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Bulls, Turnbull and No Bull

Busy little Monday blog: Los Toros from Tampa visit FIU's hoops team tonight, a former FIU DB looks for a new home, we're down to 5 contestants in the Win a GPP Blog Challenge and time to see what one Golden Panthers quarterback has.

Fuller South Florida Tampa (yes, I know Tampa is not part of the name, but they're not located in South Florida) Bulls play the Golden Panthers at 7 tonight at Pharmed Arena. First big test for FIU going against a resurgent USF team that was won 3 straight, among those a 31-point blowout of FAU and a win against Florida State.

Should be interesting to see Bulls 6-10, 270-pound center Kentrell Gransberry go up against FIU's two giants, Russell Hicks and Badara Ndiaye. Gransberry has both players on the muscle. Hicks and NDiaye may have him on the quickness. Chris Fuller (photo, above left), Alex Galindo and the rest of the Golden Panthers need to be on point from the opening tip. The Golden Panthers sure cannot play sloppy like they did last week against Kennesaw State. Los Toros will run over FIU if that's the case again.

Had the chance to speak with former FIU defensive back Nick Turnbull on the sidelines of Saturday's Shula Bowl. NT says he's healed from his abdominal muscle tear and that the Atlanta Falcons took him off the injured list and he became a free agent. The Dolphins and Carolina Panthers have contacted NT. Dolphins Would be kind of neat to see NT with Chandler Williams on the Dolphins.

Pretty good showing by FIU backup quarterback Paul McCall on Saturday night at the Orange Bowl. The sophomore kept his poise, ran the offense like if he'd been playing all season and displayed a strong arm. If you read today's Miami Herald, then you know starter Wayne Younger is out for this Saturday's season and Orange Bowl finale against North Texas. If you missed the story here it is Younger Out . WY was getting better and more comfortable as the season progressed. You really could tell in his last complete game two weeks ago against Louisiana-Lafayette. He went from a scout team receiver last season that had trouble throwing a spiral to a more than capable QB with nifty footwork and escapability this season. His 2-point conversion at Arkansas State, as of today, is the play of the year, unless something more remarkable happens against North Texas on Saturday.

Credit McCall (photo, left) for knowing the playbook and being prepared when his number was called. PM had gotten into only one game this season at Middle Tennessee. PM showed what he could do in a real offensive scheme and not the 1920's offense that was run the previous 5 seasons at FIU. The former FIU head coach never gave PM a shot to play last season in preparation for this season. Even when FIU was down by a ton at halftime in last year's games, PM still held the clipboard. He saw limited duty handing off late in the 4th quarter of a few games in 2006. While theMccall half-empty glass people will point that PM performed well against FAU's 2nd and 3rd string defense, you still can't take away that PM did help lead FIU to 20 points in the 4th quarter and gave the offense some life.

Watching Colt Anderson in practice all season long, I can tell you he is a heck of an athlete and will eventually be a good quarterback at FIU. But CA struggled Saturday and does not look as comfortable as PM. My two cents: PM gives FIU the best chance to win on Saturday against North Texas and whack the 23-game losing skid off the FIU campus and that's no bull.


With one game to go we're down to really 5 contestants in our Win a GPP Blog, while there are still 8 people on the board, 5 have a realistic chance to write their own blog on the GPP next week. Sorry, 24/7, but your points total (277) is approaching a good batting average for a pinch-hitter. Of course, an FIU win, which none of the leaders have predicted thus far, will throw the whole board off. Any ties with records and points for first place, then we'll have multiple guest bloggers. The more, the merrier.

Win a GPP Blog Leaderboard Gpp

11-0: NY Josh 210; FIUrulez 220; Fomenter 227; CrazyCane 270.

10-1: FIUPantherFan 215; 24/7 277. 9-2: FIU Fanatic 246. 6-5: Messod 286.

GPP: 9-2, 263.

FIUDad: I love your enthusiasm, but you may have coached one too many Pop Warner football games. Elec Where do you get your ideas from? Electric Football?

Andy: Yes, the new FIU football stadium will still host high school football games. I'd say the new place, along the football facilities attached to it will be one heck of a recruiting tool.


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Pete, when will you be doing a piece on the FIU baseball recruits? I realize that we may lose some guys due to the MLB draft in June, but you never know.

Gotta feed the baseball hunger!

