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Before the Sept. 15 "FOOTBALL" Game

By now I'm sure you folks know what lies ahead this week. You probably even had the date circled on your Oct calendar since last Oct. 15.

We'll have plenty time to blog about the rematch with the Hurricanes, but if you're looking for any brawl recaps this week you'll be disappointed if you're searching the GPP. This week there will be a ton of media that will only talk or write about the brawl. But here on the GPP, we're going to focus on the Sept. 15 "FOOTBALL" game. The only exception being that the Herald is having me help out on a behavior story for Wednesday's paper. They sign the checks, duty calls on that one.

But I'm sure the worldwide leader -- who has one of its networks, ESPNU, broadcasting Saturday's game -- will refer to the game with catchy nicknames like "Armageddon II" or something like that. But the only armageddon Liv_3 reference you'll find on the GPP is maybe if we talked about the movie starring Liv Tyler.

Before we get to the Terps game thoughts, the GPP caught up with the newest Miami Miadol_4 Cw_6 Dolphin WR Chandler Williams.

Here's how CW became a Miami Dolphin last week. Turns out CW was at the airport ready to go to a tryout for the Tampa Bay Bucs when his cellphone rang.

"I thought someone was joking with me when he said he was a Dolphins scout on the phone," Williams said. "He said 'Do you want to tryout for Tampa Bay? or Do you want to become a Miami Dolphin?' I didn't even have to think twice. It's what every player dreams of playing for their hometown team."

The way the Dolphins receivers dropped passes against Washington on Sunday, Miami could have used the sure-handed CW. So could have the 2007 Golden Panthers last Saturday.

Yes, there were some improvements from the Penn State game, but FIU still has to work to do to reach the next level. Once again mistakes put the Golden Panthers in a hole. FIU gave up 19 points on turnovers. Final score was 26-10, you do the math.

As usual, we'll go with the positives first. The offense showed more life than vs. Penn State. Wayne Younger displayed mobility and kept his poise. WY sold the fake reverse really well before hitting Moses Hinton for the 49-yd TD pass. A'mod Ned gave the running game some life. Ned had a slick move on a 9-yard gain making two Terps miss. The O-line played better but still did not give WY enough time to throw or open enough holes for the running game.

WY has greatly improved his passing from throwing like a shortstop to throwing like a QB. WY played shortstop a lot in high school. The concern right now is there is no deep threat for the Golden Panthers. WY has not yet grasped the touch on deep balls. The concern is opposing D's eventually will stack the box with 8 defenders and make WY beat them deep.

On D, FIU kept showing why that is the team's strength. Keon Lattimore's 42-yd run on the first play of the game was a busted play. After that MD could not move the ball against FIU. Good point by UltimateFIUFan regarding FIU D-coordinator Phil Galiano making some adjustments. I'm telling you guys, MC hired some talented assistant coaches.

Most of your blog comments centered on LS's dropsies. Yes, they are a huge concern especially when the latest one kind of sealed FIU's fate against MD. I believe we're going to see a new punt returner this week. MC said "we're going back to the drawing board" on the punt returning duties.Etch_2

To his credit, LS did play a whale of a game defensively with some solid open field tackles and pass coverages. The kid is a Sports Illustrated All-American for some reason and his D on Saturday showed that.

Congrats to Chris Abed on nailing a 42-yd FG on his first college try, but let's not hoist him on the Rutge shoulders yet. Gotta see some consistency from the kicking game, especially when FIU is close to winning games.

Will they be close to winning Saturday's game? We'll see in the next blog.


Here's our WinaBlog leaderboard after Week 2:

2-0: FIU Fanatic (39 points), Fomenter (42), FIUPantherFan (43), NY Josh (43), FIUrulez (47), GPP (48), MRedArmy (50), 24/7-11 (51), FIUmom (52), Hay (53), yippee (58), BaltimorePanther (60), FIU0406 (64), Crazy Cane (72).

1-1: CJ (61), Messod (61), FIU4Ever (67), JMFIU (70), SouthPaw (75), YouGotGold (75).

0-2: FIUandME (79), FIU-GO-PAWZz (81), NYCFIUFan (82), alt7787 (83).

*Game predictions for the FIU/Hurricanes game must be in before 11:59 pm on Friday.

*Those not listed did not turn in a score for the Maryland game. We have lovely parting gifts for playing GPP WinaBlog.....Now to your questions.....

FIU0406: Stadium construction is on schedule and we should start seeing the east end zone facade going up in October. There are no new renditions as of now.

FIUJM: LS has had a couple of tough weeks with punt returns. Talking to him, he said it's just mental mistakes. I think MC having LS concentrate on D only is good right now for LS's frame of mind. You saw what a great defender the kid is against the Terps.

SouthPaw: Ricky Booker has dressed for the first two games, but he may not be ready to play yet. MC has said before that some of the freshmen are not ready like James Wiggins and Bryan Frye. Booker may be in the same boat.

FIUrulez: The GPP welcomes all to the blog. True, about the number of readers going up, but when they combined the Herald's Dade and Broward High school blogs into one last month, the GPP slipped one spot to No. 5. But we'll get back up next month and climb back into the top 4. I think once FIU starts winning more, the GPP readership will shoot through the roof.

NYCFIUFan: USF's success can only help FIU. Going into an SEC power's stadium and beating them was a great accomplishment for an 11-year-old program. And this is the USF that FIU had beat last season. Remember, FIU was up 20-14 with 2:32 left in the game before a fuuuuummmmmbbbblllleee.

