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Countdown to FIU/MT Kickoff

MURFREESBORO - Howdy from near the Music City on the campus of Middle Tennessee. We're about two hours from kickoff where one team will end a long losing streak.

Just learned that Middle Tennessee will be going with their true freshman quarterback Dwight Dasher and not Joe Craddock (back contusion) who helped put up 42 points against Louisville. Yes, the Cardinals are overrated but regardless, Craddock is good.

For those future meterologists: very low humidity, clear blue skies and a comfortable 70 degrees up Mete_2 here. The weather's been as pretty as the sights as a visit to downtown Simp Nashville confirmed last night. Yes, Daisy's in Georgia, but Tennessee borders Ga. Close enough.

But enough of that, before I get another e-mail from that one reader who e-mails me saying I should not write about what's going on outside of the football part of my trip.

Oh, the heck with him. If you're ever in Nashville make sure you get downtown. Lots to do.

Which brings us back to the Golden Panthers. Since FIU is such a young team, it's imperative that the Golden Panthers get off to a good start tonight, especially since they are on the road where they have struggled throughout the years.

MT is just as hungry to get that first win and this is a conference game so the Blue Raiders are going to kick it up a notch.

One thing about FIU this season is that they have always put themselves behind the 8 ball in the 1st Ocho quarter. That can't happen tonight if the 16-game drought is to end.

Let's see this FIU offense finally show what it can do with the spread scheme. Score some points (more than 10, please) and let the Golden Panthers D stuff MT. Do that and they'll be singing country tunes on the plane ride home.


Puma: Spoke with PG recently and the FIU soccer program is here to stay contrary to all those rumors, which were just that -- rumors. You can't get rid of a soccer program if you're trying to lure pro soccer to FIU's new stadium.

Why is the FIU offense so anemic you ask. It's a new scheme (FIU went from a pro-set offense to a spread with the new coaching staff). The players are young and the Golden Panthers could use some more talent on O, because not much was left by the previous coach. The play-calling has been much better than years past and the scheme is designed to take advantage of the speed MC is recruiting in players. Also think the quarterbacks need more experience. Wayne Younger got better last week against Kansas starting 12 of 13 in passing. Let's see what happens tonight.

CJ: The new FIU stadium rendering you saw is accurate on the concourse. There will be a concourse in the west end zone side where fans can walk and see the game from. That latest rendering is not completely accurate in the sense that it's a drawing that has only 35,000 seats on there. When the rendering with 45,000 seats is produced then you can get a better sense of what the stadium is going to look like.

Quijote: The reason FIU basketball is playing Purdue and Kentucky in December is because NCAA hoops begins conference play in January and there are less dates to play out-of-conference games. And I don't know about Dec. 31 being such a great date to play hoops anyway, because everybody's got New Year's parties on their minds. Purdue and Kentucky were scheduled by PG and Sergio.

Bso alt7787: Go Red Sox!

TNGolden Panther: You won't be the only FIU fan in Johnny Red Floyd Stadium tonight. The Golden Panthers are bringing fans.

This is a public service message to the readers of this blog....Could we please keep the "my school's academics are better than yours" off to another blog. The GPP appreciates your interest in this blog. We really do! But no one really cares which school cafeteria makes the better chocolate chip cookies or who has the better erasers or parking. These academic rants are like car accidents -- there will be a handful of people that will stop and look, but I think the majority of us would like to just keep driving or in this case, reading. Thank you very much.


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We are already down 7-0. That first drive looked too easy. We had them on a 2nd and 23 and got them off the hook. Are you kidding me!!! You are killing me!!!

We are down 14-0. Summary, on offense we have been working from the shadow of our own end zone, result zero offensive production.

On Defense their offensive line is kicking our butts and they have large holes to run through. On the drive MTSU scored, the QB had a lot of broken tackles. I am sorry, we look pathetic!! MC needs to put his foot in the a$$ of his players NOW.

We are down 21-0, MTSU QB has 3 tds, we are making him look like a heisman trophy candidate. IT IS THE FIRST QUARTER!!!! Our Defense looks totally inept, mistackles and over pursuits. I hate to admit this, but we are staring down the barrel of another 0-12 season.

this sucks.

