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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Ledge Judging by the fewer fans on the ledge after the Middle Tennessee game, it seems that many have figured it out that turning around the Golden Panthers football program is not an overnight fix nor a 1-year overhaul.

Glad to see the therapy provided here by Frasier and Tony Soprano on the GPP has helped in some way.

Don't be overly shocked by the way Middle Tennessee dominated FIU. Yes, the Blue Raiders were 0-4, but those losses were to LSU, Louisville, a much improved FAU and Western Kentucky, which is not really a I-AA team with their move up to I-A and multiple I-AA national championships. Plus, MT is co-defending Sun Belt champ, no slouches in Murfreesboro.

There were some people who were expressing concern that the team and the coaching staff would take on the mentality of last year's winless squad and just mail it in. After seeing practices this week, I can tell you the intensity is still there for both players and coaches. As far as a grace period for MC that so many of you were discussing....I'd say wait until he has most of HIS players on the roster and not just 20+ like this season. By year 3 we should have a better grasp of where MC is at with FIU.

FIU is building a football program from what was left by the previous staff, which like we've said here time and again -- is not much. So for Golden Panthers fans it's like Tom Petty sang...."The Tpetty waiting is the hardest part...."

In fact, the refrain from that song sounds pretty appropriate for FIU football right now:

"The waiting is the hardest part. Every day you see one more card [loss]. You take it on faith, you take it to the heart. The waiting is the hardest part."

The good news is that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. With coaches now in place that have a work ethic, with a plan for recruiting and with a lot to prove....there is no reason why FIU football cannot take off like No. 6 South Florida has. One major difference between the Bulls and the Golden Panthers is that USF has had leadership from the beginning. Heck, with half the effort, FIU had USF beat 20-14 last season with 2 minutes to play in the game. Can you imagine a few years from now when the teams meet again in Tampa? I know the 2 teams open the new FIU Stadium (more on the stadium down below) next season, but the Golden Panthers won't be expected to knock off USF then.

If you need proof that turnarounds can happen at FIU, look no further than the volleyball team which is now 11-2 and 6-0 in the Sun Belt after sweeping FAU last night. The defending SBC champion Golden Panthers -- nice ring to it, huh? -- won just 3 games and lost 23 just 3 years ago and now are atop the conference. Main reason: the recruiting got better. FIU had its first volleyball All-American last season Voley Yarimar_2 in freshman Yarimar Rosa (picture, left).

Which is the next turnaround team at FIU. Gotta think it's a race between baseball and basketball. Don't worry fiugrad78, haven't forgotten about the baseball blog. Look for it next week during the football bye week. Also got an FIU basketball blog planned as well.

So take it on faith Golden Panthers fans, the waiting is the hardest part.

About the new football stadium, drove by there this morning and the infrastructure for the south side of the stadium is already in the ground and up. You can see the shell of where the south side seats will be going. Next up is getting the infrastructure in for the east end zone seats some time this month. Construction is going on schedule.


Win a GPP Blog leaderboard

5-0: NY Josh 112, FIUrulez 113, Fomenter 122, CrazyCane 133, FIU Fanatic 137, 24/7-11 144.

4-1: FIUPantherFan 131, GPP 140, FIU0406 150, FIUmom 151, Hay 154, yippee 165.

3-2: CJ 156, FIUJM 156, SouthPaw 184.

2-3: Messod 183.

1-4: NYCFIUFan 170, YouGotGold 197.

0-5: alt7787 216.

UltimateFIUFan: Don't know if you can say FIU took several steps back after losses to Kansas and Middle Tennessee. Quite honestly, until the Golden Panthers win their first game this season I don't know if you can say they've taken any steps at all, if they have they're baby steps. Having a new system for the way things are done on and off the field is definitely a step in the right direction.

Puma & quijote: As far as adjustments on offense go, the spread is the way to go with the athletes that are already on this team and with the recruits MC and staff are targeting. The system works (ask LSU and no, I am NOT comparing FIU to LSU), but all the offensive personnel FIU needs is not here yet. Offensive coordinator James Coley has been creative with the play calling, but he does not have all the cards in the deck yet. If you ask any FIU football fan, Oldf_3 there is no way you would want the 1920's offensive playbook that was previously run here.

SouthPaw: I think Don Strock is comfortable in the golfing environment he's in now. Read the last sentence of my reply to Puma and quijote, above.

CJ: The first stage of the stadium is the lower bowl which like I stated above, you can see the infrastructure already up for the south side with the east end zone going up next.

