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Adhere the Turtle

Not exactly the title I was looking for this blog previewing Saturday's game against the Terps. In fact, English teachers all over would strike their red markers on the use of adhere, here.

Terp But couldn't come up with a word that rhymes with fear and replaces it. See, UM (that's University of Maryland, for those scoring at home) has its slogan "Fear the Turtle", but fear is such a useless word, not because of the Terps. It's useless in life in general. "Fear is nothing moreHill than a state of mind." - author Napoleon Hill (right)

Of course, some of you probably read the title and thought, "Oh great, an FIU baseball blog". No not that Turtle, but an FIU baseball blog will surface on the GPP in due time.

Which reminds me, this morning when I walked into LA Fitness I saw this new sharp, gold FIU baseball batting practice jersey. A friend of mine, Nelson Lopez, was wearing it. FIU's Turtle gave it to him. Nelson is the commissioner of Tamiami Park baseball and TT has reached out to the park making kids and their parents aware of FIU baseball. Could be a sign of no longer having 21 people in attendance at an FIU baseball game. Good to see TT reaching out to the community.

Anyways, back to tommorrow's game. The Golden Panthers have to "Adhere to the Turtles", because this is not the talented FIU team from last year and this is not the slow-footed Maryland team from last year either.

In last year's game, the Terps had to double and triple team "El Monstruo" freeing up the rest of the FIU D which kept the Terps in check. What is an FIU concern is that no one on D really delivered any kind of pass rush last week at Penn State. UM is just as physical a team as PSU on the O-line.

On top of that, UM QB Jordan Steffy is a fast, mobile QB which FIU must account for. Add to that bruising RBs Keon Lattimore and Lance Ball and it could be a long day. Not to mention, FIU's pass D was not on the field last week.

I'm sure all this UM offense has been harped by the coaches to the players this week in practice, Graf especially Steffy, who can beat FIU with his arm and legs.

Of course, none of the defense matters, if the Golden Panthers offense cannot sustain a drive or for that matter, score. What killed FIU last week in Happy Valley was that the defense spent most of the entire first half and eventually the game on the field. Penn State ran 32 more plays than FIU and had the ball almost 11 minutes more -- that's almost an entire quarter.

Left tackle Andy Leavine (fractured hand) probably won't play so Xavier Shannon shifts over to LT and Dustin Gibson, Javon Hill and former DLineman Roland Clarke should play on the re-shuffled O-line.

Wayne Younger had a decent game for his first college start considering he didn't have much protection and there was no running game to speak of. Julian Reams led the team with 11 yards rushing. Getting back A'mod Ned might help this week. Not saying here FIU has to score like Austin Powers, but Ap definitely need at least 17-20 points to have a shot in this game. Don't know if this offense can put up that many on the scoreboard yet. Pour another glass of merlot....

GPP thinks: Maryland 30, FIU 13


Here is FIU's out-of-conference schedule for those who asked in the previous blog:

2008 - at Kansas, at Iowa, home vs. South Florida (new stadium opener), at Toledo, 8 Sun Belt games.

2009 - at Alabama, at South Florida, at Florida, home vs. Toledo, 8 Sun Belt games.

2010 - right now the only OOC game is at Maryland. First time PG gets his own sked. Former FIU AD Rick Mello did the sked through 2009 season. PG is working on other 3 OOC games for 2010.

BaltimorePanther: Good point on FIU fans travelling to Penn State. I was on the field for warmups and I noticed a good size of Golden Panthers faithful in the seats on the 15 yard-line behind PSU bench. You could see from the pressbox, which was somewhere near God, the blue & gold shirts standing out among the blues & whites. By the way, Beaver Stadium was nice, but the pressbox is from like 1912. Sat in some kindergarten chairs.

YouGotGold: Never really understood the purpose of Anna Faris in Entourage. Was going to put her picture up here, but not motivated to do so. As far the FIU partnership with Miami Dade Public Schools, I've been told that will continue beyond this season and kids will be rewarded with seats in the new FIU Stadium. It just won't be 10,000 rugrats in there like the OB this season.

CaneShame: Welcome to the GPP!

Andy D: The GPP is an equal opportunity blog. Tell your Owl pals about us. FIU does beat most of those I-AA teams, but would like to see some offense from the Golden Panthers if I were to go to Vegas with my statement.


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