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Mario Cristobal Q & A Part 4

Back home in Miami, but after having fallen asleep on the plane I didn't need too much of a reminder to let me know I was home.

Just walking from the plane to my car the other night, here were three signs that let me know I was back in Miami: the aroma of Cuban coffee in the airport terminal, the beautifully tanned women (Hola, Veronica) and the bevy of parked cars in a NO parking zone on an airport curb. Gotta love it! Well, at least the first two signs.

With 16 to go, here are eight more of your questions with MC. . . .Mc_4

FIU Fan: Coach, are you seeing the QB situation at FIU the same way many of us are, i.e. is Wayne Younger going into the fall practice as your #1?

MC: We're going to let that play out. We are not going to play games with the media. Whether it be in one day, four days or five weeks once it's clear who that starting quarterback needs to be for that first game, it will be clear. It will be established and we'll go from there. Whoever is number two will need to support it, will need to get better to try and be number one. That's the way it's going to be. There is no room for any selfish players here. We're a team. We're a family and that's just the way football is. Football is business, never personal. Whoever is the guy will be the guy.

FIUJM: During the scrimmage, TE Moses Hinton looked impressive; can he be as good or better than Sam Smith was the last two years?

MC: Don't know enough about Sam Smith to make a comment on that. I'd say Moses had a good spring not a great spring. He's got a ton of work to do. He's now down to 258 pounds. When he got here he was 272. Two fifty-eight is ideal right there. He's naturally a very big person. He's athletic, he's strong. He's running much better routes. He's in better shape. He feels much more comfortable with the offense. We expect big things out of him. To compare him to somebody -- I've been lucky enough to be around some great tight ends -- you got to be pretty special to impress me on that. The Shockeys of the Ljsmith_2 world, the L.J. Smiths (picture, left). Moses has enough ability to be a great one and be a next-level guy some day, but he's got to do it in a game. He doesn't have much game experience.

Miri: After the success that was our spring scrimmage event, are there plans to continue the big event every year like it was this year?

MC: Yes, it will probably be even bigger. It will probably be tied into two days of events involving FIU baseball and football. It's going to be like a freaking carnival out there.

PantherFan: When is the Cage expected to reach the 45,000 capacity -- any timelines? And are there plans for a sponsor or a name change to the stadium?

MC: We're taking all callers for creativity on names for the stadium and maybe logos as well. When that stadium opens up it's got to be special. I know this -- the faster we pack it up the faster it goes to 45,000. We're going to have a beautiful, beautiful place. It's going to be a place where not only we play, but all the local high schools will be playing their games as well and seeing our place. It's going to be such a home for so many people that people are going to be more and more comfortable with FIU. What's going to happen is it's going to be really, really cool to be at or around FIU. We are responsible for that momentum. When I say we I mean the FIU family. If you're out there and you're an alum and you're reading this, man, let's go! Let's not wait, because this is our baby. This is our shot. So let's make it work.

FIU Fanatic: Do you see a shift in recruits' perception of FIU and its football program?

MC: No doubt about it. One of the things is that a lot of these recruits had never seen nor heard from FIU so they had no idea. The other part is some guys that did know about FIU only knew that last year wasn't a great season. But once they set foot on campus with their parents -- whether they committed already, they want to commit or they haven't committed yet -- they all leave with a wow factor, because they see the campus which is beautiful. They see their living quarters which are outstanding. They get to experience some time with their academic people which are excellent and they get to see the school itself, which is truly a jewel. On top of that, they see a stadium that just got knocked down. They see Jewel_3 Album_3 the renderings of one that is going to go up as well as meet the coaching staff. They know here there is an opportunity. That there is a big-time, big-time opportunity. There's a great, great buzz in the state of Florida right now about FIU and we want to keep it rolling.

FIU Heisman: Will other running backs have an equal chance to start or play or will you only go with A'mod Ned and Julian Reams?

MC: The best players will play. I don't care if they walked on. I don't care if their Rivals 5-star or player of the year. If they just hitchhiked and got here from the turnpike and they're a good person and got Hh accepted into school and they're doing the right things and they're doing the best jobs they are going to be the guy.

YouGotGold: Would you wear a T.D.A.O.S. t-shirt?

MC: [breaks out laughing] If it's adidas-sponsored we may have to.

FIUandMe: What are some similarities and differences in this program to Rutgers AND between the coaching philosophies of Greg Schiano and yourself?

