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Basketball Tips-Off; Baseball Signs-On

FIU begins the first of the final three games of the Orange Bowl this Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette, but before we get to Golden Panthers football this week let's see what's going on in FIU hoops and baseball.

Galindo The FIU basketball team tips-off tonight at 7 p.m. against Florida Tech at home in Pharmed Arena. It should be a much-improved Golden Panthers team with Preseason All-Sun Belt forward Alex Galindo (left) and the addition of the two giants down low in Russell Hicks and Badara Ndiaye, plus shooting guard Redd White from Texas A&M. Ndiaye has a left shin stress reaction and will not play tonight, but could be ready for FIU's next game Nov. 21 at home against Kennesaw State. The Golden Panthers first seven games are at home. For more on FIU hoops, check out this story in today's Herald: FIUSeasonOpener

Wednesday is National Signing Day for NCAA baseball and the Golden Panthers are expected to have a strong first class under new coach Turtle Thomas. Got a call from Flanagan High coach Ray Evans the other day. Evans, who led the Falcons to two of the last three Class 6A State Championships, let the GPP know that R.J. Fondon, the 2007 Broward High School Pitcher of the Year, has verbally committed to FIU and will sign on Wednesday. Fondon, a lefty who was 10-1 with a 1.51 ERA in 2007, had an offer from the Rj_4 Gators, but according to Evans, Fondon (right) decided to come to FIU after talking with TT and new FIU pitching coach Felipe Suarez. Said Evans: "R.J. told me he likes the way Turtle is running things down there at FIU and Felipe Suarez is the kind of pitching coach that can help R.J. get to the next level."

Heard from several high school baseball coaches there might be some pleasant surprises in TT's first-full recruiting class. Some of which may or may not suit up for FIU due to those players being drafted in the early rounds by Major League Baseball next June. Still, if this talk of top recruits heading to FIU comes to fruition, it's a testament to TT. Let's Wens_3 see what Wednesday brings.

Memo to the Golden Panthers football team: the 2-8 Ragin' Cajuns are NOT a pushover on Saturday at the Orange Bowl. ULL stomped the same Middle Tennessee team that wiped out FIU earlier this season. Plus, FIU has never beaten the Cajuns in four tries. It will be a challenge to get the first win on Saturday. If you missed it in today's Herald, here's a story on LB Toronto Smith: Little Canada


FIUandME: Here is a better explanation of the Panther Club in the new FIU Stadium. The Panther Club will be located on the bottom floor of the stadium. It is for club seats ticket holders. The folks who will watch the game from club "suites" have their own suites to watch the game from above. There is no field view from the Panther Club. It's just a gathering place for club seats ticket holders.

UltimateFIUFan: From what I'm hearing once the football stadium is done, then attention will be turned toward upgrading the hoops arena. There is already talk about work on the arena.

TNGoldenPanther: Agree with you that FIU should start some kind of pre-game tradition. Maybe it will begin next season in the new stadium. A live Panther sounds good, but don't know how much of a liability that would be. What they have to do is get Roary into the gym. That Panther needs to get somePant_2  muscles on him. He has too much of a cartoon character-look. FIU football strength and conditioning coach Roderick Moore has to get Roary to look like this....

Quijote: There is no news of late regarding any logo and/or color changes. If and when there is we'll keep you posted on it.

FIU-GO-PAWZz: Glad to have you back on the GPP.

Roar BABY!!!: Welcome to the GPP.

FIUDad: Don't know about having a pack of live panthers on the field in the new stadium. There already have been live animals on the FIU Stadium turf. True story: During the inaugural season of FIU football, a pack of wild dogs ran across the field during practice. As the FIU offense and defense were split up on separate parts of the field, four wild dogs that live in the preserve behind the baseball stadium came sprinting out of there, across the football field and ran below the portable bleachers in the southeast corner of the old FIU Stadium. The players freaked for a moment, but went back to practicing as the dogs left the stadium.

