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Mario Cristobal Q & A Part 5

Six days away from the first fall practice, which takes place next Monday at 7:45 p.m., but unfortunately is closed to the public. But we'll have a story on it in next Tuesday's Miami Herald and of course write something about it here on the GPP.

Mc2 Before we get to your final 8 questions with MC...here's some FIU baseball news in case you didn't catch it in Tuesday's Herald or Herald on-line. Only the paperwork is left to do to officially announce the new FIU baseball assistant coaches. The pitching coach -- which just about everyone on this blog is interested in -- will be BCC's Felipe Suarez, who was the Seahawks pitching coach the last four years. Felipe has only one way to go: up, after the last 2 seasons of FIU pitching. These are the last two FIU team ERAs with no pitching coach on staff since Mark Calvi left for South Carolina. The 2005 FIU pitchers had an ERA of 5.43 and the 2006 pitchers were at 6.18. That's pretty good if you're playing slo-pitch softball. Again, can't put the blame squarely on Slo the pitchers shoulders, remember they've had no teacher since Calvi. On the bright side, TT got an oral committment from Mason McVay, a senior left-hander from Killian High. McVay was All-County last season for the Cougars and is tall at 6-7. He was 6-3 with a 1.92 ERA last season. Back to football. . . .

FIU Fanatic: How difficult is it recruiting for FIU outside of Florida?

MC: We really try not to extend ourselves outside of Florida, unless we have a great connection on a great player that we love and want to have and that player is really interested in FIU. Fortunately for us we end up getting a great defensive end from California, a great one from D.C., because of our connections out there. A couple of linemen from Georgia and a quarterback from Nebraska and Louisiana which if you would have told me we would have gotten 6 out-of-state kids in our first 3 weeks here I would have told you, you were crazy, but again there is a buzz. The people we've come across in our network system over the years, they know what we're about. They know that a university is about the people who are there and if the right people are doing the right things it will be great.

Quijote: So far the preseason rankings and season projections for FIU have been downright insulting, with most predicting another winless season. What's your answer to all of the negativity sportswriters across the nation are showing the program? What do you have to say to them?

MC: I think everyone has a couple of different things that stoke their fire. I think when selecting this staff we wanted to make sure we selected people that kind of take the same way I do. Stuff like that is Hhmario Hhmc perfect for the group of men that we have. We know we have a huge challenge. Our guys wake up every morning with a hunger. These guys are salivating at the opportunity of what we are going to do here. Stuff like that -- just keep printing it, because we'll keep using it, because when the time is right we'll open up that folder.

gpantera: What role is there for former FIU players who want to be part of the FIU family?

Rsmith MC: Whether they do great in the NFL or off the field, I would like the former players to come back and educate our young guys and encourage academics, because a football career can be short-lived. We want all our players, current and former, to understand the pride of FIU. We want the former players that started this program to be involved in every aspect and in the community and be part of this family.

CJ: What team would you like to create a year-in, year-out rivalry with if um decides to pull out of the series with FIU?

MC: UM !

FIUandMe: Describe for me how you will feel when FIU beats um this year?

MC: [laughs] I promised the athletic director I wouldn't make any predictions on any games.

FIU Fanatic: What do you mostly sell recruits about FIU?

Jnichols MC: The truth. The absolute truth. We came here to build a monster. We did not come here to mess around. To build a monster we need some great football players that have great character and that are great people. We have a great school where you are going to walk out of here with a big time, big time degree and let's face it you want to live in South Florida and one out of every two graduates in Dade County are from FIU -- guys you do the math, who are you going to be working for or who are you going to be working with, probably FIU alum.

24/7: Why do you feel you are qualified to run a D-1 program when you have never ever been a coordinator at a D-1 program?