PP, this is no time to make fun of 24/7's point differential. I rather be 10-1 and off by 277 points than 9-2 or 6-5 since they are mathematically out of the running. Furthermore, I rather still have a record than quit the "win-a-blog" competition after losing a bunch of games like many of the FIU fans have....are you sure some of the bloggers arent players? The similarities are uncanny.

Also, just for the record, Fomenter has submitted not one late entry, but 2. This allows him to see everyone's picks before he even puts his in. I thought there were rules to this competition?

Anyways, more importantly, I will be rooting for FIU this week and I think this could be the week the streak is broken. North Texas is terrible.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is the smallest spread FIU has seen this year. Early lines have N.Texas as merely a 2pt underdog.

my bad, I meant N. Texas is a 2pt favorite.

And Yandro...thank you for pointing out the obvious. FIU fans need to calm down about baseball recruits. The LAST thing I would want to hear is my baseball team signed 7 pitchers and they are all lefties who throw 95+...WHO CARES!!!! they will never step foot on campus

Good blog, Pete...Pretty interesting how these two seem to be the hired attorneys for each other...LOL...I really think, though, that mia/ny josh has it to become the writer...and he really, really wants it...unlike the canes' players that also seemed to have quit halfway through their season, as many of their fans, if you read their blogs, already are calling for RS head...LOL.

Now..on a really serious matter. I'm deeply shocked about the shooting of Sean Taylor, and hope he survives and recover from this apparent home robbery. I mean..what's going on? To ALL Canes fans here, I offer my support and wish he gets well...

UM has a serious image problem. I'm not dissing the U on this, its really sad that many of their current and former players some how get themselves in the middle of this. I hope Mr. Taylor survives, but honestly I think the indirect consequences from "U" violence is a massive negative intangible that affects recruiting and the entire organization. If I was the father of a star high school RB, I would seriously take their tarnished track record into question when helping my son choose which school he should decide on.

FIU down only 4 against USF. Impressive.

First of all let me offer my prayers to Sean Taylor and his family. This is not a good situation, and (speaking as a nurse) I can tell you that the femoral artery is huge and he likely was near death by the time they got him on the table in the O.R. My guess is they lowered his core body temperature and are keeping it that way. Then they will slowly bring it up to see how he responds. Trust me when I say that, even though I have not laid eyes on him, he is in grave condition. Before I started working hospice 3 1/2 years ago I spent 3 years doing critical care. May God be with him.

Now, on to our business. The streak ends this week!!

I was at the game tonight and even though the result was disappointing I was impressed with FIU's depth. USF has the big center Gransberry and guard Verdejo and a very limited bench. USF could not keep up with our guards, however our guards couldn't finish the play! FIU's guard penetrated at will, however with limited results. In past seasons, we would of lost because of inferior talent. Tonight FIU was definitely deeper and more talented than USF, however USF was proficient in their scoring (i.e. 50% plus shooting vs. 36% for FIU).

Crowd was decent, I estimated 1,100 fans. Considering the Fins were on Monday night, it was not bad.


Quijote, you must be retarded or something... the shooting and death of Sean Taylor has nothing to do w/ the image of the U. it has everything to do w/ some bastard that wanted to make an easy buck.. that shooter deserves to rott in hell

Why wasn't Nsangou in the game more? Every time I see Michael James I cringe. James can't and won't shoot, is not a crisp and timely passer, and dribbles way too much. That 40 foot attempt last night was totally uncalled for and Coach Rouco should have taken him out immediately. Russell Hicks can play. FIU needs to get someone (a big man) to work with Hicks on his defensive skills and positioning under the boards. He is a terrific offensive rebounder, as evidenced last night when all of his rebounds (9) were offensive boards. how about running some set plays for Galindo? All the running around to see who gets open is OK, but Galindo needs to take his shots. While I'm at it, Couch Rouco should start charging Red White for each shot taken.

You may not agree with what Quijote has written, but there is no need to write "you must be retarded or something..." Show a little respect for the FIU fans, God knows you have shown it for the UM posters here who have insulted an entire ethnicity on more than one occasion.
As for Sean Taylor? It was probably a crack head friend of his who knew he was "balling" and came to rob him. What I want to know is why MDP hasn't shut down the Turnpike, 836, 826, 874 and I-75 in search of this guy. Where is the lock downs of entire neighborhoods. Where is the swat team? Oh, I forgot, he isn't a cop so he doesn't get the same treatment. He is just another black guy. Not fair to Sean Taylor, or anyone else.
My sympathies go to his young daughter who will never see her father again.

