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Mario Cristobal Q & A Part 2

After going through more than one-hour plus of tape from the interview of your questions with MC, it looks like we're going to have to break this Q & A into 5 parts. So let's get going with No. 2. . . .

Mc_2 FIU Fanatic: How is the walk-on program coming along?

MC: It's going real, real good. I think it's one of the biggest advantages we have, because being that school is inexpensive here and a lot of the financial aid situations kids can get to come over here to FIU, truly, I expect our walk-on program to be the best in the country. You can literally come to FIU and have everything else paid for through some financial aid funds that you can achieve and you can earn yourself a scholarship here and you are doing it in South Florida, living in Miami in front of your family and friends. It's hard to picture a better situation. I think what we experienced in the spring with walk-ons and the ones that are coming on now lead us to believe that they are going to create interesting situations because a lot of these guys that are coming over are scholarship-type players. They are worthy of scholarships and other ones will develop into that which creates a great problem to have. We very actively recruit walk-ons.

GPP: About how many walk-ons showed up for the first time you had tryouts and how many you think are actually going to have a shot to stick?

MC: 77 showed up and we're keeping 12 and of those 12 just about all of them at the very minimum will contribute on special teams.

FI-UM Fan: Has it been a big challenge to change the culture of losing within the program or has the Rutgs_3 team been receptive and ready for change?

MC: I think after being at Rutgers and changing that culture, it definitely prepared myself for what to expect. It won't be as difficult to change the culture here, because it's real simple: it's all about demand and supply. This place [FIU] is on its way to being in real, real high demand. People want to come here and they want to build something real, real special. So it's real simple: either you're on board and you're killing yourself on a daily basis to get it done or we'll find a place for you to be nice and comfortable and we'll bring in somebody else that will do your job better.

FIUJM: With the departures of defensive leaders like Bouie, Barnes, Smith and Bostic, who do you think will be the leaders of the defense?

MC: Guys that have really stood out so far [linebacker] Scottie Bryant has done a real, real nice job. [Defensive back] Lionell Singleton has done a real, real nice job as well. Up front on the defensive line you got a bunch of guys that got a bunch of playing time and [defensive line] coach [Bernard] Clark has done an awesome job with those guys. He's got them ripping off the ball. They know he's a demanding guy: either you get it done or he's going to find somebody else to get it done. What you find out most about these guys is that playing time is the most important thing in the world for them and when that's at risk they'll come through and do what they gotta do.

Encyo FIUandMe: How has Pete Garcia enabled you to do your job effectively?

MC: He's a great mentor. He is a grinder and he's very demanding. Besides being someone I know, he holds you accountable which makes you understand, yes, we do know each other and there is a relationship, but the bottom line is he is the boss, he is the athletic director and I have to perform. Just because we have a prior relationship doesn't mean there is room for error, room to slack off. He knows that this is a very demanding job and for us to be successful you have to be on point: academically with your players, discipline with your players. He was with Butch Davis when they took over Miami. Miami was coming off probation so he's seen the pitfalls. He can warn you of those things. He can give you advice on recruiting. He can give you advice on dealing with high school coaches, with relationships across campus. He's been there and done it in difficult situations. He's like an encyclopedia of information on the how-to-be a head coach thing.

FIU Fan: Coach, do you feel you have the horses up front to be able to compete in the Sun Belt this year or are we still a year away?

MC: Any coach that walks into a season telling you that you are not going to compete --they shouldn't be coaching football anymore. Yes, we will compete this year!

Jonathan: Will you tryout any FIU soccer players for the kicking job?

MC: A couple have claimed that they want to come walk-on. We are more than welcome to see what they got. I was in NFL Europe when Darren Bennett (punting in Pro Bowl, picture right) who was an Dbpunt_2 Australian Rules Football player, was our punter. He was a guy that on his honeymoon in San Diego called the Chargers and said "I can punt the ball 100 yards, 'mate" and they said OK. So when he walked over to the Chargers facility and punted the ball 96 yards, well long story cut sideways, he became a 12-year NFL All-Pro except he used to tackle people. If we can find one of those guys that tackles people, well then, I want that guy!