MC: I have worked under some of the best coaches in college football over the last 9 years and I think more than anything I've been able to see 3 different pictures in that process. Number 1 at Miami, a team was coming off probation and how to deal with limited scholarships, how to deal with academic situations, how to evaluate a little bit more strictly and somehow summon enough energy, enough pride in the program and somehow turn it back around. We went to the most difficult situation in the world at Rutgers. I don't know if there's a better training ground than going to Rutgers in the year 2000 after Sports Illustrated wrote an article "Rutgers: The Graveyard of College Football". That was handed to me Sopr before I went and got on a plane to go to New Jersey and dealing with the 80-7 routs against West Virginia and being on the plane ride back and picking up a paper and reading the media talk about how Rutgers should drop football and how it should be I-AA. Those things harden you and you could do one of two things: you could just do your job, you can go to sleep and come back do it or you can spend every waking moment you can with the head coach and find out exactly what to do. Butch Davis and Greg Schiano told me a long time ago every single day on the job is your interview for your next move in your career. Every single day you should be interviewing to be the head coach in every thing that you do. When you are the o-line coach you are the head coach of the offensive line, when you coach the tight ends, you are the head coach of the tight ends. So being around those kind of people and having those experiences I think more than prepare me to be a head coach here. Not to mention the fact that this is my home. I am from South Florida, born and raised down here. I'm just a local guy who grew up right down the street.

GPP: What do you think of the slogan: "Those Days Are Over, Son!"

[Without saying a word, a big smile runs across MC's face].


Check out the Herald's FIU football preseason poll that I created at this address: http://www.miamiherald.com/637/story/187513.html

Vote early and often.

Quijote: Glad to know you're a fan of Jewel. Know you enjoyed the last blog.

Messod: Keep reading/posting on the GPP even at NC and USF.

TheFIUfan: I think Messod got the name Bobby Alonso from the greatly revered broadcaster Bobby Alonso from the old Miami High days, at least that's the story I've heard.

FIU-GO-PAWZz: Go ahead and use your cMC and cTT on your posts. You own the copyright to that.

NYPanther: Glad to hear you enjoyed the MC series. We'll try to make it an annual thing here on the GPP.

CJ: Freshmen are already on campus. First practice is Monday, August 6 at 7:45 p.m. but it's closed to the public. You could find new FIU stories starting next week when practice opens and of course when the Herald's FIU football preview comes out on August 29.

FIUBlueandGold: The um folks are attracted to this blog, because the GPP is damn good blogging.

24/7: The FIU football program is behind the other state schools, because of two reasons: 1) At 5 years old, FIU is the youngest of all the Florida football programs. 2) FIU football was mismanaged the last few years as you could read in my Back to the Future blog that concocted a strange Kool-Aid.


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So it is official...we really are getting Felipe Suarez. Nice article Pete, let us know as soon as you got some info on the guy, and also on the Killian pitcher(stats look good at least)
How many other coaching positions is TT planning on replacing or filling in?

"I think FIU sucks, the school, the athletic dept, the students, all of it. I think it is a second rate school for all the students who could not get into UF, FSU, UCF, USF and probabaly FAU."

But you damn sure like our blog huh?
And you are WAAAY off on the rejection part...It's actually a lot easier to get into FAU and USF; and UCF is just like FIU when it comes down to admissions, the gap is really close between those two...If you are gonna contribute, please make it accurate...I know that b/c I've graduated from HS not long ago

And Pete, I absolutely agree with the idea of a sports bar-type of place near FIU, as in across the street or as close as possible to the campus. I think it could play a nice role on getting the community a little more excited about FIU. You've mentioned that last week but I only remembered it now
And CJ, I'm pretty sure they'll show the Penn State game this year just like they showed the Middle Tenn game last year on the big screen. They did it last year as part of the "Welcoming the Freshman" week but never followed through with it (just the 1st game as far as I know). Let's hope either MC or the Athletic dept provides more opportunities to watch the away games this year...


As we say in my old Jersey neighborhood, you continue "to bring the noise!" That's a good thing.

