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Cajun Cooking

All the elements are in place for the Golden Panthers first win: FIU is coming off a bye week, it's homecoming, the offense is performing better coming off its season-high scoring output of 24 points and a 2-8 team visits the Orange Bowl.

Water So why is the GPP hesitant about FIU's first victory in this game against Louisiana-Lafayette, a university close enough in proximity to Bobby Boucher's U?

Three reasons: 1) ULL QB Michael Desormeaux is the nation's leading rusher among quarterbacks and can throw the ball as well, 2) Bruising RB Tyrell Fenroy, who has gashed FIU for 319 yards and 3 TDs in two games and 3) ULL's spread offense which FIU has never been able to handle. Yes, it's a different FIU team and coaching staff, but the Golden Panthers defense was more talented last season with the Killer B's among others and FIU has had trouble stopping the run this season.

Now with the Golden Panthers coming off their best offensive performance of the season in their last game at Arkansas State and a generous Ragin' Cajuns defense, this game could be an offensive game as beautiful as Miss USA 1996 and Louisiana native Ali Landry (photo, right). Ali_2

As of Wednesday of this week, Desormeaux was listed as questionable with a clavicle injury. If he's out on Saturday, FIU may be on its way to a win. Maybe, the Golden Panthers will prove the GPP wrong again like they did against ASU, but I'm just not able to pull the trigger on this one. A Po' Boy sandwich and some gumbo could change my mind.

GPP thinks: ULL 34, FIU 23


FIU Fanatic: I have not heard of any FIU hoops signings. SR may be waiting until April to get in his new players.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Yes, McVay is the coach's son.

Concerned Fan: As far as I know, none of the new FIU JUCOs will play this season. Have not heard of other transfers. There could be more players headed to FIU when April rolls around. The second Wednesday in April is the deadline for signing players.

fiufan751: The GPP has a Q & A planned for GPP readers and FIU fans with TT coming soon. Will post on here when we get to it.

FI-UM Fan: Been covering FIU since starting at the Miami Herald in 2002.

Gpp Here's our Win a GPP Blog Leaderboard heading into Saturday's game:

9-0: FIUrulez 171; NY Josh 177; FIU Fanatic 182; Fomenter 183; 24/7-11 197; Crazy Cane 226.

8-1: FIUPantherFan 174. 7-2: yippee 226. 6-3: Messod 230. 5-4: CJ 227; SouthPaw 236

GPP: 8-1, 195


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Lets make our presence felt @ the OB for Homecoming!


FIU 20 - ull 27

Prediction for this weekend: FIU 24 UL-Lafayette 17.

Thanks for posting those FIU scores over the past 2 years, Crazy--I forgot how close the FIU games with UM were. UM had a 14-0 lead on FIU with only 9 minutes left in the third quarter before your guys started swinging helmets out of frustration in the first matchup. And UM squeaked by to a 23-9 win this year against an FIU team of predominately freshmen and sophomores. Although UM accumulated 707 total yards in those two games compared to FIU's 378, FIU held onto the ball longer in both games, winning the time-of-possession battle 63 minutes to 57. And that's a stat that FIU rarely wins even against Sun Belt opponents.

So when you throw out the score after the brawl in 2006 when half of our starting defense was thrown out compared to a few of your bench players, the average score of the two games was 19-5. No wonder why UM is scared to play us in the future. Just think when we start getting better recruits and our young talent matures.

ULL -22 FIU - 17

Sorry I am late. Please accept my apologies.


Great headline!!! Funny because yesterday I had some Jumbolia (Cajun cooking).

You say FIU has struggled with the ULL spread offense, but I think since this new coaching staff runs the spread offense...we should be used to it. Hopefully the two week preparation for ULL is the key to the win.

I expect great running game today for FIU. Hopefully Younger has great passing game also.

Go FIU!!!

The streak ends TODAY!!

Sorry again I'm late there Pete.
UL 27
FIU 16

Our Defense looks so bad, it isn't even fair.

Pete, what is the record for false starts? Because it seems like we are breaking the record this year.

I'm crushed. If only we could have converted that 4th down play and possibly tie the score at 28. That was huge!!!!

Anyways, FAU will beat tough to beat. These boys must execute to beat FAU.

Any of you guys who go to games notice the so-called "spirit organizations" at our school chanting for Paul McCall during games? I find it in bad taste, since they are supposed to be supporting FIU athletics, not specific players that they like.

Especially since Paul McCall is a D-II quarterback, at best.

I think reason they chant for McCall is because he's in one of those fraternities. I think he's at best the 4th QB at FIU. Personally, I'll take CA and DH over him...that's just my opinion.

