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Not Reinventing the Wheel Here

We've tried celebrity guest psychologists, Tony Soprano and even Tom Petty in trying to help Golden Panthers fans grasp the situation of FIU football this season and for the near future and apparently there are still some people confused. So let's see if the GPP could help out.

Before we get to the final therapy session, FIU baseball's exhibition game against the Canadians is at 8 p.m. Thursday at FIU's University Park. Admission is free.

Back to football. We won't bring up that many people are impatient, because that goes with the territory where FIU is located -- South Florida, where the official city or area logo might as well be a bandwagon. And Bandw judging by your e-mails and posts on this blog the weight has gotten lighter on the FIU bandwagon of late.

Sure it's been a frustrating football season down here with the college and pro teams combining for an 0-14 record thus far. Heck, I'm running out of ideas to write features on. But once again, and I know many are not friends with the word down here, but "patience" is needed with the Golden Panthers football program.

There were signs of progress against Louisiana-Monroe. After being backed into many first quarter holes this season, FIU came out strong for the second consecutive game taking the lead. The defense was getting in the ULM backfield and the Warhawks could not run sideline to sideline on the Golden Panthers. Wayne Younger looked more comfortable throwing the ball. Julian Reams displayed his potential and Jeremy Dickens, Greg Ellingson and Elliott Dix all showed why they're here. Scott Bryant is a tackling machine. Anthony Gaitor and Jonathan Betancourt had some tackles for loss.

Of course, FIU could not sustain its early game momentum and finish off ULM. Maybe that's the next step with this inexperienced team: finishing what you start. The offense is still not as consistent as it can be. The run defense struggled with the rushing between the tackles and the pass defense is still vulnerable.

Won't bring in psycho-babble, nor blog about it anymore this football season, but this is where FIU football is right now: MC and co. are starting from scratch this season. They were handicapped by the APR when they lost 9 scholarships, plus whatever other scholies may be lost from the NCAA allegations next February. Before PG took over, the FIU athletic department was run like a junior high P.E. department. There was no clue about how much support was needed to run a Division I-A athletic department. I'm not just talking about $$, but academic support for the athletes as well, thus the APR issues.

Band Much has been done to strenghten the academic support and now MC and co. have to stock up on Division I players. Once again this is not a let's-put-a-band-aid-on-it type of solution. But there is the evidence that building a program from the bottom up can be done. See: Rutgers, Illinois, heck even No. 11 Kansas was down for a while in the 1990's. Even Sports Illustrated thinks FIU has the potential to be a major college football player as UltimateFIUFan pointed out in the latest issue of SI.

Some of you are disappointed in MC for not turning into Don Shula or Bill Walsh after seven games. Yes, he may make mistakes along the way. All coaches do, even Shula and Walsh did. And AGAIN for the hyperventilators ready to pound on their keyboards, I AM NOT COMPARING MC TO SHULA AND WALSH. As fans you all are more than entitled to voice your displeasure. I just think MC and co. deserve a fair shot -- not 7 games -- to clean up the program, bring in better players and then judge what he does.

Thought I wouldn't bring in another guest on here for help, but part of a song playing at Best Buy the other day caught my attention regarding FIU football. It's not a football song -- there aren't many of Avril those anyway -- but this verse from "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne, no relation to Andy Leavine, is pretty appropriate nowadays.

"Chill out, What you yellin' for?

Lay back, it's all been done before

And if you could let it be. You will see"

Back to the GPP, OK, retiring now from the psychology business. Thinking of doing a live baseball blog from Thursday's exhibition baseball game. What's your feedback on that?


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paradox: We'll give the FIU women hoops some props here before their season begins. Sure, they Whoops_2 deserve it being one of the better FIU teams through the years.

Messod: There's nothing concrete regarding the gold being out of the uniforms or with a new logo. Just saying there are whispers about it and I would imagine for the new stadium opening next season FIU would have new football uniforms and possibly an alteration to the logo.

Puma: By "getting there", MC means there is progress being seen with the team.

