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The Mystery of the 3-Headed Quarterback

Nothing has been made official on the FIU quarterback situation as of Monday afternoon.

Maybe today is the day after practice when MC announces his starting quarterback, but regardless of whether he does or not....solving the Golden Panthers starting QB against Penn State or QB mystery for 2007 may not be that complicated. Neither is your chance to win an opportunity to be a guest blogger for a day on the GPP. Details after our mystery.

Scooby_2  While the GPP thought of contacting Scooby and the gang or even Sherlock Shomes Holmes, we figured why not take a stab at "The Mystery of the 3-Headed Quarterback" ourselves.

You guys can also play along at home with the home version by sending in your comments. Here we go....

The players in this case are: sophomore Wayne Younger (good feet and mobility, improving accuracy), sophomore Paul McCall (good arm, mobility not as bad as some may think) and freshman Colt Anderson (has all the tools, may or may not be ready for college game speed). The site of the mystery is FIU's new AstroPlay practice field facing SW 8 Street.

The clues are scarce as one look at the FIU depth chart for the Penn State game shows. On the depth chart this is how the starting quarterback is listed: C. Anderson/P. McCall/W. Younger. So in other words, the average fan reading the DC will come to conclusion that 1 of the 3 will take the first snap. Elementary, My Dear Watson!

But we know that you good folks who read the GPP are not the average fan, so we'll press on....

After scouring for clues on the practice field, around Pharmed Arena and asking questions of MC, the 3 QBs, James Coley and anyone else involved with this mystery, here's the conclusion the GPP has come up with.

Wayne Younger and Paul McCall will probably alternate depending on the game's situation. Right now, Younger is the most mobile and with an O-line that is developing, WY may be the most suited to run the Clip offense. That's not to say PM will have a clipboard glued to his hand. The gut feeling here is when the coaching staff feels a change is needed in the game or if WY struggles then PM will enter. PM wasn't really given a full shot last year to show what he has. Might be wrong, but the thinking here is CA may hold the clipboard the longest while he's worked into the rotation slowly, because he is the future of this team and you don't want to shellshock the kid.

OK, in honor of Bob Barker stepping down from the Price is Right earlier this year, we're going to start Bbeaut our own game show where one lucky person can write their own blog on the GPP after the season concludes with the Orange Bowl finale against North Texas on Dec. 1. Of course, if FIU wins the Sun Belt or another bowl invitation we'll move the guest blog date to after the bowl game.

Here's how you can play: Each week before FIU's game send in your game prediction with a score. Example: FIU 24, Penn State 23. Whoever has the most correction predictions on FIU's 12-game schedule will win a guest blog. There will probably be several people with the same number of correct games so the tiebreaker will be the overall closest to the exact score of each game. Continuing with the example above: if the actual score of the game is PSU 30, FIU 10, then I'm 0-1 and I missed the exact score by 21 points (PSU 30-23=7, FIU 24-10=14) Therefore I'm minus 21 on the season. We'll add up each week's games to the point total. In the tiebreaker, the person with the lowest points total at the end of the season will win the showcase and the guest blog.

Standings and point totals will be posted each week on the GPP and you MUST predict ALL 12 games in order to be eligible. All persons in the U.S. and the world are eligible to enter, but you must be over 18 or have your parent sign a permission slip. Thanks and enjoy!


FIUJM & FIU Fanatic: Marquis Rolle is looking like he will be ineligible for this season. As far as FIUJM's question about not naming a QB being good or bad. I'll bet the team already knows who the QB is, but it can only help if Penn State does not.

FIUGolden: I'm hearing there may be a pep rally before the Maryland game since it's the home opener. Haven't heard anything on Penn State game.

Hay: PG left enough space when he re-designed the stands in the new stadium so that soccer can be played on the new field. FIU is still talking to MLS to bring a team down here. Looks like PG is taking a lot of the home field advantages from the OB into the new FIU Stadium.