I believe what happened at the OB last season was primarily b/c both former coaches did not instill discipline or have control of their teams. MC has done both with the Golden Panthers and the players know the consequences.

UltimateFIUFan: Nick Turnbull is still with the Falcons, but he is on injured reserve. Chris Smith did get cut from the Eagles and last I heard he may be headed to the Canadian Football League.

michael esteban: Welcome to the GPP! You might want to wait more than just two games before making judgement on FIU's new coach.


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First things first thanks for keeping us updated on our former players. I had a feeling Chandler would eventually end up with the Dolphins. My guess is they wanted to claim him off waivers or as a free agent to pay him less and develop him as a WR.

Anywhoo I think LS should stick to D. He played really well on saturday and a lotta his defense is what kept the game so close. At the end my guess is he was trying to be a hero by trying to return the punt for a TD or long yardage. He needs to take it one thing at a time.

My prediction for Saturday's game is FIU-24 Miami- 23. I stand by my predictions even though I have the worst record.

Is Coach Cristobal working more with the offense or defense Manny? If with the Offense can we just make sure he starts watching the QB-C exchange better. Something seems wrong with those two, it got a bit better last week, but still seems shaky.

FIU 10 UM 28

No one has mentioned this. But Shannon and Cristobal are 1st time head coaches, I believe that this game will be won not by TALENT but more by desire and COACHING. Does Mario have an advantage ? He knows the O-line at UCG and both QBs very well.

I expect him and coach Galiano to come up with a great scheme of rushing fresh legs at the QB and looking for possible mismatches on the UCG O-line.

Is it me or does Jarvis Wilson look more like a safety with his size ? He has more or less the same frame as his brother Kenny Phillips ?? I wonder why he is not in the secondary ? We could use his size and speed back there....

Good Luck F-I-U and see ya'll there on Sat.

hey pete i though i mentioned earlier that there was no disipline last year in last blog lol o well no copyright lol anyways you touch up on good points. as to the game ill save the prediction again for friday but... i have a general idea of what its goin to be... in the intrest of good sportsmanship i cant wait to hear what our cane fan friends have to say about the game

Argh! Miami.

Well, I think our defense will keep UM from scoring too much, but there will be 1-2 turnovers for UM to capitalize on. I see them scoring 24pts.
Our Offense will work well, everybody's gonna be pumped up for the game. I see us scoring 2 touchdowns, 1 fg for 17pts.

Final prediction:
FIU 17
UM 24

(However, I'm hoping FIU's defense will get us some points and the upset win).

I am not a Hurricane fan, but our offense is really young so unfortunately my predictions is.... oh forget it, I can't do it.

FIU 17 - UM 13

GO FIU !!!

Also, for all those people who "like both teams" most of those people grew up UM fans and went to FIU. Get over it!! We have a football team now that is working their butts off, now and lets get behind them!! Go FIU!!!

My prediction:

Miami - 41
FIU - 13

Good point Pete about the constant rehashing of the brawl, it happened, let it go, time to move on and enjoy the second and last game for a very long time.

Speaking for those of us who follow FIU all the time, Pete, thanks for NOT re-hashing you-know-what. That whirring sound you hear in the background is the national sports media machine getting ready to bludgeon our skulls with talk of the Orange Brawl, Part Deux.

As much as I'd love to hear Miami get slammed by the ESPN head again for their role in last year's mess, I'd just as soon forget about it. FIU sure did themselves no favors that day... but a good showing during a game that is SURE to get national hype could do some serious wonders for this program. I'm sure MC and Company know that full well.

Anyway... nice to see FIU show up against Maryland. I can't wait for the day we DON'T shoot ourselves in the foot. I can take losing, but damn it all, make the other team earn it, at least. 19 points off turnovers is unacceptable. We would've won this game had it not been for that. And I'm glad Singleton's apparently getting yanked. Having a gifted returner doesn't do any good if said returner can't hang on to the freakin' ball.

As for this week...

Miami 41
FIU 10

I hope and pray we lose by only 2-3 touchdowns and keep the game respectable going into the second half. What little doubts I had about UM NOT running up the score on FIU evaporated after Saturday. RS & the Canes have too much pride to lose like that and NOT take it out on next week's opponent. And let's not forget what school took the most egg after the brawl. This game is personal for UM, and they will react accordingly. I'll be happy if UM doesn't hang more than 50.

For those of you calling upset... no one would love to see it more than me... but if it happens, go play the Lotto that night. You'll thank me later, I promise. :)

One more thing, Pete...

With UNT off of Miami's sked in '09, is there any chance FIU gets on it? Especially if Saturday's game is tight, close, well-played and well-behaved? I know Schnelly's dying to get that spot for FAU and all that, and I'm pretty sure he'll get it. But do you think there's any chance of FIU getting on the Miami sked in place of UNT?

messod i have to agree w/ you on serveral things. i believe UM will put up some points on us and win b/c of what happened sat. at norman. if it were the week before i wouldnt thing like this but i dont see miami being clobbered like last week w/o a bad taste in their mouth. wont predict just yet though.. as to 09 and NT vacancy... dont think fiu will be on the slate.