One more thing, it was nice to see a Sun Belt team beat Alabama. I'm glad Nick Satan is getting what he deserves.

Go FIU!!!

Wow - this was my first FIU game, and I have to say, it was worse then I thought. Not only does the team suck, look at all the stupid penalties. That is coaching - but the fan support is a lot worse then I thought it would be. After the last few months of reading all the BS posted on this site, I thought for Homecomming there was going t be at least 10000 fans out there, officialy there were less than 6,000. And you all want to question the Canes fan support? Give me a break. I do not know what the hell I was thinking picking an FIU win. This team is soo bad. And to make matters worse, the only other winless team in the country, Utah STate, won big yesterday. At least last year FIU could look to Duke and be like, they lost all thier games too, now, FIU stands alone as the only winless team. Good job MC - good job PG.

Yes, another tough loss for FIU....Previously, um had lost, what?.. 44-14..A bad day for college football in Miami..Don't you think?

Dear TheU,

Call me about FIU's fan base when they've had a program for 80 years like UM.

Props to the 'Canes for keeping the Hokies under 60 points. And the "U" scored this week, so that's a victory in itself.

Men's hoops game Wed night. As we wind down football, lets keep this energy in support of basketball and baseball soon approaching!


The FIU football program is in complete disarray. That many mistakes after a bye week...against a team like ULL. I don't blame the kids. It's the coaching staff or lack there of. Crystal Ball talks about improvement every week. I sure don't see it.

U24/7...please go to the first game in '08 in new FIU ON CAMPUS stadium. Then make your judgement on FIU fan base. Remember this is only a 6 year program.

As for the FIU football team, hopefully they have great week of practice and work on penalties. FAU is a solid team.


Hugh go to all the games and ull see progress. i was right next to the people cheering for McCall... he is their frat brother so its no wonder, and like you i found it in poor taste. even when younger.. who didnt throw a pick i think for the first time this year, was playing pretty solid. (at least for him) receivers need to step up a bit and so does the defense

I can't wait to see who the fans of this blog pick in the upcomming weeks. Does anyone out there really think that this team is going to win a game this season? How? Please, someone with some intelligence, that means you CJ, explain to me how thisn team is going to win at least 1 game this season. What evidence do you have that this team is able to win a game?
If you ask me, this team is going to go winless, AGAIN, this season and based on that, MC should be fired and a coach with some real experience should be brought in. From what i am reading, it is not like MC's local ties have resulted in many quality recruits. I think if you had a recognized head coach here, recruits would be more inclined to sign up - but if you listen to MC talk, the amount of BS he spews, "The team is getting better every week," "we are making great improvments," "we are a sleeping giant" any recruit worth a damn sees through that crap.
I suggest trying to get someone who knows what the hell they are doing, especially in close games.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and UM fans, well, it is another week, and our beloved GPers are still winless. Do not fear, FIU will win at least one game this year, if not two. I watched FAU get toasted by UF last weekend and I think all MC has to do is watch that game film and copy everything UF did. If MC can do that, then Saturday will be the end of the losing streak. I mean, FIU just has to copy UF's game plan on both sides of the ball. FIU has superior athletes to FAU, just as UF did, so look out yall, the GPers are going to partying in Miami next week.

As for the Canes, you all are terrible. You have no offense, no defense, and your special teams are horrible. If FIU were to play UM tomorrow, I would bet me house on FIU.

Go Panthers

I like your enthusiasm FIUDad, but please don't bet your house on FIU!!! You make a good point, hopefully the staff has similar gameplan to attack FAU.

I refuse to address CC. Just one thing, he should read the blogs more often and read the local recruits who have committed to FIU because of MC and staffs hard work.

Go FIU!!!

PETE: (#2) Thanks again for the super FIU coverage you're providing.
CrCa: Since your comments really never/ever deserved even a response, I'll stop using your name by renaming you "IGNORE #1" in the GPP “GO-PAWZz, Post Tag AWARDS”.
AGAIN: These are the GPP “GO-PAWZz Post Tag AWARDS”

Today’s “IGNORE -POST- TAG” award goes to: Blogger IGNORE #1, (#2 on 11/19/07)

crazy ive been to all the games and ive seen improvement weekin and week out. silly mistakes seem to be what did us in... we did not have 1 turn over till the game was out of reach and younger was trying to make a play. (improvement)put up 28 points/ over 20 the last 2 games(improvement) a'mod ned broke a 60 yrd'er (improvement) they keep playing their buts off and a win will come.

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