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Adhere the Turtle

Not exactly the title I was looking for this blog previewing Saturday's game against the Terps. In fact, English teachers all over would strike their red markers on the use of adhere, here.

Terp But couldn't come up with a word that rhymes with fear and replaces it. See, UM (that's University of Maryland, for those scoring at home) has its slogan "Fear the Turtle", but fear is such a useless word, not because of the Terps. It's useless in life in general. "Fear is nothing moreHill than a state of mind." - author Napoleon Hill (right)

Of course, some of you probably read the title and thought, "Oh great, an FIU baseball blog". No not that Turtle, but an FIU baseball blog will surface on the GPP in due time.

Which reminds me, this morning when I walked into LA Fitness I saw this new sharp, gold FIU baseball batting practice jersey. A friend of mine, Nelson Lopez, was wearing it. FIU's Turtle gave it to him. Nelson is the commissioner of Tamiami Park baseball and TT has reached out to the park making kids and their parents aware of FIU baseball. Could be a sign of no longer having 21 people in attendance at an FIU baseball game. Good to see TT reaching out to the community.

Anyways, back to tommorrow's game. The Golden Panthers have to "Adhere to the Turtles", because this is not the talented FIU team from last year and this is not the slow-footed Maryland team from last year either.

In last year's game, the Terps had to double and triple team "El Monstruo" freeing up the rest of the FIU D which kept the Terps in check. What is an FIU concern is that no one on D really delivered any kind of pass rush last week at Penn State. UM is just as physical a team as PSU on the O-line.

On top of that, UM QB Jordan Steffy is a fast, mobile QB which FIU must account for. Add to that bruising RBs Keon Lattimore and Lance Ball and it could be a long day. Not to mention, FIU's pass D was not on the field last week.

I'm sure all this UM offense has been harped by the coaches to the players this week in practice, Graf especially Steffy, who can beat FIU with his arm and legs.

Of course, none of the defense matters, if the Golden Panthers offense cannot sustain a drive or for that matter, score. What killed FIU last week in Happy Valley was that the defense spent most of the entire first half and eventually the game on the field. Penn State ran 32 more plays than FIU and had the ball almost 11 minutes more -- that's almost an entire quarter.

Left tackle Andy Leavine (fractured hand) probably won't play so Xavier Shannon shifts over to LT and Dustin Gibson, Javon Hill and former DLineman Roland Clarke should play on the re-shuffled O-line.

Wayne Younger had a decent game for his first college start considering he didn't have much protection and there was no running game to speak of. Julian Reams led the team with 11 yards rushing. Getting back A'mod Ned might help this week. Not saying here FIU has to score like Austin Powers, but Ap definitely need at least 17-20 points to have a shot in this game. Don't know if this offense can put up that many on the scoreboard yet. Pour another glass of merlot....

GPP thinks: Maryland 30, FIU 13


Here is FIU's out-of-conference schedule for those who asked in the previous blog:

2008 - at Kansas, at Iowa, home vs. South Florida (new stadium opener), at Toledo, 8 Sun Belt games.

2009 - at Alabama, at South Florida, at Florida, home vs. Toledo, 8 Sun Belt games.

2010 - right now the only OOC game is at Maryland. First time PG gets his own sked. Former FIU AD Rick Mello did the sked through 2009 season. PG is working on other 3 OOC games for 2010.

BaltimorePanther: Good point on FIU fans travelling to Penn State. I was on the field for warmups and I noticed a good size of Golden Panthers faithful in the seats on the 15 yard-line behind PSU bench. You could see from the pressbox, which was somewhere near God, the blue & gold shirts standing out among the blues & whites. By the way, Beaver Stadium was nice, but the pressbox is from like 1912. Sat in some kindergarten chairs.