Crazy Cane: Thanks for your readership on the GPP. Every time you click on our blog you help keep the GPP in the top 10 among Herald blogs. But let's try to leave essential human body parts out of your posts, the GPP claw came out earlier today. Thank you.


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I have been extrememly busy of late, but I have been checking in on things here. I am glad to see that so many people are still here supporting us. I know that the UCG faithful are very glad that they are honorary members of our family, because the Hurricanes looked like gentle summer breezes Saturday night. Won't it be wonderful for their last use of the Orange Bowl to be the worst game ever in the stadium and us to close her down with a win?! That would really not sit well with our cross-town pals.

Great news from this blog. Thanks for the info on tonight's hoops debut, and also on the inroads the baseball program seems to be making in recruiting. If we get some of these top pitchers...watch out...We need more than 1 top pitcher to make a run in the baseball playoffs...

Please, keep us informed...Go FIU!!


That news about Pitt trying to lure PG disappeared quickly. Was there anything significant to that news story you broke, or was it just unfounded rumormill funk that stopped turning once the winds died down?


First of all, great article on Toronto Smith. We're just loading up talent on our young football team.

Talking about loading up;that's great news for FIU baseball. I have no doubts that TT is going to get the job done at FIU. I can't wait to see surprises that may come on Wednesday.

Go FIU!!!!

That sux about the Panther Club not having a field view - what's the point then, to sit around in a box and do what exactly? The Ath Dept would need to provide more info on the Panther Club in order to use it effectively as a selling point for the club seats.

Well, you can have booster events held at the panther club. Concessions stands, A/C, TV screens, and private bathrooms are other amenities that would be included in the Panther Club, from what I've heard.

Pete, nice story about Toronto Smith, and the "Twin Tower" feature on men's hoops...

Congrats to the FIU Men's Basketball squad for winning their opener tonight.

Was at the season opener for SR and men's hoops last night. How re-freshing to have depth at the bench. Team was somewhat lethargic however you saw the potential with the size and guard play. Could be a good season!


I didn't see the basketball game, but I am a little concern reading the comments this morning, SR said that some of his players didn't go out to win the game but to run up their stats, and that he rather use the guy who sparked the team off the bench.
I think he should bench the hams and let the kid start. I know you need a strong 6th man in bball, but he needs to send a message to his players, basketball is a team sport and it takes all five players to play to win and play each individual role to be a successful team. I think those guys should take some lessons from Udonis Haslem, he tries to complement the big guy in the middle and does the dirty work, and while doing that his playing time increases and so do his stats and wallet.
I hope some of the bad habits change, it was refreshing to hear that they had 20 assist, and I hope we never get to hear that crap from an FIU coach that the players are bigger and stronger than them.

Baltimorepanther, you are correct! They took FIT litely and they SHOULD NOT take anyone litely, however the difference is that in the past, if they would of taken any team for granted they would either squeak out a win or be upset BY A LESSER TEAM. This team was lethargic, some player played for stats and generally assumed FIT would just go away. With all that, they still won by 16. This is a much DEEPER team that SR has to WHIP their attitudes! Talent is there.


I just realized something, our UCG faithful pals (U24, CC etc...) Since we cannot know what they look like, I started to wonder based on their posts who they most resemble. **Anyone seen the movie SUPERBAD ! Question is, which of those fools is McLovin ?? LMAO.

Guys, thanks again for posting here and can't wait for the basketball game next month.

lol i think NY josh would be one of those crazy cops, the skinny guy would be 24/7 and i dont think cc would be mclovin but would love to hear him say jigga jiiga ya... like mcloving

That is so funny, b/c I was thinking the same stuff the other day and I came up with this list:

UFF: the gay housekeeper in "The Birdcage"
CJ: the caddy in "Tin Cup"
FIUMom: any character played by Mo'Nique
NY Josh: the catcher in "The Sandlot"
TheU24/7: any character played by "The Rock"
FIU Fanatic: any spanish gay porn star
FIUDad: Mr. Belding from "SBTB"


Nice try on the "who posters look like" thing. But, my dear confused friend, you must rethink yourself.

