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Your new FIU QB is.....Colt Paul Wayne

HAPPY VALLEY - Plenty of time to think about Saturday's kickoff on the way up here to Happy Valley on Friday.

When you have a 3-hour layover in Charlotte, NC (by the way, got a kick out of the white rocking chairs Rockchair all throughout the Charlotte airport for passengers to relax on, rocked away on that for 2 hours). Plus, had a 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Harrisburg to Penn State, nice scenic mountainside drive. But you can only spend so much time on a laptop or reading the newspaper. So here's what scrambled around the old noggin on Friday.

Cjack Like if you guys didn't already know, there was NO announcement Friday on the starting quarterback. The 2007 FIU starting quarterback still goes by the name of Colt Paul Wayne. I guarantee you good folks of the GPP this....there will be A quarterback taking the first snap for FIU at 12 today. Take it to the bank. Still sticking by my thought that MC will rotate McCall and Younger in the first few games and eventually work Anderson into the mix as CA gets ready to take over full-time.

By the way, there's a rumor floating around that Colt Paul Wayne is a great grandson of John Wayne. Jwayne Which is appropriate now that FIU is using the shotgun.

If any of you folks had any doubt about the intensity of the new FIU head coach as he's less than 12 hours away from the Golden Panthers and his debut as the 2nd youngest college coach in the nation. How's this.....heading back to my hotel room, got a glimpse of a focused MC walking back and forth in the parking lot at 12:39 a.m.

Franklin2 Since I'm here in Pennsylvania and Benjamin Franklin did his best work here. Wondering which of his famous quotes would he give the Golden Panthers in a pep talk tommorrow, that is if MC asked BF to speak.

BF: "Diligence is the mother of good luck"...."One day is worth two tommorrows" and "Energy and persistence conquer all things".

I'm not kidding when I say I had a lot of spare time getting here Friday.

Or maybe it was just that I did not have any Cuban coffee all day. Around FIU, MC's administrative Cafe assistant Michelle Csatari makes a great Cuban coffee, even though she didn't know what it was when she moved to Miami 8 months ago. But, alas, Michelle did not bring any cafe up here to Happy Valley. That's why my mind was working overtime today. Maybe FIU takes Penn State to overtime?? Stranger things have happened, like Billy Brink Joel marrying Christie Brinkley......And you thought, you'd get a picture of Billy Joel here...maybe you should get some Cuban coffee?


WOrta1128: Got to give Frank DeMarzo, one of our Broward High School writers, credit for the Little Giants, Al Bundy reference on the last blog. I asked him if there were any little league football movies to include on the last blog.

Roman: I'm hearing you may be the new internal PA voice of FIU?? You gotta sing at halftime and you gotta tell the folks to pack the OB this season.

Quijote: Like I told the angry DP supporter that came on in a recent blog, you gotta take the storms with the sunshine on my prediction. But you know what, "as of this writing", I'm sensing an upset of the Terps next week.

CJ: The Louisville and Rutgers blowouts on Thursday just proves I'm human. But I still stick by my Kryp_2 theory that traditionally season openers are not blowouts, because teams have usually not peaked.

FIUJM: I don't know if we can compare Cody Pellicer to anyone yet. He hasn't played a down in college, but the kid is an athlete and you will see that on the field. Daunte Owens has been outstanding this summer, now it's time to show you all.

FIUJfer83, TheInsider: Welcome to the GPP!

Will have all your prediction standings and point differential totals in the next blog after the opener.

Thanks to all for the props on the FIU preview in the Herald. Glad to see they gave me as much space as they did and glad you people enjoyed it.


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so who is our QB???? Does this mean that all our guys will take snaps depending on the situation? Is MC going to do what Urban Meyer did with Leak and Tebow last season? Except with 3 QB's??

I am so freaking excitedddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIA could use those white rocking chairs, they be a nice replacement for the purple and orange vinyl "chairs" around concourse D lol. We would've love to have seen a picture of MC walking up and down the lot in his franctic stride. MMC are you allowed to take these kind of "undercover" pics of the team behind the scenes and share them?

I'm also feeling an upset too against Maryland, we had them last year.

I may not be there in person. My son may not be there. But my spirit is. When that whistle sounds to start the game my heart will be crying because of my son's situation, but on the outside I will be screaming just like I am at the game. I have my shirt, hat, pom pom, and Panther head fan ready to go and my flag is on my car. T.D.A.O.S.!!!!!!

Pete, try to enjoy Penn State!! I hope you got your FIU gear on and are representing.

Today is the big day people, all the hard work will show in a competitive game against Penn State. You will all see the great Joe Paterno praising FIU's work ethic and speed after the game. Go GPP!!

TDASHS-TAEWN "Those Days are still here son...they are even worse now."

I think CrazyCane is in first with his 100-0 prediction.

we played the #17 team in the nation MIA/NY Josh. while we didn't play the football powerhouse that is Marshall (note the sarcasm), but we still had a tough opponent. most of us predicted a loss. you just have to roll with the punches (to add insult to injury, my car's transmission and radiator died on the way to Hialeah from Hooligan's. today was NOT a good day for this Golden Panther Fan).

here are some of my observations, which i'm sure you all share: Offensively, we started clicking a little more as the game went on, but stupid mistakes cost us (TURNOVERS, TURNOVERS, TURNOVERS, dropped passes, penalties). the opportunities were there, but we didn't take advantage of them. i'm not saying it would've made a huge difference, but still. you have to make the plays. our offensive line play was a little scary at first, and i definitely hope that andy leavine's injury isn't serious, but, like the rest of the offense, it got a little better. younger wasn't bad. i thought he made some good decisions, but when it comes to downfield passes, he lacks that soft touch. he was floating balls ten yards ahead of the receivers. our running game was terrible, but again, we were playing Penn State.

defensively, well, we were able to stop the run at first, but we couldn't defend the pass AT ALL. the receivers were just sitting between zones and having a field day against our dbs. like i said before, we weren't bad against the run. in the second half, we were terrible, but i think that you can chalk that up to an overall deflation of the team when the score read about 31-0.

all in all, it's pretty much what you can expect when going against Linebacker U. their defense was suffocating, but i think that there's a lot of good that can be taken from this game and applied in the coming weeks.

while my heart is broken, i'll be there next week with the same enthusiasm that i had today, though I'm sure I may have to take the bus.

Well maybe we should go drink some of that PP cool-aid from weeks ago and say....had we run for more than -3yds and not turned over the ball 5 times and scored more than the amount of wins we had last year...and kept our opponent under 50...and we brought back last years winless defense (which I thought was suppose to be this years offense), then the golden panthers would have been victorious.

Pop the champagne...we are 1-0...go g. panthers

you're so quick-witted MIA/NY Josh. you should have your own blog here on the Herald.

I will, when I win the GPP blog Price is Right sweepstakes....unless Crazy beats me to it...i foolishly gave FIU credit and predicted them scoring 10 today but ive learned my lesson

That was a pathetic performance, I don't care if it was against the #17 team in the country. We held our own against Alabama in front of 93k last year with half our team suspended, there is no excuse for looking worse than last year. Five fumbles? Where is the discipline?

I sure hope this fires up our guys to start playing like men out there with their heads screwed on right, that was an embarassment I'm sorry to say.




Did you morons really think you could compete with my program? You cant even win a game, let alone hold a rivalry with a great school like the FLORIDA ATLANTIC OWLS! Your just a commuter school, go back down to I-AA and thank God you even have a football program.