FIU Fanatic: What aspects of FIU have you found a surprise?

MC: The first thing that surprised me was how nice it was. When I stepped foot on campus I was truly blown away. I grew up 7 miles from here and never did anything except go to the Youth Fair. What surprised me and I appreciate more than anything else is the committment to making this a big time, big time program. The president, the people on campus they understand that it's a major committment, but it's the only way to compete and get things done and they're willing to do it.


A Realisst: We have not forgotten your question. We will get to it soon. MC answered everyone's questions. There's more than 40 questions we have to get to, but all of them with their answers from MC will be posted on this blog.

Roman: Good to hear you've joined the GPP. So you're not the FIU baseball PA announcer anymore? I told you, you should have sang during the 7th inning stretch. You couldn't have been as bad as Ozzy at Ozzy Wrigley Field. Don't be a stranger to the GPP, keep posting.

Quijote: Yes, I was interviewed on the "Dos Amigos" show. You can hear the audio clip on "The Inconvenient Truth" blog which you can find in the GPP's May archives. Look for the photos of the steak and the baloney and just click on the clip when you get there.

Euro Eduardo "Eddie" Hondal: Welcome to the GPP! EEH is an FIU grad (1988 and 2000) and e-mailed me that he has been keeping tabs on the GPP during his European Vacation. EEH has followed the GPP in Rome, Ana Capri, Florence, Sicily and Barcelona.

gpantera: If you're adding FIU sports info, then feel free to write away on the blog. Good comparison of Wake and FIU. You do have a point FIU does have more going for it than Wake did before they won the ACC.

We'll have Part 3 of MC's Q & A soon. Have some Marlins duties this week, but Part 3 should be up soon. Headed to the Sun Belt football media days next week in New Orleans for 3 days. Look for an FIU cajun blog from New Orleans. MC and Lionell Singleton will be in the Big Easy as well.



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thanks for the continued updates pete


Thanks again for your hard work.

I had a feeling he was going to mention DB Singleton. Haven't heard much on Scottie Bryant; hopefully he can help the defense be as good as last year.

MC is doing a great job directing this team. I'm sure it will translate to positive results in Sun Belt conference.

Go Panthers!!

Well, conspicuously absent in your first two segments PP is any discussion of the QB position. You even go so far as to post an irreverent reply to my 'follow-up' question rather than address the main point; what gives?

My take is that MC likes what he sees in Younger but it's far too early to be proclaiming anyone in the lead. However, imo, it's your job (since you chose to create this Q&A) to ask the tough questions. Inquiring minds want to know what's going on at the QB position. This will allow us to know what direction he's taking the program in.

Give us the scoop on the QB position! Is Younger the Man !?!?

Damn, I'm just so impressed with MC answering all of the fans' questions that you submitted. Shows he's serious about building all the aspects of a good FB program.

Damn, I'm just so impressed with PP answering all of our questions. Shows he's serious about building all the aspects of a good FB blog.

he is and it is well appriciated. pete i agree w/ FIU Man i was at the spring game and Younger was tearing it up. i would also like to know whats up w/ the QB position. how about the 3 freshman qb's coming in... do they get a shot?

"MC: Any coach that walks into a season telling you that you are not going to compete --they shouldn't be coaching football anymore. Yes, we will compete this year!"

I love the attitude!!!!!

Pete thanks for getting this done for us and letting us play reporters for a day!

Are there any pre-season events or practices open to the publice going on the first week of august?

Only 2 freshmen QB's are on campus. Mann did not get qualified.

I must say that I am impressed the Coach Cristobal has taken the time to answer our questions. He has continued to impress me with some personal things that took place this week. I am very happy to have Coach Cristobal as a part of the FIU family. I am looking forward to seeing his enthusiasm transferred to the field.