MC: Schiano is excellent, one of the best in the business. Truly, I learned more from him than anybody else that I've been around, because I've spent more time with him. The infrastructure, the structure, the set-up of your staff, your philosophy in bringing in a staff. Your philosophy on practice and player regiment. Your philosophy on how you handle a situation. I think I took a great chunk out of Greg Schiano's philosophy. Being with Greg at Rutgers when we first got there it was very, very similar to FIU. A place that had not won, except they had been around for 90 years or so. A place where the Schia culture was of not winning. The expectations were lower than a gutter. One thing he told me before taking the job, remember two things: vision and tough decisions. The first one is easy, the second one is real, real hard. Make sure that every single person in the program is an extension of yourself. Make sure that everyone in that program is treated with great respect and that there is loyalty across the board. Any signs of some one who is not loyal, they need to go somewhere else. It's a tough enough job as it is when everybody is together. Let's not make it any more difficult than it needs to be. The part that is similar, but I believe is much better at FIU is what we learn in business school: location, location, location. To get Rutgers rolling we had to recruit the state of Florida for 4 1/2 years picking up 8 to 10 guys a year to get Rutgers turned around. We live in the greatest hotbed of talent in the country and everything from FIU -- the situation, the location itself I believe makes it a better situation than we had at Rutgers.

PANTHER PAWSE No. 24                                                       Gppaw

FIUBlue82: MC and his staff have visited a few schools this summer. Besides LSU, MC and defensive coordinator Phil Galiano both took a plane to Rutgers. Offensive coordinator James Coley saw FSU workout and Special teams coach Apollo Wright and running backs coach Mike Cassano both went to see the defending national champion Gators practice. Other FIU defenders that stood out this spring besides Lionell Singleton and Scott Bryant were: Jonathan Betancourt, Roland Clarke, Robert Mitchell and Matt Garris. As far as the FIU offense, you can look forward to a creative spread and not the antique, vanilla pro-set from days of yore. Exhibit A: In one of the spring scrimmages, Ned threw a halfback pass to set up a touchdown. A foreign concept the past 5 years.

FIU-GO-PAWZz: I agree the FIU unis need an upgrade and so does the logo. Need Golden Panther on the helmet. I've heard a new logo is being discussed, but nothing concrete yet. As far as new initials for coaches, we've been going with MC and TT since this blog started 4 months ago, so we'll keep the tradition.

FIUBlueandGold: You mean there are um fans actually posting on this blog???.........FIU fans can't let umers stop them from writing on this blog. FIUers are better than that. Plus, umers are just closet FIU fans anyway.

CJ: You can see video of FIU's incoming freshman on the Rivals site which has some of their best high school plays on there.

gpantera: Your question has been answered and it will appear on the next blog.

fiugrad: Thanks for making Pennsylvannia the 11th state the GPP is read in! Former FIU football P.A. announcer Bobby Alonso got a job with a North Carolina radio station and he informs me to count North Carolina among the GPP readership states. So that's 12 FIU states: Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Colorado, California, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Tennessee, Vermont, Pennsylvannia and North Carolina. See you on Sept. 1 in Happy Valley, fiugrad.

24-7: I like arroz con pollo. My mother makes a mean one with shredded chicken and then finishes it off with parmesan cheese in the oven. Since you're a closet FIU fan and will be at the new stadium opener, you could try some there from the FIU concessions. Aaroz_2


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The more I read, the more excited I get. IS IT TIME FOR KICKOFF YET!!

MMMMMM Arroz con Pollo. They dont make that in Colorado!

Just a few more weeks to the season. Cant wait to see what happens.

Man Pete nice cheese on the Jewel image. lol dork :) So I started a dynasty mode in NCAA 08 Football for PS3, FIU is 5-0 thusfar, destroying PSU, Maryland, scUM, Kansas and just squeeking by M.Tenn, surprisingly. Hopefully this is a peek into the future!!!

Pete it would be great if you could create a blog for us fans with detailed information for the PSU game. Many of us want to go (myself included) but are clueless as to what are the best transportation options, tailgate info, FIU Alumni tent info, and most importantly what seats or ticket availability for Golden Panther sections for all the Golden Panthers to sit together. We don't want to go through the travel agency at University Park, its terribly expensive $900+. All of this information SHOULD be on fiusports.com frontpage, but its not. That's awful!!! Here's our biggest away (as in out of Miami) game ever and FIU's communication with us has been limited. I've even called FIU with little success other than to call the Travelvendors travel agency. Please help us, the big game is only a few weeks away and fans need to make plans to support our Golden Panthers.

