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There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home

A couple of items make up our title for this latest installment of the GPP.

First of all for the sake of FIU athletics, hopefully PG is thinking this line from the Wizard of Oz: Ozz "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."

Dorothy's home is Kansas and that's where the Golden Panthers are headed on Saturday. More on the FIU/Kansas game in a second.

Not sure how serious the Pitt thing is and only PG knows. But PG has always talked about how he likes to build things. He sees FIU as an athletic monster ready to erupt, because of all the local talent in South Florida. He's also very fond of living in South Florida.

If you think about it, FIU is a perfect set-up to build a college athletic powerhouse. Your backyard is one of the hotbeds, if not the best hotbed for recruiting. FIU is a state university where you can get those walk-ons or hidden gems on your teams, because it's only about $3,000 to go there. I'm sure Turtle Thomas is stocking up on those players as we speak. (More on TT's radio interview later). And FIU is in Miami, which is not only a major market, but is an attraction itself for recruits. FIU is a major Division I university in South Florida. I remember asking PG last year about the number of coaches that applied for the FIU football and baseball jobs before MC and TT were hired. And PG said everyday he received a ton of inquiries about the jobs. The point is: the FIU adminstration needs to wake up and smell the Cafe coffee PG is brewing and the potential FIU sports has.

Now all of the above, doesn't mean squat for PG or for that matter anyone else interested in FIU, if Pres. Maidique and the rest of the FIU administration do not fulfill the committment they made to PG when he was hired last October. I could be wrong, but the Pitt thing is NOT about money for PG's wallet. It is more about $$$$upport for the athletic programs at FIU.

TheFIUFan made very valid points in his post on the last blog. One of which was the impact athletics have on a university. Obviously, that has not been the previous case with FIU, because of a previous inept athletic administration. Now that FIU has someone (PG) that knows how to run a Top 25 Division I athletic department, moves (hiring & firing of coaches) have been made to establish a winning culture and build FIU athletics.

If the FIU administration does not recognize this and does not give the support to the new FIU athletic department, then THEY ARE 2 BLAME if PG bolts. Because unlike some posts on the last blog, I believe to have a top-notch Top 25 Division I athletic department, you need a strong AD and not just a figurehead. This is a moment of truth for FIU's administration to show how serious they are about athletics.

Redsoz_2 Let's have Dorothy take us back to Kansas.

On paper it looks like another mismatch for FIU, but outside of the 2nd half at Penn State, the Golden Panthers have held their own this season.

KU is a 32.5-point favorite and has averaged 53 points in its 3 games. However, I believe like Messod pointed out the Jayhawks have not faced as good a D as FIU's. But the big hiccup to this game is FIU's offense and scoring points. The Golden Panthers have yet to prove they can throw the ball with consistency.

Around KU, there is a t-shirt about KU coach Mark Mangino (picture, right) that reads: "Our Coach Can Outeat YourMang Coach". In this case, Mangino's team can also outscore MC's team.................GPP thinks: KU 42, FIU 13.

On to the diamond....tuning into Descarga Deportiva yesterday, FIU baseball coach Turtle Thomas was on there. Here are some of the highlights from the 15-minute interview.

1) TT says: junior pitcher Steven Stewart, out of all last season with injury, is the real deal and can possibly be the No. 1 starter for FIU this season.

2) Watching lefty pitcher Corey Polizzano, TT immediately noticed Polizzano was tipping his pitches last season which may partly explain his 4-8 record. TT fixed that problem already and also has Polizzano hitting the weight room like never before.

3) Obviously, TT cannot be specific about recruits, but he did mention a catcher from Washington and another from Boston are supposedly headed to FIU next season. When he arrived to the DD show, TT mentioned he had just left the batting cage working with new FIU slugger Jorge Castillo.


UltimateFIUFan: There is no local TV or cable for the Kansas game. FIU is on TV (Sun Belt Regional telecast) against Arkansas State 11/3 and against FAU 11/24. From my understanding, MC is not doing any coach's show this season.

