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Last Golden Panther Out, Please Turn Off the Lights

It's still dark on the FIU quarterback situation, as MC said today that he'll need to see 3 more scrimmage-like practices with Wayne Younger, Paul McCall and Colt Anderson taking reps before making a decision. And soon it will be dark in a historic football stadium, while a future football stadium is moving right along on schedule.

First, with the OB take and then we'll get to FIU Stadium news. . .No shocker as the Orange Bowl lost their second tenant after this season on Tuesday. FIU was already gone after its 2007 season finale for a new on-campus stadium and now the Hurricanes are exiting stage left as well as they move to Joe Robbie Stadium (always will be JRS) next season.

Ob However, it's the team that is the one-year renter that gets to turn out the lights on Switchthe venerable stadium. With the Hurricanes finishing their home schedule Nov. 10, the Golden Panthers host the final 3 football games at the OB -- Nov. 17 (Louisiana-Lafayette), Nov. 24 (FAU) and Dec. 1 (North Texas).

Yes, it'll be sad to see the OB go, after all the Miami Dolphins had some great years there. The first Dolphins game saw Joe Auer return the opening kickoff 95 yards for a TD, but Miami lost to Oakland. Of course, The Perfect Season of 1972. Never will forget Marino_2 seeing Dan Marino's home debut against the Buffalo Bills, a 38-35 OT loss. The Dolphins Monday Night mastery of the then-undefeated 1985 Chicago Bears as Dolphins players from the 1972 Perfect Season roamed the sidelines that night. A true home field advantage for the Dolphins.

Speaking with AD Pete Garcia on Wednesday, it looks like FIU Stadium will be built to have a true home field advantage as well. PG made some changes to the design of the stadium. Garcia said: "We wanted to incorporate a lot of the home field advantages that the Orange Bowl had. For instance, being close to the field, we made that a priority for us and we wanted to make sure our fans feel like they could almost touch the players. The seats will be the minimum distance from the field that the NCAA allows. As we are going into different phases of the stadium we are designing it so it can be the loudest place that it can possibly be. The biggest part of that is having the fans as close to the field as possible."

PG also said they are pretty much done building the foundations of the stadium and in early October construction will begin on the east end zone and continue until the west end zone. Unlike, previous whispers there will be NO open end on any part of the stadium. The stadium will be enclosed all the way around. PG added construction is right on schedule. FIU opens the stadium next September against South Florida.

As for that item about the Hurricanes asking FIU to join them in the OB, when PG was with the Hurricanes he approached FIU about joining them. But then PG took the job at FIU and the Hurricanes re-visited the idea. By then FIU was ready to build its on-campus stadium.


Quijote Pimpalito: The cafeteria reference by MC was to fire up the kickers, because of their poor showing in Saturday's scrimmage. Apparently, it worked because in Tuesday's practice in the Orange Bowl they made all 4 field goals. Dustin Rivest even hit one from 50 yards.

Bee Before we move on here, reading some of the comments from the last blog it looks like you guys want to have a spelling bee between FIU and the Hurricanes. Caunt mee out, I uuse Spelchek. Or maybe I should.

WOrta 1128: Wayne Younger's high weight this summer was 190, but is currently down to 181. MC says Younger has a tough time maintaing weight, because of a fast metabolism. Like most college football programs, FIU has two eating tables: the fat people table and the skinny people. Younger eats at the fat people table.

yippee: Colt Anderson is not that much heavier than Younger. CA is listed at 195, but that's a generous 195. At 19 years of age he is still filling out and wait until strength coach Roderick Moore gets him in the weight room. He'll be 215-220 by next season. Because he's got two years in a college weight room under his belt, Paul McCall may be the strongest of the QBs to withstand the hits they may get this season.

Quijote: Not sure if you're related to Pimpalito, above, but anyway, love your enthusiasm in the blog, but let's try to keep it clean. The GPP Claw had to come out on several words of your post. 

FIUDad: If we're witness to another year of missed field goals and extra points, then I would have to agree with you. I would much rather watch missed field goals and extra points from someone like this:

Kiusa_2 God Bless America and Kathy Ireland!  