No really, are you gonna win ONE game this year? I mean, I know the Sun Belt is tough and all.. Oh thats right, we just took out the Sun Belt Champs from last year in our first game.. ok, you suck!

"A great school like the FAU Owls?" Dude, we may have lost 59-0 but that doesn't change the fact that FAU is a crap school. Sorry but if FIU is commuter then FAU is community college.

ok - well i am just getting home from watching the game with my son and i don't know what to say. I really thought we were going to win, or at least keep it close. I know see what CrazyCane, TheU24/7, and NY/MIA were talking about with MC. MC was completely outclassed by JoPa and the PSU squad today. MC did not have his team ready to play a big time game. I do not know what all the preseason hype was about. I listened and read all the BS about TDAOS and I bought into it like any fan would - but what FIU did today was embarassing. I saw no difference bwtween last year and this year, except for the fact that the defense looked slower and not as strong. I am a diehard FIU fan blue and gold through and through, but I do not know if I can deal w/ another winless season and after today, it is hard for me to believe that it will not be another winless season. After all the BS about the kickers and the cafeteria, and the hard practices, what the hell is the difference when we are getting beat 59-0. MC, a word of advice - the next time you want to comment about your teams chances in a ball game, or who you want as a rival, or about how "TDAOS" just defer to the next question and be humble. Now, all the preseason rara crap sounds like just that crap. I personally do not want the state to have to spend all this money to build a stadium for a team that sucks. I am sorry GP fans, but the truth hurts and the truth smacked us in the face today big time.

Yeah I guess we can stop the presses on the TDAOS shirts...start reprinting them as TDABS (Those Days Are Back Son).

That was a real disappointing loss. Not totally unexpected, I just thought we would have been a bit better. However, some people here need to relax just a bit and let some time, and games, go by before making assumptions about the whole season and future. And that starts with our fans, and extending it to the classless new, supposed, FAU fans now coming here....Really.\

It was bad, and yes, embarrasing. However, I say let's re-group and come back strong next week.

This was the type of game I was trying to warn you about a couple of blogs ago. Don't get your hopes up in these types of games at your point of development. Yes, there is always a chance of an upset, but when your team is winless the year before, with inexperienced QBs, and playing in front of a humongous crowd, it will be this ugly 99.99% of the time. I didn't mean to taunt anyone or anything like that, but I just went through this last season with the Owls. If you go in with really, REALLY unrealistic expectations then you'll be very disappointed. Things will get better, good luck the rest of the year (except for the Shula Bowl). And just a quick note, FAU looked very good today....so it just shows these types of losses you suffered today can be overcome.


You will never reach our level!! You cant win a game!! WE HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO OWN YOU!!! Cant wait to give you your yearly beating again this year!!! And soon, hopefully, we will be out of this div. and we can find a REAL "rival", you cant be winless and have a rival, sorry FIU.

You see what happens when you consistently lose, you get crap fans of crap schools/programs like FAU coming onto your blog all ballsy talking trash because they beat Middle Tenn State, crazy. One thing is UM talking trash, at least they have won championships and were once a storied program, but for little owl's to come to our blog and talk trash is downright embarassing - LET THIS SERVE AS MOTIVATION TO ALL FIU FOOTBALL PLAYERS, start winning or our school will be more irrelevant than that sorry excuse for a school in Boca.

Hey, we should welcome the FAU fans to our blog. Them not having one of their own, they should call something home. Maybe when we get our stadium they can use that too.

Be careful what you wish for, if they do use your stadium, you run the risk of continuing the streak of not being the best team in your home stadium

O ye of little faith.

Friends of the GPC (Golden Panther Community), please don't get sucked into the vacuum of negativity being dished by the naysayers. Their negativity is expected. Win, loose or tie, there are those that will do nothing more than spew venom at FIU. Accept it, ignore it and rise above it.

For the FIU Fans jumping ship (FIUDad), please don't go. However, if you insist, please don't let the door hit ya on the way out. You may choose to minimize the reality that we were facing the #17 ranked team on the road but the fact remains it was the number 119th ranked team (FIU) against the 17th ranked team (PSU). The outcome was predictable. If losses against the big time while we're still small time means you're ready to leave, then go. You obviously don't have the intestinal fortitude to go through the growing pains. We will win and will remember your weakness.

As for our naysayers, most appear to come from UM and FAU on this thread. To my UM fans, you beat Marshall. Who cares? I don't see USC nor Florida shaking in their championship cleats because UM beat Marshall.

And to the mighty FAU Fighting Owls, kick us while we're down and take what you can get. I don't blame you. The reality is that wins don't come often for you either so any opportunity to gloat must be maximized, even if it's only a win against lowly middle tennessee.

Again, FIU loosing to Penn State shocked no one. The only one's making a stink are naysayers who wouldn't know sportsmanship if it bit 'em in the hindquarters. Your behavior on this board is not what college football is all about. In the end, no one's accusing UM or FAU fans of being classy. Your insults are expected and will not stop FIU from learning, growing and sooner than you care to recognize, succeeding.

What does the 1980 Russian Olympic Hockey Team, the early millenium USA Basketball Team and this year's Michigan Football team all have in common? The all lost to teams they never saw coming (USA Hockey/ Argentian & Puerto Rico/Appalachian State). Teams that supposedely never had a chance against the mighty establishment. Teams that many said "sucked."

Remember FIU, no one's gonna just give you respect, you have to go out and earn it, one play at a time. And when we eventually feed our foes a hot plate of freshly prepared crow, it will be satisfying to see them choke on it.

FIU fans, keep your heads up.
For the rest of you, keep doing your thing, whatever that may be.

As always, Go G-Panthers!!!


Today, I have seen FIU fans compare their program to a young Miami, to Michael Jordan, now the 1980 USA hockey team?!?! When will this insanity stop. FIU will NEVER be on the level of UM. We beat Marshall, so what?!? You didnt win ONE game last year, thats what!! And I dont know much about FAU, but they won today so I know they did what you guys couldnt do all of last year, WIN ONE GAME!

Cmon FIU, you play in the freakin sun belt! Before you compare your program with Miamis, at least win a game!

One more thing, middle tenn. won your conf. last year. You guys didnt win 1 game in your conf... not 1!!! I mean if you cant win one dam game, the in SUN BELT... but you want to compare to UM? The ACC and Sun Belt arnt exactly similar leagues. Hopefully, UM will stop playing you because we are out of your league....

At least all you FIU fans commute to school, so when you lose you can just go home and forget about it. Here at UM, where we actually go to a real college, you stay on campus. Isnt that amazing?

FIU is in its 6th season of football. Comparing us to UM or any other established program is foolish. We're building this from scratch and someday, after we have put together a decent program, we can look back at this and see it as what it is: a necessary step in the growing process.

Unfortunately, more Penn State-like scores are to be expected, including our upcoming games against Maryland, Miami, Kansas and Arkansas. We just have to weather the storm.

Since their fans seem to be on posting on this blog, best of luck to Miami and FAU in their seasons.

As a cane, I just want to say that not all of us are as obnoxious as some who have posted on this blog. Miami fans should know better than to come and disrespect a growing program. Good luck to FIU...except when you play Miami on September 15.

