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The Troy Ache-man

It's not an easy task, but if the Golden Panthers have any chance of upsetting defending Sun Belt Champion Troy then they need NOT to contain, but STOP quarterback Omar Haugabook.

Haugabook, the Sun Belt's Player of the Year last year and making a strong case for it again this season, is an offensive machine piling up 2,714 yards of total offense last season with 26 TDs. This year, he's on a pace to surpass that total yardage mark with 1,662 yards as of today and he has 13 touchdowns (8 passing).

Aikman What makes Haugabook so dangerous is that he can viewed as a quarterback with Emmitt the combination skills set of a Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. (For those wacky posters, who may be inclined to pound their keyboard after reading the previous statement, I am NOT saying Haugabook is equal to those two NFL Hall of Famers). What I am saying is he's a good passer, but if there is nobody open, he can easily tuck the ball and go through the defense with his legs. He was the leading rusher in last year's Troy/FIU game with 111 yards.

And as we've seen in the past two games (against Kansas and Middle Tennessee) stopping a mobile quarterback for FIU has been as difficult as counting all the grains of salt in the Atlantic Ocean. Haugabook can make the Golden Panthers ache. The Trojans offense is averaging 34 points per game and nearly 500 yards (446) of total offense -- all of this against stiff competition like Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma State.

Once again the pressure is on the FIU offense to get something going and score. Yes, we know all the talent is not there yet for the offense (let MC bring in another class or two of recruits), but they are not going to cancel tommorrow's game because of rain so the Golden Panthers have to find a way to score or this game could get ugly on the scoreboard with Troy's offensive firepower.

Middle Tennessee freshman quarterback Dwight Dasher delivered a great imitation of Haugabook last week. I'm afraid Golden Panthers fans, it may be deja' vu all over again this week. Yogi

The GPP thinks: Troy 44, FIU 12


Puma: Unfortunately for FIU right now, your question is a valid one: will there be more turnovers than points in Saturday's game? If there is a silver lining to playing Troy is that the Trojans' defense is human having allowed 46, 59, 23 and 31 points this season before holding Louisiana-Monroe to 7 last week. Of course, the 46 and 59 were to Arkansas and Florida. The FIU offense like the rest of this team is being built and it's a process and I know "process" has become a football cliche over the years, but that's where it's at now. Who knows maybe this is the week we see some of the process evolve.

Don't worry there will be an FIU basketball blog along with an FIU baseball blog on the GPP next week when football is on a bye.

NYCFIUFan: There will be ample notice given when the "Win a GPP Blog" winner will write so that those who don't want to read it can turn off their computers....no delete that last part....no, so those who don't want to read it can read the GPP blog archives.

TNGoldenPanther: There are enough great Florida high school players for FIU to get even with the recent lack of success. Plus, MC and staff have shown they can get players from across the U.S. And don't forget some of the selling points of FIU: new stadium and football facilities, a great university located in South Florida/Miami and players have a chance of playing right away. Yes, the 17-game losing streak is not good for business, but the positives here outweigh the negative.

About the new stadium, seeing those metal beams sticking out of the ground where the south side stands will be sort of reminds me of Superman's fortress of solitude. Without the ice. Stad Fortt

CJ: Got your score 24-10.

One of my amigos, Larry Milian, of the "Dos Amigos" radio show on 790 AM will have MC on the show tommorrow Saturday between 12 noon and 1 p.m. The show runs from 12 noon to 3 p.m., but MC is expected to be interviewed between 12 and 1 p.m.

Off to FIU baseball practice this afternoon, will let you know what's going on....soon.


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lol awesome comparison of the Fortress of solitude and the cage. hopefully we can turn the cage into an impenitrable fortress.

Troy- 40 FIU -10
I'll be there.

Glad to see Dos Amigos show talks FIU football; those guys are very good!! Sometimes, they have TT on the show talking FIU baseball.

Pete, like many FIU fans..I hope you're wrong with your prediction!!

My prediction...FIU 13 Troy 41

Nice to hear Larry on the FIU beat, Pete. If you can, please tell him to give me a call... I haven't talked to him in ages.

Anyway... we're getting killed this week... no time to analyze... 34-7 Troy.

