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Before the Sept. 15 "FOOTBALL" Game

By now I'm sure you folks know what lies ahead this week. You probably even had the date circled on your Oct calendar since last Oct. 15.

We'll have plenty time to blog about the rematch with the Hurricanes, but if you're looking for any brawl recaps this week you'll be disappointed if you're searching the GPP. This week there will be a ton of media that will only talk or write about the brawl. But here on the GPP, we're going to focus on the Sept. 15 "FOOTBALL" game. The only exception being that the Herald is having me help out on a behavior story for Wednesday's paper. They sign the checks, duty calls on that one.

But I'm sure the worldwide leader -- who has one of its networks, ESPNU, broadcasting Saturday's game -- will refer to the game with catchy nicknames like "Armageddon II" or something like that. But the only armageddon Liv_3 reference you'll find on the GPP is maybe if we talked about the movie starring Liv Tyler.

Before we get to the Terps game thoughts, the GPP caught up with the newest Miami Miadol_4 Cw_6 Dolphin WR Chandler Williams.

Here's how CW became a Miami Dolphin last week. Turns out CW was at the airport ready to go to a tryout for the Tampa Bay Bucs when his cellphone rang.

"I thought someone was joking with me when he said he was a Dolphins scout on the phone," Williams said. "He said 'Do you want to tryout for Tampa Bay? or Do you want to become a Miami Dolphin?' I didn't even have to think twice. It's what every player dreams of playing for their hometown team."

The way the Dolphins receivers dropped passes against Washington on Sunday, Miami could have used the sure-handed CW. So could have the 2007 Golden Panthers last Saturday.

Yes, there were some improvements from the Penn State game, but FIU still has to work to do to reach the next level. Once again mistakes put the Golden Panthers in a hole. FIU gave up 19 points on turnovers. Final score was 26-10, you do the math.

As usual, we'll go with the positives first. The offense showed more life than vs. Penn State. Wayne Younger displayed mobility and kept his poise. WY sold the fake reverse really well before hitting Moses Hinton for the 49-yd TD pass. A'mod Ned gave the running game some life. Ned had a slick move on a 9-yard gain making two Terps miss. The O-line played better but still did not give WY enough time to throw or open enough holes for the running game.

WY has greatly improved his passing from throwing like a shortstop to throwing like a QB. WY played shortstop a lot in high school. The concern right now is there is no deep threat for the Golden Panthers. WY has not yet grasped the touch on deep balls. The concern is opposing D's eventually will stack the box with 8 defenders and make WY beat them deep.

On D, FIU kept showing why that is the team's strength. Keon Lattimore's 42-yd run on the first play of the game was a busted play. After that MD could not move the ball against FIU. Good point by UltimateFIUFan regarding FIU D-coordinator Phil Galiano making some adjustments. I'm telling you guys, MC hired some talented assistant coaches.

Most of your blog comments centered on LS's dropsies. Yes, they are a huge concern especially when the latest one kind of sealed FIU's fate against MD. I believe we're going to see a new punt returner this week. MC said "we're going back to the drawing board" on the punt returning duties.Etch_2

To his credit, LS did play a whale of a game defensively with some solid open field tackles and pass coverages. The kid is a Sports Illustrated All-American for some reason and his D on Saturday showed that.

Congrats to Chris Abed on nailing a 42-yd FG on his first college try, but let's not hoist him on the Rutge shoulders yet. Gotta see some consistency from the kicking game, especially when FIU is close to winning games.

Will they be close to winning Saturday's game? We'll see in the next blog.


Here's our WinaBlog leaderboard after Week 2:

2-0: FIU Fanatic (39 points), Fomenter (42), FIUPantherFan (43), NY Josh (43), FIUrulez (47), GPP (48), MRedArmy (50), 24/7-11 (51), FIUmom (52), Hay (53), yippee (58), BaltimorePanther (60), FIU0406 (64), Crazy Cane (72).

1-1: CJ (61), Messod (61), FIU4Ever (67), JMFIU (70), SouthPaw (75), YouGotGold (75).

0-2: FIUandME (79), FIU-GO-PAWZz (81), NYCFIUFan (82), alt7787 (83).

*Game predictions for the FIU/Hurricanes game must be in before 11:59 pm on Friday.

*Those not listed did not turn in a score for the Maryland game. We have lovely parting gifts for playing GPP WinaBlog.....Now to your questions.....

FIU0406: Stadium construction is on schedule and we should start seeing the east end zone facade going up in October. There are no new renditions as of now.

FIUJM: LS has had a couple of tough weeks with punt returns. Talking to him, he said it's just mental mistakes. I think MC having LS concentrate on D only is good right now for LS's frame of mind. You saw what a great defender the kid is against the Terps.

SouthPaw: Ricky Booker has dressed for the first two games, but he may not be ready to play yet. MC has said before that some of the freshmen are not ready like James Wiggins and Bryan Frye. Booker may be in the same boat.

FIUrulez: The GPP welcomes all to the blog. True, about the number of readers going up, but when they combined the Herald's Dade and Broward High school blogs into one last month, the GPP slipped one spot to No. 5. But we'll get back up next month and climb back into the top 4. I think once FIU starts winning more, the GPP readership will shoot through the roof.

NYCFIUFan: USF's success can only help FIU. Going into an SEC power's stadium and beating them was a great accomplishment for an 11-year-old program. And this is the USF that FIU had beat last season. Remember, FIU was up 20-14 with 2:32 left in the game before a fuuuuummmmmbbbblllleee.

I believe what happened at the OB last season was primarily b/c both former coaches did not instill discipline or have control of their teams. MC has done both with the Golden Panthers and the players know the consequences.

UltimateFIUFan: Nick Turnbull is still with the Falcons, but he is on injured reserve. Chris Smith did get cut from the Eagles and last I heard he may be headed to the Canadian Football League.

michael esteban: Welcome to the GPP! You might want to wait more than just two games before making judgement on FIU's new coach.


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