Was I bashing anyone?? As far as I can tell, there's only one FAU fan on here that is being obnoxious. All I ever said was that FIU was never going to be close in this Penn State game. I only mentioned FAU because they just went through similar games last year and the fact that they turned their season around last year, and look like they are a contender for the conference title this year, should be a motivation to you guys. That is hardly talking trash. By the way, we do have a blog (on the other two S. Florida papers) and an on-campus stadium will be approved in mid-sept. What I do not understand about GP fans on this particular blog is their sense of superiority over the Owls when, at the moment, they clearly have the better program....on the field at least.

UM Cane, thank you.

Just when i was going to label the entire cane fan base uninformed, obnoxious and downright mean, here you come, offering balance and encouragement.

As the record shows, we're in the midst of our growing pains and some Cane fans come here and pile on. Thank you for being different. Thank you for showing class and sportsmanship.



I refuse to address any FAU or UM comments. One thing though, UM is going to lose next week against Oklahoma. Kirby Freeman is the reason.

FIU fans, just keep your heads up today. We have to be patient throughout the season. The beautiful thing about the game of football is you can grow from a defeat. The players and coaching staff have too much pride to let this happen on a weekly basis. I urge you to be patient with this staff before bashing them.

Though I don't like the Canes, UM Cane, thank you for your comments. That was probably best thing i've heard from a UM fan.

PE, did I even address FAU fans? Re-read my post. I am a UM alum, unlike most of the bloggers who simply cheer for my university but couldn't find the campus on a map.

Good luck to FIU, FAU and MY SCHOOL - the University of Miami.

FIUDad, I'm sorry to say this but that comment was completely PATHETIC.
It's always disappointing to see your team lose 59-0 but in times like these I would expect someone like yourself, who's probably older than most of us here, to actually say something encouraging like: The season is far from over because we still have 11 EASIER games.
I say that not only because of the talent that we'll be facing from now on, but also because all these other teams will be thinking of FIU as "an easy win". I believe we'll surprise many of them and 1 game will NOT change my opinion.

Aside from that, it was very pleasing to see the number of people that showed up at Gracie's Grill. I think there could have been even more people but they did not fit. Thumbs WAY up to the people that went and also to the people that organized the whole thing. (I guess that includes CJ, right?) The atmosphere was great, especially on that 2-minute drive to end the 1st half. Can someone tell me what it was like at Hooligan's?

In my opinion, we should put this game behind us, but at the same time learning everything we can from it.
Let's get ready for Maryland...

FIUdad, did you mention before that you had a son who played for FIU?

No matter the score, we need to continue to support the team!! FIU fans are fans b/c we went and support the university and we love college football!! People who think that FIU has no business competing have no business making such an idiotic comment. Those same people were saying the same thing about Rutgers and Louisville a few years back and look at them now! Ranked ahead of UM. Did Appalachian State have any "business" playing Michigan? Lets enjoy our opening day next week at the OB, cheer for our team and hope for the best! We have a young team and a young coach and it takes a lot of courage for those kids to go out there and put on the uniform and play against established programs. We owe it to them to support them no matter the score. Living in Miami we think that college football is all about winning a national championship, when it is not! Was Penn State packed b/c they have a rivalry against FIU? No, it was packed b/c they understand what college football is all about. Last season on Sundays after FIU played no matter how FIU did (which we all know how they did, they lost)I wear FIU gear b/c that is the time they really need the support. Go FIU!!

I'm responding now with one eye closed for reasons that I'm sure you can all understand, especially since the bulk of the people on this blog actually attended college, as opposed to the bulk of UCGers.

For FIU defectors: if you're going to be like UCG fans in that you cheer for us only when we're winning, then please don't cheer for us. We want REAL fans, not anything fake.

For UCGers and Owls: once again, we're accused of envy and other such things, but when something happens in our program, you show up on our blog and post. In all honesty, even if all you do is bash us, it makes me feel AMAZING to know that you care SO MUCH about what's going on at FIU. I can't wait for our school to overtake yours in the coming years. It'll make these posts that much sweeter.

to the real FIU fans: we played the #17 team in the nation, we're coming off of a winless season, and, essentialy, our entire team is new. do not let that nor the disheartening fans from other schools deter you. stay true and enthusiastic. i hope to see the bulk of you at next week's game against Maryland. I'll be holding a pretty obvious and obnoxious sign. that's the kind of fan i am. i hope that the rest of you will be disgusting and obnoxious, too. it's college football baby! enjoy it!

UM Cane you may be the first UCGer I like. I enjoyed your posts, and if it's cool with you, I'll have a beer with you at the OB when we play you in two weeks, all in the name of sportsmanship, even if we're at each other's throats by half time. again, i love college football and everything that goes along with it.

Reality Check: you're obviously one of those non-college UCG fans. and if you did go to the school, you obviously lack that certain something... that... what's it called?... oh... of course... education.

to the FAU people reporting to the GPP: do you forget that two years ago we tied an NCAA record against you guys? that's how badly our defense DESTROYED you people. it's one thing if a school like Penn or UCG were to come on here and boast; it's something completely different if the Barn Owls, who carry no accomplishments whatsoever, come on here and try to boast a win against us last year and another against Middle Tenn this year. Please. Play Penn State or Maryland, and then we'll see how you fare. I'll be really happy to report when Florida cripples your program this year. It'll be like going out to drinks with Jesus and having him pick up the check.

All in all, the point of my post is as follows: NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME, GO FIU!!!

I would like to single out the new cane fan, who came here with upmost respect and knowledge, without trying to be insulting nor confrontational. Thanks for your words and classy comments. I have countless of friends, relatives, peers, ex-girlfriends..etc...that attended UM. Other than the meaningless banter associated with games, it shouldn't get any worse than that. You are a class representative of your University. Thanks.

Who really, really "expected" to win? I mean...I WENT to Happy Valley...spent a lot of money, and didn't expect to win whatsoever. I would have loved to see anything better than what I saw on the scoreboard, but a lot of good things happened for FIU there, I suspect. Guys, this is our 6th year of Football, we went to one of the most storied programs in the nation, played in front of 107,000 people (IT WAS AWESOME...AND GREAT SEATS FOR US!, and yes we got spanked....So what? Let's learn from it, take our lumps and move on.

I hope we do......


We have and will CONTINUE to own you. You thought you could piggy back off our football program the whole way? We let you ride with us to I-A, and we even let you call us a "rival" you ingrate. Face it FIU, YOU CANT KEEP UP!! All you FIU fans talk about is how good you WILL be, but yet EVERY YEAR, we are still better then you and continue to destory your program. Hmmmm, im a top recruit, do I want to play for a coaching legend or Mario Cristobal? Tough call.

We are better then you every year. You hate us because we ARE going places and your getting worse. You have ALWAYS been the inferior program, but its always next year youll be better right? Face it, you need to stick to things your good at, like golf.

And I think theres a rule, we you win ZERO games in a season, you cant say anything to ANY OTHER PROGRAM!!!



No accomplishments for FAU? How about a trip to the I-AA playoffs and finishing ranked 4th in the nation in the program's 3rd year? What about becoming the fastest program in history to win a I-A game? How about a road victory at Hawaii? That isn't even mentioning a 4-1 record in the Shula Bowl. Would you tell me what FIU's accomplishments are?

Andy D, how dare you come to FIU blog and say that FIU should go back to Div I-AA? Would you have said the same thing about FAU last year after their first 4 games?

Let me remind you:

54-6 FAU loss against Clemson
45-0 FAU loss against Kansas State (when we played KSU it was competitive 35-21)
48-8 FAU loss against Oklohoma State
45-6 FAU loss against South Carolina

I'll also mention, none of those programs are as good as Penn State ranked #17 this year.