Latest Herald blog rankings for September has the GPP holding steady at No. 5 in sports and No. 10 overall of 33 blogs. The combining of the Dade and Broward high school blogs are proving to be a challenge to pass, but we'll get there. If we're No. 5 with a winless team, could you imagine the readership and ranking when the Golden Panthers start winning? They won't only get bandwagon fans at the new stadium, we'll get them here as well. Thanks all for your support.


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pete thanks for the update on the stadium, cant wait to drive by and see whats up w/ it

Pete! Thanks for the info.
Yarimar Rosa: totally hot!
FIU football: not hot, but here's to three years down the line!

must agree i think im goin to start goin to the volleyball games more often. lol fiu football hot... not so much lol but yes it will be there soon enough so whens the next volleyball game lol

fiurulez, i agree that yarimar is HOT! will have to check out volleyball.

give us an update on basketball please.

pete, will we have more turnovers than points this week? I think troy is going to open up another can of whoop-ass on us. they're the best team in the league.

I can tell you that the volleyball games are amazing games to go to!! I go to all of the homes games and they are worth it. The fan turnout is pretty good too. :)

and I can't wait until the baseball blog.


Instead of putting pictures of Jessica Simpson, the Angels, the witches, and other hunnies to give this board some sex appeal, you should just put images of Yarimir serving and spiking!

Thanks for the input again, GP fo' life.

Oh the intelligence of the FIU fanbase is overwhelming at times. Pete puts up a picture of an FIU volleyball player, and you all start talking about going to volleyball games instead of football. Tell me FIURulz, CJ, Quijote, if Pete puts up a picture of a hot FIU student going to the bathroom - are you all going to pile into the womens restroom to watch? You all are pathetic. If MC wants to ensure fan support for his horrible football team, he should just get hot girls in uniform, I think we have had this discussion before, and morons like Rulz, CJ and Quijote will show up regardless of the score or the quality of football being played.

Oh, and did you all notice the leaderboard - 4 of the top 5 or 6 posters are UM fans. Funny how that works. Have you all, and now I am speaking to the rocket scientists who keep picking FIU to win, or have picked FIU to win even once, thought about how this blog is going to read when a UM fan writes it? If I were you, I would stop making predictions with my a** and start making predictions with whatever you have in that empty space between your ears - yes I am talking to you FIU grads and parents of FIU players. How smart do YOU look now Ms. Lombardi???


Let me know when the winner is suppose to write on the blog b/c if it is a UCG fan I will make sure I miss it.

CrazyCane, don't question the intelligence of the FIU fan base, go to one of the UCG games and notice the intelligence of some of their fans while police take them away in handcuffs.

You are pathetic, UCG fan base is pathetic (notice the attendance at the last game vs Duke and compare it to other teams in the top 25). Get lost.

Crazycane, I am sorry if I insulted you. I forget that there are strong, intelligent women posters like you, on this board. It must be difficult for you to be so passionate about football and then men like me proclaiming as to how hot a volleyball player is. I am sorry for that. You are woman and I hear you roar Crazycane. Also, before you question my intelligence, take a look at the score board. As of this week, I am ahead of you. What does that say about YOUR intelligence?

damn crazy i try to show everyone some respect on here and i get called a moron for calling the girl hot... which she is. the only moron is you on this site. the only reason UM students top the leader board is because they dispise FIU to the point where they would die than choose us winning. btw we make those comments in jest but it appers the jester has a word on it.

CJ- forget about what crazy said, as a Cane fan, I will finally agree with all of the FIU fans, she is hot.

Can they make her the kicked ala Kathy Ireland?


For the record, I never said the girl was not hot - what I said was, why do comments like "you should just put images of Yarimir serving and spiking...ah yes and squatting!" need to be posted by an FIU fan.

Furthermore, yes Rulz, I know you are a head of me in the standings, but all that shows is that you have no faith in your team. Great fan you are. I at least will admit I have no faith in FIU to win a single game - but I am not an FIU fan - you are, and I am sorry for that. I mean, at least most of the FIU fans, as delusional as they are, stay true to their school and pick at least one win thus far. But not you - no, you are such an unbelievable die hard FIU fan that you have picked them to get beat week in and week out. Congratulations, I am sure that you are the type of fan MC is hoping for this season and seasons to come.