MancuniasRedArmy: I've had some news on FIU baseball in recent previous blogs, regarding the new assistants and the 2008 schedule. Spoke with Sergio Rouco the other day at football practice and he's very excited about this season. The Golden Panthers begin hoops training camp in mid-October. We'll have an FIU basketball blog soon. And another FIU baseball one as the season draws closer.

UltimateFIUFan & FIUBlue82: FIU hoops plays Dec. 29 of this year at Purdue and Dec. 31 at Kentucky.Judd_2   The non-conference home sked features: South Florida (Nov. 26), Hurricanes (Dec. 8) and George Mason (Dec. 21). The cat quick FIU guard is Kenneth White, who transferred from Texas A&M. He hit a half-court shot to win one of the Pharmed League games this summer.

CJ: The rivalry with the Hurricanes should continue in football, especially since North Texas bowed out of the Hurricanes sked in 2008. But what I'm hearing is the Hurricanes do not want to play FIU.

SouthPaw: Good take on QB situation. But I don't know if you throw CA to the Lions (no pun intended).

WOrta1128: Everything is coming down for the new stadium. The north stands will remain for the first year before they build the student center in Phase 2. There will be new locker rooms and weight room where the current field house is now.

seiscervezas: If your buddy Bruce Hardy shows up this Saturday at FIU, he'll be disappointed, because all the players will be in Happy Valley, PA.


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Wayne Younger is a redshirt freshman on the field, not a sophomore.

Pete, must we give our prediction for every single game in order to qualify? Its kinda hard to give a score for PSU, we don't even know what kind of FIU team we are dealing with until we see some real evaluation during game day.

Quijote, yes must have a score for all 12 games that way there isn't a guy or a gal that only predicts something like 4 games and goes 4-0 when someone else goes 8-4. For the first game, everybody is in the same boat having not seen the team.

How about we pick how many games they will win without going over...a true Price is Right way of going about things...

FIU - 13, PSU - 34

FIU - 13, PSU - 34

I'll be at Happy Valley...no predictions for me, just excited to be a part of one historic game for this young program. 108,000 plus screaming Nitnany Lions. I'll say this much, I think our speed on defense keeps it close. If they can get some turnovers, give the O a short field in the 1st half, maybe this game is toss up ? If we don't get any picks or forced fumbles in decent field position, then odds that we outscore them are slim. C'mon DEFENSE !!!

Goooooo F - I - U !!!

OK, here goes--FIU 22 Penn State 20--a new Joe Paterno is born in Miami! We'll name the new stadium after MC if he can pull this one off!

FIU 24 PSU 21

Does anyone know if the game is on cable (pay per view) or strictly DirecTV (Big Ten network)?

I'm going to make an emotional vote rather than a rational one, those are the ones that typically get you in trouble...
FIU 17, PSU 14.

Can we get some FIU marketing majors to spice things up at the FIU Store??

We need some real FIU Football jerseys!! I am tired of walking into Sports Authority and only seeing UM stuff!

Come on! Lets get some great FIU merchandise on the shelfs!

going with my heart here...FIU 27 PSU 21, see you guys in happy valley


Thanks again for another good blog, keep'em coming.

To the issue at hand, it pains me to say it and I hope that it is the contrary but ...

FIU 14
PSU 24

you all keep going with your heart and a UM fan will be writing the guest blog

Great stuff as always Pete...is the TE transfer from UM (Eric Ste-blah blah) eligible to play this season?
What is the deadline for the predictions? A few minutes before kickoff, kinda like fantasy football??? hah

Somebody tell Gracie's Grill to put their whole menu at HALF price for the game on Sat...they would make good $$$ and a lot more people would show up...the game's at lunchtime anyways
CJ, don't you have some kind of connection to the place? maybe you could run it by them

Here's a fun fact for those of you who like playing the "number's game"
- Penn State is looking for their 100th victory in a season opener

With all respect to JoePa, but we're gonna spoil their party

I hope you guys are right, and I truly hate to say this, but I guess I will go with history on this one. Of course, I don't know what to expect either....for consistency:

PSU 37 FIU 6

PSU 27 FIU 13

I hope all the fans that are going enjoy the game.

