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MC Gets a Kick Out of Who?

Sinatra    Obviously for a team that was winless last season there are number of questions Stew that need to be addressed this month as the Golden Panthers and their new coaching staff prepare to open the season at Penn State on Sept. 1.

The big ???s mostly center around the offense: QB, O-line and kickers. That's not to say the defense is set to go, but we all saw that the major issues were when FIU had the ball last season.

Yes, QB and O-line are uncertain, but the kicking game is what I think has MC and co. scratching their heads the most right now. We'll update the QB and O-line situation in a second, but unlike Frank Sinatra and Stewie Griffin, I don't think MC knows who he gets a kick out of right now.

(For those not familiar with the Sinatra and Stewie reference: Old Blue Eyes had a hit song called "I Get a Kick Out of You". Stewie sang the song on an episode of Family Guy). Back to the blog....

With walk-on kicker Chris Abed on the sidelines with a quad strain, Dustin Rivest and John Paul Fraites combined to miss 4 of 5 field goals in Saturday's scrimmage. This prompted MC to yell "I'm going to go Doris to the cafeteria to find a kicker".

Lunchr_2  Being this late in camp and without any kicker showing he deserves the job, I don't see how a trip to the FIU lunch hall would hurt. Heck, the FIU soccer team is working out right next to the football team each afternoon as the Golden Panther futboleros (that's probably not a word) began their training camp. I'm sure MC will walk about 15 yards west and check out the soccer players.

This FIU team lacks experience and the last thing they need is to play a close game with a chance to win late and not have a reliable kicker. Judging from camp, Abed seems to have the strongest leg of the 3, but none of the 3 has yet to show any consistency. There's less than 2 weeks before the opener, maybe by then someone emerges.

The quarterback competition is pretty much down to 3 with Darold Hughes out with a hamstring strain. He might end up being redshirted. With the other 3 (Wayne Younger, Paul McCall and Colt Anderson) they each do something well. If you combined the three you eventually would have an all-Sun Belt QB.

As has been documented here before, Younger has got the elusiveness and speed. However, offensive coordinator James Coley has really fixed Younger's throwing motion and he seems more confident each day. Last season, Younger threw the football like a pitcher in baseball, this month he's throwing it like a QB.

With the spread offense, some GPP readers have discounted McCall. I say hold your horses. McCall is a smart guy, who may know that offense better than the other 2. While he's not Randall Cunningham with Randall his feet, McCall can be shifty and right now may have the strongest arm of the 3.

If he does what he's supposed to do to get better, Anderson will eventually have the starting job all to himself. He is the most talented overall of the 3, but needs some seasoning and a year in a college weight room. So what's it look like this season behind center?

With a relatively green offense, why not experiment and use more than one quarterback. Go with the hot hand. We have already seen in spring that Coley is a pretty creative guy when it comes to play calling and FIU won't be playing for a national title this season so why not try out different formations with different QBs and see what happens. Just a thought. Let's see when a starter is announced later this week.

Speaking with MC today, he said the O-line is getting better, opening some holes and protecting. Right now, they are looking for the best combination on the line, that's why freshman Brad Serini is playing center and Xavier Shannon has switched to guard. You need versatility on the line and Serini, although he is a freshman, seems to have a bright future.

Look, the FIU offense averaged 9.6 points per game last season, a new spread offense was brought in and any effort made to spice things up is a welcomed change. Will it all work, who knows, but if you don't do something to try and change that scoring average you'll stay stuck at a 9.6.


YouGotGold: There are several good walk-ons that could have an impact. One is safety Alonzia Phillips (check out the Miami Herald on Tuesday for him). Phillips has been all over the secondary this summer and made numerous INTs. He's an FIU track standout who may be the fastest Golden Panther. As others develop I'll post about them here.

yippee: The Miami Herald thanks you for the photo. Needed something other than a kicking photo for that story.

Dc Dall  WOrta1128: Right now there are no significant injuries, just some bumps and bruises. Lionell Singleton had a minor shoulder injury, but he said today that he's OK. I think you can expect to see some 2 TE sets like the Dallas Cowboys, especially with the talent FIU has at TE.

SouthPaw: The Heat-Seeking Missile is a good start for a Scott Bryant nickname, but that might be too wordy. Let's see him make some plays this season and then we'll take a vote on here.

FIUandMe: Scott Bear Bryant is clever. But with "El Oso" we may have a winner there. Like above, let's see Scott show some of "El Monstruo" and Keke this season and then we'll vote.