CJ: FIU plays at Alabama next season.

Quijote: What new city can we count on the GPP.

alt7787: I would not say FIU football and baseball are a mess and are years away. I think you'll see baseball turnaround quicker, because it's easier to build a baseball team. TT has made wholesale changes to the way the program is being run and you'll notice it this season. With football, MC is a tireless recruiter and he'll have the program back on its feet. Like I've said before, DS did not leave the football program in the best shape for MC.

Kevin, Tal, fiufan751: Welcome all to the GPP!


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I think our defense will shock the Jayhawks. They may still win the game, but they won't hang 53 on us.
My prediction:

Hate to go against FIU, but this is the first time we have been on the road since PSU (and we did not do that well).

KS - 35
FIU - 10
(I hope I am wrong) Also....

Aggies - 35
Thug U - 17
(I hope I am right)

FIU 17 - KSU - 34

Kansas 38
FIU 13

I continue my bold predictions which have me ranked at the bottom of this game.

FIU- 17
Kansas 16

To second Mr. NYCFIUFAN

Texas A&M- 28

Colt injects some life into the passing game and the defense stands up KU. KU 27 FIU 17.

Greetings from Barcelona.

FIU 17

although I know mine don't count anymore

UCG 16
TA&M 40

Nice coffee pot there Pete, lovin' the photos you choose to accompny your excellent blogs.

I hope you're logic is right about PG, although he's new I wouldn't want him to leave until we at least experience what he can offer.

Hey Fomentor on your traditionally ill-informed response to my post, you either left your glasses @ class or you suffer MAJOR AD disorder! Please look at my post again and let us ALL know WHERE I even mention MC in my post! My discussion was about a tough decision PG is rumored to be making.

I am a true capitalist. A "market guy" and enjoys the benefit of a great salary! I've personally turned down more lucrative career offers to grow within my company. Making GOOD money is GREAT, however it is one of many parameters a professional must analyze before making the leap. My entire post was on two points, I’ll revisit them just for you Fomentor: 1) accepting MORE MONEY may sound like an easy choice, however some have bucked the trend and made a difference by staying & 2) if PG does leave he will be NO DIFFERENT than the other loser ADs in FIU young past who never accomplished a thing! I ended my post with "With or without PG, GO FIU!!!"

Fomentor just read my post carefully for once!

FIU 10
KU 31


FIU 17 KU 10

And how about the FIU defense now - UM dropped 24 points on the #20 team by half. Granted the Aggies are playing HORRIBLE. scUM just might get LUCKY tonight.

Kansas tops FIU 39 to 13

LMAO at NYCFIUFan for "Thug U" and FIUandME for the "scUM" comment. Lucky buddy? There's nothing "lucky" about that performance. That's called domination, hit me back when the lonely Panthugs can do something like that. Enjoy last place guys. LMAO

Panthugs - 7
KU - 38

Calling out Alt, NYC, and Quijote.
Strong picks lads. Wasn't it Alt who said that some of FIU's draft picks where going to be better than UMs? Awesome work.

Ultimate. Do yourself a favor and go back to school, and if you haven't learned enough at FIU, go to another school and get a different perspective. Bringing up coaching examples to compare with an AD is comparing, as the saying goes, apples and oranges. So, either your logical process for drawing comparisons are poor or you meant to draw a comparison between your current coach. I made a mistake, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I'll never do that again, count on it.

The fact remains, why would you bring up coaches when discussing an AD? Seems like a weak argument huh? No, I can see you really are in a lucrative position. Congrats, don't let your boss read this blog (unless it really is "your company").

Also, can your sentences be any worse (structurally speaking)? You obviously did not do well in elementary school when it came to properly structuring a sentence. If you are going to say I suffer major AD disorder, stop your hands from shaking due to your imposing anger and say "You suffer FROM A major AD disorder." My fifth grade nephew can do it, I know you can as well.

