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Thursday Night FIU Baseball Live Blog

It's not as catchy as FOX's Saturday Game of the Week or ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, but based on your posts and e-mails, the FIU team -- besides football -- that so many of you have eagerly awaited to see debuts Thursday night at FIU's University Park with an exhibition game.

Fiubase_2  The Golden Panthers take on a team of college level players from British Columbia at 8 p.m. and you can follow and post about the game with our first live blog on the GPP. I'll be posting and answering questions as the game occurs. If the wireless is in working order at the stadium, the blog should begin by 7:45.

Been told most of the Golden Panthers will get into the game and that some of the players on the Canadian team are also part of the Canada's National team. So it should make for some good baseball in October, other than the World Series.

Speaking of the World Series, Boston is going to win. But this has been gnawing at me since the Clinth_3 playoffs began earlier this month and the Colorado Rockies have been on TV more than ever. See if you can answer this....who the heck does Rockies manager Clint Hurdle resemble? 

All correct answers get free admission into Thursday's FIU baseball game.


Puma: The APR for FIU has to do with graduation rates. The NCAA letter of allegations has to do with playing athletes that were not qualified academically to participate in NCAA games. With the new football stadium, there will also be a new weight room, visiting locker room, officials room and coaches offices. FIU is still talking with pro soccer to play in the new stadium. Wiley As far as the Marlins new stadium, I'll see it when I believe it. I think Wile E. Coyote has a better chance of catching the Road Runner before the Marlins get a ballpark built.

Ultimate FIU Fan: It could be worse for your rooting interests right now, you could be Cubs a Cubs fan (100 years and counting). As far as the FIU/Arkansas game, there is no webcast nor any local TV broadcast in Arkansas. I checked everywhere in Arkansas and this game is only on radio. The FIU/Arkansas State game the following week is on Panther Pass and Comcast Sports TV.

Messod: I don't think the uniforms you see for sale on the web would be the same as next year's because I would imagine they would have some kind of unveiling ceremony when they break out the new uniforms.

CJ: I thought about doing live GPP blogs for football, but when I'm the only one covering the game it's tough, because I need to follow play-by-play. Plus, this season at the Orange Bowl, I lose my wireless connection quite often, because of the OB's outdated system. When the Herald eventually covers FIU with more than just myself then live blogs could be done for football, because one person could do play-by-play and the other blogs away.

FIUrulez: Can't knock CJ for his enthusiasm. I can take out my own garbage.

By the way, whoever on this blog said that "The Office" was a funny show....don't know about that. Saw a few episodes the other day on TBS and I don't think I laughed once. Now, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Curb_2 Family Guy, Entourage and Seinfeld those are funny shows.

FI-UM Fan: Glad the GPP can keep you informed and entertained. Good to have you posting again.

FIUoptimist & JD: Welcome to the GPP.

FIUoptimist: From my conversations with several high school coaches throughout Florida, MC and his coaches have been recruiting all over the state.

JD: You are entitled to your opinions and they are welcomed here. Thanks for your interest in the GPP. The Middle Tennessee and Stanford football programs have been around much longer than FIU and have much more academic, athletic and financial support. FIU is in year 6 for football and we all know the first five years could have been much better with several aspects that have already been covered numerous times on this blog. Let's forget about the youth and inexperience of the Golden Panthers football team. The fact of the matter is that FIU football needs better players to make those turnarounds like MT did last season winning the Sun Belt and with what programs like South Florida, Kansas, Illinois and Rutgers have done.

Be back tommorrow at the ballpark!


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