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See U Next September. . . .Maybe

See, that wasn't so bad after all, now was it? Turner

The Golden Panthers and Hurricanes can play a good football game in a friendly environment, except for the few knuckleheads that needed a police escort out of the OB. Here's hoping these 2 teams can get together to open next season at Joe Robbie Stadium. Get it done, Dee and Shalalalala.

While Saturday's game wasn't the result FIU was looking for, the Golden Panthers showed there is promise ahead.

Water_2  Now before all "the glass of water is half empty people" come out. Yes, I know FIU lost 23-9, but the organization, attitude and effort that this team has put forth so far this season is a far cry from previous years of FIU football.

Yes, there were more talented players on the 2005 and 2006 teams, but the leadership was not there. NOT the players fault, they didn't have much guidance. Heck, I remember being in Middle Tennessee for last season's opener and watching FIU go right down the field on its opening drive and scoring a touchdown. The offense had MT in a daze. I turned around to FIU media relations people: Margaret Belch and Kevin Hassett and said this game will be 35-0 by halftime and I'll have my story written. But then the Blue Raiders made some adjustments on defense on the next FIU possession and the Golden Panthers couldn't do anything the rest of the game losing 7-6. That's what I mean by missing guidance.

But yesterday is history. Judging from seat 15 of the OB press box on Saturday, here's where FIU stands today.

Dom_2  The defense is still the strength of this team. Those 11 guys kept FIU in the game against Maryland and the canes, plus for the first half against Penn State. The run D held Javarris James and Graig Cooper under 100 yards. The linebackers like Michael Dominguez (picture, left), Scott Bryant, Toronto Smith, Mannie Wellington and Matt Garris are developing. Anthony Gaitor, Lionell Singleton, Robert Mitchell and Alonzia Phillips have played well in the secondary.

Is this defense as good as last year's No. 28 ranked unit? As of now the answer is no. A constant pass rushing threat, like El Monstruo, has yet to emerge. There have been many times this season where opposing QBs sit back there in the pocket scanning the field without worry. The pass defense has been suspect at times. There were breakdowns against Penn State and for a "few moments" on Saturday, Kyle Wright looked like Peyton Manning.

Fores Run A'mod, Run. . .Like he has shown since he arrived at FIU in 2005, Ned, who was Broward County's leading rusher his senior year at Northeast High, is a Ned_3 talented runner with moves, speed and ability to break tackles. Though not as fast as FIU all-time leading rusher Rashod Smith, Ned is very similar. He helped FIU win the time of possession battle against the canes, gained yardage and kept FIU's defense fresh on the sidelines. The 159 yards FIU rushed for against the canes were the most the canes have surrendered since LSU ran for 272 yards against them in the 40-3 2005 Peach Bowl loss.

Now the passing game has to step up. The system is there. This is not your grandfather's 1920's high school pro-set offense that FIU is running. The FIU spread scheme is patterned a bit after LSU's offense. (Yes, half-empty glass people, FIU does not have same type of players, not yet at least). But the system works. The Golden Panthers offensive players just need to develop. The two touchdown passes this season have shown how the spread can work when executed properly. Plus, the misdirection on hand-offs have also helped the running game.

Nobody said FIU was going to win the Sun Belt this season, especially with 68 of its 91 players being either freshmen or sophomores. MC and staff are basically starting from scratch here. An argument could be made that the previous coach set this program back a couple of years.

Having had the chance to see the way the first five years of FIU football were run, I can tell you this program now has a plan, it has direction. Canes receiver Darnell Jenkins said after Saturday's game, "FIU is a team on the rise." Was he being complimentary? You decide. But one thing is for sure, the Golden Panthers won't fall anymore from a lack of preparation or guidance.


GPP WinaBlog leaderboard:

3-0: FIU Fanatic (51 points), FIUPantherFan (51), FIUrulez (53), FIUmom (62), Hay (62), MRedArmy (63), Fomentor (64), NY Josh (64), 24/7-11 (72), GPP (73), FIU0406 (77), yippee (81), Crazy Cane (105).

2-1: CJ (69), FIU4EVER (73), JMFIU (79), Messod (80), SouthPaw (90).

1-2: YouGotGold (93)

0-3: FIUandME (97), alt7787 (98), NYCFIUFan (100).