So, I'll go back to the original point of my post, you either haven no education in reason or you are narrow minded in your perceptions of the big picture or you can't properly compare things.

P.S. I told people here that UM's 3 best DTs where out last week and if you think that didn't make a difference you are mistaken.

Let me take a deep breath......... it's good to be right!

Mr. Garcia,
We, as FIU fans, parents, alum, and supporters of every kind, want you to know that we believe in you as our leader. We understand that others in the country will recognize what we have in you and try to lure you away, but please understand that FIU is where you need to be. FIU needs Pete Garcia!!!

Our offense is still a work in progress. I do think we'll hang with them the first half and maybe be able to pull it out in the 2nd.

FIU 17
Kansas 35


I might be wrong but if we can establish running game and let the defense rest, we might have a close game, my prediction is

Kansas 35
FIU 10

Good stuff PP...let's hope Mitch and the BOD step-up and put a renewed energy into the A.D.

I also like how TT is out there using the media like his predecesor never did. Plus he sounds like he really knows what he's talking about when it comes to pitching and recruiting.

No prediction here....let the chips fall where they may.

Fomentor, I know you WOULD NOT notice this because, once again it would require research or work on your part, however the vast majority of my post deal with the current situation with my team, my alma mater, FIU. Whenever you TRY to engage me with some idiotic banter about your post, it shows just how far you still need to go. I would ASSUME that you are either a current UM student or maybe a recent alumnus. Good luck with that.

Back to your UN-thought out comment about "why do I compare an AD with coaches...”, well guess what? You never read my post did you? Since it does require work for you, I'll make it easy, here is my first 3 sentences from the original post (now don't get lost!):

"Many key points have been made on PG's rumored decision. First, "Take more money and run...” that seems logical and obvious, however some of the greatest coaches, business leaders, public servants, etc. have had opportunities to leave for "greener pastures", however have decided to commit to the job. In essence, this is what made them great!"

Notice this comment "...SOME OF THE GREATEST COACHES, BUSINESS LEADERS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, ETC...”. Fomentor, this means I was talking about many different careers across a multitude of disciplines. Again if you would only work harder! However, let me answer your questions as to why I used coaches instead of AD name. Do you know who Joe Alleva is? You may know Dave Hart, Jr., but I doubt it. I know you don't have a clue who as to who is Timothy M. Curley. You see Fomentor these three individuals are ADs (Duke, FSU & PSU respectively). Since I used Joe Pa (PSU), Coach K (Duke) and Bowden (FSU) as my examples and you obviously were lost in the translation, I used the coaches because ALL of us fans know these coaches. Most of us don't know these ADs. So instead of naming the faceless person no one knows, I mentioned those names that fans do know, to make my point. Simple enough for you? Probably not!

Fomentor do me a favor, just stick to your comments about FIU, UM, etc., I've actually agreed with you on a couple of points. Lets leave this waste of space arguing that I am sure most GPPers don't care for.


Fomenter, another thing, I believe you are not a UCG fan like I believe OJ is not guilty.

With that being said I have to hold my nose and congratulate the Canes for their win. I should have known since it was their last night game in the OB as next year they make it as inconvenient as possible for their student body and move their games to DS.

Also, did anyone see the Ibis sporting the bling-bling at the game last night on ESPN? How ghetto does Miami want to be? I guess that pretty much represents their trashy fan support.

lol ultimate your right the senseless bickering is annoying.lol have you guys stop to think of what happened last night.. UM whoooped a top 20 team. we played UM tight. w/ both team making mistakes, is it fair to say all things = (no mistakes) FIU can cause trouble for a top 20 (overrated Texas A&M) some head aches. just a thought. formenter please dont punish my comment lol

actually NYC i thought it was pretty funny . i mean i would like to see Roary come out w/ a couple more outfits lol btw sebastian was doing the "the Superman" dance which roary also does (quite well actually) its all in good fun.

ok so i was just checking on the Scores for kansas' previous 3 games... none of which have any defense... like kasas seems to be on the feild alone. (defense is optional up north i guess) lol that will not happen against FIU. i am goin to take a page out of the UM TAMU game and say Kansas Offense is OVERRATED. ill call it close again w/ the Offense getting better. but KU 24-17.

