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Woo, Pig! Sooie

Time for the last out-of-conference game of the 2007 season at the Hogs home. Hog_2

This one has a chance to get as ugly and messy as Porky and his pigsty.

Running backs Darren McFadden (Heisman Trophy candidate and possible #1 overall selection in next year's NFL Draft) and Felix Jones are running for nearly 250 yards per game.

The duo's biggest concern of late has been what to wear on Halloween. Not kidding. There is an on-line poll going on Hogwired.com on what the two backs should be for Trick or Treat: the 3 choices are Sonny and Cher, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble or the Blues Brothers.

Would be great for the Golden Panthers if McFadden and Jones go as Ferris Bueller and Cameron and Fer take the day off.

FIU has not helped itself with its run defense this season giving up more than 200 yards per game and I don't see Arkansas running below that number.

The FIU offense has gotten a little bit better of late taking leads to start the last two games, but the Golden Panthers will need to explode for points in this one to make it competitive.

Arkansas is not the elite of the SEC, but they are just more advanced physically than FIU right now and don't see this one close.

GPP thinks: Arkansas 45, FIU 13


Hope that live baseball blog went off well last night and maybe we can get more of those going in the future.

alt7787: Thanks for the visual support there with Clint Hurdle. Eerie similarities.

Quijote: The Canadian team that FIU played is good, but they just weren't last night. They are among 60-70 teams that are currently playing in the Perfect Game Showcase tournament in Jupiter at the Marlins spring training complex. The teams in that tourney are made up of some of the best high school and college talent in the nation. TT sent some of his assistants up there this week to look at some players.

CJ: Haven't heard anything about FIU looking at Jaren Jones, but with the running back playing at the head coach's alma mater I'm sure MC knows who he is.

2006PA: Welcome to the GPP.


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Arkansas 100 FIU 0

It will be closer than most expect...but Arkansas wins 64-10

FIU - 6 Hogs - 40

Arkies 56 FIU 0


49-6 Arkansas obviously

I'll take FIU losing by three TD's and smile... I don't see a big blow-out happening, though. Arkansas probably sees this game like a bye week for its starters and reacts accordingly.

Pig Sooey 51, FIU 10

I know it's bad blog etiquette to bring one issue in a blog to another new blog... but I figure here's the best way to answer some of the stuff FIU Fanatic, CJ and UFF said about three blogs ago.

Fanatic: Over defending? Perhaps. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Lord knows, 24-7 and CrazyCane say some things that make me scratch my head. All I was trying to say was that their basic contention of FIU being "delusional" has merit.

As for the rest of their shpiel... whatever. Homers do what homers do. To ask of them anything different is like expecting a frog to turn into a bird. If they want to skew reality to fit their view of the world, that's their problem. I don't get into those arguments, personally... not interested in it. It's like liberals and conservatives debating politics. There's no point in talking to people who have closed minds and open mouths.

Also... since I feel it should be mentioned here more often... gotta commend you, Fanatic, for the work you do on the fiugoldenpanthers.com website. I don't really post on there, but I am a frequent lurker. It's nice to have a spot like that on the Web.

CJ: Come on, man... you really think those two need me to give them ammo? Just there being an FIU blog on the Herald website is likely enough for them to aim their keyboards and fire.

UFF: I get you, bro. But what did you expect from UM fans? We're a threat to them. Any success the GP's have is a kick in the pants to both their talent pile and their fan pile locally. Besides, they're not the worst I've seen from UM. Go visit their scout or rivals or other fan boards. Frankly, I'm surprised how often FIU is discussed there. I guess that goes to show what kind of monster FIU has on its hands if it ever gets its game going.

As for the admin perspective... I know enough to know that there's plenty of things I'll never know or understand. And the biggest of those things is why a guy like PG wasn't brought in sooner.

I agree that you can't compare FIU to a Miami yet... and there is a learning curve... but this school, for some reason, thought you could waltz into major college football with the mentality of a D-II school. What's happened since is probably what FIU deserved. And that is something admin should get blamed for, be it year 1 or 80. They were out of their league and someone should've known that from the beginning.

