FIU is a quality education and some of these comments about them attending FIU is a little nonsensical. It's comparing apples and oranges, a lot of those valedictorians get turned down from other schools or choose not to go there because of finances, I guess that's why they went to public school to begin with. Still, it's good to know that some of them do decide to stay home and join the 30K + at FIU.

Outside of that some of these posts by the Canes aren't necessary, I mean who in their right mind would expect FIU to compete with UM for recruits? They have done nothing yet, give them time and then they'll be able to compete with USF, Rutgers and some of the other mid-level schools for recruits. FIU is a state school and for all their chest pounding they do about their growth they should also be upset it took them this long to reach this, that's why MM has done a good job as Pres. for FIU. UM fans need to relax, FIU isn't the same as UM because of their differences and the alternatives they offer and that won't change. Will FIU be competitive in football? Nowhere to go but up. Will they compete with UM? Not anytime soon. Is it possible to occur in the future? Sure, anything is possible but why doesn't everybody take some time to relax, prepare for the upcoming season and then make their evaluations after some football has actually been played.


The Valedictorian discussion was not directed to you, so the fact the you don't get the point may be because you were not the intended audience. Furthermore, since when does your ability to understand an argument become the measure of merit? Perhaps you don't get it because you simply don't get it.

Now, regarding your negative judgement of public schools:

1 - not all the Valedictorians came from public schools.

2 - Even if they did, your point is offensive because you imply that public schools are inferior to private schools and unable to produce quality students. What a misguided, arrogant point of view Fomenter.

Every day, in every corner of every business, public school products are being promoted ahead of private school products and vice-versa. Neither public nor private are sure bets to easy street nor looser-ville.

I'm not sure if you're a private school snob or a public school malcontent, but either way, your arrogant point of view is deplorable. Wait, you probalby don't know what "deplorable" means. To learn the meaning of deploralbe, visit dictionary.com.

I know the public school valedictorian comment wasn't directed to me, that doesn't mean it's not a subpar argument. Arrogant or not public school isn't, in no way, shape, or form, superior or even equal to private school. I know plenty of people who couldn't afford private school educations but earned scholarships. Maybe you're upset because you went to public school? Bottom line is nobody who is, let's say generously, top 20% in public school would be top 10% in private (highschool of course, since that is the targeted demographic). This is coming from someone who not only attended private school and knows others who attended private school and public as well in the Greater Miami Area (Belen, Columbus, St. Brendan, Lourdes, Gulliver, South Miami, Coral Reef, Braddock etc). That's why people pay for private school, not only because they can afford it, but because their kids are smart enough to excel in it.

Either way, I'm pointing out your reference (not yours specifically, just yours as in your misguided colleagues) to public school topliners in your exquisite, biased FIUathletics board (yes I do research, that's what us *snobby* private school kids do) posted. Not one significant private school on that post.

And I'm sure public school kids are being promoted ahead of private school kids, but I'm also sure that private school kids are being promoted ahead of public school kids in a capacity that exceeds 2 to 1

Now, if you are really implying public school kids are as smart, in any way it is defined including potential and otherwise, as private school kids, then you really did go to public school and belong in a public school such as FIU. I could take the top 10% in any public school in Miami and compare them to a median 10% in any private school and still see better results from those private shcools, both conversationally and intellectually.

Is this view arrogant? Sure. Suck it up public school attendee, that's life. Whether it's arrogant or not you must learn to deal with it. Example: Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, etc. (and their bottome 10% included) is greater than anything FIU, UM, FSU, or UF has to offer, hence the selectivity. Don't be upset about arrogance or class demographics in the world, that's life and if you can't deal with that then I guess you better accept the common concept that ignorance is bliss.

P.S. Did you really try to use the word "deplorable" as a brain buster to me? I know the meaning of the word as you can tell by my everyday vernacular (vernacular for the public school all stars is used as a term describing your plain, everyday language). How about you go to your reference, dictionary.com site and look up my name, I'm sure your intelligence matched those of your trailblazing scholars that you are bragging about and looked it up in the past month or so that I've been posting. Come one, look it up and then come on here and say what it means or swallow your pride (whatever amount that is) and come over here and argue you knew what it meant all along but just waited until now to state the meaning.

To learn the concept of private school > public schools, please take off your somewhat ignorant (yes, ignorance is bliss for public school children) glasses and look at it objectively. I can't believe you dare to argue that public school is greater than private school, since by that argument you are implying those who earn the most money (some of them public school products themselves) piss away their own cash to send their kids to an inferior private school (and that is the essential point you are arguing, regardless of how you try to spin it).

Public declaration is what I was after, and I have secured it.

With the power of your private school education, you have convinced me that school vouchers are they way to go. Can't wait to see what happens when the working class' finest shows up in your private school classroom. My suggestion: leave the Rolex at home. And don't sleep academically, because you may loose a seat or two at one of these esteemed private schools to a public school product.

Your self-described arrogance is simply proof that life is not void of evil, arrogance and prejudice. Your pompous stance serves as motivation for us public school products, which i'm sure as a fomenter, you will claim was your intention all along (what a safe and obvious position).

In your self-serving diatribe, you erroneously including UM in your list of public schools. UM is a private school.

As for your argument of top publics vs. top privates, i was not surprised to find you cherry picked your list of private schools yet in your list of public schools, failed to list Michigan, UC Berkley and the University of Virginia.

In order to move foward in peace, i'll file away your statements as exclusively yours and not that of all private school products. by the way, which top private ivy did you graduate from again? top 1% in your class, i'm sure.

and before you write your next post, please chew, swallow or choke on this:

Oprah Winfrey - Public School Product - Tenessee State
George Bush - Private School Product - Yale/Harvard

I believe that brings this discussion to a close. In the misguided words of Fomenter, "deal with it."


Between you and me, you lucked up "deplorable, didn't you?" No worries, i won't tell your Belen Boys.


In your pointless effort to rebut my argument, you fail to notice that I didn't include UM as a public school, I included it to show a comparison as to how certain private schools are the creme of the crop and are above other private schools, such as UM. As for myself, I'm a Cornell grad and nowhere near the top 1%. Go Big Red.

And no, I do not intend to motivate you or any other public school product, simply to outshine and beat you in every aspect of life. I'm ambitious like that.

Congrats on going to the dictionary and looking my name up, took you long enough, and don't worry, deplorable is easily understood as an elementary term, no need to tell any Belen or Columbus or any other Miami based private school product anything about it. I'm sure you're jealous of them as well since you are implying you went to a public school. By no means am I saying that there aren't smart, educated people in public school, but I'd rather take any random 10 from a private school versus and random 10 from a public school. I guess that's why when people can afford to send their children to private schools they choose to do so right? Good, just as I thought. Oh, and Mike Lowell and Manny Diaz are both private school products, as is your current head coach.

And since you are mistaken, again, vouchers won't pass since it is against the Florida Constitution, do I need to refer you to the specific wording in it for you to understand it? Or do you need to check caselaw such as Bush v. Holmes, and as I'm sure you know, there are only certain ways of changing that law as is consistent with the Florida Constitution.

So are you really arguing that Oprah Winfrey is greater than George Bush? I'm sure....

In my famous words, deal with it, public schools top 10% can't hang with private schools top 50%. The fact that you refuse or just can't comprehend that speaks volumes.

You've publicly declared your a snob.

You've publicly declared you're in the less than 30 percent of Americans who support George Bush.

You've slammed UM.

My job here is done.

I'm going to go back to FIU sports now.

Thanks for the laughs...gpantera

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