TD again MTSU, 28-0. A screen pass we had over pursuits and it looked like there wasn't an FIU player within 5 yds. Our team looks like they have given up, just like last year. What the hell I though MC was suppose to stop this garbage which is what this is, garbage (I sound like the OSU coach). Now we start the possession at our own 8 yd line. Too many penalties, lackadaisical performance, no effort. I can't watch this team and endure this self inflicting pain. I am OUT.

Everything went wrong, EVERYTHING. Last year's team, as bad as it was, seems to be light year's ahead of this year's team at this current point. Heck, we still can't deliver consistent point after results! Pete, for all the spread offense fuss the team hyped up, we aren't seeing any results. I'm a very discouraged GP fan, and quite surprised MTSU laid this type of whoopin' that should only be reserved for OOC games.

Hopefully you can provide some insight on what kind of changes the apparently underachieving MC & Company have in store to make our Div 1 activity warranted. I will be reading your articles and blogs from far away...

Roar baby! (no caps this time)

Very disappointing...down 47-0 at halftime. I understand it being a blowout against top 25 team but we have to compete harder against young MT. It seems like the offense is regressing. I wonder what coaching staff is doing to get this thing fixed.

All I got to say is keep practicing hard and keep your heads up!

It's not easy turning a program around, this will take time. As long as they play hard and dont quit, they will eventually get better. The fact that its a new staff means that they still have to get to know their opponents and figure out what they need to recruit to win the conference

A very tough and discouraging loss. I know this thing will take time, but it's still hard to take these type losses. I will keep supporting this team, though. I hope the coaching staff is also learning from their mistakes in acquiring experience for the future. I only want our players, and us, the diehard fans, to re-experience the feeling of being a winner on the field...It would set up the table for next year...

As always....Go FIU!!!

Very, very dissappointing!! We Golden Panther fans do suffer and seems will have to endure some more suffering before we can see the light. Have confidence & hope that we'll see a turn around in this program.

Ironic that this losing streak started w / MTSU and the last team we beat was MTSU! Or was it FAU?

Pete, we're in a state of flux. Give us something to explain what is happening. I find it hard to believe that MTSU is 41 pts. better than FIU. Is this very young inexperienced coaching staff in over their collective heads? There has NOT been a bright spot all season with this team. A true freshman QB starts for MTSU and FIU made him look like a season veteran. This after FIU played against seasoned veterans @ PSU, U Maryland, U Miami, etc. FIU's defense should of been able to rattle him all night! Converserly, our red shirt fr. QB who has been exposed to Big Ten, 2 ACC & a Big 12 defense looked pathetic. Shouldn't have the MTSU defense look easier if not slower to Younger? Outside of Penn St., which was understandable this was Younger WORST performance.

Pete, do you agree that FIU's program took SEVERAL steps back last night? We continue to hope the MC & his staff can right this ship!


Good points, ultimate fan....

I have been following the program since the beginning. I can tell you that I believe that the GP Nation has endured as much heart break and futility which would make Chicago Cub fans envious.

WE have had to endure two seasons ago a 7 fumble performance by one player against North Texas, result FIU loss.

We had to endure a game against MTSU last year which we were leading 6-0, only to blow it on an unsportsmanship call by Betancourt, his penalty allowed MTSU to continue their drive which resulted in a MTSU TD, result, FIU loss (6-7).

Had to endure last years game against USF which we were winning late in the fourth quarter, only to choke it up by a late fumble deep in our own territory, result FIU loss.

Had to endure watching FIU's defense let Bowling Green off the hook on countless third and longs, result FIU loss.

Had to endure watching FIU take their frustrations out on Miami and instigate a fight that brought the eyes of the US sports world on our program, on a bad way.

Had to endure watching FIU against NT last year where we had countless chances to close the game out in OT at the NT 5 yard line only to choke that game away.

But I must say what I saw last night was as pathetic a performance I have ever seen, they could not tackle, the incurred penalties, their play was lackadaisical, and the most frustrating thing that looks like has not been eradicated from last years team, they looked DUMB. If you know your offense is not very good, why do you incur penalties on special teams that result in your offense starting in the shadow of your own endzone!

I know they are young, I know that the talent is not there, but they gave no, ZERO, effort and they looked apathetic and someone needs to be accountable.

Pete, can we now conclude that the coaching staff has failed to make adjustments on offense. If the spread offense isn't working and these guys are still familiar with the old playbook then how about giving that a whirl.