Where are all those FIU fans who kept talking all the crap about UM is a program on the way down, they are on the decline? You all know who you are. Did you watch last night? Did that look like a team on the decline? DO you think those A list recruits in SoFl were watching last night. I would think YES. See this is why FIU is looked upon as being stupid. You have fans who jump on a bangwagon and rally up the troops saying crap likie The U is on the down slope - ummmmm, wrong. Get a freakin clue. Well, I know this is not a UM blog, this is the FIU blog, but in the past, FIU fans have talkjed a lot of crap on here about how UM is on their way down while FIU is on their way up. Do you still believe that?

Anyway, my prediction

Kanses 45
FIU 10

crazy whats w/ all the hostilities. sure SOME fiu fans have talked trash but arnt you guilty of the same? its called trash talking. its a way of life in sports hell at the FIU UM game i was being trashed talked like theres no tom. you have 2 ways to respond, take it in stride and talk back w/ a smile. or get upset. id perfer teh first. you live longer. Congrats on the win.

i dont see why everyone is giving Kansas so much credit... they havent played ANYONE look at what happend to A&M yesterday. play a tight defense and the scores wont be blow outs. kansas scores in the 20's ... thats all

CrazyCane, take it easy man, I know you Canes fans take pride in rooting for a school you didn't go to but take it easy. I saw the game last night and it was clear that the Canes shot their last load until they move to Dolphin stadium. Also, the Aggies were not ready to play, but I give the Canes credit, they played well, but the season is not over. Don't get too confident, after this game I hope the Canes don't find a need to stomp on an opposing team's logo and then subsequently gets there butts whipped (ala Louisville in the prior year).

This game we will click, and we'll be able to score. I'm thinking 2tds+ 1-2fgs for 20 or so points.

My prediction
FIU 20
Kansas 28

Kansas- 28
FIU- 16

I hope a miracle happens!



CrazyCane, scUM IS on the decline...this will be confirmed by the end of your season when you again finish out of the top 25. FYI, it was confirmed on ESPN sportscenter last night, your win against Texas A&M is only your second win against a ranked team druing your last NINE tries! And if I heard that stat from Spain, EVERYONE in the USA not only heard it, but understood it loudly and clearly as well.

You can't spell scum without UM baby!!!

This is gonna be a South Florida weekend. UM won, Fins are gonna destroy the Jets, Marlins are playing spoilers against the Mets...AND...

FIU 20 x Kansas 16
Once again our red-zone defense will step up when needed

I don't think Kansas has been tested AT ALL this year. A win would give this team so much confidence heading into conference play.
By the way, our first SunBelt opponent, Middle Tennessee, lost yesterday 20-17 (home opener) to Western Kentucky, a team who just made the switch to Div I-A.

great call gold. i ddint pick fiu b/c i think the offense wont put up over 20 (they aint there yet) but if they can keep kansas in the teens we have a very good chance of winning the game. lets hope this weekend is a good one for south florida!

Kansas 27
FIU 24

I don't know why....I'm sort of going against my tradition...and going with a little bit more of heart than usual...What the heck...I'm a lousy writer anyways....

Also, there are several things I usually dislike.... A sore loser...and worst yet...a classless winner.....A lot to learn...

Kansas 41 FIU 9....and congratz to everyone who made UM predictions, you made yourselves look uneducated once again (not sure why UM predictions started since this is an FIU blog as you claim)

Amazing...you are talking about predictions and uneducated? Actually, funny. After 23-9...very quiet...and excuses.....

However, I agree...who cares, besides the ucg trolls here, what happens in their game?

