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New FIU Stadium Tour Part 1

Let's put aside the laptops and push away from the desktops for a moment and come along in the first of two parts of a tour the GPP took of the new FIU Stadium on Monday.

Odebrecht Senior Project Manager Rudy Armenta (w/glasses, picture right) walked FIU media relations associate director Evan Koch and myself through drawings of the stadium and then out onto the stadium itself Cindy_2 and up to the club level. To my surprise, our FIU spring football awards presenter, Miss Cindy Crawford, dressed in a white tank top, was already there working on the stadium. OK, she wasn't, but let's add a little beauty to this blog. So with Evan's photography skills and yours truly (right) taking notes this is the latest on your Pelegrinarmenta_3 future stadium....On this tour we'll look at what's currently being worked on: the south stands.

While the FIU track team practiced on the old football field, 50-plus workers were busy assembling the club suites and digging to begin the east end zone stands on Monday.

The first thing that grabs your attention when entering the stadium from the where the west end zone will be (that would be in front of the old fieldhouse) is the limited amount of Rudy_2 space between the south stands and the sidelines AND the limited amount of space between the yet-to- be-built west end zone stands and the end zone. Can you say home field advantage? Here on the left is a photo depicting the intimacy of the west end zone. Where Rudy is standing is where the west end zone seats would be. I counted about 10 yards from Limitspace_3 there  to the end zone. The photo on the right shows the nearness of the south stands to the FIU bench. I'd say about 5 yards between there.

Next, we walked up into the south stands, where the 1,400-plus silver seats in the middle are the club seats with cupholders. The blue seats, no cupholders, are the other seats. The club seats will be plastic bucket seats like you find at the movies. The blue seats will all have a bench back so no one goes home with a back ache. Here on the left are the south stands Southseats seats which you can see as you drive along Stadium Drive (SW 17 St.). By the way, all the seats in the new stadium will be tilted towards the field so that no one goes home with a neck strain either. You ever try seeing a baseball game from the left or right field lines at Joe Robbie Stadium? No need to turn your neck towards the action at FIU Stadium. The stadium is being designed as Rudy described it as a "parabola". Sort of like an oval octagon.

We would have taken the elevator to the club suites but that has not been installed yet, but the elevator shafts are there waiting for the box cars. There will be 4 elevators: 1 for FIU coaches, 1 for opponents coaches, 1 for club level fans, 1 for public access. When you get up to the suites two things hit you: 1) the 19 suites are going to be big in space and 2) you can see the entire campus. Side note here: driving from Coral Way into FIU, you can see the stadium from Coral Way.

Club Back to the suites (photo, left), which along with the concourse that will wrap around the entire stadium will be 40 feet off the ground. The concourse will be 20-feet wide so that everyone can walk around the entire stadium. Once the upper deck gets done the top of the stadium will be 82-feet from the ground. Here on the right is a view of the 50-yard-line from club level.Club50

Later on this week, the east end zone seats start to go up along with the visiting team and officials locker rooms which both will be located behind the east end zone seats. Then construction begins on west end zone seats and FIU's fieldhouse which will house FIU's locker room, coaches offices and weight room for all FIU athletes. Both fieldhouses will be embedded into the stadium.

We'll take a tour of those areas in Part 2 of our new FIU Stadium Tour. Check back here in a few days for the second part.


Win a GPP Blog Leaderboard

We're down to 11 contestants, not counting the GPP. Of course, once FIU gets its first win this leaderboard is going to have a shakeup of gianormous proportions. Could it be this week against Arkansas State?

Yes, I know gianormous is not a word in the English language.

8-0: FIUrulez 152; Fomenter 154; NY Josh 157; FIU Fanatic 178; 24/7-11 178; Crazy Cane 212.

7-1: FIUPantherFan 156; GPP 174.

6-2: yippee 208.

5-3: Messod 209; CJ 217; SouthPaw 229.

2-6: alt7787 266.