I mean they had THREE first downs in the whole game!

Also what happened to discipline. We're almost averaging more turnovers than points per game.

This is tough to swallow.

Sounds to me like it's another long season... not that I wasn't expecting that already. Then again, I didn't think we'd lose by 41 to the freakin' Blue Raiders. Good God, that was an embarrasment. Good thing I had to work last night so I wouldn't have to subject myself to that dog-doo of a game. The recaps are bad enough.

It's easy to think that the coaching staff is having problems adjusting on both sides of the ball because of inexperience. It's easy to think they don't know what they're doing. There's certainly some of that going on. Do realize one thing, though, folks: these guys in their past jobs got to see a lot of experienced people at work and actually did a lot of the dirty work in game prep themselves. Knowledge isn't the problem here... applying it might be... or it's just another stop on the learning curve... hard to tell at this point. It can't be helped at this point, anyway. People learn when people learn; there's no way to speed that up.

I think it's player talent that's the real problem here, anyway. No offense to Aloniza Phillips intended - that's a cool story, by the way - but it doesn't say a lot about the talent on your team when a junior who hasn't even played college football can walk-on AND start. That's not supposed to happen, folks... not even with MAC or Sun Belt teams. That's more of an indictment on Strock than Cristobal, though the change in schemes probably didn't help the players any.

We suck, folks. We're a very, very, VERY bad team, and it will take time before they get better. I realize this may sound crazy after a loss like this, but this is NOT the time to bail on the coaching staff. It takes at least 3-4 years to know what kind of coaches you've got, because it's tough to cook your way when you don't get to choose the ingredients, especially at this level of college football. We don't get the best athletes, and better athletes tend to adapt to new schemes quicker. It's going to take 1-2 more recruiting classes, for sure. MC's got a lot of work to do.

As for the lack of effort... that's a natural instinct. We're playing a lot of young kids; kids get down when they're getting their butts beat every week, and it doesn't really matter who you're playing. That's one of the bad things in scheduling lots of body-bag games; it can shake even the strongest egos and lead to bad games against teams you should beat. That's especially true for freshmen and sophomores on the front lines with little to no upper-class leadership. I saw very similar things with FIU in the first two seasons, when they were also playing lots of freshmen and sophomores.

There's no better sign of that lack of maturity and self-confidence than Pete mentioning they keep having bad 1st quarters. They clearly aren't getting their heads screwed on correctly to start games, and that's a mental problem right there. Leaders need to fix those problems. Whoever's the team captain (or captains) have got to step up and address that issue right away.

This is why it's usually better to play the older guys, but unfortunately, I think it's fairly obvious by now that a lot of the juniors and seniors are NOT better than the freshman and sophomores. Until that becomes the case, these kinds of beatings is the kind of stuff you can expect to see. Unfortunate, but that's how it is.

Alright, Pete, I got the message--no more talk about academics here.

This was the most disappointing loss in our history, I truly believe. We've now taken steps backwards. I thought that with MC and his staff's emphasis on discipline, we'd at least step up and show some fight in our Sun Belt conference games, but, unfortunately, it looks like the same old Strock-era mentality exists. Play alright in a few non-conference games, then bring nothing to the table in our Sun Belt games.

I should have figured as much when I watch our GOLDEN Panthers trot out every game in those shiny, blueberry-colored pants that are hand-me-downs from the Strock-era. Those Strock concoctions should never have been allowed from the get go. Everytime I see them, I think, wow, we're wearing those again and we're about to get crushed. And end up looking like crushed blueberries. They make us look like a high school team (and that's the way we're playing, so it's fitting). I went back and looked at our record since we first started wearing these cursed blue pants and we're now 2-15, and we've been beaten by the average score of 31-13. During the same period, when we've worn our GOLD pants, we're 3-7 (still not great, but much better) and we've lost by the average score of 27-19. I know uniforms don't win or lose games, but can we at least have a little gold in our uniforms as Golden Panthers?

Pete, you intimated that MC was going to make slight changes to our uniforms, but just like the product on the field, we've yet to see any changes. It all sounds good during the week leading up to the game, but on Saturday's, it looks like Strock's back on the sidelines this year.

There's really not much to say, except:


who cares about the damn uniforms. The helmets are not going to change and neither are the uniforms.