I can breath a sigh of relief in knowing that coach MC will welcome back the pioneers of Golden Panther football past. They belong to the FIU family and should be embraced.

MC is doing and saying all the right things. If he can only muster up a few W's, we'll rename a street on campus MC Ave.

As always, Faith, Family and FIU...gpantera

thanks for the second question posting although i dont remember righting UCG im normally very good about that. was he screaming at me to not disrespect the U or saying that THAT is the rivalry he wanted. o you got gold thanks for telling me this hopefully they will do something along the lines of showing it on the big screen. i will gladly attend.

Mario is saying all the right things. Now, it's about actually performing.

Thanks to coach and to you Pete for the insightful Q&A.

How about a report on where the GPP stands in terms of weekly (or daily) hits?

Pete if your looking for an FIU bar try OHIO's Lounge (formerly Jimmy's lounge i think) right across 8 st on the sweetwater side of the canal. I dont know if it's still open but there is always sport there!

Are there any open practices next week?

OK - it is official, your coach is definetly not the brightest bulb in the bunch. That is hard for me to admit, considering he did go to my beloved U, but his answer to the question below is just rediculous on so many levels. Here is the question and answer for those of you who missed it.

CJ: What team would you like to create a year-in, year-out rivalry with if UCG decides to pull out of the series with FIU?

MC: UM !

First of all, MC, the question clearly states who would you want a rivalry with IF UM pulls out of the series. Coach, this eliminates UM as a valid response. So, unless you meant the University of Michigan, this is evidence numero uno that either you don't listen to the questions and thus all of your responses are meaningless propoganda or you are just, as previously stated, not too bright. So PP, when you talk to MC again, please ask him which of the two rationales it is for his response to the question above. I am sure we would all like to know. For FIU fans, I hope it is option number 2, that he is just not so smart, this is because you all keep saying how pumped up you are getting over his responses and how you love everything he is saying, I would hate for you to find out that all of his responses were generic propoganda and thus, meaningless.

Great post CrazyCane - that is a good question. You would think a UM alumnist would be smarter then that. Then again, he is now the Head Coach at FIU, so that should of been our first indication of a mental breakdown.

PP - I think you misunderstood one of my previous posts. I know that the FIU program is still in its infancy, it seems to be the most convienant excuse for the FIU football teams failures. My question was more as to why it has taken so long for FIU to get a football team, to get a law school and to get the med school. FIU itself has been around a lot longer than 5 years. There is a history of FIU academics and athletics that predate the lst five years. My question was, why was FIU behind all of the other state schools (or at least most of them) in getting these programs up and running.

Oh and did MC really say that because he was the "Head Coach of the Offensive Line" he is qualified to be the head coach of a D-1 football program. Real strong argument. I guess you tell your O-Line coach that he could run the team just as well as you because he to is a Head Coach, also, the DL coach, the LB coach, the WR coach, the DB coach, the RB coach, the QB coach, the ST coach. WOW MC, your coaching staff could all take your job tomorrow b/c they all have "Head Coaching" experiance. This post goes along with CrazyCanes about the overall brightness of the new "Head Coach" of FIU football.

24/7 and Crazy cane. although MC didnt answer my direct question, he is not showing a lack of inteligence by saying UM. this answer was not caused by him stepping into an FIU area and having amental breakdown as 24-7 suggests. i believe what he simply was stating that UM would be the Most natural Rival considering its cross town ala UCLA v USC (somehow im getting dejavu, i know ive stated this before).

o and 24/7 when MC suggested that he considered himself the "headcoach of the OLINE" it was goi on what Butch and GS told him to do his job the best he could b/c some1 could be looking to higher him at anytime. so in a sense if your incharge of the Oline your head of the oline. hense his reference of "head Coach of the O Line." i think you guys took that alil out of content

CJ - i appreciate your argument on the o-line stuff, but rationalizing his response to your question re a rival - his response was stupid and did not answer the question asked. You can spin it anyway you want, MC either didn't understand the question, or his response was an automatic response devoid of any passion or conviction. Either way, to me, it exposes MC as a fraud.