I must say, I am disgusted by all of the fans on this blog. I am disgusted by the garbage that come from the UM fans, I am disgusted at the disloyalty of the FIU fanbase, and they are an embarassment to college football fans, I am disgusted by the elder FIU fans on this blog (you know who you are) who feel the need to partake in such childish banter and then questions others for partaking aswell. But I guess what I am most disgusted by is the FIU football team and the pitiful product being put out on the field week after week. Before the season got started, we all were on this blog saying TDAOS - I have not seen that catch phrase used in weeks. Where did it go? Before the season we were all on this blog talking about how UM was a team on the way down and FIU was on the rise, an awoken sleeping monster, I ask you FIU bretheren, how stupid do we look now? I am just as guilty as the rest of you, I honestly thought that with PG and MC in charge, this thing would turn around, at least a little bit. It hasn't, in fact, it seems to have gotten much much worse. Look, I hate the Um fans on this blog as much as the rest of the FIUers, but in all honesty, we deserve all the BS they can dish out because before the season we ran our mouths like idiots.

FINALLY - an FIU fan who "gets it." FIUDad, you sir are the ONLY FIU fan that I respect. You are the only one man enough to step forward and say we such, we thought we were going to be better, we ran our dumb mouths like we were a "sleeping giant" ready to awake or whatever, and we were wrong. FIUDad, congratulations sir for being the ony FIU fan on this entire blog with any sense - Are you sure you are not a UM alumni?

crazycane ... the mouse fall of the wheel man. any REAL fiu fan can see FIU dad has never been in it for the long haul. after the first game he has been screaming gloom and doom. and raggin on a program that is in its infancy and just recently got someone willing to create and awake the sleeping giant. are we a sleeping giant. we have the potential. we have not shown it this year but that was expcected and crazy the fact that you "only respect" fiu dad shows your dim wittedness. everyone knew it wasnt goin to happen over night i think all except FIUdad. he was expecting us to be 5-0 apparently. are you sure your not crazy cane. in disguise? next thing you know he will be on the UM site w/ crazy bashing how UM is not putting up enough points like some of the OTHER fair weather fans in miami. fret not LOYAL FIU fans. soon enough fiu dad will jump back on the bandwagon once we start winning. but he will jump off at the slightest bump. remember sometimes the road with the most bumps and curves is the best ride of all.

Fortress of Solitude comparisons with the new FIU stadium? That may just be the most appropriate nickname, if MC and PG are allowed to continue to drive the FIU football program into the ground.

FIU 10

Troy is a passing team. All they do it pass and our defense is not good at pass blocking, at all.

I'm just hoping that there isn't another shut out and /or blow out, but all I can do is hope.

see yall tomorrow.

so guys what lot is the tailgate happening? im goin to be there

A little late on my prediction, but here it is:

Troy 45
FIU 13

Troy has shown they are susceptible to giving up points but even that won't be enough for FIU to do too much offensively and I see some points coming in garbage time.

Off topic, but some of the vitriol thrown around on this board is nuts. A lot of people seem to have this deep rooted hate for each other but I'm sure if they were next to each other in person we'd see the complete opposite.

FIUDad, you are back and guess what?
WE DID NOT MISS YOU...seriously
If you are gonna open your mouth to talk crap, don't open it at all

Pete, I gotta give you kuddos for that one. You might be the only one who could have come up with the Superman comparison

Props to the volleyball girls...Can Yarimar throw a football? I mean, you DO need a strong arm to play volleyball. Maybe she could spike it to an open receiver or something

FIU 17 x Troy 14

Must agree - big props to the volleyball team. Too bad not more people have seen what they can do.
Wondering how the baseball players are holding up to the extended practices. Isn't there supposed to be some limit on how many hours a week they can practice under supervision of coaches during fall season? I've seen them there well past 7 PM most nights.
Also wondering how the potential "sanctions" that will come down in February will affect the program as a whole. Anyone know what any of the violations were?

It's silver lining time!

As was mentioned earlier, the MTSU game was a preview of sorts for this weeks game. More specifically, Dasher may have served as a scout team QB in preparation for this game. Bear with me for a few seconds. Given the much talked about youth of his team, it may be beneficial that they a coming off a game with the type of QB they just faced. Let's not forget that the defense did substantially better in the second half last week, even before Dasher was pulled from the game. MC may have, whether by design or by accident, hit upon a formula to limit the Troy offense.