CONGRATULATIONS!! to Mike Lowell, FIU alum and 2007 World Series MVP. Lowelll

CJ: Update away on Saturdays. Keep the blog informed.

SouthPaw: The Arkansas defensive coordinator was upset that FIU called 2 timeouts with 47 seconds left in the game and that's why he made that gesture towards the FIU sidelines.

FIUandME: Besides being an FAU alum, don't know why Cote would write about the Owls getting more coverage in the Herald. Yes, FAU is better than FIU right now (nobody's laughing at Howard now are they?), but the Herald doesn't even sell papers in Boca Raton. FIU is in Miami. When I picked up the paper this morning Costan it was called the Miami Herald. Not the Del Boca Vista Breeze.

Jerry & Hugh: Welcome to the GPP. Although I don't agree with either of your posts -- and that's the beauty of sports we all have different points of view --  as long as your posts are kept clean they will remain on this blog.

Jerry: Had to bring out the Panther Claw for part of your post. Call me names if you wish, whatever, we'll go back to kindergarten, but when you write vulgarities on this G-rated blog they will be deleted.

Hugh: I second, what someone else posted earlier: if Strock was such a good coach why weren't there a slew of NFL or college coaching offers after he left FIU last season? Ron Zook got the Illinois job after getting fired from Florida. Heck, even, Dave Wannstedt, who is not exactly Don Shula, got hired by Pitt after getting canned from the Dolphins. Sure, Strock helped Vinny and Marino and maybe that's what he's good at QB coaching, but a change was needed at FIU.


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Thanks for the information Pete, as usual. One thing I didn't know, and from all I know wasn't planned originally, is the east end zone visitor team locker room, plus the officials' locker rooms. Pretty neat to include that. Also, nice to know we will have available cupholders at the Club Seats...Nice touch.

One thing I'm not clear about Pete is with the elevators. You say there will be one elevator for club level..does that also mean for club seat fans, or just access for the 19 suites? Also, kind of interesting...or perhaps even an eccentricity, that two elevators are to be used exclusively for both teams' coaches. Which lead me to my last question....Does that mean that out of the 19 suites, 2 of them will be used by the 2 teams?...and where will the media people like you be accomodated...also at one suite?

I can't wait for this ON CAMPUS state of the art stadium is built and finished. Would love to see more on the specifics of the new fieldhouses...and also I've heard rumors about a pretty sizable video jumbotrom scoreboard perhaps making its way to the stadium...any news?

ok pete ill do what i can when im not out during the games lol so is there goin to be a two toned theme to the stadium seating, if so why not gold? (everyone needs more gold lol) are all the chairs in the stadium goin to have backing? if so thats pretty good man im extatic.. does anyone know where the student section will be located?

To all you Strock nay sayers, rumor has it Strock has the inside track to be the Dolphins new offensive coordinator next year - a role Cameron will have to give up if he wants to keep his job. I know this has nothing to do with FIU but Strock is an alum of sorts.

If true, good luck to Strock! He's got the knowledge, NOW he needs to committ to work.



Seems like construction is on or ahead of schedule...Did you get any insight as to why the north stands will not be torn down and built up for next year ?

My guess is the support complex is embedded into it. But the animation on fiusports.com does not show a building attached on the north side ? It does show 2 sideline upper decks...Is the 2nd level a done deal or is that a wait and see thing ?


i think the reason it isnt being touched is b/c maybe if they did try to fix it we would have to wait to open our stadium. not sure. but either way the stadium w/ the full connection or even w/ the n. side Stands free standing will look awesome

btw pete have you heard/found out about taylor beasley 3 star qb by scouts that said that he was offered by FIU before the coaching change and if we honor the scholarship he will commit. any truth to it, or FIU plans to honor that scholarship?

Great report on the stadium Pete. Gotta have something to look forward to!