24/7 i dont think him being real eager to play the U and wanting a rivaly w/ the U is at all exposing him to be a "fraud" i think he really belives (as most of us FIU'ers do) that it would be a great rivalry. now i would have liked for him to answer the question but i understand where he is coming from.

TheU24/7: Re: why it took so long for FIU to start up those programs. FIU, being a state school has to deal with the bureaucracies of the state government with every move that it makes. Since the early 90s (maybe earlier, someone that's been around FIU longer chime in), FIU was pushing to have a med school. It's been one of the president's main goals. That, law and football (remember, he came from Stanford). However, in the 90s the state schools had to deal with the old Board of Governors. The system was horrible in that it favored the older established schools and the schools up north (one in the same; UF, FSU). So those schools got first dibs on everything. There was a big uproar when FSU got their med school and I think that was the tipping point for the BOG's termination. With the BOG gone, FIU moved fast to start the law and football programs (I believe the legislature had to approve them at this point, without the BOG. Before it was BOG->legislature). Then senator Nelson lobbied again for a new BOG similar to the one in the state of NC. The new BOG is much more fair but still plays politics. As such, the med school came in a package deal for UCF and FIU. UCF jumped on the FIU train and the rest is history. Do keep in mind, FIU is one of the youngest schools in the country. So having all these programs now at FIU's age really is remarkable. Having two schools down here the caliber of FIU and UM should really make all Miamians proud. Yes, FIU is behind UM in football, baseball and basketball. But I don't think the difference will be as substantial moving forward with the changes underway at FIU. The latter two you can argue we're very close. As for football, we'll see. Last year's team vastly underperformed so it's tough to gauge. Go FIU!

Cane nit-pickers,

You are classic. Arguing semantics, why ? Because you did not get the answer you wanted. I guarantee you ONE thing. If FIU manages to pull off an upset on 9/15/07, you can best rest assured that UCG will find a way to schedule another game with FIU. No way, Dee and Shalala go out like that !!! Is the USF series a binding agreement ? That was a bad move by UCG. A home and home with FIU on Thanksgiving would of been a great event for this community. UM vs. FIU...This a natural geographic rivalry regardless of our status in D1 ball. UCLA always brings it against Southern Cal no matter where they are ranked and it is a SELL OUT game with hype and tradition. Who is UCG's RIVAL these days ? Look at it this way, every season the game would played in Miami right ? Gives all of us a chance to see both teams every year and guarantees UCG a win right, or does it ?

Will do, Pete.

As for my radio name... since TheFIUfan asked... you can thank the FIU spanish radio crew for that one. Specifically, Jerry del Castillo and Pepe Campos.

Decano & Chamby started calling me "el Bobi" ("the Bobby", for those who don't speak Espanol) during the Youngstown State road trip some years back... y'know, the game where Tabor did the ol' Strock routine and won the first ever road game in FIU history.

As for why... they said it's because I'm the spitting image of an old friend of theirs from high school named Bobby. I'm not sure it was Miami High, though, but I think it was.

A couple years later, when a station I worked for asked me to not use my real name on the air, I decided to go with Bobby as a salute to Jerry and Pepe. The Alonso part is for my mother... that was her maiden name.

Once I told Jerry and Pepe about my name, though, there was NO going back. I've been Bobby Alonso ever since with most of the FIU press corps... hell, even Rich Kelch uses it once in a while. And a lot of the guys at WQAM use it, too.

Good times, man... good times.

Regarding MC's answer as to who he'd like to schedule yearly if UM pulls out... it sounds to me like he's setting Pete straight on calling UM "UM" instead of
"UCG". Either that or he's saying he doesn't want any other school but UM. Just a thought.


