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Depth Thoughts & This Week's Prediction

The first depth chart came out on Tuesday for the Penn State game and there were some surprises or were there?? (wink, wink)

I think the most important position on the first Golden Panthers depth chart was at the bottom of the page: subject to change. August 27, 2007.

Belichick From Bill Belichick to Al Bundy (he played a coach in a kids pee-wee football movie), Bundy_4 football coaches will not always reveal their true game day intentions and with good reason: don't want to give the opponent any edge.

  So let's peruse the first depth chart and with a nod to the Handey classic Saturday Night Live skit "Deep Thoughts" (the hilarious one-line segments of life's wisdoms), let's blog our depth thoughts.

"If you have 3 quarterbacks, do you have 1 plus 2 or do you have 2 plus 1 or do you have 75 cents." -- Depth Thoughts.

Let's not even visit the QB position here, b/c we all know the daily saga.

Not a surprise to see Daunte Owens leapfrog A'mod Ned as the 2nd RB to Julian Reams. Owens had an outstanding camp and is able to run between the tackles and has the burst to go outside. Wouldn't surprise to see Owens lead FIU in rushing in any game this season.

Jeremy Dickens, Greg Ellingson and Jason Frierson deserve to be atop the receivers chart. Each one of them stood out this month. James Rucker, Kendall Berry and Torrelt Solomon also had nice camps. John Houston Whiddon is back at receiver after his defensive back experiment. If he's consistent watch out for Solomon, who has the speed and hands to emerge.

Eric Kirchenberg and Moses Hinton look to be tight ends 1A and 1B. Both can stretch the field and have good hands.

The O-line is a work in progress. Read my story in the Herald today for more. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/story/219938.html

Cody Pellicer has been one of the more pleasant surprises on the defense. Yes, he may not yet have the bulk of a typical D-linemen, but he's got a heck of a motor. With the D-line you should expect to see plenty of rotation so I don't know how accurate the DC is there.

Same thing with the LBs. Remember, before some folks hyperventilate about the sizes of some of these defenders, on defense you have to move bodies in and out to keep people fresh, especially when you're going against a Top 20 team like Penn State.

Outside of Pellicer, the other name that stood out on the defensive DC was safety Alonzia Phillips. The former touch football player from the FIU intramural fields really made an impression this summer. Phillips intercepted like one pass per practice and is extremely fast. He's also spent a ton of time watching film on his own. The kid really missed being away from football and wants to have one great final season.

Jury_3 The kicking game, well, the jury is still out on that one.

But it's not out on the GPP's thoughts for Saturday. Thanks to all who have chimed in with their scores. We'll make Fridays at 11:59 PM EST the deadline to submit predictions.

Since I'm a guest blogger here all the time, my score won't count towards the "Win a GPP Blog" contest, but here are thoughts on the season opener.

The FIU defense should keep this game from being a rout. Depending on what the Golden Panthers new spread offense does will determine whether FIU stays within reach of Penn State. The norm in college football or the NFL for that matter is that opening games are usually NOT blowouts.  2 years ago, FIU came within 2 touchdowns at Kansas State. Joe Pa's gang is a little better than KSU. But I think FIU will play respectable. GPP predicts: Penn State 34, FIU 16.

Will be blogging next time live from Happy Valley!


For those not making the trip to Penn State, you can catch Saturday's game on DirectTV Channel 221.

Welcome to the GPP: FIUbusiness, FIU0406, NYCFIUFan, FIU300 and pe323.

FIU Fanatic: Great to hear there will be a good number of FIU traveling to Happy Valley. Along with FIUBlue82 thanks for the kind words on the FIU Preview in the Herald today.

FIUmom: Thanks for the correction on Wayne Younger, for some reason I kept missing the redshirt year on him.

YouGotGold: Eric Kirchenberg is eligible to play this season and should make an impact for FIU.

staugpanther: FIU Fanatic posted a link to the depth chart in the comments section of the last blog.

NYCFIUFan: Welcome to the GPP, you are our second reader from New York. At last count we had reached 11 states, Europe and Puerto Rico.Jlop  As far as the QB situation, what I wrote in today's FIU preview is what I'm guessing since MC has been tight-lipped about it. Wayne Younger will probably take the first snap and you probably will see Paul McCall in there. Unless one of them turns into Dan Marino, they will rotate as MC and James Coley see fit. Colt Anderson may see playing time when FIU gets out of the non-conference sked.

WOrta1128: FIU hosts USF to open the new stadium and I believe Alabama may be playing here in the future. I'll check on other future home non-conference opponents and have your answer on the next blog.

pe323: Good post on the gravy. But some folks want to predict with their hearts, that's OK, that's what makes all of us fans anyway.