YouGotGold: Never really understood the purpose of Anna Faris in Entourage. Was going to put her picture up here, but not motivated to do so. As far the FIU partnership with Miami Dade Public Schools, I've been told that will continue beyond this season and kids will be rewarded with seats in the new FIU Stadium. It just won't be 10,000 rugrats in there like the OB this season.

CaneShame: Welcome to the GPP!

Andy D: The GPP is an equal opportunity blog. Tell your Owl pals about us. FIU does beat most of those I-AA teams, but would like to see some offense from the Golden Panthers if I were to go to Vegas with my statement.


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I am curious as to how many fans will show up for the game. Maybe not many but definitely more than last year's first home game is what I am thinking.
By the way Pete, your numbers should be getting better because in addition to FIU and UM fans visiting and posting, now FAU has jumped on board. Once we get the Gators to hate us, then we'll be doing really well!

actually fiurulez i would perfer not to hear the gaytor haters ... not really intersted in that

Maryland- 31
FIU- 16

see you all saturday!!!

Boy, wouldn't it something IF:

1) FIU upsets U. Maryland
2) FIU out draws U. Miami in OUR home opener. Guys 39K is not that hard to beat.
3) FSU DESTROYS Saban's Tide &
4) FINS beats Skins!

Spoke to a Bud @ UM, 39K was the ANNOUNCED crowd. The actual attendance (turn styles count) was upper 20K.

Here's hoping the reverse is true but ...

Maryland 41
FIU 10

Pete, how is the construction of the stadium coming along? Are they on schedule? Any new renderings? I can't wait until it opens!


"Dont fear the queer turtle" is a much better title. Youse'll probably hear a chant like that pop up tomorrow night at the game. FIU beats Maryland tomorrow. FIU-24 Terps-17

Thanks for the info on the guys who didn't play against Penn State, Pete. For some reason, I thought McDuffie would be back this year. I hope he gets his degree and makes us proud off the field.

My prediction for Saturday: Maryland 34 FIU 16. I'm being more realistic this week, but still think we've got a shocker in us this year.

The fact that UCG had 39,000/20,000+ (whichever the case actually is)does not say much for their fans. With so much preseason hype from the local media and ESPN, you would think that their fans would have filled the OB. I guess they are just waiting until next week.

Anyway, on to real football stuff. Practices were very focused this week. I expect that each week we will see improvements. By the time we reach our conference schedule we should be a different team.

I have changed my prediction for this week, but not in a positive way.

39K is not hard to beat? It really is extremely hard to beat. You consider the season ticket base FIU has. I'm guessing you guys have, what, 3,000-5,000 season ticket holders. Figure you get a few thousand students at the game...i'll go high and say 3,000(which won't be easy playing off campus). At most that is 8,000 people. Did you have 8,000 people actually in the stadium at any game last season on your campus? I'm not sure how well Maryland travels, but even if I guess high and they bring 4,000, that still leaves 27,000 people/tickets sold short of 39K. I'm not coming on your blog to bash you guys, this is just the reality of the situation. FAU faces the same thing in terms of attendance. Until we get sustained support from our students and our big alumni bases, we'll continue to have these issues. It will take a few graduating classes who have gone to school during the football programs existance for this to happen. If you guys get 15-17K there today consider it a good day.

pe323 you correct and you had a pretty good assessment of your forecasted attendance, however read my opening line "Boy, wouldn't it be something...". Remember dreaming is free!

For you Canes fan that like to come to our blog. Sorry for your defeat against Oklahoma. Unlike many of you bashing our young FIU program, i won't scoop down to that level. I don't expect FIU to beat your Canes(obviously because we are still young). But if you do beat FIU, please try to stay classy(i know hard thing to do because too much arrogant fans).

Pete, great stuff like always. I was definitely thinking that it was a baseball post. In terms of tonight's game, I just want our boys to be in the game in the 4th quarter and to play hard for 60 minutes.

