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Play Ball, Eh!

FIU's exhibition game against Team British Columbia Twins has yet to start, because the Canadians arrived at the ballpark here at 8 p.m. after playing in Jupiter earlier this afternoon.

Yours truly did not arrive until now, because I was on the phone with a Hawaii newspaper negotiating some stories I will be writing for them about a golfer that's playing in Miami this weekend. But that's not important. Let's play ball, eh!

Roman is on the PA mike announcing the lineups as I type this. Here are your FIU starters for tonight:

CF Ty Main, SS Junior Arrojo, RF Raimy Fuentes, 3B Anthony Boza, C Kevin Mirabal, DH Javier Sujo, LF Corey Lozano, 2B Chris Altieri, 1B Enrique Cepero, P Corey Polizzano.

Not some of the guys we expected to see, but maybe they'll get in later in the game. Let's start blogging....


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For those wondering about the weather here at FIU....partly cloudy, feels 86, 30 percent chance of rain.....come on out or log on!

Top of the 1st...Polizzano pitching for FIU...First batter for BC....fly out to CF.

2nd batter for BC....strikes out swinging....Hard to tell from press box, but looks like Polizzano has hit the weight room since last season....3rd batter for BC fly out to CF Ty Main.

Nice 1,2,3 inning for Corey. Let's go FIU bats!

where are you at? in the box?

How is the crowd ?

Go FIU!!! Mike Lowel for MVP!!!

Knocked off the FIU wireless system for most of the bottom of the 1st inning. FIU gets 4 runs and leads 4-0 in top of 2nd

Oh yea! Way to go FIU!

looks like a Saturday afternoon crowd, not bad for an exhibition game announced 2 days ago

Anything new? Interesting that the transfer from Louisville is not starting...

Cool info, Pete. Keep em coming...eh?

Top of the 2nd inning, the Twins put 2 runners on, but Polizzano strikes out the third batter to end the inning.

Jorge Castillo (Louisville transfer) may get in the game later. A lot of regulars did not start for FIU.

how did they score their four runs?

Hoops coach Sergio Rouco just dropped by the press box...told him to sing "Take out to the ballgame in the 7th", but Roman said no....Roman wants to sing.

Twins committed error, single by Anthony Boza and a double by Javier Sujo.

Who did what in the scoring ?

Did you go to last night's tip off game? If so, any comments on the returning and new players?

Bottom of the 2nd inning, 2 outs, Ty Main gets a broken bat single, moved up to 2nd on 1st out and now at third after a fly out...Fuentes up

Who is Sujo?

Did not go to last night's hoops. In the four runs only Sujo had an RBI, the other three runs scored without RBI.

Sujo is a freshman 3rd base from Sunset High. Fuentes flys out to end the 2nd inning

Polizzano just struck out his 5th batter to start the 3rd inning

Polizzano gets his 6th strikeout

Mirabal catches Twins runner stealing to end the 3rd inning....FIU 4-0.

Freshman Daniel DeSimone, a Turtle recruit from Gulliver, is expected to pitch next.

Anthony Boza, a freshman from Braddock, doubles to lead off the 3rd inning for FIU.

Cool info...Thanks...Does this Canadian team look to be any good?...Polizzano seems to have been dominating..

The Canucks have some Canadian National team players on there, but they may be tired from playing and then bussing from Jupiter earlier today.

Sujo's infield hit and then a Canada throwing error allow FIU to score a run. It's now 5-0

this is awesome - thanks pete!

Corey Lozano single up the middle has FIU runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs.

Check that it was 1 out on Lozano's single. Chris Altieri grounds out, run scores 6-0. Enrique Cepero singles to right scores Lozano....FIU is up by a touchdown 7-0 after 3 innings.

Both teams using wood bats here. Like TT said no aluminum until mid-February.

Boza, a Turtle recruit, just made a one-handed defensive web gem on a ground ball to third to get the 1st out.

I wish the one again off again sprinkling would stop.

Polizzano has a one-hitter going in the 4th inning on 60 pitches. He strikes out his 7th batter to finish the 4th inning and the night for Polizzano.

Good to see Sergio Ruocco supporting baseball. This needs to be reciprocated by all coaches to all programs!

Pete, is the Louisville guy playing yet?


No Castillo is not in the game yet.

Has petika played yet?

Petika is not in yet....Sujo just singled in another run to make it 8-0. Sujo is also a TT recruit.

2 outs bottom of the 4th

GO FIU Lets get a W for the thirsty fans, even if it in exhibition baseball

Pete is it that FIU bats are strong or Canadian pitching is weak?


Top 5th, FIU 8-0....new pitcher for FIU, Daniel DeSimone, a freshman from Gulliver.

Polizzano allows 1 hit and strikes out 7 in 4 innings.

Tough to tell about the FIU bats and Canada pitching. FIU has gotten some solid hits with the wood bats.

One thing you can tell for sure is the Golden Panthers look more fundamentally sound on the field. FIU batters are also using the whole field when hitting, like TT has stressed all through fall ball.

LOL!! Baltimorepanther's comment...

DeSimone has struck out first 2 batters and gets a ground out to end the 5th.

Hey Baltimore Panther, Cindy Russo's co-ed team won last night so this would be the 2nd win.

New pitcher right handed or left?

does anything stand out with this team over past teams (like hustle, enthusiasm), that is, do you see a noticeable TT influence?

