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The Six-Game Sense

The second half of the football season begins Saturday at Louisiana-Monroe where FIU recorded its first Division I-A victory back in 2005, a 31-29 come-from-behind victory. Will the Golden Panthers get their first win in 22 months there as well? Can FIU get its first win before the Dolphins do? Good chance this Logo_2 Fins_2 week with Miami facing New England.

Let's see what can we make of FIU's final six games in 2007. Using our football sixth sense and without the help of the FIU Witches, which is a risky and stupid idea, but what the heck, let's set the stage for the second half of the season. We'll still include the Witches as part of rating the games. 1 witch = not likely an FIU win. 2 witches = quite possibly an FIU win. 3 witches = best chance for FIU win. Oz witch = no FIU win.

Five of the last six games are Sun Belt games so there should not be any lopsided games, but then again that was the thinking going into Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Still, if the Golden Panthers can get solid games from two of the three parts of the team (offense, defense and/or special teams), then FIU can win 3 and possibly 4 of its last 6 games starting with this Saturday's game.

First up is Louisiana-Monroe, who with the exception of its 30-13 win against Arkansas State, the Two_3 Warhawks have given up plenty of points: 35, 69, 54, 24 and 31 to North Texas, who like FIU is building with a 1st-year coach. Outside of last year's game (35-0, ULM) -- which occurred after the season was shot after the brawl -- FIU and Monroe had their first two games decided by an average of 5 points. We'll have more on this game later this week..

Ugly_2  FIU then travels to Arkansas, which is down in the SEC, but still plenty ahead of the Golden Panthers right now. This is one of the two games where I can't see FIU pulling it out.

The Golden Panthers stay in the state of Arkansas and play Arkansas State after Pig Sooey. The Alyss_4 Indians and their Power "O" offense have always given the FIU D fits. The way the Golden Panthers have not been able to stop the run this season, logic says they won't win here. But this is the wacky Sun Belt and you never know. FIU will need plenty of offense to win here.

Charmmm_3 The road games are over after Arkansas State and the Golden Panthers host the final 3 games ever played in the Orange Bowl starting Nov. 17 against Louisiana-Lafayette. As of today, the Cajuns have one win, 38-29 over North Texas, and the least amount of points their D has allowed has been 28. In the other games, the ULL D has drawn bad lotto numbers: 31, 38, 48, 37, 29, 52.

Next up is the 6th annual Don Shula Bowl and much like last season it could Ugly_5 get ugly, because FAU has put together a pretty good team this season with a potent offense. Plus, the Owls Florida speed will be able to match the Golden Panthers Florida speed. See FAU holding the Shula Trophy for another year.

Chrm_2  The season finale against North Texas will not go 7 overtimes like last year's game, but it should be another close game. The Mean Green have won both games against the Golden Panthers by three points. This one could be just as close.


Roman: John Petika has been alternating in left field with Raimy Fuentes. One player who Turtle made mention of, but his sidelined right now with an elbow issue, is junior outfield transfer Jordan Karcher from Gulf Coast CC and Pennsylvannia. Karcher is 6-5, 228 and can really hit according to TT. He expects Karcher to be ready for the season.

Think there's some interest with TT & FIU baseball? By my count, there were just as many people in the stands for last Saturday's intra-squad scrimmage as there were at many of last year's games.

fiufan751: Welcome to the GPP. Besides Steven Stewart and Chris Allen, TT sees Corey Polizzano, Akeem Francis and Jorge Ramos as part of the starting pitching staff. One pitcher TT made note of as well was freshman Daniel DeSimone, a righty from Gulliver. Center field right now is being played by freshman Ty Main, who arrived at FIU from Maryland.

UltimateFIUFan: Checking the Sun Belt basketball rosters, there are several teams with big men. Middle Tennessee and North Texas each have a 6-10 center. New Orleans and Troy each have two big men. UNO has two 6-10 centers. Troy has a 7-0 and a 6-10 center. Western Kentucky has a 6-10 center. As far as FIU hoops practices they are closed.

Looking at the Louisiana-Monroe website (ulmathletics.com) you can watch Saturday's football game for $8.95.