Go FIU!!

haha nice pre emptive strike FIUJM, because after the Canes whip you im sure you dont want to hear about it lol

very excited for our games tonight! but no dam TV.. lets hope we put up a better fight then the Canes did

Andy D,

UM had it rough, just like my team FIU did last week. All I'm trying to say is "Can't we all just get along?" I refuse to go to UM blog and trash them.

If UM whips us, it will be expected...like i said before "Our program is young". I'm a realist and understand that this year is rebuilding year for us. Canes were humbled today!

As for your FAU Owls, Corso said FAU might be this weeks Applachian State. I don't wish you luck! I just don't like you guys. lol

Go FIU, I heading to the game now!!

Golden Panthers, as your enemy let me be the first to offer congrats on your first TD of the season! Our games arnt close right now but its early yet..

Well, looks like its a bad night for all South Florida college football fans. Yuck, bring on week 3.

Just got back from the FIU game and some observations:

1) With the exception of the first qtr FIU stood toe to toe (and even out played) Maryland.

2) We still choke in a critical juncture of the football game (thank you Singleton for the fumble that made it a 2 score deficit)

3) Singelton is a good corner, but I wonder if he is more of a liability then an asset between the fumbles and instigating brawls.

4) Why was there a need to make the OB into a ghetto house party tonight? A DJ, are you for real? In college football, the game and the marching band is the entertainment.

GO FIU, and beat UM.

Did anyone see that upset yesterday by the University of South Florida? They are an 11 year program.That will be FIU in 5 years; probably even better.

Well, it was a tough loss yesterday. If it wasn't for that bad start; FIU could have maybe pulled the upset.

Our defense played well, it was nice to see Ned playing this week, and we might have a consistent kicker for the rest of year.

There's just one question I have in regards to the players. Usually, I don't like to call out players; but what's the deal with Lionell Singleton? He was honorable mention returner in 2006. What happened?

Finally, even though we scored 10 points this week. We are improving, and should be ready for conference games.

I saw much improvement over the PSU game, however turnovers HAUNT us! Nineteen (19) of Maryland's 26 points came about because of TURNOVERS plus a bad snap to the punter. If turnover are greatly reduced plus we cause a couple of our own, combined with how this defense can play, we will be competitive with everyone left on this schedule.

Finally, kudos to the defensive coordinator for making the proper adjustment and ELIMINATING the outside rushing of U. Maryland. From that first series when they destroyed our containment to the remainder of the game where we shut it down was quite impressive.

How was attendance at the OB last night? I saw they announced around 12K. Someone on the Maryland message board said it was about 8K. What was the true number?

It seemed to me to be around 15k.

hey there were great improvement from last weeks game. just a couple. the offense got some points! the defense adjusted which was great. and the punter and kicker did their jobs and then some. however there were some things that disappointed me... and we all have made mention to it already.. Singlton! is that 5 or 6 fumbles on the year? great defender but he SHOULD NOT! be back there we had all the momentum in the 4th and then the fumble. one other thing that was upseting was and this falls on all of us... the Crowd! i was going insane and i would have a few peole in my section (middle bottom) standing and cheering w/ me (scott bryants fam. was behind me) but i would look around and there were people staring at me like i was crazy. im without voice today and if i am everyone that was at the game should be.

So where are all the FAU Owl fans?? A non top 25 team drops 42 on you when you were talking about FAU to the top 25 last week?? LOL. FAU sucks. At least we got dominated by the #14 team in the country which just completely shut down Notre Dame in a similar fashion.

Man were you Owls overrating your team or what!!! Can't wait to pluck all you PAJAROS in the Shula Bowl this year.

Although we lost again this week, improvment was seen in alot of areas, which is encouraging. Once again, however, the untimely turnovers killed us.

But kudos to the defense again--Bryant and Dominguez look like a nice 1-2 punch. I heard Ralph Friedgen mention Scott's name in his press conference last week, which shows he's already getting notice from our opponents. A couple of more ideas for nicknames for Mr. Bryant, as you'd asked for PP:


Any news on Ricky Booker? I thought he'd have seen early action this year if he's not injured.