You know what FIU Fanatic, I can't agree with you more. I will cease to make comments on the UCG, hopefully the scum relicts such as NY/MIA Josh, Fomenter, CrazyCane and the rest of the Cane apologist and faithful who didn't even go to the school will cease infecting our blog with their presence. I will make one more comment concerning NY/MIA's comment concerning how "uneducated" we are:

1. I wonder how many UCG faithful predicted a win over OU at Norman 3 weeks ago

2. Don't ever question our intelligence, maybe I wouldn't take as much offense to it coming from someone who went to a decent school (if you even went to school). But from a potential UM student, alumni, or someone who might have wished to have gone to UM (then that is really sad you have aspirations that low) you have no right to make THAT comment.


Considering our relatively narrow loss to scUM, and their victory versus T A&M, what does this say about FIU? T A&M lost by more points than we did. Did we catch scUM on a bad day, or is this an example that can be made of our consistent improvement?

Others with rational discussion are encouraged to give their two cents.


quijote lol sounds very familiar to my earlier question lol there is something to it though i think. anybody know if the game will be on ANY tv down here? lol


Ouch. You guys are SURE Cristobal is the answer? I know I hardly ever hear FIU fans complain about the direction of their team, and in here it always sounds like the team is headed in the right direction. But guys, I dont know. You still havnt won a game and for the most part your losing ugly. Still time to turn it around, but if I was an FIU fan I would have Cristobal on the clock. If you start losing to Sun Belt teams this year, I would def sound the alarm. That has yet to come though, anyway better luck next week guys!

Nevermind the bickering between FIU fans and UM Fans. Frankly, I'm an FIU student who grew up watching the 'Canes,loves them and hates this lack of respect between fans. Look it's fair both sets of fans don't like each other, but I hate the Seminoles and respect them.

Back to FIU Football. I only question one aspect of the current regime. Fair enough to be the best, you've got to beat the best. But there's no way in hell FIU can hang with Penn State. Or any other team the last 4 weeks. Maryland was the exception and we lost bad. UM coasted and we lost bad. I have plenty of patience for losing and building something but the truth comes in this: Why are we playing 4 brutal out of conference games?

There are few BCS schools who would play these games. I think we'll win about 3 games this season but realistically, we should be scheduling maybe one powerhouse team,and a bunch of average teams, the Marshalls of this world. I'd like for us to schedule an out of conference team from I-AA maybe, to set us up for conference play. Look at the 'Canes beating the Aggies to get ready for the ACC. The Sun Belt teams are around our level, most are programs that are ahead of ours because ours is an infant. Still, I understand wanting 1) a paycheck and 2) to develope players but heads are gonna start dropping. It's one thing to lose close, but these games have been largely embarassing. Is there anything wrong with scheduling a cream puff or maybe just a game we may actually be able to win? (A UConn or Duke, a Wyoming).

Hopefully, we can win a couple, but if I'm a recruit and I look at this, I ask why the hell would I come here considering what USF, UCF and a bunch of other school's are doing.

ouch this one was pretty bad but guys lets look at a positive if anything. the kicking game still is working lol a 42 yarder. i wont question MC for at least another 2 year. guys we knew stuff like this will happen at first we all saw the brutlity of this schedule. but i wouldnt trade it for a cream puff schedule. this is experience that we need. remember as a fan you got to take the bad with the good. andy its only 4 games and everyone is young. give them time to grow. here hoping we get angry and take it out on mid-tenn state. but damn this one is ugly lol

I agree CJ, this schedule will make these guys even better players when they're juniors and seniors. The players and the coaches need to intimately know what the best teams in the nation look like. There is a difference in speed, size, and strength up front that we need to be able to match. We're an incredibly young team, we have to remember that.

Now let's forget this one and focus on winning the Sun Belt.

Obviously Kansas overmatched us! FIU has no offense(Work in progress) and are still too young to hang with the big boys.

I'm not going to get on MC,we got to let him recruit his players. This team is growing up, we'll have to see how they play the Sun Belt opponents. It's just incredible how we can't score points; reminds me of the Dolphins.