NYCFIUFan i dont see a reason why it is one or the other. i mean my friend goes to gt and he loves miami to death and i see nothing wrong w/ it. now when they play he goes for his school which is where i agree that if the 2 teams that you cheer for are competing you should cheer for the school you attend. but other than that i see no reason y not to support both

CJ, that is fine if you root for both but when they play each other, pick a side, which should first be the school that you went to (by default).

It looks like Wright is starting for UM. Not sure if that is good or bad for FIU, but we did give him a hard time last year. I am concerned about our offense and turnovers, we need to be creative on offense and keep UM off balance and keep their offense off the field.

NYC i couldnt agree w/ you more. you should always cheer for the team that you go to school for.

So for any FIU fans who go to grad school or likewise elsewhere, if any do, when their two teams play you should cheer for the school you are currently attending? Flawed logic.

I think you have to cheer for your school first. Grad school, fav team when your a kid, doesnt matter. You cheer for YOUR school. I grew up a Canes fan but I went to FAU and thats who I cheer for. We never play them so I havnt had to pick sides, but if I did it wouldnt be close im an Owl so I cheer for them

If you go to FIU then to UM for grad school, id say cheer both on but when they play, you better be pulling FIU. If your not, that really makes no sense. Can you say, BANDWAGON?

I just find it funny that in a city/area that is notorious for its piss poor fanbase some have the audacity to dictate what THEY believe is the correct decorum as fans. Just playing devil advocate's here, as is my role, but comical nonetheless.

The unstated rule is that you root for the school you went to during undergrad.

Where's the baseball blog you promised? Three weeks into the start of fall practice and we have heard nothing? There is nothing on the website and no announcements after the two new coaches? I got all excited when the title of the blog was "Adhere the Turtle". Any new players besides the Castillo kid from Louisville?

hey formentor i dont think its flawed knowledge at all but i do appriciate the devils advocate bit lol fiugrad i think right now Football is at the forfront of the college world at the moment

When the neighborhood bully is threatened by the new kid on the block, he either fights or runs away. UM is running away. It's really that simple.

There's absolutely NO REASON not to schedule FIU in the future:
1. it's an easy out-of-conference D-1 win (in the minds of UM fans);
2. it's always another home game, NEVER ANY TRAVEL;
3. it's sure to draw more fans than any other UM non-conference home game;
4. it's one of only 2 other natural cross-town rivalries in all of college football;
5. it draws national interest;
6. it will build a rivalry (UM doesn't have a current rival);

So what's to lose UM (beside the games)?

You can try to ignore him, but the monster isn't going anywhere.


Thanks for the update on the stadium, I'm glad to hear that the construction is on pace.

Since Messod brought it up, I think that a good showing (close game and no brawl) on saturday could lead to UCG asking us to play them again next year, although I do not know if FIU has the date available. Plus, it be kind of nice for them to inaugurate their new venue with their cross town rival.

Lastly, I have a concern and correct me if I'm wrong. I know that the crowd at the Maryland game was of 12,000 but doesn't the NCAA require all division I teams to average 15,000? How is FIU going to deal with that?

As always,



There are many things wrong with your statement, many which have already been discussed in other blogs by me and other Cane fans. So.....reasons why NOT to play this game.

1. FIU is currently ranked LAST in college football. Sagarin rankings have them worse than half of 1AA teams. Playing you guys is ridiculous because of SOS. Yes, I know, doesn't really matter when you go 7-6, but it does if you're challenging for an NC bid.

2. Beating you guys by 50 points means nothing. People would just say we beat a cupcake and laugh. If we beat you guys by 3 points, we drop drastically in the rankings. Just that simple.

3. Until FIU becomes a prominent team, their recruits will consist of players that basically couldn't make it any where else. This yields to bad blood (envy) resulting to...well, basically last year's debacle.

4. Playing you guys gives us nothing to write home about in terms of recruiting. Remember, playing OOC games gives us exposure to areas we normally wouldn't recruit. This expands interest in the program. Playing you guys wouldn't do anything for us, but on the otherhand, give YOU guys exposure. You guys gain, not us.

5. The game between these two teams will NOT bring national exposure, unless you think talking about a brawl qualifies. Sorry just won't happen.

6. We do, in fact, have rivals. They are called FSU, VT, and if UF will stop running away, them too. In fact, the way USF is going, I wouldn't mind starting a rivalry with them either. Plenty of teams to work with. FIU (no offense) is just not significant enough to be deemed a rival.

The bottom line is, UM gains nothing from our meetings. People might say "attendance", which I will have to check, but even if true, I don't think it's really enough of a reason considering the reasons why NOT to play.

Sorry guys, build a solid program, get out of the basement, and come back in 10 years. Maybe then we can have this discussion. Until then, wish you guys the best of luck.

Don't worry about national championships, so that SOS theory goes down the drain after 51-13. Agree with your "exposure" argument totally. As far as your "envy" comment....it is so one-sided and ridiculous, and over used, that I have to answer it. Saint University of Miami and its not trash talking players...Pleaseeeee......

This is the last game in the foreseeable future between two local universities that have a lot of local stories behind it. Some people, for their own selfish reasons, choose to ignore that, and I guess that is fine. Yes, UM gains something, don't be absolutist in your arguments..It lessens your points. But, I agree, FIU gains more.

We won't play in 10 years. Hopefully by then, the fastest ever program to ever reach IA status (FIU) will be competitive enough to overtake its growing pain obstacles. Remember, it's not where you start, but where you are going to go, and where you finish. FIU is going to be just fine. Remember that.