UltimateFIUFan: There's really no good news about FIU in many of the season previews. Most have them going 0-12 again or winning just 1 or 2 games. But hey, that's why they play the games.

Manguera: La Amenaza. I had to think about that one for Bryant. We'll see.

FIUmom: The Predator is under consideration. I'll run all these nicknames by Scott and see what he thinks.

FIU Fanatic: I really didn't find the PB Post's blog as taking a shot over here. Marcus Nelson, who writes that blog, is a good guy. He was referring to the Sun Sports reporter who was here for the MC feature on the Sun Sports Preview show. The reporter told me she remembered that last year's practices were not anything like what she saw that Friday morning when she made "The Braveheart" comment.

Quijote: Hopefully, your kicking concerns were answered above. I'll have more on them as camp progresses.

fiugrad: FIU baseball does have USC, ASU and the Hurricanes on next year's sked. I have not heard about FSU or USF yet, nor Texas, but I wouldn't be surprised if they appeared on the sked. T.D.A.O.S. is reaching the baseball program.

john rodriguez: Welcome to the GPP! Yes, I have worn a jockstrap before. Played high school baseball. No, I did not play in college or the pros. My intentions are not to sound tough on this blog, but rather to point out the fact that FIU baseball needed a change. The program was getting stale and losing interest with the local high schools in South Florida. Since your comment was written PG-rated, it will remain posted on this blog. At the GPP we take the storms with the sunshine. I think Reggie Jackson said it Reg Liberty best: "They don't boo nobodies". Here's the beauty of this country and sports: we are all free to express our opinions. The readers of the GPP have theirs and they are all welcomed here (including yourself) as long as they are written PG-rated. The Herald pays me to express mine here. Once again, thanks for your interest in the GPP.


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The kicking game was a huge concern last season. We need a lot of improvement in this area in order to be competitive, and it seems we are not that much better off so far.....As usual, thanks for the information....

Screw kicking, go for two every time or throw bombs on 4th down!!!

They should take kicking out of the game to promote more TD's, leave to kicking to the "futboleros"

I think Chris Abed is a great kicker.. Just let him rest until Penn State and everything will be fine, but none of them are consistant, and that is really what we need now. And no FI-UM fan, we can't say screw the kicking game. We averaged 9.6 points per a game last year, Do you really think that we could say 'just screw it'. Last year we lost games because of the extra points. If we had an amazing and consistant kicker WHEN we do score we will know for sure that we will get those points. That is ideal.

Pete, I am right with you about Colt Anderson. I think when he learns the offense and is comfortable with it, he will be amazing. But that will take time. From going to all of the practices that I do, Paul has an strong arm and during practice if Paul was taking snaps from the 1st team offense maybe he would of had more of a chance to throw the ball. He would probably blow us all away.

Wayne can run we all know that. I think Wayne should start being a receiver too (Last year he was playing reciever in practice some days). But the thing is when he doesn't feel that anyone is open he would just run, yes that usually isn't a problem but with Wayne being so skinny and probably everyone elses D-Lines being huge they would destroy him.

I can tell you from a students point-of-view, I just want FIU to win some games. I want us to get out of the bottom of the rankings and just start over. I want FIU to be known for something else then their 0-12 season.

This blog featured two of my favorite things in the world: FIU Football and the Dallas Cowboys (ok, three if you count the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders).

I have to say that, if anyone is looking for a silver lining, the fact that there are no injuries is HUGE.

Pete, I agree with what you mentioned regarding the qb by committee situation. Like it did with Florida last year, it might allow us to utilize some misdirection. McCall starts, everyone assumes he'll pass, so he'll hand it off on a draw (or tuck it and run himself). Younger comes in, everyone assumes he'll run, so he'll fake the rush and throw it deep. I'm not saying it'll work everytime, but if it works every so often, it can mean the difference between a close loss and a close win.

Thanks for the kicker info Pete...still very sad to see MC going to the cafeteria with two weeks left. I mean seriously, why the heck can't we find a damn kicker?!?! We aren't in rural outback, this isn't U of Alaska for goodness sake. This should've been priority #1, and this area of our program has not been a secret that needed to be addressed. Someone is at fault here, and I'd love to point the finger to Don but frankly I think the current staff should assume some of this mismanagement.