Pete, one of the Northwestern top linebackers said in the Herald that he received an offer from FIU. Is info on validity or committment?


i dont think they will land him but hey more power to us if we do

Oooh this looks sweet, although I see the stadium every day from the housing parking lot. Im a current FIU student, but it looks like that club level will be sweet, sweet enough to make me buy those pricy tickets....

Red Sox Suck

Thanks for the tour Pete! This is cool stuff going on in our back yard!!! Will High school teams continue to play there when it is built?

Yeah it looks great!

Red Sox Rock

Thanks for the update on the new stadium Pete. What are the chances that the stadium will be completed before the last game of this years regular season so that we can play our final home game THIS year in OUR home. How great would that be? It looks like it is possible, I mean, the stadium doesn't even need to be completely done, just enough to get the game played in there in front of a few thousand fans.

As for the current status of the team, eventhough they are winless, I think this year has been so much bettern than last year. First, we don't have any suspended players for thugary; Second, we have been in more games; Third, the team is responded to MC, whereas it ignored DS; Fourth, it seems like there is excitement for next years recruiting class. Is it me, or does FIU have a chance to be in the top 10-15 in recruiting classes for the upcoming '08 season, especially if we get the LB from Northwestern. Things are looking good GPers, I truly believe the future powerhouse that will be FIU football will be here sooner than the rest of the country thinks.

FIUDad, good to have you back!


Did you really just say FIU has a chance to be in the top 10-15 in recruiting classes? Is this based in reality?

Yes it is based in reality sonny. I stated if they get the LB from Northwestern, who is the best HS team in the country, then maybe they will have that type of elite recruiting class. Please read my post before criticizing it sparky. Who knows, if this LB comes to FIU, maybe other top recruits will follow.

PP, please let me know if there is any chance, any chance at all, that we will be able to play our final home game this season in The Cage.

FIU dad I SERIOUSLY doubt being able to play by the end of the year... they just started on or should be straring on the west endzone. no contractor will release any part of their job until complete. to much liability. as for the recruting class.. it wont be top10-15 but it will be respectable.

Wow, those pictures from the south-side stands make it feel like you're on the field. Can't wait for winning football at FIU, the fans are going to come out of the woodwork.

Yankees Suck!...unless Mikey gets traded there ;)

Thanks "pops", but obviously your age is affecting your ability to define the bounds of reality because not only is he NOT the best LB on his own team, he's nowhere near tops in the state. He's not a top recruit and no one is going to follow him to a team that is 0-20.

Almost every single player on MNW that is coveted is going to UM. Not one person that is loyal to this blog and has half a brain would even seriously consider FIU as having a chance at a top 10-15 recruiting class, regardless of whether you land the LB from MNW. You wouldn't even come within 60 spots on rivals' ranking if you were to land him. So, to point out the obvious to you, it was a rhetorical statement because there's no chance that it's based in reality.

To sum up, it's you, there's really no chance, do you even see the quality of players the top 20 schools have committed to them? The closest FIU has to landing any of those right now is playing against them.

Coupled with the fact that you have APR scholarship issues, and are about to be reviewed by the NCAA again for other problems, FIU football could need twice as long as USF to build anything decent, I mean USF isn't even a powerhouse and look how long it's taken them to field a competitive team. Relax and enjoy the ride because none of the current players on the team will see much success.

FIUDad, I am not even going to waste my time responding to your moronic posts. However, Fomenter, b/c i am apparently out of the NCAA sanction circles, please explain further your post regarding FIU being under further review. I think we would all like to know what is going on there.

Also, PP, if you have any info on this front, please let us all know. Thank you.

fomenter, i agree w/ most of your post. to call the 08 a top 15 class when we havent committed anyone is at the very least pre-mature yet i do think the current roster will experience success

Fomentor, I have to agree with you. FIUDad, no one wants FIU to have a top 10-15 recruiting class more than me, however even if FIU does land that NW LB (from what I heard there is a chance) it would be FAR from what is needed to be on that list. So, just have patience and hopefully MC will be able to STEAL players not expected to accept FIU, but they do.