That's great news that you reported today about Marquis Rolle. What worries me going into the UM game is our offense and addition of Rolle will definitelly help. As long as the offense moves the ball consistently, our defense can keep us within reach of Miami this Saturday.

My prediction for Saturday's game.

UM 31 FIU 10

I really hope we have a chance to win the game in the 4th quarter, but we are still too young. It would be nice to play UM in two years with our players being upperclassmen.


fiu fanatic is right it will take less than 10 yrs. im sure of it. btw is it true that fiu already ran out of tickets?

Canester, just say it. UM knows FIU will become a formidable contender in a city UM monopolized, so why help them, right? You want to make the excuse that FIU is not a rival and blah, blah. Well I guess you did not go to the game last year and felt the electricity. Also, UM has already dropped a tier behind USF in the State, the last thing you guys want to happen is dropping behind a cross city rival. Right? You guys are scared. Also, UM got a lot of recruits from other parts of the country b/c of their intense rivalries (ala FSU) so why not build a another one.

FIU Fanatic: SouthPaw was talking about scheduling games between us in the FUTURE. So I was talking about future teams. If Miami gets an NC caliber team finally up and running in the FUTURE, then playing you guys the way you are NOW would set us back. This is the reason I said to first get a solid program and THEN we'll talk. I wasn't discounting the fact that you may indeed, one day actually field a competent team. I also wasn't being absolutist, I said we may gain attendance, (which is one argument), but I said even if true, I don't think it justifies it considering what we have to lose. Can you add something that I may have missed?

As for your "Saint University of Miami comment": I'm not sure if you know this, but ALL players at one point or the other trash talk. That's called football. The problem wasn't that, it was the late hits. Check the tape, multiple late hits by FIU and very unsportsman like. Of course, I blame it on the refs for not keeping the game respectable. The truth is, FIU came in very emotional, and just didn't know how to act. I say it's because of jealousy; that they couldn't make it into other universities, you disagree. I guess we'll have to leave it at that.

NYCFIUFan: There's nothing to admit. COULD FIU one day become good? Sure, it could happen. But there is absolutely no guarantee of that. Which is why I keep saying, let's just wait for your program to get up and running to play this game. I would also think that "dropping a tier behind USF" is a bit premature. But their success thus far does gain my respect. This is one of the reasons why I would like to play USF.

Do you guys get it? We're not afraid of playing FIU, or any team for that matter. It's just that when there is nothing (or hardly anything [FIU Fanatic]) to gain from our encounters, what good is it? Just so that you guys can say, "hey, we play UM"? Well while we're at it, why don't we just make an entire schedule of just Florida teams. w00t! It's just a waste.

Also, if you notice, we recruited out of state during Coker's regime. Now that Shannon is at the helm, look at the recruits we're bringing in now. We don't have to worry much about those northern Florida teams, once Shannon finishes building that wall around South Florida.

You guys need to focus on independently creating a successful program. That obsession to continue this non-existant rivalary screams of riding coat-tails. NOTE: not saying that it IS, just that it seems that way. You guys want to gauge the success of your program by how you do against UM. Drop that mentality or you guys will always be considered envious. That's the truth. Focus on recruiting and building your own image. That is all.

Wish you guys luck this year.

Guys, only pro-thUg, anti-FIU comments are going up on Cote's comments to his aritcle today...where he assigns full blame to FIU. Looks like the U of Miami Helrald are up to their old tricks.

And do tell, biased FIU Fan, where is the full blame supposed to go to? Plus, don't take the herald at face value, it's one of the worst papers in the country and HS papers have more qualified journalist than the herald.

i dont take the hearld word... besides pete that seems to be an actual journalist seriously. and of course they are goin to say everything anti fiu. they aint goin to be saying that FIU is gold dont go to our program. its expected but you know how you should handle it... w/ class. show them that we are the classy ones. thats all. who knows might rub off

FIU fanatic, your fastest team from I-AA to I-A is a bit misleading. It isnt as if you had to meet a req. to go up or play well, because you guys didnt. We outplayed you every year at the I-AA level (FAU) and we went up to I-A together. We were around 1 year before you. We made the final four in the I-AA playoffs. Be honest, it isnt like you guys were tearing up I-AA so they just had to move you up lol you know it doesnt work that way

And for the record, when I first came on this board it was just to mess with you FIU fans, and now this board is probably my favorite of all the boards. I may not like FIU, but you FIU fans are great on this board and I do enjoy the give and take, so dont take offense to the comment bud!

So what does UM exactly gain from playing teams like Marshall and North Texas (not anymore because NT pulled out)??? Marshall has history and all but it's not even like UM played AT MARSHALL so recruits around the area could watch UM play from up close.

They gain NOTHING...besides an EASY WIN...isn't that what most college football powerhouses do nowadays? They schedule a very easy opponent for the 1st game of the season. That way they get all the summer rust off and the fans get excited b/c their school is 1-0

My point is...I know UM is probably booked for the next 2 years but after that, maybe 2010 or 2011, why can't UM schedule FIU for their 1st game of the season. A home and away series at Dolphin Stadium and The Cage(not sure if they are keeping the name, but just so UM fans can get a laugh out of it, we are gonna name it CRISTOBAL "THE SAVIOR" STADIUM)
That way both sides win. FIU gets to go against the school they want to play the most and UM gets their easy matchup. Just throwing it out there...