Bring on Middle Tennessee; I hope the players keep their heads up and are ready for the conference games.

This loss was a bad one, but I was expecting it, we don't do well on the road against such large attendance. I was watching the USF vs UNC game and they were talking about the progression of USF. They are in their 11th year and ranked in the top 25! That is impressive! Maybe we got in too late. You look at their program in their 6th year, where FIU is at currently, and it appears that we are way behind. Having said that, they have had only one head coach (and a good one at that).

As far as MC, give the man time, you can't evaluate him for another 2 years, give him a class to work with at least. The program has been in turmoil since the last administration. Like he said when he was at Rutgers where he had to endure a lot of 40+ margin losses, it is a process.

MC said "we took a step back" on Sat...I think it was a lot more than just one

Pete, after reading the game report and the play-by-play, I have some questions that are bugging me, mostly because I didn't watch the game so I don't know what the game situation was like.

1. What happened to Cook having like a 19-yard punt and then a 16-yard one. Was there a lot of pressure or was it just him?

2. Why did MC have to take 2 timeouts within the SAME minute during the 3rd qtr? (Not that it would have made a difference in the final score but that's a bad way to manage your timeouts in my opinion)

3. When we were losing 27-3, they went for it on a 4th and 11 around the 25-yd line. Considering Abed had already hit a 42-yd and also the fact that we needed a FG to tie the game anyways. Why go for it?

4. The game was already out of reach entering the 4th qtr. Why not let McCall and Anderson split the qtr or something? We had all this talk about 2 QB's playing and Anderson only threw 3 passes, one of them being intercepted.

I see the Middle Tennessee game as 1 out of 4 or 5 games that we can win this year.
Is that one gonna be televised at all?

quijote - does that answer your question as to whether you caught UM on a bad day or whether FIU is steadily improving? This FIU teram is going nowhere fast. Settle in GPers, it is going to be another loooooong year. And for those who like to say UM is on the way down while FIU is on the way up, get a freakin clue. Ask any (educated)fan who monitors recruiting and trends - the U is not only comming back, but comming back BIG. There is no "buzz" about FIU in the country, recruiting or otherwise. Understand GPers, you are nobody in College Football - the ONLY reason anyone even knows you have a team is either b/c you brawled with UM (and then got you *** kicked) or because you have the longest losing streak in the country - either way, it is nothing to be proud of. Truth hurts.

TheU24/7 let me ask you a question; did you even go to the U? Honestly what year did you graduate? I want to know, why are you so enamoured with a university that is in the city you live and whose student body is not representative of the city it is located. I love how the citizens of greater Miami are suckered in believing that UCG is the local university where (1) only about 1/3 of the freshman enrolled at the "U" are minorities (which I don't believe represents the majority of the city) and (2) 70% of the incoming freshman are not even from Dade-Broward county. Yet the typical "U" fan that is from the area would probably be escorted off campus if they went to Coral Gables for an on-campus visit. So please U24/7, keep to yourself, go to the UM message boards and kiss the a** of the U fans that actually went to the school while they secretly laugh behind your back while joking how uneducated you are.

NYCFIUFan - You are in fact right. I did not go to the University of Miami. I did grow up in Miami (born and raised) and have been a fan of the U all my life. You are also right in the fact that I am uneducated - but I find it a little odd that you are calling my "uneducated." Why you ask. I am a 2001 graduate of Florida International University. So I guess, you are right. I am uneducated. It was the worst state education I could have received and the campus life was horrible (I don't speak spanish) So congratulations - you were right about me. I did not go to the U - I am uneducated - I am an FIU grad.

What a total embarrassment to have this scUMhead U24/7 out there in our community representing our university. Please rescind your degree immediately, defer any and every mention of your association with our university, and just lie and say you're a scUM graduate...don't worry everyone will believe a buffoon like yourself is scUM alum.

