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Coming to University Park in 2009

It's early signing period for college baseball. In the last few days the GPP has scoured cyberspace, spoke with several high school and junior college coaches and received e-mails from parents of future FIU Base players, to bring you this list of the newest Golden Panthers baseball players that apparently have signed with FIU to play in the 2009 season.

It looks like an impressive list, new FIU coach Turtle Thomas has assembled. Not surprising, with the new truncated season, there are eight pitchers among the signees and more may be on the way when the baseball signing period ends on the second Wednesday in April 2008. Been told FIU will not release an official list of signed players until April when the baseball signing period ends.

Among the players signing with FIU are four junior college all-stars, one high school pitcher of the year, the No. 1 prospect in Wisconsin and the No. 13 outfielder in the nation. Here are your newest Golden Panthers:

Rembisz_2  Scott Rembisz (photo, left), a 6-1 230-pound right-handed pitcher from Manatee CC. He was a JCC All-Star who was 8-2 with a 2.93 ERA and struck out 87 in 73.2 IP last season. His 87 Ks led Manatee, which has won its conference championship 29 times in the last 49 years.

Tim Jobe, infielder and RHP, from Indian River CC. Another JCC All-Star who struck out 30 in 31 innings and hit .289 while leading his team with 31 RBI.

Matt Gilson, a 6-4, 214-pound LHP from Broward Community College, was 5-2 with a 2.63 ERA. The lefty also a JCC All-Star was second on BCC with 53 Ks.

Miguel Mejia, a 6-1, 190-pound RHP from Pensacola CC, was a JCC All-Star. The Puerto Rico native was 11-0 with a 2.65 ERA last season.

R.J. Fondon, LHP from Pembroke Pines Flanagan was 10-1 with a 1.51 ERA last season. Fondon was the 2007 Broward High School Pitcher of the Year.

Cheese_2 Looks like TT went to the land of cheese and got Wisconsin's No. 1-ranked prospect in Sam Munson, who is listed as a utility player. Locally FIU got outfielder Pablo Bermudez from Miami Springs High. According to Perfect Game, Bermudez is the 13th-best OF in the nation.

With more games per week now in the new NCAA baseball season format, FIU will need catchers. Sean Reilly, from the home (Mass.) of the World Champion Boston Red Sox, signed with FIU.

Local players set to become Golden Panthers include: Killian LHP Mason McVay (6-3, 1.92 ERA, 78 Ks), and Killian infielder Mike Martinez.

Krop High infielder Garrett Wittles, who hit over .400 the last two years, also became a Golden Panther. As did St. Thomas Aquinas and BCC left-handed pitcher Robbie Scott.

Staying down south, FIU inked infielder Raiko Alfonso from Key West High. Alfonso is ranked the 107th best overall player in the U.S.

Other FIU signings include: Bryam Garcia (photo below right), a RHP from Gulf Coast CC, who was 6-1 with a 2.86 ERA to Garciabry lead the team. Doug Joyce, a utility player from Washington. Alex Kush from Cush Satellite Beach High. "This is Kush" hit .444 with 3 HR, 20 RBI. Outfielder Stephen Spradling from Delray American Heritage and utility player Michael Vargas from Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey.

Reading Herald High School writer Andre Fernandez's Dade signing story today, I got a chuckle from a quote from Hurricanes signee and Killian left-handed pitcher Sam Robinson, who said of playing against his high school teammates at FIU: "It's going to make the series with FIU a lot of fun playing against some of my teammates."

Apparently in Coral Gables, they have not told their signees that the series with FIU has a slim and none chance of continuing beyond the two games this year.

Be back on here tommorrow afternoon with a preview blog of FIU vs. Louisiana-Lafayette football.


UltimateFIUFan: Sun Belt basketball tournament is in Mobile, Alabama. Unlike football, where the Sun Belt has gotten two additional bowl bids besides the New Orleans Bowl the last two seasons, Sun Belt hoops needs to win conference tourney to get into NCAAs. The only TV for the FIU vs. Purdue and Kentucky hoops game may be local TV in Indiana and Kentucky.

Yandro: Your baseball blog is above.

Rosa Congrats to FIU All-American Yarimar Rosa on getting 1,000 kills in just her sophomore season and kudos to the FIU men's soccer team for knocking off No. 5 SMU.

FIUChris: I'm sure the sports content of the Beacon is just fine. The only things I was pointing out were some factual errors with FIU football and spelling mistakes. I know it's tough there, especially without much support. Maybe they can get the journalism school involved in the paper. Ash Parker can become one of the best football players at FIU before his career is over here. He's a natural athlete which we can see in his transition from offense to defense this season.

FIUJM, FIU Fanatic & FIU-GO-PAWZz: Thanks on the Toronto story and FIU centers.

Quijote: Apparently just the rumor mill.

Jim Even though CJ/Jim from American Pie has volunteered, I must say it's a damn funny exchange between some GPP readers on who they most resemble considering no one has their picture up on the GPP except yours truly. OK, I'll bite, I'll hear my look-a-likes.


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Good to see FIU sports being mentioned on signing day!

Pete how long have you been covering FIU sports? Your doing a great job man, I've never been so aware of what is going on at that school. Thanks!

great news pete on 2009 recruits - thanks. let's keep the baseball steam going and get coach thomas' reaction to his current squad now that the fall season ended and his ballclub is fresh in his mind.

The player from Killian McVay, is he the coaches son?


As usual, thanks for the timely info, Pete. We never had this type of information-gathering available to us diehard FIU fans, and I'm sure we all appreciate your sharing that with us....Keep it coming...Thanks

Any hoops signing?

