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Sixteen Candles

The infamy started in Murfreesboro, Tenn. last season when what looked like an FIU offense that was going to blow out a Middle Tennessee defense fell flat after the opening 17-play, 80-yard touchdown drive.

The infamy is of course, the 16-game losing streak the Golden Panthers are currently on -- the nation's longest. So is there a better place to end this misery than against the team and at the place where it started?

Sixt_3Birthdays are traditionally celebrated with candles, so why not celebrate the deathday of the losing streak with candles as well, sixteen candles.

Saturday's game will not be as easy as some people believe. Many of you have written in predicting an FIU win, but here are things the Golden Panthers must do to blow out the streak.

1) Obviously, score. Need more than the high 10-point game FIU posted against Maryland. The MT defense can be scored on as FAU, Louisville, LSU and Western Kentucky have shown. FIU needs to sustain drives (CONVERT 3rd downs) and be able to run the ball so that Wayne Younger gets time to throw. When given time last week, Younger started the game 12 for 13 passing.

2) FIU's D needs to contain MT QB Dwight Dasher, who is just as elusive as Younger. Mobile QBs have always been sore point for the FIU D (see Louisiana-Lafayette's Jerry Babb, Troy's Omar Haugabook, USF's Matt Grothe and last week KU's Todd Reesing). If Dasher is able to run, then FIU's secondary is in for a long day, because the passing game will open up.

3) If MT's regular QB Joe Craddock (back injury) returns for this game, it will be tough for FIU to snap the streak. I know Louisville is overrated, but Craddock had that offense going against the Cardinals. He is not only a good runner, but he's a much better passer than Dasher.

Was going to add that FIU needs to make an extra point (last year's game was 7-6), but let's get real. There was no excuse for the Golden Panthers to score only 6 points in last year's game, especially with the way the offense manhandled MT's D on the first drive. Offensive adjustments were never made to MT's D's adjustments after that first drive last year.

Can the Golden Panthers turn Johnny Red Floyd Stadium into a library and snap their losing streak that Library seems to get mentioned every other day on ESPN's College Football Live Show?

Sure, why not, since we're on the theme of candles, cakes and birthdays, FIU breaks the losing skid on the week of Catherine Zeta-Jones' birthday. Oh and by the way, Zetaj_3 FIU's head coach turned 37 on Monday.

Don't think it will be as ugly a game as last year's 7-overtime sleeping pill against North Texas, but it could be a struggle for points in this one.

GPP thinks: FIU 19, MT 16


UltimateFIUFan: Plays have been run for Moses Hinton, but either he has not been open or Younger hasn't been able to get him the ball. Like you, I did not expect him to have only 1 catch for 49 yards through four games, but let's see what Sun Belt play brings.

YouGotGold: I would not be surprised if the FIU playbook has not been completely opened with Sun Belt play yet to start. But you have to admit, the plays in this offense are much more imaginative and less predictable than years past.

NYCFIUFan: Here are the basics about FAU's stadium: 30,000 capacity, cost $62 million, 20 skyboxes, opens in 2010 vs. Michigan State.

CJ: Lionell Singleton will be alternating with Greg Ellingson and others in punt and kick returns. Like MC said yesterday, the depth chart that is released each Wednesday is NOT official. I've learned from Cam_2 college and the NFL not to read too much into depth charts. Deception is a big part of football, just ask Bill Belichick.

FIUJM: Speaking with MC this week, Marquis Rolle is rounding into "football shape" after missing all of camp in August. Rolle was in on 20 plays last week, but no passes were thrown at him. MC says Rolle could play about half the game or maybe three quarters as of this week.

FIUBlue82: After August, the GPP dropped to No. 5 when the Herald combined the Dade and Broward high school blogs. We'll get back up this month.

FI-UM Fan: Yes, MC has said he will wear shirt and tie on the sidelines each game. He said it is to respect the position of head coach and to represent the university well.

fiugrad78: Hey, I got baseball fever as much you do. The playoffs start next week, it's October or Actober as the commercial with Dane Cook goes. I'm going to shoot for an FIU baseball blog when we have the first bye for football which is after the Troy Bosox_3 game next week.

FIUWatch: Welcome to the GPP.

Be blogging to y'all next time from Nashville, Hee-Haw!


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Pete, why is our offensive production so anemic?

Is it that both players and coaches are working their way up the learning curve or just the youth of the team?