Messod Bendayan, I definitely have not bailed on MC & staff (my support and commitment is unwavering), and I understand the learning curves involved, however to listen to that performance against the MOST equal team we've faced is troublesome. I lived the Strock years, the coasting and laziness of that staff was unforgivable. Here was a losing team, and the staff was working 9-4pm.

I am ecstatic when I hear of MC's work ethic. MC's work ethic is the antithesis of Strock’s; however MC & staff's inexperience WASN'T a concern until Saturday. They have to play more competitive when the competition is equal!

On the radio issue, I think Randy and the team does an excellent job on the overall broadcast, except one person; Jim Mandich’s son Michael. He is horrible! Every other word is “UMMM this…” or “I think, UMMM…”. I understand that the Maddog owns the broadcasting rights and he may need to get his son a job, but this is still a Div – IA program. I know that Michael Mandich is not an English major, however he sounds horrible. If it can be fixed with training do us FIU fans a favor, send him to it!

GO FIU!!!!!

Ill be at troy next week, but ill make myself be heard if things dont go right. If we have 1 yard of total offense in the third quarter and Wayne Younger is still in the game you bet I will let MC know what I think. The decision to start and continue using Younger in games is really pissing me off. I know that our other two QB's havent done much, but obviously neither has Younger.

not only that, but if I see John Houston Whiddon and Ashlyn Parker on the bench I will cuss out MC. We have fumbles, penalties and bad route running because guess what, our WR's are freshman. I dont watch every second of practice during the week, but i dont know what the hell convinces MC and CO. to start all true freshman at WR. I like Berry and Ellingson, but put in the guys that had a really good freshman year like Parker.

Lastly.... I dont even know what to say anymore. jeez

Ashlyn Parker has been playing, on defense aleast.. maybe you are referring to Jeremy Dickens? He was hurt with a pelvic fracture. He's been practicing but hasn't seen any playing time.

What can I say - it is too easy. So I will hold my toungue (for now) and just say, I am sorry.

CrazyCane, thank you for your thoughts but I don't know why you waste your time on our blog. Get lost.

UltimateFIUFan, holy cr*p Mike is doing the broadcast for you guys? I went to HS with that kid. Guy was a total J* off. Best thing for them to do is to honestly get rid of him. That guy was never able to put two sentences together without looking lost. Ha! Good to hear he's doing alright.

Doesn't pertain to you guys, but I think you'll at least get a kick out of it:


Canester, you guys want him? You can have him (ha!). Seriously, Michael is very below average. Listen, his father isn't a Rhode Scholar, however he prepares for his daily shows, Fins broadcast and comes across as a regular, knowledgeable guy that fun to listen to. I listen to the Mad-dog daily, heck he is one of the few guys on sports talk that gives FIU airtime. Still, his son doesn't prepare, sounds lame and usually says worthless things.

GO FIU!!!!


No arguments with what you're saying on lack of effort or the coaching. It was truly pathetic... but it's not that surprising to see the lack of effort when you've got a young team and the kind of brutal sked we had to start. Playing PSU, Maryland, Miami and Kansas is a hell of a lot harder that most OOC skeds. That wouldn't be easy for anyone, not even an SEC team. I'm not justifying this laydown because of that, but I'm not that surprised by it for that reason. We're young and inexperienced.

Also, UFF, I'm confused... I didn't mention anything about the radio crew... did someone else? Anyway, yeah, the guys are pretty good. I'm a big Phil Schoen fan, but that's partly because I love soccer and I get a great kick out of seeing him and Ray Hudson on GolTV. Also, he taught me some things that have helped me out doing games.

As for Mike... doing sideline is not easy, not even for people who've done on-air for years. I'm learning that particular craft myself right now. One of the reasons I moved to North Carolina was to work for a news station, and one of my jobs there is to do sideline for our high school football broadcasts. [That should tell you the kind of place I live in. :)] Anyway, it's a LOT harder than it sounds. I'm still surprised how hard it is to do. There's a lot of stuff going down and you're moving around constantly. The people who make it look like it's easy are just real good at it. If that is Mike's first on-air gig, man, I don't envy him.

To others here saying last week was the worst performance FIU's ever given... have you forgotten that 35-0 smackdown UL-Monroe gave us at home last year, or the 31-0 pasting by FAU at JRS? To this day, I'm sure FIU didn't bother to get off the bus for either game. At least this team's young and so's the coaching staff. Some excuses there. The team last year had no real excuses, even with players missing due to the brawl.