Are you serious though that MC said that? Seems like Rivest and Fraites don't get much love around here, how does that affect their mental toughness? How effective can you be knowing everyone hates you and the coach doesn't have too many nice things to say. Am I "exajerando", or do they really struggle to get any sort of respect out there?

Sounds like the love affair with MC is almost over. I would just like to point out that MC and his staff's failure to address the kicking game with more importance just shows the inexperience of the head coach. I am sure, in time, MC will be a decent head coach, but this program needed experience and a proven track record. What this program did not need, in my opinion, was a no name head coach (nationally, no-1 knows who he is), a head coach with NO head coaching experience (sorry MC, head coach of the offensive line doesn't count)no coordinator experience, or someone, who when he has no answers says stupid crap like "I am going to the cafeteria to find a kicker) How the coaching brilliance behind that comment would make "Bear" Bryant jealous. C'mon FIU fans, please acknowledge that MC might not have been the right man for this job at this particular time.

Also, you all point out the magazine articles, the preseason rankings and the "experts" picks on FIU football. Don't you think future FIU recruits are seeing the same thing? You think they are giving interest to a team with those kind of reviews? I am sure that is what player X wants to tell his buddies - "Guys, I just signed a letter of intent to go play for the worst team in college football!" Maybe, when his buddies stop laughing, they will throw him a party, or maybe, when he gets on campus, MC could take him to the cafeteria to find his teammates.

C'mon CC you know that all those prognostications by the 'so called' experts are based on last season. Look at UCG, they're not even ranked in the top-25; when's the last time tha happened?

I know as the season unfolds and things don't go perfectly, you'll be back here saying I told you so. But hey, don't you have better things to do?

carzy cane, do you believe anything that comes out of your mouth... nobody else does. b/c its all BS. if choosing a coach w/ no hc exp. or oc exp. doesnt work then why did the raiders do it (thats an nfl team just in case your pea sized mind didnt get it) if its good enough for the nfl y not in college. the reason he was brought over was the fact taht he has come from good programs that know or learned how to win. thats IS what FIU NEEDS. the caf. referance is to show the kickers "ship up or ship out" and damn it if he hinds a better kicker in the caf. i want that kicker cause he will be better.

CJ - funny how you accuse my post as BS and then you post that the new Raiders head coach has the same experience as MC. Did you forget the Kiffin was the offensice coordinator at USC.

"In 2005, Kiffin was named one of the nation's Top 25 recruiters and served as offensive coordinator of an offense that ranked in the top six nationally in every offensive category" Also, Kifin has experience of coaching in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah, it definetly sounds to me like MC and Kiffin have the same experience. Do yourself a favor CJ, before you post and make outlandish comments, do a little research. Show off your FIU education. Or, you can continue to do what you have been doing on this blog, showing how FIU's fanbase is aa uneducated as their student body.

CJ - you and I see eye to eye most of the time, but in this case, you are dead wrong. You cannot compare the coaching experience of Kiffin with MC. The fact that you even tried is a lil embarrasing. CJ - I do find you knowledgable overall, and I disagree with Crazy saying that your posts are uneducated, but in this instance, it does appear that you did no research before making that comment. I think your best option at this point is to admit that you were incorrect and that this time, you were wrong. Don't allow the UM posters here, like myself, an opportunity to relate back to this ill advised post when arguing against all of your future post. Just some friendly advise.

CJ - do not apoligize for anything. I understand where you are comming from. Not only is MC too good for the FIU job, he should have bneen considered for an NFL job - maybe even the Dolfins - hey if it is good enough for the Raiders. CJ - your post are great, so are the rest of my FIU buddies. Keep it up. lets shows the UCGers that invade our site that we are not scared of them, or there history. FIU is comming baby, be ready. MC, go to the cafateria, go to the science lab, go to the beaches, i do not care. Find us a kicker and whatever else we need to succeed, Honeslty, I do not care if you find a girl to do the kicking - anyone see necessary roughness. MC, I trust you. If you can find a girl to do the job, I am all for it. In fact i dont care if you put a whole team of girls out there, it can't be worse then last year. We keep talking about being innovative, haveing a few girls on the team seems innovative to me, not to mention the national recognition you'll receive. I say go for it MC.