Very good job PP...This is a great avenue for us FIU diehards....Thanks


This level of access and interactivity with our coach is unprecedented. This is the way you build a fan base. When this thing blows up and the GPC is at full growl, and it will, I hope both PP and MC remain accessible. I'm happy that MC's vision of an FIU family is not just for his player but rather extends to us, the fans.

keep up the good work!


Why is Lionell in New O? Is he our FIU representative this year? I dont care if we've got a donkey kicking this year, we need a kicker!!! I dont want to lose by missed FG's and XP's again. Bad kicking cost us at least 4 games last season.

Pete on a completely unrelated note, do you have any idea what is wrong with dontrelle willis? I was at the game on Wed. and it was brutal to watch. I've noticed your Marlins writing in the herald so I thought maybe you knew something. Thanks.

There you go alt7787, lets make this a total sports blog - not just a GP one. Thank you. Now that one of the GPC has taken the first step to extending this blog AWAY from GP athletics, I do not ever want to here (read) any crap about how this is a GP blog for GOP athletics, so stop talking about UM. That is, unless, one of the GPC rips alt7787 for his post questing marlins activities.

On that note, I think that MC is delusional like his fans. It must be something in the water out there at FIU. Did I read his response wrong, or did he take credit for changing the culture at Rutgers. Does anyone up there even know who he is? They know GS - but I doubt they are thanking MC for changing the culture of Rutgers. Also, someone should tell MC that his team COMPETED last year too, and lost everytime. Unless your team refuses to come out of the tunnel, technically, you are competing. MC, I know your GP fans are loving your Ra RA BS - but the more of it you project, the less confident I believe you are about the success of your team. Remember, there is a huge difference between telling everyone about how good you are going to be and how hard you are goping to work, then actually doing it and proving it during the season. My advice, stop talking and saying things like "This place [FIU] is on its way to being in real, real high demand" and "I expect our walk-on program to be the best in the country" because IF your team continues to suck, you and your 3ntire program are going to look stupid. It is better to just let your team and your actions do the talking. I mean, I dont remeber Coker in 2001, his FIRST year comming into The U talking a lot. He just let his team go out and win a Nat'l Championship.

This is a GP blog, first and foremost crazycane. If you don't like that, then take a flying leap back to your ever shrinking scUM pond.

Now I've heard it all...a Cane fan recommending that FIU's GPC follow in their footsteps and remain humble, quietly going about our football business and not setting high expectations for fear it may backfire. What?!?!?!

CrazyCane, I pray that your Cane Country bethren do not read your last posting because your Cane membership card will be ripped up immediately. Annoying Cane Rule #1 - be boastful, regardless of the reality on the ground, beat your chest and position the U as a premier football power even if the program is coming off a .500 regular season in which Duke and Nevada almost beat u...please put the happy juice down and get a hold of yourself!

CrazyCane, your suggestion may have some merrit, only if it didn't come from an arrogant cane fan...and please don't say you're not arrogant. Cane fans by definition are arrogant.


FIU Fan - u are not a smart person. I was agreeing with you, making the same point you did. Alt7787 was the one who started talking about the Marlins. Please read before responding from now on - then you wont sound like scUM. Now, GPant - gimme a break. My Cane Card is a lifetime one buddy. But to respond to your question and remark, cane fans CAN do it b/c they have something to back it up. Look at the trphy case; look at the banners with the winning streak; look in the pros at the stars from the U; look in the hall of fame. Until FIU gets even one of these accomplished, shut the hell up and go about your business of creating a successful football program and be humble. Like I said before, if you go out and beat your chest with a 0-12 and sayings like TDAOS, you look like an idiot.