I can't see us winning too many games until we prove that we can put points on the board.

Also, you never gave us an update on the future of the soccer program.

thanks for the update pete.. love the video cam pats reference

Love the shirt and tie stuff. Howard S. does the same thing. I think its classy, especially these days as most coaches wear a shirt and some slacks, many looking like slobs on the field. I think it projects leadership.

FIU 27 MT 16


Let me give you a few facts that might help you put things in perspective:

1. UM admits 40% of thier applicants, while FIU admits 43%.
2. The SAT 25th - 75th percentile scores for UM are 1180-1360 and 1005-1190 for FIU. That's 17% higher on the low end and 14% higher on the high end at UM.
3. The % of minority students at UM is 43%, and at FIU it is 83%.
4. The annual in-state cost of tuition to attend UM is $33,018 and only $3,466 for FIU. That's 10% of the cost of UM.

So the reason UM has so many fans that didn't attend UM isn't because they're so selective, it's because most of UM fans are bandwagon fans. You guys just like being associated with a winner. I’m sure we'll reluctantly welcome you to our new stadium as shiny new FIU fans when we our program starts winning.

FIU 10


Whats with the red sux picture???? You should know its all about the Yankees, 2007 World Series Champions.

I predict FIU 24 MTSU-0.

You just lost me as a friend forever. I hate the Yankees (though I will always like Joe Torre). My Braves have had a down two years, but they will rise again.

ATL for life!!


Will I be the only FIU fan at MTSU's stadium tomorrow? I knew something was wrong when I called for tix and they asked me if I wanted to sit in the home or visitor section. When I said visitors, they sent me tix for the 50 yard line! I hope I'm not the only one on our side of the stadium! Either way, MTSU fans will hear me when we win this one.


lol thats the spiritTN Panthers.. lol record it so that if your the only one i want to hear the crickets behind your voice while we win this one! lol

SouthPaw, not quite sure where you are getting those numbers, so here's the FACTUAL numbers to help you out...

1. 19,000 applications --> 2,000 incoming freshmen. That's 10.5% not 40%

2. Median SAT score is 1295. Harvard's is 1495. That's a difference of 14%, no? Meanwhile FIU's median SAT is 1097 which is a difference of 15% to UM's. So I guess that means based on SAT scores, UM is closer to Harvard than FIU is to UM? YAY, fun with numbers.

3. Not quite sure what percentage of minority has to do with it. So FIU is made up predominantly of hispanics. This makes it more selective? I'm confused.

4. I had mentioned how expensive UM was to attend. So not quite sure how it takes away from what I originally said.

Also, I never said because we are so selective that we have so many fans. I said its amazing that we don't have such a huge student body, yet still have a lot of people in the stands. Bandwongoners? of course, but your crazy if you think if FIU starts winning you won't have your fair share of them. Hell, after your first loss, you already had fans jumping ship, and those were actual students!

Lastly, just wanted to let you know, FIU was regarded in my HS as 13th grade. Not a knock on your academics, just that everybody was pretty much accepted there.

ok enough is enough.. this is a sports blog, you want to talk numbers find a math blog. please no more stats of entry students and minorities' who the F*** Cares. SPORTS people sports. minor correction canster 13th grade is dade FIU is 14th lol we've that knock on FIU/MDC has been there for all time. we are a states school its suppose to accept more.

Agreed CJ. I hate when people bring up academics to justify what they are trying to say. Keep to sports SouthPaw. LOL at the MDC joke.

FIU 13

Close, but no cigar.

damn 24/7 no love , no faith.. probably only reading the stats sheets that have us ranked in the 200's.. (still not sure how that works being there are only 119 teams ) o well

CJ, I think they take into consideration 1AA teams for those rankings.

that sucks they shouldnt count... or should have their own rankings.

o btw for those who've seen the new rendering of FIU. what you think... is that a walk way on the east/west side at the top? has there been a change of design from 1 rendering to the other? and is the new rendering phase 1 or 2? Pete you think you can look into it?

Well, they will finally get their first win of the season....

MTSU that is...
FIU mistakes prove costly on the road...
MTSU prevails 27-14

Those sketches sure are nice, aren't they? As far as the prediction goes....

MTSU 21 FIU 17

I am so much hoping I'm wrong... Also, I remember when I went to FIU, UM was known as "Suntan U". I know it has become a lot better academically now, and that is great, as both institutions have grown into their respective "current" mission...but in my time, if you had $$$$, you were accepted at UM. It is not a knock on them, it is a true story.