Crazy_Cane and others disillusioned by the fact that MC didn't go out to recruit a kicker: would you consider Urban Meyer an inexperienced or maybe a little lost? UF went something like 5 of 11 on field goal attempts last year, maybe worse. Their kicking game was as bad as ours. It's easy to reproach someone for seemingly "forgetting" a piece of the puzzle, but let me just ask you a question: if going out and getting a freshman kicker in the three or four weeks of recruiting that MC had meant giving up on a player like Colt Anderson or Ricky Booker, would you do it? I mean, kickers are important, no doubt, but their impact is nothing compared to the impact that a QB or a linebacker can have. Again, I'll pose a question (and not that our players are on this level, but it's a hypothetical): if Urban Meyer had gone out and addressed the kicker position rather than securing one of the top quarterbacks in college football (Tebow), would that have been considered smart? One piece of the puzzle at a time guys. The kicker is important, but he's not in on every offensive play. He's not running the spread offense like a QB might, nor is he the captain of the defense. If not this year, then we'll get one next year.

"I hate to see us leave the Orange Bowl. But, when it comes down to it, a game has to be played and we have to go to Dolphin Stadium. All you're going to get is a different kind of atmosphere. It's a pro stadium. We have to go to Dolphin Stadium and make it our home, and the only way to make it our home is by kicking the behinds of the first team we play. Let them know this is our new home. Make sure they know it."

-- Santana Moss

Enough said.

I just can't take FIUDad seriously. His logic and atrocious spelling (and no, it's not due to a typo) is just piteous and an insult to anyone with a reasoning, logical mind and an education past the third grade. MC is not and is nowhere near the equivalent of Kiffin. He might be one day, but as of right now he's wayyyyyy behind. The highest job he'd get in the NFL is TE's coach, which is what the NY Jets wanted him to do for them a few years back. Delirium at its best to think otherwise.

is that what UCG fans have been reduced to? attacking spelling and grammar? because if you want to do that, just stand in the parking lot of the orange bowl on game day and listen to a five minute conversation between two -- ANY two -- of your fellow fans. it's a riot. honestly. like those primates in the beginning of "2001: A Space Odyssey" trying to figure out the obelisk or the properties of a bone. i better be careful: i'm sure you'll attack me for not capitalizing next.

seriously. why would you post a santana moss -- a second tier WR who plays for a horrible team -- comment regarding the orange bowl on an FIU blog? why would you even care what we think regarding lane kiffin or mario cristobal? i still don't understand why so many UCGers frequent this blog.

FIU posters do not be upset at the UM posters, they just lost their home and their mystique. 24/7 i belive the only um poster that i have contiually held to respect is you there for in this post i will speak to you. understandably is your statment on makeing the correction on my statment.raiders coach and mc are different. but the point is still the same and i suffer no embarrassment. yrs at spec. coaching positions. MC has that granted its not luxurious as HC or OC but hey he came from good programs which is my point! and if the UM posters refuse to see that point then it is not me who is poorly educated.

but today is not a day to bicker about spelling fomenter today is a day of mourning. for the evil troll shalala has sold the souls of the ghosts in the ob for a minor 1.5 mill a year. (can you say gas mileage for transporting students to DS and back) i mourn with you all over this travasty.

Hope you aren't referring to me as a "UCG" fan since I don't support the team/school as I've stated before. If you find spelling and grammar beneath you then by all means, best of luck in life, I'm sure it won't impact you at all. But honestly, is that how you rationalize poor grammar, spelling, and logic, by simply stating it's not important? Talk about being reduced.....

I'm sure the discussions outside of a UM game at the Orange Bowl are very much like primates and in turn I guess you are implying that the conversations outside of FIU's games aren't? Quite dubious considering the demographics of people who attend both schools.

fomenter, you're boring. the only reason i respond to people like you is that your posts stick out like sore thumbs in the patch of FIU supporting messages.

my point remains forever constant: this is an FIU blog. yet the discussions always deviate because those like yourself and others find it necessary to bemoan, dissect, and criticize everything that any of us says regarding our coach and team (and for not being a UCG supporter, you masquerade as one quite well).

as for spelling and grammar (again, deviating from FIU sports), i'm an english major. i'm just neither pedantic nor pompous. i'm the dirtiest and most disgusting FIU fan at each one of our games and probably outside of the school as well. i love it. i have no problem with UCGers acting similarly. my point was simply that, if you're going to chastise someone on this board for incorrect grammar, then the finger should first be pointed at the UCG faithful, because half of them never attended the school in the first place.

Now... that being said: can we get back to FIU football?