Whats more of an embarrassment, getting manhandled by Kansas or having 24/7 be an alum?

Also, you're right NYCFIU, I'm sad to say I didnt get into FIU, I had to settle for a school up in your neck of the woods, Columbia, ever hear of it?

U24/7 - u went to FIU? I do not believe t. FIU would never accept an individual like yourself. And what is with the not speaking Spanish coment? What is that supposed to mean? My son does not speak Spanish and he has plenty of friends at FIU. May be you have no friends b/c you walked around the FIU campus in Orange and Green. OK, well I have wasted enough time on you 24/7 - I need to talk about the GPers. I have not really commented through 4 games b/c I wanted to see what the MC regime would bring - and I am sorry to sayI am very disappointed. I did not think that FIU would be 4-0 or anything like that - but Iat least thought they would compete. Against Penn St and Kansas they were blown out and aganst the U they got manhandled (the score was a lot closer then the game itself) the only game they played close was against Maryland and they suck too. It is embarrassing that we have the longest losing streak in the country. I do not know why any TOP recruits would want to come to FIU. I thought maybe b/c MC was young and energetic, but now he just overwhelmed and inexperienced. I hate to say it - but I now think MC was the wrong chice. We needed a name, one known around the country, some-1 with experience, someone with know-how. I am sure MC is a great guy and one day will be a good coach, but right now he looks like he would be better suited servinf sloppy joes in the cafeteria then looking for players in it. Nonetheless - blue and gold through and through and I will be at every-1 of the FIU "home" games this year - no matter how bad we are going to get beat.

I'm sure TheU24/7 didn't go to FIU...but regardless, as I mentioned before, I have three friends that graduated from scUM and are jobless and one is working the floor and inventory at a shop in Dadeland. You can flop at FIU, NYU, or Brown it doesn't matter...education is what you make of it. Seriously though, reading your rap here, you're a lowlife bro get lost will ya?

FIUDad, not sure about MC being the wrong choice just yet. Look at FAU, they got raped last year against their our of conference opponents just like we are this year. They are probably the best team in the SunBelt right now. I'm sure some doubted Howard Schnelenfraud last year too, you need to give MC some time. He's basically using Don's team from last year as his recruits.

hey scUM24/7, we know what the UM in scUM stands for, but what does DM stand for I don't get it.

Hey Pete any news on the PG situation? Also, what's your take on the MC doubters that have apparently risen as of late. Are they correct in missing Don Strock?

There is one thing worse than a sore loser...a classless winner...which, by definition, becomes a loser.

My only concern with Turtle Thomas is that he's sneaky when it comes to recruiting. Wasn't he on the UM staff when they were put on probation. My understanding is that Jim Morris ran him out town and threw Lazer Collazo under the bus. In time, all of you predictors of FIU baseball will see what a great acquisition Turtle was...

The U24/7, you need to see a psychiatrist for all of your self loathing. I too went to FIU and don't speak Spanish and I have very fond memories, maybe you were too busy trying to slit your wrist to enjoy the experience.

MIA/NY Josh, yes I have heard of Columbia, let me ask you this, do you wear a t-shirt around Harlem or the upper west side saying "I go to Columbia" thinking that it enhances your chances of scoring with girls? I know how conceited one can get (which you obviously are) about going to a school like that.

FIUDad, trust me, I know your frustration. I hear you. After last year (especially the losses against Middle, South Fla, and North Texas) it isn't easy being an FIU fan (if it was easy we would be UM fans, actually, UF fans). But give MC time, look at what Coach Schiano had to go through at Rutgers before they started winning. I believe in college football it is only fair to give a coach at least a class (4 years) to prove what they can do. I also believe that based on what I read from PP Strock did not leave the program in great shape.

Wow. I can't believe that MC is getting criticism this early. If any of you really believe our record would be any differnt if Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops was coaching us then you're kidding yourself.