Interesting about the FIU-UM baseball series, and the fact those 4 Killian signees posed together at a signing ceremony, as The Herald photos indicate...pretty ironic, isn't it?


pete the update was great glad to hear about all the signings... lol and ya jason biggs is my homeboy... (i dont think i resemble but if everyone around me has told me that then ive gone w/ it lol)

just cause i know i wont be on tonite my prediction is FIU pulls it off 24-21... (im goin to be right one time on that score). the setting will be there, healthier players, general Homecoming excitment, more people (greeks get points to show up) the streak ends Nov. 17th. everyone wear Blue and Gold

Are any of the JUCO kids coming this season and have you heard of any transfers coming from other schools? The fall is over and I am sure some of the big programs have granted releases from some players that might not be starting where they are and are looking for playing time somewhere else. TT knows all the schools and kids that he previously recruited that may not be happy where they are.

Alright, it is that time again - time to make my FIU prediction. I have taken into account a lot of what I have seen and what the FIU fans have said.

FIU 17
La L 13

That's right boys and girls - I think Sat. night will be the nite that FIU pulls it off. Ans, as an alumnist, I will be in the stands (but not in my normal UM seats) So come on GPers, lets win one for 24/7 because I really want to write the blog.

Ok...the sky is falling.....

Here it is...FIU 24 ULL 13

lol the sky is falling im glad we are all starting to believe

U24/7, or shall I say sellout, you are such an idiot. How can you pick FIU to win. This team sucks. They have shown no evidence that they can win a game. You have now taken yourself out of the running to write the blog. Godd job pal. Maybe you should bet the Dolphins to win this weekend too. That being said, my predicition is another FIU loss

ULL 35
FIU 13

crazy cane he's not an idiot he just doesnt let blind hatred guide him.



We'll give the OB the winning send off she deserves.

Then people wonder why the FIU fans have a reputation for being so stupid. Quijote writes about giving the OB a proper send off - but FIU isn't even the last game there - there is a HS allstar game being played there long after FIU last game. And, I am really seeing the media coverage about FIU's last 3 games there, not. YOu think College Game Day is going to do a special on the OB when FIU plays North Texas? Get serious people, stop being so delusional. Keep putting up the score from one game, maybe in every post I'll put the scores from FIU last 2 years worth of losses.

FIU keeps it close but comes up short....28-24 ULL wins

Yes Mimai got beat 48-0 in their last home game - lets take a little walk down memory lane and look at the last 21 FIU games and scores:

Losses under MC
Penn ST 59-0
Maryland 26-10
UM 23-9
Kansas 55-3
Middle Tenn 47-6
Troy 34-16
La Monroe 28-14
Arkansas 28-10
Ark St 27-24

Losses Under DS
Middle Tenn 7-6
SoFl 21-20
Bowling Green 33-28
Maryland 14-10
Ark St 31-6
North Tx 25-22
UM 35-0
Alabama 38-3
La Monroe 35-0
la Laf 17-7
Fl Atlantic 31-0
Troy 26-13

ALL LOSSES. But I must say, at least under DS the team was competitive. Under MC, this team has taken 5 steps backwards. Good call on the head coaching move. I hope DSW is somewhere laughing at the FIU.

FIU 24
ULL 19

FIU will hopefully win 2 of last 3 games.

As for baseball, I really hope that UM-FIU keep playing some baseball. I would love to see Jim Morris get his butt kicked by Turtle.

CC...get a life...obviously you have too much time on your hand.

Go FIU!!!

CC apperently they didnt want to do the special for UM's last game in the OB... it was down to the OB or a D-3 school... and the OB lost out... face it the mainstream media hates miami period. and strock had a team chalk full of seniors. who new to play with e/o and been in the same system not a new one... god sometimes your as slow as a snail


quijote, the extent of your post exemplifies the FIU education.

CC...I'm not sure if you've answer this before. Did you get your education at UM? Or are you just one of those fans that loves the U and never attended it?

Thank you Pete for the awesome update on the 2009 recruits. As expected Coach Thomas is concentrating on rebuilding the program starting with the most important component, pitching. As we all know most teams are as good as the pitching. It surprises me that only one catcher has been listed. After pitching the catching position is the second hardest to play and the most critical on the field. With the prospect of 5 games in a week they are going to need at least two good catchers. If anyone had any doubt, Coach Thomas is attracting some very impressive talent.
Does anyone have any doubt now?

One comment on the blog however, do we need to read this crap from the UCG idiots? I enjoy the information and the comments about the predictions on scores and whatnot, we do not need the insults and the stupidity. GROW UP. I do not believe in censorship but these UCG idiots are pushing the limits of civility.

Doing some research, I found out both Tim Jobe and Scott Rembisz were included in Baseball America's 2006 High School Honorable Mention All Americans! That same year, current FIU player Tyler Townsend was a 1st team All American...

I missed out on the deadline, but what the hell... I think this is the week FIU does it, too. I don't have a real reason, though. Just a hunch.

FIU 28
ULL 21

Pete, thanks for the awesome coverage of the recruits.

PETE: Thanks again for the super FIU coverage you're providing.
CrCa: Since your comments really never/ever deserved even a response, I'll stop using your name by renaming you "IGNORE #1" in the GPP “GO-PAWZz, Post Tag AWARDS”
AGAIN: These are the GPP “GO-PAWZz Post Tag AWARDS”

Today’s “IGNORE -POST- TAG” award goes to: Blogger "IGNORE #1",

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