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714 Days Ago

That's how long it's been since FIU won a road football game. It's been longer than that since the Golden Panthers baseball team reached the NCAA postseason, but that should change soon. More on FIU baseball at the end of this post.

On November 5, 2005, the Golden Panthers came back against Louisiana-Monroe for a 31-29 road win which also marked the first-ever Division I-A victory for FIU. So where does FIU play tommorrow, you may ask? At Louisiana-Monroe.

Carmca_2 Num_2 Now I'm not into numerical superstitions, but removing the November from the date above, leaves you with 5, 2005. You add the 5 and 05 that leaves you with 10 and 20. Tommorrow's date is 10/20. Ok, never mind just showing you I was not asleep in math class and making a point that the 23 movie by Ace Ventura, which tries to make a case for numerical hocus-pocus, was awful.

It will take a lot more than brujeria for the Golden Panthers, who in their five-plus years of existence are 3-28 away from Miami, to snap the road skid and the nation's longest winless drought at 18.

In Louisiana-Monroe, FIU encounters an upset team that lost to previously winless North Texas last week. The Warhawks can pound the ball on the ground. They average more than 200 rushing yards per game and have the nation's No. 16 rushing offense. FIU, meanwhile, is giving up more than 200 rushing yards per game and rank 105th in the nation in run defense.

It's quite possible that the Golden Panthers can get their fourth road win and snap the losing streak, but here's what they need: an offense that can score early and often. FIU has had a knack for falling behind early on the road over the years making the deficit too much to overcome in the second half. Of course, the Golden Panthers defense has to stop the run.

ULM will probably start its freshman QB Trey Revell, who is less mobile than starter Kinsmon Lancaster. Lancaster has a banged up knee and ankle, but could play according to the Warhawks coach Charlie Weatherbie. Regardless, we know what happened the last time a backup QB started against FIU. See: Middle Tennessee three weeks ago.

Really want to pick the Golden Panthers to win, but don't have enough confidence yet in the offense to see a repeat of the last time FIU was at Malone Stadium. Not a pretty result in Monroe. Monroes_3   

GPP thinks: Louisiana-Monroe 29, FIU 17

Drove by the new football stadium on Thursday on the way to FIU baseball practice and they have begun installing the blue 50-yard line club seats on the south stands. The majority of the south stands are up. The old scoreboard was also knocked down yesterday to begin work on the east end zone. Been told construction is two weeks ahead of schedule.

Cap As far as Golden Panthers baseball, the team will play its first exhibition game next Thursday against a team of college players from British Columbia. Some of the players on that team are members of the Canadian National team. The game is open and free to the public, but the game time is still undetermined. The Canadians are playing in a tournament in Jupiter a few days before they come to FIU. I'm told FIU should know by Monday. I will post on here the game time as soon as I know.


UltimateFIUFan & FIUPantherFan: The Panther Pass webcast of Saturday's game is being run through Louisiana-Monroe's website. I spoke with the Monroe people yesterday and they said if you can see the video on their home page then you will pick up the game. They said don't worry about that sample video they have in the registration process. If you have trouble, here is the website company's number: 877-967-3267.

MaXx: I think with a new logo on the horizon the gold pants are history. The team uses the gold pants Tb_2for practice nowadays. Blue pants are not the issue, the Patriots wear blue pants and they seem to be doing just fine, even though they may cheat. FIU just needs better players in those blue pants.

FIU0406: I would imagine they would paint over the old logo on the facade of the baseball stadium. That's like an early 1990's logo on the front of the baseball stadium. Kind of a little ironic that logo has been there so long with the past struggles of the baseball team.

fiufan751: I don't think your enthusiasm is misplaced for FIU baseball. I think what TT is bringing to the diamond is what was needed a long time ago for FIU baseball.

chil'in man: Tell Veronica, I said, Hola, bellesa.

Itsthatguy: Welcome to the GPP.


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WOW, I can't believe we're playing guys on the Canadian National Baseball team! I'll bet these guys are better than some of the non conference opponents FIU normally plays (Wagner, Manhattan, etc). It should be a great game. I wanna definately try to go out there and check it out.

I'm going to agree with the PP save for one point.
FIU 17 ULM 30

Hey Pete:
I know they don't get a lot of fans (but they SHOULD!) but any news on how the women's basketball team is faring trying to replace the three seniors they lost? Seriously - in some places womens hoops is big. The ladies here deserve more press, and they have some good opponents coming in. Folks coming out to see the guys could come a bit early on nights of conference games and get a 2-for-1 since the ladies usually play the opening game of those conference double-headers.

Paradox is right on! It wasn't long ago that Nagy & Branzova (sorry for the misspelling) were guiding the Lady Panthers into the national rankings and DESTROYING major programs that got in their way!


I cannot wait until the baseball exhibition game! After going to a couple of practices, I can't wait to see our boys in action against someone other then themselves! :)


I don't care about my ranking anymore in the writing competition, im going out on a limb.

for the game tomorrow...
FIU 24
ULM 21

I hope our team can pull some trick plays out just like Rutgers did. :)

33-17 ULM


Thanks for answering my question, they should get rid of the old logo to commemorate a new beginning to FIU baseball.

Now for the all important prediction:

FIU 17
ULM 34

Panthers prove me wrong.


I missed the deadline, but here's my prediction: FIU 31 ULM 28.

And there's no excuse for the blue pants, they suck. That's the simplest way I can say it. We should change our name to the Blueberry Panthers if that's the look we want.