I don't have anything concrete on the uniforms... but the fiusports.com website's been selling jerseys that people can customize. They look nothing like what the guys currently wear. I truly doubt you'd see something like that unless those replicas are what they'll be changing to once 2008 rolls around. Otherwise, those replicas would look more like what the guys wear now.

Maybe I'm being too logical here... this IS FIU... but I get the feeling this is the last year you'll see the current uni's. They were designed by Nike, and with FIU going to Adidas, that usually means a uniform look change, which happened with baseball and basketball while Mello was here. PG and MC probably wanted to wait on the new uni's for 2008, with the new stadium and all.

Also... I COMPLETELY agree with you on the blue pants. Blue's my favorite color, but that shade is horrendous. I didn't know that stat you put out, but I always thought we played better in the gold. And it's way nicer, anyway. I'd like to see a gold or white helmet, too (but I'm fine with the blue there), and a gold jersey. We should have more gold in general, come to think of it, but it's not an easy color to make a kick-ass uniform with. I've seen a lot of bad gold FIU stuff, including one men's soccer uni that was just AWFUL on the eyes when the team played during the day. I do remember one of the Marsh years (final one, I think) where the basketball team had these absolutely sweet gold shorts and jerseys combo. That was one of the nicest uniforms I've ever seen, and that gold shade would look great for a football uniform, I think.

Ok, so I was at the game on Saturday with about 30 to 40 FIU fans. Had to drive almost 2 hrs. to Murfreesboro from where I live and I might as well have stayed home because I think our team did just that. I can't tell you the disappointment in seeing your team, which I've followed since the very first game, get anihalated. I kid you not, I don't think we're winning a single game if these guys don't improve. I still love and support this team but, man, between them and the Dolphins, I'm pretty depressed nowadays.

Messod Bendayan, my bad about the radio broadcast confusion. I mentioned about "listening to the game..." and went with it. Sorry about that.

GO FIU!!!!

TNGP it is pretty sad especially throwing salt on an open wound left by FIU when CPep was respeonsible for 5 TD's against the Phins. i dont like getting Belted in any sport. ive always been part of winning teams so it kinda hurts to be losing. but its suppose to. as the team grows so do the fans.

bout the Uni's. im with you all about putting some more gold in there. would like to see that. GT doesnt have bad looking Unis. so ya would like to see something. but dont want to look like GT or UCF either. gotta still have some blue in there. but ya they prob will change the Unis being we are sponsered by Addidas

Hey Pete, after every game the FIU sports web-page as a recap of the game, including MC's post-game press conference. However this week no clip of post-game press conference. What gives? Let us know. Thanks!


hey for any of you that are interested in the herald blog entry just a comment. the main reason i see that the UM blog is ahead of us is b/c of one guys cheating the posts. one sentence for post and posting randome articles on there. so no worries about the blog scores.

just a question where were you all hearing the game from, what radio station? so i can listen to the next away games

FIU fans, strides of any size are still strides! Went to a Sports Authority (Miami-Dade County) on Sat. and much to my PLEASANT surprise, FIU Gear!! They had polo shirts, t-shirts (short & long sleeve), and hooded sweat-shirts. To see more of this, you have to support those who support us. I bought a polo-shirt for me and t-shirts for my kids.

Forgot to end my post as I always do.


CJ I saw the game live on the MTSU web site for $6. That turned out to be a waste. Does anyone know if I can wath next weeks game online and waste some more $$?

NYCFIU, i understand your feeling. it doesnt feel good losing like we did. but did you honestly expect a winning season this year. we were all hopeful no doubt. i know i iwas. but we all had a reality that knew very well that this could happen. do not lose faith b/c better times will come. you take the good w/ the bad. but you take it all. dont be down just cause FIU is.