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Thanks for the info...I went by on Friday afternoon before the women's soccer game, but practice was over. I need to find out when fall practice finishes, cause I want to get out there at least once.

Remember folks Oct. 24 is the tip-off dinner for men's and women's basketball, should be a fun night :)

Hmmm i like the predictions, but I do think the Dolphins will win before the Golden Panthers do. The Dolphins will beat the Patriots this Sunday. I sure of it.

On the other hand FIU will not win if Wayne Younger stays in the game past halftime. We will score early and take a lead, but as usual Younger will slow down, throw INT's. and not pass. Even better the coaches will keep him in the game. So what could have been a win turns into a blowout because of a nonexistant offense led by a QB that cant pass and a defense that seems to stop trying.


Hey Pete, what's up with the blue pants all season? I'm not very superstitious, but our record with those is even worse than our record without em. Besides, I like the look of the blue and gold uniform.

i like the new witches system very interesting.. lets hope the oz witch gets a house to fall on her

Hmm... FIU-17

The Golden Panthers Finally win.

my prediction comes thursday.. friday i will be at horror nights

Hey Pete are you aware of any special promotions by FIU's Athletic department dealing with the last three football games EVER TO BE PLAYED AT THE OB? Maybe bringing former Dolphin players who had classic performances in that stadium (Griese, Marino, Clayton, Duper, etc) would more of the community to come out to the OB.

Maybe FIU can give out a Nick Saban vodoo dolls we can mutilate LOL!

GO FIU!!!!



i think that out of respect to the orange bowl whether your a UM FAU or FIU fan everyone should be there to send the old girl out with a win. i know the U wants to send her out w/ a U win but FIU does play the last game. we are all Floridians and this is a "florida landmark" fate has us playing or football rivals Texas. all fans from Florida should be there to support

that way we can say that the OB will go out a winner and no texas team will come in here and disrespect the OB!

I am hesitant because they have broke my heart but.....

FIU 20
ULM 17

Please win.

Hey Pete,

You're really getting me excited about basketball and baseball. I know the witches are going to bring us better luck on those sports than football.

I have a question, why do they still have the old FIU logo over the entrance to the baseball stadium? Least they could do is paint over it, although I would prefer they replace it with the "new" logo.

My prediction ... will be coming soon.


GPC have a question to you all.. how bad does a win mean to you all? is it worth asking a foe to join you for a mutural benifit? why do i ask? b/c on DEC 1 fiu plays the last home game ever at the OB. now i was born and raised on the OB stories just like most s.FLA. i do not want to see her go down in failure. so i say FIU and UM fans come together to send her off in a W.

FIU does not have to like UM nor does UM have to like FIU. but a Mutural understanding of what will be at stake could send FIU to victory and send off the OB in victory. im tired of seeing the OB 2/3s empty at FIU games and 5/6 empty by half time. gather all that you can go to the OB all you can but especially on DEC. 1st

I'm relatively new to this blog but I sense a great deal of excitement surrounding the upcoming baseball season. My question: is this standard for every new FIU baseball season or is the anticipation related to the arrival of TT and his unparalleled work ethic? Thanks PP for promoting this dialogue.

While every new season brings hope and enthusiasm the departure of DP and the arrival of TT and his history of success has hightened the anticipation of a truly Division 1 Baseball program. One only needs to see Coach Thomas work and his attention to detail and even Ray Charles can see why the man is successful. After being mediocre for far too long, FIU deserves the winning program that Coach Thomas is sure to bring.

Ray Charles? That is hilarious!
CJ, it is not worth that much.

Guys, I am looking at this from a Marketing perspective. There are many football fans that may not like UM or FIU, however maybe Fins fans. Lets go after the emotional attachment. There are many FINS fans (myself included) that remember all to well the formerly successful FINS and how nearly unbeatable they were in the OB. Let attract them by bringing the Fins legends for an OB reunion ONE LAST TIME. Then hopefully some can create an allegiance with FIU. It worth a try!