Andy D..you couldn't resist could you? LOL. I think you didn't understand the fact that we are the fastest...regardless of your chest-thumping little tirade here. Who won what, which game...who has an on campus stadium, (which BTW you don't have yet...nor does UM), etc., is not the point. It was a sideline point, and you managed to take it out of context completely...Geez...

Cote finds a way to rip into FIU whenever he can.. Typical.

There is nothing misleading in it. IT IS A FACT...In our 4th year of existence we moved to IA....for the existing circumstances surrounding college football, and the Sun Belt's need for teams, we both went "up" sooner than anticipated. FAU was in their 5th year, and FIU in their 4th. I think my comment is clear, and not prone to being misleading, unless someone has something ebbed in their minds aginst this fact.

andy dont worry we enjoythe comments everyone post even though it might not be our opinion. just shows everyone cares lol btw i think that fastest program is outdated i think western kentucky is it now... i could be wrong but i thought i heard that. you got gold love the name for the stadium lmao! that should stir things up

Why is there so much harping on an on-campus stadium? USC doesn't have one, hasn't affected them one bit. I guess you take your victories when you can but as someone mentioned earlier, it's more important to pass the 15k quota per game that is required by the NCAA, if that doesn't happen having a stadium means even less.


Marshall, and I could be wrong here, had a winning season last year. At the very least they won games. They also gave WV a run for their money when they played last week, and the next time we play we will be in their turf, thus gaining "something." Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all trying to bolster Marshall up, it's just that they are at least a decent team.

I agree with you, however, and if you had seen me on the ESPN message boards several years back, you would have seen I was the biggest opponent to scheduling cupcakes. I hate playing Duke every year. We kind of have to now, since we're in the same conference, but absolutely agreed, I can't stand playing a cupcake schedule. If by 2010, 2011 you've got some wins under your belt, I wouldn't be completely against a meeting, but I would have to evaluate your team then. Unless UM is in shambles by then, and I wouldn't mind playing anybody as long as we get a W. ;)

Canester makes some reasonable points in his argument against continuing to play FIU. But on some points he totally misses the mark. The notion of school-envy is at best a myth: a figment of an elitist mind. Some players do what other players have done for decades - they go where they will get the best chance of playing sooner (no pun intended). Many have expressed the desire to be a part of the building of a program from scratch as opposed to falling into an established and being reduced to a simple cog in that machine. They prefer being contributors over consumers. They want a program they can help to establish, to put on the map.

Speaking of getting on the map, let not your feeble memory forget that, before the University of Miami was forced to abbreviate its name so that its athletes could pronounce it, the 'Canes were themselves were dependent on the kindness of other schools (larger, more established schools) to generate both interest and opportunity for its football program.

By the way, UF doesn't play the 'Canes on a regular basis because the "U" has been unable to consistently hold up their end of the home attendance equation.

Lastly, please don't be too terribly hurt when FIU drops the second lost in as many weeks on UM. So, my friend, lighten up.

Lost on so many levels. UM and UF don't play because UF dropped them from their schedule due to them being scared of playing them. They even voted against UM joining the SEC in the early 90's, there are articles backing it up.

Secondly, if so many players will go to a place where they want to play sooner, why does USC keep bringing in these top end recruiting classes?

Last but not least, I hope you're back on Monday to eat crow if you really think you are coming with in 15 points of beating UM.

Thanks for playing, but you'll have to take the consolation prize home.

for some1 so anti-cane that was a very hurricane-ish response

I follow UM football a little now, I grew up a Seminole fan and now that they are in the ACC I want them to do well, except for Oct. 20th of course. You're a Cane fan so you know UM and FSU fans (for the most part) respect each other. That said, the response is correct. Eman is a bit uneducated on the subject and should be put in his place when he just mouths off.

lol ya i know for the most part canes and noles have a lvl of respect. just makin an observation is all. but it is that lvl of respect i hope um and fiu grow. i would hate for it to turn out like the gator um rivalry.

lvl = level


Forgive me for not recognizing the fear factor in gator scheduling. A school that plays in arguably the toughest conference in the nation is only afraid of UM. The truth is, UM would love to play UF at this time because they crave in a UM/UF matchup the very thing you want to deny FIU: an opportunity to gain respect. It's natural for teams to want to play the best. Its's understandable, even commendable. In this day and time it's also necessary for the advancement of a program.

I too am an FSU fan, but I actually cheer for UM, except when they play FSU, and now FIU as well. Education-wise, recall for a moment when Uncle Bobby arrived at FSu and built the program by playing the toughest teams he could schedule, and almost always on the road Canes fan will remember that the "U' was generally referred to as "the best 3-8 team in the country."

USC, Notre Dame and other powerhouse programs keep getting "top recruiting classes" in part because they are little more than factories. Kids select colleges for a host of reasons. That they do not play at UM does not mean they are envious of the UM program. I suppose UM athletes are envious of those who play at UF or USC?

Look, there may well be a number of reason these two teams should not play at this point in their respective evolutions. I DO actually root for UM and would hate to see the same logic applied to their scheduling by other schools who may view the Canes' program as presently being less than the glamorous opportunity it has been in the past.

CJ: Western Kentucky is NOT the fastest to I-A. What FIU Fanatic was referring to was that FIU was the fastest school to go from building a football program (of any kind) and then making the I-A transition. It was only four years from the 2002 Inaugural season to playing a full D-I schedule for the GP's. WKU, on the other hand, has been around for a while on the I-AA level. They won a I-AA National title some years back under Jim Harbaugh's dad. They are the latest to jump to I-A from I-AA, however.