There's HIGH SCHOOLS in south Florida that have better fan and community support than FIU does. That's been the case for years. Maybe I'm nuts, but shouldn't that have been a warning to someone high up at FIU that maybe something's not working right? Again, I don't mean to knock the people in athletics... many were put in impossible situations... but the athletics department and FIU admin had massive horse blinders on for years, and they didn't get knocked off until an embarrasing season and the APR reports came out.

You had other football programs you could've gone and learned lessons from, especially in USF and UCF, but they obviously didn't do that or didn't learn what they should have. A learning curve is one thing... having people who were clearly in over their heads is something else entirely. In that sense, I'm glad that FIU is struggling now. Better to fix these problems now than let them linger.

Good post, as usual. While I appreciate your commending me on the main FIU message board, the kudos should go to the creator and administrator, fiupantherfan...He makes it happen...I'm just a long time poster and fan of FIU that happens to visit and post there frequently.

As for my comments..perhaps the "over defending" was not the right phrase. However, based on my long history of posting, I also tend to give the benefit of the doubt to posters...I just don't like it when 'visitors' come in to a board of another school with personal attacks and disrespectful comments...as warranted as some of those might be in responding to "homer" postings. I never do that when visiting other boards. But what can I say..while I try very hard all the time to be as level headed and as cool as possible, sometimes, well...as Foreigner used to sing..I'm Hot Blooded.

Anyways, let's go FIU!!

Arkansas 38 FIU 9

Another great experience for our freshmen and sophomores.

FIU- 17 Arkansas- 45

FIU will score most of its points in the last few minutes of the game after Wayne Younger and the offense go nowhere the first 55 minutes of the game. I'd like to thank MC in advance for starting Wayne Younger, letting him stay in the game even though FIU never crosses the 50 until late in the game, and leaving McCall and Anderson to watch. Oh of course annoying and pissing off all the fans that want to see a good showing.

Couldn't get on last night....Arkansas 48 - FIU 9

At the game on Thursday the only think that went wrong is that they wore those hideous gold jerseys. They should be burned. There was a nice crowd and the boys played very well. Quite a difference in this year's team and last year's. The discipline and hustle infused by TT are very evident. The boys from Canada made 7 errors. They looked like last years FIU team. FIU looked like a D1 baseball team. The pitching by Polizano and DeSimoni was outstanding. Ramos was terrible. I guess he hasn't shaken the ghost of DP. The Canadian pitchers were supposed to be MLB draft material. If that's the case then the FIU hitters are MLB bound. They tore them up. GREAT exhibition game. I hope it's a sign of things to come. We will see exactly where the are right out of the box when they play USC.

so no1 thinks fiu will keep ark. under 40 besides me... ouch lol o well learning curve indeed

Actually CJ, I don't know why, but I got it Arkansas 38 FIU 10

So, you're not alone!! LOL!

LOL I THINK WE ARE THE ODD MEN OUT fiu fanatic begining of second qtr and its 16-0 ark. 2 fumbles and one int... they were moving the ball before the int though

ok we are still losing but wayne younger is coming up big.... 62 yards running and threw a 33 yrd td pass so its 24-7.... kid is tough

damn after the kick off they fumble we recover and then we throw an int...

ok half time stats fiu down 31-10 had a great last drive that stalled at about the 14.. younger has 110 rushing yards and 75 passing w/ 1td and 2 picks... 201 total yards offense at halftime.. pete hope its ok i was giving the updates. i gotta get outta here so hopefully the good ball movement continues and fiu can get a stop or 2 on defense

Pete - how about that garbage of a blog the cotex Cote has up about FIU? How could someone even question why FAU gets no coverage in the MIAMI herald? Who the hell down here even knows where the F that school is even located? FIU may be winless but the herald would still have more of a following with FIU than an undefeated FAU - they are sewage.

Out of conference schedule is OVER!!!! Hoorahhh!!!! We need to concentrate on 4 Sun Belt games, 3 of which are winnable (Arkansas St., UL-Lafayette, N. Texas). Its key that the FIU team COMMIT to MEMORY, IF YOU WANT TO WIN, DO NOT TURN THE BALL OVER TO THE OPPONENT!!!!


good point ultimate.. no more turnovers!

damn cote is a hater like badly... i think crazycane might be cote lol


I read something in one of the Arkansas papers after the game that the UA defensive coordinator made a few "gestures" to the FIU sidelines after the game, and when asked about it, he responded something like "they've got enough problems over there without me adding to it, so I'll leave it at that", or something to that extent.