The offense is another story. Or quite probably, the end of the story. They have got to show more imagination than the 6 straight slants in a row, followed up by 4 straight after throwing in one of those pesky run plays. BUT (this obviously a very big but), if we score a touchdown first, we win. Honestly, notwithstanding the "lack of talent," the offense simply has to find a personality of sorts that works for this team. If or when they find this groove things will happened they way FIU fans would love to have them happen. Hey, one can always dream, can't one?

Blessed is he who has not seen and yet believes.

Yo CJ, left you a message in the last blog..

Good luck against Troy this weekend guys, I will be pulling for you! :)

Hey PP, I'm back from a self-imposed exile from the blog, not that I have stopped reading it. However tonight, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it". I just read the NCAA findings in FIU and it's not pretty. Seems that during the prior regime of Rick "don't mess with my wings" Mello, FIU athletics had no idea of the rules and regulations of the NCAA. 40 athletes that weren't supposed to participate did with the consent of the coaches. The Football program being the biggest culprit.

Fellow bloggers and FIUers, there's one person mostly responsible for this (we can also blame MM for not firing him long time ago). Rick Mello, who for years got a six figures contract from FIU (state money, meaning it was our hard earned tax dollars), kept rewarding these inept coaches with long time contracts. Mr. Mello, believe it or not is assistant to the commissioner in the SunBelt conference. I think Mr. Mello should hear from all of us that he betrayed and stole from.

His E-mail address is


Troy 34 FIU 9. Things are never as bad as they seem when they're bad, and never as good as they seem when they're good.

I've accepted that we're building this year. It's not that surprising, when you consider how young our offense is and how many experienced players from last year's defense didn't return as expected this year. Look at some of the talent we lost on defense:

LB Wendy Napoleon, So.
DB Kent Henderson, So.
DB Jeremiah Weatherspoon, Jr.
DB Marshall McDuffie, Sr.
DB Shelton Penrow, Jr.
DL Jonas Murrell, Jr.

These guys all would have made big contributions this year. The good news is our young guys are getting invaluable playing time with live bullets.

The sleeping giant has just temporarily nodded back off into a light sleep. Just don't poke him too hard while he's sleeping or he'll be very angry when he wakes up.

Troy 41


FIUDad, as I've done before, I am calling you out! In response to several of your prior post, I stated in a milder response post that you needed to think long-term. Your last post made NO SENSE! Maybe that why CrazyCane "respects" you. Your post mirrors his drivel!

I have NEVER stated TDAOS before this current post and I never stated that we were "moving on up". I work with facts and they include:

1) FIU has a new coach with "playing" success while @ UM.
2) FIU's new coach was part of a rebuilding team in Rutgers.
3) FIU's new coach became said coach late in the recruiting process due his bowl involvement with his prior employer.
4) FIU has a new AD with administrative success while @ UM.
5) Prior football coaching staff was lazy and @ the end didn't care about the program.
6) Nothing was left from last year's 0-12 team to build on.
7) Our new coach has 5 games under his belt and you want him gone!

FIUDad, stay out of the sun and relax in the A/C. As a matter of fact, put the A/C on high so that you can chill. Don't group all of us FIUers together because we all come in different shades of BLUE & GOLD.

Finally, when you post and I truly hope you continue (CJ, we all have to express ourselves, even if you and I may not agree with his post), re-read before posting. If it sounds like something CrazyCane may "respect" then you know that particular post is worthless garbage and try again!

See you all @ the OB!



LB Wendy Napoleon, So.- career ending neck injury,
DB Kent Henderson, So.- released from team very recently.
DB Jeremiah Weatherspoon, Jr.-?
DB Marshall McDuffie, Sr.- released due to the Miami Brawl last year
DB Shelton Penrow, Jr. - ?
DL Jonas Murrell, Jr. - quit last year

that's what I can tell you about those players.

First.....Wetherspoon is academically ineligible.

Second....sunblazer69, Yes, the athletic department was very inept in its handling of NCAA requirements. Kids were getting put into classes that had prerequisits without those requirements being met. Kis were getting put into classes that had accompanying labs without being put into those labs. Kids were getting put on the field/court with GPA's in the toilet. Kids were being brought in on scholarship without having taken the required courses in high school and then sent home after a semester or more. It was an across the board debacle. Several persons lost their jobs because of it. But I believe the right people are in place now.