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Well, it seems that the "perceived" lead that Younger was ahead is not there anymore. MC said that he should name a starting QB by today or so...Hmmmmm...Must be torn out...

As usual, great blog Pete...Keep it going for us Golden Panther fans!!! Thank you.

Nice article again. Pete do you know if FIU is planning on having a pep rally before the season starts or before our first home game against Maryland.

Pete, thanks for the information.

I'm shocked no QB has been named. I wonder if that's good or bad. Hopefully, all three guys are ready for Sept. 1st.

Finally, does anyone know if Marquis Rolle is practicing? We can definitely use him for the upset against Penn State.

Go Golden Panthers!

As much as I like the whole thing about having the fans as close to the field as possible, I wonder if that's the nail on the coffin for sharing the stadium with an MLS team (If it's NCAA minimum distance, it's too small for a soccer field, right?)
Any news on that front?

Good point Hay, you beat me to it. I'd like to see the FIU stadium get more use than just football. Miami can do well with a "real" Miami MLS team, not one in Ft. Lauderdale.

It would bring lots of publicity for our school....

"Live from beautiful FIU Stadium, its MLS soccer on ESPN!"

as cool as it would be to maybe bring an MLS team back to South Florida, I'd be more than happy to sacrifice that opportunity for the chance at being as close to the field as possible. the more noise we can make, the better. and in the long run, the possibility of actually having significant home field advantage in a possibly meaningful game trumps any publicity outside the realm of college football that the school can get.

as far as the Orange Bowl goes, well, I have to say I don't care much. I mean, I recognize the historical significance of the place, but I was never a Dolphins or UCG fan. as far as I'm concerned, I'd be more than ok with it being torn down or remodeled in favor of a stadium for the Marlins.

that's just my opinion, though, and I respect the fact that a lot of people -- the majority of people -- may feel differently.

Hey Pete, thank you for the information. I have been wondering, will FIU spend the entire season with UM logos everywhere? If so, how about the last three games?

Hey, I know football is king but can we get a little on other sports as well? I'm very interested in the football program, but I'm also a huge soccer fan, and I know the FIU men's basketball team, baseball teams could all use a little press as well!

To WOrta1128:

Well, as much as I also would like sitting next to the field, you also have to consider the whole athletics program. The new stadium will only be used for FIU football 4-6 times a year? (Depending on how many $$ games we continue to schedule). An MLS deal would bring in much needed revenue, both for the Football program and for the athletics department in general (Not to mention added exposure). Additionally, it would also give a boost to the FIU soccer program, which at a time was fairly good.

We all hope that the FIU Football team does well, however to add to MancuniasRedArmy comment, I would love to hear more stuff on FIU men's hoops. From what I hear, WATCH OUT! Not many Sun Belt teams have TWO (2) 7'0 footers, one of which was MVP in the Pharmed Summer League. The other 7 footer is a Perperdine transfer who was Freshman of the Year in that conference. Alex Gallindo (6'8) will return for his junior year. We hope he will become our next Puerto Rican sensation (Carlos Arroyo being the 1st) to go to the NBA. There is a cat-quick guard transfer from Texas A&M, plus a very good signing class. Coach Roucco knows talent & basketball, he needs just our support as fans and the administration support on funding.

I've heard through the rumor mill that FIU will travel to KENTUCKY & PURDUE! Pete can you verify. This would be a fun road-trip!!

I think we would all love to hear more on the new stadium design, those renderings they released were VERY generic and uninspiring. Pete, can you fish any more design info from PG for a future blog?