So before coming to FIU blog and thumping your chest for beating Middle Tennesee please remember your growing pains. As for FAU beating FIU more often, we gave you the best beatdown in the short rivalry. 52-6.

Last thing, how many NFL players does FAU have? Can anyone help me out with that.

Wow what an accomplishement beating MTSU, certainly worthy of going on everyone's blog in the Sun Belt to talk up your national championship contention. How many FIUers go on your blog to talk about anything? Oh that's right you don't even have a blog here, your blog is in the Ocala newspaper or something with 3 blog responses a year. News flash: FAU is a dangling turd in the landscape of college football. If anyone is going back to D1aa, it's the WHOLE Sun Belt! And if we're 1st to go back down then you're 2nd.

I wish we never started our team alongside such a pathetic school and program, it's an indirect embarassment to our university to be associated to them.


FIUJM, your right you beat us pretty good that year. Remember we started out a year before you, and that was the year you had ALL your seniors and all our seniors had left, we had all freshman, the same guys who will be sun belt champs this year!

And owldroppings, no need to bring down the sun belt because you cant win a single game in it! If the sun belt is sooo bad, WIN A GAME!

OK, im going to break character for a second (yes FIU fans this is a character lol) to say this: I want you guys to do well. I really do. I would love nothing more then to have both FAU and FIU leave the sun belt for a better conf. together and to continue our rivalry on a bigger stage. But, I really dont think you guys can keep up. At least you havnt since this rivalry started. Relax, I have no hard feelings against any FIU fans, its a game! But, we are RIVALS, meaning we shouldnt kiss on the lips, shake hands, and wish each other good games, and if thats what you do well clearly you dont know what a rivalry in college football is!!

All im saying is STEP IT UP FIU if you honestly think your on par with us RIGHT NOW your dreaming. Im not being arrogant its the truth, we have been one step ahead of you each year. I have no doubt that within a few years (as long as our coach doesnt die) we will be in a better div. Will you choose to join us? Or will you just cry and complain in your little blog? And we have blogs with just as many if not more fans then yours. Anyhow, I wish you luck, and dont expect to hear that from me ever again.

OK, now owldroppings, YOUR embarassed? LOL LOL!!!! OUR "RIVAL" HASNT WON A GAME SINCE 2005!!!!! LOL win ONE game please before you talk about pathetic schools. The Sun Belt is sooo bad you CANT WIN A GAME! Cmon, beat Arkansas St. or something!?!

Wow! Just got back from Happy Valley and read all these comments. What a mix of emotions. I will NOT address FAU comments because I truly hope those weren't FAU students making them. I thought the only thing I could make fun of FAU was their mascot. A burrowing Owl! This bird isn't tough enough to compete with other flying raptors in the trees so it digs itself in a whole. If those FAU fans were students, then beside their mascot we should make fun of their academics as well!

As to the game, FIU was overwhelmed in every aspect of the game. PSU was the BETTER team. Attention naysayers: 1) THE ENTIRE FIU COACHING STAFF IS NEW, 2) APPROXIMATELY 70% OF THE FIU PLAYERS ARE EITHER FRESHMAN OR SOPHMORES, THOSE RETURNING PLAYERS ALONG WITH ALL THE NEW PLAYERS HAD TO LEARN A NEW SYSTEM. Whereas we expected SOME competition, none was offered, however with the points listed above it was somewhat understandable.

FIUDad, you disappoint me because you should know every organization whether business, athletics, etc. has there down cycle. In business, it is the wise investor who stays with businesses that may be suffering at the moment but is seen as having possible future potential.

For those Canes fans that took your shots (Except UM Cane: Thanks for classy and kind words!) understand that if you think you have college traditions and loyal fans, your head is stuck deeper in a whole than those the Burrowing Owls dig. Cane fans you have a program that has accomplished much from 1980 - 2002 (5 National Championships!) that fantastic! With that history, you get 30K for the last HOME OPENER at the OB! THAT IS PATHETIC! At Happy Valley, I left my hotel room @ 8:45 am because my PSU friends told me you had to arrive @ Beaver Stadium NO LATER than 9:00 am for noon start (mind you this is against FIU). I arrived at Beaver Stadium with a parking pass, at 9:30 am and ended up parking more than 1/4 mile away from the stadium. There were over 600 RVs parked OVERNIGHT (reminder: this for an FIU game not Notre Dame (next PSU opponent)). At game time it was a MASSIVE see of PSU fans. THAT IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL TRADITION! UM has a definite winning tradition, that much is true, however your sanctimonious rants about your fan support falls on deaf ears for someone who experienced REAL gracious and classy fans @ State College, PA! You may want to counter with the fact that Happy Valley is not Miami, blah, blah, blah! Tell that to the Cub fans (Chicago big enough for you!) who haven't won a World Series in over 60 yrs, yet fill every game @ Wrigley! You may counter again, well that baseball, blah, blah! Tell that to Georgia Tech fans (Atlanta's pretty big!) where there is a waiting list for tickets. One more thing, I would surely bet there were no UM students camping out overnight to get Marshall tickets, well at State College outside the student gates on Friday, there were 38 tents of students waiting to get tickets (Reminder, for the FIU game)! This support and traditions are based history and time, which is the one thing FIU & FAU do not have. The support and traditions start with us and must be built upon. Whether you support FIU, FAU, Canes, etc. stay with them in the good times and bad. I assure you PSU fans support their Nitny Lions win or lose. The result ends up being what I experienced as a fan on Staurday! GO FIU!

Some info to feel good about:

On Saturday, Maryland played at home agianst Villanova (Div I-AA). The score at halftime was 10-7 Terapins. The game was close because Maryland was struggling with Nova's spread offense. That's good news for Younger and the offense.
They made some adjustments on the 2nd half and won 31-14.
Even though their QB is a redshirt junior, the game against FIU will only be his 2nd start.
The backup QB, a UF transfer, was supposed to compete for the starting job but a few hours before the game was declared ineligible for the season because of an academic violation.
They seem to have a strong running game but again, they were playing Villanova.
After playing FIU, they have a Thu night home game against West Virginia, the toughest game on their schedule.

UltimateFIUFan you are right. Fans down here in South Florida could all learn a thing or two about loyalty and fan support from the likes of Penn State. Those 100,000+ crowds are awesome. Everyone down here always has some excuse for not going out and supporting their teams..."it's too hot" or "there's so much other stuff to do here", "i'd rather watch on TV", etc. I'm tired of it. Go support your team and your school.

Like UltimateFIUFan, we had an awesome...and I mean AWESOME time at Happy Valley. Those are knowledgeable, classy fans up there. Of course, we didn't win, but to be up there and gain that experience was simply great. I have a feeling this experience will help us down the road.

FIU sucks


Can you tell us Golden Panther fans why these guys didn't play on Saturday?
On defense:
Jarvis Penerton
Reggie Jones
Jeremiah Weatherspoon
Malik Jones
Jeremiah Flood
Devin Parrish
Curtis Bryant

On offense:
Javon Hill
James Rucker

How could Weatherspoon, Flood, and M. Jones not have gotten into the game with their experience in front of Ash Parker and Alonzia Phillips, both new to their positions? And where was Kent Henderson and Marshall McDuffie? McDuffie was a stud, and I don't even see him on the roster anymore.
Is Javon Hill not living up to expectations? I thought he would have started for us LAST year.

It seems like alot of our returning talent on defense isn't returning.