I was going to try and post a score that I thought would make the FIU fans mad. I was going to predict a score that would make no sense and that all the FIU fans could come on the blog and bash me for my prediction. Then I looked at what was at stake. A chance to write the GPP blog. Then I looked at what sopme of the other posters were predicting (an FIU win) and I was like, I have to do this prediction thing the right way b/c I may have a real chance to write the GPP blog WHEN I win. So here it goes...

Q - Do I any prediciton s for the game?

A - Predictions?

Q - Yes, predictions.


Penn State - 100 v. FIU - 0

CANDY CANE - 0 to 100, is that your lifetime record on Friday nights? We're predicting football scores not personal scores. Anyways, thanks for playing.

Pete, thanks for the update on Marquis Rolle. It would be ashame if he didn't play this year. Especially that he was probably best recruit for FIU.

My prediction, I hope we can pull it off but it'll be tough.

PSU 24- FIU 16(will probably miss XP)

Great idea PP for the guest blogger. I would love to write the blog after the year. Hear is my prediction: PSU 37 FIU 10

Here's my prediction, hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

FIU: 16 (+ 1 missed EP, 1 missed field goal)

PSU: 31

FIU 13 Penn 10

My prediction 38-10

pete thanks for the update and the competition. ill put up a 21-10 PENN State. (sadly). that is my offical score... now if we win 17-14 w/ a last second feild goal i aint goin to hate and gladly go down 0-1. you got gold ill be on campus wed. and ill ask. im also goin to find out if the game room will be open sat that way we can watch the game over a game of pool. and crazycane. lay off the candycanes cause you goin crazy w/ the sugar rush

My prediction:
FIU: 21
PSU: 34

And for those who choose to come here and make predictions....make them realistic. Take those Mickey Mouse numbers back to your house.

my bad...i didnt point out (as if it wasnt obvious) that my 38-10 prediction was in favor of Penn State.

I can see how FIUmom thought my prediction was not realistic, she must have thought I meant 38-10 FIU

I am going with my heart and not my head...FIU 24 Penn State 21... Go FIU, lets win one this year!

just an aside that im sure the UM fans would like to hear. my gf just texted me that kirby freeman will be the starting qb. just funny that she made note to be about it before the UM posters

Penn St. 21
FIU 17

Penn State- 28 (4 TD's)
FIU- 16 (1 missed EP, 1 FG)

I love FIU and have been to many of their practices but I have to see how they play aganist other people then themselves.

Penn State - 38
FIU - 6

27-13 Penn State.

Josh: what FIUMom was referring to was CrazyCane's 100-0 prediction, not your 38-10.

again i ask where is everyone thats goin to be in miami watching the game? everyone goin to happy valley i mean no discrimiation just wondering whos going where in town?

Don't flatter yourself, Josh.

CJ, I am going to Hooligans :)

My heart is and will always be a Golden Panther (GO-PAWZz), win or lose.

If we all collectively believe in our team (coaches/ players/ system) by always showing our diehard support, a true winner will emerge when they see and feel it.


Therefore in honor of our team, I will let my GO-PAWZz heart control this first prediction. FIU will win, with a field goal in the last minute of the game.

My final score is: “FIU - 30 / PSU – 27”
Pete your previous post and title (“Last Golden Panther Out, Please Turn Off the Lights”) are great and ironic.

The only true and final OB lights-off act is or was by, UM decision makers (after 70 yrs.).
The FIU Golden Panther Nation will be honored ONLY to turn the “LIGHTS ON” for those last three (3) football dates at the glorious and gracious Orange Bowl.
FIU will pick-up/ keep the OB abundant Football Gods torch brightly lit and after the last game (12/01/07) against North Texas, carry it with us to pass it on into our new football stadium (THE CAGE).