In regards to what yippee said about Younger: a lot has been said about his lack of size. How small is he really? I keep hearing conflicting reports and denouncements of the stats kept on fiusports.com. That being said, has he packed on any size since the team first convened for practice?

We will find out tomorrow, but all indications are that Younger will probably be the starter with McCall and Anderson backing him up. Hughes may redshirt.

It's going to be interesting to watch a completely new offensive scheme to go along with a quarterback that's not Josh Padrick for the first time in 4 years.

Good luck to our coaches and athletes as they prepare to face Penn State in Happy Valley.

PETE: Great updates, keep them coming.
AGAIN: These are the GPP “GO-PAWZz Post Tag AWARDS”

Todays “IGNORE -POST- TAG” goes to: CrazyCane,
Todays “GOOD -POST- TAG” goes to: FIU Fanatic, yippee, WOrta1128, FIU Fan, FIU Dad, C J, TheU24/7 on Crazy,
Todays “On The Fence -POST- TAG” goes to: FI-UM Fan, Quijote Pimpalito,
The so called experts have no real clue of what’s going on with this FIU team. The new COACHES and the real objective FANS are in the know.

For advise how about calling, FIU’s Mark Lewis (soccer alum) now an AUSTIN WRANGLERS of the Arena Football League (2007-Kicker of the Year), and or retired NFL kickers/ coaches that live in the area.

FI-UM Fan: The kicking game is (always) not only important, but super important to the game. Just one example: give me last years team with kickers that produced one or more field-goals per game when drives stall at the 10-20-30 yard line and we could have had an eight-plus (8+) game winning season.

More often than not, the differenced between a WIN and a LOSS is that, the prevailing team (not always the best) gives it their all, until the TIME reads 0:00 and one or more big plays occurred. Usually these big plays are simple things like: gaining one (1) yd. for a first down and then running the clock down, pressuring the opposing QB one (1) last time to stop their last drive, Goal-line-stands, etc… They all have something in common, which is, the team does their job and one or more players step-up their (smart) effort(s) when it counts. In other words, the team spirit and hearts must be put on the line. Confidence must rule.

Shouldn't CandyCane and his bunch of UCG fairies be out in the streets mourning the ultimate demise of their once venerable program? No, they are on here talking FIU. Does anyone else see the irony in this? Anyone see the direction these two programs are headed in? I'm sure glad I'm not a scUM fan...the next 25 years for scUM look bound to be MUCH worse than the last!

And by the way scUMheads, I find it equally ironic and quite telling that the last college football game ever to be played in the OB will be an FIU game...oh how times are changing.

As always scUMsanitizer, your posts are as laughable as they are ignorant. You know in the 2 weeks or so I have been scoping around these blogs, I have yet to see any positive input from you concerning anything to do with FIU. All I have read has been blind hate from an ignorant fan.

And just to clarify things for you, the last football game that will be played in the OB is the UVA game in November. Dumbass.

what i think scumsanatizer was refering to the last florida team to play in the OB will be fiu. not sure havent gone back and checked the schedule but it might very well be. its just a sad thought that UM is leaving the OB

scUMsanitizer is absolutely right. FIU will be the last Miami team to play in OB.

IN regards to QB situation, Younger will probably be the starter. He's the most prepared for the spread offense FIU will run this whole year. I just can imagine the speech Coach Cristobal going to give to his players before the step on the football field on Sept. 1st. Any way, somebody can record that?

Another thing, any news on Marquis Rolle? Last I heard of him is that he might get cleared this week. Our receivers will be stregthn this year.

Go FIU!!


He is small. I just feel that if he runs the ball and then gets a good hit at the right angle he will get hurt.

He's 6-3 175, come on. Atleast Colt and McCall have some meat on them..

i completely agree, yippee. that's way too small. he needs to add AT LEAST another twenty pounds of mass if he plans on running around and possibly taking more hits than a qb should. this really concerns me...

Wow...interesting discussions here....It's a pity that these ucg fans always try to bring their little idiotic themes here in order to look how they are....dumbass? Buddy, not the last game...but the last 3 (THREE) games at the OB will include FIU...not UM...FYI, Einstein, UCG's last game at the OB is November 10...FIU plays November 17, 24, and December 1...Wow....typical ignorant....

FIU Fanatic, I thought scUM sanitizer was refering to our meeting. Forgot that FIU does not have a stadium to call their own just yet. Nevertheless, it doesn't negate what I said. scUMsanitizer is a reject that knows nothing about football, contributes nothing to the discussion, and is an all around douche. I stand by that.

