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Yesterday is History. . .Today is the Day

So apparently not too many of you folks liked the Kool-Aid concocted in the last blog. Kool_3

So we'll return the DeLorean and bring in golfing sage, Chi Chi Rodriguez, to take us to this blog with one of his colorful quotes: "Yesterday is history, tommorrow is a mystery, today is the day."

Chichi_2 Before we get to today, having closely covered FIU football on a daily basis since its inception, I still stand by my Kool-Aid about last year's team. All that team needed was direction to have a successful season. But let's get to today.

FIU baseball is suddenly a hot topic among college players. Word is there have been plenty of calls placed to Turtle Thomas about players looking to transfer. GPP asked TT about it and he had no comment. One of the more potent bats that appears headed to FIU is Louisville first baseman Jorge Castillo.

Castillo, who hit mostly fourth or fifth in the Cardinals lineup and helped UL (47-23) get to the College World Series, is a local kid who played at Gulliver. The first baseman would be a senior next season and unlike other NCAA sports, in baseball, Castillo (picture, below right) would not have to sit out a year. He hit .317 with 7 HR and 62 RBI and was 5 for 13 in the CWS. Cast

Yes, I know the follow up question is "What about the pitching coach?" Talking to TT, he has narrowed down his choices, but there hasn't been any contracts signed. But rest assured, there will be a "real" pitching coach in place at FIU next season.

Speaking of a "real" coach, I texted MC the other day about doing a Question and Answer session with you good people on the GPP. Earlier this year, you guys asked for an MC interview, the GPP did one better....we're going to make it a Q & A with you guys and MC. By the way, MC's response to the idea: "Absolutely!"

Mc_2  So send in your questions and I'll bring them to my meeting with MC later next week and we'll get all your answers on this blog. I imagine we may have to divide the Q & A into two separate blogs, but we'll get it done!

As for other "today" FIU news, Mark Lewis, a former FIU soccer player, won Arena Football League Kicker of the Year this week. Lewis, a kicker for the Austin Wranglers, is the AFL's all-time leader in field goal percentage. Lew_2


YouGotGold: We'll soon have a blog on FIU's upcoming opponents.

FIUGolden: I'm not too familiar with what's going in Sweetwater, but that would be a great idea to try and make that area into a college town atmosphere. Slowly, but surely FIU is shedding its commuter school image. Winning in sports will be a major factor for that.

FIUJay: We're glad the GPP can be your one-stop shop for FIU sports news. Sort of like Tar-jay.

A Realisst: You may or may not have drank the Kool-Aid, but thanks for understanding the point of the previous blog. I think too many people jumped the gun thinking I was saying FIU should have been in a BCS bowl last season. All I was trying to get across was that last season's talent was wasted.

FIUMom: 56 days until Happy Valley.

The June numbers are in for the Herald blogs and the GPP is holding steady at No. 4 out of 9 Herald sports blogs, but we dropped four spots from No. 6 to the No. 10 among all the Herald's 32 blogs. The four blogs that leaped the GPP: TV, gossip, crime and politics.

24/7: The GPP won't go into the future until after seeing what develops in Camp Cristobal with the returning players and incoming freshman class. After that we'll have a blog on thoughts for this upcoming season.


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