ok crazy cane let me start by saying... your an idiot. first this is an GP blog so everything you say is goin to sound stupid. so lets go down the list. the whole "ra ra bs" that you are talking about is basically what every coach should be telling their students/supporters. about coker staying quiet and winning the NC lets not forget he won w/ butch davis players. as to saying MC doesnt have nothing do to rutgers success is stupid b/c he was part of their staff that helped changed their culture up there although he wasnt there last year. he was still there and their aint nothing wrong w/ what he said. as to refering to the trophy case. congrats on the 5 NC titles but everyong here knows that miami is a town of "what have you done for me lately" and in that sense UM aint that far off from FIU, UM hasnt wont a conference championship, and have been progressively worst since winning their last NC championship and it sucks to say that cause i like the cane but its true. right now RS and MC are in the same place. they are taking programs that have disapointed and making them better. so i end with saying that you shut up and go about YOUR business. and work on your 6-6 record and well work on ours. and we will do all the chest bumping we want over here

I think its hilarious to see UM fans that have nothing better to do but expose their insecurites on a GP blog. I hope FIU builds up into national prominence. I played baseball there in the 90's and we were in the regionals every year and I think the steps they have taken this year were necessary. Good luck both football and baseball.

Not to rain on the parade, but MC was only at Rutgers from 2001-2003. His involvement in the Rutgers turnaround was limited. He did work very hard and had something to do with the program's turnaround, but he was by no means a crucial factor causing the turnaround. Jay Butler and Chris Demarest where actually the pieces that helped turn everything around according to Schiano.

MC does have strong recruiting ties and his Ra-Ra speeches are exactly what he should be doing in a program such as FIU. It's not one of the big boys and he needs to generate excitement anyway he can considering the lackluster fanbase and infancy of the program, and every coach in his spot will say the same "we expect to compete" or "we will be a place everyone wants to go to" because that's part of their job. As a coach, you're a salesman, a disciplinarian, and an X and O's guy as well. What else do you expect the guy to say? "Well we have a poor team, lost our own real strength in our backers and DE and our returning subpar skill players?" If any coach says that they should be fired and never allowed to coach anywhere else.

The difference is the challenges he faces in actually being able to do what Schiano did in Rutgers. Sure he has the advantage of being in a South Fla. hotbed and that has paid off with players like Barnes, but Rutgers also had the advantage of recruiting the NY area and being the only real show in town, as well as offering a nice alternative. Only time will tell, but the fans should be excited and should look forward to winning some games that where winnable last year, such as the 7-6 lost to Middle Tenn. or losing to North Texas. Outside of that, it will take time if it happens at all, and it will definitely be a challenge since FSU is starting to recruit strongly again with UM, UF coming off of a championship season, and Rutgers and USF having some success in a BCS conference.

F.Y.I. For those that are looking for FIU to leave the Sunbelt to the BigEast, it looks highly unlikely since most of the athletic departments in that conference are upset about how many teams they ave in there right now and already see it affecting their number of NCAA tournament seats.

Great post Fomenter. I agree with almost all of it. However, I do disagree with the part about MC had his Ra Ra stuff. I agree that he cant say we suck and we're gonna such but bear with me. But some of the stuffhe said in his interview is a little rediculous and it sounds like he is trying too hard to MAKE everyone believe it. The oe thing I agree with CrazyCane is that I think MC should prove it on the field instead of in an interview with PP. Words are cheap. I just hope, for FIU's sake, MC doesn't look like a chump if he has a 0-12 season because then, his words might come back to haunt him.

CJ - you and I have always had respect, but for you to cite Coker as winning with BD's players is stupid. If MC wins this year, are you going to say he won with DS's players. Of course not - you are going to sing the praises of MC from the highest roof tops. So dude, the Coker won with Davis's players is BS. If Randy Shannon wns this year - did he win with Coker's players? No, of course not, b/c then the Coker firing would have made no sense. You see how an intelligent post is written and thought out.

GP community,

The new Football media guide is available online in pdf on the fiusports.com site.

check it out !!!

GP community,

The new Football media guide is available online in pdf on the fiusports.com site.

check it out !!!

crazycane; here's your quote "Now that one of the GPC has taken the first step to extending this blog AWAY from GP athletics, I do not ever want to here (read) any crap about how this is a GP blog for GOP athletics, so stop talking about UM."