Since you missed it the last time, here again is my response to your quesstion:


FIU is a state school. How fast or slow a need for a med school, law school or D1 football program is decided by the State of Florida, not solely FIU.

The fact that the state has been slow to address these needs is a reflection of two things:

1 – The slow, bureaucratic nature of our state to respond to any of our public needs in Miami-Dade County

2 – The strong lobbying force of the University of Miami to resist the growth of FIU in any way. That’s right; EVERY thing FIU has secured has been done so in the face of strong opposition brought forth by the UCG.

The moral of the story:

FIU is a model of persistency, staying the course and achievement. No D-1 school has accomplished soo much in such little time.

Do you know why more Florida Valedictorians chose FIU more than any other school in the country? Because of the opportunity to secure a quality education, likely on scholarship, and realize their dreams of graduating from med school. That is evidence that the need for FIU to grow is real and addresses the genuine needs of the state of Florida, particularly South Florida.

UM serves its purpose as well, but to call the accomplishment of FIU an “embarrassment” reflects poorly on you U/24-7 and reveals a lack of entitlement attitude that you posses - that attitude is the actual embarrassment.

Back to FIU sports now, please.


Messod Bendayan, that would be a good thought. That "UCG" garbage is kinda old and lame. If he indeed did mean it in that way, I would say he's showing some class and respect for a program. Something he does all the time with Rutgers.

I also interpreted his answer as an "it doesn't matter if UM pulls out, I want UM as a rival," type of response.

OK, assuming that MC did want to correct PP and state that it is UM and not UCG, I propose that from now on, on this blog, UM be refferred to as UM and not UCG. I think it disrespects the school that your head coach attended, played and coached, and it didnt sound like MC like it being called UCG. What do you think PP and GPC, can we cease with the UCG crap and start showing some respect to the school and your new head coach?

ive never been a fan of the UCG comments. ive always loved the U since a kid and my new found spirit for FIU hasnt changed the feeling for the U. however, i am guilty of using UCG to aggravated ignorant UM fans that assume that are record last year will define what FIU will be this year as well as insult my education at fiu. so i agree w/ you 24/7 to veto the UCG as long as UM and FIU bloggers commit to disregard Academics and stick to sports i think thats reasonable

Before anyone calls Oliver Stone and proposes any kind of conspiracy film regarding MC's -- Who would you like to play year-in, year-out when UCG abandons the series with FIU question. Here is the exchange between MC and myself when I asked the question:

I ask CJ's question and ask MC, with UCG not wanting to play FIU anymore....would you like to play a Notre Dame, UF, USC, Texas, USF as a yearly rival since UCG does not want to renew the series with FIU?

MC thinks about the teams I mentioned, but replies with an emphatic UM!

I asked again "you wouldn't want to play any of those other schools as a yearly rival?" and MC says he wants UM! as a yearly rival.

So MC did ponder other teams when he was asked the question, but the FIU coach wants UCG as a yearly rival.

And for the record, MC was not upset when I said UCG. He told me he's heard that one before.

Yes, CJ, you did use the term UM, but since on this blog we go by UCG then that's how I wrote it.

And NO, UCG 24/7-11 the letters u and m do not go together on this blog, unless you are stuttering when writing about something...."like um, um, I think UCG 24/7-11 wants to change UCG on this blog."

Hope that clears it up. Will soon have a fall practice preview up on the GPP.
Thanks all for the readership.

thanks for the clear up Pete, i thought i for some reason used UCG and MC was yelling at me lol. im not a fan of the Whole UCG/UM identity but i can only suggest a truce. but its up to the individual to follow through. o well. so pete the preview is coming out soon? how soon. its gettin to the point where we are all "itching" for information of the upcoming season.