CJ: Like yourself I too was curious about FIU's recruiting. So I called several local high school coaches and coaches around the state and many of them have said the same thing: FIU has been recruiting at my school like never before. I wouldn't put too much stock in any of those scouting services, because the real answers don't come until mid-to-late January when signing day draws nearer. Until then it's like having a 3-0 lead in the third quarter and saying you're going to win the game.

jerry, FIUChris and FAU OWL: Welcome all three to the GPP.

jerry: FIU has all the potential to be a football success someday. Like we've said before here in this blog: one of the hotbeds for recruiting is the south Florida area, FIU is a public university, a brand-new stadium, football facilities and weight room are all set to open soon and FIU is in Miami. Do have to correct one thing from your post: MC and PG have only been here for 7 of the 19 straight losses. Not all 19.


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OK Pete, I am willing to be patient (especially as they had one of the toughest OOC schedules this year). I would just like to get one or two wins this season to see some light at the end of the tunnel and have something positive to build on.

A couple of quick questions:

* I thought these NCAA allegations were the same as the APR ones. What's the difference between the two?

* Both Younger and MC are saying that the offense is starting to " get there" but I'd just like to see a better completion percentage than 15 out of 36. At least there was only one turnover and 5 penalties for the game (I hope this means greater discipline).

* I get your point on how the athletic department was run. I hope no news is good news on the PG front. Also, can you give us an update on these new facilities, specifically the weight room and other football facilities. What's included and when do they open?

Finally, I am also looking forward to the basketball and baseball seasons. I've got higher expectations for Rouco because he himself is hyping up the team and it's his fourth year and he's got his guys. I'm expecting a little less from Turtle b/c it's his first season but I love the fact that we're not playing Bethune Cookman and Florida A&M twenty times this year. I like his aggressive scheduling.

And last question, I see that Manny Diaz is negotiating with MLS and hoping to place them in the new Marlins stadium, if it ever gets built. Are the Marlins OK with this and does this mean that the new FIU Stadium is no longer in the running for an MLS team?

Hey Pete, my fingers are getting numb of writing "PATIENCE" on my post. Imagine, I support / follow the Marlins (last place in 07), Dolphins (0-7 & counting!), FIU (0-7) and the Heat (0-6 in preseason!).

Without PATIENCE I would go nuts! As I always say "Patience is a virtue".


Yeah, I'm expecting new uni's next season, too. It makes sense, since the current design is Nike's and FIU went to Adidas. With a new stadium... a new look. Hopefully a better team, too. Any idea if the uni's being sold on the FIU website will be the same the team wears next season, Pete?

I don't care that much about the gold... blue's actually my favorite color... but I've always found it odd that FIU seems to run heavily towards blue and white while we call ourselves the Golden Panthers. Few of the teams actually have predominately gold uniforms. Women's basketball has one... softball has one... women's soccer has one... I can't think of any others. Men's basketball hasn't had a gold uniform in years, since Donnie was there. Baseball's done gold tops, but not pants. Football's done gold pants, but not the top, and it seems like forever since they've actually worn the pants.

Most schools that have a color in their team name emphasize the living ba-jibblies out of it. See Rutgers, UCF (when they used to be the Golden Knights), Kentucky (Big Blue), Duke... just to name a few. The way I see it, if you're the Golden Panthers, emphasize the gold. Otherwise, just call yourselves the Panthers and use whatever color you want. Hell, if we do a color change, I'd like to see us do the powder blue again. (FIU used to have that color back in the day.) But I don't care that much about colors. It's just a random thought.

Actually.. I stand corrected... women's basketball hasn't done a gold uniform in some time, either. They usually go white or blue.

Thank you, Pete, for reminding people that MC is no Head Coach of the Year or anything. Things will turn out okay, but like MC once said, it will not happen overnight. I think people are just fed up after last season and now this season going down the drain. Maybe this season was a little too over-hyped? Anyway, I know that I'll be there decked out in gold and blue win or lose. That's what counts. Please, I have tons of patience too. I have been a Marlins fan since the beginning and never stopped. Like Hootie once said, the Dolphins make me cry, but I'll always be there. Same goes for the Heat and the Panthers (the hockey team ;)).

I know that right now it's real hard, but we gotta have patience. Everything will eventually work out.

Patience and Hard Work....Patience and hard work.....We will have to remind ourselves of this....

Pete, that is a great idea about the blog from the baseball field....

I am the eternal optimist...and want the best for Sergio and the also the team...but the depth and lack of players on this team truly concerns me. Any injuries, and , God forbid, season ending injury, and we are in trouble...

A live blog would be awesome Pete! I can't go to the game.