* Scores for Kansas game need to be in before 11:59 pm on Friday, Sept. 21.

NYCFIUFan: The known oral commits for FIU as of this writing are: LB Cory Lattimore, DE Milhomme Jean-Charles and WR/QB Marquee Williams.

As far as the BCS, take away the "C" and that's what it is. I know there is a ton of money in bowl games, but the NCAA should find a way to install a playoff system. It works for NCAA hoops. Every Division I school -- if they have as good a record as the BCS teams should be allowed Boiseto be in a playoff for the national championship. Boise State was a great example last season knocking off Oklahoma.

As far as FIU, right now we'd be putting the carriage in front of the horse. FIU needs to win some Sun Belt titles like Troy and the attention will come, and believe me it will, especially with FIU being in a major market like Miami. And I would not write off the Sun Belt Conference just yet in possibly moving into the BCS picture, especially with the way teams like Troy, FAU and Arkansas State have played well lately against BCS teams. Although FIU has not won any games against BCS foes, the Golden Panthers have generally held their own against those teams. 

Messod: Can't tell you what canes administrators are thinking, but I don't think they got FIU on speed dial to play next season.

UM Cane and g: Welcome both to the GPP!

g: FIU would have trouble making roster cuts if it started a bikini team. How could you set a roster limit on that team with all the lovely ladies walking around FIU?

NY Josh: The GPP responds to all questions and welcomes all posters. Thanks for your help being the GPP's question police, but we'll take it from here. We must be doing something right when this blog is read in 13 states, Puerto Rico and we have Owls, canes and Gators as regulars here.

24/7-11: MC will be all right with recruiting. There is a ton of good football players in Florida and like they have shown with this year's freshmen, the FIU staff has recruiting ties in Nebraska, California, Georgia, Louisiana and Washington D.C. With just three weeks to recruit this past off-season, FIU got some impact players like Anthony Gaitor, shown here picking off Kyle Wright. Gaitor


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Pete, what is situation with televising FIU games? Starting this season, will Kansas, Arkansas (through their respective conference TV packages) games be televised and by whom (cable, dish, etc.)? Any Sun-Belt games involving FIU being televised? Will there be any MC radio / tv (cable) coaches show?

Finally, to all GPP bloggers that are FIU fans. We need to be more vocal outside the GPP. What I mean is calling WQAM & 790 to get the FIU voices heard! Miami, FSU and UF have a foundation of loyal fans who listen and let themselves be heard on the air ways. From what I see on this blog, we are, at least the majority of this foundation. I call @ least 2-3 times per week to let FIU's voice be heard, however there has to be more than ONE lone voice. Can I get an AMEN to that?

GO FIU!!!!

Post a time and number and the rest will be taken care of.

Oh, and I forgot. Amen
Our Lord and Savior, Roary the Panther.

The numbers are:

WQAM - (305) 567-0560
790 The Ticket - (888) 790-3776

Wouldn't it be great if the host of these shows notice a drastic increase in "FIU Calls"! Go get them GPP fans! We'll be listening tommorrow!


I am very happy to see the improvements each week. Rome was not built in a day, and our program will not be built in one game.

The offensive line has been able to open up some holes. Though they are open only a short time, it is still a far cry from last year.

The secondary looked much better against Maryland and Miami than it did against Penn State. No matter how much everyone wants to say that we were so "outmatched" against UCG, I have yet to hear one delusional UCGer acknowledge that we held them to only 2 touchdowns (one coming on a TD to RuPaul off a blown coverage). I still would like to see more full speed help from the safety over the top prior to the ball being caught.

The linebackers.....well, they are more than holding their own.

But I must say that the most improved area on the team is overwhlemingly the punting game. Chris Cook is lightyears from where he was last year, and he gets better each week.

Is it possible that the UCG faithful don't want to play us in the future because they know we are picking up speed quickly? Let them run. They will come knocking again.

I am looking forward to seeing what improvements we see this week.