Do you know what prompted this? I didn't pick up what could have caused this animosity listening to the game.

Hey Pelegrin, whatever your name is...Get a real job you moron...I think someone asked you before if you ever wore a jock strap...You'll be the only idiot covering the winless turds led by by Mario Cristobal, Baby Sadaam, and Mr. "Viagra" Mitch Madique. Win a game.

Hey Jerry you illiterate fool, enroll in some "Hooked On Phonics" blog and try to learn something! Don't bring noise here because you'll be ignored much like you have been throughout your miserable life!


Who's baby Saddam????

baby saddam is slang for PG. jerry is just bitter that we are getting the oncampus stadium. they say we havent earned it but i think we earned it more than anyone. we have gone 0-20 thats hard times and the fact that we are still playing is paying our dues. we are pushing through and that takes courage/inner strength to do.

and we actually play big schools no throw back schools.

If coaching makes a difference dont you think with Cristobal's passion and drive FIU would have won at least one game?? Or at least close to winning a half??? How embarassing is FIU football right now? FAU never went winless. The only press FIU is going to get is when they win a game.

FIU has gone about building this program the wrong way. If you want to build a program the right way take a look on how FAU is being built. FAU still plays tough opponents but does not prostitute itself to big programs like FIU does.

I cant stand the excuse that you have to play the big programs in order to beat them. Thats true but not even the best programs play a schedule like FIU has.

Congrats to Mike Lowell (an FIU alum) for being named 2007 World Series MVP!!!

If coaching makes a difference dont you think with Cristobal's passion and drive FIU would have won at least one game?? Or at least close to winning a half??? How embarassing is FIU football right now? FAU never went winless. The only press FIU is going to get is when they win a game.

FIU has gone about building this program the wrong way. If you want to build a program the right way take a look on how FAU is being built. FAU still plays tough opponents but does not prostitute itself to big programs like FIU does.

I cant stand the excuse that you have to play the big programs in order to beat them. Thats true but not even the best programs play a schedule like FIU has.

Realist i see what your saying. FIU played a murderer's schedule no doubt. but the program is getting better. and goin about building the program the wrong way... even if it is it only delays what will come. respectability. that is definate of what is to come.

Why does everyone keep talking about this "murderer's schedule" that FIU has played? Am I wrong? I see one team, Kansas, who FIU plays or will play who is currently in the top 25. What is so hard about their schedule. Does anyone know where it ranks with other NCAA teams schedule ranking. I have not looked it up, but if someone couild, please tell us all where the degree of difficulty given to FIYU schedule ranks amongst the rest of the teams in the country. My bet, FIU is not even in the top 25 of hardest schedules. You all have way tooooo many excuses for why the team sucks. It is either the hardf schedule, or the previous regime, or the inexperiance of the current regime, or the infancy of the program, or the turn-over in administration, or the lack of respect from the local media. Why is it so hard to just admit that your team is winless (again) b/c the players on the current roster just are not good enough to beat any other D-1 schools, most DII schools, some select DIII schools, or any of the top High school teams locally, such as Northwestern.

crazy i believe we all have mentioned that we do not have the talent on the roster. but take a look back penn state was ranked kansas is ranked. Arkansas (im not sure) but i believe they were ranked at the begining of the season. UM is always a strong team as is maryland. no excuse for losing. just dont like people calling us out when they play cupcakes.

Who cares if they WERE ranked. Rankings at the beginning of the season, and for the first few weeks, are a joke. Michigan was in the top five and lost to non D1 school. It only matter sabout how teams play during the season to establish a dgree of difficulty of a schedule. That is why the BCS "strength of schedule" is constantly changing. And, as stated above, the only top 25 team FIU has played, that is currently in the top 25, is Kansas, whom I personally think is overrated. Look at their schedule. They don't play Oklahoma or Texas and they havent played Missouri or Oklahoma State yet. If they lose one, or both of those games, look for Kansas to be out of the top 25 too. Then what will the FIU excuse be?

crazy you seem to not understand. the whole bringing up the record was to place the FAU fans in their plays coming in here saying we aint worth a dime. regaurdless of what you think the would not have their record would be different. thats all we are saying. you got some issues. again i ask are you cote?

just curious saw something on scout.com about a 3 star qb. taylor beasley from winterpark committed to FIU last december says he's still committed(although last article was in december) anything more current or any insite seeing if FIU plans to pick this kid up?