Just because someone asks a question on another topic doesn't mean the scUM of the earth can come over here and hi-jack the board for scUM talk. You've got your own scUMmie little board. This is a GP blog.

Exactly - so why r u asking ?'s about the Marlins. Do you hate yourself for only cheering for teams that suck (Golden Panthers and Marlins)Are you also a fan of the Panthers? Now I know what you are going to say - "Cane fans, they only follow front runners." Look, is it my fault thatmy team is a winning program?

I can't wait to see the comments MC has on our new ON CAMPUS state of the art stadium, and its impact on recruiting and such....

Way to go PP...regardless of what some naysayers say...

My fellow FIU fans.....
I urge you to overlook the mindless statements made on this bold by those from the school named for a city that it is not even in. For a school that boasts so many proud traditions, so many championships, so many players in the ranks of the professionals...it seems a bit odd that they would feel the need to come to a place that is for a school with a program still in its infancy and thump their collective chests. Why would they even want to be here? Perhaps it is because the rest of the world ignores them. By chance could it be that their own lives are so boring that they are just trying to put some spark into it? Or maybe it's because they realize that we are growing in strength and numbers every day. You know the old saying....keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Oh, I do want to clarify something. Any person, regardless of the school they are affiliated with, is welcome to have civil banter and/or educated discussions. But any of the FIU bashing....just let it roll.

I just cannot get tired of the Q&A...great stuff Pete!

"Look, is it my fault thatmy team is a winning program?"...thats funny because I thought that in order to be a WINNING program, you had to have MORE W's than L's year in and year out, especially on the most recent year...But I'm probably wrong cuz I'm an FIU fan so that AUTOMATICALLY makes me a delusional fan, alongside with the football coach

On a side note, going back to that topic of switching conferences(even though I think that's getting WAAAY ahead of ourselves but heck, it's a blog)...I read something that's pretty interesting about creating a "Super Conference" with teams that do not play in major conferences...It's worth a look if you have 2min of nothing to do...according to Mom, the UCG guys fit the description

***Scroll down all the way and it should be there, College Football's Newest Super Conference
And before the UCG guys start jumping all over me saying things like: "Pete, how can you let somebody like YouGotGold post something like this, does he truly believe that FIU will be in the same conference as Boise State?"
I am not assuming anything...especially because FIU is not mentioned AT ALL on that post. But if this thing ever comes to reality, it will be at least 3-4 yrs from now...and if by then FIU football is a program that's consistently improving, it might be something worth thinking about...

Funny, a grown woman with her own family life consistently on the internet declaring others have a boring life.....Even a car accident involving UM players makes the news on espn.com, I guess that's ignoring them. And this is pretty much it for UM playing FIU for the better part of a decade so not so much enemies either. And for YouGotGold I'm pretty sure UM had more W's than L's last year, and the year before where ranked #3 in mid-November. Just poking some holes in your arguments for the fun of it though, lots of potential for FIU to do well if they start recruiting better players using Mario's recruiting ties and get some solid skill players to take advantage of the conference they are in. Nowhere to go but up.

24/7 the coker winning w/ BD's players has been an argument used by UM supporters to FIRE coker. everyone at the you has stated that. so dont tell me its bs. i agree w/ you that coaching does play a big part in what people do but we all saw in the past years coker couldnt coach. hense the change in coaches.


You are crazy.


Crazy Cane worry about how every year Mr. Frank "I Can't Win, But I can Recruit" Haith keeps losing high priced recruits to other schools. It's always the same story, "We have the best class in the country coming in" and then you lose it. If it wasn't for Art Alvarez who brought him Guillermo Diaz, Dennis Clemente, Dwayne Collins and this year Edwin Rios he wouldn't even be close to having a BB team. However he must have naked pictures of Paul Dee or somebody up in the UCG hierarchy b/c they keep praising him. By the way with Frank Martin and Anthony Grant coaching Big time programs don't expect any local kid to sign with UCG as in the case of the 2 Pace players who Haith said he had them in a bag.