I will post my prediction for this week's game later in the week. I will remain with the leaders and will emerge at the end of the season as the winner. Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss my blog!

lol FIU mom you lose one game and im on your heals ! lol i must say the punting game was very impressive... not once but twice did he pin them in the 5. thats some skill w/ some luck but damn still awesome to hear UM fans say damn you guys got a good punter lol anyone notice we almost got to a couple of UM punts? cant wait for next week

I personally am glad we're done playing scUM. Maybe one day it could be a nice intra-city rivalry but, at least from a fan's perspective, the overall experience of attending a scUM game is miserable. scUM fans are the most obnoxious, uneducated, trashiest fans you can come across. I'd prefer a rivalry where I can take my kids to watch a game without some scUMhead, which looks like he just posted bail 30 minutes before gametime, screaming obscenities and spilling beer on everyone.

At least FAU and USF fans are educated. I'm done with scUM.

I won't let you catch me, CJ!

First, thanks PP for noting the great progression of the football program; it relieves some of the pain at least.

Second, Ultimate, you can't be more right. I still listen to WQAM on-line here in the big city and they were "depressed" over UCG's performance, well how about some more perspective on FIU (hell even FAU) since we are the largest university in the area? I am not saying it should be given more airtime then UCG, but give some perspective. But you are correct, the callers ultimately dictate the topics discussed.

Third, not sure if anyone knows this, but with all of the emphases on recruiting, I am curious to find out how Michigan and Notre Dame rated in their recruiting classes 3 and 4 years ago? I would think they would have been in the top 25 those years which proves that good recruiting does not automatically result in success on the field; it takes good coaching as well.

Fourth, not sure if anyone knows this but, I have Time Warner digital cable in NYC, anyway I can view (even listen) to the FIU games?

Fifth, PP, I saw people in the stands with "Pete we need you" signs (referring to Pete Garcia jumping ship and replacing Paul Dee at the UCG), any insight or opinion on whether PG would pull a Nick Saban on the FIU nation?

Sixth, speaking of Satan (I mean Saban), this was the worst football weekend; FIU lost against UCG, Dolphins were pathetic, and Saban won a game he should have lost (do you think he has a deal with the devil?). I mean really, when I saw the UA vs Arkansas game, I had to look away every time the camera panned over to Saban, I can't even look at that man without getting physically ill.

dont we play bama soon like next yr or something?

You must be mistaken about how close the game was, it was nothing as close as the score indicated, considering an impotent UM offense rolled for over 400+ yards and turned the ball over repeatedly in the endzone and shot themselves in the foot. Take a look at the boxscore between them and Marshall and this most recent game and maybe it'll shed some light.

That said, FIU's defense did look good and their Punter is probably the best player on the team. If he keeps punting like that he might be starting in the NFL.

P.S. UM was also missing their top 3 DTs so that did affect their running game, even though they are by far missing the starters from last year who are now starting in the NFL.

Good game by FIU, but the QB needs to learn a lot quicker or needs to be replaced.

Correction, that was supposed to be redzone, not endzone.

First, I want to mention that on September 13th, the FIU family lost one of their own. Officer Somohano was killed by a scum bag who should be hung by his huevos for all to see. Somohano was an FIU grad and, from what I've read, FIU did the right thing in giving this hero an amazing tribute. President Madique gave both of his children free tuition to continue his fathers legacy. Great to see FIU take care of their own and their family. From one Golden Panther to another, you'll be missed.

Now, on to other depressing things (of course, not even close to the same situation), our offense looked down-right offensive on Saturday. We have no passing game!! Ned is the only positive thing coming out of that game, next to our punter!! I felt the defense actually held their own, although, UM's offense is nothing to write home about.

Man, I hope coach gets this offense going in the right direction SOON!

Good reports by all....Our defense is playing much better, and I have a feeling..or hope...that, contrary to last year, we will see a better team towards the end of the season, given our youth and coaching.

Also, I have to say the score does indicate and reflects how the game was played. Actually, as CJ posted, an FIU player must have just missed the ball by one inch or two on a punt by UM on their end zone with like 5-6 minutes remaining. If that thing is blocked, and recovered, it was UM only up by a TD. I'm glad someone else saw this as well. It could have gotten even more interesting then.

Close call on that punt.

First and most important, my respects to Officer Somohano and his family. It's nice to see FIU take care of a grad like that, especially one who died in public service.

While I was doing PA work at FIU last season, I was also working at WQAM. I did a variety of things there, but a big part was running board and call screening for many of the talk shows, so I know first-hand what I'm about to type.