DeSimone is a righty

One thing you can tell for sure is the Golden Panthers look more fundamentally sound on the field. FIU batters are also using the whole field when hitting, like TT has stressed all through fall ball.

This freshman Boza can really swing the bat. He drives in his 2nd run of the night with his third hit. Boza has two doubles and a single tonight. He's 3 for 4 with 3 runs

Top 6th inning, FIU 9-0

Another thing I do hope to see is that when these folks start using again the aluminum bats after all these months of wooden bat...the "sweet spot" is bigger, and thus, hopefully, we will see more "power" hitting from our team.

I love this strategy!

When these guys swing the metal in February it's going to seem like they're hitting racquetballs.

I see where he, like Sujo also, was a 1st Team All Dade...hitting .533 and 6 homers as a Senior...Sujo hit .406 as a Senior at Sunset.

Yeah, not bad last minute recruiting by la Tortuga -- that turtle in Spanish.

any changes yet or is he sticking with same lineup other than desimone?

More evidence of a fundamentally sound team...Canada doubles with runner on 1st....FIU executes perfectly a relay throw from right field to nail the baserunner at home for the second out of the 6th inning.

DeSimone strikes out next batter to preserve shutout after 6 innings...9-0 FIU going to the bottom of the 6th.

Only FIU lineup change thus far, DePhillip Mason enters the game in LF and Lozano moves to 2nd base. Chris Altieri is out of the game.

No Castillo or Petika yet.

WOW looking good! Now I really can't wait until February!

fiu lowell just doubles in go ahead run

What about Tyler Townsend? I think he could be a good one...Wasn't he a freshman All American last year?

This is obviously NOT USC that FIU is playing tonight, but it's encouraging to see a much more disciplined and fundamentally sound Golden Panthers team.

Townsend is also not in the game. Looks like TT is getting a good long look at the freshmen tonight. Yes, he was a freshman All-American last year.

He should improve on those numbers as a sophomore.

Way to go Mikey Lowell!! I hope he keeps supporting FIU and the baseball program, even now that DP is not here anymore...

On side note in this 9-0 game, that FIU football stadium is going up faster each and every day.

I expect to get a mini-tour of the stadium on Monday with a hard hat, of course. Will try to post new stadium photos on here on Monday.

FIU just kicked a field goal on a wild pitch by the Canadians, 10-0 FIU in the bottom of the 6th.

Good thing, the Golden Panthers are not playing hockey tonight.

Please, Pete...Do so, especially for us out of towners.....I hear (read) from some it is looking real nice....and going fast...

Top of the 7th, 10-0 FIU.

Now pitching for FIU is "He bigger than me and he wanted the ball"

Can you guess who's on the mound?

That's the last time I'll bring up that quote.

Jorge Ramos? That was a very unfortunate comment by him..

Yes. you are correct FIU Fanatic.

I won't bring that up anymore.

Yep...Let's put that to rest..and the past.

Boza again delivers. He hits a sacrifice fly to center about 380 feet with a wood bat to make it 11-0 FIU in the 7th inning.

Change to 2008 baseball schedule as of today.

On their trip to Arizona State this season, FIU will play ASU twice, and College World Series participant Cal-Irvine and Northern Colorado each one time during those 4 games.

Cool..Are they playing two games on that Saturday? Once against ASU and one against Cal-Irvine? Kind of crazy tough schedule...

Bottom of the 8th, 11-0 FIU

Ramos is sharp through 2 innings of work.

They are not sure yet how those games at ASU will be scheduled, but it looks like an FIU/ASU day/night doubleheader on Saturday and single games on Friday and Sunday.

Just got home from the stadium. The guys made some solid hits but the Canadians were horrible on the field. They had like 7 errors when I left.

Still no Mollica, Petika, Townsend or Castillo?

Yeah, like I wrote earlier tonight, FIU is obviously NOT playing USC here, but the Golden Panthers still looked much better than the last time they were on the field getting eliminated by FAU last season.

It has been fun following the action, Thanks

Yeah, Concerned Fan none of those guys have played and it looks like TT is going with mostly freshmen tonight.

Looks like the shutout is in jeopardy...Canada has runners on 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs here in the top of the 9th.

FIU ahead 11-0.

With 1 out, Canadians single and ruin the shutout.

11-1 FIU.....2 outs to go

Hey Pete...Thanks for tonight...It was fun...it almost felt like watching a baseball game, and talking at the stands with some friends.

That's the ballgame, FIU wins 11-2.

Be back tommorrow with the FIU/Arkansas football preview.

Thanks Pete!

Its good to have an upgraded schedule, however we have to win some of those games not just play them.


Hey thanks for the play by play Pete. Very exciting times apparently for our team! Is this Canadian team any good though? Don't mean to sound ignorant, I've been a little MIA lately.

BTW...someone should give TT and Audi cap (hahahahahaha)


hey pete i got a question for you. im seeing that senior running back jaren jones of columbus is haveing a pretty good year for them even w/ splitting caries w/ frank gores younger brother. any chance FIU/anyone is recruiting him?

damn almost forgot gotta make predictions... lets see.. mcfadden vs. our run d prob wont be pretty . if we can bounce him out we might have a chance... might. i think we put up 14 but wont be enough ark. 35-14 :-( . and so the brutal schedule comes to an end lol

Arkansas - 48
FIU 14

Arkansas - 42
FIU- 10

Arkansas 38

FIU 10

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