My Prediction
FIU 16

Just to put an end on academics, FIU Law Bar exams ranked #1 in the state with a higher passing rate than any other FLORIDA school. UM ranked 11th, even St. Thomas University stepped all over them.

And that's just the beginning as far as scUM academics are concerned.

Now, Pete how about some feedback on our just released basketball schedule. Interesting that we play Purdue on the 29th, and Kentucky on the 31st! I'm a bit surprised by this, especially the latter I mean why would a powerhouse like Kentucky want to play us on such an marketable date Pete? Also, was this the work of PG or Rick Mello? I love a recap of where the program stands with those much hyped recruits.


No Quijote, stop your roaring because FSU was #1 in the state in the bar exam. Care to put your foot in your mouth anymore?

LMAO at quijote. Picking and choosing which programs to talk about and thump his chest over and still putting his foot in his mouth. Ouch. Anyways, the conversation about academics is over, quijote, at the end of the day just look at the national rankings.

FIU Fanatic, I remember that nickname. I think it lasted through the 80's if I'm not mistaken. Actually, some people still refer to us as Suntan U, lol. ::shrugs::

I hope we get our first win this weekend. My keys to the game are the following:

1) Stop MTSU on 3rd downs
2) No turnovers
3) Execute on offense and make plays

Not real rocket science I know but it is what it is.

Also, I believe this game is a real test on where we are at as a program, no more excuses or "we lost but we did X well" Lets win a fricken game, PLEASE. These kids deserve it, hell they need it.

BTW, I guess everyone on the board heard about Willie Williams, wasn't he the #1 recruit in the State? The Country even? The rap sheet aside, he did not set the world on fire in college, kind of tells you what those recruiting ratings are worth. Well hope FIU wins, and Go USF, Go FSU (I am rooting for them since they are playing you know who), Go UF, Go FAU (what the hell, it will make beating FAU that much sweater), Go Dolphins, and Go Blue Devils.

GO FIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry, SWEETER.

Fomenter, that was for 2006. In 2007, FSU and FIU swapped places, and scUM feel drastically lower. Do your research, its common knowledge in the law community. Thank you very much, I will continue ROARING.

Canester, that's right pounding my chest baby. Having the best bar results in the state is something you CAN'T buy in business week. BTW, is UM's school of nursing still on probation for academic deficiency? But wait a second, how can a top 100 school according to BW have one of their largest programs in probation??? Money can buy fame and hype, but not results.

FSU was top in the states in 3 out of the last 4. The most recent bar exam was in July. My research was done, thank you very much. Hitting top spot once doesn't make you a top program.

Oh yea, and the last bar exam FSU held top spot in, FIU got top spot once, during the February exam. More like Meow.....

LMAO at quijote. Yes, money bought us our rankings. Yes, we are such a terrible school. I'll say it one last time little buddy, sports blog, not academics. If you want to thump your chest for being first (or second) place in the state for higher bar passing rate, be my guest. Get back to me when you're not considered a 4 tier school.

My apologies to FIU fans for the rant. Rejects like this quijote girl shouldn't be considered part of the FIU community. Still LMAO at "money buys fame and hope but not results" comment. Completely missing the point as usual.

The new stadium rendering sure looks nice CJ...it does look like a walkway, in order to get to the North and South upper levels
Above the stadium there's a white building, is that supposed to be the Panther Hall?
And is there going to be 1 main entrance like the one shown or 2?

FIU 24 x MT 17

Big game for Moses Hinton

24/7...Yeah, sure...it was an excuse...w/e you say bud
You are the one who always comes down so hard when someone misinterprets your writing so I'm surprised you are on the other end this time
"Please do yourself a favor and read it carefullÿ"...like you usually say
If you do that, you'll see that it's a QUESTION, mostly out of curiosity, not an excuse for starting 0-4

"Hey guys, no need to worry about our record because I'm sure MC is hiding a bunch of great plays to surprise the SunBelt"...now THAT would be an excuse my friend

Just to clear some things up...

Of the state schools, Florida State University had the highest passing rate at 89 percent, followed by Stetson at 87.6, University of Florida at 86.8, Florida International at 85.9 and University of Miami at 85.8.

The reason why we were ranked #1 during the Feb. test was because there about 1,000 less people there actually taking the test. For FIU there was only 14 people who took the test, and 13 passed making us have the highest passage rate.

enough of that..