Thirdly....FIUdad, Don't let your loyalties fade. Yes, these are dark days. Yes, the team has looked very bad for the past two weeks. Yes, we were all very pumped prior to the start of the season. As each week passed more and more people lost their faith. However, there are still some of us who believe that things will turn around. I am one of those. I do not now nor will I ever regret showing my support in every way. I will continue to defend FIU to those who choose to come here and rub our faces in it. I do not consider myself nor any other FIU fan here an idiot for supporting the team. Don't waiver on these guys. It is easy to be a fair-weather fan and support a winning team. It is only a real fan who continues to support a team when they are down. Which kind of a fan are you?

FIUDad is not an FIU fan. Personally, I think he's a Don Strock fan(will always be). It's like he has a crush on him. From what I gather from FIU fans is that we should be 'patient', nobody said at the beginning of the year we were even Top 50 football school. All I have to say to is "chill", let MC get his players in, and let this young team develop.

Sunblazer69, thanks for the great information you brought to this blog. I always thought of Mello as being laidback. If your information is true; MM definitely has some fault.

CANDY CANE - If FIUDad was a scUM alum he would be on US1 right now cleaning my car's windshield.

Troy 41 - FIU 13

OOPS! I forgot to make my prediction.
Pete, I'm sorry it's late (it has been a long week).

I tried to post using my blackberry last week and i thought it did. Looking back, it didn't. Darnit. Ah well my prediction was MTSU 17-10 FIU. Man I wish it'd been anywhere near that ballpark.

This week: Troy 45-FIU 9

I know this is not a UM blog but with all of the UCG fans (CrazyCane, U27/7, MIA/NY Josh, Fomenter...yes I think you are a UM fan), I am watching the UM-UNC game and loving it!!!! 27-0 so far and it isn't even 1/2 time. How many of you geniuses picked UM over UNC? Please tell me. Since you call us FIU fans idiots for picking our team.

Oh, by the way, this UNC team that is making UM look like a I-AA team got their butts whipped by USF, and yes they played this season, actually 2 weeks ago. So do you still think UM is ahead of USF?

Well at least UM players know how to dance, which they did during a time out, right before UNC scored on a reverse. IN YOUR FACE! Just because you wear a UM uniform does not mean it is 1988, remember, things change, things change.


27-0 Halftime scored should keep scUM fans away this week!! On top of it, it's against a 1-4 team. But I wouldn't be surprised if some Canes fans come up with excuses.

Go FIU!!

Hopefully those Canes fans are humbled losing to UNC(2-4) team!!

GO FIU, play hard tonight!!

Where is crazycane now?!?!?!?!
To the TarHeels?!?!?!?!?!

Crazycane will find an excuse.

They'll lose next week to GT also, so we might not hear from him for a while.

Georgia Tech will beat them again for sure.

Maryland just beat Georgia Tech, and Kansas beat Kansas St.

UM lost to UNC
Penn State is beating Iowa 3-0 in 1st quarter.

Arkansas plays Chatanooga tonight

Middle Tennessee plays Virginia later tonight.

Hopefully with the Canes loss we don't have to read their crap on this blog! Having said that, the UM fans on the other blog are spewing how "embarrassed" they are for being UM fans. I saw the game, and their team played hard and showed heart (I am man enough to admit it even though I hate the UCG). Unfortunately, in typical Cane fashion they don't see it b/c they have no interest in UM with the exception of football, hell if it was up to them they would recruit anyone and to hell with academics or standards. Please let us not get that way here at FIU. Lets hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Wow...USF 7 FAU 7.

I'm just glad Canes got humbled!!!!

I am watching the scores, and FAU is tied to USF at the half (7-7). They appear sooooo ahead of us. Why is this?? I guess Strock really did not get it done; it is like the first few years were a waste. Look at Levitt and Howard at USF and FAU respectively and we are the duds of college football. I really hope that MC can turn this around. Howard said that FAU is ahead of USF at the 7 year mark then USF was at their7 year mark. We are going into our 7 year mark next year and we are behind, way behind and I am pissed. I know Pete, it takes time, but it is REALLY frustrating seeing schools in your own area so ahead of us and it did not have to be this way if FIU did a better job of evaluating personnel!!