She is HOT, period. I'm (since I've never seen her play) from what I read and hear, she is an AMAZING player.

crazy there is a difference b/w no faith and realistic. ill explain. you have no faith so you post histarical margins of score.(although sometimes close) Rulez has weight it out and took the Numbers/stats. of it. making him. 5-0 alot of us have mentions although we have chosen FIU to win there were surtain things that need be done to win

if i recall correctly when i picked us over MTSU i even said if i listen to the NUmbers I would pick MTSU. however, i thought that it could have been a winnable game. unfortunatly it did not pan out. dont worry though FIU will win a game. possibly 2 im sure you will pick against and that will get me tied up w/ you lol

Is it me or does CrazyCane talk out of both sides of his mouth?!?! Dude, you call us morons if we think FIU will win but, if we choose the other team, we're not fans? What the F?!?! Seems like you're just a real angry person and maybe you just need a hug. I'm sure Sebastian the Ibis would gladly give you all the hugs you want. Xanax is another good alternative.

He does...Pobrecito...he is sick delusional individual...




Middle Tennessee * - at Murfreesboro, Tenn. 6 - 7 (L)
South Florida - at Tampa, Fla. 20 - 21 (L)
Bowling Green - FIU Stadium 28 - 33 (L)
Maryland rv at College Park, Md. 10 - 14 (L)
Arkansas State * - FIU Stadium 6 - 31 (L)
North Texas * - at Denton, Texas 22 - 25 (L) 7OTs
Alabama - at Tuscaloosa, Ala. 3 - 38 (L)
Louisiana-Monroe * - FIU Stadium 0 - 35 (L)
Louisiana-Lafayette * - FIU Stadium 7 - 17 (L)
Troy * - FIU Stadium 13 - 26 (L)


realist no1 is justifying the wins. we are a young team but losing big is has no excuse. i agree i would like to see closer games than what is being posted.

I think that has been the biggest disappointment so far. Did we expect to win all of these games??? Absolutely not! Blown out like we have been, that was not expected. There's no reason we should have gotten blow out like we did last week at MTSU. That was a real winable game in past years. We simply didn't go up there to play. We looked so mismatched you'd thought we were playing USC.

you know what i think it is though... you throw a bunch of young kids in a new scheme goin to hostile enviroments right out of the gates can mess w/ some1's mind a bit. especiall away games. so put them in winnable situations on the road and they will prob. revert to what happened earlier. no excuse but a possible explination.. i think home cookin is whats needed

I have found it interesting the number of Florida kids that are on the rosters of out of state schools. I know that MTSU has a few and Troy has a lot of Florida players, most notiably their starting QB Omar Haugabook. Mario can key in on those types fo kids he can turn this thing around.

CrazyCane does appear to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. But just to point out some funny points, alt is 0-5, this is the same poster who was ragging on UM's draft picks and proclaiming FIU's were that much better. Just had to rub some salt in his wounds since he's the type who gives posters here a bad image. That said I only count two UM fans in the top echelon of picks.

Keep your head up guys, things will get better but that offense has to change. One way to recruit for CFB team as bad as FIU is to say that you can get them into the NFL and a gimmick offense is not a selling point for that argument. MC has to look into changing that once he gets some kids with talent on the roster.

After seeing the success of USF, you have to wonder whether MC will have the ability to recruit these kids. I mean, UM, UF, and FSU are always going to get their share of kids from South Florida, regardless of how good or bad they're doing. That's just a fact. But, now add in USF who's in the Big East (BCS) and UCF, as well as, FAU who actually is doing relatively well, what are we going to be left with if we keep losing!

I hope MC can work wonders because, at this point, we need miracles to get these good kids.

lets not get to caught up right now in recruiting... i know its important but it is also important to focus on winning... (Fans too aka game day attendance) we need to be loud, vocal, and in Numbers. so make sure you get as many butts in those seats as you can. Formentor, the spread although does have some gimicks is still a very successfull offense just needs time is all

also remember guys some of our top talent did not come from FLA and although the goal is to fense off our fair share of S. FLA, right now we will take it where we get it. o and id take the Ave. S. FLA HS player over other area's. so everyone can get their slice of the pie. just for now the bigger slices arnt coming our way but we can still get a slice.

TNPanther, I actually have the same thoughts as you, but like I said, look at the rosters of other Sun Belt teams (with the exception of FAU) who have kids from the state of Florida. You can probably fill an entire starting line-up with the number of kids. I believe Troy has a ridiculous number of kids from Florida.

Some valid points by Fomentor. However, that same gimmick type offense you mention not good for NFL draft, just produced the overall #1 draftee in LSU's quarterback (whose name just escapes my mind) just last year..Just some information to ponder.