FIU- 20
M. Tenn- 17

if yall don't know yet you can watch the game online for $6.



Thanks for clearing that up yippee. As for you guys' upcoming game, I know I haven't made any predictions in the past, but I think this might be your first win. Throwing it out there, I say FIU by 6, but that terrible O of your's has to finally score more than 10 or even MT will beat you.

Good luck.


I don't want you to be confused anymore.

The statistics I quoted were from the 2008 U.S. New and World Report College Rankings. Go look them up for yourself instead of hoping they're not true.

And go back and read your original post in PP's last blog--you're main point was that UM has a larger fan following than FIU despite being "as selective as UM". My points were that UM has such a large fan following not because they are selective (they are only marginally more selective than FIU), but because their fans want to cling on to a winner to make themselves feel better about themselves (take a look inside yourself, I'm sure you do too).

I referenced the percentage of minority students who attend each universtiy (UM 43% and FIU 83%)to further show that the gap between the SAT scores of the entering students is even smaller--these tests are agrued to be culturally biased.

And I brought up the cost to attend each university to show how economically silly it is to attend UM when there's virturally no difference in academics with FIU (and as many on this blog know, FIU far surpasses UM in many colleges of study). The only thing that a differential in cost of 10 times that of FIU does is make UM students go to extraordinary lengths to justify how good their school is. So regardless of what you or your friends thought of FIU in high school, FIU is what it is. You can quote high school opinions, I'll quote facts.

Yippee, thx so much, I will check it out.

Watching the USF game, I can't help but see that if USF can ascent so high, why can't FIU? USF has not only supplanted UM in the top 3 they are in the top 2 (right now USF and UF are the only Florida teams in the NC picture) and similarly to FIU, USF is a commuter school (I wonder if the people of Tampa consider USF "13th grade" because it is a commuter school? Oh by the way, not sure what tier UM is but I can tell you one thing if my kid is staying in Miami I am not putting down that type of dough for that education, and if my kid wanted to go to a private school, it sure as hell wouldn't be at UM. If I have to spend that money, the school better be Ivy League which UM is not. Another point, if my kid is smart enough to get a scholarship, they are smart enough not to go to UM). But I digress, USF shows what a solid college football program can do for a university community (students, faculty, and alumni).

Also, I did some research and according to rivals.com if I am reading this right USF recruiting classes for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 were ranked 61, 43, 50, and 59 respectively. UM's recruiting class for that same period was 5, 4, 7, and 14. Again, just want to emphasis this point for the people who argue "what top recruit would go to FIU?" and who automatically associate recruiting with success on the field. Well, what top recruit would go to USF 4 or 5 years ago? Recruiting is an aspect, but so is coaching.

GO FIU!!!!!!!!

SouthPaw, you got it all wrong. My original post in the last blog was directed to those who scoff at Miami because we have fans that never went to our school. I wasn't trying to compare fan following between our schools other than the fact that you have a much larger student body/alumni base than we do, but can't even muster 15,000 fans in the stands. I also pointed out to the fact that if only currents students went, we couldn't even fill up the west end zone.

The point being, we have garnered the respect of S. Fl (if you want to say because we win, it only strengthens my point) because we have built a solid program. It's a lose lose in your eyes for us. If only students went, you'd laugh that we can't sell out our stadium, or that noone outside of the U cares about our program. If more people show up, you call them bandwagoners, and scoff at our program for having them. Personally, I don't care, because all I care about is fan support. If it takes winning to put those butts in the stands, guess we're going to have to continue the tradition.

Please, please, please, don't utter that horse manure about culturably biased exams. I am Cuban American, along with many of my friends, and that didn't stop us from getting solid scores on our SAT's. The bottom line stands, FIU is a mecca for S.Fl residents, which happens to be predominantly hispanic. There is nothing else to read between the lines.

All the money in the world does not give you higher rankings. If you want to go program by program to see who gets higher honors, we can. But whichever way you wish to slice it, UM is ranked 52 in the nation in overall academics. FIU stands unranked in the middle of the 4 tier category. I don't need HS opinions to tell you that, this is a FACT.

We can go back and forth all day about what you and I mean by "selective." The bottom line still stands, UM only has 15,000 currently enrolled undergraduate students. The OB seats 72,000. So I'll just stick to what I orginally said; looking at the disparity between number of students, and people that actually go to games, our fan support should not be something to scoff at, but actually envied, because it came with a hefty price tag - several national championships.