First off, no FIU fans call WQAM. In the year or so I worked there, I doubt I got more than 20 calls COMBINED for anything FIU-related. (That's not counting the brawl, of course.) No station's ever going to dedicate time to a subject with so little call volume.

I understand that many here feel that QAM should cover FIU, since they're a local school, and I wholeheartedly agree with that. But no media outlet is going to dedicate serious time to a subject that gets so little calls. It just isn't profitable. A station that doesn't make money doesn't stay on the air. Basic free market principles, people.

This doesn't just apply to radio, either. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but the Herald's coverage of FIU has increased quite a bit over the past year. I'm willing to bet you everything I make that this very blog has a big part in that. There's no way the increased coverage of FIU and this blog are NOT connected somehow.

I know plenty of people think the Herald (and WQAM) have a UM bias, and I don't doubt that's the case with some of the people who work at both place, but media is first and foremost a business. If the FIU fans demand the coverage in sufficient numbers, the beast shall be fed. Papers, like radio stations, are about money, and that doesn't come without ads, and the ads don't come without listeners, and the listeners don't come unless you give them what they want to hear. Domino effect, basically.

With that said... do remember that WQAM is the flagship station of the Canes, so their coverage, by necessity, will be UM-slanted. Most rights-holders for universities don't make money talking about other schools. That's just how it is. You have to appeal to the fanbase. Don't expect them to go out of their way to talk FIU... that isn't profitable for them at this time.

Most QAM hosts will talk FIU if callers call them, though. Your best bets are the Big O (5-7 mornings) and Ed Kaplan (who the hell knows). They probably know the most about FIU of all the regular hosts. Mad Dog and/or Curtis are good options, too... MD's company owns the FIU Radio Network (a.k.a, the game broadcasts done by Phil Schoen & Randy Kassewitz). However, that show can get crazy call-wise, so be forewarned. I'm pretty sure Joe Rose and Jason Jackson will take FIU calls, too, but that one I don't know for sure since I left QAM before they came aboard.

Much of what I said about QAM applies to 790, too, but since they're not the flagship for UM, it'd probably be easier to get more FIU coverage on there. (That's just a guess, though... I don't know for sure.) I DO know that the Dos Amigos (10p-midnight) will always take FIU calls. Larry Milian, in particular, follows the program pretty closely.

If you want the coverage, make the calls. Start a campaign or something. If enough people do it, you will see an increase in coverage. Take that to the bank.

I'm glad to read a post regarding Officer Somohano. The story puts things in perspective. My prayers go out to his family.

Just so you can see how well we really did...
PASSING: FIU-105 (Fr QB), UCG 224
KICK RETURNS: FIU-40 yards, UCG-58 yards
PUNTING: FIU-40.5 yards/punt, UCG-33.3 yards/punt

Now, you and others want to say that we were so overmatched. Look at these numbers alone. Now remember the fact that we had how many freshmen, RSfreshmen, sophomores, and RSsophomores starting and/or with significant playing time? Let me help you. 15 starters. 18 second string (and almost all played). It seems to me that if you were so much better than us our very, very young guys would not have been able to keep things as close as they were. So, either UCG is really just so bad that a bunch of "babies" in the college football world can keep a game within reach, or our young guys are more than holding their own and will be a true force in another year or two.

FIUMom you have a lot of spunk, I like it! Also, you forgot to mention to Fomenter a couple of things, one, before the half Younger threw an interception when we were in UM territory (we should have kept running the ball) which resulted in a UM fieldgoal (6 point swing, at least) and we settled for a field goal instead of a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. Take those into account, it would have been interesting going into the 4th quarter.

You're right about that Mom, and do you bother looking at how many freshman/sophs/ and first time starters UM was playing? Did you bother comparing the stats to UM's win against Marshall. Trust me, UM has a lot more talent but they also have a lot less confidence. It'll take some time to get some of their pre-madonnas out of their program. UM will be back in 2009 and it concerns me, I doubt FIU will be on that level just looking at the fact that they have no one who could start on even UM's team aside from the punter. If they continue to be well coached they'll improve.