On the MC subject the head coach at Rutgers is GS however the head recruiter and the guy behind those Rutgers football camps in Coral Gables High, just blocks from UCG and the ones that gave Paul Dee headaches to the point he tried to block them, was MC. As I stated before name me 5 NFL first rounders recruited and signed by Shannon. MC recruited and signed Bryant McKinnie, Sean Taylor, Antrel Rolle, Andre Johnson, Jon Beason, Jeremy Shockey plus a couple more.

You will only wish RS was as open and honest as MC.

Scott Bryant is a heat-seeking missile on defense. He was, in my opinion, our top defensive recruit last year.

If Wendy Napoleon can get healthy and come back (he was a rising star who could clog up the middle), we'll be more than fine at linebacker with Mannie Wellington and Michael Dominguez. Napoleon looked like he had Bouie-like ability.

GO-lden PA-nther-S ---- PAw cla-W-S
GO - PA - S ----------- PA -W - S
GO - PA ----------- W - S
Grittings Pete Pelegrin, I’ve followed the GPP from the start (thanks to a good friend & talented Blogger) and you’er doing an excellent job for our Golden Panther Country (“The GO-PAWZz”). The GPP Blog is super and just what the Doc ordered for us the GOLDEN PANTHER - FANS / FAMILY / COMMUNITY / COUNTRY (GP-FFCC). Time constraints have kept me from jumping on board earlier.
Pete, just-keep-on blogging !

“It’s Great To Be A Golden-Panther !!!” Not a Gator, Cane or a Nole !

As our fellow bloggers know, FIU has through the years (I a witness for 32) been mostly ignored or briefly noted on a back page by our local media and some south Florida communities. BUT NO-MORE !!! Why? Because we are growing so BIG & FAST (with excellence in academics / sports) that those that don’t pay attention shall be rolled over by our “GO-PAWZz” Tsunami. I feel and believe our FIU shall continue to have a bright & positive future for ages to come. We’re just scratching the surface now.

Fellow “GO-PAWZz-er” we must all unite and become FIU ambassadors & recruiters:
Of our Alumni, fans, friends, family, neighbors, even strangers (anyone who will listen)

• To join our Alumni Association. (Today 105,000+ haven’t) A power-house!
• To purchase football season tickets and or the All Sports Pass (very reasonable prices)
• To join the Golden Panther Club now the Panther Athletic Association for student athletes. (“dedicated to raising funds and awareness of FIU athletic program”)
• To re-visit our beautiful & ever-growing beautiful campuses to re-associate ties with our areas of study or interest.
• To join our beautiful recreation facilities/ clubs.
• To jump and stay on the FIU sports Ban-Wagon now BECAUSE our teams have talented leaders that will bring the winning edge.

Q&A Part II:
MC is correct on our Walk-On programs potential at FIU. Next years walk-on group number should double.

Our losing should not be called a Culture, but a coaching blindness and or fear of taking risks and never learning from prior mistakes. Teams will perform to the level of their coach’s domineer.

On the departure of our (great) defensive leaders, they surely proofed that individuals can make a difference. This year’s group shall follow their example.

On Pete Garcia’s great moves & expectations, plans etc. we should also give praise to his leader for the hire and setting the goals and changes in motion.

On MC being surprised on how nice our campus is, let’s invite the community, Alum, family, friend, etc. and hold university Mini Garage Sales on a regular basis (bi-weekly or monthly) at the main fountain area with food/art/books/souvenirs, to create interest on retuning.

My last posting word should have been "RETURNING".
My first post name try was FIU"GO-PAWZz",which didn't work, so here we are.

Welcome to our blog..Go PawZz...love your passion and history with FIU. We need more and more to join in....

South Paw....it seems to me eveything you say is true and makes a lot of sense. Bryant came in with a lot of accolades..perhaps just a bit small for some..but very talented. And Wendy Napoleon would be the linebacker with most experience/takcles returning to our team. Talent-wise, this LB corp. could even be better than last season....I don't know...