I don't think Miamians are as sentimental as some of you think. The emotional send-off will be UM's home game against Virginia. I don't think many know, or care, that FIU plays three games afterwards. FIU's just a renter. The place truly belongs to the Canes. And to the Dolphins, to a lesser extent. But I do think someone should host a farewell party along the lines that UFF described. That's be pretty cool. If UM won't or can't do it, FIU should. It'd be a nice gesture.

As for this week... this is a tempting game to call for FIU, I must admit. Like Pete, I don't think last year's slaughter means a lot. I know everyone remembers the brawl as the most embarrassing game last season - and rightly so - but the ULM game last year was the worst they've ever dogged it on the field. That was truly an awful performance... even worse than MT this year, I think. FIU was never in that game mentally. Historically, this game's played very close, and this is also the place FIU won their first D-I game. I don't know if that means much, but it sure can't hurt to mention it to the players... hopefully, MC's doing that.

ULM also isn't a very good team, but that's a bad thing for FIU. I've felt from the beginning that FIU would do better playing the Miami's and Maryland's than playing in the Belt. I know that sounds nuts, but if you look at FIU's history, we consistenly stink up the joint against bad teams while playing the good ones just well enough to lose. It's like FIU expects to get the W just by showing up whenever they play a crap team. Strock's era was filled with tons of examples like that, and the MT game showed that kind of attitude once again. MC better fix that, STAT.

I'm calling this a Warhawk W for three reasons.

1) They lost to NT last week. That'll be a wake-up call to ULM, I think.

2) It's their homecoming. I don't think they wanna dog it in front of the faithful, and this is a game many of them expect to win.

3) We just can't score. This game should be tight with little scoring, but I just can't see FIU scoring more than 17 and we gotta do better than that to win. ULM isn't totally terrible offensively... D is their real problem. Until I see some semblance of hope from our O, though, I just can't give them a win. Say what you want about being young, but the fact we've scored over 10 points ONCE all season says all I need to know about FIU's talent. A decent offense can throw up 30 against ULM. We're not even close to that.

The only way we win is if the D dominates this game. Lots of turnovers... put us in good field position to score... and hang on for dear life. This game's winnable, and I wouldn't be surprised to see an upset, but until FIU stops getting overconfident in games like this, we're not winning squat.

Oh... forgot the score... 21-17 ULM.

My prediction:

ULM 35

FIU 17

i think slowly but surly crazy is coming over to our side he is giving opponents less and FIU more... by seasons end he might have us winning a game lol

Pete, tried to purchase the package from ULM for Staurday's game however it will not function on neither of my systems(home -DELL & work IBM Tablet). FIU has the Panther Pass, which is the same set-up as ULMs and it doesn't work either.

Anybody have any luck signing on to these packages? Any info will be helpful.


I tried it out with an FIU Volleyball Game and it came through fine. My prediction...ULM 27 - FIU 17

28-16 ULM.

Sorry I haven't been able to check people on the board lately, but I'll be coming back strong soon. Hopefully FSU can beat the Canes too this weekend because I just caught a peek at the updated recruiting commits and they won't be down for long.

Whoops I meant Canes beat FSU. Up for a long time and not enough sleep.

ULM - 31

FIU - 13

Everyone, now I know that this a FIU blog, but I have some important news, I just heard that Joe Torre just turned down a offer to return as the Yankee manager and now the Yankees are actively seeking a new manager.

Do you all think they are going to interview MC? I mean, he has just as much experience being a Major League Baseball manager as he did being a Head football coach. I think his presence as the Yankee manager will make an immediate impact like it has at FIU. I am now on the bandwagon- Yankee fans, do not worry, MC is on the way to turn the ship arounsd,TDAOS in the Bronx.

CrazyCane you are back! Wow, I just assumed that you were enjoying "blogging" with your alternative lifestyles blog (reminder: CrazyCane doesn't like attractive women (i.e. FIU Volleyball player mentioned before)). Now that the Mental Midget (a.k.a. CrazyCane) is back, we welcome you along with any other bozo that brings that type of post you just posted to the GPP.

Remember, everyone should be allowed to post, from the intelligent, thought provoking stuff to the worthless junk like CrazyCane’s.