I'll definitely be at Hooligan's with a couple of friends.


i think im goin to multi-site it go first have to gracies in fiu just b/c my boy is working the thing and then head over to hooligans in the second half

The FIU depth chart is alluded to in this blog and in some BB postings. I haven't been able to find where is is published. Pete can you publish or let us know where it is published. Thanks

good question staugpanther, i thought all depth charts were required to be out the tuesday before the game or a specific amount of days before a game. has FIU put out the Depth chart... i checked the school site but that didnt mention anything.

I'm an Owls fan, so I'm familiar with these types of games. To think that you're going into Happy Valley with a young QB, really young OL, and a team that went winless last season with a first year head coach and keep it close, let alone win the game outright is borderline insane. You have to use these games at this point of your development to 1. not get anyone hurt and 2. gain as much experience as possible. If you can keep it close for a little while then that is gravy.

The depth chart is already available. Some names at the top of the chart I would have not thought would be there, so early...

Good for them!! Let's go FIU!!!


Who is the starting QB for the Penn State Game?

That is a question that we all have and are all waiting to see what the answer is. We probably won't find out until Saturday.

Does anyone know if the game will be shown on DirecTv? I'm in Tennessee and the other day I saw a channel dedicated to the game but, I don't know if they'll actually show it in my region.

Starter: Younger.

Backups: McCall, Anderson.

I agree with Pelegrin. Anderson may very well be the starter by the time conference play rolls around.

pe323: it was insane to think that Rutgers would be an elite team last year. it was insane to think that Boise State would beat a team like Oklahoma, regardless of Boise State's perfect season. it was insane to think that UCLA could beat a USC team last year that would probably have gone to the national championship. Now, I'm not saying that FIU is on the level of either Rutgers or Boise State. My point, however, is that the games still have to be played. On paper, yeah, there's a disparity, but once the ball is kicked off, all bets are off. That's the beauty of sports. You should be more open-minded, especially living in a state that saw a perfect professional football season; two championships from a ten year old baseball team; a basketball championship from a team that had about fifty fins, thirty-something losses, and was down 2-0 in the NBA championship; and a Stanley Cup appearance from a really young hockey team.


I understand you want to believe that you have a legitimate shot in this game, but that is not reality. I wanted to think that FAU would give Clemson a good game last season, but the truth is no matter how much we want to believe that there is a chance to win, it won't happen. They are on two different levels. Not only in terms of talent necessarily, but in terms of experience and depth and in playing in front of that type of crowd. Add to that that FIU did not win a single game in the past year AND that they are starting a young QB no matter which of the three they choose.

I understand that the games need to played and that anything can happen, but that rarely happens in college football. As a fan of all South Florida pro teams, I am familiar with your examples, but your logic doesnt hold up...those are professional athletes at the top of their sports, these are most 18 and 19 year old kids.

Watch the game, enjoy the fact that your university has risen to the point where it can play on the same field as a traditional football power, cheer on your team, but to predict that they will win (or in my opinion even keep it relatively close) that particular game is insane.

hey, you know, you're entitled to be whatever kind of fan you want to be. that's perfectly fine. lord knows that I'm a pretty realistic fan (I don't predict 16-0 seasons for the Cowboys or 12-0 seasons for the Golden Panthers), too, but I never say that a team has "no chance of winning," because the game starts at zero for both teams. regardless of whether or not it's professional or college sports, the games still have to be played. i'm not sure how FAU fared against their out of conference opponents last year, but FIU, before the suspensions, put up legitimate showings against maryland, USF, and UCG (pre-fight, of course): all games that people said FIU had no chance of competing in. why? because the games still have to be played. that's why, i believe, it's not insane for someone to predict a win or a close game. whether or not the depth charts compare, they're all athletes with a desire to win.

We did lose to Maryland 14-10 last year, as a last second pass into the endzone was batted down...we could (should?) have beat Maryland and USF last season, as we were leading USF 20-7 late into the 3rd quarter, and were ahead and with the ball with around 3-4 minutes remaining, before a fumble turned the game around.