Thanks Pete

I just got my tickets for the PSU game, and I would love to hang out with other golden panther at a tail gate. I am still trying to get tickets right behind the FIU bench, and if I do, I might have 2 extra ticket at the 50 yard that I can sell to someone at the price I paid for them $77 each.
Quijote, the best way is provably to find a plane from Ft Lauderdale to Harrisburg or Pittsburgh and then rent a car, $200 airfare with Southwestern or Airtran, and about $40 for the car. bec areful when you buy the tickets, if you get student tickets you will not be allowed to enter the stadium without student ID. so you will be throwing your money away. You provably be better getting a hotel in Harrisburg, the hotels near PSU will sold out and the prices are higher there. I will drive from Baltimore that morning and it is about 3 hours from me, like going from FIU to Hialeah during rush hour traffic. I hope to meet some of you guys there, if not I'll see you at the OB couple of weeks later, I think this blog should have its own tent to tail gate at every FIU game.

Pete... the man for all things FIU! Geeeeez, you even report on my leaving as the PA announcer. That's what I call keeping your ear to the ground!

For the record... Bobby Alonso is still alive and well, though he doesn't have a job with a NC radio station. I'm working on that, though. The Pornstar will hopefully make his appearance in the Triad soon enough.

The job I did get in NC is as a studio host/producer for the USF Radio Network. The USF in Tampa, I mean... and also for the record, I find it ironic that I have to leave South Florida to cover a school called the University of South Florida. I'll be using my real name on the broadcast, though, so you know who to blame for all the screw-ups.

Anyway... I'll be counting on you now for all things FIU, Senor Pelegrin. Keep up the good work, holmes. I'll be reading from Winston-Salem. I'm gonna miss seeing the GP's first-hand, and I'm definitely going to miss doing the PA. I was really looking forward to doing the games at the OB this year... that old lady's special, even if she's rusted through and through. But that's how life goes sometimes, and I'm gonna need you now, Pete, for my FIU fix... so bring it strong, man!

Thanks Pete. Glad to read your response.

Thanks, Pete. I am glad that they're going to continue the event. It's even better that they're tying it up with baseball. I can't wait. :)

Well, reading between the lines, all I can say is, it's time to get behind our number one guy Wayne Younger.

He's our man!

Good to hear about Bobby Alonso (Messod Bendayan) landing a job up in NC. Congratulations! Does anybody know how he came up with "Bobby" for a radio name?

Our uniforms only need tweaks, not major changes.

The first change we HAVE to make is to get rid of the blue pants -- when we wear them we have almost NO GOLD in our colors. When a blueberry-colored panther is first seen roaming the swamps of South Florida, I'll be on board with the blue pants. And by the way, our record is 2-11 since we first wore them in the 2005 season, including 1-10 on the road. It's time to move on.

I agree with other posts, we should have GOLD helmets. I'd prefer to keep the FIU logo, but with white letters on a gold helmet. Adding the panther head would be OK, but let's keep it as clean as simple as possible. Our uniforms are classic looking--let's not ruin them.

And please no stamped-out, cookie-cutter designs by the equipment manufacturers that 10-15 other universities across the country are strong-armed into wearing each year. It looks ridiculous when your design is a copy of other schools, and then changed again every 5 years. That's not the way to build tradition or brand recognition.

this is goin to sound weird but i always actually liked oregon's Uni's even though everyone thinks they are ugly as sin. i mean they are the most unique uni's out there. i say FIU gets unique and do something like that. what about goin back to the old football logo... like a throw back.. that attacking looking panther.

How about the panther head on a gold helment with the current FIU logo underneath the head - that would be pretty sweet!

How about a gold and blue split U, instead of green and orange? I mean I know only one other team that uses that logo.

crazy cane ... noo its to easy to insult you. but hey if you want to see the U in Blue and Gold im sure FIU will lend you our colors so you can see it. see slowly but surely the closet FIU supporters are coming out. it starts by wanting to see their team in our colors.


Great to see the list of states is growing almost weekly!

By-the-way, I bought 4 tix to the MSTU vs. FIU game on Sept. 29th in Murfeesboro. Only an hour or so from my place in Chattanooga! Hope to see some Golden Panthers there!