Wow FIU Fanatic that's crazy, the irony eh?

At least they are going to change the name from Dolphin stadium to something else! Any ideas anyone? How about:

Our campus is at the other end of the county STADIUM
University of Miami, which is over an hour's drive away, STADIUM
You can't spell scUM without UM STADIUM
Damn it why the hell is our stadium so far from our own campus STADIUM
The city of Miami will never get their crap together and the Marlins will continue playing here until 2030 and therefore we've taken on the Nole's "wide right" tradition because of that damn dirt in the middle of the field STADIUM
Just pretend the orange and aqua colors around the stadium and seats are orange and green STADIUM
If you're high enough, all the dolphins logos look like ibises STADIUM
All of our other sports have their gameday facilities on campus, but our biggest money making and traditional sport is played light years away from the campus STADIUM
Shalalalalalalalalalalalalalauhhhhhhhh, NAH NAH NAH NAH STADIUM (with trick daddy's face as the logo)
At least you won't get piss and crap faced STADIUM
my personal favorite
FIU has their own on campus stadium, but we don't STADIUM

Roar baby!

scUM is ALREADY asking FIU for favors lol we all know this will be the first of many. Right on the front of herald:

Shalala said she ''tried desperately to find another tenant'' for the Orange Bowl, including asking FIU to join the Hurricanes -- which would have likely delivered state funds to help pay for renovations. But FIU decided to build its own on-campus stadium instead.

That's RIGHT scUM biotches, how does that feel? Especially that last line eh?

I've distanced myself from replying to scUMs invading our boards, but heck I just had to rub this in your faces. But then again, you're all used to getting crap on your face from your years at the toilet bowl.


ROAR Baby!

Some of you FIU fans are just funny. But probably not the way you intended. Quijote, from your own quote Shalala "TRIED desperately to find another tenant", which means it was past tense. CURRENTLY, they are not asking FIU for any favors, as you put it. But it's all bull anyways, my guess is as soon as she heard that UM will be gaining a minimum of 1.5 mil in revenue each year, all options were off the table.

And how do I feel about it? Indifferent. Don't know why some (not all) of you FIU fans have this inferiority complex to UM. If it's true that Shalala was searching genuinely for another tenant, why would you hang your hat on that? Isn't FIU asking us a favor by playing in the OB as it is? Nobody is thumping their chest on that.

And Quijote, how about we name your new stadium the "We'll go winless all year, but hell we got an on campus stadium" Stadium. See, I can do it too.

Honestly, I wish you guys the best. Quijote, grow up.

Err...The OB is owned by the City of Miami. No "favor" to ask UM, so no reason to thump your chest whatsoever.

Good luck to my former #1 team, UM.

Guys it great to have a lively debate, however to spend so much time at each other is juvenile. With that said, I do have a comment for CrazyCane & U24/7. You mentioned MC's lack of experience, never a coordinator, never a head coach, etc. You implied that there was no precedent for this and castigated CJ for lack of research! Well, I write to you and ask, YOU do the research! Ever hear of Coach Tom Flores (since we're discussing the Raiders!). When you decide to RESEARCH Coach Flores you will see that he was a graduate from Pacific, had an unremarkable NFL career and was REJECTED by the CFL. After retiring as a player, he was hired by Buffalo as a TE coach, let go and hired in the same capacity (TE & WR coach) for the Raiders. He was NEVER a coordinator, NEVER more than a situational coach for TEs & WRs. If it was up to YOU, Coach Flores would of NEVER gotten that chance with the Silver & Black. Well thank God Al Davis never followed your logic. Flores was hired as the Raiders Head Coach by Al Davis and the result was TWO (2) SUPER BOWL rings. So much for a short resume!

In a perfect world, I too would of preferred MC to have coordinator experience, however do not assume that is the only formula to win. The Coach Flores example is just one of many. All I ask of all on this blog is to give MC a chance. I think that's fair. What do you think?

Have not been on here in a while...Thought I would drop by and see what new insults are coming from the same 4 UCG fools...

Apparently, nothing has changed and the scUMballs continue to remind us of 2006.

I have been to a few practices and our speed will be the X factor and Shannon knows it. In particular, Alonzia Phillips is the real deal. At safety and returns he will change the game with SICK SPEED...