Nick turnbull as a dolphin.... sounds like a sweet idea. Although, don't the Dolphins already have a white safety? Hey, if the dolphins sign Turnbull not only will the Dolphins lead the league in signed Samoans, but also in white safeties. lol.


All I'm saying is that there have been lots of UM current athlete or alumni athlete episodes of violence recently. Its just that, people start reading all of this and the UM connection can't do them well. In fact, ONE DAY after Sean Taylor died, a current UM football player requested to be transferred. While it can't be exactly correlated to the Taylor news, I don't think the timing can't be attributed to coincidence...only ignorance would make one conclude that. Just the way people here in Spain found out about Sean Taylor's death and immediately conclude that our city is Miami Vice & Scarface all over again, people will think the same as far as the U and its episodes of violence.

Regardless of my opinion, the entire Sean Taylor epidose is so sad.

Obviously you are wrong on so many matters, but let's start with the easiest ones. Name the problems with these "current" players (and a lot of them, as you said). If the person you are speaking about transferring is Doug Wiggins he was suspended from UM's team half way through the season and is transferring somewhere in Western Michigan I believe because UM wouldn't grant a release to FSU.He was set to transfer months ago and certain other players are transferring, just like they did prior to the season because those players don't belong in a UM jersey, much less in a real conference.
Sad to say but now that Coker is gone they are going to be a good team again and I'm still spearheading the bring Coker back movement (just kidding Canes, I feel your pain with Bobby still running things).

So please, spare us your conspiracy theorist approach. Again, your attacks on ignorance reveal your own, UM has actually been one of the cleanest programs out there and there's only been 1 incident that has occurred on campus. If you actually want to do some research, and I have to thank my UM friends for pointing it out, read one of the few real journalists this paper employs (Manny Navarro's blog) and create a bullet point argument disproving the facts. Seriously.

OK whatever I'm not hear to argue with clueless, defensive scUMbags.

"CJisBenedictArnold" me showing respect to UM posters is just that respect. because i hold myself to a higher standard than i would hold others as should be the mentality of all FIU posters. do not lower yourself to anyone else's standards b/c they did it first. that is why i got angry w/ Quijote's post. and anyone calling me benedict arnold hasnt been on here tolong

Quijote, your comments are reprehensible. I do not understand why you get mad at Fomentor just because he is pointing out the factual faults in your post. Rather, you should embrace his standpoint and possibly alter your perception of the University of Miami. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am FIU through and through, but I must say, the stereotypes attached to the UM name, are unjust and undeserved, and shame on the FIU fans on this blog who are partaking in such nonsense. Allow me to remind you that it was those same FIU fans who were made when steotypes against hispanics were posted on this blog. I say, lets stay away from the stereotypes and stay focused on the facts. And I am soory Quijote, but in this argument, while perception is totally on your side, the facts seem to be against you.

Thank you FIUDad, for once you make perfect sense. It seems like the FIU fans on this blog have no problem stereotyping the UM players and atmosphere, but way back when, when I referenced Spanish people and farmers', or something like that, all hell broke loose. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I mean honestly, this is not a UM stoary, it is a NFL Washington Redskins story. I mean when PacMan Jones gets involved in a club shooting, does everyone scream about West Virginia being out of control and full of thugs. NO! So Fiu fans, lay off the Thug U crap, it is old tired and not even associated to today's players.

I think some of you are misunderstanding Quijote. I won't touch on this subject anymore, I'm just saddened with what happen to Sean Taylor. Hopefully they capture this criminal soon.

Nick Turnbull would be good fit for Dolphins. He actually can play special teams(Dolphins special teams stink). What a combo that would be if Worell and Turnbull are starting Dolphins safeties.

Pete, thanks for informing us McCall is the starter. I would think the gameplan changes because he's not as mobile as Younger. All I know is FIU better win, and better run the ball effectivily to have a shot at winning.


Oh CJ, I've been here from the beginning reading your posts. I just got tired of your getting all Benedict Arnold on your fellow FIU fans just because you want to remain on good terms with the UM folk. You know damn well Quijote is an alright guy and yet you lambast him. Yet you know the UM folk are complete Jerkasses and cheer them on. I am sure others will agree, even the UM folk (except for them being jerkasses, that's just my opinion)

As for Sean Taylor, why aren't the police going door to door? Where are their assault weapons? Isn't the life of a Washington Redskin (since your only a cane when you do something good like donate one million dollars) worth at least half of a police officers?