Pete, you forget to mention two of the most memorable plays in college football that took place at the OB, the Doug Flutie Hail Mary and the best play ever at the OB the GATOR FLOP. like some of you I was never a dolphin or ucg fan, but I am a Marlin's fan so I hope they can make the OB the new home for them. Now that the true villain of South Florida has a new tenant let get the Marlins out of there and into a real baseball stadium.
I hope we get an MLS team and some of the international friendlies between the Latin American soccer teams, and maybe Copa Oro or any one of those.
And you are right Pete, Joe Robbie was a gentleman and he deserves the HONOR to have the stadium renamed back after him, and i hope it will never be named wh stadium.
8 more day to the new season, GO PANTHERS!!!

god i cant wait im excited for the new season... it still hasnt hit me that we are sooo close

i love soccer. and some of the things said here make sense: it would give a boost to our soccer program and might lead to games beyond the realm of MLS being played here. i'd love to see that.

but i don't know. the prospect of playing as close to the field as possible excites me. i guess it depends on the difference in field size between being as close as possible and going out a little farther to accommodate a soccer pitch. if it's negligible, then i'm all for it.

i love soccer but i agree i would love to be so close to the field i can spit histarical comment out at the opposing team lol taunt them and harrass them and meke them know THEY ARNT WELCOMED HERE!!!


What is up with Men's basketball?

hey just saw that N. texas pulled out of the game opener 2008 against UM. anyone thinking the rivalry against FIU should continue?

I also heard rumors of us going to Kentucky and Purdue this season for men's basketball...Is it true?

Are you ready for some football? I'm so ecstatic about going to State College.....!

Regarding the opening in the 2008 scUM schedule...I hope we make no attempt to play them again for a while. We need to create our own identity, focus on winning our conference consistently and beating a few high quality opponents a year. scUM is a program on the decline, if it's exposure we want we can get that from playing better and classier programs, emphasis on classier.

I'll just mention that there's a pro soccer team in Tropical Park! They're actually very entertaining to watch, games are cheap [10$], the only thing to do is a better atmosphere, since it's a hardcore group of followers who go only...Miami FC is their name, they're very involved with the community. It's good to see a local side like that.

The OB has hosted many a soccer game in its time, and they've never had to dramatically alter the field for it, if memory serves me correctly. Soccer pitches and football fields, generally speaking, have roughly the same dimensions. If you look at a lot of MLS teams, many of them (like DC United and the NY Red Bulls) play in NFL-type stadiums (RFK and the Meadowlands, respectively.) Chicago used to play at Soldier Field (maybe they still do.) I believe the Galaxy was at the LA Coliseum and the former San Jose Earthquakes used to be at PetCo(I think).

Anyway... the point is, I have a hard time believing that they would have to alter the field much (if at all) in order to host a soccer game at the new FIU football stadium. Especially if some of the stadium's features will be similar to the OB, like PG said.

It's hard to tell without dimensions, but I imagine that PG & company will keep the MLS in mind when planning the new football stadium... if FIU still wants to do it and getting an MLS team back in South Florida is realistic. Which it should be, eventually.

Even if you do have to move it back a foot or two, that's no biggie. As long as the dimensions are closer to the OB than to JRS, that ought to work out just fine, so long as the fans are, y'know, there. And Lord knows, having an MLS team at FIU would certainly help with the bottom line and with exposure.

Here's hoping FIU pulls it off. I would love to see an MLS team back, be it at FIU or wherever. Just not at Lockhart. Anywhere outside of Miami-Dade would be a disaster for MLS, really.

One more thing I forgot to mention... the biggest problem for MLS might not be the dimensions of the field, but if they can accept playing in a stadium with a football field's markings.

The current turf at FIU has all the white lines, the midfield logo and the entire end zone decorations in place permanently. I can't imagine MLS would be thrilled about having to play on that. FIU may well have to put totally new turf to get an MLS team to play there. I'm not sure even painting over the stuff currently on the field would work, because that's not paint or grass. That's basically plastic slivers with the color imbedded in them, and that's nowhere near as easy to paint over as grass is, nor will it hold the paint as long as grass does, I think (not so sure about that part).

Personally, I would rather they keep the turf, because that's one awesome playing surface (and expensive, too). But if MLS is willing to pay for the new turf... well... maybe it would happen.

I don't have inside info or nothing on that, for the record. But I do know MLS has complained in the past about football markings being too visible (especially on TV) when they play their games.