Pete, thanks for the newest blog and for calming the fears of the FIU community. This will take time, but like Pete and Mario have been saying - we are BUILDING this thing (not rebuilding).

pete thanks for the response to my question. i know not to look to much into recuits till after the HS season is over. but its like the phins looking ahead to the draft... thats really all they got to look foward to. Ultimate your 100% right w/o patience everyone in miami will go crazy. traffic is already as crazy as i would like it. no need to add more crazy to the mix.

pete speaking of live blog any chance you get that going for the football games? would be great to keep us updated. maybe not play by play (would be nice) but like every series. scores any big plays . etc.

CJ, would you like him to take your trash out too?

I would like a Live Blog as well since I can't go to the game either.

Patience wears out pretty quick when your teams can't win a single, damn game! Between FIU and the Fins, I'm glad I'm not in South Florida to hear all the sports talk shows talking about how much we suck over and over again. Ugh! But, I'll never give up being a fan of FIU, Marlins, and Fins.

How many excuses does this writer have? Will he still be defending PG and MC when they are 0-12 or even 0-24. I know it seems a long way off, but it’s a real possibility…so stop with the lame excuses “young coach, young players, young staff, blah blah freaking blah”..coaches and AD’s all over the country have turned programs around in one years time (i.e MTU and Stanford) …and quit blaming the previous administration for the NCAA mess…it specifically says they were not allocated the resources by the university…seems like they were in a no win situation…just another excuse to attempt to mask the truth that MC and PG are failing…and the next time I hear be patient, I think I’m going to puke!

Do you think the donors and supporters want to hear "we are young, give us time" after all they have been through?...hell NO!!!

At least compete on the field!! Give your supports some kind of hope for the future…I seems to be a pretty far stretch for a win..so at least compete!!! (How sad is that.)

MC better show some sign of improvement in the final games or all hell is going to break lose...its not there yet, but headed that way... and by the way, I guess the donors/boosters don't want to hear the excuses either, b/c a reliable source says many have already jumped shipped and lots of calls are not being returned...
The bottom line is that MC and PG have completely failed so far this year…No excuses!! that is the bottom line..now if they win some games, that will all changes..but for right now PG is living up to the fraud label many accused him of at the time of his hire and MC is proving he has no business as a DI head coach… but they still have time to prove me wrong!

JD i know you probably dont think MC is D-I coach but take this into acount... stanford is not turned around having a losing season cloacked by a monster win. so no turn around there.. granted they got a win and we dont. patients does run thin but it shouldnt after 1 year. we have been competative in games against maryland, UM, Troy for a point and ULM.

going through the season you can see everything that they have been teaching... learning to play as a team... playing w/ confidence (work in progress) getting an early lead. .. next step is to play w/ the lead. they are getting there. it does take time. no excuse for losing winable games but i do see improvement. wins will come in time sit back and see where the ride takes.

Live baseball blog? Okay - for those who can't get there in person, great idea. I am excited to see them play someone else and curious as to the lineup that will be used, at least to start.

Pete is not completely out of whack comparing FIU football to Illinois a few years ago. Heck - they were 0-11 and rock bottom of the Big Ten thanks to Ron Turner's ineptitude. You don't exactly get top draft choice for finishing last in college ball. But a few years of good coaching and excellent recruiting by Ron Zook and they were even ranked for a bit two weeks ago. Of course, the loss to hated rival Michigan hurt, but the program has rebounded nicely. FIU can build the program, but only a great fool would think they would do so dramatically in less than one season. And those of us on the GPP - at least the pro-FIU ones - are clearly NOT great fools, right?
As to the improved support system, the academic support side has increased light years ahead of what it was two years ago. It used to be that unless and instructor took the time to check athletic rosters against class one, they would not know there were athletes in the class. Then athletes would show up and be crying after not passing. There are increased study hall lrequirements and tutors are available for pretty much anything. But most important, the STUDENT athletes are being held responsible for going to class and earning passing grades. That IS what they are supposed to be here for, after all. I know everyone would like to go pro, but that is just not a reasonable expectation for most.

Pete, great timing on your article regardless if some people may disagree. I completely agree with you on having patience with this staff. This is new system for players and young team;I've seen encouraging signs on offense and defense. I have faith on Pete Garcia and Mario Cristobal!! Cristobal just needs to get his recruits in. He had a solid '07 recruiting class with FIU being 0-12 last year!! I'm talking about Jason Frierson, Marquis Rolle, Parrish, Colt Anderson,etc. All those players will contribute to wins in the next 2-4 years. Another positive, this staff is not scared to recruit anywhere in the country.