OK PP, thank you for confirming that not only is MC not very bright in that he can't answer a simple question, he is also incapable of looking outside the obvious and predictible answer, even when you, as a wonderful jounalist, gave him an "out" so he didn't come off sounding retarded. Thank you for clearing up the confusion. And as far as him not speaking out against the whole "UCG" garbage - FIU fans, you can have a coach with type of loyalty to the program that got him where he is today. Whoever asked the question a while back as to if and when the FIU program succeeds will MC leave, well I think you just got your answer. The man is not only simple minded, he has no sense of loyalty. Good luck with him.

PP wrote:
And NO, UCG 24/7-11 the letters u and m do not go together on this blog, unless you are stuttering when writing about something...."like um, um, I think UCG 24/7-11 wants to change UCG on this blog."

What an incredibly childish and asinine response. With a blogger like this putz, is it any surprise UM and FIU fans will never see eye-to-eye?

Thank you CJ for the truce. On MY part, I will stick to the question/topic and disregard anything outside of sports here.

carzy cane thank you for being exhibit a of ignorant fans. MC has given credit to UM at least once in each segment b/c half the questions asked had something that did in one way or another related back to the U one way or another. and his persitance although did not answer the question shows why he is the right guy in the Job. i mean think about it if shannon got his schooling at UF do you want him saying that he owes all he does and all of UM's future success to the gaytors?

How does a school that claims UM should be called UCG because they aren't in Miami and are in Coral Gables turn around and say that they are the true representatives of Miami when they aren't located in the city of Miami. And yes I know, the address says Miami, but that's unincorporated Miami Dade, just getting that argument out of the way before it comes up followed by the inevitable silence of being proved wrong.

MC is a bright coach crazycane, you need to relax, I know you hate FIU for starting a fight and because of the overall feel the school has to it, but you don't have to strap up your "bash FIU pants" everytime you log on.

As for Pete, I guess he wouldn't be upset if other schools used the term FIU Panthugs, or said "Go to FIU, everybody else does" or "FIU, the few, the .... well not the few and the not so proud but hey, at least there are a lot of us" or even "FIU, you know that place in between the fairgrounds, sweetwater, and the turnpike"? Just saying it's a little hypocritical when people from both schools get in a tissy when they feel their respective schools have been insulted and then turn around and do the same thing.

well appriciated Canester although now our programs dont see eye to eye i think soone enough we can have a respectful rivalry b/w the schools if the fans of both will want it. i mean for as much as FSU and UM dont like e/o when they play there is always some sort of respect amongst them. now b/w UF and any other state school there is no respect and i wouldnt want the rivalry b/w UM and FIU that could form to become like that

I agree with you CJ. The rivalry b/tw UM and FSU does have a level of respect. If a rivaly is born b/tw UM and FIU, I hope it goes the way of the FSU rivalry. I also agree with you that any rivalry with UF will always be filled with fire and brimestone. i hate UF. Especially that stupid chomp they do to the theme music from Jaws. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasnt Jaws a freakin shark and not a alligator. CrazyCane, you do need to relax a little bit, though I agree that MC made a rediculous and nonsensical response to PP's question, I do not feel that he is as retarded as you make him out to be. And PP, I have to agree with the previous post, the entire UCG stuff is childish and it is a good point that FIU is not technically in Miami either.

you know 24/7 i think your right... jaws was a shark and not a gator lol but im glad you agree w/ me as you use to put it... welcome to the big boy table lol

All of a sudden these UCG guys have become so sensitive...what happened to not letting this "blog stuff" get to you because you are in the big boys table??? then you guys call OUR HC a hypocrite

I'm pretty sure that from Day 1 the purpose of using UCG amongst ourselves (FIU fans) is just to have fun, get a little laugh out of it...NOT to insult anyone or any school
Childish? we dont think so because we like it (most of us at least)
Calling a truce??? Come on now
Do you think that NE Patriots fans ask for a truce whenever they see the term "Patsies" being thrown around on Dolphins blogs? It's part of sports people