I am set to watch the game from the Big Apple, I am looking for more heart and effort, show some pride.


scUM is fortunate they showed their A game against Texas A&M, that win might just save them from a losing season. I don't expect scUM to win much more this year, it seems they are the worst team in their conference. ACC must be hating their decision. Now before crazycane and other scUM losers point out that we may may the worst in our conference too, you come to expect that from a football team in only their third season in DIV 1A football. You don't expect this from scUM, although we all saw this arriving long ago. Maybe, just maybe, if FIU turns things around starting tonight, we can finish with a better record than scUM....I saw this because honestly, lol, looking at their schedule maybe scUM can get one more win this season against North Carolina State. We'll see how we do against Troy tonight, and I'm not expecting much but after tonight we will have finished our most difficult part of our schedule and we may get some wins against a much weaker second half schedule.

FAU impressing against USF, just like we did last year

FIU up 7-0
I'm so mad I wasn't able to go to the game...
Loving the gameplan though...RUN RUN RUN

I am listening to the game (since the internet site is not working). Our defense has turned on the switch and we are winning the battle of field position.....GO FIU!!!

I'm a 'Canes fan that goes to FIU. Sad day that the 'Canes lost, they'd have been top 25 bnut that team showed a lot of heart today. Rush defense looks good tonight. C'mon GP!

Also You can get the gamecast of the game online at http://scores.espn.go.com/ncf/gamecast?gameId=272792229&groupId=37

MancuniasRedArmy, leave the dark side of the force, you go to a school that has a football program. Canes losing made my day.

Go FIU, and thx for the info.

damn!!! We are down 17-7 off a special teams TD. THAT HURTS!!!! We can't score if our life dependent on it, and we get down by a special teams TD.


Down 34-10, looks like another loss.

Pete, I am sure Wayne Younger is a good kid, but he looks like he is over his head. We need a change, a spark on offense.

Ok, it is official we lost...again. Pete I have a few questions which I hope you can enlighten me:

1) Why the hell was Wayne in the game that long? A) He did not play that well so why not give Colt or McCall a shot and B) If MC believes he is the guy, why leave him in there that long and risk getting injured?

2) When we were down 34-10 early in the 4th, why was the offensive play calling so damn conservative? It appears to me we waived the white flag.

3) I saw the UM and the Maryland game and I thought we were going to actually win a few games this year, but much like last year, now that we are in our SunBelt schedule it looks like we have gotten WORSE and we look lackluster, at both sides of the ball. I know we are young but we have not progressed. Are the kids still buying into MC's system? Does he still have the respect of the players?

4) Is our line up that much weaker then everyone else in the SunBelt? For example FAU, are our kids not the same caliber then they are, since they look like they are going to compete for the Sun Belt and we are looking at another 0-12 season??

It's ashame how Strock/Mello didn't do anything in their tenure with FIU. We're all seeing the difference between Strock and Schellenberger(I tried spelling it right). Hopefully, we're benefiting in the long term with MC playing with young team.

As for QB position. Colt Anderson is the future QB of this team, MC should consider giving him some snaps if the game is out of reach. Pete, hopefully you can get answer from MC about playing Colt.

Finally, special teams is killing me. You can't allow a TD and give momentum to a team like Troy. It was decent first half until that return. And prevent defense before the half was horrible!! We gave them 3 easy points. Bright spot is that at least it wasn't 47-0 at halftime.

GO FIU!! Practice hard and go study film. You have two weeks to get ready for Louisiana-Monroe.

lol why is everyone so crazy over colt anderson?!?! i have yet to see anything impressive come from him. I understand he was recruited from Nebraska and was an all american high school QB, but the same can be said of Kyle Wright at scUM and he clearly hasn't executed as advertised. I think Younger showed some solid improvement last night and what makes him more attractive right now than any other QB is his scrambling ability. It seems at QB, throwing can be taught but scrambling can't. If a QB can't scramble initially, he never will. The passing game will come with practice and better line protection. We are starting to see Younger execute better on his passes, something that was totally nonexistent against PSU...

FIUJM & NYCFIUFan, excellent points on FIU’s lack of development. Did you notice that both of you brought up the example of USF (Leavitt) & FAU (Schnellenberger) programs. Well as you can see both of them ARE COMMITTED to their respective programs and universities. Strock and his staff never bought in to the FIU community, had atrocious work ethic, however they were GOOD golfers especially @ the 19th hole.

That is what MC has inherited, a BROKEN shell of a program where MC is digging out the rotten foundation and pouring in his cement; the right way! Consider this season, FIU's 1st ever football season because the prior 5 seasons were a mirage by a phantom staff. We were lucky to get players like Turnbull, Bouie, Barnes & Bostic. Those four and very few other truly cared. The players in those prior teams might of cared when they got to FIU, however the disease of apathy and laziness found in their coaches is contagious and unfortunately for us FIU fans, they were stricken with it!