YouGotGold: You posted earlier that FIU and UM should play every year because, if UM is going to play a cupcake, why not make it a school in your town and start a potential rivalry... among other reasons, I know, but it's that one I want to touch on.

I don't mean to pick on you, man, but I've heard that argument before (mostly from FIU fans) and, frankly, I don't think it makes any sense.

If I was Miami, I would have NEVER scheduled FIU. EVER. Of all the dumb moves Dee and Shalala have made, that one could be their worst, and I don't mean because of the brawl.

They have nothing to gain and everything to lose from playing the GP's. As much as I hate to admit it, the Cane fans are right on this one. I can't think of anything that could do more damage to the prestige of the U more than a loss (or even a close game) to FIU, save another Pell Grant scandal or something that gets them on NCAA probation.

Nationally and strength-of-schedule wise, losing to a no-name is bad enough. A low-level team like Marshall or Houston could come in and give Miami a scare... but those teams leave town and usually never come back. No real long-term threat to Miami's fickle fan base.

That is NOT the case if FIU does it, however. A local school in a bandwagon town like Miami could easily steal the Canes' thunder if they can prove, on the football field, that they belong with the U.

- A close game or win against the U gives the GP's tons of ammo in recruting locally, both in players and fund-raising.

- It gives players snubbed by the U a chance for payback, and believe me, that's one hell of a motivation factor for FIU players. See the FIU-UM baseball rivalry for proof.

- Even if Miami kills them, it's expected to be a killing. No loss of face for FIU there or real gain for the Canes.

- Subconsciously, FIU's presence on the same field as Miami gives the GP's much-needed legitimacy where it's needed most... IN SOUTH FLORIDA! After all, if FIU was just some joker football team, why would Miami be playing them? I guarantee you, lots of people (especially casual fans) will think that way, especially since many thought the whole idea of FIU even starting a football team was a joke back when it was first proposed.

- Oh... and let's not forget... many UM fans went to FIU and, thus, are at the very least prime candidates for conversion.

Knowing all of that... why, if you're Miami, do you even THINK about playing FIU? It's absurd from their point of view. Only someone who thinks they're bulletproof and immortal could allow something like this to happen... which is probably the case with UM.

I agree that the rivalry could be a very good one eventually. As a fan, I want to see it. It would give South Florida an inter-city rivalry, a rare thing in college sports. It probably raises the sports profile somewhat in the city, both nationally and locally. It gives the city of Miami something that's uniquely Miami.

BUT... for two sides to make a deal, both sides have to feel like they can win. What does Miami get from allowing FIU into the picture? NOTHING. They get a school that can steal their fans, steal their players, steal their admin and coaches, steal everything that makes the U... the U.

Is it likely? Probably not. But why even risk it? Why risk your hegemony as the top dog in college sports in South Florida? For a sports team that has the most passionate and loyal fans in Miami outside of the Dolphins... not saying much, I know, but it's still true... WHY WOULD YOU COMPROMISE THAT BY GIVING LEGITIMACY TO A SCHOOL THAT WANTS TO TAKE YOU DOWN IN YOUR HOMETOWN???

All that is why it makes more sense for Miami to schedule Marshall than FIU.

For this "rivalry" to really become one... for FIU-UM to make sense for both sides... FIU's got to prove themselves on the field, so much so that UM will have no choice but to schedule them OR give them the UF treatment, which will also legitimize FIU to South Florida (albeit more slowly).

When that happens, my friends... and I think it will in time... then we've really got something to watch. But until then... UM's rivals are the UF's and FSU's of the world, and FIU is dealing with the FAU's, UCF's and USF's. That's just how it is. You gotta deal with reality. No one (usually) makes deals unless they think they can win, and FIU-Miami is a no-win for Miami right now.

Yes, you were the "fastest" to go from I-AA to I-A, and, it had NOTHING to do with your progress as a program, so listing it as an accomplishment took it out of context, thus making it misleading.

And, we are about to approve a new on campus stadium that will resemble UCFs, and it will smoke yours :)

Messod Bendayan, you just proved my argument on why UM does not want to play FIU...FEAR. Fear of taking recruits, fear of increased media exposure in the area, and yes fear in fanbase b/c the majority of UM fans DIDN'T GO TO UM. As a matter of fact, many of them went to FIU (and if you went to FIU and still cheer for UM in this game in particular..SHAME ON YOU!)

So if UM wants to hide and say "FIU is not in the same class" and "Prove you deserve to be on the same field" and blah, blah, fine. Just remember look at USF, which started football just a decade ago, not only are they competitive with UM, they might have just surpassed you.

Also, because of your neurosis and fears, PLEASE don't hold judgment against any program (such as UF) which YOU think is scared to play you (it is amazing how UM fans think they are a legend in their own minds). Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


The UF/UM rivalry began in the 20's (or was it 30's?). It was a long standing tradition. Have we also forgotten that a trophy use to be handed out to the Florida team that beats the other 2? It was tradition. And UF spat on that, because "they have a tough schedule." That's cowardly, and that's why I have no respect for UF.

UM is not trying to gain respect by beating them, they do that by kicking the arse out of people on their schedule. One game doesn't legitimize a program. If it's a huge upset then people look, but if you can't play consitantly at that level, people just forget. That's why I keep reminding FIU fans to build a solid program independently, and stop worrying about a rivalry with UM until then.