If you take into account all the errors FIU made and all the errors UM made do you really think it the game would have been "as close" or closer than it was. Heck this game worked out perfectly for FIU. UM did everything in their power to try to give the game away and still won by double digits. Even bad teams last year like Virginia were able to take advantage of that. It'll take some time for FIU to get there, assuming they have the talent now to do that, but the only thing that will bring them close to evening the playing field is coaching because the talent is not there and as of right now, the coaching staff has too small of a body of work to draw any logical conclusions from.

I find it funny how for most of the ardent um followers, nothing has to do with FIU playing hard (not that good, but hard), and everything to do with UM playing bad. I don't discount the fact that perhaps they didn't play their best, but it is telling how some are quick to go the easy route.

UM has the better athletes and players, in my estimation. Not always the best talent wins, sometimes the best team wins. I just don't think FIU is as bad as some here might want to think....Regardless of that, the good thing is that a lot better crop of recruits are going to be joining the program, and our freshmen and sophomores will gain invaluable experience this year.

2009 will be a fun year for Golden Panthers fans!

Hello everyone, and Pete!

Well, I came away impressed with the game on Saturday. I was not expecting a win, but the improvement since PSU is very encouraging. Granted, PSU is a powerhouse compared to Maryland and scUM, but the careless errors made against PSU are slowly disappearing, especially blown secondary coverages.

Here are my observations:

- Improved secondary coverage
- Surprisingly continued strong play from special teams and Cook, although we missed the PAT (!)
- Excellent FIU coverage on ESPNU. MC looked like an energetic beast on the sidelines, while Randy Shannon looked like a dead duck. Also having Pete Garcia in the press box with the announcers talking about our on-field stadium (even showing all the pictures we've all seen) was awesome. Commentators were especially fond of FIU's beautiful campus.
- D kept it close, or was it that scUM has an awful offense...I'd like to think a little bit of both.

- Wayne is a great scrambler, but QB's objective is to throw the ball. His first three throws were terrible, one was picked and another one nearly picked. This is very concerning to me, what do you all think? What's going to happen at QB?
- Apparently we aren't the only people who know Younger is a QB who needs impvorment with our passing game. MC was very reluctant to call passing plays, and even though this made our offense very predictable (a la Don Strock), Ned still did a great job.
- FIU Marching Band outfits!

Pete, you can add another GPP city to your reader list!

Please note,FYI that Marshall just lost to IAA New Hamshire 48-35.

By using just logic, though, you could reach a conclusion that (other things being equal)a team just coming off a 0-12 season, and starting it 0-2, thus losing its last 14 games prior to playing UM...I would say that team would have less "confidence" than the other, whose resume includes 5 NC and coming off 7-6 record and 1-1 record this year...wouldn't you agree?

Mom, FIU played hard and played a good game. The running back should pat himself on the back, he did a good job.

But to come on here and spew all these stats..they mean nothing.

In the words of Herm Edwards, "You play to win the game"..not to see who can have more yards per punt

The only stat that matter is....you guessed it, the final score.

But like I said, FIU played a good game and I may be convinced to go out on a limb one week and pick them to win.

Unfortunately neither team's site lists participation. FIU's game notes are still available, which shows the two-deep. UCG's game notes are not available to list starters. However, after a thorough review of each team's roster, I have some staggering differences to report to you. Why are they staggering? Because you seem to think that UCG is as young as FIU. Sadly, you are very far from correct on that. I am not exactly positive about the redshirts because some on each side were listed one way when I know first hand they were the other, but I will report it exactly as it is listed.
Freshmen- 28(21 true)
Sophomores- 21 (all true)
Juniors- 31 (all true)
Seniors- 21 (all true)
Freshmen- 36 (30 true)
Sophomores- 31 (31 true)
Juniors- 20 (all true)
Seniors- 10 (all true)

UCG has 22 more upper classmen on the roster than does FIU. FIU has 18 more underclassmen than does UCG. Now, I ask you. Which team is the oldest?

FIU has 32 sophomores, with 31 being true. Which means we have 19 more underclassmen than does "The Grandaddy" in Coral Gables.

Dropping in here for a second to let you know, new FIU baseball coach Turtle Thomas will be making an appearance at Joffrey's restaurant on Kendall Drive (SW 88 St. & 115 Ave) on Wednesday during the Descarga Deportiva Sports Talk show at 6 p.m. My friends on the Descarga show wanted to let fans know they are encouraged to come meet TT on Wednesday.