If you don't think that won't happen for FIU, another school residing in a fickle fan base, you're just living in denial.

I hope that clears it up for you.

On a side note, I've been a fan of the U since I was 6 ('88 season), and have followed them all the way through. Never missed a home game when I went there, and still try to make it to games today. Them winning doesn't make me feel better about myself, but it does make me proud of my alma mater.

NYCFIUFan, why the hate? You really mean to tell me that if your kid got a full schollie you wouldn't want him going to the U? Well, I mean, if my kid got a full scholarship I would want him to go anywhere he likes ('cept VT, can't stand all the love they get here in Richmond). Serious question, if your kid got a full ride to UM and FIU, which one would you hope he chooses?

Canester, your pride in your institution of higher learning is admirable. I only wish more Golden Panther, hell even SunBlazer (FIU's original mascot) alumni or fans would show that level of commitment. Still in reading your post, you kind of implied that Miami is "close" or "closer" to Harvard levels. I must entirely disagree. Neither Miami, FIU, UCF, USF, FSU nor even the mighty UF is even on Harvard's radar screen. For God sakes Princeton isn't Harvard! UM's 81 year history has been a colorful one. UM has been known as "Sun tan U", due to the fact the wealthy northeastern kids who had NO chance at the IVY League universities could easily always get into University of Miami. Then the whole "thug" thing took over in the eighties and has never been forgotten. "Academic reputation" is not a phrase affiliated with UM. It never has been.

The school rankings you mentioned is largely due to effective fundraising and major govt. grants for UM med school. These are good for UM, however you must understand that very young school building professional schools like Law, Medicine, etc.take longer to earn those grants. So there exist a bias in these ranking toward an established schools with a history.

I am 2-time FIU graduate and believe that as FIU continues to develop at this unprecedented pace, UM is going to be forced to "up-the-ante" and get better themselves. Canester this helps ALL of South Florida! Case in point, look @ LA. UCLA and USC push each other to greatness. That is what we should do.

GO FIU!!!!!

I would have, I did, and I will hope my kid selects FIU....My brother was a Communications major and he selected Syracuse and its renowned Newhouse School of Public Communications. I had the choice of going to UM or FIU, and selected FIU's renowned School of Accounting.

I had friends, and this is a fact, that had to drop out of FIU's tough Accounting program...some really wanted to study accounting, had to transfer out of FIU, and graduated with pretty good grades from UM...that's an honest, true story.

Regardless of that, I would be happy with either one, if my kid had a choice and a free ride for education. I know UM is a fine institution with many fields where it excels, and some that superates FIU. When you come to think about it, this is all silly to make arguments for either side....Both are good, especially in certain fields...Period.

Well said FIU Fanatic. Additionally, the type of study you wish to focus on should play greatly on what university you ultimately choose to go to.

UltimateFIUFan, I agree. I was being facetious, pointing to the fact that SAT scores and percentages from each other means jack. Obviously median SAT scores and how they relate to others is not a good method of comparison. I was just trying to sarcastically say his argument about SAT scores is mute. Though most Cane fans don't like her, Shalala has in fact done great things to improve our academic reputation, and we hope to one day be respected for it.

Once again, my posts weren't at all to talk about academics. It kind of went that way because SouthPaw and then Quijote misunderstood where I was going with it. Just wanted to focus on number of students and number of people in stands - that is all. Good night.

NYCFIUFan, no need to check my facts out, I work at the Law School admissions office. I feel like a broken record saying the information all the time...

Wow NYC,
If I could post a picture of me laughing at you and your lack of football IQ I would. USF is in the Top 2? They play in the Big Least. They wouldn't beat FSU or UM, as was evident when UM played them two years ago and spanked them with their worst coach since the Pre Lou Saban era. USF has beat nobodies. Wva. is not a top 10 team, and neither was UL, as they have proved (I know, they beat a bad, overrated 4 loss Georgia team in their bowl game). And USF beat a bad Auburn team, which just lost a few weeks ago to Miss. St. (who was spanked by LSU 45-0). It's pretty obvious UM's problem was Coker (Bring on the arguments of him being a good guy, but if he was so good why is he still unemployed?).