...Jamarcus Russel, I think it is...just came to my mind..

Good points, but LSU did not run a traditional spread offense, or even one that FIU runs, they line up and smack you in the mouth as their base offense, the spreads that they use is there as a wrinkle. He uses balance as the approach where he employs screens, bubbles, quick slants and so forth to initiate the passing game, but then uses the deep shots, curls and crossing patterns after he tires the defense out. He basically runs 8-10 yard plays to pick up first downs and wears the defense down first. His spread is more of an NFL version of the spread (where it is a situational, not base) and it's not doing much right now with FSU, at LSU he had a bunch of talent, similar to Coker and UM's years so they could line up and beat you on raw talent alone. Dwayne Bowe is playing very well for KC, Laron Landry is doing well for Washington and Jamarcus has yet to see any action since he signed so late. Not to mention the stockpile of talent Saban left there that is ranked #1 right now.

Look at UF's version of the spread, a disciplined defense that plays assignment football will win the battle 9 out of 10 times and the only person on UF's offense right now who is a first round pick is Percy Harvin (Tebow is still an unknown commodity, he's bound to get injured running all the time and he has problems progressing past his first read as Auburn proved). Maybe Bubba Caldwell can play but he's still recovering and will see his first action of the season this week.

I think for MC to be successful AFTER he gets in quality talent, he needs to change the offense, but that is years down the road. Right now I don't see anybody on FIU's offense who has that quality potential and it will take some time to get that.

Well, I'm not as versed, nor I do possess intricate knowledge of offenses and the like, so I can't comment on those specifics, and defer. However, it is my belief that FIU's OC, James Coley came, precisely, from LSU...thus his offensive style should resemble some (at least), if not a lot, from his LSU days, while he helped in coaching Russel and other QB's in Baton Rouge...Also, coincidentally, he did coach Dwayne Bowe while at Norland High School as well...

I continue to find it amazing that fans of other teams, who so boldly boast a deep seeded hatred for anything FIU, just can not seem to stop coming to our venues. They want to brag about their superior team and their vast knowledge of the game. They want to constantly bombard us with insults about our young and struggling team. Yet, they are addicted to being here. Is it that they just feel empowered by regurgitating records from year's past and comparing them to ours? Is it because they know not of what they speak and they come to our house thinking that we are too ingnorant to know any better? Is it because the people who are true fans of the teams the claim to so dearly love will have nothing to do with them and they are seeking companionship in any form? These questions we will never answer, because these persons are only words on a screen. They are faceless people who feel the need to invade the space of a brand new family and attempt to rob a fledgling program of the excitement of their youth. We should not hate these poor souls, for they are nothing more than a lonely mass that we should feel sorry for. It is truly a pittiful life they lead.

FIUmom & other FIU fans don't waste your time with CrazyCane type. OK, OK, he brings up people predicting with their a**es, considering he speaks out of his he should know. OK, OK, his orientation is quite clear, he doesn't like attractive women (Hey, CrazyCane there are blogs for your orientation in the Herald to!) should visit them and stay there as long as you want.

FIU fans, what we do know is that we play a good Troy team on Sat @ the OB. Let’s go out and support MC and the Golden Panthers and forget the naysayers!

Patience is a virtue and we got to give MC some time.

Two words and possibly a different record right now.

Chuck Amato.

Our coaches are kids themselves. We had D1aa recruits playing better against MTSU and the Sun Belt in prior years, this last blow out was coaching, people it was all coaching.

.... i dont know what to write.... Golden panthers are 0-5 and the Yankees just got spanked by a team they were perfect against all season......



FIUandMe, feel your pain and I know Amato was a candidate for the job, however I think we need to be fair with MC. This sounds like a broken record but MC was hired late in last season's recruiting process (after bowl season), had to put a staff together, albeit a young one then had to REMOVE the cob-webs from the empty cupboard left by Strock!

To recap, MC inherits an 0-12 team zapped of its soul by a lazy former staff, those left behind were mostly back-ups of an 0-12 team! The leftovers have to learn a new system (never easy, even for talented, driven team). He's (MC) hired late in the game, installs a new system, coaching staff and does an admirable job of recruiting late, including a couple of surprises as indicated by RIVALS.COM.