Sept.15th cannot arrive sooner.

scUM get buried alive at the OB

In the end, everyone wins with Miami's move to Dolphins Stadium.

FIU plays at the OB for one season and pays a small fee - $5,000 per home contest. The school then plays its home games at its new on-campus stadium in 2008. It will be the lone on-campus football stadium south of Orlando (UCF). Hopefully we can start winning some games by then.

The University of Miami will earn $1.5 million in revenue by making a move to a better facility.

The OB is, in my view, a dump that needs to be leveled. Hopefully the Marlins will make an agreement with the City of Miami and the state and build a retractable roof venue to be their home.

The last game in the OB, FIU v. N. Texas, may be the largest home game FIU has for a very, very, long time. I can imagine every person who has a nostalic feeling for the ol' gran dame being there.

There could be 76,000+ for that game filled with dignitaries, media, great players of the past and on and on. I hope it's a night game and that there will be fireworks compliments of FIU and the City of Miami. Should be one last big blow-out party for the soul of the City.

Great, 70,000 plus fans for the last game in the OB (FIU v N. Texas) and we get to watch FIU get blown out. Tremendous way to say good-bye to the best sports venue in the country.

As for the FIU fans here who seem to be basking in their own glory for building a on campus stadium - I ask you - what good is an on campus stadium when you are losing and having 300 people there, including hot dog vendors and 4 media people?

The posts as of late evidence why I HATE FIU, why there fans may be worse then gator fans b/c at least Gator fans are knowledgable, FIU fans, until you win some games all the crap about you cant waint until 9/15/07 and TDAOS is soooo stupid. At least the Gator fans, as stupid as they are, recognize the gravity of situations, you all dont even have the mental capacity to understand that, More to come....

As promised, Ihere is some more of the UM commenting on this blog, so deasl with it. FIU fans when you first got to Miami and you realized what football was (not soccer) what college team did you cheer for - Oh yeah, that's right, the University of Miami. And when you were able to save up enough money for a ticket, where di you go with your dad to the game, oh that's right, the Orange Bowl. You simple minded FIU fans are missing the point, much like your place kickers, losing the orange bowl extends a lot further then the 58 home winning streak, the 5 Nat'l Championships, the wide rights and lefts, the amazing comebacks - it is losing a sense of your childhood, it is losing a sence a unique comfort that only lasted from September to December. If you do not know what I mean, I am sorry. The truth is FIU will NEVER create in this town what UM did. Why, because times are different. People don't care as much - people don't live and die for the team, fans worry more about the amenities then the game. This includes the FIU fans and the current position that the University of Miami has established. University has sold their soul - whether or not it makes difference remains to be seen, but the truth is, UM had a soul to sell, that came from years of die-hard fans piling into the OB, when the games mattered more then the concession stands. FIU will NEVER have that type of soul b/c of their fanbase, most of which still think football is played with a round ball and two nets, and their leadership - whom which could not see the advantages to playing their homegames at the OB and instead chose to build a multimillion dollar stadium on campus for a team that is gonna suck for many years to come.

crazy cane i question you UM loyalty, FIU has not earned such hatred from UM just yet. UF is by far UM's most hated rival. and to give such credit to UF is a lack of UM spirit. so i question your UM loyalty. i dispise the gators, being a UM fan as well as FIU fan and nothing will ever make me respect them. and what would you have FIU fans say o sept 15 we goin to get walloped... hell no! no real fan will ever believe that their team does not have a chance. and if thats what you believe i not only question your UM loyalty but your sanity.

CJ - I do not think CC was saying that he is justifying UF fans - I think he is saying that in the short time there have been FIU fans, you all seem to be just as worse, and maybe even worse b/c you appear to have no college football education. In that sense, I agree with CC. i hate the Gators as much as anyone else, but I have to say, the BS that comes out of FIU fans, without any merit or history to back it up, is rediculous and dare I say, Gatorish. Look, Gator fans talk about being superior, but UM has beaten them the last 4 or 5 times they have played in recent years. So dominance over UM, I think not. Now you have FIU, who not only lost every game last year, but got beat up, pardon the pun, by the U last year, and here they are talking about burying the U at the OB on 9/15. See the similarities? Though I disagree with CC on a lot of things i agree with him on this and how the FIU fanbase just doesn't "get it" as it related as to why the OB is so important and how it extends beyond football and how the Cage will never gain that type of National recognition - yes I said the Ob had nat'l Recognition. Now I defy any FIU fan to deny that statement.