No offense, but stick to your banter about how college tuition means all, despite the OBVIOUS reason that barely anyone outside of Fl knows who FIU is as opposed to UM. Yes, college education has become nationally uniform, so what do people pay for? Name recognition and networking. Do you really think that they teach things in IVY league schools that they don't teach at UM, FSU, or FIU? Of course not, so why is it Harvard grads starting pay is twice as much as the aforementioned schools? Name recognition and networking. You get what you pay for, and outside of FL, especially south florida, not many know who FIU is or where they are located. Oh yes, I forgot to mention how a majority of UM's student are on some type of academic scholarship.

By the way, as much work as it has taken USF and UCF, there's only so much talent in South Fla. to go around and those two schools still get last pick, so what makes you think their rise to mediocrity is as attainable for FIU? FIU is currently 6th in the state at picking recruits and they just missed out by letting UM snag Andrew Smith from Coconut Creek. Kudos to Howard for recognizing and recruiting him, that kid is a future stud.

P.S. with the current Dean FIU has at their law school, they have nothing but the best set in front of them considering he was the head of the ABA accreditation board and is probably the most qualified person to start a law school, the question is, who replaces him once he leaves? (He is in his mid 60's and has about another 5 years max left in him)They better establish a reputation to rival UM's prestigious reputation in the south florida community if they expect to stay out of the lower tiers.

Fomenter, WVU has to Heisman candidates, and USF shot them down, and they where rank 4 at the beginning of the season, and they were 5 yesterday. The only 2 Florida schools ranked are the mighty Gators and the bulls. It is funny that you are making fun of the Big East, considering that when ucg was a power house that was they were in that conference.

I respect everybody's opinion, but Fomenter, give USF some credit!!! USF can definitely beat FSU and UM and you can't put them in Big 3 school in the state of Florida? WOW!!! You sound like a smart guy but that comment about "Big Least" was unneccessary. USF even beat SEC opponent this year.

Fomentor, national recognition does give you a name, however its a double edge sword. Columbine, Charles Manson have name recognition, however you wouldn't want to be affiliated with a place where a horrible event occurred or with a mass murderer. I repeat, in the discussion of great academic private universities you can mention Ivy League schools, Duke, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Stanford plus some other private institutions NOT Miami. U. of Miami is known for great football in the past (5 NCs), MANY questionable characters on the team and several run-ins with the law. The word "academics" is not synonymous with UM. The UM law school is NOT top tier (look it up), UM med school is! Overall, UM is academically "middle-of-the-road".

Back to USF, UM fans you have to give them (Bulls) their due. They just beat the 5th ranked team in WVA. This will move USF from 18th to possibly 12-14th nationally. They looked fast athletic and disciplined. USF is no Texas A&M, they looked much better. I always post about my FIU Golden Panthers, however this morning post is a salute to the USF Bulls!


So 4 turnovers in a game and recovering 6 turnovers from a team that is always overrated but only managing 21 points is "disciplined" football? Make no mistake, they are a good team and I don't wish to take much away from them, but if anyone here really thinks that West Virginia is a top 10 team just doesn't understand football. This is the same type of thinking that anointed UL as a national title contender, until they ran into the likes of ...... Syracuse? Pat White is a Heisman contender? Seriously I need to pose it as a question because what here makes him so, maybe it's the same thing that made Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Jason White and Troy Smith a Heisman winner. Being a media darling doesn't mean you are actually that good. USF beat them last year when they were ranked #7 at the time, it should only fortify the doubts people had about West Vir.'s team and how their gimmicky offense stacks up, especially against a good fast defense. Heck even look at the yards in the game, if USF would have played against teams likes Oklahoma, USC, LSU or UF the game would have been over by halftime.

Yes, UM was a powerhouse in the Big East, then they took the top two schools under them to the ACC. Funny how the Big East's top schools where very average until their league was cherry picked. But UM also and still does play anyone, anytime, if not I would have called them overrated too. Wasn't there some stat last night that showed how West Virg.'s schedule was #112 (or 102, can't quite remember right now) in SOS? Speaks volumes right there.

As far as what UM is known for, in the Miami area, they have nothing but respect and when you do leave and say you went to school there people don't respond with a "huh"? And UM is a top Tier law school (look it up, and please do so properly this time) since there is Top Tier, 3rd Tier and 4th Tier. UM has a very good reputation in the legal community and outside of Florida it's very good as well (Current President of the Florida Bar is Frank Angones, UM grad).