NYCFIUFan - why don't you give me the $6 bucks and I'll kick you in the groin. It should feel about the same as watching the FIU GPers play. I heard and read a lot abouot the game and some of MC post game comments and I just have to say, never have I been more convinced that MC was not the right head coach for this hjob than I am right now. I am sure down the road MC will make fine head coach, once he has a lot more experience. But this program needed an experienced play caller. If FIU was such an appealing job - then those names were out there and PG and company decided to go with MC instead. I am sorry, but getting destroyed by another SunBelt team (another winless sunbelt team) is pretty bad. This team has taken more then a few steps back. Before, i used to argue that coaching means nothing, and if you don't have the players you can't win, then I got all these posts from FIUers saying coaching means a lot, a good coach can win some with sub par players etc etc etc. I ask you GP community, do you still believe that? I think it would behoove you all to come to my side of the argument and just say coaching doesn't really make that much difference, without better players - you cannot win, and right now, FIU just doesn't have the players.

Oh and in closing, FIUmom - how does your superior Football IQ look now. If I am not mistaken, you picked FIU to win Sat night and questioned NY Josh about a two touchdown disadvantage.

U24/7, your shortsighted approach to MC is just that SHORTSIGHTED! You truly would fire MC after 4 games or even after this season! He doesn't have his players. This recruiting year will be his first ENTIRE season of recruiting (remember, he was working for UM through that Boise Bowl thing UM played last year). MC deserves time.

U24/7, as an FIU fan, I was disappointed with Sat.'s lack of improvement against an equal level opponent. However, I will give MC a grace period. Greg Schiano's record @ Rutgers was terrible in the first FOUR seasons, before he turned it around. He was pasted in back to back games against UM & Va Tech by 111-0! A few weeks later he was pasted again, this time by W. VA by 80-7! Rutgers went 0-21 in the Big East from '00-'02! According to you, he should have been fired in '01. Thank God you weren't his boss!

Just a few years later UM was SALAVATING to get him because he did turn it around @ Rutgers; GIVEN TIME!

MC DOES need to improve the team, however guys it will not be done overnight!


UltimateFIUFan - if memory serves me right - GS was at least a coordinator before getting the Rutgers job - was MC. No. I know, he was the head coach of the offensive line or head coach of the tight ends - but really, do not compre GS to MC. Second, last time I checked, Rutgers was not in SoFl where the best High School football is played. Please let me know if I am wrong about that fact. Third, GS was playing in a real conference, the Big East nwith the like of UM, Va Tech and BC, and it wasnt until those schools left, if you'll recall, that Rugers became relevant. Either way the Sun Belt is not the Big East. Please, for future posts, if you are going to make comparisons, please make ones that make sense like apples to apples and oranges to oranges, not crappy sunbelt teams with the longest losing streak in the country and a coach with NO experience to a team in the Big East.

I can't follow the logic that many on this blog like to compare FIU and MC to Rutgers and USF. People seem to forget that not only did Schiano have experience as a coordinator, he had NFL experience. Leavitt had a very aggressive "Lynch Mob" defense with Kansas St in which he was a coord. for 4 years and was a linebacker coach for two years prior to that. That defense was very highly regarded as well.

MC's experience is significantly less. He was a grad assistant and tight ends coach until last year where his unit performed, for lack of a better way to phrase it, in a mediocre fashion. They had a lot of young players but there were a lot of break downs in technique. He might end up a good coach but it'll take more time than FIU fans think, and the real question is, does FIU want to give him that time? Can they give him that time? Why didn't FIU hire Chuck Amato when he was phoning Pete inquiring about the job? Maybe Pete had bad memories about Amato's recruiting tactics from the mid 90's, but he was way more qualified than Mario. Sit back and enjoy the ride GP, the climb to the top is much harder and even longer than you guys anticipated but it is possible if you administration gets behind the athletic department.

U24/7, I've had this discussion with you or another clueless wonders that visit this blog. Lets rehash! Ever here or Tom Flores? Well FOR YOUR LIMITED MEMORY, Coach Flores was NEVER a coordinator, NEVER a head-coach, ONLY coached positions such as tight-ends or running backs, ONLY had two coaching positions before becomming an NFL COACH.


Do us a favor! Give your digits a rest because thought process is non-existent. You when post, YOU SMELL UP THE PLACE! Coaching success can and has been done w/o being a coordinator!


man why the hell are these scUM fans still on our boards, seriously low life mofos.

CJ, buy a panther pass and you'll have access to live video feeds for almost all games. check out fiusports.com and click on mario's video. also check out wkat online, I forget the address but google WKAT MIAMI or WKAT AM and you'll get the link to listen live.

ROAR baby!!!