You're missing the point buddy. What's USF's record against Miami? Look it up. Yet somehow they've put themselves on the map. How? By creating their own image, and beating teams they play. Upset WV two yers in a row, and then went and beat Auburn last week. That's amazing for an 11 year old program. Yet FIU's claim to fame lies squarely on their ability to keep it close, not even beat, Miami. That's ridiculous.

And I'm sorry if I have to explain this to you once again, but UF officials were quoted as saying "we play a tough enough schedule in our conference." You're saying that doesn't sound like they're saying "we don't want to play UM because it could be a loss"? Pathetic.

Canester, I believe USF played UM once so I don't understand your point on "What's USF's record against Miami? Look it up." I don't think that is a large enough population of games to draw a conclusion?

Also, what was USF's claim to fame 5 years into their programs life? Probably the same as FIU.

As far as UF, they do play the hardest schedule in the country (at least last year they did) b/c they play in a conference that is loaded. Now that UM plays in a half way decent conference, how many conference championships have they won? My point was, that it appears that UM does not want to play FIU b/c "they have nothing to gain and a lot to lose" That sounds like fear to me and that comment is similar indirectly to the point you are trying to make to UF's comment "we play a tough enough schedule in our conference."

So again, let's stop the hypocrisy.


Umm no. I'll try once last time. USF didn't need UM to be recognized. That's my point with USF. They did it on their own, FIU should do it on their own.

I am not at all saying we play a tough enough schedule so let's not play FIU. Hell you might have an argument if we were ducking out of the meeting even after you've won the Sun Belt or something like that. What good is playing a team (and no offense) as god awful as FIU? No chance of increasing in rank. No chance of gaining recruits. No chance of gaining any respect. This game is just what other teams will use to laugh at us. "Look at who they played", they would say. I've seen it.

Get better, and become a respectable program, and have this discussion again.

canester if im not mistaken i beileve that FIU does have a better passing offense then you. UM ins ranked 118 out of 119 in the nation. look it up. the only team behind them is air force and they run a triple option. right now FIU doesnt bring much to the table in the rivalry and i agree we have to have our OWN identity. but we are also lookin at the bigger picture is all.

Put it this way for NYCFIUFAN, since pretty much everything he says is incorrect.

Say you have a BBQ and chicken wings franchise widely renown as the best. Why would you hold a yearly BBQ inviting competitors to sample their food at your BBQ? You might lose customers, they might steal some trade secrets etc. Doesn't make sense. FIU isn't legit yet, when they prove it then they can finally enjoy the respect they crave, but until then they just have to continue to work at it.

P.S. UF hasn't beaten Miami since the 80's and are scheduled to play them next year and a return game a few years after. As Bobby says "If UF had to play Miami Spurrier would have never lasted as long as he did)." Sure UM played in the Big East, where BC, V-tech and Syracuse where top 25 teams anyways and they still beat UF in 2000,2002, 2003, and 2004 as well as having strong OOC opponents. So that whole real conference mantra is incorrect since UM still went out and raided the best. I have to give them their props, they schedule anybody anytime and if they don't want to schedule anymore it's probably because it doesn't benefit them.

Not sure what BBQ chicken has to do with anything but whatever. I think your point is, you have the premier product so why bring in extra competition, b/c you FEAR of losing business. Right? I am not going to defend UF and whether their schedule is tough and all that noise. All I am saying is that FIU and UM should play each other every year, period. Just like USC/UCLA and USF/UCF b/c of the proximity and what it does for college football in Dade County.

i have to agree w/ what is being said FIU has not EARNED respect yet. and until we EARN IT we are not entitled to it. sucks. but you guys cant blame FIU for goin after the Best teams possible i mean that like the old Fresno State Motto... any time anywhere. ive always loved that mentality. so for that you guys have to give some cred. to FIU they aint backing down

CJ, to your first post: Not sure what offensive rankings have to do with it, but yes, UM's offense is atrocious. I hope that we can get out of the basement against FIU this week. If not, we are in for a very looong season.

Here's hoping to a 55-0 drumming this Saturday. ;)

canester i was giving a sort of reality check in saying FIU has no offense. well, UM doesnt really have one either. as to your score. i think this year we will get on the board so w/ a TD and a Suprising 2 Feild goals to show our kicking game is improving. so my OFFICAL score 27-13 UM. but here's hoping to a closer score.

Andy D. You are taking this out of proportion, and understood it the wrong way. Again, it is not misleading to state a fact, regardless of whether (for some unknown and really weird reason) you don't seem to like it. What do you want me to write when I wrote that...to mention FAU in my statement? OK...here it goes:

"FIU made the fastest jump EVER in a program's history in the nation to IA...however FAU beat FIU 3 out of the 4 times we played. Also, FAU started playing a year earlier. FAU, which is coached by coaching legend, Howard Schnellenberger, and have a couple of really nice assistants, are located in Boca Raton...a very nice town full of really rich people"..

Do you feel good now? wow!

Guys, many points have been made about should UM play FIU, Marshal, UF, USF etc. Some solid points have been made on both sides. Canester your point about UM currently beating FIU by 50 means nothing, however winning by 3 hurts UM, is solid. However Marshall will always draw 20-35K while the OB will be humming with a packed or nearly packed OB for the FIU game.

