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Countdown to FIU/MT Kickoff

MURFREESBORO - Howdy from near the Music City on the campus of Middle Tennessee. We're about two hours from kickoff where one team will end a long losing streak.

Just learned that Middle Tennessee will be going with their true freshman quarterback Dwight Dasher and not Joe Craddock (back contusion) who helped put up 42 points against Louisville. Yes, the Cardinals are overrated but regardless, Craddock is good.

For those future meterologists: very low humidity, clear blue skies and a comfortable 70 degrees up Mete_2 here. The weather's been as pretty as the sights as a visit to downtown Simp Nashville confirmed last night. Yes, Daisy's in Georgia, but Tennessee borders Ga. Close enough.

But enough of that, before I get another e-mail from that one reader who e-mails me saying I should not write about what's going on outside of the football part of my trip.

Oh, the heck with him. If you're ever in Nashville make sure you get downtown. Lots to do.

Which brings us back to the Golden Panthers. Since FIU is such a young team, it's imperative that the Golden Panthers get off to a good start tonight, especially since they are on the road where they have struggled throughout the years.

MT is just as hungry to get that first win and this is a conference game so the Blue Raiders are going to kick it up a notch.

One thing about FIU this season is that they have always put themselves behind the 8 ball in the 1st Ocho quarter. That can't happen tonight if the 16-game drought is to end.

Let's see this FIU offense finally show what it can do with the spread scheme. Score some points (more than 10, please) and let the Golden Panthers D stuff MT. Do that and they'll be singing country tunes on the plane ride home.


Puma: Spoke with PG recently and the FIU soccer program is here to stay contrary to all those rumors, which were just that -- rumors. You can't get rid of a soccer program if you're trying to lure pro soccer to FIU's new stadium.

Why is the FIU offense so anemic you ask. It's a new scheme (FIU went from a pro-set offense to a spread with the new coaching staff). The players are young and the Golden Panthers could use some more talent on O, because not much was left by the previous coach. The play-calling has been much better than years past and the scheme is designed to take advantage of the speed MC is recruiting in players. Also think the quarterbacks need more experience. Wayne Younger got better last week against Kansas starting 12 of 13 in passing. Let's see what happens tonight.

CJ: The new FIU stadium rendering you saw is accurate on the concourse. There will be a concourse in the west end zone side where fans can walk and see the game from. That latest rendering is not completely accurate in the sense that it's a drawing that has only 35,000 seats on there. When the rendering with 45,000 seats is produced then you can get a better sense of what the stadium is going to look like.

Quijote: The reason FIU basketball is playing Purdue and Kentucky in December is because NCAA hoops begins conference play in January and there are less dates to play out-of-conference games. And I don't know about Dec. 31 being such a great date to play hoops anyway, because everybody's got New Year's parties on their minds. Purdue and Kentucky were scheduled by PG and Sergio.

Bso alt7787: Go Red Sox!

TNGolden Panther: You won't be the only FIU fan in Johnny Red Floyd Stadium tonight. The Golden Panthers are bringing fans.

This is a public service message to the readers of this blog....Could we please keep the "my school's academics are better than yours" off to another blog. The GPP appreciates your interest in this blog. We really do! But no one really cares which school cafeteria makes the better chocolate chip cookies or who has the better erasers or parking. These academic rants are like car accidents -- there will be a handful of people that will stop and look, but I think the majority of us would like to just keep driving or in this case, reading. Thank you very much.


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