UltimateFIUFan, you forgot to mention Sam Smith and Chandler Williams!! You're absolutely right about Strock, I feel during his practices, pep talks during games, that players probably had their own pillows when the coach spoke. He couldn't get through to his guys and probably didn't care about being a winner fast.

Quijote, I have seen improvements in Younger and he might be the long term QB but I would like to see some other QB's get experience. Colt has the best arm of all the QB's. Personally, I like Darold Hughes but he's definitely not ready. I have a friend in Louisiana and he says every kid that comes out of school that Hughes went to is a winner. Very good HS football program!

On a final note...I can't wait for that first game next year in the new stadium. I'm sure it will be rocking in the Cage against USF!! MC is doing thing the right way, let him get his players in and we'll see the progress.

Does anybody know why Leavine and Dominguez got suspended for game?

well ive had some time to collect my thoughts. and here is what i saw. and in the PP method ill start with the good. ladies and gents.
1 we had our first lead of the season
2 at times the offense was really moving well.
3 we scored in the double digits for the second time this season (10 seems to be the lucky no.)
4 we had more first downs than UM did today.
5 the deep pass is there. several of them today....

now the bad.
1 younger is still forcing passes that he should be taking off and running. (freshman mistake no longer)
2 the defense needs to figure out how to stop the running qb
3 the offense needs to stay in the rythem they had the first drive.
4 we need to learn how to play w/ a lead (immaturites of a young team)
5 where did the crowd go after troy scored 10-7... crowd cant go away when we all saw the crowd helped them into it.

correction 16 points... my ride sucks and left early... :-(

Ultimate, I know that patience is a virtue, but as a fan it is hard not to vent when you see programs that started around the same time we started and we are so far behind. I hope that MC and Pete turn this thing around, b/c the fact of the matter is, our program is not in solid footing.

NYCFIUFan, I feel your pain brother! I was there last night and the 1st quarter was promising, then mis-tackles and a bunch of youth related mistakes took over. It went downhill fast after that.

I did get a chance to talk to some other FIU athletes (baseball, basketball) and BOY do things SOUND promising for both programs. B-Ball right around the corner!!! Can't wait!


P.S. MC keep your head up! Our day will come and you know what they say about payback!!!!

Looking at the top 25 in the country and I notice something very interesting. Look at some of the teams on the list, would you have thought any of these schools would have been in the top 25 only 5 years ago?:

BC #4
USF #5
Missouri # 11
Cincinnati #15
Hawaii #16
Kentucky #17
Illinois #18
Kansas #20

Notable teams not in the top 25: Notre Dame, Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, and of course Miami (ha, ha).

I guess what I am saying is that I do take solace in the fact that college football is turning into the NFL where there is a lot of parity in college football where you don't know who is going to be good year in and year out and the term "XX team will always be good and XX team will always be bad or inferior" is not the case. More and more universities are putting money into their programs and want to compete at a high level and not conceive to the notion that they will always be inferior at one sport (UM learned that this weekend against UNC, a beautiful thing).

Looking at FIU it appears we shot ourselves in the foot the past 5 years, we have gotten worse the past 3 years, not better, but these next 2 years I truly believe is critical on whether we want to be a program that will compete at a high level (ala, USF, Cincinnati, UNC) or are we going to ignore the program (ala Temple). There is zero buzz with this program, where other programs within a 200 mile radius of us are producing interest we can't draw 6,000 fans to our last home game, and we are creating a 30,000 seat stadium.

Now that I have ranted on that point, Pete, Troy beat OSU, FAU beat Minnesota, MTSU almost beat Virginia and competed well against Louisville, will the Sun Belt ever become a BCS conference? Are they pursuing that?

FIUJM.....They were suspended because they violated team policy. What they did most people would think was not a big deal, but it very well could have been. I don't think they will ever do it again. I won't divulge the details, but they did not kill anyone, steal anything, or have any dealings with drugs, gangs, weapons, or violence.

I think we will get there. We have a lot of guys playing who were playing in high school at this time last year or maybe even on the sidelines at FIU taking a redshirt year in a different scheme. Everything is brand new. All of our guys had to start from ground zero. Some have made a bee line to the top. Some have shot themselves in the foot and are watching because of academics. Some have shot themselves in the foot and are watching because of not preparing properly. Some are just so raw that they have to have time to be cultured. But we will continue to mature. We will continue to improve. One day we will stand on the top of this mountain we are climbing and we will all look back on these days and wonder how we made it through. But we will make it through.