Glad to see someone else point out the tendency of UM fans to credit any lack of production on the Cane's part to "unforced errors." It seems they think that the only reason their plays don't work is their own incompetence. When they stumble it is because they shot themselves in the foot. If they were truly as talented, and as skilled and as proficient as they believe themselves to be, then they should have had no problem posting 59 points on the Panthers. It is a shame that even as the Panther defense lay on the ground in the fetal position the UM offense still couldn't score at will?

In a move that has characterized a good number of Canes fans over the years they continually fail to make any play which involves either class or grace.

its like i made reference to in the last blog if UM won big thats what THEY are suppose to do but if they were in close, or lost, THEY have really fallen out of the college elite. thats complete bull in my eyes... people dont want to at least give some credit to FIU. the way we change that is to start winning

FIUMom, CJ, and E-Man I don't know why you are wasting your words. Fomenter and NY/MIA Josh are typical UM fans, they are legends in their own minds.

When I went to the UM game I realized why UM has such a bad reputation, from the crowd it looks like they open the Miami-Dade prisons and give criminals a three hour leave of absence to attend the UM games (I don't think that is a stretch since the majority of UM fans did not go to UM). I have been to UF games where, ya they are loud and obnoxious, at least the super majority of them went to the school, therefore they are educated (well educated actually) and aren't going to risk their livelihood and family over a college football game. It appears that the UM fans take out their frustrations of being at the bottom realm of society on anyone they can find, even their own UM fans that cheer with them.

But bottom line we lost which is fine, our kids tried hard. I do take offense to anyone (UM or FIU fan) going into a stadium and shouting comments to the players that belittle them and question their worth b/c they lost a football game or 15 games for that fact. These are kids on scholarship that, as long as they work their butts off and represent the school and the community positively that should take precedence over winning (maybe for UM fans that is not the case since most of them did not go to the school and don't have a vested interest in the school, they just want to win football games).

Dont worry NYC FIU, I am sure all the FIU players are legends in their own minds too...legends that havent won a game since 2005.

Also, I was at La Carreta yestrday and MC came in to recruit..he stood on the tables and shouted "come to my school to play football, we have the best yds/punt average. YEAH"

For the last time, I'm not a UM fan, god your reading comprehension skills are pathetic.

And where do you think some of these criminals that are UM fans go to school? UM or FIU? Thanks, because none of them would get into UM, FSU, or UF.

And for all your blathering about UF, did you know that their fans are busy getting tasered (you did see that on the news did you not) and this past weekend they had a near record in police incidents within the stadium, specifically in the student section?

Did you even hear about Rutgers incident against Navy, or is it just selective bashing you do?

Now to the unforced errors issue. Did you know that, and watch the replay, I beg you to disagree with me, the Kyle had a man on a crossing route open right underneath on that INT he threw towards Lance Legget?
He carried the ball carelessly on the fumble as well, he missed open receivers all day, which as been the constant knock on him.

Heck he even led the their RB, Cooper I think it was, so bad with a deep pass that he went out of bounds due to his momentum and there was no one within 10 yards of him. They settled for a FG on that play.

Finally, if we are "legends in our own minds" I guess that's preferred over being in denial and having delusions of grandeur.

As for UM's inexperience, I can actually do research that's beyond a few clicks away and seems too mindboggling for some, but bear with me, it's long and if anyone wants to do FIU's please, by all means....

Graig Cooper (RB)- True Freshman
Javariss James (RB)- True Soph, not even a year with starting experience and was injured most of last year.
Shawnbrey Mcneal (RB) - True Freshman
Lee Chambers (RB) - True Freshman
(All four where runningbacks that played and kick returns for Saturday's game)

Jason Fox (LT)- True sophmore
Derrick Morse (G)- Senior, second year of being the starting lineup, only returning senior they have.
Andrew Bain - Sr. First year starting
John Rochford (Sr) - He was their long snapper and it's his first year starting.
Reggie Youngblood (JR) - Injured for about 40% of the games last year and that was his first year starting.

Leonard Hankerson (Starting WR) - True Frosh
LL (WR) - Most experienced senior, and he's really bad. I feel sorry for UM for taking him over Calvin Johnson.
Darnell Jenkins (WR) - Senior, recovering from season ending knee injury last year
Sam Shields - True Soph., not even a full year starting and was suspended for the first game of the season.