Again people...Patience!!!!!!!!!

making good points FIUJM. this year is a hard year. coming off a year when we went defeated and starting off the year 0-7 was not was bandwagoners wanted to see. lets be honest. no1 wanted to see this. it was just the cards that were delt. we have to push through the muck we are in to get to the good times. its the way it is.

TNGoldenPanther - Yes, the radio talk shows do discuss the pitfalls of the Dolphins and Marlins - but dude, they NEVER talk about FIU football. (except the dos amigos and that is b/c PP makes the effort to go on the show, but no-1 really listens to that show anyway) FIU football is a non entity down here, unless you go to FIU, or went to FIU, no-1 cares. sorry.

On a side note, I was looking at the write a blog standings and noticed that FIUMom is out of the game. What happened? She wasn;t in first, but at least she was in contention. has she given up just like her sons team? Say it aint so FIUMom. We were all so looking forward to hearing about how if you were coach you would run 6 different variations of the split veer (it is like novacaine right?) or how you would have the team gather at 4 for Oprah to help with their emotions on and off the field. Too bad you wont be writing the guest blog FIUMom, we are all disappointed, but there is always next year - just make sure you keep predicting FIU losses and you are sure to increase your chances of winning.

Where are all of the FIU idiots who were on this blog after the past two weeks when UM lost to NC and Ga Tech? What was it you all were saying, UM wont win another game this year. That UM will get smacked by FSU just like they did against NC. That UM can't win on the road. Wow, funny, all I hear is crickets. Be men. When and if FIU wins, I will still be here on the blog talking crap to you all.

I apologize for nothing I have said. STOP posting as me FIU fans. Try being original. PP, you need to stop that crap. Thank you.

lol 24/7 calm down. grats on the win btw. nice to see the canes beat FSU. it was a great game and im glad UM came out on top. i dont think anyone is gone. prob. busy. o well i wont trash talk it was a great game. hope when fiu wins w/ the trash talk you have a congrats in there


Tomorrow marks a full month of practices for the baseball team. You sound as if you've been around for quite a few of them as well as the intersquad scrimmages. Are you opimistic for this team? With the football situation, it would be nice if basketball and baseball can give the fan something to cheer about. Thanks for any insight.

Oh man, it's time for the word patience to be placed. everywhere. Also, on campus cristobal has offered up 20 players to be paired up with an organization (or club) on campus, in return the group brings 10 fans to the game. That's 200 fans per gameto root on one player.

Fantastic idea by MC, it gets the school spirit higher, it gets FIU out in a better light and it brings fans to the games. I think that with marketing like that it's likely to lead to newer and a larger fanbase. I hope we win one or two this year! The Sun Belt though is probably worse than some Division I-AA conferences.


Any info on how recruiting is coming along? I know it's way too early to tell, but figured I'd ask anyway. Did MC stay local during the bye week?

I really hope MC doesn't recruit any delinquents with a history of violent behavior out of the Florida Penal League like UM, and FSU has.

btw, great job with blog!

Pete keep preaching the patience man!!! It's the hardest thing to do in todays instant gratification days. MC is on the right track, keep highlighting the small improvements and victories. All these people that want immediate success have never been around the rebuilding of a program. Ive been too busy to write lately cuz im in season too but your blog keeps me connected to FIU, keep up the good work and thanks as always.

Pete keep preaching the patience man!!! It's the hardest thing to do in todays instant gratification days. MC is on the right track, keep highlighting the small improvements and victories. All these people that want immediate success have never been around the rebuilding of a program. Ive been too busy to write lately cuz im in season too but your blog keeps me connected to FIU, keep up the good work and thanks as always.

To whomever is infatuated with CrazyCane, please stop posting as CC. Once again, a reminder that I get the e-mail addresses for each post and I know when the post is fake.

Did have to chuckle on the e-mail address posted with fake CrazyCane: pleasedonterasemepete@hotmail.com.