And CrazyCane, seriously man, enough with the nonsense...if MC really had no sense of loyalty or respect towards UM, he would have probably answered the question: "UCG!" instead of "UM" dont you think? As Pete said, MC IS familiar with the UCG term so he knew what he was asked...
And people...NO, MC is not retarded, and NO, his answer was not ridiculous or nonsense...he was trying to make a point...he WANTS a rivalry with UCG because only he knows how much FIU can gain from it, just like UCLA has gained a lot from their rivalry with the Trojans
It could do wonders for FIU as in a media standpoint, community, getting students involved, etc...
Obviously in order to be a so-called rival, FIU has to start playing on a higher level (which I think they will, not only better than last yr, but better than previous yrs also). Why would UCG want to create a rivalry with a team that they beat every time out?
Sept 15th might be the last chance FIU can show UCG they can play on the same level...

gold i get your reference to the patsies... however now and days dolfans seem more intent to argue amongst themselves. the truce like i said was only a person by person truce... ive always been a fan of the U and wont be a hypocrite to wear their colors but shun their name

No you got it wrong CJ
I didnt say you were a flip-flopper because you like more than 1 team...I have no problem with anyone who does that

The comment was towards the people that many-a-times would bring FIU down when they first go to the blog, saying things like: FIU wants to be prime time but they are not ready to be prime time. The FIU fans dont know how to respond when they are provoked by other fans, or pushed around or whenever another fan stirs up a little confrontation.
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you've never said anything among those lines

That was supposed to be "when they first GOT to the blog..."

YouGotGold, using "UCG" among fans is the usual trash talk that I am accustomed to. Hell, being called Thug U or scUM is more insulting, but I still don't get riled up for it because they have grown old and stale. My problem is with PeePee (see I can be childish too) using it when interviewing your head coach. It's immature and unprofessional. The only reason he uses it is to stir up the pot and get Miami posters to look at his blog. He's screaming for attention. [And before you say it, yes it's working]

Now honestly, tell me this doesn't sound like the little brother getting mad at the big brother for all the attention he gets. It's dumb and counter productive. You guys want a rivalry? Great. I'm all for it. But don't start shouting out prematurely. It makes you a homer and dismisses any good rational football discussion.

On a side note, you better hope that this upcoming game is not the last time you guys get to prove your worth against us, seeing as that you guys (no offense) have absolutely no shot at beating us. Even with our inept offense last year, we scored 35 points. And that D that gave you a goose egg will be returning all but 3 starters.

See, trash talk and informative ;)

These scUMfaces are some piece of work. Why is FIU “behind” other schools in getting a law and med school they ask, how about you take a look at when the respective schools in question were founded and compare to FIU. FSU graduated their first med school class in 2005 and they have been around since 1851. FAMU was awarded their law school along side FIU and they were founded in 1887. Idiots.

No need to address any of your other idiotic points on MC - they've all been pretty well addressed. It's hard getting through each day with that scUMmy schooling isn't it.

Well, scumsanitizer...I guess you brought the facts to a really, really, dumb..or at least un-informed comment about FIU's new medical and law school. I almost fell off my chair when I read that one...not a good reflection of UM's smart posters, even those that like to use backhanded comments to denigrate FIU...talk about thugs...amazing..

You do know that FSU wasn't coed until 1947? Wasn't FIU established in 1943? Fasten your seatbelts....

FIU was chartered in 1965 and held its first classes in '72.


Pete, great Q & A section once again. It looks like you and cMC work well together.
Thanks, on your response.

FIU X & FIUBlueandGold
I remember when UCG re-started their Basketball Program only soon after (3-5 yrs.) FIU had theirs and how they stopped our home & home series right after the first time we beat them. The series resumed only when FIU’s program when down some and was beatable again.


AGAIN: These are the GPP “GO-PAWZz Post Tag AWARDS”

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For those FIU ALUMNI that haven’t decided. When will you start supporting our team(s)?