Kyle Wright - Senior. He is what he is, he's bad.

Demarcus Van Dyke (CB) True Freshman
Bruce Johnson (CB) Junior, first year and I think first game starting at cb
(Mind you their best cb in Glenn Sharpe is injured)
Chavez Grant (CB/Nickel) - True Soph, about 8 games starting experience I can see.
S- Kenny Phillips. He's pretty good and a junior
S- Willie Cooper (SR) - Third career start and the third safety on that side behind Reddick and Pondor, both injured.

LB - Colin Mccarthy (True Soph)- Injured last 4-5 games of the season and it's his first year starting
LB - Tavares Gooden (SR) - Playing MLB for the 3rd time in his career
LB - Spencer Adkins (JR) - First time actually starting.

(That's after losing Beason to the draft, and Glen Cook and Romeo Davis to injuries for the year according to their website, all juniors and starters.)

DT - Their Top 3 were out/injured for the game on saturday and they lost 3 dts to the draft/death last year in Kareem Brown who is starting for the Patriots, Baratka Atkins and Bryan Pata.

Not much experience behind them.

De - Calais Campbell (JR)- Not even a full year has gone by with him as a starter.
DE - Eric Moncur (JR) - First Year starting on defensive end.

The point of this post? The UM offense is pathetic and very young, the fact that they scored only 23 points proves that, it's not like they were out there lighting it up at all in the past few years. Don't take too much out of a game where the UM offense has problems scoring on it's practice squad.

You make a very good point, but the difference I see, and don't take this the wrong way....... FIU is accustomed to losing, UM really isn't. You can see it in their players, they still look demoralized from last year and they played with little to no emotion and it will take their head coach a long time to rectify that. Especially considering the whole heap of mess Larry Coker left them with (who, if I'm not mistaken a lot of people chastised UM for firing but if he's so good, why isn't he employed yet?)

If you really think there is one person on FIU that could start for UM, aside from the punter, then please go ahead and post them.

When I get home this evening I will post those FIU players who played for your comparison purposes, Fomenter. I do not have the time to go that in depth while I am here at work. But be watching out for it later today. Then, we will see just how much younger FIU's team is.

By the way, for those UCG players you listed as "starting for the first time" or only being a part year starter last season, it would be interesting for you to post how much actual game experience they had prior to the game last week.

Fomenter, for a "non-UM fan" you sure know a lot about UM and are always there to defend their program with a slew of statistics. So I believe you are not a Canes fan like I believe Clay Aikens does not play for the other team.

Sorry NYC, I guess I'm in the minority when it comes to being informed instead of just sitting there on a mantra of misconceptions.

I'll look out for it, as far as game experience I can look a little more in depth, a lot of the internet listings are tough to determine from on a minute by minute basis.

Why you goota bring Clay Aiken into this...if he does play for the other team, the FIU players probably consider him LUCKY considering last weekend, they WISHED they played for the other team

Spoken like a true Clay Aikens fan I am sure.

PP, another question, want your opinion, if it wasn't for the fight do you think UM would be more open to scheduling FIU for their open 2008 date? Did the fight totally kill the possibility for the 2008 game or UM just wants to schedule someone else?

Well that explains most of NY Slosh’s posts, turns out he’s aching for Aiken.

Fomenter, you might be on to something on your theory, but I still think you are saying that to justify your position. It really doesn't make that much sense to me, I'm sorry to say. This FIU team was TOTALLY demoralized last season...that program, and the players' morales was totally shut.

Point is, if there was a team with plenty of "confidence" out there, as you initially posted (and subsequently changed), it was UM. FIU, as you said, is....errr....WAS (remember...TDAOS) used to losing, yet we put up a good fight (no pun intended).

Also, as I said earlier, bringing in Marshall for comparison purposes doesn't bring anything to the discussion. Especially after their bad loss to another IAA team, New Hampshire. I take with offense your mean comment suggesting criminals will go to FIU due to academic reasons....Please...grow up...

Here you go, Fomenter. I guess you can see that overall we were younger and less experienced that UCG.