Im hoping the police figuring this one out, Pata's killer is still on the loose and it unfortunately remains an unsolved mystery.

Guys, spread the word about bringing a toy for those in our community that need help. Bring an unwrapped toy to the OB for the LAST college game being played @ the OB on Saturday @ 7 pm. In these times when we are dealing with a tragic, senseless and maddening murder of S. Taylor, lets show the community and country what we in S. FL do care.

Forget where S. Taylor went to school! This was a loss of life of first, a son second, a brother third, a father and someone from OUR community. My condolences to the Taylor family.


Great post, Ultimate FIUFan....agree with you on all counts...24/7-11 uses this opportunity to have a bad post, reminding us of his prejudiced comments in the past....

Let's show Sean Taylor and the South Florida and UM community our respects and stay above the petty comments as good FIU'ers and Miamians should do....Let's worry about details later..

FIU Fanatic - you sir are a moron. You obviously have some issues that prohibit you from being able to read posts and comprehend them. I was NOT taking this opportunity to remind you of previous comments, rather I was just responding to another moronic FIU fan posting who did decide to take this opportunity to try and discuss past behavioral issues at UM and to try and use this tragedy as a way to rel;ate previous tragedies. Do me a favor FIU F, do not post here anymore unless you read others comments and the comments preceding them so that you understand the thread and can contribute. Your problem is that you read each comment in a vacuum, as if it were the only comment posted, buddy, there is context to these posts and unless you understand them, which you obviously do not, please go back to elementary school, which is probably where you were when you dropped out of school, and learn reading comprehension.

You come here and keep on calling FIU fans..including myself all sort of names, and expect to be taken seriously. I won't call you a name this time, as I'm well above your level, as your meaningless, full of hate comments and misrepresentations fill these pages with continous factless rants. Other than that, I hope you recover enough to lead a decent life. You need help, as you are full of hate and desire for people to hear you out.

Get off your moral highhorse loser. You are just as bad as the rest of us.

"CJ ben and jerry" again FIU dad see's why i "lambasted" him. i have always stated that i am a UM fan and if you've been reading since the begining like you say you know that i have made mention to that. so forgive me when i get defensive for some1 stereotyping the U. i defended FIU when they said we pick tomato's and i will defend the U when you call them thugs

Taylor's funeral to take place at FIU?!?!

UM officials said that the convocation center is busy. Jeeez...have it somewhere else on UM campus!!! Or be HUMANE and postpone whatever is scheduled there for heaven's sakes one of your star alumni was KILLED. No class at all, more proof that you can't spell scUM without UM.

The Taylor family and UM family is always welcomed at FIU!!! It's unfortunate they couldn't have his ceremony at UM. I would think they would have work something out for him.

I really hope they catch this criminal!!!

Last thing, I hope McCall is getting ready for the win this weekend.


It is reprehensible that UM did not find a way to make the arena on campus available or move some of the events around. Shalala's lack of sensitivity once again shows her true colors...

I had heard (can't confirm!) from someone in the FIU adm that there was an event @ Pharmed, however the Athletic adm RE-scheduled the event for another day in order to host the Memorial Service for the Taylor family.


God the reason UM can't have it is because any venue outside of their bigger ones wouldn't be able to support the size of people coming out to mourn a good man. And UM can't cancel and push back the previous engagements because they have been contracted away for months. Cut them some slack, it's not the end of the world and they just can't push everything back because it's not contractually feasible.

That said I heard Clinton Portis' comments on the (JT and Brick show?) and it sheds a lot of light into what kind of person Sean was. I recommend all who are interested to check it out. (sorry I don't have the link).

Fomentor, which show? Not familiar with it. Can you response with the URL for the web-site. I'll check it out!


I'll definitely check out the comments by Portis on Sean Taylor. Thanks for the info Fomenter.

Pete, you wrote article on McCall and him being a Senior. I could have sworn he was a sophomore, but apparently I was wrong.

Here we go, I was lucky to find it online. Hopefully this sheds some light on just how irresponsible the media is with their sensationalist broadcasting and lack of integrity, which I guess is a direct reflection and slight upon us a whole, since we pay their bills.


More name calling from the lowest of them all...

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