No, I just figured since the athletic dept at FIOU suffers from UM envy, it only made sense for them to try and copy the logo. Personally, I think FIU sucks, the school, the athletic dept, the students, all of it. I think it is a second rate school for all the students who could not get into UF, FSU, UCF, USF and probabaly FAU. So, that fact that you may even think for a second that I am going to be a FIU supporter is rediculous.


"rediculous"??!?! Sounds like the only second-rate school around here is UM. They have students that can't even spell "ridiculous". That's if you WERE a student, that is.

he's prob an fiu student alil pissed that UM didnt want him but rather than spew his anger at a school that rejected him, he's taking it out at a school that gave him a chance. if fiu is a second rate school they wouldnt have a top 10 bus. program, and brand new Law and Med. programs that will be rivaling many in the cournty given a couple of years. as to our UM envy, i dont know what to say to bring you to light that i havent already. you are a sad reason as to why alot of the country doesnt like UM. fans taht are almost as annoying as UF

Though I do not share CrazyCanes distaste for FIU, I do agree with him in one respect, that FIU has UM envy. But I do not necessarily think that is a bad thing. Why wouldn't FIU want to be like UM. A successful athletic program, a solid educational program, good facilities (not great, except the Orange Bowl which is one of a kind), good diverse student body, etc etc etc. I think if FIU wants to be like UM, that should be embraced, not denied. Also, I do not think Crazy wanted the split U in blue and gold, I think he was just trying to make a point that FIU wants to be like UM. That being said, why is FIU so far behinf UF, FSU, USF and UCF in athletics, especially football? I do not know, so I propose that question to the GPC who have a lot more knowledge regarding the history of FIU athletics, esp football, than I,

I think TheU24/7 is right in that we hope that one day FIU has as many championships as UM. There's no way around it in saying that UM has had much success in athletics and I can only hope that FIU will one day be recognized as top tier in ATHLETICS like UM has but, without the bad publicity.

see i understand what Crazy was saying but what you gotta understand is in the mannor that he speaks it shoots out like Venom and gives actual UM bloggers on here a really bad image. i mean i love the U i always have but hearing such negativity out of the U... and sometime arrogant stuff makes me question if i was ever like that. as to why FIU is so far behind i think it was due to us trying to put the schooling first. (although Strocks didnt seem to follow that) but to have a top then school of any kind is an acheivement

As a side note - can you name one top athletic program that has not had its share of controversy?

Off the top of my head, I can think of UF that has not had any major controversy. Maybe I'm wrong but, I can't remember any.

I think a lot of the major programs out there have their share of controversies but, it seems like UM is the king in that area and the likes of Oklahoma, Alabama, and USC are its jesters.

Miami isnt even close to the king...as i have posted before....You might not believe this -- you might not want to believe this -- but over the past decade, Miami has had fewer player arrests or NCAA-related incidents than almost any other major program in the country. Miami has not had 20-plus incidents involving shoplifting, assault, gun charges and failed drug tests over the past two years, as Tennessee has. Miami has not had to dismiss a star player for earning money through a phony job, as Oklahoma has. Miami has not had a star linebacker accused of sexual assault on the eve of its bowl game as Florida State did last year. And Miami's most recent Academic Progress Rate (956) placed it in the top 20 to 30 percent of all Division I football programs.

MIA/NY Josh,

Unfortunately (or fortunately) that's not the perception. And, as we all know, "perception is reality".

I agree, perception is reality. Then why do I get so much crap for saying FIU sucks and that FIU is second rate. Do you really think that the perception of FIU around the country is anything other then a crappy team which belongs in DII? Perception is reality, and though Miami maybe looked upon negatively, they are still revered as a powerhouse, Herbstriet picked them to win a Nat'l Championship - and what are the highly perceptive sportswriters saying about FIU - oh that's right, another 0 for the season record. GPC - you still want to argue perception is reality?

And as for the gators, they have had a few off field incidents this offseason...i read an article a week or so back...trying to find it

dude, to be honest with you, FIU football has only been around for what, FIVE YEARS?!?! People don't know us yet! So, that so-called "perception" of FIU doesn't exist! And that's perfectly fine with us because, we'll be turning heads in a few years and all for good reasons.