FIU Go-Pawzz,

Welecome aboard. I hope your enthusiams is contagious. Are you the person that attends our football games with the Paw cardboards for each hand and try to get that "Paw/Claw" chant going?

By the way, imo, your GP-FFCC acronym won't work. It's too long and confusing to recall its meaning. The GPC (Golden Panther Community) is simpler to brand...something to consider.

Again, your heart is in the right place and the GPC is on the rise. Keep spreading the word and supporting the cause.


I can't give you info on who recruited Andre Johnson since I can't recall off of the top of my head, but Mario most certainly DID NOT recruit Jon Beason, considering he wasn't even at UM during Beason's recruiting stage. And if you want to be technical about it, MC didn't recruit and sign anybody from 1998-2000 because he was a graduate assistant.

Sean Taylor and Rolle where both recruited by Shannon and Bryant McKinnie was recruited by none other than Coker out of JUCO. Willis Mc., Kenard Lang, and Kenny Holmes where also recruited by Shannon.
Shockey was recruited by former WR coach and current New Orleans Saints WR coach Curtis Johnson.

If you seriously insinuating anything negative about RS and his recruiting ability I suggest you look at his recruiting rankings and with the expected commitments of a few other of the Miami Northwestern boys, many of whom are silent, you would never think they came off of a 7-6 year.

So altogether that's a pretty debunk argument. MC was a very good recruiter at Miami, but Miami recruits itself and is easier to recruit for than other schools. Rutgers was and is a job well done by Schiano and his ability to assemble the right pieces to do so is finally being recognized. But if you look at his roster he locks down his area and then comes to Florida to fill in other parts. That's an advantage he has by there basically being not much more competition in that area. It's a different challenge with a different approach. Just relax, MC might struggle at first but he might be able to build up a team after getting some better recruiting classes in the upcoming years. It's a work in progress and any turn around expected to take place in 1-3 years is unrealistic. It took Rutgers six years to turn it around and they are in a BCS conference, played a soft schedule outside of UL and Wva. and still faced Kansas St.

It's a work in progress and if MC does turn FIU into a winning program, on whatever level of winning that is, chances are the majority of the players on this team right now won't be around for it.

Fomenter, I believe your arguments are fair enough...from the beginning. Welcome to this blog, since even with your affinity to UM, you come in here with a high dose of respect, and common sense. Af for the turn around of FIU with MC leading it, it depends on the level of "turn around" one assumes. Perhaps to win the Sun Belt and go to a Bowl, could be a lot sooner than what you espouse. And that is one level of "turn around" I'm looking at first.

Anyways, keep blogging away. In my book, you are more what this UM-FIU thing should be like, without either side necessarily renouncing its favoritism for either program.






How ironic that you ask about “The Paw/Claw Man” as must people call him. I know him from the games and we’ve spoken on many occasions since the Inaugural 2002 Football Season. I will try to reach him soon to see what’s up and get some feed-back on the GPP.

You may be right with respect to the GP-FFCC acronym. As presented it does forward that impression. My original intentions were to express on a one time basis that the GP-COMMUNITY really extends farther out than our community. Now you got me thinking. Locally, any one involved directly with our school and our Alumni could easily feel the ties and sense of Community. As readers and outside the area potential /actual fans, students, student athletes, employees, administrators, Alumni, etc. could feel detached. There-fore we need a stronger word that feels inclusive and all encompassing. Two candidates that come to mind immediately of course are “Country” and or “Nation”. We would then be “GPC” the “Golden Panther Country” or “GPN” the “Golden Panther Nation”. The word Country fits well for recruiting and I like the word Nation as the all inclusive one.
Remember The Golden Panthers-Family Tree (GP-FT) Alumni branches throughout must of the U.S. 50 States and at least 110 foreign countries. (Can someone help with more exact figures?)

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