no denial in the OB having nat'l rec. but i will say the talk of burial although it wont be likely EITHER WAY i believe its nothing more than college trash talk which you will have to admit alot of your UM bretheran have done quite a bit on this FIU blog. so do you not believe it is fair to allow FIU bloggers on their own blog to trash talk a lil? i mean i go to the UM blog and comment but never trash talk which is more than most of the UM fans on this blog can say

Remember: “I’ll Tell You This, Pilgrim!” (By: John Wayne)

The real truth is stretched behind the (conveniently Great or Terrible) Orange Bowl Stadium move, depending on when and who is speaking for UM. Except for final deals, must of what is now being fed to the fans and public on moving to Dolphin Stadium was true a year ago, 2, 3- 5 (yrs), etc...

The number one true rush and controlling factor, for their move in 2008, is the fact that FIU will open the 2008 season in their new on campus stadium (phase-I). They’re (UM) always trying to gain or not lose 1” (inch) in the Publicity or Limelight- front. As stated before, the same occurred with resurrecting their basketball program (& arena).

Sorry but, “T.D.A.O.S.”, make room for the other Big Boy in Town, “FIU”!!!

Ahh, tell us how you really feel Crazy (as in certifiably) Cane. How does it feel to see all you marginal fans begin to disappear or better yet become FIU Football fans? Your lunatic rants are music to my ears; please continue.

CJ, you must think that those of us who go/went to FIU just showed up here 5 years ago, when the football team arrived. Many of us cut our teeth on the Dolphins and "were" UCG fans back in the 80's. But hey, as MC says T.D.A.O.S.

Yeah....hehehe T.D.A.O.S. I too, am old enough to remember when FIU played their D2 basketball games at Miami Christian HS and MDCC (ucg didn't field a team back then and "resurrected" it that year)....I used to be a huge UM Football fan, and huge FIU fan in everything else. Rant and rave by some of these lunatic ucg fans are truly a bad example of their fans, but, unfortunately, very representative or their presence on these message boards. That's right...isn't it amazing what FIU has accomplished in just 35 years of existence?

Next season we inaugurate our ON CAMPUS state-of-the-art stadium. But until then, we play the last 3 games at the OB. The ghosts must be really going "crazy" now. Wow...Talk about hatred, and then trying to sound/look as a level headed poster. El loco se volvio loco.

BTW, I'm still a HUGE Dolphins' fan.

Funny...crazy thing I just read in one of these UM's fans (or are they the same?) long, factless, fractioned post. Now...and get this....it is FIU's fault that um HAD to make a move out of the OB...Wow....funny or pathetic?

CANESTER - I only post under this name when scUMballs like you come out of your ghettos and start proclaiming your scUMmy thug life all over this blog. I am here to sanitize and annoy you.

scUMsanitizer, Funny, Wasn't proclaiming anything in my post. Was just stating the fact that your only contribution to this blog is to smack talk UM with a lack of knowledge of anything that remotely resembles football. That is all.

Oh, and for the record, you don't annoy anyone. All you do is give your FIU bretheren a bad name. People see your posts and think, "Damn, FIU fans are rejects." Fortunately, I know the difference.


There will be ONE last HISTORIC memory for all to watch at the OB. FIU's D will keep it close and FIU will pull off the upset !!!! What an AMAZING story line...

HATE is such a poignant word. However, HATE is used by the IGNORANT. You epitomize why the rest of the planet despise most AMERICANS. **NARROW MINDED, SELF CENTERED,

Thanks for all the great memories !!!

***By the way not one PSU fan that I have seen has insulted me or any FIU folks on any message boards. Actually, they are quite classy and receptive to the game. I will be there and I am sure that I will be received with courtesy and class. Unlike the scUM bags who post on our BLOGs. I make no prediction against PSU because I do think they ARE the better TEAM all around. Now go and formulate your Pulitzer Prize response, so the rest of us can LAUGH !!

FIUBlueandGold ....

::jaw drops::

Wow. You write "HATE is such a poignant word. However, HATE is used by the IGNORANT. You epitomize why the rest of the planet despise most AMERICANS. **NARROW MINDED, SELF CENTERED,

Then follow it with "R.I.P - HURRICANE FOOTBALL
Thanks for all the great memories !!!

No offense, but LMAO.

Scott Bryant will be "LA AMENAZA".
End of discussion.

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