BTW, Georgia Tech isn't ivy league but they have a very good program.

I ignored NYC's comment the first time, but since it got brought up again...people on here who seriously think USF has surpassed UM and FSU are either just blinded by hate, or know nothing about football. One or two games does NOT make a program. So USF beat an overrated WVU team. Good for them, but that's enough to crown them in the top 3? This is the exact reason why Miami players are licking their chops to play them. Come 2009 we'll set these arrogant Bull players back in their place. Hell, I wish our records work out so that we play against them this year in a bowl game.

They've made some great strides, but barely beating highly overrated teams doesn't impress me. 10 turnovers in a game and still only 21-13?! Terrible football being played right there.

Fomentor, we'll agree to disagree on UM academics credentials. Lets stick to sports talk! Remember being a Heisman winner or candidates doesn't always translate to being great (specially physically) at your position. You mentioned a few good examples, however left one out. Gino Toretta from UM. He won the Heisman because of who was around him, definitely not because of his skill. Was he drafted? Maybe in the later rounds. However, Gino was a great college QB in a talent loaded team. So being a Heisman candidate usually involves that players situation of how talented his team mates are.

About FIU, today I believe is FIU's big chance to get in the "WIN" column as former Marlin announcer Joe Angel use to say!

Lets get one for MC and Golden Panthers!!!

GO FIU!!!!!

Time will tell folks...As for FIU Law garnering some reputation before current dean leaves...they are. Give it times folks...Amazing that FIU Law...as well as FIU Football...has only being in existence 5 full years....THAT IS ONLY 5 YEARS!!! It has already done some marvelous things in such a short period of time...Give it time...Time will tell...

Hey Canester...

#5 W. Virginia 13
#18 USF 21

#88(est) Duke 14
#32(est) scUM 24

#119(est) FIU 10
- scUM 23

#4 Oklahoma 51
scUM 13

Clearly, RIGHT NOW, USF is WAY ahead of scUM and FSU. Give them props, they've done an incredible job in such a short period of time. scUM had a good run, but their days of domination are over, and won't be back for the foreseable future. If you make any other claim, you are then in clear disbelief.

Wow, great showing by UM against Duke. I know some Canes fans were sweating the last 5 minutes of that game. Duke had the ball on UM's 35 yard line.

USF would definitely beat UM. Too bad they got to wait to year 2009 to play them. I don't know how some UM fans thought they can play USF in a BCS game. USF might be ranked in top 10 at the end of the year.

FIU, you go and get your first win tonight!

Fomenter and Canester are typical UM fans. Guys, let me ask you a question, what does George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and UM's 5 NC have in common? Answer; they are history.

Fomenter, your comment "By the way, as much work as it has taken USF and UCF, there's only so much talent in South Fla. to go around and those two schools still get last pick, so what makes you think their rise to mediocrity is as attainable for FIU?" Did you read my comment concerning the historical recruiting rankings? Obviously not. If you use that barometer, cancel the college football season and give Notre Dame the championship.

Canester, as far as your comment "You really mean to tell me that if your kid got a full schollie you wouldn't want him going to the U?" YES, that is actually what I am saying (a legend in their own minds, a legend in their own minds).

Unreal, the Canes can't face the facts, how did USF look against an "overrated" WV? How did UM look against, I guess, an "underrated" Duke? To me, Texas A&M were more overrated then WV. The ones who are licking their lips are USF not UM. Also, Canes fans refer to the game that UM beat USF 3 years ago. Are you fricken kidding me (again History)? Ok, I guess b/c UM beat OU in '88 I guess UM should have beaten OU last month, but of course, they did not.

It could, and has happened at USF, it can happen to FIU. For all you FIU students and alumni in Canes clothing......how do you look yourself in the mirror, your selfloathing is so sad.....so sad.

Wow, three ridiculously uninformed posts in a row. Nice.

Quijote, you bring up one game where USF plays and beats WVU, and then point out 3 UM games and their scores. Am I missing something? How does one game relate to another, and how does that make team A better than team B? Until USF plays and consistantly beats UM, you cannot conclude they have surpassed jack. I have always given them credit, and in one blog on here, I even said I respected them. You're rant, just like yourself, is worthless.

FIUJM, USF scored an amazing 21 points on the WVU D. Marshall, yes that very same Marshall we held to 3 points, scored 23 points. Their D is terrible, and even with the help of 6 turnovers, only got 21 points. So, see above why you still can't crown them in the big 3.