Other things to be encouraged about:

the reduction in penalties, Ned injecting some life into the running game, the offensive line looking much improved, and seeing Marquis Rolle on the field for the first time.

And next up, we get to defend our 'home' turf in the orange bowl when the "U" (gly) comes "across the ocean" to face us. Looking forward to even more improvment next week.

I can't wait to make my sign. :)

Well, I am back from Norman - and boy did UM look slow against OU - but hey, that is not my reaswon for posting today. In fact I want to share an experience that will help us all, especially going into next week.

During my weekend in Norman, the OU fans before, during and even after the game were so nice to all of the UM fans. There was no taunting afterwars (except for some 95 year-old lady), there was no trash talking before the game in the parking lots, just a lot of excitiment and enthusiasm.

Now, I did not understand their tactics, so I just kept acting tough - but honestly, it would have been a horible trip if the OU fans had been like the UM fans and FIU fans, UF fans and FSU fans. So in an effort to ease some of the tension before this weeks upcoming game - I would like to invite all of the 327 fans who showed up to support their beloveed FIU Golden Panthers last week to Flannigans in ther Grove and in Pinecrest to enjoy dinner and drinks with the UM fans. Now I am not saying I am going to pay, and I am not saying that everyone in those establishments is going to welcome you in your blue and gold, but as for myself, I will be as nice and respectful as the OU fans were to me this past weekend.

thats a very nice gesture 24/7 really nice. i was actually very suprised at the maryland fans were very nice. some old couple was very nice around us even after we screamed turtle soup the old lady turned around and said ... we taste good which was nice but in a creepy way. the only taunting was from to lil turd kids in front. as for flanagans ill be at the game but next time.

I will be there too, the invite to Flanningans was for after the game.

lol oo ok.. btw the loss to OU was a harsh one that i was pretty sad to see. but losing to maryland b/c of a dropped punt return seemed just as bad considereing it killed all the momentum that we had. better luck to both programs next week... even though we play e/o

FIU and me, are you seriously downing FAU because you LOST by LESS then us THIS week???? Your joking right??? Hahaha HILARIOUS what do you mean where are the Owl fans right here pal, and you wanna talk about the shula bowl??? You mean the FAU/FIU "rivalry" game that we have won 4 times out of 5?? Thats FOUR out of FIVE times buddy.

FIU did well, and I certainly wasnt happy with our game against Ok St. who is also a good team, but if you want to play we beat they beat so therefore... we beat Midd Tenn. and they put up a hell of a fight against the #8... but thats stupid...

we BOTH lost.You lost by less. I guess when you havnt won a game in almost 2 years you need to brag about something.

Good post, u24/7. I hope we, somehow, say to each other: "Can't we all get along?"......I hope your 945 fans that went to the Marshall game can make it there as well. I will be fun to be there with a total of 1277 people in Flanigans...

Andy i have to agree none of us should be bragging. no FAU, FIU, UM or Dolfan. a horrible week all around in Miami. hopefully singlton isnt returning punts against UM b/c if he is i think we will lose on another botched return.

It is amazing what 50+ points will do to people.
CJ, don't like the Gators huh? It is a shame. Totally awesome people and fans.
theU24/7 I am glad you went to the game, it sounds like you had fun!
Andy D
"we BOTH lost.You lost by less. I guess when you havnt won a game in almost 2 years you need to brag about something."
Nail on head!

You bet CJ. TERRIBLE weekend for south florida teams, I dont think anyone is very happy. Honestly, FIU probably did the best this weekend of the 4 teams. But ugggghhhh we all lost.

UM is up for you guys next, eh? I expect a lot of UM visitors to be talking smack this week, or not I think 51-13 may have humbled them.