Fomentor, on your statement on USF, 10 years from program inception is not a long time to be ranked #2 and field a competitive team. Unfortunately, USF as lost two and I wish they "right the ship" for the remainder of the season. They will still get a bowl bid and be able to build on these accomplishments.


BTW, which of the Northwestern kids are you talking about? There are so many D-I talent there...some pretty good, and some others waayy good....

pete should invite FIU's recruiting cordinator to do a Q & A session w/ us lol. who knows maybe he likes our ideas and offers a job lol:-D pick me please

Guys, my son wanted to give his input on FIU sports. Here is UltimateFIUFan Jr.:

I think one day, one day FIU is going to become a team that will be known all over the country. UM wasn't a good team at first, then they beat Penn State in 1979 (way before I was born) and Um beat them. So you can were bad, but UM was bad for a LONG TIME!!

So from UFF & UFF jr.


UFF and UFF Jr. - The Unbiversity of Miami went UNDEFEATED in their first year of football. It is such a shame when the youth of America are neglected to the point that they are posting irrationally, just like their parents. This is a form of child abuse.. UFF Sr., why would subject your child to the criticizm you know is comming from CrazyCane. I am a little more dignified then he is, but I would expect him to rip into UFF Jr. for his comments.

A little advice to UFF Jr., do not compare UM to FIU.

Good post by a new user...uff jr.

BTW, just read on FIU's Website where FIU students can reserve or guarantee their seat at next year's new stadium Inaugural game against USF, by attending the last 3 games at the OB this season. I don't know how many care now...but I do know many will care next year when we are about to inaugurate the NEW CAGE!!

Hey U24/7, the real child abuse would be having my child exposed to your stupid, mis-spelled posts. Much like your usual idiocy, there is a need for correction. Lets start:

1) UM football started in 1926 (NON-VARSITY!!!). UM's first game was against Rollins (Real PowerHouse, UH!!). UM won 7-0. Attendance was 304 (sign of things to come!!!).

2) Other TOUGH opponents that year in 1926 included, not one but two grueling games vs the University of Havana!!

3) First VARSITY year was 1927. Guess what "Brain Surgeon", UM went 3-6-1! I think attendance increased the 2nd year to about 750 per game. Wow, that’s supporting your team.

Finally, DUDE YOU ABSOULUTELY STINK in your writing and SPELLING! Do all of us a favor join a "Hooked On Phonics" or a "Learning How To Write" blog and stop bringing down the level of intellect on the GPP. One more thing, the only reason UFF jr. brought up UM is that it seems to be the UNIVERSITY (by the way U24/7 THAT is how you spell the word!) he most often hears about in South Florida. So, U24/7 quit the NOISE, bring-up YOUR intellect!


UltimateFIUFan, great post. You put 24/7 in his place :)

FIUDad, I'm going to have to disagree with you on your top 10-15 recruiting class prediction. CURRENTLY, there are many other schools with much better prospects than FIU, like FSU, UF, USF, etc. Honestly, if not next year but the one afterwards, we can maybe compete with UCF and USF in terms of recruitment...that is if MC is indeed the famed recruiter he somehow got the reputation for.

Additionally, you must consider that we are in the SunBelt, which is probably the worst conference in Div 1A. I am 100% CONFIDENT that someday in the near future, our recruiting classes will be top tier, but right now aren't there yet.

BTW, the folks here in Spain hate scUM. In fact, I went to a bull fight the other day and the bullfighter (torrero) had the traditional red "bandera" to attract the bull, but also had the "U" in the middle of it to further aggravate the bull and delight the crowd.

The "bandera" always gets shredded to pieces.

Guys, Rome wasn't built in a day, especially when OUR Rome (FIU Football) was gutted and destroyed by the last emperor (coach Strock!). We're NOT rebuilding, we are BUILDING from scratch! Patience!!

High rank recruiting classes!! Lets not try to run when we're barely crawling!