Concerning Miami FC, I hear that the guy who does Roary does Miami FC's "Hotshot" mascot too ;-)

Miami FC is a decent team, the USL is actually huge up north and in Canada, don't know if they'd survive against a Miami MLS team playing at FIU stadium...but enough about that this is an FIU board.

Speaking of which, the Rivals.com fearless prediction has PSU winning 35-6, but they did speak very highly about our defense and even metioned we've actually upgraded from last season.

Here's my fearless prediction:
FIU 11 (three field goals, all from 50+ yards and a safety)
PSU 4 (two safeties)

quoijote, let me tell you that IS a fearless prediction. its hard enough to see 2 safeties in a game and you got 3 in there. thats fearless. i havent been able to see the team practice so i wont predict but i will think that it will be closer than experts predict

I saw one of the Olympic tournament games where Brazil played one of the African teams (can't remember which one right now). I was great watching a young Ronaldo and an aging Bebeto and Romario play. The score was like 6 - 2 for the Brazilians. That was great fun.

My fearless prediction PSU 30 - FIU 10

I was at that game in 1996 too, FIU Fan!! Oh well, fearless prediction..

PSU 37 FIU 6

FIU fan fearless yes but i still think it might be closer lol havent found a score that i like for the game

i don't know what seems more far-fetched about Quijote's score: the three safeties, or FIU's three field goals from fifty yards out. I hope you're right, though. If that happens, I'm taking a leave of absence from school and work for about a week. If everything goes right, I'll wake up somewhere strange and have no recollection about how I got there.

If I had to take a guess, I would say Penn State 30 (three td's, extra points, and three field goals), FIU 13 (two touchdowns and a missed extra point). Historically, Penn State always has a good defense, but I think that we can catch them off guard for two touchdowns in the first half before they go in at half time and adjust to whatever we're doing.

That being said, I'm pretty bad at predicting scores, so...

Fearless predition is quite fearful, but i think
31-14 (maybe 17 if our kickers are better than advertised) Penn State.

Any news on Marquis Rolle?

i guess im goin almost as fearless w/ this school 24-14 penn State. thats fearless right there lol. although im hoping for 17-14 FIU keeping tie game and have some magic w/ the kicker at the end of the game lol

CJ...don't make me dream what you are dreaming ok?...I'm living it right now...that field goal going thru...and there I go, out of shape, gray hair and all running onto the field, trying to jump an inch from the ground to grab a goalpost in total futility....but happy as hell...in Happy Valley....now...I wake up...still psu 37-6....

But, at the same time, why not dream? Our playes, coaches, and fans need to dream it to make it happen...

hey the players believe when the fans believe so y not!

Now I have seen it all on this site. You actually have FIU fans predicting a blow-out (not in their favor) and enjoying it. What the HELL are you all talking about? Why would you ever predict a loss? That makes no sense. How do you think your beloved MC would feel if his most loyal fans (those on the GPP blog) are predicting a loss, and worse yet, don't seem to be too bothered by it? Do you all think MC is hoping for a 30-13 loss, or even a 13-10 loss? I don't think so. Everything I have read about MC and everything he comes from (The U) is not about expecting to lose. I have been on this site for a while now saying how MC was not the right man for the job, and how FIU made a mistkae chosing a no experiance head coach. I'll tell you what - I think MC is the one who made a mistake. MC has been busting his a** trying to change the losing culture of FIU football and the fans don't seem to be buying into it. You all are on here predicitng a loss. You know what you are whn you predict a loss and your team does in fact lose, your are a loser. I do not think MC is a loser, but I think the GP fans are. I do noth think MC is predicitng his team will lose to PSU, I don't think he thinks they will lose a game all year, but I KNOW the GP fans think that the FIU football team will lose to PSU and probably lose most of their games -why, b/c the GP fans are losers. I have previously said I hate the FIU fanbase, I would like to change that position, I pity you all. I feel sorry for you. You all are losers, your team is a bunch of losers (at least you all predict that they are) I just hope MC doesn't become a loser by association.