NYCFIUFan, Fomenter is not a UM fan. He's only said it about 500 times in these blogs. The reason USF is doing so well, even without great recruits, is because of coaching. The jury is still out on your coach. No other comment. FIU Fanatic had answered my question, very eloquently I might add. Your response, however, shows the ignorance and blind hatred that exists with some of you out there. If my kid got a full ride to any unviersity, so long as that university isn't a sh*thole, I would be happy. FIU and UM have fine academic programs, you sir, are a moron.

Lastly, was this a pretty win? Absolutely not. Duke has now played us tough two years in a row. But before you start crowing the teams in the big 3, perhaps you should wait until the end of the season to reflect on this season's accomplishments, or failures. USF just one a good game, still a long way to go before they win something of significance.

I wish you guys luck this evening, and hopefully you score more than 10 points tonight.

Canester, you are ridiculous. UM and USF does not play each other each year. So b/c UM beat USF THREE YEARS AGO, what does that conclude? Should the pollsters count that in this year's ranking? According to you it should, from your idiotic comment "Until USF plays and consistently beats UM, you cannot conclude they have surpassed jack." Living in the past, pathetic. They are ranked ahead of you, undefeated, and in contention for a national championship, UM is not, get over it.

Fomenter I know has stated he is not a UM fan, but I believe that like I believe that OJ is innocent, Iraq had WMDs, and the only thing Senator Craig wanted to do in that Minneapolis bathroom was pinch a loaf.
Your other comment "USF scored an amazing 21 points on the WVU D. Marshall, yes that very same Marshall we held to 3 points, scored 23 points. Their D is terrible, and even with the help of 6 turnovers, only got 21 points" is really pathetic. One thing has nothing to do with another.

NYCFIUFan, thank you for proving my point. AT THE MOMENT, the big 3 includes UF, FSU, and UM. Period. You cannot take away that, or state "USF has surpassed UM and FSU" without them going head to head. Starting in 2009, UM will play USF 5 straight. AT THAT TIME we will see how they are head to head, as well as how the respective programs are doing.

You just said it, three years ago is in the past. Well, so was last season. At the moment USF is 4-0 and UM is 4-1. AT THE END of the season (like I originally said) we can reflect on this season's accomplishments and better gauge who the big 3 are. But even then, until USF plays UF, FSU, and/or UM, you cannot take away anyone's title.

Lastly, rankings don't mean jack, especially this early in the season. Michigan, Penn State, Texas, all getting respect and then being exposed. Just that simple. Start talking when USF wins the Big East, and then their BCS bowl, till then, all you're doing is trying to get a rise out of UM and FSU fans.

OK so if UF, UM, and FSU went 0-12 and USF were 12-0 or 11-1, they would not be in the top 3 since USF does not play any one of those 3 even though they play in a BCS conference. Get real man!

IF the big 3 suddenly went 0 and 12, then something really wrong is going on in the state of Florida. If that happens, and USF goes 12-0 and plays in a BCS bowl, and wins it, then you would have a serious argument for them being in the top 3. But personally, one season never never never is indicative of any trend. You have to play consistantly at that level (the big 3 going 0-12 and USF going 11-1) to change my mind.

Like I've always said, one season is never enough, because football is always cyclical. Just that simple. And like I said, starting in 2009, USF will be playing at least one of those 3. No excuses on my end at that point.

So until 2009, USF has not proven anything until they play UM. Legends in your own mind, legends in your mind.

lol. Legends in whose mind? What stake do you have in crowning USF one of the big 3? Your contempt for UM would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

You are the UM fan on an FIU blog. Your contempt is sad.

How so? I've wished you guys nothing but success (except against us). I even have you guys winning tonight. What contempt do I have for your program?

I go on all blogs related to anything about South Florida (dolphins, heat, UM, and now recently FIU) because I like seeing what's going on in the state. The only one with contempt is yourself.

You're arguing with a New Yorker, not exactly the pinnacle of civilization. So much for my Big Least argument, oh wait mediocre Maryland just beat Rutgers, the class of the Big East according to pundits like Herbstreit, at Rutgers and mediocre Virginia is busy shellacking Pitt. The Big Least is the Big Least, as UL, West Va., and Rutgers have proved.

Fomenter, good game for you guys. Not a fan of FSU, but loved how after every TD they would focus on Saban's face. Ah, priceless.

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