We were down to UM only 7-0 at halftime after they intercepted a pass in their endzone, or else we would have started the game ahead and tied at halftime. So, yes, expectations to win are a bit far fetched, perhaps...but you have to have a dream in order to make it a reality. We will, most likely, lose the game...and perhaps even by more than the line (38 points), but why not dream? Last year's record, at this point, is irrelevant, in my opinion.

However, still I stand by my unscientific and un-educated fearless prediction of FIU losing by 31. I hope for much better, yet I don't see it..Not yet...

Hey PE323 owl fan, we may not win, but we surely won't get whooped a la FAU last year. Wasn't FAU outscored 195-20 or something against your first four opponents, which consisted of a significantly weaker out of conference schedule than ours?

Go buy Howard a cane.

Why are we even addressing an FAU fan, can we project 5 years out and say they are even legitimate D1a? Funny how a 0-12 program and fan base can pass FAU and not look back.

Yes, the Owls got whooped by their non-conference, "money" game opponents last season. That's why I believe it is naive to predict that you either keep the game close and even more so to win outright. I'm just going by the facts....FIU was 0-12 last season, lost their best player on defense and offense, will have an inexperienced QB and an entirely new coaching staff. Add to that that they are playing in a very tough place to win against an experienced, BCS conference opponent and it likely will turn out to be an ugly game.

There's no reason to bash FAU, last time I checked, the Owls on-field performance far exceeds anything FIU has done. I have nothing against FIU except I want FAU to beat them when they play. In fact, I think that FIU has a very bright future with a new stadium coming on line next year and Cristobal seeming like a good hire. I believe that a good FIU program will only benefit FAU and the rest of the Sun Belt.....I just don't think it is necessarily good to be expecting such great things, like a monumental upset to start this year, right off the bat. Give your young team and first year coach some time. Perhaps, you guys here are willing to do that, but what I read on this blog doesn't indicate that.

Last year, even though we were 0-12, we should have won at least 5 games. We should have beaten South Fla (in Tampa by the way) but a late fumble screwed us, and that South Fla beat Lousiville (which beat UCG by the way). Remember that the UCG was on the brink of going Division I-AA in the late 70s, if they can do it then FIU can also. We are obtimistic b/c we are FANS!! GO FIU!!! Also, living in NYC does anyone have suggestions on how I can watch the game?

I think that what we all want is to see a championship banner from the new stadium one day, and I honestly think that it will happen in my lifetime. I know as fans we always want our team to go undefeated, and that we want this program to grow strong and big too quick but that is why we are the fans not the coaches or athletic directors. I know we are experiencing growing pains and we will experience more in the future, but I think we are moving in the right direction. I know we might not beat Penn State or any of the non-conference opponents this year or next year, but we want to think that we have a chance to upset someone, Last year I went to the Maryland game expecting FIU to get blown out of the state, but they hung tough. Sometimes when the other team is overconfident they might be surprised by a team that has nothing to loose, and sometimes the most important thing in a team is the chemistry and the hunger to win. No one in this blog has a magic ball to see the future and we don't know how the game will be, maybe PS will be overconfident and our player will play to win with lots of hunger, and we can have an upset. Or maybe they will come out and blow FIU back to Miami in the first quarter. Just by the coaches reputations, and yes that includes MC, both teams will be prepare to play hard and to play to win, historically Big Ten teams struggle against fast defenses from the South. I think this game might be closer than most people predict.
My prediction is PSU 17 FIU 13

2007 will be rough. 2008 will be better. 2009 we will be in contention for a conference title.

We're young. We have a new staff. We are playing a very difficult out of conference schedule. Our main hope for wins will be against SBC opponents. The conference has improved so winning even those games will be difficult.