Did you guys hear we are looking into stadium options for 2009, until we get ours in 2010. FIU stadium is on the table as a possible home venue in 2009, yes, I also hope this isnt true lol Personally, I like the idea of playing all road games in 2009, why the heck not.

Other things I forgot to mention:

1) I like Younger and the offensive play calling, I liked seeing him in the shotgun and as a dual threat.

2) I thought the offensive line, for being young, really improved in the Maryland game.

3)I am becoming a fan of MC, I think he has the right attitude for this program right now.

4) Even though I was always down during a loss last year, this year, even though we lost, I saw a lot of potential with this team.

5) Question to PP, do you think the USF, who is clearly improving (potentially the 3rd or 2nd best football program right now in the state), helps or hurts FIU? (Another competitor, or the model that we can use in recruiting?)

6) Another question to PP. What is MC doing to make sure that the horrible events that happened last year (which I believe FIU instigated) does not happen again this year? I can take the losses but I can't take that awful display of un-sportsmanship, it is beneath us as FIU fans, students, and alumni.

i think the kids on BOTH sides are goin to show more restraint than last year. last year there was no control w/ strock and Coker. this year, its shannon and MC. deffinatly more control. where you got to worry about is the fans... that is where crap will get crazy!

naw FIU Rulez... remember i am still a Canes fan its just i and now an FIU fan aswell. so ya gotta understand i was grown w/ a hatred toward the Gators and Noles... except i got more respect for the noles lol they actually play UM every year. even before they were in the same conference.

CJ, good point. I don't want FIU to get the same scummy reputation as UM, I don't care how many NCs they have won. If we are going to build a program, the players, coaches, and the FANS collectively have to practice restraint and handle the adversity and taunts with class. Not sure if the team is a reflection of the fans or vice versa, but as an alumni I hope the fans on our side do not get involved in any of the mochismo bullcrap that goes on in the stands.

i dont mind gettin machismo w/ anyone but i do intend to maintain common sense which is something that i hope both programs intend to keep


Please do not get discouraged because of the crowd noise. Most people only want to cheer when the team is being competitive, and that fumble REALLY killed the crowd and the team (even though the D held their own by only allowing a FG). As we compete more, score more and win more, fans will buy into the atmosphere.

Singleton is a good player, but he should've learned his lesson after the FIRST fumble against Penn State. I'm pretty sure that somebody else will be back there to return punts/kicks on Sat. MC emphasizes a lot on "if you don't do yr job, somebody else will get that chance".

I got a question for everyone out there: For FIU students, is $47 the only way to go to the game or are there other options?

yougotgold im just more frustrated w/ that miami mentallity that plagues all miami sports. the cheer when winning but not when losing is bad sportsmanship and spirit. im looking into the option of goin through Um and buying Upper bowl tickets for cheaper. you can see the feild just as good if not better. but it wont be as crazy as the 47$. its anyones call i think ill go crazy lol

As of Friday, they still had tickets at the FIU ticket office, so that you could sit with FIU alumni and fans...

I just got off the phone and they still have tickets for this weekend's game.

I cannot wait until this weekend. I too just got back from Norman, like TheU24/7, but I do not share in his appreciation for the OU fans. I felt as though they were being nice, but in a condesending way. Like have a nice day MF's. I hate them now, you can add them to UF, ND and FIU. I can't wait until we take out some frustration on FIU this weekend. I think RS is going to have his players ready to go, and I think MC is going to be more worried about his players getting into a repeat of last year. I will wait untile Wednesday to make my prediction, but rest assured - it will have UM winning and my chances of writing for the GPP alive and well.

I bought my tickets from razorgator.com. They are cheaper then buying them from FIU. Myself and my 4 friends are in section h row 7. I don't care who is around me I just want to see the game.

yippee where did you hear razorgator? i heard it earlier.

Pete, did N. Turnbull (Falcons) and C. Smith (Eagles) get cut? I did not see them on team roster. If yes, any word on if they were picked up by another team? Thanks. GO FIU!!

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