You do know that Tom Flores was an assistant coach with TWO teams in the NFL and was given those two rings by taking over for John Madden. Then he went to Seattle and tried coaching again but failed. You obviously think Tom Flores earned that? Are you positive? Come on, don't jiggle his handle because he was the first Hispanic QB in football, he was simply NOT a good coach, those Raiders teams were loaded with talent and steroids, pretty tough to lose with them.

I too was present for the beatdown at MTSU on Saturday night. I actually drove from South Florida, with the expectation that surely this would be win number one of the season. Failing that, at worse it would be a spirited, competitive engagement. I had no idea it would over before it even began. The only suspense involved was at what point the chicken wing give-a-way would kick in. I'm sure that after last year;s game the people at Toots thought their promotion was cute and there wasn't snowball's chance they'd be on the hook for 40,000 wings. Well, at least we left somebody in Murfreesboro feeling like they just had their butts handed to them.

I never though it possible that an offense could be so inept. The really disturbing aspect is the apparent built-in failure of the game plan. That is, assuming there was an actual plan involved. I am curious to know why we seem to call so many plays that, even if they work as designed, will not get the yardage needed? We cannot keep calling 3-4 yard pass plays when we need 8-9 for a first down, especially when the YAC for our receivers is non-existent. Can we please run some mis-direction plays. The defense is at the point of attack waiting for the ball because their is precious little reason for them to believe it is going to be anywhere else. And can we please throw deep EARLY in the game, if only to give the defense a reason not to put ten men in the box.

Defensively, I don't know where to start. No pass rush, no coverage, no fire, no excitement and no energy. Is seems as if they decided it was over after the first MTSU score. For the most part the attempts at tackling consisted of flailing arms dropped shoulders. MC's secondary is paying a price for his selection of speed above all else. Speed for speed sake means nothing if a kid is speeding in the wrong direction. Until there is an appreciation for skill and instinct this defense will continue to give up the kind of big plays that led to the embarrassment delivered in Tennessee. Flemming has got to learn to wrap up on his tackles. Singleton has to regain his form from last year, and not try to compensate for other players' shortcomings. Mitchell needs to keep his head in the game and maintain focus. Parker has his moments, but is erratic. All of the DB's need to develop a sense of where the ball is and be substantially more aggressive about getting to it. Too many tips and drops with no FIU defender close enough to make a play. Too many catches with not enough defenders close enough to make a tackle.

There may well be a talent differential with regards to some of the non-conference schools we've played thus far, but not with MTSU. I suspect the greater disparity lies with the relative coaching skills: apparent lack of preparation, lack of real-time adjustments during games and questionable personnel management.

I think we are in danger of a certain mentality setting in for both players and coaches which not only permits, but encourages them to expect to loose week after week. They WILL play down to that expectation.

Somebody please tell me I'm wrong.

E-man, I feel your pain, dude. I think it actually feels worse when you're there and you're witnessing this slaughter right in front of you.

How many times are you going to run the same damn running play, in between the tackles that has yielded you NOTHING all game!! And if Younger has the arm, why don't we see any passes go for more than 10 yards!! It also seemed as if MTSU played the whole game on our side of the field!!

Horrible, man, simply horrible.

Fomentor, you are right! That's my point. To have this THEORY that one MUST be a coord. to succeed is silly. Only one example is needed to disprove a theory and Flores is it and @ the highest level of competition, the NFL (WAY BEYOND ANY college conference!).

Would I have preferred MC been a coord. before? OF COURSE, however PG has been around successful football (UM) for years. He must have noticed some intangible in MC that led him to a hire of a NON-coord. candidate. Tom Flores did inherit Madden's talented team, which must say something for HAVING TALENTED & EXPERIENCED players.

MC has none of the above. Where he (MC) needs to get on his current players (talented or not) to get better, is true; however he needs a grace period to be evaluated in order to be fair. Would you agree?


Oh I agree, that's why I question whether he will be given that grace period. This won't be the run of the mill grace period of 3-4 years, this could take him 15 years once he gets his players and the right amount of experience.

Just looking at the spread offense that is being run says a lot. That offense is designed to cover up the shortcomings of talent, but it's also pretty easy to blow up if the defensive team plays disciplined, assignment football. He needs to throw downfield more, which would require the Oline to block for a longer period of time. Obviously the Oline can't do that so they should roll out the pocket, out of shotgun formations, have more men in motion, try some trick plays. But Mario probably doesn't have the confidence in his players to do that without being even more susceptible to making mistakes.