Again, I too was very disappointed by MTSU loss. I've thought about the youth and inexperience of the entire staff. I've wondered about how another EXPERIENCED candidadte might of fared. However after you analyze all the things discussed above, do you really think Amato's results would of been any different? I doubt it. This is a tough rebuilding job that we are undergoing. We are literally RE-doing the foundation of this structure we call FIU Football. "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE"!


ultimate that was a great post. we have to be patient with this staff.by the end of the year/next year will be a difference

hey wheres Andy D. yo the post is spewing some hate over to your owls man http://www.palmbeachpost.com/opinion/content/opinion/epaper/2007/10/01/a12a_leadedit_faufield_1001.html

Just thought I would drop bye and say a few words and give my predictions. First, FIUMom - what the hell are you talking about? Why are you trying to sound like Oprah and Dr. Phil? Let us recap some of your post,

"Is it that they just feel empowered by regurgitating records from year's past and comparing them to ours? Is it because they know not of what they speak and they come to our house thinking that we are too ingnorant to know any better? Is it because the people who are true fans of the teams the claim to so dearly love will have nothing to do with them and they are seeking companionship in any form? These questions we will never answer, because these persons are only words on a screen."

Now, I will try and answer some of your questions. I hope you can handle it without crying about the big bad UM fans coming to the blog. First, does talking about records from years past make us feel empowered. Answer No. However, looking at the record from THIS year between the two teams makes us feel empowed. Second, actually we do know of what we speak, check the write-a-blog leader board which contains at least 3 known UM fans and part of that question, yes we do think you are too ignorant to know any better. Example, read some of the pre-season posts about the expectations of the football team and the rediculous score predicting FIU wins week in and week out. Third, the campionship we seek with our co-fans is alive and strong. This is because The U chose a real head coach who was prepared for the task, not some guy who has zero experioence and hired his buddies to try and run a D-1 program. Oh they are going to run it alright, right into the ground. But then again, it is already there, so I don't know what they are doing. FIUMom, your posts on this blog are so hot and cold. Sometime you say really insightful and meaningful things, but then you post something in which you are trying to sound so educated and philosophical and you just sound stupid. Here is a recommendation, for you pick this week, pick FIU to lose, and lose big - maybe you'll get back into the write-a-blog race.

As for my prediction:

Troy - 45
FIU - 6

It's incredible how some people want to come on FIU blog to put our young program down. I just can't wait for the day the sleeping giant wakes up. People let's be patient with MC. Once he gets his players in; if he's not producing he should feel the heat. Just a little premature right now.

As for the game on Saturday. I'm going to be realistic, especially playing the best team in the Sun Belt conference. I just want the team to not quit and play hard for 60 minutes. I think being at home should give them some type of confidence but don't think they can overcome the talent Troy has.

Troy 31
FIU 14

Go FIU!! I want to see alot of Blue and Gold at the OB.

pete just checking that you got my post up there from last blog... think the no. i put up was troy 24-fiu 10... wouldnt it be exciting if it was the complete opposite lol wishful thinking but hey thats what being a fan is about. wishful thinking through the good and bad. dare any UM/FSU (formenter), or UF fan to question that last sentence




Middle Tennessee * - at Murfreesboro, Tenn. 6 - 7 (L)
South Florida - at Tampa, Fla. 20 - 21 (L)
Bowling Green - FIU Stadium 28 - 33 (L)
Maryland rv at College Park, Md. 10 - 14 (L)
Arkansas State * - FIU Stadium 6 - 31 (L)
North Texas * - at Denton, Texas 22 - 25 (L) 7OTs
Alabama - at Tuscaloosa, Ala. 3 - 38 (L)
Louisiana-Monroe * - FIU Stadium 0 - 35 (L)
Louisiana-Lafayette * - FIU Stadium 7 - 17 (L)
Troy * - FIU Stadium 13 - 26 (L)


Playing in the OB helps the Golden Panthers avoid the shutout

My prediction...

Troy 49 FIU 7

Yo CJ! Good looking out on the article, and nice post! We had one similar to that in the sunsentinel... some people are so stupid, they dont understand the simple concept that an on campus stadium generates more revenue for the school, city, community, stores, etc... so F EM!

I have been in hiding since the terrible events of last weekend for both our teams. We lost to Kentucky 45-17 and I was hoping we would give them a fight. Now we get the #6 team in the country... imagine if we knocked them off?? Im not counting on it, but I can dream!!

As for you guys, I didnt want to say anything about the Midd. Tenn. game. Its over with and its time to move on. I hope you guys kick Troys ass, that would be huge for you, AND for us :) So best of luck

And again CJ, good lookin out buddy!!

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