Found my way. Back to the important topic that Strock was and is a better coach than Cristobal is and ever will be. FIU brass should cut their losses and release Cristy after one embarrassing season before the program becomes unfixable. His offense is a joke. And there is no question, if Strock would have won those first few "very close" games last year, he'd still be the head coach and fielding a much more competitive team than we've seen this year. Cristy is not head coach material. He is over his head.

We will see soon, won't we? I wonder what all these people will say when we start winning soon.....

Hugh, if Strock was such a good coach, then why is he putting on golf tournaments for the Miccosukees? Football people (college or pros) would hire him in a second if they thought he could coach. Strock has a great football mine that is true however his work ethic SUCKS!!! His work ethic stunk in the NFL as a player, it was questioned when he was a Baltimore Raven's coach and people on the inside of that program when he was there, told me that him and staff were out of the trailers by 4pm to either drink or play golf or BOTH!

If you are 12-0 and want to leave @ 4pm and you continue to win, well then MORE POWER TO YOU! However if you are 0-12, you better be burning the midnight oil and buy some beds for you and your coaches to keep in the office and figure out a way to win. Strock was and is lazy and it showed by his team’s lack of preparation!!

He is doing what he likes, plays golf and predicts football games on the Footy show on the radio. Anything more would require work and Strock doesn’t like that!


A Realist, I agree with your assessment that the FAU program has been better built than FIU's. Thank Don Strock for that. I believe Strock and Schnellenberger did an admirable job getting quality player to come to new programs. Strock actually did better on this part because several Panthers are on NFL clubs, while FAU may not have any. Here is where commitment comes in, Schnellenberger has WORKED harder and stayed the course so NOW he has a much better program than FIU's.

Strock improved nothing! He got some skilled athletes that ran fast and hit hard but were often out of control. The team never developed; it actually atrophied. Now MC with little experience and no head coaching experience comes in with a TON of energy and work ethic and now it’s a matter of time. FIU is basically starting over!


hugh glad y;ou found your way

Hey Ultimate FIU, Strock was a bust at the Baltimore Ravens, uh? Why don't you ask Vinny Testaverde about that. Vinny's career would have been over years ago if Strock wasn't the QB coach at Baltimore when Vinny came from Tampa. And Vinny would be the first one to admit that. He learned more from Strock than anybody and Marino has said the same thing. Get the facts right.

Hey Hugh read my post before you respond. I said "Strock has a great football mine that is true...". Additionally, he did help Vinny, however go back to my post, if he was such a good "developer" of talent, why he isn't he developing anyone NOW. With all that he DID do for Vinny, his laid-back rep (a.k.a. laziness) did him in. When they fire a head coach in the NFL they often evaluate all assistants and if they're good, they retained the assistants. Strock was NEVER kept by his former teams! I am sure Don is a nice guy, I hear he's a hell of a golfer, however he doesn't put in the elbow grease needed to be a football coach @ either the NFL or NCAA level.


Hey UltimateFIUFan - all that "elbow grease" MC is allegedly putting in is sure doing FIU a whole lotta good. What is there record again - oh yeah, 0 for the season.

crazy doesnty understand the word patience

... and CJ doesn't understand the words delusional and accountability.

you do realize the word fan is dirived from fanatic.. and to be fanatic is to be delusional

hey guys fiusport.com got new construction photo's up stadium is starting to take form. impressionable shot seeing fromthe top of the new stands lookin on to the old stands. awesome i must say. what do you all think

It's a beautiful thing to have our new, state of the art, ON CAMPUS stadium finally being built.

LOL...Talk about delusional false sense of entitlement and grandeur...funny.

The stadium looks great. Its really going to be worth waiting for.

Stadium is looking good. Can't wait to play USF first game at new stadium!! The Cage will be rocking.

i say we all make sure it will be rocking. go out and start getting everyone siked about it... wont need much .. nothing better than a new stadium to get people interested. but getting everyone siked starts on game weeks lets show everyone that it will be a fun enviroment win or lose.

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