Back tot the topic...Oh...I like the way our state-of-the-art ON CAMPUS stadium is looking....It's cool they are going so fast, so that the majority of recruits we bring on campus on December, January, and very early February, will be able to see not just the updated renderings, but at least one..if not two...sides of the stadium totally finished.

Alright UFF, you had to go to far talkin crap about my Canes. Look, I was gonna let UFF Jr's post slide, but you just had to start something with TheU24/7. Dude, when I read you kids post, I said to myself, the way that kid writes, he is going to FIU for sure. He may even have to go to MDC. Dude when you post, have some respect for yourself and your family. I know it must be hard. I mean being 18-19 years old and having three kids with three different 15-16 year old mothers and living at home with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Life is tough, but keep your head up - your college football team could be 0 for the last two years, oh snap, wait a minute, your team is 0 for the last two years. Man your life sucks.

CrazyCane, I hear the jealousy in your post. The fact that I can multiply and I am attracted to the opposite sex is something very foreign to you. Remember, you ARE the Mental Midget that was disgusted when GPPers spoke about FIU's women volleyball team. By the way how are your Alternative Lifestyle blog postings going?


CrazyCane, so how many miles per gallon is your Miata getting these days?

Guys had a chance to talk to the coach @ NW, Carol City and Dillard at a community function last week. I asked them if FIU was recruiting more now than before at their respective schools. Their answer, “FIU is here SEVERAL TIMES a week!” Coach Frazier stated that FIU has gotten very aggressive in their pursuit of local players. The old regime was rarely seen and when the DID visit, it was low-key, not many questions being asked about prospects. They all agreed that the energy level and commitment to get players with FIU's NEW coaching staff is impressive! Lets hope it pays off!


great post UFF... crazy im not sure what you were refering to the the whole.. 3-4 kinds at 18-19 w/ several 16-17 yr old women... really doesnt seem to hold merit here. just really dont see where your coming from... just a question though.. wheres your buddy crazy panther... i wanted to see a "crazy" war lol

Ya know UFF, read all the crap you wrote about the mispelled words and incorrect grammer in my post, then I read your most recent post and found this discrepency: "The old regime was rarely seen and when the DID visit, it was low-key, not many questions being asked about prospects." I think you meant to write "when THEY did visit", not "when THE did visit." Dude, I knew that FIU fans were delusional, I did not realize that they were hypocrites too. Remeber UFF, people who live in glass houses (or in your case, a 1 bedroom apt with 15 family memebers)should not throw stones.

I do not know CJ, CrazyKittyKat is apparently a lil B**ch.

Enough noise from the dirt-bags lets talk football. I see MC may play more of Colt Anderson this week. Season is over so you might as well play for the future. Similar to the Fins scenario, you have to play the young guys to see what they have. We now know what Younger (Red-Shirt Fr.) has let’s see what CA can do.


would be nice to see what CA has... what about the other frosh qb on the roster... i forgot his name.. whats he got?

CJ, you may speaking about McCall. He is a soph and is limited in his scrambling ability. Unfortunately with the pressure our QBs face, you need guys like WY or CA who can avoid the rush and improvise on a broken play.


no im not speaking about mccall.. there was a second Frosh qb that was brought in this past recruiting class. im almost sertain

darold hughes is his name

o guys its friday... pick of the week.. FIU vs. Ark. ST. ark st. went crazy on ULL but then the guy has thrown Int like he's wayne Younger. w/ our pass rush/ defense developing and getting better i dont see the score goin crazy.. and if we can get a break or to and not give them.. we can win this game. the ball bounces our way close FIU 24 - Ark. St. 17

Arkansas St. 31

FIU 24

Ark St 27
FIU 10

Crazy, are you going soft?

My prediction:

Ark St 35
FIU 13

no he just doesnt now much about ark st. so he wont go crazy on the prediction

Ark St 44

Ark State - 33 FIU - 10

Wonderful tour, thanks for the update. The stadium is definitely looking really great. It will definitely become a South Florida gem. GO PANTHERS!

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