Hey, I've been a longtime reader of the blog, but this is my first comment. I'm actually here in Monroe waiting for the game to start (covering it for FIU's student newspaper), and I'm hoping for an FIU win this week. ULM's got a weak defense, almost as bad as FIU's, and I think FIU's got more talent than they do on that side of the ball. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to put up some points. The problem comes because they have a ridiculous O-line and it's going to be tough to stop their running game. I'd like to see them put 8 in the box and force them to beat them through the air, though Revell might be the better passer than Kinsom, so who knows.

I'm late on this prediction, but I'm gonna go with:

FIU 24
ULM 27

There's going to be a new logo?

ANOTHER new logo?

Are you serious, Pete?

Good God... every five years or so, someone gets a wild hair and, bam, a new logo pops in. No disrespect meant here, but FIU's got bigger issues than a logo change. If this school had dedicated as much time to running a successful program as to making logo changes, we'd be the #1 team in the BCS right now.

Besides, I happen to like the current logo. There's no reason to change it. It's a good logo. Maybe a bit on the busy side, but still, a good logo.

I'm all for football getting new uniforms... as Southpaw said, those blue pants are just not good... and I'd like to see the Panther head on the helmet instead of the FIU... but leave the current logo alone, FIU. Please. There's better things to work on.

By the way... I'm pretty sure the old logo on the front of the baseball stadium is NOT an early 90's logo. There was another logo then. It's mid-to-late 90's, I think. I know that was the logo when Shakey was still at FIU. And I happen to have that very logo on my keychain, which I bought, like, in 2002 at the FIU bookstore in GC. I happen to like that logo, too, even if it was a rejected one from the Florida Panthers.

Messod Bendayan, that is what Pete was talking about. Replacing the "OLD" new logo (Panther evolving from lightning), in the baseball stadium to the "NEW" new logo. I, like you liked both, but you are correct lets sticks with current logo and focus on the task at hand! Bettering ALL athletics @ FIU!


I like the blue pant uniforms. The gold pants were hideous.

What I didnt like about the gold pants is that when they sweat in them, they don't even look gold anymore.

FAU is still better than Sorry FIU..Maybe One day you guys will be on our level..the way youguys are going, we up he at fau will need a new in state rival..perhaps USF..we palyed them better than you guys played Penn..lol

FAU!!!!!!FAU!!!!FAU!!!!Five Time Shula Bowl Chanmpions!!!

FIU was up on USF last year by six in the fourth quarter, and ended up losing by one point, 21-20. And that was at USF.

A good goal for FAU each year would be being ranked the highest at season's end of all of the 'Owl' teams. So far this year, it's a stellar year up in Boca--you're probably slightly better than both Temple and Rice at this point in the season. Probably a more important goal is staying in D-1 long-term. I think FAU's will settle into 1-AA long-term once Howard S leaves.

UFF, I don't think that's what Pete is talking about. Maybe I'm reading what he wrote wrong, but it sounds to me like the current logo... the triangle one... is being changed. That lightning logo was changed eons ago. The only place it's still on is the baseball stadium. The uniforms football has now have the triangle logo on the pants. I'm sure Pete will clarify.

Southpaw... come on, bro... you REALLY think FAU's going to drop to I-AA? That's wishful thinking. You don't make a conference move just for the hell of it. And believe me, the Belt isn't about to let FAU drop, even if FAU wanted to. They need 8 schools to even field football at the I-A level. I know they have 9 now with WKU, but still... not gonna happen, unless they can't establish a fan base and make money. And holmes, if they can't do it, then FIU probably drops with them. Especially considering FAU's been way more successful.

The gold pants weren't THAT bad. White pants look different with sweat on them, too. And I'm not necessarily opposed to blue pants... but THAT shade is just nasty. I can't explain it, but it just doesn't look good with the jerseys. Maybe if they have a gold jersey, it'd look better. Just a thought.

Fellow GPPers, remember PATIENCE! Things will get better. The good days will come!


Hey Pete,

Do You really think that the football program at FIU will someday be a success? Listen big guy, Dr. Madique, "BABY SADAAM" Pete Garcia and Christobal will be looking for jobs at the optimist club. 0-19, It's a disgrace and a embarrassment for college football. I cannot agree more with Greg Cote's column last Sunday when he said: FIU has a bye this week but they lost to the bye as well...

Pete, what exactly did Mario Cristobal mean by his team is " getting there."

the team is getting to play like a sorry NAIA team. what a horrible program get rid of it!

G i dont understand you dont like FIU yet you post here. the program is getting better remember last time we were away we lost 53-6 if im not mistaken. (prob wrong on the score) i see improvement. we had a chance to win... they got to find a way to win. it will happen soon. keep the faith.

pete i know im probably beating a dead horse w/ this one but goin back and forth b/w rivals and Scouts. there are differences. rivals has us w/ 2 recruits. scout.com w/ none. any chance you can let us know which to believe? also any updates on recruiting trail or are the coaches just focusing on the season for now?

Good, pertinent questions CJ.

It is kind of telling how we are growing into ignoring these FIU haters. Some..or at least one from FAU (supposedly), and the others from wherever....

Guys in case you missed it, this week's SI has an article on Florida's upstarts (USF, UCF, FAU & FIU). MC was quoted and even SI, who noted our current losing streak still believes FIU will turn it around in the future! Current issue week of Oct. 22nd.


Good find, and thank you, Ultimate....I'll try to get my hands on the SI issue....

Hey - as an FIU alum- I would like to send a shout out to all you dedicated guys posting threads on this blog.

You guys are like no fan Ive EVER encountered...

Die Hards for real!

My compliments

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