My perspective in these UM / FIU discussions in the past have always taken a historical slant. That is because we forget about the past. UM's football program was in shambles in the 70's then Coach Lou Saban signed a Pennsylvania kid called Jim Kelly as a QB (remember Penn St. didn't think of Kelly as a QB, they wanted him as a Linebacker!)and a couple of other "diamonds in the rough" players that mega programs mistakenly ignored. Number #1 ranked PSU brought in UM to beat up on, in '79. South Florida football fans, whether you knew about or even liked UM remember the results, a MEGA upset by UM. As you said Canester, there was NO NEED for PSU to play UM. UM adm. was considering closing the program, however UM played on. UM went after the BIG FISH in the BIG POND and after taking many poundings they made a statement that turned their program around. So it easy to dismiss this game and to call for its discontinuation from a UM point of view, however never forget that you (UM) were in FIU's shoes once and you continued playing on and playing top program until your breakthrough game. FIU's breakthrough is coming one day it just a matter of time, whether it’s this Sat or '08 or whenever, FIU will play on! GO FIU!!

Thats more like it FIU fanatic! LOL!

and its 4 out of 5.

Andy D...Again...weren't we talking in Division IAA?

Messod Bendayan, very well said.

It's OK to be scared, though. You SHOULD be scared (Fear the Monster).

You UM fans need to remember that running away from your problems is never the best solution. You need to recognize your feelings and deal with them.

But 4 of 5 sounds so much sweeter.

OK 3 out of 4 in I-AA, and you should probably include FIUs I-AA record, just to show how meaningless making it from I-AA to I-A is. If it was based on actual on field progress, Colgate, Youngstown, Appalachian, etc. etc. would all have made the jump long before both of our schools. And certainly, we would have made it long before you.

On field program progress is not related to making the I-AA- I-A transition, thats the only point I was trying to make.


Very true. I haven't forgotten UM's history. Your very first game this year you played Penn State, and followed it up with Maryland. The potential for upset wins are there, and I won't deny the fact that FIU will one day be capable of said upsets. I just think that all Florida teams thus far have not relied on each other to attain their ultimate goal (national prominence). It came by becoming their own. I mean, wouldn't it be sweeter to beat some top-ranked team, slowly gain national repsect, and THEN go head-to-head against Miami? I mean for me, I would much rather build my image as an up and coming team, then one that just wants to schedule Miami for the mere fact of HOPING to ONE day beat them. But then again, that's just me.

I think a rivalry can exist, just not now.

And to the person who signed in using my name and wrote "I like Sebastian and Shalalalalalalalalalalalalala"; grow the hell up. You just left me with a complete sour taste in my mouth towards FIU fans.

UM also has a history of being ranked #6 in 1956 and having some darn impressive teams in the 60's. That said, they blew chunks in the 70's.

Andy D..lol...Please, don't confuse yourself with wrong assumptions. Then, you write whatever you want to write. Again, your assumptions are wrong. FIU, like it or not...made the jump, for WHATEVER CIRCUMSTANCES, RECORDS, COACHES, WHATEVER YOU THINK NOTWITHSTANDING, faster than any program. That is a fact. Period. Don't try to read too much more into it...it seems it can cause you a heart attack....and we don't want that...no queremos eso.

Where did you ever see me post anything related to success on the field?...Please, we are talking one thing, and you jump to another. Then you talk about record in IAA....I oblige (very humbly, I might add), and you, again, change the theme.

canester...while most of the times your posts here have been (I believe) not too friendly towards us....I totally, completely, agree with you about the impostor...that is a low blow...however, after how well we've treated you here, you are generalizing with those comments, due to one dumb poster. I don't like that.

you guys i just thought of something. and canster this is in regards to your valid argument of beat us by 50 or by 3 its still negative for the canes. IF FIU wins sat. FIU still wont be respected in the eyes of the nation. the focus will be on how far UM has lost. and how bad a game UM played. it really wont be on FIU and a big win. just thought id share a thought

FIU Fanatic, my posts in this blog mirror the posts in other blogs. They are as civil as you take it. I mean well when I come here, since I too hate when trolls invade the UM boards talking garbage. So I know how that feels. Just trying to have a meaningful debate. And you're right, I don't mean all FIU fans; you, Ultimate, CJ, etc. have responded very classy to my posts. Was just kind of angry when I saw that, and for all I know it could have been you who did it (though somehow I doubt it).

CJ, excellent post. That is exactly what would happen. FIU would jump out of ESPN's bottom 10, but UM will land right in the number 5 spot. This goes back to what I said earlier that one game does not legitimze a program.

i think you understand my point but the bottom ten really isnt something i would go by... espn is horrible and bias so i wouldnt put to much stock in it. but its true if UM loses the focus would not be on FIU which i hope you can agree is wrong.

I understand...don't EVER think I would do anything like that. I have a track record of decorum over the years at these type boards....

fiu fanatic, we clearly have different views on this and the way it can be interpreted. Dont worry, I wont have a heart attack lol this is just fun for me, I enjoy the convo, lets face it not too many FAU or FIU fans get as into their programs as we do.. fun stuff.. dont think I take any of it too seriously I assure you I dont...

CJ, I know what you mean. ESPN's bottom 10 doesn't always mean bottom 10. Usually the number 5 spot is given to the team that made a mental booboo over the weekend. Example: Michigan after the first game, and the UM-FIU brawl which made its way to the number 5 spot. I meant to say that beating us would give you guys no respect, and the talking heads would just say how low Miami's program has dropped.


Here come the excuses...

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