Anyone who has followed our program from inception knows that MC is a good hire and is brining all of the things that our program desperately needs--discipline, hard work, accoutability, toughness, and leadership. And he's a great recruiter, which he's already shown and will continue to do so. We have one of the youngest teams in the country. Football is a game of inches, and a little more experience and strength goes a long way. We can't get too low after our losses or too high after our wins (and they will come).

The real litmus test for change for this team starts next week when we begin Sun Belt play. If we can bring intensity and focus to our conference games, we can turn this season around quickly. In the past, we folded up against Sun Belt competition and played below our talent level. T.D.A.O.S.

FIUDad, you disappoint me once again. How can you give-up on MC after 4 weeks! All of us GPPers (FIU, FAU, UM, UF, FSU, etc) fans can agree that Greg Schiano @ Rutgers has done a good job turning a dismal program around right! Well look at these results at his beginning:

2001 Season:
Loss to UM 61-0
Loss to Va Tech 50-0 (this was the following week!)
Loss to TEMPLE! 30-5 (FIU would beat Temple!)
Loss to West Virginia 80-7
Loss to Pitt 42-0
Lost to BU 38-7

In 2001 & 2002 was combined (3-20) and (0-14 in the Big East). As a matter of fact, coming into this season, his record was 30-41. Lets cut MC some slack. He was handed a program with no discipline, work ethic and little to no talent. He deserves our patience, time and support.

Pete, why didn't you write the article on the Kansas game? Is everything OK @ the herald? Let us know.

Any new news on PG and Pitt? Let us know.

GO FIU!!!!!

damn im gone for one day and everyone is at e/o's throat what happen? lol 24/7 i dont doubt you graduated from FIU. hell probably about 3/5's of the school were are the UM vs. Fiu game wearing green and Orange. i dont let it bother me. they just dont feel they should cheer for both schools. i say dont dwell on it. 24/7 getting alil emotional after response from NYC. but man you could have had a better argument than "your right i am uneducated i went to FIU..." just really isnt that great of an argument. i think everyone should lighten up b/c after this week that just past... our schedule will lighten up so lets just chill alil no need to sound the alarm.
MC i believe in ya. let get one this weekend

Who is Ryan Young ???????????
Pete, you still around? It didn't happen again, did it? Hope everything is ok!!

hey GPC what are your thought on this weekends upcoming game? midd tenn is also 0-4... so just wondernig.. you all think its a winable game for us? i think so as long as we play as we did weeks 2 and 3 not 1 and 4

damn FIU dad i just read that comment you left there. thats kinda harsh. the UM game was close just like the score indicated... if there wasnt a broken coverage for that 80 yarder for lance legget the canes would have only 320 or 340 yd. on us... granted thats not great but that was a busted coverage caused by the YOUTH of our team.

you sound like you are teedering back and fourth and doesnt seem that you know if you want to jump on board. waiting to see if we win a game or not. to copy what so many dolphans are saying this year... rome was not built in a day and neither is a good football team. give it time and hop on the rollercoaster. cause FIU may have its downs and ups but thats half the fun.

if you are there for the bad times you will enjoy the good times that much more and that is what MC is trying to tell us. sure this season looks ugly. but good times are on the horizon and they will be that much sweeter if you are fully on board and believe in the players, coaches, admin. etc. dont be dishearted by the scores and know that good times are coming.

I am sad for anyone that would attend a University and graduate from it and have so much contempt for it. With ten other state schools, to feel that you had no other choice must be devastating. I wish you all the luck in the world u24/7. Please don't take this as sarcasm, I am being completely honest here. Also, about not speaking Spanish, I can understand feeling like that in Miami. Although I speak Spanish, I feel that if you are in the states you should speak English. With that said, at no point did I feel like I had to speak Spanish at FIU. Once again, good luck to you.

FIU will be ready for Middle Tennessee. You all just watch! Losing streak ends this Saturday.

Pete, give us some more information on PG and what's the deal with Ryan Young? Pretty strange reading FIU information from that guy.

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