McDuffie was one of the players kicked off the team after the UM fiasco last season. Interesting questions, though.

I spoke to McDuffie at the watch party in Gracies and said to him "they didn't let you go back on the team?" There were rumors flying around, which I heard from some of the players, that they were going to let him come back. But it didn't happen. Jeremiah Flood didn't travel. I saw him there too.

McDuffie sat out the games last year--why would he be punished into this season? Hopefully that's not the case, that makes no sense at all.

hey guys hope everyone had a good long weekend. so i just got into work and started reading some of this page and damn i never knew there were so many owl and cane fans that read the GPP. welcome to all. feel free to trash talk all you want. i dont mind. i will scold and correct some of you but hey that comes later. yougotgold and yippee, gracies was incredible. i loved the atmosphere. i was sitting in the back by the dazzlers!:-D that was very enjoyable lol

things i enjoyed from the game. 1) the fact that we were able to contain their run game for most of the game (by the end it was over and d let up something i wasnt to happy about). 2) the late drive in the second qtr. (would have liked to get some points and the way we were goin i would have gone for it on 4th down.) 3) the fan support at gracies. love the fact that the players that didnt make the trip were still watching the game and getting excited (or upset) like the rest of us.

finally things i didnt care for. 1) FUMBLES! 6 of them and 5 were lost. i dont care if your last or first in D-1 your not goin to win like that. 2)mental errors in the secondary. 3) so called FIU fans that are on this blog that are already predicting gloom and doom just cause we lost our first game w/ a new head coach,new staff, new system, and a team full of soph. and frosh. that is pathetic and has become a trait of miami fans as a whole. ( yes that means you too UM and FAU fans)... still wondering where all the FAU fans have come from. and to the dude saying that b/c we are commuters that we dont live the real college life etc. etc. that is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard. a real college experience is what you make of it. i didnt feel like living on campus and paying 33,000 + a year to go to school. you did ... good for you

Ultimate FIU fan great post about loyalty. btw did you all realize how more and more colleges are starting to wear the same color to the stadiums. team / fan unity. i think fiu picks up on that. we should try to get all fiu fans goin to the games to dress in all blue or Gold. something to the effect. y not pick up things when we go out of town. if we see something we like we should do it! pete maybe you should help spread the word. what color should it be guys. i leave that to you.

I watched the game on Saturday and, while I understood we were a long shot to win, it was extremely disappointing to watch us get pummeled like that in Happy Valley. We were outplayed in every aspect and it seemed like by the 3rd and 4th quarter, our guys were just going through the motions, hoping the game would end quick.

I love FIU and always will support our team with all my heart but, boy, it was tough being a fan on Saturday.

I hope we have better luck against Maryland.


Well the football season is finally here and hmmm, seems as though FIU is right where we left them. I don't understand how for months now the FIU fans and the coaches (MC) have been cheering how TDAOS and how this is a new attitude and we expect to win and this and that and so on and so forth... yet, like I said before, nothing appears to have changed. The team still looked slower and weaker then the opponant. FIU still looked unprepared to play and FIU still looked like the "gave up" late in the ball game. i thought MC's big thing was no matter what his team would not give up/ I know all of you FIU fans will not admit it, but you thought MC was going to bring more to the table in his first game. Maybe he should go back to the cafeteria and find some players with heart.

CJ - stop worrying about the fans should wear to games and worry about the fact that recruits who see FIU getting blown out are not going to want to go play there.

Crazy...its true...TDAOS...as in the days of screaming TDAOS are OS

Does anyone else find it interesting that PP has yet to post a new blog following the PSU game? Why is this? If FIU had won, you could bet that PP would have posted new post right away. I think it is rediculous that PP is hiding now that FIU got the crap smacked out of them by PSU. Where are all the quotes from MC? Where is the post game rhetoric about how is guys played their hearts ut and how tough it was? Where is all the BS about a learning experience and TDAOS? I'll tell you where they are, MC is embarrassed. I am sure during that game and following that game he saw his career flashing before his eyes. Why you ask. Well, from what was witnessed on Saturday, this will be a winless team, far worse then last years winless team. Then he asks himself, how is he going to get recruits to come to FIU when all he has to sell is a shiny new stadium and 2 back to back winless seasons. With no good recruits, FIU will continue to dwell at the bottom of college football's standings and well - it is goingt o be tough for MC to go on interviews in the future with a record far below the mendoza line. I am sorry MC, but you got yourself into this situation - shoulda stayed at THE U with RS.

CrazyCane it is only Game 1 of the season. So please don't start evaluating the staff after one game. Cristobal and the players will learn from this defeat.

As for your Canes, I wonder if you will show up in this blog after the beat down Oklahoma will hand to UM.

crazy cane see thats something that MORONIC fans dont understand. fan support is very important. you can have the best team ever and if you dont have fans your worthless. fan support is really important. i willl not take away from you that we lost... badly, but are you suggesting that FIU just throw in the towel after just one loss? what happens if UM loses next week to OKlahoma? (really hope they dont and pull the upset ) but what if they do, does that mean we can tell you to throw the towel?

You know what FIUJM - one game tells a lot about your team - for example, Miami has already surpassed the win total of FIU entire season last year. Also, as for your comment about the Okla v. UM game, I will be in Norman on Staurday and yes, if for some reason Okla wins, I will be back here Monday morning. However, rest assured, I will not be on here with the excuse that Okla is a ranked opponant (as FIU is doing with PSU) and I will certainly not be excusing my teams performance under the excuse of a new coaching staff (which FIU fans have already begun to do) In fact, I will be right back on here posting about how UM is the best team in all the land. However, as far as I am concernced, I will be back here on Monday and my team will be 2-0 and in the top 15 Nationally, while FIU will be 0-2, and not only winless, but scoreless. FIUJM, there is a funny thing about talking smack, it only sounds good after your team has won a game, any game.


Weak, very weak. First off, it was 39k. Do you know that about half of the students that are on campus for UM where at the game? That was roughly 5k. Furthermore the majority of UM's students aren't even from Miami so they don't stay here once they graduate. You might want to compare UM to Penn. State and that's fine and all but what else are the people in PSU going to do besides go to the game? Especially on labor day weekend?

So let's get this straight, you rip UM when your fanbase is the weakest one in the nation (and funny that UM has more fans at their away games then you do at your home games) and somehow assume that not only will you guys win champs, but you won't experience mediocre fan support? Two words, inferiority complex.

Don't compare FIU to UM, FSU, UF, or PSU, not on their level, Rutgers and their one good year isn't on their level and it's just that. Does UM suffer from an all around history standpoint? Of course, does FSU and UF suffer? Of course considering they don't have anywhere near the number of rings UM has. It's a give and take situation and I guarantee you that any other program will give up that extra 50K in fans at a home opener to have more rings, whether you'd like to admit it or not.

PSU is an awesome place to watch a game, and that's awesome that you can go up there and feel so loved and accepted but don't think that atmosphere is the same when they play good teams, the majority of it was not to add insult to injury because they knew what was coming. Go there for the Ohio State game and you'll see a different attitude.

Do yourself a favor, get off your high horse and stop ripping teams about fan support because 1.) Nobody wins championships based on fan support and 2.) Those fans that are the fair weather fans are the same ones you want to show up to your games. If FIU ever becomes successful they will suffer from the same exact problem and that's with your 30K plus students. Look at the ones already jumping off the wagon on this blog, and this is from a fanbase that struggles with everything that is associated with the term "fan". If PSU wants to go ahead and rip a team for fan support, good let them, that team can come and say kiss the rings, or try to beat us or whatever argument they have available, but when a school like FIU has fans who rip fan support, well that's just pathetic. Talk about look in a mirror first.