Ya know - I knew that the FIU program needed to try and copy UM's by hiring the coaches and by talking tough about the season, but much like the FIU athletic program, Mr. Fake CrazyCane - you end up looking foolish. I mean seriously, how dumb do you have to be to try and post as someone else. I guess you can be as dumb as certain FIU employees who are asked questions about who they would want to estbalish a rivalry with, OTHER THAN UM, and then this unnamed employee responds with, uhhhhh UM. Or maybe they can be as dumb as the FIU fans who pick FIOU to win week in and week out - yes, I am calling you dumb NYCFIUFan and you alt7787. Here is my challenge to the fake CrazyCane, post as yourself, if you're man enough, admit that you are the fake crazycane and lets deal with it blog style. You can post about how crazy my comments are, and how much you disagree with them and I will remind you that you are an FIU fan.

Does anyone here really take the time to read all the garbage el loco brings to the table? Are 7 Eleven cc the same? Geez...talk about a long season...

Also, interesting the "appearance" of jd here with the same rhetoric as he usually does over at the FIU board. His hatred for PG and MC gets in the way of facts in his mind, over and over again. When the announcement of a big donation surfaces, we will know the lying and nonsense about boosters and donations. Wait and see.

I read the post from U24/7 talking about the "crap" he posts, well brother you are correct. It's a bunch of "crap"! With all the sorry post from U24/7 and CrazyCane, I used to be amused, now it just BORING & OLD!

From now on I'll focus on the well thought out post on the GPP. Examples include good post by FI-UM Fan, fiufan751, CJ, FIUJM, paradox & Messod Bendayan. Lets keep the caliber of conversation high and don't "dredge the sludge" of U24/7 & CrazyCane.


fiu fanatic i actually read what cc posts... gives me a good laugh. cc man your goin to settle it "blog style" hows that? im actually really curious to find out lol i got respect for 24/7 so i dont call him 7/11 not his name. but ya btw pete that email is pricless.

I've been unable to post for a while because of my hectice schedule, but I've been reading daily. I am glad to see that people are still here supporting FIU. I see that even those pesky UCG people are still supporting us as well! Thanks for helping the GPP climb the blog charts at the Herald. The more you post, the higher we climb.

FIUMom, good to have you back! Hey Pete, any on-line Panther Pass for the Arkansas game? If no, what options do we FIU fans have to watch Saturday's game? Thanks!


we gotta check the listing i really want to watch the game they need all the suport they can get.


Been a while since I have posted...Got my new business venture off and running and ready for the last 3rd of the season.

**Question: has there ever been a Fab 5 type (freshman dominated roster) to compete for a national title in football, sans Michigan basketball in the early 1990s ??

Let's get real here. New coach, new system, many new players...You cannot expect 18 and 19 year olds to dominate the line of scrimmage at the D1 level, especially our kids. But give them a few years of NCAA level weight training and conditioning. A few years of learning together, so that the team can become unconsciously competent as to their assignments on and off the field.

Back to my question, when was the last time a team primarliy composed of underclassmen competed and made noise in NCAA football. "Jimmy Johnson" might not fair much better than Cristobal under the circumstances. However, I do expect next season to be the year that FIU football is born again and some expectations, such as compete in the conference for a title are realistic.

I will be travelling with the guys to Arkansas and hope to bring some luck to the team against McFadden and co. **We are due and need turnovers to get a win at Fayettville. Goooooo Panthers !!

have fun up in arkansas blue and gold your right we are due for a win... but to do that we goin to have to get them to put the ball on the ground

Thanks for the love, UFF. Much appreciated. But I got to disagree with you, and many other FIU fans here, when you say guys like 24/7 and CrazyCane are just writing "crap". Granted, they're hopelessly pro-UM... but then again, most of us are hopelessly pro-FIU, so we're hardly objective ourselves.

I find myself agreeing with most of what they say. FIU, unfortunately, has been very delusional in the past when it comes to running the athletics department. A lot of that's potential-based, and we certainly have the potential to be a top-25 program in football and baseball year round. But leadership's been lacking in years past, and I don't mean just in athletics.

The university as a whole didn't understand what it takes to have a solid athletics program for years, and that may still be the case, for all we know. Even hiring a PG may not have been enough for the truth to sink in, if all the "PG to Pitt" rumors and things Pete has written in the past have any truth to them.

I don't mean to call people out, but many of the admin in charge (especially in the past) don't know or didn't know how the sports business works. I don't blame them for that... many of them were specialists in other areas (as in the case with most schools) and FIU's never made athletics a priority in the past. That's just the simple truth. In many ways, it was the blind leading the blind in the athletics department, and much of it wasn't exposed until FIU started dreaming of bigger things.