Thank you for the information FIUmom; glad to hear it wasn't anything to do with the law.

FIUMom thanks for the info. You said something we should all remember. Things will get better because they surely can't get worse. However, I have confidence that the program will be straighted out and all of us FIU fans will enjoy FIU's football success because we stuck through these VERY rough years.

Go FIU!!!

For all of you supposed college football fans who thought The U would leave this blog b/c of a loss, then you knew less about UM and college football then I thought. Yes, UM lost to NC - there is No excuse. You can not play a half of football and expect to beat a D-1 school, unless you are playing FIU, in which case you can play a single quarter and win, please see UM v. FIU two years in a row. But, for the people on this blog to think a loss is going to keep UM fans away, or make them not pick the Canes to win, every week, in rediculous. Lets recap this weekend for not only UM (which I said before there was no excuse for the loss), but USF struggled agains the crappy Owls of FAU (can anyone say OVERRATED), Fl State beat a sub par NC State, who Miami will have their own struggles with unfortunatley, UF proved that they are not gonna beat the good SEC teams because their QB is really a fullback with a decent arm,and of course, FIU lost, again. I am not sure what UCF did this week and I really do not care enough to look it up. I guess may point for the recap in two fold - first, an excuse to show that while Miami lost, FIU continues to lose and is considered by most, the WORST team in college football (again) and two, to prove a point that just b/c Miami lost a game for which they should of won, I will not leave this blog and I continue to challange FIUMom to make a relevant point just once.

Crazycane is right on - but I am not going to discuss FIU ongoing losing streak (still longest in the country) or UM's forgettable perfromace at UNC - what I am going to discuss is FIUMom's garbage of a post. She is so scared to have these kids take responsibility for their actions that she is hiding them behind excuses like, they're young. That is BS. Those who didnt prepare properly, that is either b/c the coaching staff doesn;t know how to prepare them or they are to lazy or they sinply are not good enough. Those that are not on the field b/c of academics are either to lazy to study, or are just to god damn stupid and should not be in college in the first place, third, those who say are getting suspended b/c they are too young, geez FIUMom, your talking about young men who are at least 18 years old - it is time that they know right from wrong, don't you think? And finalyy, you stated, "All of our guys had to start from ground zero. Some have made a bee line to the top." I ask you, bee line to the top of what? Nobody on that team has any reason to be cocky, or lazy, or have a feeling of entitlement. But just in case they do, please refer them to their record, and the stigma attached to having the longest losing streak in the country.

crazy cane i dont think any team in florida right now has the right to trash talk. (maybe SFU b/c hey they are undefeated) but all and all no1 can talk not FIU, NOt UM and Certainly not UF. i will agree that UF has a glorified FB in the backfeild throwing the rock.

24/7 i agree w/ you on one thing. being young can no longer be an excuse. being young is an excuse against penn State being young are those fumbles that cost us against maryland. but we are 6 games into the season. its a point where young and inexperience excuses dont count. its time for these men to grow b/c its maturity and execution that are to fault from now on.

i think the maturity level needs to rise alittle bit at FIU. we had our first lead all year. it didnt seem like we were ready for that. we had our moments but we have to have more "moments" about 60 mins. of moments. but in time maturity will come and we will learn how to win w/ the lead. b/c anyone can sucker punch and win from behind but you have to know to win w/ the lead

I would like to call out CrazyCane, first I am impressed that you decided to come back on the FIU blog after the UCG performance. (I am giving no credit to U24/7 since he is again riding on someone else's coattails).

But you call the USF overrated, well lets recall that USF beat quite handily UNC this season, which UM just lost to. I wanted to bring out this comparison since the U fans constantly bring up the fact the UCG beat USF THREE years ago. Well this should time warp you to the present instead of living in the past like all UCG fans love to do ("Is it still 1988?" canes fans keep asking).

Also, please don't mention our kids when it comes to discipline, the UCG is the poster child of undisciplined and trashy behavior. Oh, by the way did you notice the UCG's tribal dance in the second quarter, only to get scored on the very next play? Ya, that is sportsman like, I-N Y-O-U-R F-A-C-E.