First of all, 24/7 would look more like Chris Rock instead of The Rock.
Secondly, I couldn't be any character played by Mo'Nique. I am white.

Now, before you go jumping around trying to figure things out...let's ponder for a moment just what you look like.


I think perhaps the dad on Family Guy, or maybe Homer Simpson. Wait, maybe it's just your mentality that makes me have those images of you.

Can't be FIUMom, I am black, but good try.

FIUMom - you are white. Thanks for sahring. But I find it a lot more interesting that in attempting to describe what you think CC looks like (or acts like) you only use characters from cartoons. What, are you a 16 year old white girl? Don't you have a broader reference back than Family Guy and The Simpsons. I figured you'd pull Archie Bunker, or something a long those lines. Not, a cartoon character. And I do not think CC was picking Monique b/c of her color, I think he probnably chose her because in every movie she is loud and annoying.

lol we are goin to the movies today i like it lol crazy i never really seen tin cup so i really couldnt draw the comparison ive been told i look like jason bigs from american pie ( please keep the pie jokes to a minimum) i say you guys come join us at the tailgate this week for homecoming that way you can make your own judgement

Amazing how cc can personally attack me in such a fashion. Wasn't he the one complaining about our comments about how good looking Yarimar Rosa was? Hmmmmmm... a true reflection of himself?.....

But I'd rather talk about the message in this blog....The baseball commitments under TT are coming in.....FIU hoops had their first win last night.....48-0.

Guys ignore the slim, let’s talk FIU hoops. The only way FIU or any Sun Belt team gets an NCAA bid is winning the conference. Sun Belt has not EARNED the respect to give outright bids. So, if FIU is "Dancing in March", it's by winning the Sun Belt tourney. Pete, where is the Conference tournament being played this year? Secondly, would you agree that no outright bids will come to Sun Belt teams?


Was Roary a no show at last night's basketball game!?


No Roary to be found. Is he extinct?


For those GPPers that are FIU students, what are some of the Homecoming Events for this week beside FIU Football @ the OB?


I agree. I think we need to remind our UCG friends of one thing.....

Pete, men's hoops play @ Purdue (Dec 29th) & @ Kentucky (Dec 31st), any regional TV for those games? Is there a feed either Sunshine or ComCast (CSS) can pick up? Please let us know.


Great to hear RJ is going to be coming to FIU. I went to Flanagan (Sports Editor for 2 years, got to cover 2 baseball state championships) and I enjoyed his pitching alot. He's been on the team's radar since he was in 8th grade. I think he actually was working with the team when he was in 8th grade. Any other names you've heard about committing?

Coach Evans, apart from being a good guy, is a great coach. He really turned that program into a top notch program. Although he had some great talent, he really knew how to get the most out of every player. Those 2 years they won state championship (my junior and senior years) were alot of fun. I remember a bunch of seniors in 05 couldn't walk on graduation day because they were playing the title game that day. The prinicipal announced the victory in the middle of the ceremony. They beat Marlin prospect Chris Volstad in the semifinals, who may be making his major league debut this spring. We listened to that game over the computers in my math class. Good times. Sorry for the off topic ramble, just reminiscing.

UFF last nite was lipsync, today is panther prowl where gabriel iglesias and tommy davidson will do stand up in the Pharmed arena. thursday im not quite sure, something with the HC. king and queen... friday they are having a party b/w the gold & blue garage's and sat at 4 they are havin free food and events before the game

so whos goin to be their game day this sat.? i went to the first HC event yesterday and it was good alot of excitment. only upsets me though b/c where is all that excitment during the rest of the year.

I will be there....God willing...

This alumnus, family & alumni friends are attending as usual on Sat!!


We never bring up soccer, however FIU men's soccer just had a MEGA upset victory over 5th ranked nationally SMU in the conference tourney!! Congrats Munga Eketebi.