Crazy Cane: The reason MC was the right choice for FIU is because the Golden Panthers needed someone with proven recruiting skills, a disciplinarian and with plenty of energy. Yes, he doesn't have head coaching experience, but at the stage FIU is in right now with its program that's secondary. FIU needs as many elite players as they can get as they build the program. MC has surrounded himself with some good assistants and his coaching experience will come. NOT making a comparison here, but, hey, Oldshula Don Shula was a young head coach at one time with no experience. Again NOT comparing MC to Shula, before anyone starts to pound their keyboard. But ask the Baltimore Colts and the Dolphins about that coaching hire. It worked out pretty well.


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wow... you dug DEEP for that "Little Giants" reference :)

Pete...nice prediction have a safe trip and I'll see you at the OB on the 8th for the Maryland game

my prediction for saturdays game is Penn State 13, FIU 14.

Pete what's up with that prediction you traitor! I always knew you were a scUM alumni in disguise! =) Excellent preview section btw

Tomorrow is what we have been waiting for. Even though my son won't be playing (those who need to know why do), I will be at a sports bar called Benchwarmers with my FIU gear on cheering for my guys. GO FIU!!!!!

ill be hitting up gracies grill for the first half and then see if i pass by hooligans for the second half. o pete the only thing that scares me about the blog today is that you said blowout arnt the norm on day one but last night might be a bit contrary to that beleif. but hey its fiu it wont be the blow outs we watched last night lol

did anyone catch the running back for Louisiana-Monroe? They look pretty good even though they lost against Tulsa, I think the Sun-Belt will be pretty respectable this year.

Pete, your FIU section on Thur. was excellent. It was required reading by my entire travel party to State College. Got in Thur night and there is excitement in the air. These are REAL College football fans. They root for PSU and come from all over the region (on guy and his son drove from CHICAGO on a whim!) irregardless of who they play. I would only hope that we, in Miami (FIU, Dolphins, Heat, Marlins & yes UM fans too) one day learn to support our teams not just when a BIG - TIME team shows, but when any team comes to play OUR team! GO FIU from tired traveler in State College!

ultimate fan that was a great post. i agree 100 % that i would like to see all fans of ALL miami teams support their teams like the fans up north. i say we start here and now and get as many people to those watch parties and home games etc. its starts here on the GPP and extends to the feild

NYCFIUFan, you are absolutely right. The Sun Belt will be respectable. You will see more players get drafted in the NFL from the SunBelt. Especially after the great season Barnes will have at Baltimore.

Pete, great stuff on the depth chart. What's the deal with Pellicer? Who would you compare him to? Is David Pollack comparison accurate? In terms of high motor guy. I'm also very surprised about Ned being #3. Daunte Owens must be impressive. Finally, I want to see Hinton and Kirchenberg on the field at the same time. 2 TE set can be effective.

Finally, there was a Canes fan that commenting about NFL coaches interviewing for FIU. There were two I can recall. First was Terry Robiskie(former NFL coach and receivers coach now) and Chuck Pagano(NFL assistant coach DB's).


Pete, I am in complete agreement with you. PSU 38 FIU 17.

Hey Pete........
Good luck up there in PA. You did a great job with that special college FIU report in the paper. I almost like FIU as much as my Canes!! ALMOST!! Will there be any CHILLI weather in PA?? See ya next thursday.

UltimateFIUFan, way to go. Have a blast (and a cold one) for me @ State College!!! I will be traveling down to the 305 next week (and the following week) for the FIU football games! Can't wait!

Do not be surprised about Ned not being on the two-deep. He is not that good of a running back. He is only #3 because of seniority.

Also, here's my prediction.FIU-29 PSU-17 (it came to me in a dream)

Pete for PRESIDENTE...great stuff on the Herald

Let's hit up that Gracie's Grill tomorrow people...let's turn that place into a traditional spot for FIU's road games

FORGET the beach...that's what holidays on Mondays are for
FORGET the UM game...we all know the result for that one already (Marshall by 3...hah)
FORGET staying in bed until 2PM eating HotPockets and watching meaningless blowouts by UF and company

Sorry, I got a little carried away...but

ALSO, my bad

Prediction: PSU 20 x FIU 16

I can't sleep thinking about this darn game. The anticipation is overwhelming. I can't imagine what the team is thinking and feeling.

The good news: only two outcomes are possible:

Outcome 1 - FIU looses. No one cares but the GPC (the Golden Panther Community). Afterall, a defeat is expected.

Outcome 2 - FIU wins thus accelerating our rise to the big time exponentially. Although the main headline will be about how Penn State lost, the media will be forced to spit out the words "FIU beat Penn State" over and over and over again. What a find outcome that would be.

Here's hoping for the best. As always, Go G-Panthers!!!


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