All in all, Saturday's game would have been a perfect time to do it, when you are getting beat like an Iraqi P.O.W., what more do you have to lose? Might as well try something different, put in the other QBs. Heck even FSU put in 3 QBs on Saturday, don't see why he can't give everyone a fair shake and really see what you have and most importantly what you need to recruit for the future.

What constitutes a reasonable grace period - a honeymoon, if you will? Two games, six games, a full season or two? What happened at PSU was not unexpected. What happened against Maryland was hopeful. What happened against UM may have even been stretched to approach respectable. But against KU and again MSTU, abominable. Patience with MC requires signs of progress. Something approaching a coming together of philosophy, planing and execution must be present on some level. If MC's plan calls for the flat out sacrifice of this season, then we'll just have to endure. I understand that he has to build rather than rebuild, but has he voiced any projections for performance improvements? I'm all for being fair, as long a there's a consensus on what fair is.

Fomentor and E-Man, good points. The dynamic parts of our discussions is what is a reasonable time-table. I guess PG will decide that one, however 4 games or even this season doesn't constitute a valid grace period.

Fomentor, we did play our three QBs, however NONE showed anything deserving control of the top QB spot. I guess the QB trials will continue!


E-man, I respect your devotion to the program and FIU, you are a real fan to go to that game. I was one that believed that you can't evaluate MC for at least another 2 - 3 years b/c the man deserves to at least to be evaluated with his recruits. But the discouraging thing is the fact that we showed no effort and it looked like we gave up. THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM, I thought at the very least MC was going to eradicate that issue with our team.

I am still supporting MC, I believe it is unfair to evaluate him based on the results of this season BUT my faith in him diminished slightly from what I saw on-line on Saturday night.

Oh, U24/7, as appealing as your offer is (can you detect a hint of sarcasm?) I am going to pass.

Yea I saw they all played but in my opinion it wasn't enough. I'd like to see what the backups can do with more than just 9 attempts or 4 attempts. Just because some are bad in practice doesn't mean they are necessarily bad in games, he should have a new starter next week and/or the following week and see how the kids respond to that scenario.


I agree MC needs, and is in fact entitled to, a period adequate to develop and deploy "his" recruits. My concern is that given the direction this season is going, what type of recruit will be available? I would hate to see a tradition born which rivals that of the likes of Rice or Temple for futility. The players are here in South Florida, provided we can successfully recruit our fair share. But the kids in the program now have to completely buy into MC's plan now. They have got to start playing both harder and smarter. MC has also got to give them a plan that will give them a chance. Gameplan to win and have faith in the players. The same faith I'm sure he wants us to have in him.

quijote thank you for the info. will enjoy it for the next couple of games

so pete the rendering that i saw where it is all level and then on the North and south sides have added upper deck seating is inaccurate.. so does that mean the first stage of the project is just the lower bowl then?

o btw pete are you goin to be tailgating w/ the fans for the FIU vs TROY game?

So, anyone excited for the Troy game? I don't see the bold predictions of an FIU win. Where you at FIUMom? You people love to talk about the fair weather UM fan - but you all are just as bad, you just do not want to admit it.

crazy dont stereo type. i am damn well excited for the troy game. we have played close games down here in miami even when we were "away" against your canes. am i predicting a win... prob. not. but hopefully w/ the crowd behind them for once, we can make it competative

but like you i am wondering where everyone is at? it got so quiet all of a sudden.

Here is my prediction:

Troy - 45
FIU - 10

we are waiting for the new blog...

It has gotten quiet, not much to say, that loss was really deflating and a slap in the face of the gruesome reality of the state of FIU football in its present form. Anyone who has read my comments know that I bleed Blue and Gold, but I need to face the facts, we are not good and are way below even the Sun Belt teams, there I said it. I will still root for my team and support them (by watching the games, listening to the games, financially contribute to the university and their programs), but I need to be real, as a result…….

Troy 35
FIU 10


i dont like to predict before thursday but i like you guys think this weekend isnt goin to be the week we break the streak. ill say troy 24- fiu 10... that seems to be our magic # this year. heres hoping we can beat that number and pull the UPSET. NYCFIU reality should have been the begining of the year. we all knew it would take time and we were left w/ basically nothing

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