TNGoldenPanther - you don't think there is a perception? Are you kidding? You got into a nat'l incident with UM last year - people noticed. You were one of only two D1 schools to go 0 - the season, people noticed. Statewide, you have hired a former UM stand-out and a former UM asistant AD, people noticed. You are in a D-1 conference in a hot bed of college football (SoFl), people notice. You have a coach who spouts off about how TDAOS, people notice. All around the county, people read this blog. Oh there is a perception buddy, and it ain't one which is of a winning program with a bright future and no behavioral issues. Reality my friend, join it.

I'll give you one thing, and that's the recognition from the infamous brawl but, the one that got most, if not all, the media was UM after that fracas.

I live in Tennessee and I'm proudly wearing my FIU polo today and, a couple of people have asked me "who/what is FIU?". So, to say the country has a "perception" of FIU is unproven. Outside of South Florida, we're not known.

Hopefully, that will soon change.

Pete, thanks on your response & comments. You are right “logo” is the more appropriate word to use. The “Golden Panthers” on the helmet side could be beautiful except the limited space would require the letters to be small and not very visible from afar. On the other hand the present “FIU” logo could be (slightly modified) enlarged vertically and separating the letters enough so they do not blend together like they do from a distance.

I understand your point on traditions with the MC, TT, etc. (initials) and they do serve their purpose well. Hope you don’t mind on a compromise where only I personally use “cMC, cTT, etc...” to refer to our coaches. ############################
Just love the way cMC responds to the questions. He simply portrays a feeling of confidence and determination that’s contagious.

To add to cMC’s response to the PantherFan’s question on the Cage reaching capacity, I believe the FIU Alum in part will come through. If the school reaches all 117,000+ Alumni (78,000 in Tri-County area) to buy or donate (min.) one season ticket (worth) per year to the stadium causes. Let’s imagine one in five (a fifth or 20%) respond, that would be 23,400 fans & very possible.
If only the Tri-County area responded with 20% we would have 15,600 fans in the first phase for the 17,000 seat Cage.

The FIU alumni part of the GO-PAWZz Nation will proof its’existance out there and will, just do it!!!

Like our cMC said, “Let’s go! Let’s not wait, because this is our baby. This is our shot. So let’s make it work.”

not crazycane

I think CandyCane has licked one to many lollipops. This scUMhead needs to take his show on the road. Lets all spell out why scUM sucks hard Candy:

SaT score? I got a rich Dad.
College or jail? Football it is.
U think I earned this degree? Sure.
My GPA at scUM? $30k a year, bought.

Great job with this series with MC.

I have never felt this clear and informed on a team i have followed, pro or college.

And being the newshound that I am, that is a huge statement.

great, great work.

scumsanitizer why did you have to go and say that. now whatever reasonable argument any FIU fan has brought up will be shot down b/c of an ignorant comment you just stated. my gf just got into UM 2nd in her class she has earned her way into UM shes geting Scholarship up the wazo so that she can go there. theres no rich daddy anywhere and when she gets her degree it will be because she earned it. your generalizing and its not a fair assumtion b/c then they say that FIU students couldnt get in anywhere except dade or FIU and chose the ladder.


SouthPaw: I like your Post. The more GOLD the better (with limits) and let’s remember, “We are the GOLDEN Panthers”. The darker uniforms are not conducive to the hot weather we experience here. FIU is the NCAA‘s most southern Div. 1A team. The design should be a balancing act. Tradition(s) are very important again with limits. The Pen State and Notre Dame uniforms for example are passed the times but do go well with their traditions.

I agree with your statement that schools that allow “designs by the equipment Manufactures” lose their identity.

carzycane i dont condone the guy that replyed under your name. that is nonsense and shouldnt happen. that person doesnt represent fiu fans as a whole. but stop w/ the "o you all are so dumb you couldnt get into the 123 or 4 school. thats just plain ignorance. FIU IS a quality school. just b/c we dont turn people down as much as other schools dont make it different. and y is it that its perfectly fine for other schools to be overly bias to their schools but its not ok for FIU fans to dream and talk about confrence champs. and new Uni's to go along w/ our new stadium. is it b/c we are the "other" school in miami?

hey pete any news on when Frosh Recruits get on campus and when training camp begins? what about new football articles in the paper? i think the entire Miami community (wheter your a cane or a golden panther) are eager to get the season started already

not crazycane

Really CrazyCane imposter. It is not funny.