CrazyCane is ignorant!! If you're going to talk baseball...mention TT for the Yankees position not MC, don't be scared to talk about TT like your baseball coach at UM. Another thing, it's funny how you mock our football coach. Last time I check, your coach at UM has the same experience as MC as a college football coach. Idiot!!

As for the game on Saturday. We can run the ball on ULM and hopefully Younger has solid game. I can't go against FIU on this one.

FIU 24

ULM 20


Is CrazyCane a UM player? As delirious as his writings are, you'd think he was involved in the beatdowns the 'Canes have received the last two weeks at the hands of the boys in powder blue and the Yellowjackets.

ok guys last post before i go out of town so heres my pick. background: ULM has a stout run game... FIU bad run defense... but w/ that. they still have a young qb. i just cant shake the feeling that something good might happen to FIU soon. ill take FIU close. lets say.. 21-17

FIUJM - you cannot be serious. "Last time I check, your coach at UM has the same experience as MC as a college football coach." Can you tell me how many college football teams MC has been a coordinator on? Oh, that's right - none. Can you tell me how long MC has been a college football coach - oh yeah, that's right almost a decade less then RS. Here are some quick points to educate the uneducated like FIUJM

Randy Shannon has been coaching since 1991. In that time, he he was the defensive coordinator on 6 UM teams, 5 of which were top 10 defenses in the country, and in 2001, won a Nat'l Championship. Has coached in 11 Bowl Games. Coached in the NFL for 2 years with the Miami Dolphins. That is a just a few stats for Coach Shannon - Now lets look at how MC compares (because they are the same experience right FIUJM)Mario Cristobal has been a coach since 1998 (that includes 2 years as a graduate assistant, which means he pushed play on the DVD player while the REAL coaches and athletes watched tape on the opponants), He has never been a coordinator and oddly enough, Miami won a Nat'l Championship when MC finally left after the 2000 season to go to Rutgers. And even crazier, when MC finally left Rutgers (his last season there they weant 5-7) they got good and became a team ready to compete nationally. MC has coached in 5 bowl games, none as a coordinator, unless you consider him as the coordinator of the DVD player.

FIUJM - who looks like the idiot now? I am sure in time MC will be a success, but do not try and compare resumes. RS is light years ahead of MC and I think if you ask MC, he will tell you the same thing. if he doesn't, he is just as delusional as his fanbase.

just stoppin in to say hi.Veronica sez hi!!

CrazyCane...I'm sorry I wasn't specific enough for you. I meant as a college football "head" coach!!! 1st year--MC 1st year--Shannon. For some reason, you always have to bring up the experience as a coordinator argument. There has been a history of head coaches succeeded in NFL level without being a coordinator!! I think you'll never get that through to your head.

Great post CrazyCane - I think CrazyPanther has brought out the best in you. I do not see how he is going to be able to argue against your post - it is too factual in nature. That being said, I cannot wait to see what will erupt when CrazyPanther posts his response.

As for my prediction this week:

ULM 24

FIU 17

Good predictions so far....Too hard...my heart is again acting up against my deliberate thought process and 'common sense'. However....

ULM 20 FIU 17

Hey U24/7 I guess your blog expectations from CrazyCane can't be to high! His last two post like most of the worthless junk he post is garbage. Again, I state bring something to discuss to this blog that isn't just noise.

You, CrazyCane & myself may disagree, however to just state irrelevant stuff is a misuse of blog space. Fact are facts, neither UM or FIU are ranked. FIU is FAR from being ranked, however UM isn't close to any rankings either (no 4-3 team should be!). UM has talent in the squad, but RS needs his time to build, his time to get his players, etc. RS needs time!

MC has very little talent in his team so he needs MORE time, MORE players, etc. UM is REBUILDING, while FIU is BUILDING! Concentrate on the facts and we will not have to waste time battling with useless banter on the GPP! Bring IDEAS on how UM's program needs to improve (and it does!), we'll discuss back & forth. The FIU fans are optimistic of improvement in our program and with that, we'll bring our ideas to discuss! Sound like a plan?


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