Lets be patient as a fanbase. It will take time, but, despite what ANYONE says, there is a reason why coaches from both College and the NFL were beating down Pete Garcia's door when the coaching vacancy at FIU was announced. FIU is located in South Florida and has talent at every turn. We will have an on-campus facility and be competing against Division I-A talent and be winning consistently in the next 3-4 years. For now, we must have patience.

Best of luck to our kids on Saturday.

I am very excited about this season, but FIU Fans promise me one thing, that no matter how they do we stick by them! Lets not be like the UCG fans that only jump on the bandwagon when they are in the NC hunt. No matter if FIU goes 12-0 or 0-12 and losses every game by 35 points we stand tall and by them!! Go FIU!!!!!!

Two very good posts by Baltimorepanther and my friend, FIU Blue82. Both views are definitely not mutually exclusive and, in my opinion, a true representation of where we are, where we are going, and how a true fan...or its players and coaches, should feel prior to any game.

While we all want to win NOW...and I am included there, we have to mantain a certain level of "reality" while keeping the dream of having the chance of beating ANY team...yes, even this year...if not..why play the game? Having said that...and as hard as it is to reconcile both aspects (mind and heart), I can't ask for more than 2 or 3 wins this season. But, I'm willing to wait 3 years....The ride can be as exciting as any!

BTW...PP..great articles today on the Preview of FIU Football!! Thanks a lot!!

FIUBlue what the hell is your basis for this comment?

"...coaches from both College and the NFL were beating down Pete Garcia's door when the coaching vacancy at FIU was announced."

Where are you getting your info? Who are some oif these professional coaches? Better question, if all of these NFL coaches were applying for the job - how the hell did a guy with NO head coaching experience and NO coordinator experience get hired? What was PG smoking that day? If your comment is true, then I think PG's hiring strategy needs to be explored. But for all of us who read this blog, please give us some insight into your post and let us know what NFL coaches were beating down PG's door for the FIU head coaching job.

I like the cohesiveness that I'm seeing here. Whether we win when I'm 25 or 105, I'll support FIU all the way.

Pete, besides Maryland this year, (and it may very well be next year, but I don't know if that schedule is up) are there any other big name schools that will be making the trip to play us in South Florida in the coming years?

FIU Fanatic is right we have to stick by the team. PE the reason we are so optimistic is b/c we are factoring in that there is a chance that PSU might overlook FIU and thats y the scores are close. crazy i dont know who are the coaches knocking on the door but i feel that he hired the right man for the job

NYC is 100% right... well 95% right. i think if you wanted to use a S. FLA team that are bandwagon fans you might want to use are the Marlins. packed when we are winning vacant when we are losing.

My basis is that I know. Anyone, including personal friends like FIUFanatic, know my information is credible. There were some NFL assistants that inquired about the vacancy as did Chuck Amato upon being released from NC State.

Why Pete chose Mario is something you should ask him. I have complete faith in him and his decision to bring a young coach into our program to try and build something special.

Best of luck to our kids on Saturday. We will learn alot from one of the most storied programs in NCAA history.


I forgot to mention that the preview looks great. Congrats.

To clarify, my previous post should have read:

My basis is that I know. Anyone who knows me personally, including personal friends like FIUFanatic, knows my information is credible. There were some NFL assistants that inquired about the vacancy as did Chuck Amato upon being released from NC State.

Why Pete chose Mario is something you should ask him. I have complete faith in him and his decision to bring a young coach into our program to try and build something special.

Best of luck to our kids on Saturday. We will learn alot from one of the most storied programs in NCAA history.

FIU 17 PSU 14

Ah... what the hell... I'll give it a crack.

Penn St. 31
FIU 10

GP's keep it close early, but it would take God himself.

Nice to see USF's on the sked against FIU in basketball... means I'll get to do at least one FIU game this season.


Ah... what the hell... I'll give it a crack.

Penn St. 31
FIU 10

GP's keep it close early, but it would take God himself to get a victory against JoePa. FIU's just not ready for an opponent of this caliber yet.

Nice to see USF's on the sked against FIU in basketball... means I'll get to do at least one FIU game this season.


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