FSU suffered it last year and yet you choose not to rip on them....... hmmm interesting.. Hell they ripped their hall of fame coach and his son a new one two years ago and no one seems to rip their fanbase. How about UF's fanbase, why don't you rip them for their Fireronzook.com site?

Do this, develop this atmosphere you praise Penn State for, develop a winning tradition, develop a great campus, and then come back here and criticize those for not having it........ until then you have no room to speak and take your lumps like a man. All these bloggers that are jumping off your bandwagon is sad considering they are the foundation to your fanbase.

24/7...Nobody is hiding here. PP has the habit of posting something every 3 or 4 days. If he posted something on Sat, then expect something by tonight or Wednesday. You are a regular here, you should know that. I'm sure he's collecting all of these different reactions from FIU, UM and FAU fans to come up with something good like he always does.

CJ, you are right about everyone wearing the same colors. I think we could have a great atmosphere at the OB if everyone had yellow T-shirts. Remember the Golden State Warriors in this year's playoffs??? Dirk chocked b/c he couldn't handle all the yellow...
But that's the NBA and I'm sure they gave out free t-shirts at the door, just like the Heat during "White Hot"
If they don't give it at the door, I guess blue would be easier b/c everyone has it...
Yellow would look more intimidating b/c it stands out more...

Bring on the Maryland TURDS...

I don't know why UM and FAU fans find the need to comment on an FIU blog. With that being said, no matter what the score, I will continue to support FIU, and I hope other FIU fans will do the same. Looking forward to flying down this week (and next week)for the next two FIU games. Go FIU!

I was reading the recap from the FIU-PSU game b/c I was aty the UM game saturday and couldn't watch, and this was one of MC"s comments which was quoted in the article:

"He looks pretty healthy," new FIU coach Mario Cristobal said about Paterno. "He looks like he might be able to play if he had to."

OMG- MC is freakin brilliant. His team just got the snot beat out of them, and he is commenting on how he thinks JoePa looks so healthy he could play - Yeah, maybe for the golden panthers - he couldn't do any worse. If this is any indication about how MC evaluates talent- FIU is in serious trouble. I know MC was trying to make a joke, but I feel like everytime he does this (referring to the kicker in the cafeteria comment) he ends up looking like a jackass. Advice - MC, stop trying to be charasmatic and funny, it isn't working for you, especially after your team just got rocked.

Maybe PG should have used MC logic and gone to the cafeteria for his head coach

For Pete's sake, no one should be comparing FIU with UM, unless we're looking at a UM team in the 60s, when they were in danger of having the football team eliminated. Let's not lose sight of that.

This is a new team, a new program. It will take time, patience, and a lot of hard work. At least we are now certain that the coaching staff will be giving the effort and putting in the hours needed to get this program where it needs to be.

This is going to work, but it is not going to happen overnight.

Yep. It's a new beginning...TDAOS! It really is amazing how low class these UCG folks that regularly come here to provoke are....(except for one very nice cane fan). It shows your character and how flawed of a person you are...

Go FIU!!!

PP, what happened to Jonas Murrell? He was a real run stuffer to clogged up the middle, and I don't see his name on the active roster as well.

Formentor, you’re actually proud of 39K! Way to reinforce the “Weak UM Fan Base” theory. With a program with a storied last 20+ years of excellence, you’re happy or satisfied with 39K. Pathetic. You let me know when have I ever posted a comment in this my ONLY blog I partake in, stating my satisfaction with FIU’s fan base. I assure you that I agree with you about OUR (FIU) pathetic fans. You see Formentor, it isn’t an FIU or UM problem, it’s a Miami problem. I’ve stated before about the rampant apathy for ALL South Florida teams. When I state that UM’s fans are pathetic (and they are!) I also say that about my beloved Golden Panthers, Dolphins, Heat & Marlins. My only hope for FIU athletics, is the statements and discussions of this blog. I was actually impressed that 500 FIU fans were at State College! I know that number is low compared to other established program, hell it’s a start! I have season tickets for FIU sports and the Fins, however I also attend about a dozen Marlin games and about five to ten Heat games. So I try to support my teams. You have to prioritize your allegiances. Mine are FIU & Fins in that order!

You stated that half the student body attended the Canes game (you mentioned roughly 5K). Your numbers are off. There are 15,600 students @ UM so you would need roughly 8K to get half to attend games (Do the Math!). On your statement about nothing to do at PSU except football, you must not of read my last post when I predicted Miami fans (ALL TEAMS!) rebuttal about nothing to do @ Happy Valley. Go read it for a response. Just in case you get lost, here it is again:

“You may want to counter with the fact that Happy Valley is not Miami, blah, blah, blah! Tell that to the Cub fans (Chicago big enough for you!) who haven't won a World Series in over 60 yrs, yet fill every game @ Wrigley! You may counter again, well that’s baseball, blah, blah! Tell that to Georgia Tech fans (Atlanta's pretty big!) where there is a waiting list for tickets.”

Then your arrogance showed about the championship rings. Do you have any idea how many teams have won more (College Football National Championships) rings than UM? Well, once again let me TEACH you something:

1) Princeton (24)
2) Yale (19)
3) Notre Dame (12)
4) Alabama (11) – Hate to admit this one b/c Saban Sucks!
5) Harvard (10)
6) USC (10)
7) Michigan (7)
8) Oklahoma (7)
9) Minnesota (6)
10) Pittsburgh (6)
11) Miami, Nebraska, Ohio State (5)

Now Canes fans (you too Formentor), I do not want to minimize your five rings. It is truly an outstanding achievement. Specially since UM has won them from the early 80’s to 2001! You guys should be proud. Unfortunately, MOST UM fans think UM history started in ’83. Again let me TEACH you something about Cane football history:

1) UM football started in 1926 (81 years).
2) UM’s attendance for its first football game was 304 (Look it up!)!
3) In the early years, UM played powerhouses like the U. of Havana (Look it up!).
4) UM sucked in the 20’s
5) UM went to its first Bowl game in the 30’.
6) UM sucked in the early 40’s, however improved toward the end of the 40’s (however, UM refused to played UCLA in ’40 because they had an African American running back named Jackie Robinson!)
7) In 16 seasons from ’48 – ’63, UM went to 4 bowls games and was on probation for 3 years.
8) From the mid ‘60s to ’79 UM SUCKED, including (listen up fans!) a dubious record of attendance. In ’75 UM played Notre Dame and only 24K fans showed up @ the OB (UM Lost Big by the way!). That is STILL, in ’07 the smallest crowd to watch a Notre Dame football game since before WWII! Wow, what support!
9) From the 80’s to 2001, mostly excellence and five championship rings.

Formentor, you bring up FSU and UF showing some dissent when they’re not at the top. Well, that is to be expected in high profile programs. I recall Larry Coker being roasted last season despite the fact that he won one National Championship and played for another. Additionally, I went to a UF game in ’79 when they were 0-7 (ended up 0-10-1) and they were 70K strong in the SWAMP. If UM would end a season 0-10-1, there would be less fans supporting UM than in UM’s first football game (total attendance 304!)!