In PG, they have someone who's seen it first-hand. I give Maidique enough credit in that he saw an experienced hand was needed. I don't know if PG's the right man for the job... and I don't know if MC is, either... but I do know that both have seen things no one else has seen at FIU and have more cred that anyone here in the past. That includes Strock, who had ZERO experience in college ball as a coach.

For those of you who like to rip MC for having no HC experience... that's true... and part of me wishes we did get an Amato-type in here. But MC at least had SOME experience in college football. MC, at least, knows how college kids tick. It hasn't led to wins yet, but if he's half as good a recruiter as we hear, that will solve itself in 1-2 years.

My ultimate point here... guys like 24-7 and CC are right in casting doubts at what FIU is doing. Our track record is crap. Hiring a guy like MC AND making him the highest-paid coach in the Belt sure looks like sheer lunacy from an outsider's point of view. Hiring a guy like PG makes more sense, but even that is no guarantee they'll succeed. I like what both men have done so far, though, and I do understand the massive hole they were thrown into when they accepted the job. That's why time is needed here.

For those of you who wonder why FIU can't succeed in one year while others have... the answer there is that FIU wasn't a D-I school when they came in. Sure, they SAID they were D-I... but they weren't. The bad APR proved it. The bad coaching proved it. Playing in a crap stadium AND not getting it upgraded before they made the move proved it. No real marketing campaign designed to go after the thousands of FIU alums from the beginning proved it. And that's just some of it.

FIU as an institution wasn't at a D-I level before, and PG and MC have to build a TON of infrastructure that places like MT, North Texas, Stanford and others already had in place. There's so much that goes on behind the scenes that most of us never see that has a tremendous impact on what happens on the field during Saturdays. That, my friends, is what happens when the blind lead the blind, and that was the case for much of FIU's existence before now. I hope PG and MC get it solved, but until then... guys like 24-7 and CC and any others who want to rip FIU for being delusional are right to do so.

With that said... "Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible." A little Miguel de Unamuno there for you guys. ;)

Messod, i think it was a good post. although its just goin to lead to un-necessary banter from CC followed by 24/7 (wheres ny josh?) hopefully soon we can change all that

I commend you, Messod on being so level headed, which those two you appear to be "over defending" in my book, normally don't. Calling all FIU fans dumb over and over again, and changing their tune, to accomodate reality...IS NOT warranted, and not a result of the obvious limitations in FIU Athletics as compared to a potent one like UM. I'm sorry, but those are two very different things.

Messod you might of confused my post being critical of those two (CC & U24/7) because they are UM fans. That couldn't be further from the truth. I appreciate the myriad of opinions expressed on the GPP, whether from UM, FAU, UF... & FIU fans. Like you said, I find some of the post useless whether they come from hardcore FIU fans or not. My problem with them (CC & U24/7) is the useless noise. That is the crux of my criticism of those two (CC & U24/7). No problem with "casting doubts", however do it constructively! It has been a while, if ever that they brought any substance to this post. ALL THAT THEY BRING IS NOISE! Fomentor is an example of an apparent UM fans that brings dialogue that is worth discussing. Fomentor and I have had several posts where it first was noise that then developed into a dialogue because we stopped attacking each other. I enjoy ideas and discourse that leads to something that everyone can think and post about.

On athletic adm. you have to understand and get perspective. You are correct when you state that FIU "didn't understand what it takes to have a solid athletics program...", however here is where perspective comes in. FIU Football is in its 5th or 6th year of existence, UM is going on nearly 80 years of collegiate football. FIU Athletics “officially” became a Div I school (w/o football) in 1986. FIU doesn't understand major athletics because it has NEVER BEEN a major program. It’s like criticizing a 6th grader on why he/she doesn't understand Calculus III. The skills need to be developed. In that development / evolution of FIU Athletics MANY mistakes have been made and I assure you MORE are on their way! It is the natural order of things. UM, UF, FSU, PSU, etc. didn't become "Big Time" without their share of miscues.

The hiring of PG may be that first step on the path to bigger things. However like Pete writes and reiterates, PATIENCE.


All I have to say is that it's gonna feel freakin incredible! the day FIU Football gets the reputation of being on of the top 25 studs in the nation... Until then, I will be right here waiting patiently. The Sleeping Giant WILL wake soon, it's just waiting for the right time. GO FF! II! UU! FIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the correct attitude! The days or being run like junior high..(our athletic office) are over....TDAOS!! TDAOS!!

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