FIUMom - are you really trying to talk smack about one 48-0 loss that the University of Miami suffered. Are you so stupid, or are you just that old, that you have forgotten that your beloved FIU GPers are winless for almost TWO years. Instead of worrying about reminding the canes about a loss, remind your boys (and your son especially, that the team they are currently on has not won a game in almost two years, they are the worst team in college football, and their talent level is a distant second to most of the local top high schools.

Pete, will you be doing a piece on the newest FIU baseball draft class?

congrats to the Mens Soccer for pulling the upset. i want to see our boys get a conference championship it would be great

"We never bring up soccer, however FIU men's soccer just had a MEGA upset victory over 5th ranked nationally SMU in the conference tourney!! Congrats Munga Eketebi."

That is freaking awesome!!!

Way to go Soccer team!!! 48-0.

ok guys enough w/ 48-0.. it is already getting old... lets be better fans than those who would throw our record into our face.

No CJ, you do not understand, other than yourself, this blog does not have any FIU fans who are smart enough to understand that losing 48-0 nothing is not as bad as losing 20+ games in a row. Other than yourself, the FIU fans on this blog are so freakin dense that it leaves one to wonder how the hell they got into and possibly even graduated from FIU. Other than yourself, the FIU fans on this blog are so moronic and delusional they think that just because Miami lost to Va. in the last REAL game at the OB, unless you count the HS allsatr game after the three meaningless games FIU will be playing there, that it somehow makes UM worse than FIU. The Fiu fans forget that no matter how bad Miami got beat by Va in the last OB game, this year alone, Miami has beaten FSU and FIU. I mean, you would think if you were goiung to talk crap to a fan of another team, at least you should either have not played that team or have already beaten them head to head. You think any UM fans are on Oklahoma, or Virginia blogs talking crap, absolutely not - but I can asure you that UM fans were on FSU talking, because we BEAT them, had FSU beaten Miami, they would have been on UM sites talking crap. That is how this works dumbass FIU fans. You win, you get to talk crap, you lose, you shut the hell up and take it until next year, or atleast until you win ONE game and can claim that you beat somebody.

Anyways....who cares what 24/7 writes?

Great stuff on FIU baseball.


Go FIU!!!

Congrats to Men's soccer for upsetting No. 5-ranked SMU and advancing in their tournament. Also, congrats to Turtle Thomas and his staff on their first class. The stats on some of these new signees are impressive.

and now CJ? ...I rest my case. 48-0...OMG!


AGAIN: These are the GPP “GO-PAWZz Post Tag AWARDS”

Todays “IGNORE-POST-TAG” award goes to: TheU24/7 and CrazyCane,


Pete, you’ve given us some great posts and newspaper articles the last few weeks, keep them coming.

FIU’s commitment to go BIG -TIME has been made, the wheels are turning and there is NO going back. To prove it, just sit back and watch, as it is more evident each day.

Congratulation to FIU: Academics and in sports Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field and yes Football, which shall surprise us in the next three weeks.

Go, Golden Panthers, Go !!!
Or Go, GO-PAWZ, Go !!!

FIU fanatic that is exactly my point hold your head up high and be better and more respectful of the competition even though they might not be.

I am always respectul of respectful posters...Normally, I treat people with respect even when they don't deserve so, at times. However, sometimes it gets to me. Sometimes it's hard. I do find it odd you believe that just writing 48-0 is disrespectul, when the other persons are trying to be funny calling people here stupid, homosexuals, etc. THAT, my friend, is disrespectul

first its not that its disrespectful, its just its tired (especially that i am still a UM fan as well) besides i do not look to much into when they call me/ anyone names... you just have to consider the source and then.. i laugh to see where most of the venom comes from. you heard of wolf in sheeps clothing... more like sheep in wolves clothing

It's all good....I guess we have different tastes, and particularly perspectives...especially since you have that "problem" of still having the UM fan gene a little bit more in you than I do (I already got that disease out of my system...LOL) ....I laugh at what you find tiring..and you laugh at what I find disrespectul. No need to police one another, I think.


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