1) (COST) Start now and Call (305) 348-4263 to order your season tickets for the 07 & 08 seasons (11 games) for $100 ( that’s $9.09 per game ). Now, that’s cheap.
2) (TIME) Make room in your calendar for eleven (11) dates in the next 730 days (2 years). Each date requires 1 hr. travel to game, 1 hr. pre-game fun at Alumni tent, 3 hrs. Game- time excitement, 1 hr. travel home (6 hrs. total). Is that to much to ask, per date?

This is good healthy fun where you can (network) meet new people, see old friends and gain great memories of our Golden Panther Team /Family.



I don't understand some of you guys, both FIU and UM posters. This is sports. Hopefully, this will end up being a rivalry. What do you expect is going to happen between two schools who share the same city and resources? No, this is not going to be a rivalry along the lines of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the eighties, where they were best friends on and off the court. This will be -- I really hope, at least -- a nasty rivalry, a UF/FSU, USC/UCLA, Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns/Sugar Ray Leonard type of rivalry, where they fight their hearts out just to be able to say they won. I don't understand what you guys want. Handshakes and hugs at the end of the game? I don't. I'll call UM UCG for the rest of my life. And, in turn, I expect to hear all sorts of things about FIU that I won't like. It's a part of college football. Deal with it. Learn to like it. It'll be a lot easier on you.

In regards to what took so long for our program to get started, how is that relevant? Yes, UCG started their program a year after the university was founded, but they didn't become relevant until the eighties, nearly sixty years after the fact. UCG only played eight bowl games before the eighties, not winning their first until 1946 (20 years after inception). The way I see it, you guys have to wait another fifty some odd years before you can really say anything regarding our program. And God help UCG if we become relevant in Rutgers type fashion within the next five or so years. At that point, UCG really won't have much to say, and they'll have to eat their words in a big way.

And regarding the way every UM poster seems to hate MC now, I just find it funny. When the probability of his hire was just a rumor, every UCG board was clamoring with UCGers praying that he wouldn't leave. Now, it's the completely opposite. Like I said: it's college football, and I love it.

There was a different public perception and era of life when Miami started it's football program. If you would like to handcuff your program by not allowing black athletes to play in the first 40 years, and having less of a stockpool of talent to pick from just so you can face the same challenges as Miami you are more than welcome to, although it's irrational. It's comparing apples and oranges and starting a team in 2001 compared to starting a team in the 1920's is a different thing altogether. NO fans of either school can spin it in one way or another. It's a fruitless and pointless argument by proponents of either teams.

As far as waiting 60 years to become relevant, you are incorrect again. UM was relevant before that. Let me give you a little brief background about the city of Miami and its history quickly. Steve Spurrier, Orange Bowl MVP and Heisman winnner in the 60's lost that year to Miami. Miami also fielded great players like Ted Hendricks, who you would recognize as one of the NFL Hall of Fame inductees from the raiders and Otto Graham, George Mira.

The rivalry? None exists. This is the last time the two schools play each other for another 6-7 years at least and unless UM feels like giving FIU another crack at them, they won't get it and hopefully by that time fans and bloggers of both teams hopefully will have matured by then. And frankly, I don't think UM has any more space

FIUBlue, thanks for correcting me on FIU's establishment date, I had it confused with USF for some unknown reason, much appreciated.

Ok. Forty years.

It's not apples to oranges because UCG wasn't the only school hindered by poor social practices in the twenties. It was level. Different -- and deplorable, as I'm sure you agree -- but level nonetheless, just like the field is level now.

What I find funny is that when UCG was horrible -- which is understandable, since it was a young program -- it was justified. However, as so many like to claim, "FIU will never amount to anything," this assumption only a handful of years after our inception.

But I hope for a rivalry. I really do. There's nothing like a good college football rivalry. And the fact that we share the same city is just icing on the cake. I don't know the facts in regards to the games we may or may not play, but I hope that, at some point, it becomes a permanent tradition, especially against a team that I root against more than any other.

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