I think it is GREAT that the FIU fans have decided to turn the tables on the UM fans. They are obnoxious, so why can't we be? They are rude, so cane we. If this is big time college football, then here we are. I hate the University of Coral Gables. Now go ahead, call FIU University of Northern Cuba, or Univeristy of West Miami, I do not care. We are FIU. You UM fans say the same garbage over and over again. Yet you fail to recognize that it is the samne argument you use against everyone, and I just like the rest of the country are sick of it. I am sure UM is breaking rules during their current recruiting outbreak. There is no way all of these top recruits are all of the sudden deciding to go to Miami. I mean, I have been reading articles where UM is getting the top recruits from SoFl at every position to verbally commit. There is no way. PP, are all these recruits going to UM now because they have a black head coach? If that is the case - we hired the wrong guy.


ive read all of your comments (including the ridiculous imposter) and must say that you're ignorant. do not get me wrong, i enjoy having both you and U24/7 on the blog, but at the same time i do not like the things being said about fiu being a 10th choice university for those kids who did not get in anywhere else. hey ill be the first to admit that i wasnt accepted into the U, but i had friends with lower GPAs/SATs that were financially well off that were admitted. I'm not here to rant on about what should and should not go on here, but lets keep this between the sports not the schools because im sure that there are alot of kids like you out there that were rejected from UCG and feel the same way.

And FIUdad, let's wait and think about things before we say them so we all dont jump to crazy conclusions here.

Why don't you go to Manny Navarro's audio clips and listen to the negative recruiting that the recruits shy away from. Please, inform yourself and don't make accusations based on nothing factual, it's seriously ignorant and poorly represents FIU. Also read Manny's interview with Elite 11 Jacory Harris, see how he describes the recruiting processes. Again, don't go off and say "they must be breaking rules" when UM has ALWAYS recruited this successfully in Miami for the past 25 years outside of the Coker era. Look at FSU, they are getting a bunch of recruits and their head coach isn't black. Maybe he's just a great recruiter, as he has proved before he got the position. I guess Mack Brown and Charlie Weiss must be cheating as well, and include Urban in that.

Lol! Crazycane sounds like a little kid who got his ball taken away!

Listen, Crazy, if you don't like what we write here and feel that we're the "dumbest" football fans in the world, then GET THE HELL OUT!

Maybe we're delusional, maybe we're "dumb", or maybe we're JUST FANS and Alumni who want to see FIU excel in sports! We're just excited about our coaches, our administration, and what our football team will do this season and beyond. Did we suck last year? Sure! Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. But, its a new era and we're just psyched about what FIU Football can be and will be.

Go read the UM blog, its as boring as watching paint dry. Canes fans are fighting amongst themselves over there. Here, if you're an FIU fan, we love ya. Otherwise, go to the OTHER blog and discuss how they're trying to get a transfer from USC with problems.


TNGP - ignorance is bliss. As such, you must be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sure am, brother.

For all of you guys that want to go to the game on Sept 1, here is more information

Get ready to roar as the FIU Golden Panthers spring into action in 2007 to face the Penn State Nittany Lions in its season opener. Join us as we take our Panther Pride to Happy Valley. The prowl begins two-and-a-half hours prior to kickoff. The Panther Pit Tailgate will be located inside of our own private tent on the Outdoor Track just below Beaver Stadium. Tailgate includes live entertainment, buffet and beverage service, including beer and wine.

Cost is $45 p/p. RSVP and prepayment must be received by Wednesday, August 22, 2007 to guarantee admittance. Please RSVP to fiualumnievents@hotmail.com or call
1-800-FIU-ALUM. When you RSVP please leave your contact information (name, mailing address, email, and phone number) along with number of guests.

Game Date: Sept. 1, 2007
Game Location: Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA - Happy Valley
Game Time: 12:00 p.m.
Tailgate Time: 9:30 a.m.
Tailgate Location: Outdoor Track just below Beaver Stadium

Football Ticket Information: FIU alumni living in the state of Florida must be a football season ticket holder in order to receive away game football tickets to Penn State. FIU alumni living outside the state can purchase away game tickets based on availability and will have a limit of 4, (same as our season ticket holders). If you live outside the state of Florida you will need to pick up your tickets on the day of the game at will call and you must show ID. For more information or to order your football tickets please call 305-348-4263 or 866-FIU-GAME.

For game tickets and times visit www.fiusports.com or call 305-348-4263 or 866-FIU-GAME. For information about tailgates visit the FIU Alumni Association Web site at www.fiualumni.com or call 800-FIU-ALUM or 305-348-3334. Email tailgate questions to fiualumnievents@hotmail.com

Balt. panther thats great info. but what can we do the ones that dont have the funds to go to beaver stadium. the ones that are staying here... is there any tv station that will be recording the game, and will FIU be doing something or hosting something for the game (as well as all away games). theres are questions id really like to know.