crazy cane the only loser on this site is you. here you are bashing FIU day in and day out and the day you would figure would be the day you would most likely agree w/ most of them you scold fans. i dont hope we will lose but if we lose it will not be the end of the world b/c its just a game. is retarded people like you that get upset for nothing. god you are annoying. we all are hoping FIU wins no1 will say they dont htink FIU has a shot. but watch the day we start predicting a win against UM hold your horses. crazy cane will come out saying we are all crazy and taht will make us losers

Evidence to support my post:

FIU Fanatic - prediction 37-6 Penn State

FIU FAN - prediction 30-10 Penn State

Worta - prediction 30-13 Penn State

Manch - prediction 31-14 Penn State

CJ - prediction 21-14 Penn State

WOW - with fans like this... I am sorry MC, but this was a decision you made, now you have to live with it. However, I am sure if you knew that you had fans who were going to predict that you would lose you would not have been so eager to leave The U.

CrazyCane, you exemplify how inane some of you UCG fans are (some, not all). When we predict a win, you say we're crazy. When we predict a loss, you call us pitiful. You make no sense. We support our team, but we're realistic. We know we're not winning it all this year. It doesn't mean we don't love our team. It just means that we know football. You, I guess, don't. It's better to be level-headed and critical than blind.

yes i did say that FIU (my prediction not saying im married to the No.) would lose not b/c of MC but b/c of JoPa. i have to much respect for JoPa to think that he will overlook FIU. that being said i said i was hopeful for a 17-14 win. and followed up that if the fans beleve the player beleives so stop thinking your all high and mighty b/c im sure everyone of those who posted is hopeful for the score i put up.

CJ...Some people just don't have it nor get it...el loco is just very loco.. what a really dumb, stupid statement....unbelievable..

i think that what CJ said sums up the feelings of every FIU fan: we're all hopeful for the score that he put up (a win of any sort), but we look at the facts: a team that just came off of an 0-12 season that just hired a new coach who is putting a new offense into place. on top of that, we probably have the toughest non-conference schedule in the nation. but hey, you know, let's all go the way of CrazyCane: FIU will win every game this year, UCG will lose every game this year, the NCAA will put a playoff system in place, and Congress will impeach President Bush, naming a chicken president instead. See? I can ignore reality, too.

My take on the quarterback situation: if you have a young horse, let him run!

CANDY CANE: I got some hypotheses and predictions for you.

1. You're a bittered bigot who subconsciously realizes you overpaid for a degree worth 1/3rd of what you paid for in return-on-investment OR
2. You're a miserable scUMball that never even finished one semester at any university and simply enjoys selling crack in or around the Orange Bowl
3. You're parents never hugged you much when you were a child and your mother left your father for the latin gardner due to your father’s inability to stop living in the past. Seems to run in the family.
4. I predict you'll outwardly state how much you enjoy driving up to Dolphin Stadium and relish in sitting 150 yards away from the field all the while secretly wishing your school had an on-campus stadium like FIU.
5. I predict you will continue to hope and pray scUM will return to their glory days while only being reminded that the days of scUM dominance in SoFla recruiting are long over and many other schools have far advantages leading to consistent poundings at the hands of superior programs and staffs.
6. I predict this post will only further enrage and drive your hatred towards all things FIU and you will push one too many buttons on 9/15 and get your clock knocked so hard you'll be excreting teeth for a week. I only wish I could partake.

SouthPaw: "My take on the quarterback situation: if you have a young horse, let him run!" That's a great comment.


What is your deal ? Why do you take us so seriously and yourself ? You offer nothing but worthless RHETORIC to this BLOG.

I was going to POST on Manny's BLOG the other day. I changed my MIND. In doing so, I noticed that none of the loyal cane posters seem to come over here...Why is that ? Don't tell me because your screen name is different for every BLOG. Mine appeared as FIUBlueandGold...

Why don't I see your literary "Greatness" at your own BLOG ?? Huh ? All great things come to an END. The City gave the CANES a great deal for some many decades. The U blew it and expected the City to find a solution for them. Instead, you guys will be renting from the BIGGEST SCUMBAG of all Wayne H. in a stadium designed for professional sports.

