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Your new FIU QB is.....Colt Paul Wayne

HAPPY VALLEY - Plenty of time to think about Saturday's kickoff on the way up here to Happy Valley on Friday.

When you have a 3-hour layover in Charlotte, NC (by the way, got a kick out of the white rocking chairs Rockchair all throughout the Charlotte airport for passengers to relax on, rocked away on that for 2 hours). Plus, had a 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Harrisburg to Penn State, nice scenic mountainside drive. But you can only spend so much time on a laptop or reading the newspaper. So here's what scrambled around the old noggin on Friday.

Cjack Like if you guys didn't already know, there was NO announcement Friday on the starting quarterback. The 2007 FIU starting quarterback still goes by the name of Colt Paul Wayne. I guarantee you good folks of the GPP this....there will be A quarterback taking the first snap for FIU at 12 today. Take it to the bank. Still sticking by my thought that MC will rotate McCall and Younger in the first few games and eventually work Anderson into the mix as CA gets ready to take over full-time.

By the way, there's a rumor floating around that Colt Paul Wayne is a great grandson of John Wayne. Jwayne Which is appropriate now that FIU is using the shotgun.

If any of you folks had any doubt about the intensity of the new FIU head coach as he's less than 12 hours away from the Golden Panthers and his debut as the 2nd youngest college coach in the nation. How's this.....heading back to my hotel room, got a glimpse of a focused MC walking back and forth in the parking lot at 12:39 a.m.

Franklin2 Since I'm here in Pennsylvania and Benjamin Franklin did his best work here. Wondering which of his famous quotes would he give the Golden Panthers in a pep talk tommorrow, that is if MC asked BF to speak.

BF: "Diligence is the mother of good luck"...."One day is worth two tommorrows" and "Energy and persistence conquer all things".

I'm not kidding when I say I had a lot of spare time getting here Friday.

Or maybe it was just that I did not have any Cuban coffee all day. Around FIU, MC's administrative Cafe assistant Michelle Csatari makes a great Cuban coffee, even though she didn't know what it was when she moved to Miami 8 months ago. But, alas, Michelle did not bring any cafe up here to Happy Valley. That's why my mind was working overtime today. Maybe FIU takes Penn State to overtime?? Stranger things have happened, like Billy Brink Joel marrying Christie Brinkley......And you thought, you'd get a picture of Billy Joel here...maybe you should get some Cuban coffee?


WOrta1128: Got to give Frank DeMarzo, one of our Broward High School writers, credit for the Little Giants, Al Bundy reference on the last blog. I asked him if there were any little league football movies to include on the last blog.

Roman: I'm hearing you may be the new internal PA voice of FIU?? You gotta sing at halftime and you gotta tell the folks to pack the OB this season.

Quijote: Like I told the angry DP supporter that came on in a recent blog, you gotta take the storms with the sunshine on my prediction. But you know what, "as of this writing", I'm sensing an upset of the Terps next week.

CJ: The Louisville and Rutgers blowouts on Thursday just proves I'm human. But I still stick by my Kryp_2 theory that traditionally season openers are not blowouts, because teams have usually not peaked.

FIUJM: I don't know if we can compare Cody Pellicer to anyone yet. He hasn't played a down in college, but the kid is an athlete and you will see that on the field. Daunte Owens has been outstanding this summer, now it's time to show you all.

FIUJfer83, TheInsider: Welcome to the GPP!

Will have all your prediction standings and point differential totals in the next blog after the opener.

Thanks to all for the props on the FIU preview in the Herald. Glad to see they gave me as much space as they did and glad you people enjoyed it.


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