I’ll concede that part where you discussed how well I was treated by PSU fans, you’re correct it would have been different had I’d been an ND or Michigan fan. Finally, Formentor my general comment is know your school’s history. It took UM a VERY LONG time to reach the pinnacle it last enjoyed in ’01. Had those early fans in the 20’s thought like you, well my friend we would not be talking UM football in 2007 because UM football would have been long dead! Thank those that came before YOU for STICKING THROUGH those lean years and finally having UM taste success. GO FIU!!!!

Friends of the GPC,

The FIU haters on this board are obvious to pick out. No matter what FIU does, no matter how much they say we don't matter, they continue to be drawn to this board to vomit thier hate and spew their venom all the while revealing a lack of security that is downright embarrassing.

Cane lovers, i remind you that
you barerly escaped winless Duke last year
were only up by 1 TD to FIU in the 3rd quarter
squeaked out a win against Nevada in the Computer Bowl
were blasted by Louisville
your only current claim to fame is home victory against Marshall

Please stop kissing your old dusty rings for a moment, look around and take notice that you're no longer in the top 30 programs in the country.

When FIU wins, and they will, the haters will manipulate the victories with a negative slant. After all, that's what haters do. Since they won't go away, i again remind the GPC to expect it, ignore and rise above it.



Wrong about the rankings there pantera, all of the big florida programs are in the top 30.

As for ultimatefan, your arguments are as weak as your simple reading replication skills, it's Fomenter, not Fo"R"menter. I know all about UM's history considering my childhood team is their rival, that said, Miami as a city didn't even exist past the palmetto until 40 years ago. And obviously you didn't read my post very well as I said half of the students ON CAMPUS, not half of the STUDENT BODY. Again, poor skills, don't ever litigate or run for anything that requires debate. I thought that was explicit enough but apparently I have to be a little bit clearer on this blog. To make it clear "on campus" indicates student residing "on campus".

As far as the rings from other schools half of those schools earned half of those rings (rough estimate here) before football even included minority athletes. Shocking, I know. Did you know that Miami was the first real southern school to put a minority on scholarship? That was in the 60's.

I, on the the other hand, did read your preemptive attempt to discredit the argument about Happy Valley, and yet you can't disprove it. It's a fact, not an excuse. I'd gladly trade my team's history for UM's considering the rings. You bring up UF's attendance, do yourself a favor, go look up their attendance records when they were losing, not just in '79 and please post a link to back up your argument. You bring up FSU and then just ignore them altogether in your content driven rant. Did you see their attendance last year? Did you see it before Bobby Bowden took over? Heck the Wake Forest game last year was pathetic and that was against a team ranked HIGHER than them in their DIVISION.

Heck modern college football didn't even begin until the 70's when you look at the fact that respected greats such as Ohio State's own Woody Hayes were responsible for punching an opposing team's player (Clemson I believe) in the face for picking off a pass because the passing game wasn't used much in that day and he felt it was a disgrace.

Again don't rank on a team's fanbase when your own is far poorer, especially when you have to sink to the level of ripping a fanbase, seriously. I respect you but don't let your blind loyalty to your school cloudy any reason and logic. Trust me, my blind loyalty to my school requires strict scrutiny, that's what being a rabid fan is all about, but you can't pick and choose when that applies. The majority of UM's fans in attendance, and if not the majority about 30% didn't attend the school and how else will they show their disapproval besides not attending? Put a stop on an already nonexistent booster check?

If you want, resort back to ripping on UM for being thugs and then ignoring the thuggery of other schools such UF, Penn State and Oklahoma, at least you can join the crowd and maybe you'll get a job at ESPN with Skip Bayless.

Hey FOMENTOR, still a little lite on the history. You actually think "modern college football" did not start until the 70's! Dude, you're very uninformed. Being that you're that ill prepared, I realize you've got limited learning.

Hey FOMENTOR about UM's on campus limited life, check the stats, approx 40% of your STUDENT BODY are local. Of course they are NOT going live on campus when they live in places like Kendall, C. Gables, Westchester, etc. You're math is still off!

Finally, about your THUG comment, you're either insecure or have mistaken me for someone else who has posted in this blog. Have you EVER heard me mention UM's negative past? Once? Ever? Read my posts, I am very complimentary towards UM's accomplishment in the last 20+ years. However, you bring up "thuggery", please enlighten me (for once!) about the "thuggery" events of PSU, UF and OU. Listen I can't stand OU, however I personally don't recall "thuggery" by them.

Final, question for you. Will you support UM if they have losing season for lets say 3-5 years? If yes, and you support them and go out to their games then you, my friend are a real fan! Go FIU!!!

damn ultimatefan you seem to be getting under the skin of this guy man lol. i just find it odd that we are all fighting about a fan base thatsis one of the worst in the nation(miami fans). we both need to focus on changing the mentallity of the fan base to not be fair weather. that starts w/ new the new fan base thats starting to come in thats how you do it

Great answers by the teacher....ultimatefiufan....We are teaching some of these haters...the other ones are silent...fomentor is cool and smart though getting a bit of a lesson here....the others...are thinking how not to look dumb when they write...but they will fail...as almost always!!!hahahaha

TDAOS!!!!! Go FIU!!!

A couple of questions........do any of the Miami posters on here actually attend UM or graduate from my school? and, why is there so much vile spilled for a program that is not much of a challenge to us (sorry FIU, you might get there someday, but for now Miami is light years ahead).

Stop with the negativity to our neighbors to the west. Miami standards should be higher than that.

UM Cane, right on! This shouldn't be an FIU attacking UM or UM on FIU. We ALL need to support our teams. FIU is BUILDING a program with no history while UM is RE-BUILDING a program with recent great success. Emphasize this aspect for ALL respective fans.

I rather post about my Golden Panthers and all the work they have ahead, while you (UM Cane, Fomentor, etc.) focus on your team needs. I wish you guys luck, except against FIU. GO FIU!!!

FIU Fanatic, see you @ the OB, 7 pm against the Terps! Bring some other FIU fans with you, I will. MC and the team need the support! See you there!

ultimate and fanatic ill see both of you at the ob. and im seeing if i bring a couple or FIU'ERS. lol maybe even my cane gf lol should be fun. UM cane great post and ill see ya the 15th.

UltimateFIUFan, great stats, also I am sure that the #8 fact that "In ’75 UM played Notre Dame and only 24K fans showed up @ the OB", I am sure that at least half of those fans were ND fans!

When the "U" is eligible for a bowl game, the bowls want them in the OB. Why? Because the fans of the "U" don't travel. Do you remember the games vs Nebraska and then against OSU in '01 and '02, it was a sea of RED!! They only go to games when it is convenient for them (it is close and also when , only when they are winning). If they can afford to shell out $120k for a midlevel education, I would think they can afford a plane ticket.

I hope FIU fans will not follow that path. I, as an FIU fan, can only speak for myself but I am flying into the 305 this weekend and next for the FIU home games. The UM game to me is a home game since if last year was an indicator, there will be as many FIU fans as UM fans at the game.

Golden Panther nation lets say it together.......GO FIU!!!!