WR Torrelt Solomon (R-Fr.) got his first start the previous week against Maryland
LT Xavier Shannon (Jr) has played every position on the OL during his career at FIU
LG Alex Szima (So., 6-2, 320, Miami, Fla.) got his first start the previous week against Maryland, only appeared in 3 games in 2006
C Brad Serini (Fr) a true freshman that has started all 3 games
RG Joe Alajajian (So) played in only 7 games last year, but started all of them
RT Dustin Gibson (Jr) started all 12 games last season
TE Eric Kirchenberg (Jr) was a walk-on at UCG and I don’t think he played very much if any
RB Julian Reams (Jr) split starting duties last year with Ned
H/FB John Ellis (So) probably the most underused position on our team last season
QB Wayne Younger (R-Fr) started all 3 games this year, was playing WR on scout team as a walk-on last season
WR Greg Ellingson (Fr) has started all 3 games and is helping out with punt returns
Offensive backups on the 2 deep had 1 senior and 1 junior, the rest were all sophomores, rs-freshmen, or true freshmen

DE Audric Adger (Sr) did not play last year due to injury, played in only 5 games in 2005 with only 5 tackles, played in 2 games in 2004 with only 1 tackle
DT Daniel Chacreton (R-Jr) played on scout team last year, played at St. Joseph’s College before then
DT Justin West (So) started 2 games last year and had 14 tackles
DE Cody Pellicer (Fr) has started all 3 games
LB Scott Bryant (So) played in 9 games with 21 tackles
LB Mannie Wellington (So) saw action in 8 games at LB but was primarily used only on special teams, but then he broke a bone and was out for the season
LB Mike Dominguez (So) mostly played special teams last year but did start the last 2 games of the season after Bouie got hurt
CB Lionell Singleton (Sr) our most experienced player, All-American Honorable Mention last year
S Alonzia Phillips (Jr) hasn’t played football since high school, but is an excellent track athlete
S Cory Fleming (Sr) only played in 6 games last year (starting the last 3), only played the first 5 games in 2005 before an injury, only played in 4 games in 2004-mostly on special teams
CB Robert Mitchell (Jr) started every game last year
Defensive backups on the 2 deep had 4 juniors and the rest were all true sophomores (one of which played WR last year) and true freshman

P Chris Cook (So) only averaged 35.4 yards/punt as a freshman last year
K Chris Abed (Fr) walked on as a true freshman this year
LS Michael Davies (Fr) walked on this year as a true freshman
PR Lionell Singleton (Sr) see notes above, but had 4 fumbles coming into the game
KR Lionell Singleton (Sr) see above

Clay Aiken, WTF is going on here!?!

I'm not disagreeing with you that you are younger and overall less experienced, but the fact remains this Canes team is really young, especially compared to how most perennial powerhouses usually have upperclassmen coming in with plenty of experience. Last years UM team was leaps and bounds more experienced so you can't expect this team to do much more. On this team it's just not so. This UM team is under performing much like FSU, Auburn, and UL. Not because the talent isn't there, but because they are missing something experience wise.

It is truly amazing how some Canes fans seem to stuck in some kind of temporal distortion, or quantum time flux, or some LSD-induced hallucination. they seem to be of the impression that these Canes are the Canes of old; the championship Canes; the dominant Canes. Get real!

This team is not a championship caliber team. It is not a top 10, top 20, or even a top 40 team. This team is just another team. More exactly, this team is on the verge of becoming the kind of team other teams schedule for homecoming. This is now Canes reality. Do yourselves a favor and skip the preliminary steps and go directly to acceptance.

Rather than asking who from FIU could start for UM, the question thus becomes who couldn't start for UM.

eman i think saying that teams want to schedule UM for homecoming is alil much but they are not the canes of old like you said. but i have to agree w/ MC and Pete on thisone. there is room in this town for the two programs. if fiu keeps the improvements the W's will come it will take time


That homecoming statement was a bit over the top. But the point is that teams no loner dread playing the "U." They've lost their so-called swagger. They've lost their personnel superiority. Now they are losing one of the greatest home field advantages in college football. More importantly they seem to ave lost their way. Indeed these teams will meet again. Not on the field perhaps, but certainly in the standings. So I encourage all Canes fans to be nice to FIU and its fans, since you may well meet them again on your trip back down.

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