Folks, I realize the goofballs from UCG that post on this blog are FIU-envy and closet FIU fans, but let's not impersonate them. That's something UCG fans would stoop to do. Don't lower yourselves to the cough syrup green and rusty orange. Plus, all your e-mails show up in my in box when you post and I know when it's a phony. Back to blogging, check back here in a couple of hours for the final Q & A with MC. Thanks.

FIUDad and scUMsantizer, you guys are possibly the most ignorant posters on here. There are plenty of FIU posters (CJ, gpantera etc.) whose opinion I may not agree with, but I do respect. It is hard for me to even come to grips with the fact that FIUDad (possibly a late 30's early 40's man) walks around with that level of contempt for a university; especially one he has absolutely no idea what the hell he's talking about.

I went to UM with full scholarships. My "rich" mommy and daddy didn't pay a cent. If you ever paid enough attention to anything outside of your bubble, you would also have known that RS has always been an amazing recruiter on defense. Look at what recruits are saying about him. Educate yourself sir before you spout off your ridiculous statements.

I still don't understand the attraction that UCGers have to this BLOG.

Take all that "Passion" and use it wisely. For example, show up to your games against Marshall and A & M and send a message to Shalala and Co., so they don't rip down what most of us consider a historic site....otherwise get used to playing on the dirt at Dolphins Stadium. I wonder how the FIU game will draw this time ? Will the bandwagoners jump on expecting to see "blood ?" Or will they stay home and dismiss FIU as a cake walk game.

Friends of FIU and UM (yes, i'm including UM as friends),

Let's understand that at a macro level, all those who have secured hired education from any accredited institution should be commended. I respect anyone who has sacraficed time, effort, and money in securing higher education. The price of admission is a function of private vs. public, not quality of education. The most obscure private school costs a ton.

Does anyone realize that FIU turns away over 50% of it's applicants despite its mission to provide access to as many as possible? The freshmen acceptance rate for the Fall 2006 semester was 42.8%. That's pretty selective for a large school that enrolls nearly 40K students. The percpetion that admission to FIU is virtually guranteed is simply not based on empirical data.

UM, by virtue of being private, small, expensive and popular makes it selective as well. The point is, we should respect those who secure higher ed, especially if they graduated from either FIU or UM, especially when you consider the selective acceptance rates at both institutions.

Let's start behaving like "educated fans" (oxymoron?). Any gross generalizations should be discarded as uninformed, emotion-driven reactions and nothing more.



A scUM graduate calling us ignorant? Isn't that rich. You sir are a walking, typing hypocrisy, throw stones with the right hand and show us your left. Do us all a favor and shut down your computer and act as if this blog never graced the world wide web. We need not your infectious waste eroding minutes from our lives. Take your scUM brother CandyCane with you, maybe you two can go find an overrated, overpriced, feeble excuse for a blog with unwarranted visions of grandeur to support and finally complete your collection.

I didn't call FIU fans ignorant. I called YOU and FIUDad ignorant because of your sophomoric drivel. I won't make the mistake of grouping you in with the many fine FIU fans around; I have many friends who go to FIU. But you, sir, are the sole reason bad blood will always exist between FIU and UM. Look up envy for me, because you're full of it.

I do agree with your point on students at UM not having to be spoiled rich kids necessarily. Actually, I have no problem whatsoever, even if they are. I'm sure we have some at FIU as well. However, Don't..please don't say one FIU poster is the SOLE reason bad blood will exist between FIU and UM...Don't you thing you are exaggerating a bit?

I don't share his style, but he writes no better nor worse than a group (of course not all, as I have a good number of friend/relatives that went to UM) of UM fans do on your boards, or here as well. So, please, don't make it sound that way, although I'm sure he gets a kick of it. Right scUMsanitizer?

By the way...Great...I mean Great blog and including all our questions and answers by MC, Pete!! We, longtime...suffering FIU fans, enjoy and appreciate what you are doing to the growing FIU community. The kind of info you are sharing with us, gives us FIU diehards the fix to keep going.

Great answers by MC...I am so pumped!

FIU Fanatic, I meant to say "you and fans like you" to scUMsanitizer. Obviously it just can't be him.

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