Now this is an FIU blog, you want to talk about our poor play and poor coaching decisions and blah, bah, blah. That is fine, I know we have our faults, I have to bear it every week watching them. But please don't call us out on petty things that your program has been guilty of by the 10th degree compared to us. That is called being a hypocrite.

With the bye week upon us it is time to discuss THE sport. Baseball. We are in the middle of the major league playoffs and FIU is finally praticing. Awesome. Turtle had some interesting comments in the article posted on the baseball page. I would like to hear his comments regarding some of the new and returning players. He may not get into individual players but I'de like to know who looks good and who some of the new players are. There is no complete roster of players, yet. There was a Dade/Broward showcase at FIU Wednesday sponsored by Major League Baseball. Great way to introduce the community to FIU. I heard there was 350-400 fans including scouts and parents. That would have been GREAT for regular season games.

fiugrad78, where MC inherited ABSOULETLY NOTHING left behind by Strock, TT does have SOME players from DP's team. That team had some Cats that can play. Since TT is suppose to be this great recruiter, I DO NOT EXPECT the term REBUILDING to apply with FIU Baseball. PP your thoughts on that comment?

Hey FIUMom now you know you're dealing with two MENTAL MIDGETS (CrazyCane & U24/7) when they attack FIU players for being disciplined. UM during their National Championship days (CrazyCane & U24/7 I hope you don't think THESE are UM days DO YOU?) UM had the only dorms that served dual roles as dorms / penitentiaries. So to hear both of you even bring up FIU's two starters suspended is laughable!


You all keep talking aout living in the past and it is not '88, yet these discipline problems you keep refferring to at the U are from years ago - who is the thypocrit now? BooYah!!!!! NYFan - don't try to match me post for for post, much like your FIU team, you will lose EVERY time. And I know, for a fact, NY/MIA Josh has posted many times all of the other D-1 schools who have had a lot MORE discipline problems. So please, if you are going to make outlandish comments, let us all know first so we can ignore it. And yes I know this is an FIU blog, but if you'll track back up the page, you will see the FIU fans posting about the UM game and the UM game only - hmmm, seems like UM fans on this blog aren't the only ones who watch the U. You think I was going to watch FIU get beat - not a chance. And as for mental midgets - yes I know I m not the smartest person on this blog, I went to FIU, not Columbia - but at least I know how to pick these FIU games - I am UNDEFEATED, while the GPers are winless (again) BooYah!!!!

7/11 - You could have gone to Harvard, would make no difference, no school can right a genetic disposition for stupidity. But fret not, for you root for the right team, compared to your scUM brethren you are a rogue scholar!

Rhodes Scholar - sorry I had a scUM moment.

The U24/7 I noticed that you did not mention the tribal dance UCG did before they looked like fools and were scored upon when you were talking about the U's "past" disciplinary issues.

As far as the rest of your comments, you make me so ill I can't address them. There is nothing as sad as a FIU student or alumni in UCG clothing, not only do you belittle yourself by associating yourself with them but you insult us and give us a bad name. You love them so much and everything associated with the UCG, THEN GO. LEAVE. Get a degree at the UCG and be gone, or go to Miami-Dade, BCC, FAU, I don't give a sh__ just leave. Default your degree get another one from some place else so you aren't associated with FIU. Please do us and yourself a favor as you obviously have issues.

Wow, or better yet COŇO! U24/7 actually said something that not only makes sense, I personally believe this to be true! The statement was as follows from U24/7: "yes I know I m not the smartest person on this blog...".

One other thing U24/7 a.k.a. mm (mental midget), you are also correct in assuming that Columbia U. is a great school, I have two Columbia grads WORKING FOR THIS GOLDEN PANTHER and they are sharp.


Way to go Ultimate, way to come strong to the plate!


I see your bashing FAU? Well buddy, without our coach, your school would probably be closed down right now. So shut your ugly face. Im not even gonna talk to this clown, im surprised you FIU regulars on this blog even talk to this goofball.

I am actually a Miami fan, I followed them before FAU had a program, so Im not going to join in on the UM bashing, but I will join in on the goofball bashing.

be gone goofball

Andy D, EXCELLENT showing from FAU vs USF. I root for FAU, obviously except against FIU. The two programs will ALWAYS be linked together because we both started almost at the same time.

One day in the future the FIU vs FAU game will be a national game with MEGA BCS implications!! Look forward to this HEALTHY rivalry!


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