Meanwhile, you have the audacity to come over here and RAZE us about our program. Look RichardHEAD, I don't know what your story is, but your generalizations about people border on BIGOTRY and RACISM. You might be a rich little white boy from the Northeast or an EMABARRASED to admit WEST END ZONE OB fan with a GOOD ENOUGH DIPLOMA. Eitherway, you are a SORRY, HATRED FILLED, EMPTY FOOL...I hope you are wealthy, because if you ever needed a career on someone else's terms, YOUR FOUL STENCH of sarcasm, cynicism and HATRED can be spotted a MILE AWAY.

I'll be tailgating with UM/FIUers in VIP south lot on 9/15. I'll hang a BANNER with your NAME. You can share your thoughts in front of other DIE HARD CANES fans and former players...Yes, I tell my CANES friends, we're gonna bury scUM in the OB on 9-15-07. We laugh, drink a BEER and enjoy the game.

R.I.P - CandyCane 9-15-07
HATRED burned his SOUL

You see, FIUBlueGold..You are pretty rational...Crazy is loco...therefore totally irrational and living in a fantasy world, but with hatred running his life. Talk about pity for someone....

Oh...BTW, nice story on Homeyer today on the paper, Pete. He has an interesting life...

I actually passed by the stadium site today, but I didn't see much because of the stone facade where the entrance to the Cage is. is that being taken down any time soon -- or at all -- or is it going to be left up and added on to? i mean, i know that eventually all the administrative offices will be moved there, reminiscent of Doak Campbell stadium, but will that be started from scratch?

Quijote, what's with you and soccer. Get it out of your head. If you like to play it, do it at the park, but enough of it. All the leagues including the Beckham one are close to bankrupcy. Mancuniasredarmy, why do we want to blog anything but football right now, the other sports would come in their due time. UltimateFIUFan, where did you get the fact that the transfer kid was freshman of the year at his conference ?. Galindo looked horrible during the summer. Finally where has coach Rouco posted a winning record ?. It has nothing to do with the administration. Every year since he has been here (3rd time around, all losing programs) he starts with 12 players and ends up with 8 or 9. Playing Kentucky or Purdue on the road will be nice, however scheduling those caliber teams here at Pharmed will be monumental. PP any news to the fact that my relative Bruce Hardy might show up this week not realizing he was dismissed last year ?.

Seiscervezas, check the link below to see Russell Hicks 7'0 transfer from Pepperdine was on the All-Freshman team of the Western Coast Conference (WCC), which is Gonzaga's conference. www.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/west/sports/m-baskbl/auto_pdf/2005MBBAll-WCC. Coach Rucco also inked Tremayne Russel who was ranked 4th best player in all Miami-Dade. The other 7'0 is a JUCO transfer and the guard from Texas A&M's last name is White and they say he is very good. I was unable to see Galindo play over the summer so I'll take your word, however if you saw Galindo play 4 different positions last year as a soph and avg 15 pts a game with NO ONE to help then you know he has potential.

On Rouco not winning in his first two years, well he inherited no talent from the prior coach, he brought in Almonte who single-handedly kept FIU in most games with few scholarships to offer. This, his 3rd year is when he has HIS team. However, you saw him excell in key games like beating FSU @ FSU with nothing more than Almonte. I personally have high hopes that with HIS TOTAL squad of players you will see who can play ball! Just like MC in football truly can't be graded in this or next year until he has ALL his players. I hope in the end we can talk about making a trip to the Big Dance!!

i would love to see the basketball team be a bit more competative would be great. only a couple more days till Sept. 1st. wheres everyone goin to be watching the game?

CJ, I am going to Happy Valley!! I'll be there amongst the 112,000 people. Speaking to those in Athletics, I hear that the FIU contingent at Beaver Stadium for FIU is between 500-700 strong. We hope to make some noise among that mass of people!

That many? (For FIU standards and that far away) I know I will be one of them also in Happy Valley, God willing. Who else is going? We will also be at the alumnni pre game tailgate party....Who knows? Maybe PP can write a story on the FIU fans going all the way there, our last season record notwithstanding?

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