Thats right FIU fans, blame The U for your teams problems, blame the UM fans on this blog for all of the problems facing your fans, and those UM fans on here who are criticizing other UM fans, give me a break. Get of your high horse. Iam not saying you have to join in the FIU bashing, but don't reprimand the other UM fans on here. FIU fans, before last Saturday's game were talking a lot of BS about how things have changed, and how this year was going to be different, well this year is here and the FIU team still looks the same, if not worse. Also, prior to last Saturday, some FIU fans on here were tyalking about how going into the FIU game on the 15th, Miami was going to be 0-2. Well, they were wrong there again. Look, FIU fans, if you want good banter, then you have to learn to take it if you are going to dish it. All preseason we heard - FIU is a program on the way up and Mimai is a program on the way down. HMMMM, anyone read the Herald today about Randy Shannon and his recruiting. Doesn't sound like UM is on the way down at all. Basically, FIU, I said all offseason that FIU is probably going to suck this year and next, but they have no choice but to get better as the years go bye - and the typical FIU response is, what did UM do it's first 5 years - ummmm, go undefeated their first year, that what. Look time have changed. The BUSINESS of college football has changed - you cannot compare the two teams first few years, so lets just stop with that crap.

24/7 i dont think anyone was blaming the U for our problems. i just see it kind of immature in judgement that some of the fans (FIU fans as well) see it fit for FIU to throw in the towel or say things havent changed because of 1 game. can you agree on that.

all i am saying is that its a long season. no1 should be jumping off or on the bandwagon for just one game. either team. if UM wins at Oklahoma im goin to be extatic but if they lose i wont stop being behind them. same w/ FIU if they upset maryland you best believe i will chant louder than anyone, but if they lose im still behind them.

Yep. I'm glad UM Cane has raised the bar here for other cane fans. Unfortunately, it seems these people won't change their arrogant, aggresive, childish, attitudes toward FIU. If you come here with a minimum level of respect and decor, no matter which team you support, we ALL should respect their opinion without attacking them. UM Cane deserves that respect here...I only wish I could be awarded the same courtesy by the majority in their boards...It's almost impossible...

Ultimate FIU fan,
I stated roughly 5k, give or take I don't have the exact numbers. Rough as in an estimate, not exact, can go up or down. 5k is not a bad amount of the UM section. So 40% of the student body is local and they live off campus, that leaves 60 % as non-local, but you haven't done the math to figure out how many of the non-locals live on campus. Do that, check it out and then come back and state my math is wrong, please bring facts and not accusations, simple tactics in civilized debate.

As far as your comments that I left untouched about Georgia Tech and their fan base, go to google and type in ncca statistics and check the statistics from 1998 to present day and compare them with UM, you'll see they are pretty even. The argument is debunk.

Regarding the modern college football issue, it really didn't start until the 70's. Look at the offenses and defenses they ran. Ask any expert in college football or football period and they will back that up in saying that the modern day college football has only been around for about 35 years, so again that's 3 times you are wrong. The wishbone and option are not part of modern day football.

The thug comment isn't intended to mean that you had used it, I'm just giving you the option since it seems to be a common one nationally (whether its accurate or not).

Also, I'm NOT a UM fan, read my post, then draw your conclusions but my team resides a little further north.

Finally I'll take NYCFIUFAN to the tool shed, the reason they love it when UM gets invited to bowl games is because....... TV RATINGS! As much as I hate to admit it, they are a draw and despite how much everybody hates them they can't help but watch them. Heck check the FSU-UM ratings and see how many people watch those and set national records for regular season games.

Now that's how you teach someone. And the U24/7 is right in parts of his posts, I remember a poster who went by the name of alt777(or whatever the numbers are) who was spewing off how Chandler would be big in the NFL, Sam Smith was the better TE in Dade and Barnes would be great and is better than Beason. Barnes appears to be injured so the verdict is still out, but as of right now the only lb he's proved to be better than is Buster Davis and even then it's not comparable when you see that they all play different positions.

U24/7, my problem is that several UM bloggers did not ever attend the University of Miami nor even know how to get to the Coral Gables campus but they continue to wave the Miami name. Furthermore, this appears on the blog of a university that is not a challenge to us on the gridiron.

I am sick and tired of FIU fans calling us scUM or equating Miami students, faculty and alums to uneducated and classless fans. We are not.

Everyone is free to do as they please, but I say we should let our victory on September 15th do the talking.

Good luck to our guys this Saturday against Maryland. We're gonna need it. \

Again, 2007 is going to be very rough (1 maybe 2 wins). The team will just need to learn and improve. They have no other choice.

Fomenter, again it is easy to watch a game on TV, how about going out of your way to watch your team, that is my point. Just a question, what year did you graduate from UM, since you are such a big fan, or are you a Golden Panther in Cane clothing???

Again NYC, I'm not a Cane fan, I'd like to see them do well but I prefer FSU to do way better than them, but my team is The Big, Red. Yes, the comma goes there because we are The Big, Red Team. Good thing you don't waste time reading substance on the posts. And very strong rebuttal, good job it was actually what I expected.

P.S. I was the closest to the actual score, so much for me being, as one poster so eloquently put it "uninformed and ill-prepared". I should have voted with my heart and gone for a bigger score but I gave the D too much credit.

So, Fomenter...what does that make me...only one point less informed than you? I'm sorry...and I don't usually use these terms, but that is just a ridiculous statement. I guess if you would have changed from your prediction and gone with "your heart" (Really?..so your heart was with Penn State?...or just against FIU?), you wouldn't have won, so by your logic, you would then be "uninformed and ill-prepared". Simply ridiculous.

BTW, if an animal meows, runs after mouses, bathes licking himself/herself, and are dogs' worst enemies, then....it must be a Cat.

You obviously don't get the logic, or simply choose to ignore it, whatever you excuse is you're still avoiding it. Obviously if Ultimate was so "on the money" I wouldn't have been anywhere close because I was so uninformed and ill-prepared. So by his implication you are in the same boat. Have you noticed that when his points are countered his ignores it and moves onto a new one?

The comment of going with my heart plainly implies that after months of exposure to this blog I tried to give some credence to all the hype that was being generated and using some rational thought with it. Should have gone with my heart and predicted a larger offensive outing by Penn State, all things equal.

BTW if its BIG,RED, and a TEAM it's Cornell!

Hey Fomentor,

What is UM's ranking? Which poll?

UM is in the top 30 in the AP and Coaches.

My heart is with FIU...that means that it could "cloud" logical thinking because of the "love" for the team. I guess your heart is against and not for...

Where did I say that he "was so on the money"? It seems you are making things up as you go along. Again, using your very flawed and un-explainable logic, the fact you "won" the first game contest, it makes you an informed and prepared poster. This comment...dressed it however you want...is just plain and simply...ridiculous.


For the record, UM was 31 or worse in the polls week 1. After week one, they crept all the way up one complete notch to number 30. I suspect you knew that already. Nice job trying to spin it though, especially coming from a so-called "non" UM fan. In the end, you don't matter. after all, teams outside of the top 25 don't even register in many polls. again, i trust you knew that.

Go Big Comma Red!

Again, Fanatic, I'm not implying that you agree with Ultimate, I'm just disproving his arguments. Putting it in a much easier way for you to understand, me winning the contest, much less being close might not prove that I am very well informed or prepared, but it certainly disproves the polar opposite of that statement. Especially since every time his point gets rebutted he moves onto a new one and can't validate his opinion. 'Tis a shame.

Your comment about them not being ranked, or more specifically "no longer being ranked in the top 30" came on Sep. 4th, a new week with new rankings, well isn't that factual and not a spin, looking at the polls on that week. I'm sure if you wanted to indicate that it pertained to the previous week you would have said so, but you are right teams out of the top 25 don't matter, but they do register in the polls in the votes also gained column. Thanks for cheering on my team though, we need it!

Just to make it 100....fomenter, I understand what you are writing now..but you keep changing your reasons as you go along..that's all.

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